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“I baked you cookies.” 

Peter jumped slightly, not anticipating someone to walk up behind him at his locker. Turning around, a smile was almost instant when he saw her. Shifting his bag, he accepted the little tin of cookies [Y/N] was holding out to him. “Cookies? Why?” 

Her cheeks flushed again, something that he really was starting to enjoy. Ducking her head slightly, her hair fell to cover the rest of the color that covered her cheeks. “Because you spent three hours trying to teach me one thing.” Looking up, she groaned. “And the fact that I’m helpless and I felt really bad that we lost track of time and that you may or may not have gotten at least four hours of sleep.”

Peter chuckled, opening the tin, he placed a cookie in his mouth and placed the rest on the top shelf of his locker. Taking a bite, he had to resist the pleasurable moan that came from just that one bite. Pointing at the cookie, “This, this is really good. Thank you.” Shoving some more books into his bag, he smiled. “If you made these cookies, how many hours did you get?” 

Wincing, she pointed to her coffee tumbler, “Like maybe two, if that.” 

His brows knitted together, “Do you want to take a rain-check on tonight? I can study up on the history exam myself.” Peter felt bad that she was running on fumes. 

She shook her head, “We made a deal.” Sipping on her coffee, she smiled. “Although, instead of studying at the library, if you’re okay with it. I would much rather study at my house so I can drink all the free coffee I can, to get me through it.” 

“You-your house?” 

Nodding, “Yeah, I already asked my mom not that it would have mattered. Both my parents are doctors at the hospital so they’re never home.” Leaning her head to the side, she raised a brow, “I mean we can still study at the library if that’s more comfortable-”

“-no! I mean, no, yeah, that’s fine. We can go to your house.” Peter cleared his throat, mentally slapping himself for sounding like an idiot. Closing his locker, he slung his bag on his shoulder, “What time?” 

She shrugged, “I mean we can go right after school like yesterday.” Following him the direction of their Chemistry class, she sighed. “Something tells me you’re way better at history then I am with mechanical engineering.” 

Peter chuckled, “I don’t want to brag but I am pretty awesome at history and mechanical engineering but it doesn’t hurt to study up.” Looking down at her, he couldn’t help but feel at ease talking to her. Occasionally, he’d find himself tripping over his words but for the most part, he didn’t feel socially awkward or anxious. 

“Hey guys whats up!” Ned slung his arms around both Peter and [Y/N], scaring the daylights out of them.

[Y/N] yelped out loudly, almost dropping her coffee in the process. Desperately needing the caffeine to get her through the day, she opted to save her tumbler over her binders. They scattered the floor, “Well, shit.” She blurted. 

Peter gave Ned a look while he gave an apologetic shrug, “Seriously, dude.” Bending down to help pick up the scattered papers, his attention got drawn to a realistic sketch of Spiderman. Pausing, he looked at [Y/N] who was busily trying to rescue her neatly written notes and papers. “Did you draw this?” 

Scrambling all the papers together and shoving them into her binder, she finally looked over. Her breath getting caught in her throat. “Um, uh, um.” Standing up slowly with Peter, she gently took it from his hands, “Yes, I, um, I think he’s pretty cool….” 

Ned leaned over her shoulder, smirking, “Wicked.” 

[Y/N] narrowed her eyes at him as she quickly shoved it inside a notebook. Peter had a dumbstruck smile on his face, “Yeah, he is pretty cool.” 

Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, she nodded. “I like the whole hero in New York City thing. And despite his not so legal methods of keeping the city safe, I like it.” Biting her lip, she avoided their gazes, “It’s for my art class by the way, I’m not just randomly drawing Spiderman.” 

Peter grinned, “It wouldn’t be weird even if you were just randomly drawing him.” 

Blushing again, [Y/N] nodded halfway. “Right, well, um, I’ll see you in class.” Before Peter could stop her, she weaved in and out of students and headed to Chemistry. 

Ned slapped Peter on the back, grinning, “Dude! You are so in!”

||| Part One ||| Part Two ||| Part Three ||| Part Four ||| 

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There was too much angst after the last video and I needed some fluff plus this song is begging to be a logicality fic

Patton flopped on his stomach, face pressed into Roman’s fine pillows. Roman lay relaxed on one side of him and Virgil sat cross legged on the other, playing with the fringed edge of a throw pillow.

“I’m telling you Patton,” Roman was saying in his typically grand fashion, “a serenade is the perfect way to tell Logan how you feel, sing him one of the great love songs!”

“Or don’t do that,” Vigil chipped in, “those songs make you emotional all the time! You’ll start bawling and scare him right out of the room. Plus you don’t want to just sing any old song that’s not relevant to the two of you. “

“You know Virgil, you are not really saying no to the idea of singing.” Roman teased lightly.
Patton sat up excitedly, “so you both agree that a song is the best way to tell Logan how I feel?”

“No,” Vigil hesitated, “I still think you should just talk to him, but I suppose a song isn’t the worst way to open that conversation. BUT,” he said to stop Patton who was already halfway to the door, “ It has to be the perfect, I mean the perfect song Patton. In fact I think I should approve it before you do anything.”

“WE should approve it,” Roman amended, ignoring the sour look Virgil gave him.

Patton wore his cat headphones for about week after that, endlessly looking for the perfect song. One that fit both them, one light enough not to scare Logan away and one that wouldn’t make him bawl.

It was an odd week for the others. A week without forced family fun nights making Virgil leave his room. A week of Roman trying to figure out how to cook for the others. A week of crestfallen looks from Logan as Patton turned down yet another invitation to do puzzles together, or to go bird watching.

It was those very looks that assured Roman that no matter what song Patton choose it would work. Logan had feelings for Patton whether he admitted it or not. Still, he and Virgil both breathed sighs of relief when Patton finally presented them with the song.

He had burst into Virgil’s room, dragging Roman behind him by the hand, and in the other triumphantly holding his headphones.

“I did it!”

Virgil chuckled after recovering from his initial startle, “Okay then, let’s hear it.”

Each of their smiles grew as they listened.

It was perfect.

It fit both of them.

It probably wouldn’t scare Logan with too many feeling.

And it most likely wouldn’t make Patton bawl. Maybe. Hopefully.

“And,” Roman gushed, “Virgil and I can sing Back up for you!”

“What? No we can’t.”

“Of course you can, this song needs some do wap background!” Patton clapped his hands excitedly.

“Okay first of all, I don’t do wap, and second, don’t you think this should be private for you and Logan?”

Roman rolled his eyes, “ we can duck out at the end of the song. And won’t you do wop for your dear sweet friend Patton?” The two put their heads together and adopted twin puppy dog looks.”

