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Another TAZ animatic! Spoilers for episode 58

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Diane Edwards, also known as Marjorie as a pseudonym, was Ted Bundy’s first love and first real girlfriend. The two met whilst attending the university of Washington in the late 60′s. When Ted became incarcerated for the kidnap and attempted murder of Carol DaRonch, Ted was evaluated by Dr. Al Carlisle on the 90-day-diagnostic team at the Utah State prison. Here is an interview Dr. Carlisle had with Ted’s former love about their relationship.

Al: What did you like about him?

Diane: I was very caught up by his ability to talk. You know, he could just off the cuff come out with anything and it sounded good. And he wrote fantastic letters. He put a great deal of import on a person’s ability and intelligence, in their quickness of mind. 

Al: Did he ever seem to be involved with anything illegal? 

Diane: I didn’t know of anything. If I had I’d probably have been real scared. I’m a real chicken. 

Al: Did he seem to have any friends?

Diane: No, and that was weird too. There were none that I knew of. 

Al: What did he do in his spare time? 

Diane: I don’t know. He had a bike and he rode around on his bike. He also went skiing every once in a while. 

Al: Was he good?

Diane: Oh yes, he was very athletic. 

Al: What was Ted like as you saw him at the time you were going with him?

Diane: He was aesthetic and he was brilliant but he was not terribly social. He always had sort of a bowing manner, always trying to get people to believe he was humble and that he wouldn’t walk on anybody’s toes. Like he was pleased to be in somebody’s presence. He seemed to have a great deal of insecurity and lack of finesse in dealing with other people.

Al: Insecure in what way?

Diane: He was a very passive person. He had an oddity which I thought sort of went with this lack of confidence. It was a put on. His actions were to make people feel, “poor Ted, sweet little Ted.” Yet I think he had this feeling that he was very… sort of debonair. 

Al: Like he…

Diane: Understood the world.

Al: Did it ever seem like he was hurt by a girl? 

Diane: Not that I knew of. I felt he hadn’t had much contact with women until he got involved with me. We pretty much experienced each other together that way. 

Al: In the beginning, did he ever sleep with you and not have sex?

Diane: Did Ted tell you that?

Al: Yeah, he did. 

Diane: We did a lot of that. I wasn’t experienced at all with sex and I wasn’t on any birth control methods and I didn’t know if I wanted to do it. We did a lot of playing around but it didn’t culminate sex. 

Al: Did it ever seem that Ted just wanted sex or do you feel that he was in love with you?

Diane: He never made me feel like it was just a physical thing. I believe he was in love with me. I was very turned on but I wasn’t experienced. I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

Al: Did he ever seem to get frustrated with that?

Diane: I guess he did. Yeah, I’m sure he did.

Al: It’s been said that Ted was an angry person. Did you see any of that in him?

Diane: No, Ted didn’t show a lot of anger when I was first got to know him. We were truly in love with each other at that time. It was a great emotional relationship. 

Al: Can you say anything about his relationship with his mother? 

Diane: I was under the impression that he cared about his mother and he felt sorry for her. He felt she was a competent person who got messed up with a nothing of a father. I think that he liked his mother a little bit because he felt that she was sweet. He seemed to adore his little brother, his younger brother. That seemed to be the only reason, when we were together, why he went home. It was because his brother was smart.

Al: Ted said that you and he would have some arguments or quarrels. What was he like in those situations?

Diane: Oh, pitifully weak! This was my main criticism of him after the year and a half of our relationship. He kowtowed to me. He wasn’t strong. He wasn’t real masculine. If I got mad at him because he did something he sort of felt apologetic about it. He wouldn’t stand up for himself. There was no use getting mad because the person didn’t react. And the things i got mad for were primarily that he lied. It wasn’t that he out and out lied. He fibbed. It wasn’t necessary that he had to be like that. It wasn’t actually that he had done a bad thing in his mind. It was that he was saying something he knew would sound good to me.

Al: For example?

Diane: Instead of saying his pants came from Sears, he said he bought them at a high class store. He would make something appear to be what it wasn’t to impress me. Of course, we came from very different backgrounds. He was very concerned about those things, and about his lack of experience. I had experience in small things like restaurants and the things that would be important to a young coed. In the beginning of our relationship he was always reverting back to the need to sort of beg because he didn’t have anything. He didn’t have a car. He, in fact, would sometimes tell me he hadn’t eaten that day because he didn’t have enough money. It never seemed to bother him that he was using people. 

Al: Would he borrow from you?

Diane: He never did off me because I never gave him a cent. Sometimes I felt he was spending his last dime to buy me something. 

Al: How did your relationship with Ted end?

Diane: I began cutting it off in letters at first, before it ended. He knew it was coming.

Al: How did he respond to this?

Diane: Oh, sort of begging. I told him it was never going to work, that he wasn’t the kind of person I needed. I loved him dearly but I couldn’t exist with him. I just wasn’t comfortable with the things he did and the way he kowtowed to me. I just didn’t feel he was straight with me all the time. i pushed him away and I cut off my ties with him. This was about 1966 or 1967. It was in my junior or senior year in college.

Al: What was his reaction?

Diane: He cried. He cried. He was really falling apart in front of me. That’s when he went out to Philadelphia to run away from the whole thing. It was to go to school. And I would call him when I needed attention.

Al: When you finally cut it off, what did he do?

Diane: I dont know. He left. I took him to the airport or something. He called me a couple of times. He sent me flowers and some cards. 

Al: After you and Ted broke up, the two of you continued to talk on the phone from time to time. What was your impression of his life?

Diane: He floundered around for years and years and years, never completing anything, going from one place to another, getting involved in all the wrong things.

Al: Such as?

Diane: The politicking. He was a member of a group in the Republican party that would go around to the opponent when they made speeches. He would tape them and then rephrase the speech and use it against the opponent. There was a black man running for something in the state, I believe. Ted helped him by driving for miles in his VW, and I just didn’t trust any of that stuff. I’m pretty conservative. I got the feeling that he was sometimes associating with people who used drugs. He told me he did that but he said he didn’t try them himself. This, of course, was in the early stage of our relationship. 

Al: When he was going to the University of Washington and Stanford?

Diane: Yes.

Source- Violent Mind by Dr Al Carlisle 

How would ES characters comfort MC when she’s crying?

Sean: *sits beside her and gives her a comforting hug* It’s ok MC, I’m here for you. Do you need anything?

Estela: Who did this? *leaves the room and comes back a few hours later* I killed him. Who wants next?

Quinn: *cries with MC*

Jake: *pours two glasses of whiskey and hands one over to MC*

Diego: Did I somehow hurt you? I’m so sorry. You’re my best friend. Please don’t get mad at me. *cries*

Zahra: I warned you about feelings before. This is all your fault.

Craig: Bro… *attempts to fist bump MC*

Michelle: I’ll take you shopping when we get back if it will make you stop crying. *enumerates shops she’ll visit with MC*

Grace: Oh no. *runs to get a glass of water* Here, drink this. Want to talk about it?

Raj: Aww I’m sorry MC. I’ll share my cereal with you if it would make you feel any better.

Alestair: Emotions are useless, MC. Focus your energy on getting back at that horrible person.

Lila: I did this. I should go.



Rourke: So, you’ve finally discovered the truth, e?


you make me begin ; Kim Taehyung [6/6]
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