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Halfway (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You and Lin are extremely domestic, but not dating. Lin asks you to move in with him anyways.
Low-key inspired by this quote:
“Date someone who meets you halfway. Date someone who brings you a glass a water when they get themselves one. Date someone who makes sure you don’t spend money on ridiculous things. Date someone your ex hates and your mom loves. Date someone who’d rather spend a Friday night watching movies, than out with 50 people they barely even talk to. Date someone who sleeps on your chest and leaves a little puddle of drool. Don’t date someone who makes you leave oceans of tears.”

Word Count: 1,203

Warnings: Cheesy ending? Mentions of jazz? I’m not sure. 

A/N: Hi! I’m back at it again. Never in a million years did I think I’d ever get a single note on any of my writing, so the fact that I did get notes just has me over the moon. I might have a few fics already planned out because I have a free weekend and zero chill?

Side note: If you don’t know who Miles Davis is and have the time you should watch the movie Miles Ahead. Guy was wack.

“Cariña,” Lin softly called out to you, drawing your attention away from your notebook. You looked up to see him offering you a glass of water and you were suddenly aware of how dry your throat was. You had spent a considerable amount of time with your only form of communication being the words you were scrawling across the pages of your notebook. You dropped your pen into the pages and set it aside, flexing your hand before accepting the glass with a grateful smile.

“Thank you, love.” you cooed back, taking a large drink. You set it on the edge of his desk that was only a few feet away from the window seat you were currently sitting in. He sat at his desk, flipping open his laptop, the screen illuminating his face in a way that the diminishing sunlight had ceased to do hours ago. This was your usual spot, Lin working away at his desk while you sat in the window overlooking New York. Your eyes had been drawn back to the pages causing you to miss the way Lin looked up at you, admiring the curve of your lips and the glint of your eyes as your mind seemed to pick right back up where your pen had previously stopped. There was a time when you had used to move straight out of his line of vision the moment he sat down at his desk, much to his dismay. It took a couple of weeks until Lin finally got the nerve to tell you to stay where you were and it had been your designated space ever since.

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Fresh Start - Part 7

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Iris West.

Words: 1646

Warnings: none

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian@gothesimplethingsinlife @writingsofagirlintomanyfandoms  @kindfloweroflove @dejewskoo @moonlightbae14 @jade-cheshire

Request: none

Notes: thanks for the waiting!  Here you go another part and I’m currently writing the 8th so it should be up this week as well!

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PART 1  /  PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /  PART 5  /  PART 6  /  PART 8  /  PART 9

You stayed at Star City the rest of the week, until Thea was finally sent home. Then it was time for you to go back to Central City before you got into trouble for missing too many classes. Goodbyes were hard once again, you knew you were going to miss them but you also knew they were going to be close to you.

Barry’s calls weren’t so insistent anymore. He still tried to reach you by calling or sending a text, but it looked like he was finally getting your message. It wasn’t like you didn’t want to see him ever again, but you felt so humiliated and hurt that, at least for now, you didn’t want to see him or hear from him. On the other side of the story, Barry was still desperate to talk to you but now he knew you weren’t going to be pick up the phone.

“Dude, you can’t just show up at college” Cisco told him.

“Why not?” Barry asked.

“Stalker” Cisco replied.

“It worked the first time!” Barry exclaimed.

“Obviously she’s hurt, Barry” Caitlin said. “If you just show up wherever she is…it’s not going to change it. She probably needs some time” she shrugged.

“She had the whole week” Barry sighed.

“Maybe she needs more” the doctor shrugged.

“She’s right” Irish said walking in. “Remember the time before I knew you were The Flash? All those time you disappeared?” Barry nodded. “It doesn’t feel good, Bar, not even a bit. I remember I felt abandoned and even lonely. Imagine how she must have felt taking into account she’s new in town and you’re probably the first person she has met” she explained.

That was the first time Barry really thought about how you might feel. The whole time he had been too selfish and too obsessed with earning your forgiveness that he had completely forgotten about your own feelings. He had been such a jerk.

It was already dark when you finally walked into your apartment. You were completely exhausted from the journey and the last few days and all you wanted to do was sleeping. But you were also hungry. The eternal battle: sleep or eat? Which one was better? Which one was more important? You had the solution: milk and cereals in bed.

When you were finally settled in your bed and you had eaten your cereals, you finally took your phone and started listening to all Barry’s messaged and reading his texts. They were all the same: he was so sorry, he regret leaving you alone, he knew he had let you down. But it was the last one you found on your voicemail, from that day, the one that caught you attention:

“Hey (Y/N), it’s Barry, again. I wanted to say once again that I’m sorry and I understand that you’re mad at me. I cannot even imagine how you felt when I…left you there. Take all the time you need. Just please, call me someday. Bye”

After hearing that message you felt the impulse to call him to talk but you knew it wasn’t the best idea. You still needed some time to figure out if you really wanted to give him another chance. You connected your phone to the charger and turned off the lights before lying down. It didn’t take you much before you finally fell asleep.

Since you had gone to bed so early you were up an hour before planned. So you decided to go to Jitters and have a proper breakfast before driving to college, praying you didn’t have much to catch up on. You took a quick shower and got dressed, you took all you would need for college, along with your keys, wallet and phone, and left the apartment. On your way to the car you sent both Thea and Oliver and good morning text, letting them know you were alright. Then, you finally headed towards the coffee shop.

You were surprised when you got there since you expected it to be more crowded but, luckily, it wasn’t. You ordered an orange juice, a coffee and a muffin before taking a seat next to the wall. You took out your laptop and went to your degree site to see what they had been up to during the days you had been at home. You also checked your email but it looked like they hadn’t been doing too much. Thank God. You were so focused on what you were seeing on the screen that you didn’t even see someone approaching your table.

“You’re back” you looked up to meet eyes with Barry Allen. Too much for a good day.

“Oh…hey” you said. “Yeah I am” you added.

You had no idea what to do or what to say. You wanted to disappear. You had never imagined you would be running into him so soon, which was stupid since he used to come to Jitters every single day of the week. Couldn’t you just think about that before coming? Apparently not.

“How was Star City?” He asked.

“Fine” you replied simply.

“Good” he nodded.            

Barry didn’t know what to do either. When he spotted you there, he immediately walked over to you but when he met your eyes, he realized he had no idea what to say or what to do. Obviously, you were still mad and hurt and he didn’t know what to do to make it right.

The silence between you two was getting too awkward and since he didn’t look like he was going to move, you decided you were the one leaving. So you packed your laptop, took your coffee and got up from the table. Without even looking at him more than necessary you walked by his side towards the door. This action made Barry react. This was probably his only chance to talk to you so he turned around and followed you outside.

“Wait!” He exclaimed. He was so tempted to use his super speed to catch you but he knew better than that. Luckily, you were forced to stop while you looked for your car keys in your bag. Time he used to get to you. “(Y/N), please. Wait” he said stopping in front of you again.

“I’m late, Barry, I have no time for this” you said. Where were your damn keys!?

“Well, I finished college some years ago but I know classes don’t start until 9 and it’s still 8.15” he said.

His response made you take a deep breath. Didn’t he just get it? You didn’t want to see him. He had abandoned you twice. Twice! And he still had the nerves to come and force yourself to talk to him?

“What do you want?” You finally asked, giving up on the keys.

“To apologize. Again” he said.

“You made that a hundred times over the phone for the past week” you shrugged.

“And you’ve ignored all of it” he said.

“And didn’t you think, Mr Forensic Scientist, that there is a reason for that? Maybe I don’t want to talk to you? Maybe I don’t want to forgive you?” You frowned.

“You don’t want to forgive me?” He asked with a frown.

You looked away and closed your eyes, trying to control your temper which had always been a problem for you when you got angry.

“Barry…we met up twice. And both times you literally abandoned me with no explanation. If you had better things to do then just…tell me, instead of humiliating me” you said looking at him again.

“I never meant to humiliate you, I swear! I…I do like you” he admitted.

“If that’s what you do with someone you like, I don’t want to be your enemy” you snapped.

Barry knew he deserved that, but it was still painful to hear those words and that tone from you. Maybe he had just spent time with you a couple of times, but you had always been so nice with him, so cheerful, and he had changed that.

“Look Barry, I…liked you too. I guess I still do or I wouldn’t care about this. And it is because I like you that I can’t let myself to fall anymore when I know you will keep on doing this” you shrugged.

“I won’t do it again. I swear” he said.

“I can’t trust you, Barry” you sighed.