“Fine,” Virgil threw his hands up in defeat, shying away from Roman’s near maniacal giggle.

It all came together very quickly after that, an unsuspecting Logan walking into the living room to find Patton lying suggestively on the couch.

“Hello Logan,” he said with an eyebrow wiggle.

“Wwwwhat is happening?” He asked dropping the book he had been reading to his side.

“You know Logan,” Patton said trying to keep the grin off his face, “I don’t know much about history,”

“Well that’s not surprising,”

“Don’t know much Biology,’

“Why did you sing the word ‘Biology’?”

Patton sat up with a grin, “Don’t know much about a science book, Don’t know much about the french I took,” he sang.

Roman appeared then, dragging a reluctant Virgil to add back up vocals. Logan spared them a glance, taking a small step backwards as Patton stood up, looking him straight in the eye.

“But I do know that I love you, and I know that if you loved me too, what a wonderful world this would be.”

Logan gave the other two a startled look as Roman blocked the stairs and Virgil shrugged apologetically. Meanwhile Patton hopped up on the counter and beckoned Logan to him.

“Don’t know much about geography, don’t know much trigonometry,
Don’t know much about algebra, Don’t know what a slide rule is for,”

“Well actually Patton, a slide rule is” he was got off by Patton using his tie to pull him between his knees and press a finger to his lips.

He smiled gently at Logan’s blush before he continued singing, “but I do know that one and one is two. And if this one could be with you, what a wonderful world this would be,”

He leaned forward to peck Logan’s nose before standing up on the counter to really deliver the next verse.

“Now, I don’t claim to be an A student, but I’m trying to be. for maybe by being an A student baby I can win your love for me”

“Uh oh,” Roman whispered as Patton sat down again, sing softly now, voice wavering and eyes filling with tears.

“Oh boy here we go,” Virgil sighed.

Logan looked over and waved them away, “I’ve got this,” he said softly even as Patton sobbed about not knowing French. Virgil smiled at his friend as Roman grabbed his arm to sink out, and was very surprised to pop up at the top of the stairs.

“Roman what are you doing?” But the prince just made a frantic shushing gesture as he peaked over the banister.

Logan gently took Patton’s hand , using the other to wipe away a few of the others overly emotional tears as he cried too hard to continue singing.

Logan cleared his throat, awkwardly pushing through what he was about to say, “I do know that I love you,” he stuttered and stumbled, “ and I know that if you loved me too, what a wonderful world this would be”

He should have been prepared for the squeal and the arms that got flung around his neck, but he wasn’t. Nonetheless he wrapped his arms tight around his love.

“Patton, if you don’t stop crying and giggling I won’t be able to kiss you,”

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Imagine Lucifer walking in on you in the shower.


Auothers note: you all really wanted this to be written by someone, so here I am writing my own imagine into a imagine oneshot 😂 you have no idea how awkward that was to write and honestly I don’t know what to expect from Lucifer I mean the song im listening to wicked ones so I’ll make this a bit smuty at the end, you’re welcome!

Warning: a bit of smut at the end

Gif: really wanted to use that gif of Elena in the shower I have on another one of my imagines but I couldn’t find it so to damn bad let’s just enjoy Lucifer gif

Female and male version of this will be inclined since im not sure if all of you are females lol

Female version:

Stress relief showers had always been the youngest Winchester favorite kinds of shower.
Not only could she stay in the shower and not be bothered by her brothers but she could have a moment to collect her thoughts.
Closing her bed room door behind her, (y/n) flung her leather jacket off of her body and onto a near by chair she had in her room.
Kicking of her shoes, she leaned against her wall for support as she flung her socks off of her feet and threw them into a near by corner.
Sighing to herself she began slipping out of her jeans and her top, standing in the middle of her room in nothing but a matching set of bra and panties she grabbed the towel that was folded at the end of her bed and made her way to her bathroom.
Turning the water on warm she, her (e/c) eyea watched as the water shot out from the showers headset. Standing with her back faced to her mirror she bent her arms behind her back and undid the bra looks pulling both strings down her shoulders her bra dropping down by her feet, her hands grabbing into the sides of her panties she slid them down her thighs till they fell down to her feet and she stepped out of them.
Turning to the mirror she took a glance at her reflection and sighed, a bruise was already forming on her jaw from were a vampire punched her at.
“Fucking great.” She muttered.
Stepping in the shower the warm water instantly hit her figure and chills ran through out her.
Reaching for her rag and bar of soup she paused at the voice coming from the door way, “Well, what do we have her.” chuckled an amused Lucifer, turning her head slowly to face him she glared not evem bothering to cover up herself. After all her and Lucifer slept together before well when he was just Nick and not Lucifer.
“Get out Lucifer.”
Lucifer could practically hear the growl in her tone, “Well, I’m not going anywhere.” snapping his fingers his clothes were gone and he walked closer until he was standing directly behind (y/n) in the shower his hands ran up and down her curves and he placed his chin in the crack of her shoulder and neck.
“Did you have I have Nick’s little olf memories?”
He askes, rolling her eyes she replied back, “Good for you.”
“Tck. Bad girl, if I remember clearly from his memories you were such a good obedient little girl, Isn’t that right princess?” He says his hands sliding down to her wet folds before he slide a single finger between them.
Finally caving in a soft moan left her lips, “Yes daddy.”
“Theirs my good little princess.” chucking softly he slid his thumb up to her clit and rubs gentle circles in them.
“But call me sir this time princess, Nick may have liked daddy but I’m in charge now. Understand pet?”
“Yes sir.”


Male version:

