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I came up with this one a few weeks ago and I was working on it until I finally finished. The shirt comes in @citrontart‘s Neutrals Palette and is not compatible with necklaces.


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Where the Wild Roses Grow - CH 12 of 12 -- The Path/Hannibal AU
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Where the Wild Roses Grow
Chapter Title: The Beginning of the End
Rating: M
Summary: Unable to endure the constant battle of kill or be killed, Abigail Hobbs runs away from home in an attempt at escaping her father’s madness. Along the way, she encounters Cal, a strange, but charismatic man who promises a life of better tomorrows. Desperate to avoid detection, she asks to join him on his campus. Will she finally find the healing she seeks? Or is Cal just as twisted and monstrous as her father? {Hannibal/The Path AU – prequel to Hannibal S1}
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the "real" viktor nikiforov - Chapter 7 - thishasbeencary - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 7/?
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont & Katsuki Yuuri
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Katsuki Mari, Yuri Plisetsky, Yakov Feltsman, Georgi Popovich, Christophe Giacometti
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Online Dating, Falling In Love, Texting, pre-canon timeline, Humor, Angst with a Happy Ending, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Canon Compliant Pet Death
Summary: So, fine, maybe Yuuri’s a little bored and lonely when he likes a dating profile claiming to be Viktor Nikiforov. And, maybe, he’s a little pathetic when he gets excited when the account messages him almost immediately after. And, he’s definitely stupid for falling in love with someone pretending to be his idol, but he can’t help it. It’s not like it’s the real Viktor Nikiforov, anyway. He knows someone is catfishing him, but he still falls ridiculously in love.
Chapter Summary: Yuuri finishes Mari’s phone call. There’s a press conference. Viktor wants to know what’s wrong.

art fun

It’s nice to find an old drawing and decided to FINALLY finish it.

I started this drawing in 2013, as you can see here.  I drew the picture and very lightly colored the body and chakra’s with watercolor pencil.  Then forgot the sketchbook existed until about a month ago.

here is my work space for the moment.  This table is usually covered with tons of stuff and there’s never enough room to actually work.  But since I got a ton of glitter all over it the other day, I needed to clean it.

Done!!  I added today’s date.  I thought I should commemorate it’s finish since it took so damn long.

Instagram post by Sara Payne • Apr 20, 2017 at 3:40pm UTC
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 FINALLY, its been two years but I’ve finished my film! 

(this is just the teaser for insta 😛 )

If you find yourself in Chicago Friday May 12 come on down to the Gene Siskel Film Center at 6pm and be one of the first to see the debut of Townies! The Friday night screening will not only feature myself but many other talented animators and filmmakers don’t miss it! 


Let me take your hand, I’ll make it right.
I swear to love you all my life.

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can we get a little snippet of the next chapter of whelve? pretty please?

Sure! Here ya go:

He was about to pick up the bottle of scotch again when something bumped against his knuckles. Glancing down, he saw Ernest staring up at him with wide, green eyes, tail flicking back and forth with impatience. He shoved his face against Red’s hand again while giving a long, drawn out meow.

Sometimes Ernest pretended he was hungry when he really wasn’t, and Red would feed him despite knowing that. Who was he to deny his cat a few extra treats? But this time Ernest wasn’t lying. Red had just gone straight for the alcohol without remembering to feed him.

Not only was he a rather terrible partner to Lizzie, it also seemed he was an incompetent cat owner, which had to be a new level of pathetic.

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So I finally finished yet another thing I’ve been planning to do for awhile.

Here’s the list of every single post on this blog. 

Minus a few I posted in last couple days, that is.

It’s still pretty raw, and I only sorted tags which I could harvest from the tumblr’s api JSON output. 

But at least you can sort by subject and find at least something. Of course keep in mind I didn’t tag everything. Especially not reblogs. 

Oh, and if anyone’s planning to read things from there and feels like helping, you can just add missing tags right there. It’s free for all to edit, just like the schizoid characters list. 

