i finally drew something and finished it

oh my! XDDD @chrisdoof what a ridiculously cute combo! HAHAH!!! thanks for giving me something so sweet and fun to work on! (> ///w///<) just one more to go from these requests! (O   v O) and it’s a hard one! oh my! i wanted to finish today~ but noooo! (>   v <) <3

The Idea

Word Count: 3468 (This is the danger you run with sending me Steve requests, okay?)

Request(s):  “Thought; spontaneously dragging Steve of Bucky into random makeout sessions throughout the day and then just leaving him out of breath as you continue in with your business” AND “ OMG burden of proof was tooooo CUTE!! I saw that the request had an ‘or Steve’ as well!! Please please please please!! But like you’re actually in a relationship, and just blushy flustered Steve– oh lord Sarah, please!!” 

Warnings: Language, weird threats, and much kissing

A/N: Hey, guys, remember me? IT’S A MIRACLE! I finally finished something. Oh my God. It’s been so long. I may have forgotten how to do this. I’m getting nervous. 

Bucky Version

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“Are you kidding me, man? That’s a great idea! I’m happy for you.”

Sam’s voice reached you as if through a long tunnel as you turned the corner into the kitchen, eyes still half closed with sleep, hair very much disheveled. The wide, hopeful grin on Steve’s face brought a sparkle to his eyes and drew a blissful sigh from your lips. Both men stiffened in surprise as your happy sound alerted them of your presence, and Sam pursed his lips to hide a smile as he turned to search aimlessly through the cabinets. Steve cleared his throat nervously, but when he turned to face you his expression was bright and open.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” he said with a soft smile as you shuffled sleepily into his open arms.

“Mornin,” you mumbled, your voice muffled as you snuggled into his chest.

“The sun only rises for you, love and light of my life,” Sam called to you, earning an eye roll from Steve and a quiet giggle from you.

“Are we that gross?” you asked thoughtfully, lifting your head to look up at Steve.

“I sincerely hope not.”

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Nancy Drew Gothic
  • You drop your purse. An eyeball falls out. Then two, then nine. You hastily try to shove the eyeballs back but they are rolling away from you. They spill out of your bag; too many eyeballs to retrieve.
  • At some point in time your friends will eventually pull off their disguises. They are Dwayne Powers. All of them are Dwayne Powers.
  • Walking long distances makes you black out. You arrive at your destination with an empty stretch in your memory. How did you get there? What happened along the way? You never remember the answers.
  • You have a boyfriend but you’ve never seen or touched him. “He’s real. I’m sure he’s real,” you whisper to yourself. But the doubts never dissipate.
  • Sometimes you touch an innocuous-seeming object and you hear the distant sound of a chicken clucking. Your pockets are now filled with eggs.
  • You have impossibly tangible memories from the 1930s. A familiar voice echoes through your mind as you drift off to sleep. “Drop a nickel into the slot, please.” You dream in black and white.
  • Every morning you pick flowers until the fateful day when the bees attack.
  • “Please come to Massachusetts,” your friend pleads. You agree and book a flight. But the day never comes. “Soon,” you promise. “I’ll be there soon.”  Months go by. Then a year. You still haven’t been to Massachusetts.
  • You eat a bowl of clam chowder. You spin a wheel and the prize is a whale watching tour. You eat more clam chowder and try to remember a time when you could smell something other than fish. After your third bowl of clam chowder, you spin the wheel again but it always lands on the whale watching tour. The fog rolls in. You order another bowl of clam chowder.

`.⋆¸• ★ Happy 25th Anniversary Kirby ★`.⋆¸•

Heeey! I could finally manage to draw something for one of my fave games of all the time: Kirby!! I love those games so much!! Actually I wanted to make a pic for the 20th Anniversary too but I wanted to make the perfect pic, with tons of characters and ended up being overwhelmed, so that I couldn’t finish it. I found the old data and looked at the unfinished pic and cringed a little haha So this time I just drew what came to my mind… Kirby with a sparkling star, fluffy clouds, dreamy colours and a rainbow ♡ it’s been fun! I cant believe it’s already 25 years. I hope there will be tons of wonderful and dreamy Kirby games in the future!!! ♡♡♡


“We are one with the iris”

finally i finish this, i was all day with this two :’D i just adore i drew them,it just so adorable! 