(Y/n) sighed as he stood under the shower water, he didn’t care that it was hot or that it was turning his skin a light pink.
A hunt had gone wrong, instead of it being a small vampires nest it was a huge one. In fact two nest were working together to form a large nest.
Sam, Dean and him had almost gotten killed, if it wasnt Benny showing up to save them then they all would have probably been goners or worst blood suckers if the vampires felt the need to change them.
Everyone was tension the way home, Benny had left back to his cabin he stayed in and the three male hunters had left off to head back to the motel to collect there things before heading back to the bunker.
Once there each one of them went off to their rooms no words were spoken, that’s how much tension was in the air.
So here the (h/c) haired male was, standing jn the shower recalling the events that had just taken place not to long ago.
“Well lookie here.” came a voice at the door of the bathroom.
Turning his head he was met with the sight of his boyfriend Lucifer, yes he was dating the devil and no the boys didn’t know but he had stopped speaking to the charming angel once he saw and heard what he was doing to Sam and the people on earth.
“Get out Lucifer, I’m not in the mood for chatting.” He said turning his back to the devil once more.
“Well, I’m not going anywhere.” Lucifer said walking closer not even caring that his sleeve shirt was getting wet Lucifer turned off the water and snapped a towel into his hands before he wrapped it around (y/n)’s top part.
Pulling the male hunter out of the shower, Lucifer didn’t seem to care that his boyfriend’s bare cock was pressed up against his very own , which was covered.
“Oh pet-” Lucifer said his hands holding (y/n) face, “I don’t care if your mad at me, but I worry about you.”
“That’s rich, coming from the devil.” a bitter chuckle left his lips.
“The devil was once an angel, pet.”
Lucifer smirked, he knew the perfect way to get his attention snapping his fingers both males now were back in the room.
(Y/n) lied on his back while Lucifer was down by his twitching cock, playfully blowing on it a soft low moan left the (h/c) haired male lips.
“Don’t tease me, Lucifer please don’t.”
“I won’t baby boy just promise me to never shut me out again, no matter what.”
He could feel Lucifers hot breathe over his cock and he took a deep breathe, “I promise.” he whispered.
“Good boy.”
(Y/n) hissed as Lucifers warm mouth wrapped around cock that had been twitching with need, jerking his hips up Lucifer deep throated him gagging a bit at the sudden movement.
“Fuck, you’ll be the death of me.” (Y/n) whispered.
Pulling back (y/n) licked kitten licks against the tip, “Good then, I’ll have to make that happen one day.”
“Death by sex, hmm has a nice ring to it.”

yo it’s ya boye reed and this is my first ever follow forever!!! this blog has like 4 months i think and i have no idea how i’ve reached this many followers. i’m the person that least deserves it, i’m not even close to be as great as the other blogs in the phandom to be honest dude. i always wanted to do one of these and i’m glad i finally did it. i’m so thankful for everyone of you that were pleased by this blog and its content enough to follow it. this year has been really fucked for me, i would get to have a little joy by watching dan and phil and other youtubers like i always did but for some reason i decided to create a tumblr and ended up being part of some sort of community. i gotta say it’s nice you know.

fine, enough with my pathetic shit, i’m gonna list all my mutuals in alphabetical order bellow. give them a follow because they’re all amazing and i love them.

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Promise me this is forever

💓 Date night with Maxwell Beaumont would include 💓

▪ let’s be real, he’s so bad at planning

▫ but he promised himself that he wouldn’t mess it up this time

▪ the day is circled with a red marker in his calender

▫ (and in his notes)


▫ Bertrand didn’t remind him, that’s for sure

▪ so on the big day, you’d wake up in a cold bed

▫ without Maxwell to cuddle you

▪ and you’re kinda sad


▪ a really big teddy bear would lay on the ground

▫ and you’re like hella confused???

▪ “What are you up to again, Maxwell??”

▫ because you remember that one night™ in winter

▪ (getting the chills, that one was wild)

▫ you’re so freaking lazy tho

▪ staying in bed for another hour or so

▫ (Maxwell is busy, so,,,,)


▫ “Good morning, little blossom! I hope you didn’t miss me too much in bed today :(. Can’t wait to see your beautiful face -Maxwell”

▪ (I love this man, so much, lmao)

▫ smiling like an idiot, ‘cause he’s so damn sweet

▪ and then !!!finally!!! getting dressed

▫ with one of his shirts ;))))

▪ Bertrand would just scowl at you in the halls with a bit of a fond look

▫ Maxwell is so excited when he finally sees you !!!


▫ breakfast is beyond perfect, because of the staff

▪ “Hmm, did you help them with the breakfast?” - “Ehm, no… They banned me from the kitchen a while ago.”



▫ “Stop it! It’s not funny, okay?” - “Oh god, it is funny, Maxwell! And not surprising, i’ll be honest.”



▪ he’ll get over it with a few kisses

▫ “I have the whole day planned out, little blossom! So, let’s get going.”

▪ the first stop is a bakery

▫ “Do you remember when I first ate a cronut?” - “Of course! How could I forget? I sometimes think that you love them more than me.” - “Not possible, but ok.”

▪ staying in said bakery for a few hours



▫ laughing so so much and taking so many pics to show the gang™

▪ (Drake tries to leave the group chat about three times but Maxwell won’t have it)

▫ + kissing, i mean so much KISSING


▫ let’s be honest, Maxwell is a regular in that shop

▪ “I swear to God, Maxwell, if I eat one more thing i’ll explode.” - “We can’t have that, now can we?”

▫ he’d almost drag you out of the shop because he’s so happy and wants to see you smile when you’re there


▫ “Maxwell? Is the date over? Did I miss something?” - “Shhh!”

▪ (I mean, rude, but okay)

▫ “Close your eyes please.” - “What? Why?” - “Come on, please.”

▪ [puppy eyes are irresistible]

▫ especially from Maxwell Beaumont

▪ anyways, you close your eyes and feel his warm hands through your (his) shirt

▫ and you can feel his lips softly grazing your ear

▪ “Open your eyes.”

▫ getting a small kiss on the cheek


▫ a huge TV with blankets on the floor

▪ fairylights on the walls

▫ and movies and games on a small table???

▪ “Dance, dance, dance!”



▫ and you have so so much fun

▪ finally falling on the blankets late at night, both still panting

▫ and his face is illuminated so beautifully by the lights

▪ you can’t help yourself and just kiss him

▫ feeling his soft lips on yours

▪ and you know you wouldn’t trade this to anything in this moment

▫ just kissing him


Apologies to @nijiru, @agentpiku, and @legrandfoyer for this part. I didn’t mean for it to take such a dark turn but after I started, I just couldn’t stop! I hope you still enjoy it anyway. This is the final part to The Beast. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: Pleeeeease make a third part… ❤❤

I think you did a great job on that second part of “The Beast” :) I feel like you even made room for a third part if you ever wanted to on how Loki and the readers relationship would evolve from there.

Aaahh I loved ‘the beast’! …  It would be great to see more of them if you ever decide to do a part three :3

‘The Beast’ (Part 3)

Part 2

It had been 3 years. Though still not accustomed to the idea, Thor had accepted his brother’s rule and obeyed it. However, at your insistence, he was made a member of Loki’s council, with the deciding vote on any ultimatums. There were matters of delicacy that could be discussed with honesty and fairness as a result.

“The council thinks that you should be looking to take a queen,” you said as you accompanied his majesty through the corridors.
“They would think that,” he snarled. It was his one gripe with his role. He’d intended to abolish the need for marriage to remain part of the monarchy – it was exceedingly unfair – but other issues had taken priority.