Nothing Will Change [Simon D]

Originally posted by aomg-jaypark

Artist: Simon D | Word Count: 4.236

YES I’m finally starting on finishing the requests but I got a bit carried away that the word count passed 4K words:( Anyways, this is kinda tragic but I’m not sure it’s angsty enough to bring you to tears. Anyways, I hope you’ll like it<3 (P.S I’m too tired to proofread this so please excuse the messy English)


“Yes! We’ve got the sneakiest singer here,” Jay smirked, as he finally got you in a round of ‘Truth or Drink’, triumph painting his face, “Tell us, you have someone that you like between us all, right?” Everyone seemed to snigger and chuckle as your cheeks turned pink. You quickly grabbed your empty glass and offered it to Mintaek who was in charge of the wine bottles, and he reluctantly poured the liquid which was followed by groans of disappointment from your fellow artists.

“Oh come on (Name), aren’t you going to be brave and share it with us?” Your arm stopped midway before the cup touched your lips, and you smirked at Hyukwoo and dawned the liquid in one go, feeling the burning sensation travel through you. Everyone sighed as they continued the game, as none of them managed to get any juicy information out of you. But you knew from the corner of your eyes that someone wasn’t as put down as the others. And it made fear dawn in you, or maybe it was the wine that was too strong for you.

The game ended twenty minutes later with most of your friends passed out in the couch and floor, leaving you the only one sober and awake. The thought of fresh spring air hitting your face seemed refreshing at your current jumbled up condition, so you wobbled out to the balcony and leaned at the railings, closing your eyes and letting the wind gently caress your face. You hadn’t realized another figure was walking quietly to stand beside you until the said person coughed to gain your attention. Blinking in shock, you turned your head and were faced with Kiseok, looking like he was in a lot of trouble. His eyebrows were furrowed down, and his eyes reflected confliction inside of him.

“That was me, wasn’t it?” Kiseok whispered, as his brown eyes flicker over to you with a look of unsure and fear, “The one in Jay’s question?” The man wasted no time to ask you that, and you have expected this to happen since Kiseok was never a subtle man, but you didn’t expect it to be this soon. The alcohol made it dizzy for you, and you were gaping in both shock and speechlessness.

“Yeah, it is.” You answered, returning to the state of having no words to say at all. Your heartbeat picked up as you could feel Kiseok’s gaze burning holes into you, and being there was devastating for you as all you wanted was to run away. You knew he would never like you back, and you’ve somehow come to terms with that after years of signing with his label. But rejection was never easy, no matter how much you’ve accepted the fact that you’ll never be the one. And as drunk as you were, you could still register that this was real, that this moment will forever bring you pain.

“Look, I’m really sorry to say this (Name), but I only see you as—“           

“Nothing, I get it.” Facing Kiseok with a small smile, you tried to stay strong although the words that were about to roll of your tongue was like squirting lemon to your own wounds, “I’ve seen it, I knew you’d never see me in a different way. And that’s okay, and nothing will change after this. We’ll still be friends, and nothing will disturb our artist and boss relationship. This won’t change anything, as I’ll move on soon. I guarantee you.” To say Kiseok was baffled hearing your explanation was an understatement, but your eyes screamed for him to not ask any questions and accept it as it is, so he obliged, it was the least he could do. Although guilt spread through his heart, he didn’t want to make anything worse for you.

“I… appreciate it, really.”

“Well, I- uh, I’ve got to go home,” You straightened yourself, pushing your hair aback so you could see your surroundings despite the blurring vision from your tears, “I’ll go flag a taxi.” And you fled, your feet taking you running down the stairs and away from Kiseok. You didn’t dare to look back, not when you’ve let the tears fall from your eyes. And Kiseok couldn’t move his feat, because the guilt kept him grounded, as he never thought it would all end like this.