“Please, just give another chance. The third one. The last one! If I let you down again I swear I won’t call, text or look for you ever again. I swear” he begged you.

Saying no to him was being so freaking hard. You actually wanted to give him one last chance, because you knew he actually was a good guy and you knew he had his reasons. But how could you just go on another date with him thinking he could leave you alone once again?

“Please…” he pledged once again.

You looked at him and sighed, knowing you didn’t really have a choice. You didn’t know what this guy had done to you but you knew saying no to him was too hard to do it.

“Ok. Last chance, Barry. I swear it” you said.

Immediately, his expression changed and a smile appeared on his face, making you smile a little as well.

“Thank you! I swear you won’t regret it this time!” He said hugging you tight.

“Careful! The coffee!” You exclaimed.

“Sorry” he laughed pulling away. “Ok, I’ll pick you up here tonight at 7 alright?” He said.

“Where will you take me?” You asked trying to hide your smile.

“It’s a surprise. Just…wear casual” he smiled.

“Casual. Got it”, you nodded.

He smiled even more and leaned in to plant a kiss on your cheek before running back into Jitters. Probably he still had to take his coffee. Damn Barry Allen and his smile.  

❝You know I will always be here for you….❞

Plot: Long distance relationship with got7’s Jackson and he surprises you by showing up randomly at your home during a rain storm

Pairing: JacksonxReader

Words Count: 1,5k+

Genre: Fluff

For Anon, I hope you like it cutie! 


Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

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‘Why are you so far away?!’ Jackson whined over the phone for the nth time.

‘Because I am studying abroad,’ You reminded as yawn left your mouth for it was early morning by you, ‘And you know it is a dream of mine.’

‘I know, but it’s just so unfair,’ He huffed like a little child, ‘You should be in Korea with me!’

‘Soon baby,’ You promised him once again, ‘Just another year and I will be back.’

‘This long distance thing sucks!’ Jackson sighed heavily, ‘I don’t know how you ever got me to be okay with this?!’

‘Because you love me.’ You grinned on the other side of the phone.

You and the infamous Jackson Wang had been together for five years. While he was living out his life as an amazing idol, you were studying. Your dream to be a lawyer was so close. Currently you took up residence in Oxford, England and had been there for the past three years. This was your fourth one and last before you returned back to Korea with your qualification and into the arms of your beloved boyfriend. You missed him and it was the same with Jackson. Long distance was something that caused many arguments and unhappy hours, but it was something you both came to terms with.

‘Hyung!’ A voice called in the background.

‘Looks like you have to go.’ You chuckled.

He sighed heavily, ‘I wish I was with you….’

‘Me too now get going. We can Skype later, okay?’

‘Ummmm I am going to be busy tonight, sorry baby but I love you and will message you.’

‘I love you too, Jackson.’

The elder hung up the phone and looked at his lock screen with a warm smile on his face. The picture was of the both of you and on the first christmas you spent together as a couple. You were both only 18 and fresh out of high school at the time. That christmas he bought you a necklace that hasn’t left your neck for the past five years. It brought you comfort and reminded you that he loved you very much. Turning the screen black, Jackson turned to the male that had called him and made you end the call with him.

‘What is it, Bambam?’ He asked.

‘Was that Y/N?’ The younger asked and Jackson nodded in response, ‘Does she know anything?’

‘No, not yet.’ He smiled, before pointing a finger at the Thai boy, ‘And I hope to keep it that way.’

‘Aish, I am not gonna go blabbing,’ He rolled his eyes, ‘But Mark hyung told me that your taxi is outside.’

Thanking the younger, Jackson grabbed his belongings and went to vehicle. No one knew he was leaving besides the members and JYP himself. The reason was to not get caught up by fans meeting him at the airport and his surprise being ruined. This is why he chose to take a taxi instead of a black SUV. Driving to the airport, he got onto his flight and prepared for his 11 hour flight. Opening his laptop, he began to work and drain out the hours.

‘Maybe he is busy?’ Elizabeth reasoned.

‘But the messages aren’t even going through to him,’ You sounded panicked, ‘His phone has to be off and he never puts it off!’

‘Just breath, plus isn’t it evening now?’ She reminded, ‘You spoke to him this morning at 8, it is now 5pm.’

‘Yes! We haven’t spoken in 8 hours!’ You stated, ‘Its around 11pm, he wouldn’t be asleep.’

‘Calm down!’ Liz put both her hands on your shoulders, ‘Listen, get home cause it looks like its going to start raining. I am staying at James, so the apartment is all yours tonight.’

‘Fine,’ You sighed as you saw Liz walking away, ‘MAKE GOOD CHOICES!’

‘Ya-ya-ya.’ She flicked her wrist in the air, ‘Just get home before you get wet!’

Popping your phone in your pocket, you rubbed your hands together before walking back to your apartment. England had the most predictable weather when it came to raining and you mentally questioned yourself to why you moved to the most miserable country to study. Rain was something you liked, but storms is what you hated the most especially since you were alone. Sighing, you walked just as the rain started.

Dammit, Y/N, why didn’t you carry an umbrella!

The soft rain began to pitter patter on the ground and you ran down the street and soaked yourself to the bone. Jamming the keys into the door, you finally got inside and shut the door before breathing heavily and removing your coat. You placed another call to Jackson but got no reply. Just praying that he was sleeping and not in some trouble, you went to get some work done as the rain began to get heavy and the sky darker. Two hours passed you you were shivering heavily from the wet clothing you were wearing. Walking to your cupboard, a flash of lighting emerged with the smashing sound of thunder which followed.

With quick steps you grabbed the blanket and bolted for the corner. You hated storms and wished you had the sound of Jackson’s voice to calm you. Since storms frightened you heavily, you had the habit of phoning your boyfriend to calm you down. After thirty minutes, the storm picked up as you crawled to your phone and prayed he would pick up. A few rings went and your heart was at ease when you heard his voice.

‘Ja-jackson?’ You stuttered.

‘Baby?’ He asked, ‘Are you okay? What’s wrong?’

‘Where have you been?!’ You asked, ‘I have been phoning for hours!’

‘I was ummm busy.’

‘Don’t lie to me, Jackson!’

‘Baby I am not lying.’ He pleaded, hearing you sniff, ‘Listen, don’t cry please.’

Stilling in your bedroom, you heard the front door opening and closing, ‘Liz?’

‘I told you I wasn’t lying.’ A smooth voice echoed through the bedroom.

Jackson stood in the doorway with three bags and a bouquet of red roses in his hands. His hair was plastered to his forehead as you saw his clothing was wet. Placing the roses on the bed, he shed his bags as you got to your feet and jumped into his arms, planting your lips on his. He picked you up and twirled you around before placing you down and breaking the kiss. He wiped the tears that had stained your cheeks.

‘Surprise.’ He whispered.

‘W-what are you doing here?’

‘I missed you so much and I got two weeks free without any schedule.’ He confessed, ‘I asked JYP-nim if I could visit you and he gave me permission. Are you happy to see me?’

‘More then anything in the world.’ You pecked his lips before pulling him into a tight hug, ‘But at least tell me next time, I was very worried…’

‘But then it wouldn’t be a surprise, Y/N,’ He chuckled, holding your face in his hands, ‘You are so cold!’

‘The same can be said for you.’ You place a hand over his.

In two steps, Jackson removed himself from your touch and went straight to the bath. He ran the hot water before telling you to strip down. The bath was filled with bubbles and soft scents lingered around. He himself was naked as he came back into the room and picked you up in bridal style and headed towards the bathroom. Stepping into the tub, he submerged you both in the warmth as you pressed your back against his firm chest. Jackson wrapped an arm around your waist as the other rested on the side of the tub. The storm was faint but the rain heavy.

‘You know better then to stay in wet clothing, Y/N.’ He scolded softly.

‘And you know better then to travel halfway across the world without tell me.’ You countered.

‘What part of surprise are you not getting here!?’ He whined as you turned and pecked his nose.

‘I know, but I was worried.’ You reminded, ‘I hate not knowing whether you are safe or not.’

‘Now you know how I feel everyday we are apart.’ He placed a kiss under your right ear, ‘But I came at the right time, don’t you think?’

‘You have perfect timing.’ You chuckled, ‘This is way better then seeing you over the screen.’

You both got comfortable as the rain fell outside and Jackson hummed soft tunes to you. His voice was always something that calmed you and his embrace made you safe. After a good hour, you both jumped out the bath and changed into some warm clothing, before climbing into bed together. He pulled the heavy sheets over the both of you before pulling you into his arms. You rested your head on his strong chest, as his one arm wrapped around you and the other played with your soft hair.