“I know your opinions on it,” you smirked, turning a couple of pages on your clipboard, “but I’ve drawn up a list of potential candidates anyway. I think with some careful evaluation we can find someone that the people would approve of, with enough political experience and wisdom to benefit the regime.”
“I’ve seen your list,” Loki snorted and you raised a cautionary eyebrow, warning him to watch his tongue. “and whilst I agree with the suggestions, I can think of another who better fits your criteria. The people are familiar with her already too.”

“Fine,” you said, releasing the paper and returning your focus to the notes on top. You had other business to attend to, and you studied the notes for it as you spoke. “I’ll make the necessary arrangements for you to pitch your suggestion to the council. The sooner we get this in motion, the better.”
“I agree,” Loki said as he lowered himself onto one knee, “but I’d prefer to actually ask you first.” Your eyes remained focused on your clipboard, your finger moving down the paper.
“Yeah, sure, I’ll let you know what I think about her” you said, completely oblivious. “I’ll get Thor in the loop too so that he can give his judgement. He’ll appreciate that.”

You continued to mutter to yourself about details of this and that as you left Loki on the floor, completely absorbed in your clipboard. He rolled his eyes and eventually stood up. Perhaps he’d try again later.

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Title: To Care for Someone
Character: Danny Rand
First Part: http://ofnifflersandkings.tumblr.com/post/163577578842/title-hello-again-character-danny-rand-an-like


You gasped a little at the sudden loud noise, dropping a couple of books you were holding onto for a customer. You looked over to see Danny, with a broad grin on his face.

“Jesus Danny,” You scolded him with a small laugh. “You have to stop greeting me like this, one of these days I’m going to have a heart attack.”

Danny grinned sheepishly before kneeling down and helping you pick them up. “I’m sorry, you were always the easiest to scare.”

You gave him a look, opening your mouth to protest before you laughed. “I can’t even pretend like that’s a lie.”

Danny handed you the books back and you thanked him.

“Oh hey, you finally got around to getting a haircut then?”

Danny’s beard had been shaven to a short scruff, and his hair was finally clean and trimmed. “Yeah I did,” He said, his hand subconsciously running through the blonde curls. “Do you like it?”

You nodded. “It’s an improvement that’s for sure,” You ran your free hand along his scruff. “I feel like I can actually see you now.”

Danny tilted his head and smiled. “And?”

You laughed, lightly tapping his cheek. “You’re a very handsome man, Danny.”

When you turned around, you missed the way Danny’s eyes lit up and how he quickly followed after you.

He noticed that the shop was quiet, the only noises being the soft music playing through the speakers in the ceiling. “You’re not busy with something are you?”

“Nah, I’m closing soon,” You told him over your shoulder as you started to turn off some of the main floor lights. “Told the workers I’d take care of closing.”

“Really?” Danny asked, continuing to follow behind you as you maneuvered your way across the shop. “Joy was telling me that this is a pretty popular spot in the city, and it’s a big place, don’t you need the help?”

You sighed, grabbing a basket to start sorting through the clearance items that could just be donated. “I don’t mind, I like keeping myself busy.”

Danny paused his movements, watching you now. “I never got to ask, but it’s been on my mind,” He said, running his finger along the spines of a few books. “How come you aren’t at the company like you’re siblings? I mean you were practically your father’s favorite, surely he left you something.”

“Yeah he did,” You said, putting the basket aside while you took a seat up on an empty counterspace. “But you know me, I hated corporate business, it was never my thing. And quite frankly the money was something I didn’t care for either.”

Danny turned to you, moving closer to where you sat. “So you turned down everything?”

You laughed, your gaze turning to your hands. “Well I tried to, the lawyers told me I couldn’t turn down my inheritance money, but that I could give my share of the company to Joy and Ward. But don’t worry about me, I still have far more money than I’ll ever know what to do with.”

Danny was now standing directly in front of you, his arms folded across his chest while he listened to you talk. “How’d they take it?”

“Joy understood, she was always the one I went to about silly stuff, Ward though, was upset with me at first. But I’ve become the master at knowing how to convince my brother.”

Danny smiled. “I remember when you were small you used to tell me you wanted to be a librarian when you grew up.”

“Did I?” You asked with a laugh. “I’m surprised you remembered silly stuff like that.”

Danny shrugged. “I always had a soft spot for you. When you found out Ward locked me in the freezer you chased him around your house, trying to wack at him with one of your books.”

Your eyes went wide and your face felt warm. “Who told you about that?!”

“Joy, she told me when I asked why your Mom and Dad sent you to your grandparents house for two weeks.”

You closed your eyes while you internally cringed. “Let’s stop talking about me, what brings you to my humble palace.”

“Right, well I got Hogarth to help me with getting my company back. And earlier today, Joy and Ward signed over my 51% of it.”

“Oh wow, that’s great!” You said, giving him a smile. “I’m only sorry they gave you such a hard time to begin with.”

He smiled and shook his head. “Doesn’t matter now, I have my name back, and that’s what’s most important.”

“I’m very happy for you, Daniel Thomas Rand.” You said, looking at him with a sigh. “You’ve certainly earned it.”

“That’s not the only reason why,” Danny told you, moving so his hands rested on the counter, his arms on either side of you. “I came to thank you, you were the only person who believed me. You were there when I needed you most.”

You shook your head bashfully, your gaze moving to look at him. “I didn’t do much of anything, except gave you a place to sleep every now and then.”

“You did so much more than that though, when I thought I had lost everything. I found you, and you made everything feel right again. I had my home again when I was with you. I wouldn’t be here without you.”

You smiled, genuinely moved by his kind words. “Well thank you for thinking so.”

Danny stared at you for a moment, he couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that someone as absolutely wonderful as you didn’t see that fact. You were very much still the sweet and more self-conscious girl he knew but now, he found himself caring for you in a different way.

It was strange for him, during his training he swore to give up such frivolous things like romantic entanglements or personal connections.

But with you it felt different.

Anytime he saw you he got this fluttering feeling in his chest, and whenever you were close by he could only focus his attention solely on you. And he found himself caring about your opinion and what you thought about him.

“Danny? You okay?” You asked, snapping him out of his small trance.

“I’m fine,” He assured you, looking back at you with a small smile. “Can I take you out on a date?”

Well that was a surprise.

“I’m sorry, a what?”

“A date, you know, when someone who likes other person takes them out-”

“I know what a date is,” You said, slightly laughing. “Just why would you want to go on one with me?”

Danny smiled softly, reaching out and brushing away some the loose strands of hair that had fallen into your eyes. “Because I like you.”


