i finally finished it!!!


Hey @elithien - Finally! They’re all finished and here now and I love them! Was broke last month so had to wait till this month’s paycheck to pick them up but they are SO worth it. Thank you so much for sharing you’re amazing art. They are beautiful and I will cherish these :)

Especially when reylo becomes cannon ;)

Also tagging @loveyournightmare because the Empress Rey one really minds me of your fic Born in the Purple :D

Would you guys be interested in seeing two characters I had for Undertale and might shove into the background of any future Tickletale references?
Tomorrow of course

The Greenhouse

— Finally finished this ^^ I wrote a short story to go along with it, because this is a very special room for my Inquisitor and Dorian ^^ I’ll put part of it below the cut, it’s roughly 960 words. I hope you like it! —

Dorian led him to the small room that had still been empty during his last visit a few months back. Tamlen had already been wondering what Dorian had decided to do with it. Was a small library waiting behind the door, as he had suggested the last time? An office maybe, or something else entirely?

“You have to close your eyes now,” Dorian said, a cheeky smile appearing on his face.

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And somehow, I ended up with a fem!Golbez cosplay for Otakon! This is the costume and makeup test, so I’ll be, you know, ironing shit and adding more beads and all that by the con. The wonderful @jinzlers (who will not actually be closet cosplaying Cecil with me) helped wrangle the non-bead portions. 


WIP WEDNESDAY: buncha details edition

I’ve got a lot of stuff that’s in progress right now that I’ll show y’all soon, hopefully will finish most of them in the next couple of weeks. 

1) Odessa sketches. Planning some character intro posts for all the characters in DESENDI before I launch the comic, and part of that is having a couple of sketches in there, so these are a couple in progress. 
2) Working on a stupid One Punch Man print that I hope you’ll like anyway haha
3) Cleaning up a jigglypuff print
4) Doing a series of paintings about a pigeon who wears fancy shoes. (I’ve done a few paintings and doodles of this little dude over the years, decided to finally do something with him)  I’ll show you guys when they’re more complete, haha. 

Cheers! Happy Wednesday! I finally finished moving into my new apartment and will now hopefully have time to actually do shit. Yaaaayyyy