‘I’m happy you are here.’ You whispered.

‘You know I will always be here for you….’

Run to you // Sam Wilson x Reader

Pairing: Sam Wilson x POC Reader
Word Count: 2k+
Warning: fluff, angst, emotional abuse mentions, panic attack mention, (SERIOUSLY PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU COULD BE SQUICKED/TRIGGERED BY A CHARACTER’S PANIC ATTACK) Eventual smut, that signature Foster SLOW BURN (I’m not even sorry anymore)

Summary: Sam’s been your closest friend since you rescued him from being stuck in a tree when you were children. You knew everything about each other. He was the one you always called no matter what happened in your life. You were the one who kept him grounded in reality. What happens when Sam sees what not being there for you truly cost you?

A/N: My first Sam series! I’m so excited!! I actually managed to not go fucking overboard with words this—that’s a lie. I just lied I’m so sorry. I meant to stop at 1k. Weirdly enough, I was cleaning my kitchen and this song popped up on my YouTube recommendations and wow, I couldn’t get this story out of my head. I’m sorry for the angst here, my own personal experience slipped through and it just seemed to fit so well into the story. It’s really fucking angsty and I’m so sorry. Don’t worry though, it’ll get better. Also, can you guess who Sam called??

Inspiration: “Run To You” ~ Lea Michele

’Cause you’ll be safe in these arms of mine,
Just call my name on the edge of night,
And I’ll run to you…

Even if it’s gonna break me love,
I run to you…”

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Pairing: Reader x Dean
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1529 Prompt: It’s your first time seeing Dean’s new tattoo

You glanced outside at the pouring rain as you browsed the internet on your laptop. You sat on the couch with the TV on for background noise. Big Bang was on Weekly Idol and you chuckled to yourself as The MCs teased the boys. You turned your attention back to your computer screen. You were scrolling through facebook and pinterest, switching off between checking on your friends and family overseas while simultaneously looking for a recipe to cook for tomorrow’s dinner. Soon, Weekly Idol was ending and you stretched. Evening was approaching and it was still raining. You stood to get dinner started. Even though you knew you were going to be alone again tonight, you still made enough for two just in case. The TV began to play a rerun of some drama, but you kept it on just so the house wouldn’t be too quiet. Finally, dinner was ready and you sat down at the table to eat by yourself. This was nothing new. Dean was busy doing concerts and working in the studio. You had never had a problem being by yourself, but more importantly you understood that Dean had priorities and even though he left you alone a lot recently, it didn’t mean he didn’t love you any less. You turned off the TV and brought your laptop over to the table as you switched on one of your favorite shows on your laptop. You were about half way through your meal and episode when suddenly, a tentative knock came from the front door. You looked down at yourself. You were in your sleep shorts, a shirt of Dean’s, and an oversized knit cardigan. Your hair was up in a messy bun on top of your head and you had zero make up on. You glanced at the clock on the microwave. It was almost 8 at night, who could be coming by this late. You slowly paused your show and stood up, making your way to the front door cautiously. When you reached for the handle, you heard the jingle of keys and suddenly it began to turn by itself. Before you could jump back, the door flew open and you were face to face with a very soggy looking Dean.

You stepped back flustered as he pushed into the doorway. He slipped off his wet boots and you backed up even more to give him some room. As he did, you glanced over him. An umbrella hung off his arm. He was wearing a loose white dress shirt, dark ripped jeans, and a long cardigan. His usually perfectly groomed swoop of hair across his forehead flopped out of place and he pushed it back as he straightened.

“I thought you were supposed to be at the studio tonight,” you murmured as he smiled at you.

“No hello?” Dean asked jokingly. “Oooh~” he said inhaling deeply. “Something smells good. Did you cook?” Without waiting for an answer, he pushed past you into the kitchen and smiled at the neatly wrapped second helping that you had prepared. He unwrapped it and plopped in the seat across from you. You quickly moved your computer out the way and sat across from him. He reached out for some kimchi and side dishes and sighed in content as he tasted the food you had cooked. As he reached out for more, you gently caught his wrist in your hand. He looked up at you and he smiled. He stood up and leaned across the table to kiss you.

“Hello,” you whispered against his lips as he pulled away and sat again to eat. He smiled and the rest of the meal was finished with short conversations. You tried to figure out how he had been and at the same time he inquired about your life away from him. You both came to the conclusion that despite missing each other greatly, you both were fine. After dinner, the two of you fell onto the couch and watched mindless TV. After a while you got up to make tea. As you came back with the two cups you noticed something on Dean’s neck. An arching swatch of black with stylized flowers blooming from the ink branch. You set down the cups and tea and realization hit. He had told you he was going to go get it, but it had been a few weeks since then and you hadn’t seen him. You muted the TV and Dean looked over at you with a questioning look on his face. You moved yourself so you were straddling his lap. Dean, still confused allowed your pin him to the couch and his hands settled on your thighs making you shiver a little.

You looked down into his eyes and he never broke the gaze. “Don’t get the wrong idea,” you murmured trying to be serious. His eyes still questioned you until you began to unbutton the buttons down the front of his white dress shirt. Dean seemed to hold his breath until all the buttons were undone. You pushed the shirt back from his left shoulder and there it was… in all its glory. The plum blossom tattoo. Dean’s breath hitched in his throat as you began to trace the branches and run your fingers over the delicate flowers. After what felt like hours of you admiring the new addition to his skin Dean finally was able to speak.

“Do you like it?” he whispered, his voice wavering only the slightest amount.

You lowered your head to press your lips to the tattoo on his neck. Dean groaned as your lips came in contact with his skin. A bolt of pleasure jolted down his spine as he felt your lips press to his neck warmly.

“I take that as a yes,” he whispered his voice shaking noticeably now.

You looked down at him and smiled widely. “Yes,” you said enthusiastically. “It’s beautiful.” Your smile faded slightly as your left shoulder tingled. You placed your hand over the area where your tattoo was placed and you remembered the buzzing of the tattoo machine and the sting of the needle. Although it wasn’t the worst pain in your life, you still grimaced a little at the memory. “Didn’t it hurt?” you whispered touched the soft skin on his neck. You imagined Dean with red and swollen skin around the tattoo and you immediately shut out that idea.

He chuckled and took your clenched hands in his. “I’m fine,” he murmured pressing his lips to yours securely. “Although if you were there, I’m sure I would have pretended to be hurt so you would take care of me,” he teased.

You ran your fingers over his tattoo again and sighed. “I guess I can’t give you hickeys on that side anymore,” you said in defeat.

Dean laughed. “Come on, get up for a minute.”

You stood and Dean pulled you up and over to the bathroom. “Don’t get the wrong idea,” he said mimicking you earlier. He slipped the cardigan off of your shoulders and eyed the shirt you were wearing. “I was looking for that the other day,” he murmured more to himself than you. You laughed but then he took you completely off guard by pulling the shirt off. You yelped and tried to cover your torso and bra-clad chest. Dean laughed and faced you towards the mirror as he shrugged off his unbuttoned shirt. Both of you stood there topless but then you noticed that your tattoos, although very different in style, meaning, and concept were placed in similar positions. Yours was contained to your shoulder and chest while his snaked up his neck, but there was no denying they were in similar places. “See?” Dean questioned taking your hand. “Just like us. Different people but in the same spot.”

You laughed at his bad way of summing everything up.

He turned you to face him, and you couldn’t tear your eyes from the new tattoo. “How about, same place but different works of art?” he questioned quietly. You became aware that the two of you were gravitating towards one another and the heat radiating off of Dean’s body enveloped you. This always happened with Dean. There was an unexplainable pull between the two of you and before you knew it he was pulling you into his arms and the two of you were lost to the night.


***A/N: Hello my lovely followers and readers. Sorry I have been MIA for quite a while… I hope you all enjoy these few new chapters. Dean’s new tattoos are boggling my mind…
ALSO side note about this chapter: I don’t know if any of you have seen video from the second Club Eskimo show that Dean did recently. He was wearing like a large white dress shirt and a beige-y brown long cardigan. That’s kind of what I was visualizing for this scenario. (I’ve only seen instagram videos of this, so I can’t really link them or put in an image. SORRY about that…)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy and also feel free to leave me comments, questions, and concerns.