Finally, The Day has come. Ok, I’m soooo bad at editing, so this is the best I can do! This is my favorite day of the year. Literally guys, it’s like Christmas!
55 years ago, Jeffrey Dean Isbell aka Izzy Stradlin was born in LaFayette, Indiana. You moved to L.A. and became a great musician and a great songwriter, and I can’t tell how happy I am that you did that. You followed your dreams and made them true! Even if you ruined my life (years ago) here I am wishing you my best wishes. You inspire me, you make me smile, laugh, cry, and love.
So happy 55th birthday, you wonderful human being.
I love you more than everything. ❤


((I love him and this makes me happy))

Everyone has their days where they aren’t their self. That’s what Y/N had been told. 

But those are most days. That can’t be normal… right?, was their response every time.

To which they received the same answer, I’m sure it’s not everyday. You’re just being dramatic.

It hadn’t been everyday but, it was close. It also wasn’t just “not feeling like their self”, it was wondering, thinking to their self what’s the point?

Sure, everyone most likely asks their self that question at some point but… not continuously. And, they probably give their self an explanation as to why they are alive. Y/N couldn’t figure it out. 

No matter who they asked, they got the same response and yet… they continued to ask. They had hope that someone may have an answer. A real answer. 

So, here they were, sitting across Dan in their small living room. They started watching a movie about an hour ago before Y/N had slipped into their own thoughts. It was now that Y/N had thought about asking Dan the same question they asked everyone else.

“Hey, Dan?” Y/N looked over to Dan, who was sprawled out on the couch, half asleep at this point.

He jerked awake, shoving a pillow out of the way so he could see Y/N. “Yeah? I wasn’t sleeping, I promise. I was jus-” 

Y/N interrupted, “It’s fine, sorry I woke you up.”

“I wasn’t actually fully asleep, no worries. What was it though?” Dan sat up and turned himself away from the tv. 

Y/N sat there trying to decide whether they still wanted to ask or not. He might give the same answer, or he might not. Or maybe he wouldn’t care, or he might wonder if something was “wrong” with Y/N. 

“What’s the point? In… living?” They had spoken so fast it almost slipped past him.


“I just… I don’t see the point.”

Dan reached for the remote, muting the movie. “Y/N, why are you so suddenly asking?”

They shrugged as they started to regret ever asking. “I’ve asked other people but they just say the same thing… I thought maybe you’d say something different.” 

“Well,” he breathed out, “I’m flattered you came to me.” Dan gave them a small smile. “Y/N, I know life doesn’t seem like much and… it seems pretty pointless. I promise you, it’s not. While it seems like you’re here for no reason and like the only thing you’re living for is death, you’re here for a reason and it’s not for you to die. We all go through a stage where we question things, some people go through them longer than others. It’s okay to take your time, just know… life is always worth living.”

if you wanna…. feel free to submit a gif and in return, i’ll write you a drabble :)

They Ship It

Words: 919
Bruce Banner X Reader
Prompt: “ All our students ship it” Teacher AU
(Prompt via @dailyau & @edge-of-bizarre. Not my gif.)

“Excuse me, Miss [Y/L/N], Do you know what shipping is?” One of your tenth grade students raised her hand. It was the middle of a Wednesday and your class was supposed to be reading Romeo and Juliet. For whatever reason they had all decided that task was beneath them. You didn’t really push the issue since their lessons were a few weeks ahead of schedule anyway.

“Shipping?” You repeated. “You mean like shipping a packages from one place to another?” Several of the students around the class erupted into fits of giggles.

“No,” A boy in the front row gasped through his fits of laughter. “shipping is when a person or group of people want two people to be a couple. Like how Juliet’s dad really wants her to end up married to Paris. You could say Lord Capulet ships them. Their ship name could be Julius.”

“Julius. Juliet and Paris. Like Bradgelina, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.” You nodded to show them that you understood. “Well, thanks for catching me up on this, let’s all turn our attention back to our books alright?”

“The reason why I ask,” The first girl from the back of the class spoke up again. “Is because…most of us in the tenth grade class we had a poll on Facebook. And we decided together that we ship you with Dr. Banner.”

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Levi x reader

“Do you have to go?” I said as I hugged the short musclier man.
“Yes I have to, he replied.
"Ok be careful, be back soon.”
“Don’t you worry we’ll be back in no time sis!” The young girl with pigtails said.
“Don’t open the door for anyone ok” Farlan said.
“Alright,” I said as I gave them hugs.
“I love you,” Levi whispered in my ear and kissed my nose.
“I love you too.” I watched them as they left, not knowing that that would be the last I saw of them for a long time.
I sat down and read a book about a princess and her prince. I got so focussed in my book that I lost track of time. I got to the middle of the old book and stopped to see what time it was. Panic set in when I saw it had been 3 hours since my family had left. ‘They said they would be back (y/n), don’t worry everything will be ok. They must’ve gotten distracted. You know how Isabel is.’ I went back to reading my book but I couldn’t concentrate. I set the book down, giving up on reading, and began worrying. I then heard my stomach growling, realizing how hungry I was so I got food from the kitchen. I grabbed some bread from the little loaf we had left and ate. When I finished I went back into the main room and sat in the chair waiting to see when Levi, Farlan, and Isabella would get back. Time passed, and soon I felt my eyes trying to drift off into sleep. My lids getting heavier and heavier until I could no longer hold them open. Sleep finally taking my body over.

3 months later

Each day I would wait for them to come back, but I finally realized that that was never going to happen. I cried that whole day wondering if they were captured or if they had just left, not wanting to be near me anymore. Eventually, I dropped the thought of them being captured and adopted the idea that they had planned on leaving all along. Some days I’d wonder how long they had planned their escape from me. Others I tried to ignore the thought. I decided on moving on and continued my life. I’d get up for the day, go outside, and steal some food to last me for a week. I taught myself how to fight that way I could survive in the underground. I no longer wanted to be burden on anyone like I had been to my family.
I sat in the chair I had read in the night they had left, contemplating on my current situation. I would survive, there was no way I was going to let this situation bring me down.