Shima haves one of Zenyatta Orbs and Zenyatta has a Lotus that represents Shima. they can be far away but they will have something to remember each one of them,they will never stop loving each other.

4. Cover Girls

Being on the cover of a magazine is a big accomplishment for a model. After all, who could forget Eugena’s Playboy cover?

Or McKey’s cover shoot for Vogue Knitting?

That’s why the ANTM girls get genuinely excited when they learn that they’ll be shooting a cover for Paper Magazine. “Only a superstar gets the cover of Paper,” Drew tells us. (Rita’s been on the cover twice, how hard it can be?)

Drew means what he says about superstars, though. And if you’re wondering, “The Top Model contestants aren’t superstars, so how come they get to be on the cover?” that’s because they actually won’t.

Drew, acting as if he hasn’t just got the girls’ hopes up, clarifies that for “the winner of America’s Next Top Model, this cover will be published and viewed by the world on PaperMag.com.”

The disappointment is pretty plain to see on the contestants’ faces and I can’t believe the editors don’t edit around it like they normally would.

That ain’t a cover, Drew. Call me old-fashioned, but a cover has to, well, COVER something. Otherwise it’s just another photo on a website.

It may be on the “world wide web,” but it’s not as if the world visits PaperMag.com. Unless there’s some new Kim Kardashian ass shots on their way, more people will definitely see these photos on this tv show than they will at that website.

Speaking of disappointments, Mickey Boardman is back to “help” out.

Still not a cover, Mickey! Mickey’s like the gay best friend you never wanted but keeps showing up anyway. In obscenely sparkly shirts, no less.

Courtney swears she’s going to do great at this shoot because beauty shots are her forté. Cody isn’t so convinced, though.

While the finished product is definitely intriguing, the exaggerated cheek indentations, strong eyebrows, and pouted lips read kinda Zoolander to me:  

CoryAnne’s “cover” gets a similar movie reference when Drew compares it to a Tim Burton character. There is something super Helena Bonham Carter about her here.

Drew also think she looks old. “Elderly” is a little cruel, but to be honest, when I look at CoryAnne, I tend to see 30 rather than 19.

Fortunately for CoryAnne, the other judges love her shot because they think she’s finally giving some “attitude,” which is the one thing that’s been missing from her modeling.

Hold up. The judges think CoryAnne doesn’t have enough attitude? They clearly need to see some footage from the house. Remember how she started the episode complaining that India is dull?

Oh, honey. If I had my window open during that scene, I bet I could have heard America collectively laughing at her for that. CoryAnne’s so boring that I had to take a nap just thinking about her.

Speaking of India, she wears a giant Koosh ball and is stunning per usual. Looking at the shot, though, before Law can even mention it, I said to myself, “Whoa, she really looks like Gigi Hadid there.”

Ashley doesn’t think that’s a problem because India can “make this work for [her.]” I’m not entirely sure how… unless India’s looking to get into the celebrity impersonation game. Like, she could definitely get paid five figures to shoot porn in a darkened room that would later get labeled “Gigi Hadid Leaked Sex Tape.”

Rita also isn’t too concerned about India’s Gigi-ness, explaining that when she started getting famous, everyone compared her look to other celebrities. That, or they were just so unfamiliar with Rita that they started guessing vaguely famous people’s names that they’ve heard mentioned before in the hopes that they might accidentally guess right.

No one has more trouble at the shoot than Tash. She wants to use her cover to “save the children.”

This results in a lot of awkward hand posing, which Drew repeatedly discourages her from doing to no avail.

He reminds her that they just want her to be herself, but that’s a difficult instruction for someone who doesn’t think of herself as a “herself” but as a twin.

Tash’s photo is clearly the worst. Law is the only judge to attempt to compliment the photo and he totally bungles it up in a way that would seem pretty damn racist if it weren’t coming from a fellow black person.

Strike that, I still think it’s racist. 

Moving on, Ashley says one of her challenges in the modeling industry was learning to restrain her poses and just be natural.

Ah, so THAT’S why Rita was asked to be on the panel. She may not be a model, but she sure knows how to stand there.