33. Things you said in the back of the theater

The lights came up, and as the few other moviegoers filed out past them, Scully chanced a look to her left.  Mulder sat rigidly in his chair, a tub of popcorn sitting on his lap where it had been all but forgotten barely ten minutes into the movie.  Scully had hoped, upon noticing that Mulder was no longer fighting her for the popcorn, that it had been because he was too enraptured by what was transpiring on the screen, but the expression of abject horror on his face said otherwise.

For the past three months, Mulder’s desk had sported a homemade page-a-day calendar, each page featuring a different Star Wars quote and its corresponding character.  The calendar had been a gift from the Gunmen, with whom Mulder had planned on seeing “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” as soon as it opened tonight.  For weeks, Mulder had been gleefully tearing pages off of the calendar, counting down the days, making predictions, and, when Scully failed to catch his enthusiasm (and shot down Frohike’s invitation to join them, sit by him, and share an extra-large popcorn), he’d begun taping each day’s offering to her computer before she arrived in the morning.  For that reason alone, Scully had been looking forward to the movie’s premiere.  Mulder had been particularly incorrigible regarding any page featuring Princess Leia in her infamous gold bikini.

Then, three days ago, a last-minute case in Nebraska had floated across their desks, and even though there was an outside chance it could mean forfeiting his movie ticket if the case ran long, Mulder had had them on a plane almost immediately.  Initially it seemed like they’d be back in DC by Friday afternoon, no problem, and Mulder had been so overexcited on Thursday night that Scully had had a more difficult time than usual kicking him out of her hotel room so she could sleep.  

But then, early Friday morning, disaster had struck: the case had taken a sudden and unexpected turn, and by the time all was resolved, their 2:00 PM flight had come and gone.  Mulder had gone back to his motel room to pack looking so dejected that Scully had taken pity on him and, after some research, had knocked on his door with the news that the small town’s single-screen theater was showing “Phantom Menace” at 8:00.  Would Mulder like to take her to the movies?

The sheer delight in his answering smile was what had sustained her over the past two interminable hours… that, and the score had been pretty good, she had to admit.  Beyond that the film had not, in her opinion, had any other redeeming qualities.  

Next to her, Mulder finally dragged his eyes away from the screen to look at Scully, looking so completely brokenhearted that she nearly leaned over the armrest to hug him.  “Mulder…” she said bracingly.

“Scully… what was that?” Mulder burst out, nearly knocking over the popcorn as his arm flailed out to point at the screen, where the closing credits continued to roll.  

“Mulder, I’m sorry… I know you must be disappointed.”

Disappointed?” Mulder said.  “Midochlorians? That annoying little kid?  Jar Jar fucking BINKS?!”  He shook his head in disgust.  “Scully, ‘disappointed’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.”  Gently, she took his arm.

“Come on, let’s go,” she said, and he stood, following her out of the theater, grumbling all the way through the lobby, divesting himself of his mostly-uneaten popcorn at the front doors.  They exited into the warm May air, and Mulder reached into his pocket to turn his cell phone back on.

“The guys’ll be calling me any minute now, I guarantee it,” he said.  “Wouldn’t be shocked if they’re already making their way to Hollywood.  If we turn on the news tomorrow and hear George Lucas was involved in a mysterious accident in his home, we’ll know who to blame.”

“Something tells me you and the Gunmen aren’t the only severely disappointed fans out there, Mulder,” said Scully.  They walked down the town’s main street, past small businesses shuttered for the night, back towards their motel a few blocks away.

“Fans have been looking forward to tonight for years,” Mulder groused.  “Parents have been passing the original films on to their children, cherishing the idea of their kids having the same experience they did when they first sat in a theater to watch ‘The Empire Strikes back’… and instead… they get this.”

“All this build-up,” Scully mused.  “I know you never dreamed the movie would be this bad… but… in all honesty, could it ever have lived up to the hype?  Could anything ever live up to your expectations after waiting for it for that long?”  Mulder stopped, looking down at her with a little half smile that set her heart racing.  

“I’m sure some things could,” he said, holding her gaze, making her blush.  As she scrambled for something, anything, to say, Mulder’s attention was suddenly caught by something in the window behind her.  He jerked his chin towards it, and she turned to look.  In the bar they were passing, every television was tuned to “The Empire Strikes Back.”  She turned back to him, grinning, and took his arm.

“Come on, Partner,” she said, steering him into the bar.  “I’ll buy you a drink to drown your sorrows, and we can remind ourselves what a real Star Wars movie looks like.”

On Monday morning, when Scully arrived in the office, Mulder’s calendar, with its last few pages neglected while they’d been out of town, was gone from his desk.  Mulder was kicked back in his chair, munching sunflower seeds and flipping through his notes on the Nebraska case.  Scully set down her briefcase and saw, much to her annoyance, that one last calendar page was taped to her computer.

“Mulder,” she sighed, “aren’t we done with this now?”

“Last one, Scully, I promise,” he said… and was he blushing?  Scully reached out to tear the final calendar page from her computer… and caught her breath.  The scene on the little square of paper was from the end of “The Empire Strikes Back,” Princess Leia bidding a tearful farewell to Han Solo before he was frozen in carbonite.  The famous dialogue exchange was printed along the top.

“I love you.”
“I know.”

Every Year, Every Christmas

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 3,000

Request: Angsty Christmas fic where Bucky’s girlfriend passed away from delivering their baby boy on Christmas Eve.

Warnings: Reader death, death via childbirth, angst, depression, discussion of self-harm

Author’s Note: This is my entry for @buckysbackpackbuckle‘s Christmas song fic challenge and @vividimagines‘ Christmas fic contest and is based on the song Every Year, Every Christmas by Luther Vandross. I strongly considered rejecting this one when it was sent to my inbox, but I wanted to see where I could go with it. An extra big thank you to @imagine-assembling-the-avengers for looking this over for me and making sure it was medically accurate. Needless to say, don’t read unless you feel like having a good cry.

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it may have taken years (but somehow we got here)

aka First date

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Cassian x Reader

Words: 2223        

Series Summary: Cassian and Reader Firsts – from meeting each other to the first time, first kiss, first fight, first “I love you”, to their (first) last breaths (maybe…that might be too depressing)

Time Cassian and Reader have known each other: 1 year and 4 months 

Chapter: 12/20

Prompt: Anonymous- “firsts” for cassian x reader please?!? (like first date, first kiss, first fight etc) :-))

Author’s notes: This somehow took me so long to write and I don’t know why. Probably stressed between finals, and my two new jobs so ahhhhhhh save me?! I want to apologize in advance. You’ll know why. Hope you enjoy!!

You woke slowly. The brisk morning air permeated through the blankets and you grumbled, snuggling back into the body behind you. You felt a hand stroke your arm in response and turned burrowing yourself into Cassian’s side.

He pressed a gentle kiss to your hair and you smiled sleepily into his chest.

Waking up like this was your favorite part of the day. Nothing would ever beat how wonderful it felt to wake up in his arms. 

Cassian was yours and you wouldn’t change that for anything in the world.

Officially being with Cassian surprisingly hadn’t changed much about your relationship. Other than the sudden jump in affection. The looks, the words, the kissing, the touching. You didn’t have to hide your affection for each other anymore.

Neither you nor Cassian had ever been ones to share your feelings whether in public or in private. But that had all changed when you met each other. You changed each other. You helped each other grow. And now you weren’t afraid of your feelings anymore. You weren’t afraid to show your love. You weren’t afraid to feel human.

You had thought you and Cassian had been affectionate before, but it was even worse now. You both made sure to take advantage of your days spent on base together.

From meals together to gentle gestures in the hallways, to getting caught making out in the base’s supply closet by General Draven; there was no limit.

Your relationship was the talk of the base. It wasn’t unusual for fellow rebels to get together, but you and Cassian had been building this up for more than a year. Everybody knew it was only a matter of time. And everybody had something riding on it. It was a great distraction for everybody.

The teasing had died down after a few weeks, though the stares didn’t seem to be going anywhere. You didn’t mind because at least it got people’s minds off of the lockdown a few months ago. Everybody was still on edge, but your relationship had been a way out for many.

Everything was going well.

Except for the fact that you still hadn’t gone on a date. It had been months. You had been busy rescuing rebels, and Cassian had been off on espionage missions. It seemed that it would be months before it finally happened. And months it was.

Your first date didn’t happen until four months after you became a couple.

And you should have known that something would go wrong when it finally happened.

You and Cassian hadn’t seen each other in a few days because you were both off on missions. You messaged every day even though it was technically against the rules.

