i finally decided to publish it lol

Child's Play - Chapter 1 - Magical_Destiny - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: In the aftermath of their plunge from the bluff, Will isn’t coping well. Hannibal decides a little provocation is in order, but when his search for Alana Bloom yields some unexpected results, they find themselves with temporary custody of three-year-old Morgan Verger-Bloom. Will and Hannibal are forced to take their issues on the road — quite literally — as Will tries to save the Verger-Bloom family…and Hannibal tries to save Will.

Um, so I finally wrote a fic I’ve been dying to write, starring Hannibal, Will, and…Morgan. Yes, you read that correctly, lol. I’ve written so little in the past few months that I’m having intense publishing anxiety, but I finally reached the lol-whatever-I’m-publishing point of fic writing zen, so HERE IT IS. Well, here are the first two chapters. There’s more to come. 

Thank you, @hannibalnuxvomica, for coming to my beta rescue yet again!