As you sat in the taxi, there really was nothing to do expect letting the tears fall, hoping that the pain would ease away, that maybe you would be able to accept the fact more with open arms. He would never love you back, and every time you thought of that it makes the crack in your heart grew bigger. But there was nothing you could do to change this. Nothing will change the fact that Kiseok would never look at you the way you hoped he would.


It was months later, when only a few seconds left until the year changes, that Kiseok found himself in the biggest regret of his life. He had thought of it after your confession, that maybe he could work things out with you. And that’s when he started noticing you more, how you’re always there to help when someone’s having difficulties in beats or lyrics, how you treated everyone like your best friends as they usually come to you to confide in and ask for advices, and he started to notice the brightest person in the world when it was all too late. And it bothered him to no end, and everything seemed to peak in tonight.

The artists of AOMG were having a calm New Year’s Eve party tonight, unlike the many other years spent in bars. But there was still wine to get drunk with, and the small party they have at the base was lit with everyone letting lose. Jay was grinding against a girl Kiseok only recognized as one of his flings, Mintaek and Hyunjung were calmly chatting at the corner, and the rest was dancing hard through the beat of the song.

“I’m sorry I’m late!” Kiseok managed to hear through the loud music from the speakers, as he turned his head to the source of the voice, “It’s a bit hard flagging a taxi when everyone’s out.” And oh was Kiseok taken away. You were clad in a simple black dress that hugged your curves perfectly, yet you weren’t overdressed at all. Kiseok noticed you did extra effort on your hair as they fell in loose curls, and your face was like a billion dollar art because of the flawless makeup you did. And he was blown away by you, and for a moment he thought that he must’ve been dreaming. But the smile you gave him brought him back to reality.

But then your eyes met with Kiseok’s, and they looked normal. There was something missing from your pretty eyes, Kiseok thought. And then it dawned to him that the look you gave him was different, unlike the look you gave him before the confession. That’s when realization sank into him, causing a sick feeling to fill his stomach, as he felt remorse washed over him. You looked at him now the way you look at Jay, Sunghwa, and the others. And even though that’s supposed to be good for you, Kiseok didn’t like it one bit. Kiseok have just realized that maybe he was too late, that nothing will change the fact that you stopped looking at Kiseok with love, and maybe he was too late.

“Hey Kiseok,” You greeted the man, flashing a bright grin to the dumbstruck rapper, “Where are the others?” Kiseok had to blink for a few seconds when he had realized you were talking to him, as he straightened his posture and collected whatever composure he has left.

“Um, they’re inside. Go ahead and drink the night away.” Kiseok answered, feeling his heart beat faster as you walked past him with a wave. He didn’t dare to join you to the dance floor as you engaged with your friends and foreign people, as he only watched from afar how your hips swayed to the beat, how your hair bounces gracefully to your moves, and how your eyes looked so happy as you had the night of your life. And he hated himself at the moment, not even having any guts to go to you and chat, and for having feelings when you’ve clearly moved on. What a fool, Kiseok thought grumpily.

Time seemed to past fast for everyone, but not for the suffering man. Kiseok ended up spending the night aggressively drinking the strongest alcohol in the house, not even bothering about the girls that were obviously flirting to the rapper. He sat in between couples furiously making out, glaring at every guy that came to have a little talk with you, while watching their hands travel down from your shoulders to your hips. He wished it was him, but he didn’t want to ruin your night.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five,” Everyone had gathered on the dance floor, raising their drinks up while counting the seconds left of 2017, “Four, three, two, one— Happy New Year!” Kiseok caught you standing right in front of him, eyes in a daze as you let the guy that’s been flirting with you kiss your plump lips, causing anger to rage inside of him. But he himself was taken by the lips by one of the girls that threw themselves at him, and he quickly pushed away and broke away from the crowd.