Draven may or may not have sent you a message reprimanding you two, though he knew there was nothing in the universe that could keep the two of you apart.

You definitely missed him. And he missed you. But you were both slowly getting used to it. You and Cassian dealt with it in different ways.

You wouldn’t be able to get through a mission without something to remember him by so you would steal his shirts to sleep in, or sometimes Cassian would give you a trinket to hold onto.

Cassian, on the other hand, would somehow push through his mission without you; however, once he returned he would hold you tight for hours on end, just breathing you in and basking in how safe he felt in your arms.

To him, there was no place like in your embrace.

It was a few days into your mission and you were just about to go to bed when you received a message from Cassian. He was coming to the planet you were currently stationed on.

Even though you were absolutely exhausted, you couldn’t find it in yourself to sleep. You knew he wouldn’t be on planet for another few hours, but all you could think about was seeing him.

The hours slowly ticked by and you continued to pace back and forth in your room, periodically looking out the window for a glimpse of his ship.

Five hours later, you finally saw it. And before you could even stop yourself you were out the door and running towards his landing ship. He had barely even opened the door when you jumped in and barreled into his body, knocking you both to the ground.

Cassian tried to push the two of you up but you groaned in annoyance shoving him back onto the ground. His arms came up around your waist and began rubbing up and down your back. You snuggled your face into his jacket and he chuckled into your hair.

“Miss me?”

You nodded frantically pushing yourself closer.

After a beat of silence, you mumbled, “Mraw rw ywo hur?”

“Need to speak up, fierabrás.” He laughed.

You pulled your face out of his jacket with a sigh, “Why are you here?”

He hummed in acknowledgment, brushing a hand over your hair “That guy you’re rescuing. He never finished his mission. I was sent to gather the intel he was sent to find. Have you found him yet?”

You shook your head leaning heavily against him. Your eyes closed and you hummed nuzzling into his chest. You felt Cassian sit up, pulling your body with him.

Cassian asked softly where your room was and you pulled the key out of your pocket shoving it at him.

He lifted you into his arms and you were out.

The next few days were spent planning your separate missions. You and Cassian made the best of being together away from the base, but you knew it was only a matter of time before you had to go back home.

About a week later, you officially began your mission. It had started off relatively well. You found the rebel. And Cassian went to retrieve the information he needed.

However, everything went to hell when you arrived back at your room. You began packing waiting for Cassian to make it back so you could return back to base. But something didn’t feel right.

Something felt off.

The rebel you had rescued was twitchy and on edge, as if he was waiting for something to happen.

Without making it obvious, you slowly reached for your gun that was strapped to your hip. Just as you pulled it out, the door slammed in and stormtroopers stormed the room.

The rebel smirked, kicking the gun out of your hand and shoved you against the wall, before taking off out of the room.

As you dropped to the ground scrambling for your weapon, a stormtrooper kicked you in the stomach and you collapsed against the wall.

You reached your hand out blindly grabbing the first thing you felt, a broom. You gripped it strongly and swung out catching a trooper in the legs and knocking him to the ground.

As you fought off the others you were once again backed against the wall. You whipped out in a panic, catching a few stormtroopers in your path. But you were outnumbered. You could see past the stormtroopers and out the window that the “rebel” you had saved, was entering your ship. You cursed him silently, as you continued to fight.

You were shoved even farther into a corner when an explosion rocked the room.


“Need a hand?”

Cassian managed to fight off the remaining stormtroopers as you slumped down sitting against the wall in pain and shock.

After knocking the last stormtrooper to the ground, he sent a quick message to General Draven telling him what had occurred. Draven told him to hold tight on the planet until someone could come pick the both of you up.

Shutting his comlink, he glanced over at you. You were curled in on yourself, your eyes glazed over.

He walked over towards you and crouched down in front of your slightly shaking body.

“Hey,” he whispered softly, “You alright?”

It took a second, but you nodded at his words.

“Wanna go on that date?”

You looked up into his eyes for a second, before looking down at yourself. His gaze followed yours as he took in your bruised dirt-covered body.

Cassian reached out grabbing your chin and tilting your head up to meet his.

Hey. You’re perfect. “ He said placing a soft kiss on your lips. As he pulled away he felt you lean into him, not wanting your lips to be separated from his.

“Let’s go.” He said pulling you up. He placed his arm around your waist and you both went to find somewhere to eat.

You and Cassian were exhausted, but alive. You both leaned on each other limping at injuries you probably shouldn’t be ignoring.

But in that moment you didn’t care. 

You managed to stumble into a small diner, choosing a table in the back. You fell in a seat with a grunt. Cassian placed his jacket around you and dropped in the seat beside you.

A server came over and took your orders, but before he could scurry away you grabbed his arm, pulling him down to whisper something in his ear.

He smiled looking over at Cassian before taking off into the back.

Cassian looked at you with amusement, not saying anything.

The server came hurrying back a few minutes later grasping a handful of flowers. Cassian’s brows furrowed as you reached out taking the flowers from the server with a quick thank you.

You turned to face Cassian with a beaming smile on your face. You shoved the flowers at him until he hesitatingly reached out.

For me?”

You nodded.

A smile split wide on Cassian’s face as he took them from you and breathed them in.

The next few moments were silent. You stared at each other from across the table not knowing what to say.

Why did this suddenly get awkward? He was your best friend. This shouldn’t be awkward. Just talk to him.

“Um…. Do you want some water?”

Cassian laughed lightly. “I-um…. already have some.” He said gesturing to his full glass.

You groaned dropping your head to the table with a bang.

Cassian’s hand reached out brushing against your head and ruffling your hair.

“Why am I nervous? What do I even have to be nervous about?! I mean we’re best friends! I already know everything about you!”

Cassian tapped your head, silently asking you to sit up.

You did so, a light blush now scattered across your cheeks.

He brushed his hand lightly across your pink cheeks, which only made you blush more.

You grabbed ahold of his hand and pressed a quick kiss to it.

“I love you.” Cassian murmured.

You smiled, “Do you ever think about how we did things so out of order?”

“I wouldn’t have done things any other way.”

“Me neither. I love you too.”

It hadn’t been the date you were expecting, but it couldn’t have been more perfect.

It didn’t matter that you both looked like you had been rolling around in the mud.

It didn’t matter that it wasn’t at a fancy diner.

It didn’t matter that it hadn’t been planned.

It just didn’t matter.

Because all you needed was Cassian.

You talked for hours, not hearing the beeping of your comlinks over your laughter. 

It wasn’t until a few hours later that you finally decided to leave.

You were holding tight to Cassian’s hand, swinging in back and forth with a smile, but just as you stepped out the door your whole world exploded. Your body was thrown back, Cassian’s hand being ripped out of yours. Your vision went white, your ears rang, and your head was throbbing. It wasn’t long before everything went black.

You’re not sure how long you had been out, but you came to groaning in agony. You forced your eyes open and tried to sit up, instead falling back to the ground with a whimper of pain. You wildly blinked your eyes trying to focus on the world around you. Your eyes were burning and you frantically rubbed your hand across your face, wincing as the dirt from your hands fell into your eyes.

You pulled at your shirt, scrubbing it aggressively across your face until you were about to make out your surroundings.

Everything was decimated.

Rubble was falling from buildings and smoke was rising from fires that littered the ground. The combination of dust and smoke made it hard to breathe and you couldn’t see far in front of you. As you tried to call out for Cassian, you choked on the dust and coughed, crying out at the pain it caused in your chest.

You rolled over on your side trying to pull yourself up onto your feet when you caught sight of Cassian lying a few feet from you. Finally stumbling to your feet, you took off towards Cassian. You tripped over some rubble, falling to your hands and knees and all but crawling over to Cassian’s motionless body.

Your hands fluttered over him, hesitant to touch him.

Was he breathing?

Just as you lowered yourself to check you felt something solid hit your head. You fell to the ground with a grunt and the last thing you saw was your hand reaching out to Cassian’s lifeless hand.

Author’s notes: *Dodges all the yelling* I’M SORRY?!

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Next up: I’ve never been scared of anything (until I thought I lost you) aka First Serious Injury


Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad: Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Night & Day

I woke up in Mr. Leto’s arms. Faint rays of sunshine from the early morning peeked through the window, forcing me to open my eyes. I searched the room, blinking myself into he reality of awareness.

The navy walls of his room were the essence of lush against the finest mahogany dressers and night stands to match. I turned to the nightstand on my side of the bed. A carved wooden lamp sat in elegance. There were carvings and designs that would take hours to truly appreciate in its entirety. My eyes followed the corner of his room that led to his dressing area.