2 years later

I went out today on a nice long walk. My (h/l), (h/c) hair braided, so it wouldn’t get in my face. I went to the market area saying hello to the nice people and ignoring the trouble makers. Everything was as normal, thieves stealing, and thugs beating up innocents, until some one yelled, “SURVEY CORPS.”
I looked up to see shapes flying in the air, when I noticed one of them looked like Levi. 'It can’t be though, that’s not him’ I quickly left he area and continued my walk somewhere else. On another street I saw I bread cart. I decided to steal a little loaf. I then went back to the quiet and empty place I called home. When I got there I noticed that my door was hanging open. I went up to the door to see some one with the survey corpse uniform standing in the main room of my home. Their hood was up making it so I couldn’t see their face, but from what I could tell the person was a man and shorter then the ones I’d see on the streets. Right as I said “what are you doing in my house?!” The man rushed to the window and jumped out. I instantly ran out to see if I could see what my intruder looked lien, but they were long gone. I went back into my house and angrily shut the window and locked the door.
I sat in my chair and tried to calm my nerves. Of course, my mind wanted to only think about the situation and began wondering what they wanted from in here and why it happen to me out of all the other people in my neighborhood. I then went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water taking a sip. When I finished the water in my glass I went back into the living room. As I walked in I turned to look at the old picture of Levi, Farlan, Isabel, and I, huddled together, noticing the picture missing. I looked around for it thinking maybe I had misplaced it, but finding it was no where. I realized then that for some reason the person that was in here could of taken it from here and then flew off when he heard me speak.
My mind flashed back to the day we took the picture. Farlan, Isabel, and I were all trying to get Levi to smile and, for once, we were successful. As the memory faded, I felt a tear slowly fall down my cheek. I wiped it away. “I won’t cry over people who left me behind. Not ever again.” I got up and went to bed.
The next morning I woke up to here knocking on my door. I went and opened my door to see my weird neighbors with a plate of cookies. “Are you okay dear? We heard about the soldier in your house.”
“I’m okay, come in?” I open the door wider but they declined
“We got to get going and 'restock’ on food, we just wanted to give you these cookies.”
“Oh, ok thanks .” I said. I waved as they left. After I could no longer see them, I looked around my house to see if anything else was missing. Nothing else was. When I finished looking I noticed it was getting late and went to the window to see my neighbors getting back with a hole load of bread. My mouth dropped as I looked at them
“How the hell did they get that much bread, I mean what the hell?” I yelled through the closed window. Seeing that sight made me decide it was time to end today, so I went to bed dreaming about what tomorrow had in store for me.
I woke up and went out after seeing that I was low on bread. I went to my usual victim to steal my bread for the week. As I got to the place i planned out how I’d get my food for the week. Once I felt ready I grabbed three loaves of bread, and ran. When I looked back to see if anyone followed me, which was rare, I saw a survey corps soldier chasing after me. 'Of course. First one in my house now one chasing me. Can this week get any better!?’
I ran and turned the corner to see another soldier waiting at the end of the ally. I was trapped. I stopped in between the two soldiers. I looked closely at the two of them. One had brown hair and glasses, but I couldn’t tell what gender they were. The other was defiantly a tall guy with blond hair. It almost looked like he was smelling the air, but I blew it off as I noticed that glasses was looking at me. They slowly walked towards me. I whipped my head back at the other one to see he was also walking closer. Quickly I searched for an escape rout. As soon as I saw them I knew how I was getting out. To the left of me were boxes stacked on one another I could jump on them to get to the roof. I quickly ran and jumped up before the two soldiers could get a hold of me.
I ran on the roof for a bit before I thought I had lost their tale and jumped down only to see more after were after me. I wasn’t paying attention to what was I front of me causing me to run into something hard. I looked up to see it was the soldier I had no clue what gender they were.
“How did you get in front of me?” I asked. Genuinely curious. They ignored my question and said “Hey my names Hanji, if your good maybe you can join the survey corps.” As I heard them talk I realized the gender mystery soldier was indeed a woman.
“O-oh. Who said I wanted to be apart of your group?” my voice wavered a bit at first but then got stronger as I went. I wouldn’t show my weakness to her.
“Of course you would. It’s so much better then down here!” She then went to a man with blond hair and big eyebrows, not waiting for me to reply. This Hanji then asked him if it was okay for me to join. I listened to her speak to him and discovered he was the commander of the group and his name was Erwin. They both looked at me and after a minuet he nodded his head. I knew they wouldn’t let me go back to my normal life in the underground and it scared me to think I wasn’t going back. I was going up their and sure the underground was scary, but going up there was scary too. They then walked me up the steps as I protested trying to go back, but when I saw the blue skies for the first time I stopped all movement completely. All my life I had been underground missing this beautiful sight and man did it look amazing. There was no way I was going back.

2 weeks later

They trained me in two weeks and I was ready. My self teaching had come in handy. I was put in Hanji’s squad and we ended up being really good friends. Both of us were heading to the training grounds as usual. We never missed a day of training, unless there were Titan discoveries to be made. We were I training when someone interrupted us.
“You have a terrible kick,” a man said. I couldn’t help but think his voice sounded like Levi’s, but I was probably hallucinating again. “How am I supposed to kick then. Please do show me.” I said snarkily.
“Ok I will. Eren get over here!” He yelled as i finally looked up to see the voice WAS from the man that left me years ago. Tears formed in my eyes as Hanji stopped and looked at me “(y/n) are you ok!?”
I ignored her as I slowly walked up to Levi. I tapped his shoulder and waited for him to turn his head. When he did, his grey eyes made contact with mine and I saw them grow wide. That’s when I punched him square In the face. The punch must’ve been pretty good because his noes was bleeding and he fell to the ground holding it. He looked at me before saying. “(Y/n)! When the hell did you learn to punch like that?” He asked, but I wasn’t going to answer any of his questions.
“You left me and never came back! Did I upset you guys! Did you leave because I was a burden, because I couldn’t defend myself or fight? What did I do to you guys that I deserved to be left all by my self?! You know I don’t care to hear your worthless answer. See when you left I vowed to make myself better so I would never burden anyone like I had before. I trained myself to fight, how to steal, how to live on my own. But god damn it! No matter how hard I tried to get you guys out of my head by training, you just wouldn’t leave my mind, and just when I think I’ve forgotten your sorry ass, you come back!” The tears started to fall as I felt Hanji hug me.
“It’s okay.” she softly cooed. I cried into her shoulder when I heard Levi finally talk.
“I didn’t mean to leave that day. We never Kent to leave that day. (Y/n) believe e me when I tell you this , but we were captured by the survey corps. I tried to tell them that I wasn’t going without you, but they wouldn’t let me get you. They thought I would run off. I wouldn’t give up though. They would ask questions and I wouldn’t reply, so they threatened to kill Farlen and Isabel. I had no other option to answer them. They then told me I could join the survey corps. Or not and kill not only Farlen and Isabel but me as well. I couldn’t let them be killed because of me, so I agreed. Then a few years later I had the chance to go back to the underground for a mission. When I got the chance I went to our old house to look and see if you were still there. You were gone so I just walked around. Then when you came in I had no clue what to say to you so I left, but I took the photo with me because I couldn’t deal with not seeing your face anymore. Please forgive me,” levi wasn’t the type to get emotional like he was now. He never let his feelings get the best of him, that’s how I knew he was telling the truth. I slowly walked up to him and hugged him
“It was scary being down there all alone,” I cried into him.
“I know, but I’m here now, and I will never leave you again,” he said before kissing my nose like he always used to do. When he pulled back I cupped his face and kissed him on his lips. Something I had dreamed of doing for so many years. “I love you,” I said still sniffling.
“I love you too,” Levi replied as he whipped my tears away. “And I always will.”