And nothing will change, as Kiseok sat back down and continued to dawn the wine. You were like those sick couples that couldn’t stop making out that made Kiseok want to vomit, but he saw you smile through the kiss. And as much as Kiseok wanted to blame it on the alcohol, the thought that you were actually happy with this stranger made him feel deranged. Kiseok finally chose to leave for the night, taking the taxi back home. Because nothing will change anyway if he stayed through the night. You wouldn’t be in his arms, he wouldn’t be the one kissing your lips, and he will never be the one to make you happy.


“Guys, I would like you to meet my girlfriend, Kim Sikyung,” Both you and Jay were left agape at the introduction, as Kiseok’s new lover smiled warmly towards you two, “We met at a bar three months ago, and she’s a really sweet girl, and after a few dates we really clicked and we know we’re both meant to be. I hope you’re okay with this, Jay?” You weren’t supposed to be in this conversation, but Kiseok was eager for you to hear the news, and so you sat through the announcement, although you and both were sharing a confused look.

Something was definitely wrong, and you weren’t the only one who sensed it.

“Well I can’t really hold you back now, can I? You both love each other, so you have my blessings,” Jay started, glancing at you to do the same, “You’ve got my blessing as well, Kiseok. You both really fit each other so much, I can see the chemistry.” Although some of your words were white lies, the new couple seemed to buy it as they smiled gleefully.

“Oh god, I thought you guys were going to object,” Sikyung sighed, placing a hand over her chest in relieve, “The AOMG family means so much for Kiseok, and I really don’t want to get in the way. I hope we all can get along well, I really appreciate the blessings.” As far as you can see, Sikyung was a kind girl even though she’s one of South Korea’s best woman model, and it really made you wonder how Kiseok can score such a genuine girl. Because even though you were trying to be happy for them, there was something off with Kiseok. And he really didn’t look like the usual gruff man he was. At this moment, he looked a bit too polite, and a tad too bubbly.

Half an hour passed and the couple bid goodbye, as Kiseok has to drive Sikyung to the Gangnam district. After a few minutes of waiting on edge on your seat, when you were sure that the couple was out of earshot, you turned to Jay as the man did the same.

“Kiseok is acting weird,” Jay started, clearly bothered by the change of attitude of his partner, “I mean, this girl is way out of his type! All of his flings were girls who’re clearly dirty, complex, and her body screams she’s the female sex god, but Sikyung’s as innocent as an angel. And she’s just… Sikyung is just so different.” He ended his rambling in a sigh, and you’ve agreed with Jay’s point, as you were one of the witnesses of Kiseok’s constant fling.

“And the way Kiseok looks at her. That really bothers me.”

“What about the way he looks at Sikyung?”

“Are you fucking blind Jay?” You whispered, clearly in disbelieve, “Kiseok doesn’t love her. Those eyes were the same ones he gave to you, Sunghwa, Hyukwoo, and the others. They weren’t the eyes full of love that Kiseok gave to his Lady Jane, and they clearly aren’t the eyes that he—“

“Gave to you,” Jay finished your sentence, a look of concern mixed with pity flashing inside his eyes, “I know as well (Name), there was a moment that he liked you, but I believe you already moved on at that time. Kiseok looked different at that time, much like when he’s with Lady Jane. And to be honest, you’re not the only one who sensed it, as he gave off the vibe as if she’s just a normal person to her.”       You gulped, suddenly feeling your heartbeat race. But no, it wasn’t because of when you’re in love or nervous. The pickup of your heart rate was because of a bad feeling that dawned inside of you so suddenly.

“Jay, I have a really bad feeling about this.”


“No, it’s over! I’m through with your sad excuses of coming home late for work to end up reeking of alcohol and having lipstick smeared on your neck, I’m tired of the lies you told me over and over, and I’m done with your exhausting attitude and your stupid delusion that you actually love me!” Sikyung was a mess as she screamed her heart out, hair thrown all over the place after countless of tugging, her mascara running down her cheeks along with the endless tears, and she looked broken. Kiseok was fuming in anger, because out of all the things Sikyung could have said, the last part burned the most.