There hung all of his black suits, an array of dress shirts, and ties - most likely for all those fancy house showings Allegra’s told me about. His shoes were nicely placed. Mr. Leto was a very fancy man. I envisioned him in one of his suits and chills spread all over me.

Everything in his room was neat down to the pictures jutting out from the mantles in his room.

Various pictures of Allegra from various stages of her life stared back at me from across the room. I turned my head to the other side of his room; she was the last thing I wanted on my mind. Next to this photo array, was Mr. Letos perfect bathroom and of course, the full length mirror that I know too well. My eyes brought me back to Mr. Leto next to me.

His eyes were still closed, lost in the realm of sleep. He looked peaceful, almost childlike. It’s so hard to believe he’s 45. Wait, so that means I slept with a…I shook myself out of my thoughts. Reality tried to seep into my mind to make me realize the crazy act I committed last night, but I pushed it away to the back of my mind. It’s not taking away my happiness. It’s like Mr. Leto said last night, ‘their just numbers… and they can be erased…’ I laid down on the bed, staring at the ceiling as I mused over our conversation last night.  

I pushed myself up, getting my bearings together. Soreness in my lower abdomen stopped me, I froze as I tried to maneuver in the bed without feeling it, but I couldn’t. It was a throbbing sensation that crawled up my lower back. No matter how I moved I still felt it. I huffed out I tried to lie back down and try this again, but my stirring woke him. His fingers grazed my arm, his hand as warm as the sheets that engulfed us. 

“What time is it?” he asked. His low and raspy voice caressed my ears. It was the sexiest sound I ever heard. Even waking up in the morning, he was flawless.

He looked back at the alarm on his table. “It’s 8:35, you better head back downstairs, sweetheart. The girls will be up soon.” He stroked my cheek before getting up to stretch. Every muscled in his carved back riveted, he was poetry in motion. I took this moment to take in his back as he stood.

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Body (Request)

Harry’s missus feels like he won’t love her anymore after they have the baby so harry tries to make her feel loved and all the fluff and romance in the world !!


You had been told of the inevitable, “body after baby” syndrome from the time you read your first parenting book when your baby was still just the size of a bean in your belly. You had never been an extremely thin person, but you were healthy and a good size for your body type. You had no real complaints about your appearance and Harry certainly didn’t either. He constantly went on and on about how much he loved your body and how sexy he thought you were. You joked with him that his insatiable appetite for your body was how you ended up getting pregnant so quickly.

Over the nine months that you carried your child, you watched your body grow and expand in ways that you hadn’t even really been aware were possible. As soon as you ‘popped’, you swore that you grew an inch every single day.

Harry loved your baby bump just as much as you knew he would. Not a day went by when he didn’t take time to sit with you and place a hand on your belly, talking to your baby and complimenting you on how amazing you looked.

You, of course, had several times of being over emotional where you hated what your body looked like. You would sob into Harry’s shoulder and tell him you were fat and that you couldn’t even see your feet anymore and you couldn’t understand how he would ever be able to love you again after this.

Harry knew that this was all just a hormone reaction, but that didn’t mean he took it lightly. He would hold you close and rub your back and constantly whisper how beautiful you were and how everything would go back to normal in a few months and how nothing on earth could ever make him stop loving you. The moments would pass fairly quickly and you would be back to your old self again, excited to be a mom and loving the feeling of the little life growing inside of you.

Giving birth was the best and worst experience of your entire life. All the people who had told you how empowering it was and how you completely forgot about the pain as soon as your baby was in your arms, must have given birth to magical beings, because you were definitely thinking about the pain long after you actually gave birth. Sure, you were thrilled that your little one was finally here and were very caught up in holding them and making sure everything was fine, but your body had just pushed an 8-pound human out of a place that 8-pound humans didn’t typically fit; you were going to be feeling the remnants of that for a while.

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Really Cool Rocks by cloveoil (1/1 | 2,196 | Not Rated)

Based off this OTP Prompt: “Imagine your OTP meeting as kids and Person B decides to woo Person A by giving them pretty rocks that they find.”

Release Your High Hopes by ShowMeAHero (1/1 | 2,690 | General)

Finn may have been stood up - no, scratch that, Finn has definitely been stood up, and he is mortified, and he’s about ready to sneak out the back door of the restaurant when a handsome stranger with a sun-bright smile drops into the seat across from him, acts like they’ve known each other for years, and saves his skin.

Of Love and Falling by thattardiskey (1/1 | 1,197 | General)

A series of snippets between when Finn fell in love and when Poe finally caught up. (High School AU)

He Left His Jacket in the Gym by the_queenregent (10/10 | 1,699 | General)

A little fic that takes place in a high school AU, exploring how Poe and Finn’s relationship came to be. Pure fluff, just for the fun of it.

i live to let you shine by redlyrium (1/1 | 4,143 | General)

“Took you long enough,” Finn says, instead of what he really wants to say which is ‘I am stupidly in love with you.’ (High School AU)

Keeping Out the Cold by vanguard (1/1 | 1,253 | Teen)

Finn’s come to watch Poe’s football game for the first time, but it’s freezing outside. Luckily, Poe and his varsity jacket are here to help. (High School AU)

Off to a Good Start by shooponthemoon (1/1 | 733 | Teen)

Lazy mornings with Finn and Poe usually consist of Poe being woken up by a grinning Finn already on top of him, eager to get things going. Those morning kisses always had everything that got the two of them going, and were absolutely perfect.

Well, except for…

Extra Marshmallows by dametokillfor (1/1 | 1,739 | General)

Papa Poe calls her Bea Bea, because he can never believe how lucky he is to have her the first time he says her name, so has to say it again. She tells him about what her Papa Poe looks like, he’s bigger than me, and he’s old, at least 11, and he has a big nose and black curly hair and smiley eyes. She tells him how he rescued her from the bad place, and now she lives with him. She tells him how she really wants a puppy, but Papa Poe doesn’t think she’s quite big enough yet, and that’s silly because she’s nearly 6!
A modern day AU, in which Poe is a single father, BB-8 is his little girl, Bea Bea, and Finn is pretty certain he’s in love after 40 seconds.

He Looks at You and Sees the Stars by shooponthemoon (1/1 | 1,729 | General)

Finn is injured and confined to a wheelchair. He spends his weeks in rehabilitation meeting and talking to new people, waiting for Rey to come back from her training.
But rehab isn’t all bad… Finn’s roommate is handsome and tousle-haired and perfect and he dazzles Finn with tales of his adventures and exploits, and Finn just can’t help but maybe fall in love with Poe Dameron. Just a little bit.

Daddy and Papa by Scarlett_Rogue (1/1 | 1,108 | General)

Rey decides that a cat is missing from their shared apartment so she sends Finn and Poe out to get the perfect kitten. Finn is awkward, Poe is an “accidental” flirt, and the adoption person keeps insisting that they’re a couple.

don’t be a heartbreaker by dansunedisco (1/1 | 870 | Teen)

Finn’s ex shows up at Rey’s party, and the best idea he can come up with is “someone, kiss me quick!” That someone happens to be Poe.

Shine Bright by jacqueline_e (1/1 | 1,163 | General)

“Make it up to me and get over here,” Finn teased. “And make it quick Mr Dameron.”

One where Poe is an airline pilot, Finn is his long suffering husband and BB-8 sleeps.

First Kiss by PolaroidScreams (1/1 | 1,779 | Teen)

Finn reluctantly agrees to be a part of a psychology experiment that Rey is filming for her final. The catch? He must kiss a random stranger whilst wearing a blindfold.

it gets better by knoxoursavior (1/1 | 8,192 | Teen)

Theory: Poe Dameron is universally liked.

Case 1: Finn who, if he may say, is highly impressionable and likes a lot of people. Probably not the best proof. (Flower Shop AU)

Feels Like You’re Falling, But It Passes In Time by ritari (1/1 | 2,304 | Explicit)

“Last night was…” Finn starts, pausing.

“Fantastic.” Poe provides “For me at least…” he adds.

in which there are come-ons by knoxoursavior (1/1 | 823 | Teen)

Finn is so unreal and Poe cannot deal with it.

or a “you’re my new neighbor and you’re doing something annoying so I came to get you to stop and oh no you’re HOT” au

We Are The Voices (This Is The New Year) by ShowMeAHero (1/1 | 1,429  | General)

Finn doesn’t have anyone to kiss on New Year’s Eve - well, maybe. There is that cute guy in the tuxedo. But he’s supposed to behave at this party. Oh, well.