Extra ending
Hanji, Erwin, mike , Levi and I were sitting at the table as I told them stories about the underground.
“Levi, you remember the crazy neighbors we had right?”
“Yeah, I remember them. Why?”
“Well, they stopped by the day after someone was in my house and gave me cookies. Needless to say, I ended up throwing them in the trash because I’m pretty sure they had something in them. Anyway to the point I’m telling you this is because they were going to steal more food that day and when they come back they had a load of bread. It was a whole wagon of the stuff! You, Farlan, and Isabel were the best thrives in the underground and you could never get that much bread. I can’t tell you how confused I was.” We all started to laugh and kept telling stories.

Hey guys! This is just my reaction/summary post of the BTS Concert in Newark (Thursday, 3/23)! I’ll be going into a lot of detail, but bare with me. I’ve linked all the fancams I took throughout the post, so you can check that out :)

[Full Fancam Playlist]


Alright so first things first…I’ve been following BTS since ~May/June 2014, and this was the first time I was actually able to go to a live concert. I WAS LITERALLY BEYOND THE MOON when I got tickets, and I was so excited that I was badgering everyone I knew with my fangirling. BTS means so much to me, they got me through some of the hardest times in my life, and they gave me happiness and hope. So getting to go to one of their concerts, see them and support them in person, was such a blessing.

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An: so s1 reid with a tough as shit gf is mine and @tortillachildalyssa kink….so enjoy.

When spencer had met you, he never expected it to go past a simple greeting, you simply asking to grab a book on the shelf he was in front of, he was a stuttering mess but you simply smiled and waited for him to finish. He had of course noticed what you looked like.

You were a canvas of colorful lines of ink, some just black and shaded others explosions of colors. He now more then when you started dating tracing his fingers over them, he found himself missing the cold feeling of your lip rings against his heated skin, missed tracing the heart tattoos that outlined your nipples with his fingers or tongue. His team would never believe if he told them anyone had agreed to go put with him, they would die if he saif the two of you had been together for almost 2 years, or how though on the outside you would be the dominate in the relationship, when in fact you were his submissive, his baby girl, and he was your daddy.

So when him and his team had landed from a case that pulled them to the middle of wasteland nebraska, he had tiredly agreed to join them on a trip for food and drinks, he figured you had work, so when he had heard your voice calling out to him, and only seconds later your tattooed arms had wrapped around his neck he simply gasped in surprise before wrapping his arms around you, his face going to your neck as he picked you up slightly, inhaling he had missed your sent, sighing you kissed the crook of his neck the cold metal of your lip rings sending shivers down his spine.

Only did you both drop to earth again when someone cleared there throat, spencer remembered who he was with then, pulling back from you, turning with his hand gripped in yours. The shock on Morgans face was almost to a cartoon level as he looked you up and down, taking you in fully.
“Uhhh…kid…who…um who’s your friend?” Spencer squeezed your hand lightly
“Um…this is my girlfriend….(y/n) these are my team members” you smiled nodding to them giving a short wave.
“Its good to finally see the faces of the people spencer talks about….um…i know the shock i must bring….what with spencer…being….spencer…and me looking like…well…me” Morgan nodded hissing as Elle elbowed him in the ribs, stepping forward
“Elle greenaway, nice to meet you…how did….this…happen?” You laughed looking around
“Long story…wanna get food and we can get…to know each other?” A few nods and elle dragging morgan away, now it was just you and spencer, his thumb rubbing against your knuckles.
“I thought you were at work..i was gonna text you when…i was able to get away from…them…” You nodded looking up at him
“I really missed you…i mean i always miss you but….kitten really…really missed her daddy this week….but she was good and….can’t wait to get him home” smirking spencer nodded leaning down to press a fairly heated kiss against your lips pulling back.
“Oh he can’t wait either..but first….shall we?” Taking his hand you entered the bar ready to tackle the barrage of questions and pure shock that spencer had landed a hard a nails looking girl…well a girl at all….

Word Count:1,500

Warnings: Daddy kink, language

Summary: Bad boy/psychopath Tyler in prison, based off of Heathens music video

Request: can u do a tyler joseph daddy smut

I looked at my reflection in one of the many metal tables around me and centered my thin silver necklace. It was a gift from Tyler and I never took it off. The necklace was just a thin chain, but where someone might put their name or a small heart charm, I instead had “Daddy” in silver, cursive letters hanging delicately around my neck.

I took a deep breath and turned to the prison guard behind me, “I’m ready.”

We walked through the gray, concrete hallway, the only noise being my black heels against the hard surface. The prison guard accompanying me remained stone-faced the whole walk to Tyler’s visiting area. I couldn’t visit Tyler like everyone else got to visit their incarcerated loved ones. He was in the isolation unit. I wasn’t even supposed to get to see him, but he was friendly with some of the guards.

I could vividly remember the moment I showed up on my mother’s doorstep, crying, telling her that Tyler had gotten arrested. She looked down at me, her lips in a tight line, her eyes cold and adamant, and said, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave him and run as far as you can.” Those were her last words to me before slamming the door in my face. I understood. Hell, I always knew Tyler would end up in prison, and if not prison he’d go somewhere worse.

Tyler had never been mentally stable. He never killed them though. That’s what he told me, even when he came home soaked to the bone in someone else’s blood, he never killed them. I believed him; even when he got sentenced to 25-life in a maximum security prison, he was still innocent to me. No one understood that. But they didn’t see the man that I did. I was his princess, he was my daddy, and I was going to visit him as much as I could.

The six foot something prison guard led me through several locked doors until we finally came to a room. There weren’t any windows, but the single fluorescent light hanging from the ceiling was enough for the teeny tiny room. It was just like a concrete box, except one wall was made up of the bars they use on prison cells. The only difference between this and an actual cell was the table and chairs in the middle.

I muttered a quick thank you as the prison guard pulled out a chair for me. It was the chair facing the bars. This was the chair I always sat in. I liked it because I could see Tyler as they brought him to me. No matter how many men, dressed in their full military uniforms, with their big guns pressed to his back, were with him, his face always lit up when he saw me.

“They’re bringing him down.” The man told me before leaving and locking the heavy metal door behind him.

I knew he was just outside the door, ready to start the clock. Thirty minutes. That’s all the time I got, and I planned on making the most of it.

Being by myself was an adjustment in more ways than one. Tyler and I had gone from having sex five or six times a week to nothing at all. It was torture; especially because Tyler looked great in his orange jumpsuit.