“You doubted that I love you? You thought six months of spending time with you, of all the gifts I got you, of all the dinners and dates I took you, it was all a game for me?” Kiseok roared back, his chest heaving up and down as he took sharp intakes of breath, “Maybe you’re too blind to see my love!” Sikyung took long strides and her high heels made clacking sound that echoed through Kiseok’s house. Without Kiseok realizing it, Sikyung had raised her hand and gave a sharp slap to his cheeks, making him take a few steps aback in shock. He stared at her in fear and confusion, because Kiseok knew damn well he’s gone too far when a woman slaps him.

“Or maybe you’re too afraid to accept the truth that you love (Name), and you’re lashing out at my words because you don’t want to hurt your precious ego,” Sikyung whispered, her words as calm as the sea before it was hit by the storm, “I knew you loved that girl ever since I’ve met her, and I thought maybe I could win you over. I never hated (Name), she was such a sweetheart, no wonder you fell for her. But at least you could have told me the truth, and that you didn’t need to fake your feelings for me. At least if you did that, we won’t have to part ways like this.” With a sigh, Sikyung turned her back and walked out of the door, and moments later Kiseok could hear her car drive off.

Kiseok lets out the breath he had been keeping, and walked towards the sofa, sinking in as exhaustion surged inside. Sikyung was damn right, he had been telling himself lies that he had moved on from you, when it appeared that the longing for your love grew bigger. And he had ruined everything: he hurts a girl’s heart who loved him while leaving their relationship in unfixable ruins, and he will be known as a real jerk by you. Everything was going downhill for the brown haired man, and for a moment he thought that it couldn’t get any worse now. But boy was Kiseok wrong.


The hospital was dead empty, as the digital clock in the main hallway showed that it was half past one in the morning. Panting breaths filled the halls, along with rushed footsteps, but the rapid beating of your heartbeat seemed to echo only inside your mind. It was a sudden call from Kiseok, he was speaking very fast about Sikyung getting into a car accident, and that she’s in a critical condition right now. And as you were with Jay focusing for your album, you quickly called it the day and dragged your boss to the destined hospital. And if you were being honest, you were scared. Something in your gut screamed that Kiseok did something wrong again, and this time it was quiet fatal.

“Tell me where Kim Sikyung is!” Jay demanded when the doors of the ICU unit slid open. The nurses who were frightened quickly pointed to the two curtains from the back, and you both ran to Sikyung’s aid. The curtains weren’t fully shielding the bed, and you could see people inside. When Jay hesitantly peeked in, you saw a glimpse of Kiseok holding a badly bruised hand, two aged persons who seemed to be Sikyung’s parents, and the heart rate monitor. As your eyes glued to the device, it showed a straight line and the tiny heart symbol at the top right showing no count of heart rate.

“Oh my god—“ You choked, feeling an invisible lump grow rapidly at your throat as tears started to flood your vision, “No, no, she can’t be?” But the nod from the older woman confirmed everything, and that was all it took for the tears to fall down like waterfall. Suddenly there were arms circling around you, and you knew well that it was Sikyung’s mother hugging you close. Although you were never that close to Sikyung to call her your best friend, she was still a friend to you, an angel that dated such a devil.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, Mr. and Mrs. Kim,” Jay started, his voice hoarse from holding back the sobs, “Sikyung has been a really great friend ever since Kiseok introduced her to us. And may God bless her soul and put her in heaven, because she has a really beautiful soul and it was a pleasure knowing her, although for such a short time.” As you part from Mrs. Kim, her husband walked to Jay and gave him a pat in the back, thanking the man in a whisper.

“We’ve heard all about you and your team, Mr. Park,” Mrs. Kim started, offering a small smile albeit tears were trailing down to her wrinkled cheeks, “And I’m grateful that she’s get to know such an amazing and kind people. Please know that she thought of all of you as a family, and that she had so much fun knowing all of you. I can’t thank you enough for letting my little girl have the best time of her life before her time ends.”