Self-Restraint (Or Lack Thereof) by Pandemic (1/1 | 2,929 | Not Rated)

“You know that yoga pose stretches out the inner groin.” Snap whispers with a sly smile, and Poe chokes on air. (Gym AU)

break a sweat by dansunedisco (3/3 | 1,760 | General)

Finn might be a little in love.
Rey whacks him with her yoga block. “Stop mooning over him from across the room and go over there, then!”
Poe Dameron is a yoga instructor at the gym Finn frequents.

Surviving Poe Dameron by sailsandanchors (1/1 | 1,329 | Teen)

Finn has the perfect first date all planned out. He’s going to take Poe to an amusement park. He’s going to win a whole bunch of stuff at the shooting gallery for him. They’re going to hold hands. They’re going to eat ice cream. They might even kiss.

Finn considers it his best idea to date, until they get there and Poe spots the largest, meanest, most vomit-inducing ride, points to it and says “Let’s go on that one!” with stars in his eyes and a smile Finn can’t say no to. The next few hours are full of twists, turns, and Poe Dameron being way too excited about almost dying.

The Right Thing by LemonScience33 (1/1 | 2,018 | Teen)

This is a rescue, he types in a private message. I’m rescuing you.
Damneron’s icon changes to indicate that they’re typing.
why? they reply.
He thinks about it. Because it’s the right thing to do, he says.
It only takes a moment for damneron to respond:
u need a pilot
He cringes. I need a pilot, he admits, and adds a shrug emoji.
(Gaming AU)

your love (will be safe with me) by redlyrium (1/1 | 2,071 | Not Rated)

“Try not to scream,” Jessika adds, dryly. “Don’t want to give the other doctors and patients the wrong idea.”

Jessika.” And it might be a trick of the lighting, but Finn’s almost positive Dameron blushes at that. (Hospital AU)

Kick Start my Heart (When You Shine it in my Eyes) by mariposaroja (2/2 | 3,475 | General)

In which Finn ends up in the Emergency Room and Poe is his (unmercifully hot) doctor

That Can Only Mean One Thing by cloveoil (1/1 | 1,381 | General)

Based off this prompt: “Person A has a huge crush, and Person B is the confident friend who gives them a pep talk about it. Person B tells Person A to believe in themselves and call their crush by the time Person B walks away. Person B starts to leave, hears their ringtone, and turns to look at Person A with a confused expression on their face. Person B asks why they’re calling them, and then it hits them.”

Hearing you for the first time by Cadoan (1/1 | 1,591 | Teen)

This fic is a fill of the following prompt: “Imagine your OTP living in a world where as soon as you see your soulmate, you get telepathic powers with the other. Now imagine your newly telepathic OTP running through a busy New York City street looking for each other.”

you asked me to dance (and it was love at second sight) by stardusting (2/2 | 6,621 | Teen)

It’s not as though Poe really needs an excuse to go over to the little coffee shop across the road. It’s more the fact that he enjoys the company much more than he enjoys the coffee. 

+ this poe/finn/rey polyamory fic

the caffeine awakens by mixtapestar (1/1 | 6,891 | Teen)

Jakku Java has only been open two weeks, but they’re already a huge hit with the corporate crowd downtown. Finn heads over hoping to finally get Rey’s number, only to find her out sick and a new guy, Poe, behind the counter. That’s when things get complicated.

Caught *Isaac Lahey Smut*

A/N: I know I’ve been gone for quite a bit cuz I’ve been hella busy with school and finals (not to mention writer’s block) but I’M BACK. Request are still open, I don’t write just smut, and I don’t just write Isaac Lahey. Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as the others.

The loud and constant thud of the headboard banging against the wall startled Y/N from her much needed sleep. She groaned. Isaac was at it again.

Isaac Lahey was never really Y/N’s cup of tea. Yes, Isaac was as gorgeous. Yes, he was intelligent, and yes, he had the physique of a greek god, but Isaac was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Not only was he loud and obnoxious, but Isaac was cocky. He honestly believed he was God’s gift to woman. Isaac couldn’t keep it in his pants to save his life. While Y/N wasn’t one to participate, she saw nothing wrong with a little casual safe sex. But the way Isaac was fucking, she was beginning to think he was an addict.

“Oh god Isaac! Fuck meee!” The woman’s voice was like nails on chalkboard. If they kept this up much longer Y/N would not be getting sleep anytime soon.

The next morning Y/N dragged herself into the kitchen thanking every god that she was off of work and out of school. Of course Isaac had kept her up the entire night because once Y/N was up it was difficult for her to go back down. She was greeted by Isaac who sat on the counter in nothing but sweatpants. A cup of coffee in one hand and his phone in another. Y/N kept her eyes focused on kitchen tile, fearing if she looked up and saw his naked torso, Isaac would smell her arousal. It was 8 am, Isaac had been up all night having sex, and yet he still managed to look perfect (and to turn her on).

“It would’ve been nice to have gotten some sleep last night.” She glanced at him as she made her way to the refrigerator.

Isaac, not taking his eyes from the phone smirked “Agreed.”

“Well maybe you should start having your little girlfriends go home earlier.” She was irritated, and rightfully so. That had been the 3rd time this week Isaac and his one night stands kept her up. “Or maybe, instead of taking your conquests home, you go to their place, so I can get some peace and quiet huh?”

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.” He watched Y/N amused.

When Y/N closed the refrigerator door she found Isaac blocking her path. Y/N averted her gaze, keeping her eyes trained on the floor. She, just as well as Isaac,knew what he was doing. He was trying to get a reaction from her, but Y/N refused to give him the satisfaction.

“Move.” She ordered.

“Make me.” He took one step forward, then another, and another until Y/N’s back was pressed against the wall. “Your heart is racing, Y/N.”

“I don’t have time for this, Lahey, and frankly, neither do you.” She checked the time, still avoiding his gaze, “Aren’t you late for something?”

Isaac took a minute to think before yelling “Shit!”, and running past Y/N. He fumbled around their home to get his clothes on, find his keys, and finally dash out the door.

Y/N sighed in relief. She had a good 8 hours before Isaac was to return home. Most of the time she planned to spend on much needed and much deserved rest. She checked the clock. By the time she woke up Isaac would most likely be home, and if not she’d another way to entertain herself.

When Y/N woke up from her nap, she sat up and checked the the clock. 4 hours until Isaac came home. She fell back down on her bed, gazing up at the white ceiling. Before, she’d been grateful for the silence, and the not being pestered, but now she was bored. She let her mind wander, and eventually it drifted to Isaac. Fuck, he was gorgeous. Her first and last sexual experiences had been with him nearly  4 years ago. They’d figured they’d known and trusted each other well enough, and they’d probably never see eachother again after highschool, so what the hell? Why not lose her virginity to Beacon Hill’s sexiest werewolf,?.Imagine both her surprise when he showed up at her apartment, after finding an ad online about a Y/N Y/L/N needing a roommate.

“Damn”, She whispered. It had been 3 whole years since Y/N had been touched. Not that men (and women for that matter) hadn’t offered, but she could barely hold a decent conversation with those guys, let alone give them something as precious as her body. Her mind returned back to Isaac, and Y/N could feel her underwear becoming damper by the second. Y/N threw off the blanket, and slid her underwear down to her ankles. She gently rubbed her clit in a circular motion slowly, imagining her finger to be his instead.

Isaac picked up chinese on the way back. By some miracle he’d been able to get off of work early. He actually enjoyed coming home to Y/N. Not only was she hot, but she was the ideal roommate. Something Isaac certainly was not, but she deserved it. Y/N paraded around their apartment in nothing but oversized T-shirts (some of which belonged to him), or a combination of small tank tops and shorts that could very easily be mistaken for underwear. And Isaac wasn’t allowed to touch…at all. Sometimes he would catch glimpses of her bare pussy when she’d been over completely unaware Isaac was watching her, or he’d watch the soft bounce her breast when she came marching down the hallway to lecture him about leaving the toilet seat up. She’d yell, she’d receive a blank stare from him, and then she’d complain about how he never listened to her. And truthfully, Isaac wasn’t. He was weighing out the pros and cons of bending her over the coffee table and fucking her until he was satisfied.