I knew it was wrong. I mean my boyfriend was in prison and all I could think about was sex, but I had always been attracted to the “bad boy” type. So seeing Tyler in handcuffs did something for me and there was nothing I could do about it.

My head snapped up and the sound of footsteps coming down the hall. I smiled and adjusted my cleavage so just enough was spilling out to get Tyler’s attention, but it still looked effortless and natural. Me, of all people, didn’t have a problem with pushing my boobs up to my ears, but Tyler did. Every time I tried to make any sort of advance, he shot me down. I didn’t see why, he was already in here for life with no chance of parole, it’s not like he could any more trouble.

A man, dressed like the SWAT team members I saw on TV, removed the lock from the bars. Then, for the first time this week, I saw Tyler. His face looked pretty banged up, but other than that he looked the same as usual.

When he saw me, he smirked and looked me up and down before being led inside by a group of officers. Once he was inside they sat him down in the chair across from me and re-handcuffed him with the handcuffs that were connected to the table. That meant he was basically chair-bound, which was perfect for me.

After Tyler’s posse finally left us alone, I sat forward in my hard metal chair, “I miss you, daddy.”

“I miss you too babygirl.” He said smiling.

I began slowly dragging my heeled foot up Tyler’s leg, “I miss your eyes, your mouth, your hands, and most of all I miss your-”

Tyler jerked his leg away from me, “Not here (Y/N).”

I sat back and crossed my arms over my chest, “If not here then where? Your five star hotel suite?”

I knew Tyler didn’t like it when I mouthed off, but it wasn’t like he could punish me for it, unfortunately.

“Was that sarcasm I just heard?” Tyler asked, his eyes now dark with what I hopped was lust.

“I’m sorry, but it’s just been soooo long. I need something daddy.” I whined.

Tyler’s eyes flicked up to the security camera on the wall behind me, “I know, but I can’t baby.” He wiggled his handcuffs for emphasis, “You know that.”

I glanced back at the camera and smirked, “I have an idea.”

Getting up from my seat, Tyler’s brown eyes flew to the short hemline of my skirt. I traced a manicured finger along the table as I walked over to where Tyler was sitting. With a little squeezing and shifting, I finally sat in Tyler’s lap, straddling his thighs.

“We have to be quick and quiet, okay?” He told me, glancing toward the door where the prison guard was standing with his back to us.

I grabbed the sides of his face and pressed a desperate kiss to his lips. It had been so long since I’d touched Tyler, let alone kissed him. Tyler, much to his dismay, couldn’t touch me because of the handcuffs, but my hands roamed everywhere. I made sure not one spot was left untouched by my hands or my lips, but I was truly concerned about one spot in particular.

Keeping my lips on his, I lightly palmed Tyler through his boxers until I felt him grow painfully hard beneath me. Tyler attached his lips to my neck, nipping at my sweet spot.

“D-daddy,” I moaned, grinding my hips against his.

Tyler groaned against my neck, “Shit babygirl, keep doing that.”

I brought his face up to mine and connected our lips. I started grinding down on  him as fast and as hard as I could. It was obvious that neither of us were going to last very long. Even though we were both fully clothed, it had been months since anything but my own fingers had touched me down there.

“You’re so fucking beautiful babygirl.” Tyler moaned.

“Oh god daddy, I-I’m gonna-” I tried to warn Tyler before my orgasm washed over me in waves, making my whole body feel tingly in the best way.

I felt Tyler come shortly after me, letting out a long groan and a string of curses.

He placed his forehead against mine, breathing heavily.

“I’m sorry daddy, I made a mess on you.” I said, already feeling the moisture drip down my thighs.

Tyler laughed, “God I missed you.”

I laughed too and pressed a quick kiss to his chapped, swollen lips. Tyler turned his head and deepened the kiss, making me moan involuntarily. I was just about to work on Tyler’s neck, when I heard the harsh banging on the door that signalled that our time was up.

I pulled away from Tyler, lightly biting down on his bottom lip before wiggling out of his lap.

Back in my chair, I fixed my hair and the lipstick that had mostly rubbed off on Tyler’s mouth. As if on cue, the prison guard swung open the door and told me it was time to go. But before leaving, I discreetly traced a line up my cilt with my index finger and cleaned it off in my mouth, keeping eye contact with Tyler.

I saw his jaw clench and I smiled, innocently blowing him a kiss before prancing out of the room.


Honestly I’ve seen a lot of Heathens theories but my favorite is that Tyler went crazy and killed Josh so that’s basically what I went with here and idk but I think I might be in love with incarcerated Tyler??????

Also P.S. I kind of based this off of the Harley Quinn and Joker vibes I got from the Suicide Squad trailers 


Summary: After delivering the map to the Resistance, you are sent on another mission to bring back Luke Skywalker. During your trip, you are informed the First Order has attacked the Resistance base and you are quick to return back. Once at the base, you are surrounded and knocked out, only to wake up somewhere you wish you hadn’t be. And the reasoning? Execution.

A/N: So, as requested by some of you, I decided to add another part to transpose seeing as I actually liked the first part and had come up with something for part two. Like mentioned before, this is a sort of emperor/cowboy bebop au that is still set in the star wars universe (confusing, I know). Anyways, enjoy and feedback is welcomed!

Word Count: 6.4K+

Warning: Mentions of death/blood

Standing off to a side, eyeing your bruised knuckles and bloody hand, you let out a breath. The image of the blood dripping down Kylo’s face haunted you, the fresh wound the dressed his skin made your skin crawl. You never intended to cut half of his face open with the knife, but you had.

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A Little Too Late Part 28

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 28

Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, Lucifer, Balthazar, Sam, Dean, God!Chuck

Word Count: 1,101

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Things aren’t ending here my friends! I hope you enjoy this next part!! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

The Masterlist for this series can be found HERE!

“You Winchesters sure know how to die,” Chuck shook his head with a small chuckle.  “Before you ask Sam and Dean, yes she is a Winchester.  Her real dad was John Winchester.  Her mother was just some girl he slept with,” God rambled.  “Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to happen.  Which seems to be a common occurrence with you Winchesters.”

“So you’ll bring her back,” Sam asked.

“I will, but I hope [Y/N] doesn’t make a habit out of it like you two do,” Chuck raised his eyebrows.  He caught his son Lucifer’s glare.  “It’s nice to see you have respected the rules.  All of you have, and I thank you for that.”  Chuck padded up to Gabriel who held your body in his arms.  “Now things will return back to normal.  She’ll no longer have those pains in her chest.  She’ll be able to heal someone without practically dying.  [Y/N] can only heal to a certain extent, so keep that in mind Sam and Dean.”

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