You stared at Sikyung’s body, that were full of purple and red bruises, as her head was bandaged tightly and the small hose to her nose that brought her oxygen was no longer functioning. She lays dead now, and as your eyes moved towards Kiseok, who was still holding Sikyung’s cold hand, you felt disgust. Disgust was apparent in your eyes as you stepped closer to Kiseok, ready to pull him outside and knock things into the man.

“Can I borrow Kiseok for a moment?” You asked the others, and not waiting for their answer you grabbed Kiseok roughly by his shoulders and pulled him up, pushing him out of the ICU into a deserted hallway. Now it was only you and him, your boiling anger against his empty void of guilt.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” Kiseok flinched at the high tone of your voice, and that only seemed to prove the theory of what happened to Sikyung, “You were the one that murdered her?” Then Kiseok frowned, regret filling the window of his soul, and the look kept you asking. That was the drive you needed to scoop the truth out of him if he’s not willing to spill.

“You fought with her before she drove away, something about how you never really loved her, and she’s tired of how you treat her. And you let her walk away, relieved that it’s over, but that’s the first part where you’re wrong because you let someone so full of rage and anguish sit behind the wheels!” The sharp nail of your pointing finger jabbed relentlessly against Kiseok’s chest, and his eyes pleaded you to stop, but his mouth couldn’t seem to let out any voice.

“How did you know?” Kiseok finally spoke, his voice wavering with fear. He felt like such a coward, having someone scream his fault at him and not being able to do anything but accept the truth. But what is there to do, when you can do nothing to bring back someone who’s dead?

“Someone with a connected heart and mind could guess something as stupid as that,” You scoffed, making Kiseok flinch again at the mockery, “And your second false thing you did was leading her on, to think that you loved her, when she was actually another fling you only thought for a second to start a relationship with. I know that damn well because you want to run away from something, or someone.”

“Look, just stop. I know what I did wrong, so can we please just drop—“

“No!” You screamed, your anger finally getting the better of you, “That’s your third foolish mistake, not noticing that she was ever sad or dissatisfied! If she was truly happy, she would have been alive tonight, and guess who’s at fault because someone’s just playing with her feelings?” At this point you were pushing Kiseok hard, feeling so pissed, disappointed, disgusted, and furious at the man you once loved.

“Stop it! This is my life, and I’m already having a hard time dealing with it!” Kiseok howled, his eyes were bloodshot and so full of remorse, an emotion you notice the most from the detesting man.

“I’m not going to stop until I get it through your thick skull about the truth!” The hallway was filled with screams and yells from the both of you, but you could care less about that, because Kiseok deserved an earful from you, “That must’ve been one of those things she said, right? That you couldn’t accept the truth and turn down your fucking ego? That’s the fourth time you were wrong, and I’m sure there’s more, but this time you couldn’t welcome the truth with open arms! You knew you never loved her, yet you stayed because you needed to prove everyone that you have someone. You thought you had move on but you clearly haven’t, and made the mistake of the century by dating a girl you barely love.” Kiseok wasn’t even fighting back, his head bowed down, and tears was now streaming back from his eyes as he was reminded of the biggest fight he had with Sikyung.

And then there was a loud slap ringing through the hallways, and Kiseok’s head was tilted sideways, his left cheek stinging as the burn from your harsh slap crept up. You were now taking a step back, giving a safe distance from the man. You heaved a deep breath, preparing for your last speech to the man you now grew to hate.

“That wasn’t enough, because you took an innocent girl’s life that did nothing wrong to you. The fifth fault, you knew you were too late, and you let it get known by people. Your eyes couldn’t hide it, the way you looked at Mary Jane back then with so much love, the way you sent pained looks to me because you fell in love when I’ve moved on, and the blank look so empty of emotion you gave Sikyung, who didn’t even deserve your time. Nothing will change the fact that she’s dead in your hands, unless you can magically turn back the time and make things up with her. But for once, put your ego down and think straight, Jung Kiseok, because some things will never change.”