You know who else is good at doing nothing? This week’s best photo winner Cody. She just goes on set, looks straight into the camera, and the judges love it. I mean, it’s no National Geographic cover, but I suppose Paper Magazine would be honored to put it on its cover website.

5 Funniest Moments of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 11

Fools {Jeon Jungkook Drabble}

Jungkook & 45 (If that makes me a child, then so be it)

Note: This is smut. I don’t know if that’s what you wanted but hey - here it is anyway. I was going to make this a really fluffy, childish drabble. (but as always Admin Mami had to be a pervert for the maknae instead sorrynotsorry) so yes, enjoy!~ Fighting x

  • Warning: This is smut, and the use of swear words. Read at your own risk.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

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If that makes me a child, then so be it!” Jungkook raged, throwing his arm out angrily as he bellowed his aggravation at you.

You barely ever fought with Jungkook, ever. Though this was one of those rare occasions where a small, petty argument had turned into something much more passionate and uncontrollable.

You hated fighting with Jungkook. The fire in his eyes, the scowl on his lips… it’s too much to handle, and not always for the sake of it being too difficult, more that you found him much hotter than you really should.

His face is like a painting, beautiful and meaningful, making you feel something from the bottom of your heart. It’s expressive and loud, his passion and rage mixing into something that creates a bigger picture. It’s hard to fight, hard to retaliate when all you can think about is the bulkiness of his thighs, the way his shirt raises when he swings his arms in fury or the way he bites his lip in temper.

“You’re not going to say anything now, huh? Who’s the child no-”

You cut him off, pressing your lips firmly against his. At first, he doesn’t do anything. Seconds later, he’s pushing you up against the hallway wall, his hands swarming underneath your shirt in deep hunger and intensity.

He doesn’t give you long to get comfortable before he’s yanking you away from the solid wall and pulling you towards the bedroom. You stumble a few times, but his harsh hold of your hand is strong enough to keep you moving, not stopping once, not until the bedroom door was slammed shut while you clumsily stumbled back against the mattress.



You moaned a fresh sting of pleasure against the right cheek of your ass.

“Did I say you could speak?” He hissed, dominance creeping over him.

“N-no.” You stammered.

“Then don’t.” He snapped, pursed lips as he rocked his hips against yours, teasing you in all right ways because damn you both had too many clothes on for your liking.

It wasn’t often Jungkook was lite this. Usually he’s sweet, rolling around in the bedsheets with lighthearted childish giggles as he did unspeakable things to you beneath the sheets. But this? This was intense, and insanely dominant. Like arguing - this was also a rarity.

It didn’t take long for your clothes to be torn away from you and discarded carelessly on the floor, not that you were complaining. How could you ever? Not when Jungkook towered over you, lips crashing against yours so heatedly that your teeth clashed every now and then, his hands riding up your thighs before he finally gave you what you were really craving.

“Moan.” He told you, a simple instruction.

“But the others-”

“Do you want me to stop?” He clenched his jaw, holding your hips down so strongly you couldn’t move them.


“Then moan” he ordered.

And you did, crying loudly to his each and every pound of pleasure. There was something sexily aggressive about his gaze, a glint so rare it fired you up more than you liked to admit.

With each thrust, you were nearing your final moments of pleasure. He must have been the same, because he was panting erratically, his hips snapping like gunshots.

And when he finally drew you both to a finish, he collapsed next to you, his chest rising and falling harshly like yours. He turned to look at you, somewhat sheepish.

“Sorry - I think I got a bit carried away.”

You were about to reply, a small smile peeing on your lips until a voice answered for you.

“Ya think? Some of us are trying to sleep you know! Shut up!” Jin’s agitated voice echoed across the house, making you giggle as you cuddled up to your boyfriends chest.

“I’m sorry about before, I shouldn’t have lost it with you, it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry we argued. I love you.” He kissed the top of your head.

I drew Hinoka From Fire Emblem Fates only because she is awesome and tough character from the Hishido Family. I actually tried a new style for drawing and I quite like this form a lot more also because I finished it in no time. So ya I finally posted something for once in my life haha..

enjoy :)

My brother Chris is graduating from college this week and I wanted to make him something and well, one of his favorite movies is Guardians of the Galaxy so I drew this for him.

Love him very much and I’m happy he’s finally finished with his schooling and is ready to get out there.

Love you Chris. You’re awesome.