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au: both avid ATPers how sit on the same subway everyday and have crushes on each other

Finally getting to this prompt from like what, March? (oops) in honor of your Birthday. So Happiest of Birthdays to my darling daughter, Fetus. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the fic I’ve thrown at you today. ;)


The first time he sees her on the subway, she’s sitting directly across from him, engulfed in a Stephen King novel. He’s intrigued instantly by her interest in the mystery genre, wondering if she’s a fan of his as well. He’s also intrigued by the extent of her beauty and is quite pleased to see no rings on her finger. He spends most of the ride casually trying to get her to look up at him, clearing his throat, making small talk with the people around him, all to see if she’ll react and recognize him. But her stop comes and she looks right at him before she exits, no look of recognition passing across her face. Castle sighs, figuring she must like the horror aspect of King’s novel more than the mystery.

He sees her again a few days later. This time she’s sitting a few seats down to his left, but he swears it’s the same woman. She has headphones in today and she’s subtly nodding her head to the beat of whatever music she’s listening to. He wishes he was sitting closer so he could hear what she’s listening to if her volume is loud enough or at least glance over her shoulder as she adjusts the volume or selects a new song. He’s not sure why he has such a need to know this about her. Maybe he’s still trying to figure out if she’s a fan. Or maybe he’s just looking for an in to strike up a conversation. But again, her stop comes before his and she exits out a different door than the one directly across from him.

The third time, only a loud tourist couple separates them on the subway. He assumes they’re arguing about something, but he doesn’t actually speak whatever language that is so he has no idea. He wants to lean across them and make a joke to the mystery woman about the situation, but worries they speak English, or that maybe she doesn’t. But wait no, she reads books in English. At least the covers are… Today she’s reading a Patterson novel. So she is into the genre. It’s time to up his “notice me” game. Castle pulls out the notepad he always carries with him and starts to scribble down fake notes, in an attempt to give off that writer vibe. But his nothing notes turn into actual notes and the next thing he knows, the tourists and the woman are gone, and he’s missed his stop. Fantastic.

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