“Honey, I’m h-” When Isaac entered their shared apartment he was alarmed to find Y/N heart beat racing. He stilled his movements, trying to focus. Y/N’s faint cry sounded loud in his ear. He dropped everything, and broke into a sprint down the hallway to her room. He was pleasantly surprised at what her found.

Y/N laid on her bed, legs spread wide, and fingers going in and out of her soaking pussy, working rapidly to bring her to an orgasm. Her feminine scent filled his nostrils blocking out all other smells. Her soft cries of pleasure and the wet sound her fingers made when pushing into her cunt were the only things he could hear. Her eyes screwed tightly, and hair was sprawled about her like some sort of halo. Isaac knew he should’ve looked away (or better yet, left) but he couldn’t. He was in a trance, not that he would’ve if he had the choice.

“Isaac.” Y/N whinned, his eyes widen. His cock twitched. Did she say his name? “Fuck me Isaac, make me cum.”

He was unbearably hard, his jeans felt as if they were constricting around him. He knew Y/N was nearing her climax; he could smell it. With his senses and better judgment clouded, he approached Y/N’s withering figure on the bed. He let out a low intimidating growl when she tried to remove fingers from her dripping cunt, causing her eyes fly open.

“No, please continue.” He smirked, keeping his eyes trained on her glistening core.

“Isaac?!” Breathing heavily Y/N got into an upright position, pulling the sheet over her half naked body. Isaac growled again, reaching for the hand that held a vice grip on the thin material.

First was all her teasing, which Isaac could handle, but now he comes to this. A man can only take so much before he snaps. If Isaac didn’t get this out now, he wasn’t sure he ever would.

Isaac pounced her before taking the sheet, and in his excitement ripping it to shreds. Y/N tried to scoot her bodtagainst headboard to prop herself up, and somehow defend herself from Isaac, but he was saw it coming. He pulled Y/N’s feet from under her and dragged her to the edge of the bed causing a loud yelp of surprise to leave her lips.

Isaac rested both hands on Y/N’s knees holding them apart. He stared intensely at the pink flesh between her thighs. Y/N sheepishly tried to cover herself  with her hands. This made Isaac laugh.

“I think the time for modesty has long passed.” He pushed Y/N’s hands away “You have such a pretty pussy, Y/N.” He stroked her enlarged clit.

“Don’t.” Y/N being overly sensitive flinched away, and Isaac let her. It wasn’t like she was going to get very far.

“I wonder if you taste as good as  you look and smell.” Without another word, Isaac latched on to Y/N’s clit sucking and licking on the sensitive nub.

Y/N cried out as her first orgasm crashed upon her. She figured Isaac would stop after the this but he was relentless. Y/N tangled her fingers in his curly hair, pulling harshly to away from her core.

“Ah-please Isaac…” She whimpered “Fuck…Stop!”

Isaac pulled away with her wetness covering the treacherous smile on his lips. “I’ll stop when I’m satisfied. And unless you want your hands tied to the headboard, you’d best not pull on my hair.” Isaac got back to work. This time he inserted to finger, while he tongued her clit.

An hour and countless orgasms later, Isaac was covered Y/N’s juices after a particularly messy orgasm.

“Who knew little miss Y/N was a squirter?” He laughed, slowly removing his fingers from her  knowingly torturing Y/N sensitive core, and causing a shudder to run up her spine. He gently kissed her pussy, almost as if to apologize for the brutal orgasm he inflicted on it for the last hour Y/N wiped the tears the from her face before turning to glare at Isaac “Oh…so you’re not talking to me now? Should I make you scream…again?” He reached for Y/N who quickly got out of his reach.

“You’re such an asshole.” Y/N barked, she was mortified. Y/N knew Isaac wouldn’t let her hear the end of this incident. She would never live this down. “I hate you.”

“You didn’t seem hate me when you came in my mouth.” Isaac teased, he licked her juices from his fingers. He rose from the bed “You made quite the mess here, but I guess I’m mostly at fault here.” He glanced at the wet spot beneath her.

“Just leave, please Isaac.” Y/N groaned very much exhausted.

“And if I refuse?” He smirked. Isaac was going to leave. He had too before he really snapped and had Y/N pinned against the wall begged for mercy as he pounded into herm Not only was she clouding all his senses, but his better judgment as well. If he didn’t get out of there in the next 30 seconds, he’d be balls deep into Y/N, all self restraint and control thrown out the window.

“Leave Isaac!” Y/N hurled a book at Isaac expecting him to catch it with little to no effort, make a snarky comment, and exit, but it cracked him right in the shoulder…hard. Y/N was on her feet in an instant, apologizing profusely and trying to assess the damage. But Isaac shooed her away.

“You’re making it really hard for me to keep my hands off you.” Isaac tone was lighthearted and if Y/N didn’t know him better, she’d think he was joking, but Y/N knew Isaac like she knew the back of her hand. What she didn’t know was what he meant by keeping his hands off.

Isaac woke up drenched in sweat, and rock hard. Breathing harshly he ran his fingers through his damp hair. This girl was driving him absolutely nuts. Since he’d been with he’d been having these very explicit dreams about her. Tonight was his most recent. Isaac reached over and check his phone for the time, groaning after realizing it was 3:00 am. Isaac did not have time for this, he had work in the morning for fucks sake! He needed to get Y/N out his system before things got really out of hand.

(Pt 1)



All my life I’ve lived by this one rule – “The ones crazy enough to think they can change the world are most often the ones who do.”

When I was 8 years old, I would sneak into my parent’s room and I would wear ma’s sarees, lipstick, heels and stare in the mirror for hours. I loved looking at myself dressed like that. One day dada caught me, it was the worst day. He hit me in front of ma and pa screaming
“What are you doing??!? You are a boy! You cannot do this! What will people think, Karan?!??”
They never let me into that room again. I never dared to go anyway. I spent most of my childhood life knowing I was different. I’ve always felt it and I always known it, but it wasn’t until I was 13 or 14 years old that I really understood what I was. I was gay.
My best friend since I was about 6 years old was Abhay. He and I grew up in the same colony and went to the same school, so we grew really close over the years. I really loved spending time with him. He understood all my problems, helped me with homework and always made me laugh when I was feeling down, but I daren’t tell him how I really felt about him or he would definitely tell his or worse MY parents and I couldn’t imagine the havoc that would wreak.
The first time the thought went into my head that I might be gay was when I was 9, playing with all of my friends. I tripped over a deep crack in the road and scraped my knee, at the time it hurt me very badly and I had a low threshold for pain so, I started crying. While the other boys laughed at me for crying over a small graze ; Abhay walked to me, wrapped me in his warm arms, took me home and tended to my wound. It was then that I knew I felt about boys – differently.
It took me a very long time to come to grips with who I was. I watched every “Coming Out” video on the internet, and wept after every single one of them. They all talked about how they found the courage to tell the world who they were. I didn’t know what to do - because I already had the courage. I wanted to scream it at the top of my lungs from every mountaintop. I wanted EVERYONE to know. But, in my life with my parents and in the society I was born into; it seemed impossible.
I wept every night in the bathtub. I felt lost. Hopeless. There was no way I could be truly who I was in this environment. So, I made a decision ; The only one that made sense to me – to run away. But, before I did, I wrote a small letter -

‘Dear ma and pa,I love you with all my heart, but I am running away. I am not who you think I am. I am gay. I know you are not accepting of this lifestyle but I can’t change who I am because of it. Love is love and I believe I should be able to love whoever I want without being afraid of what other people may think. All my life I’ve been living in the shadow of fear, doubt and embarrassment. I can’t anymore, I don’t want to hide who I am from the world. I hope one day you can accept me, and see this from my point of view. I love you.
- Yours truly, Karan’

That night I packed my bags with everything I need. Clothes, food, some money and a family picture of mama, papa, dada and I. I left after everyone slept and walked away from my colony. I had no direction and I had no idea where I was going. I walked, and walked and walked till I reached a familiar junction, I pass by it everyday when I go to school. People sleep on the pavements and work in the small stores in around the locality. They have their own sense of community. That, being my only option I set my bag there and laid down. After a long time, I finally had a peaceful sleep. The open streets gave me more warmth and security than my blankets ever could.
I lived on that junction for nearly 2 months. I made some friends who are all accepting of who I am. I work with them, honorably. I earn my bread, but I still miss home. I never once heard from anyone. I was heartbroken, but I knew that they would’ve read my letter. The following week when I was working in the nearby restaurant with Ali, one of my friends I found a “Missing Person” flyer being pasted on the restaurant wall. I walked outside to see who it was . A reflection greeted me. It read –

“Missing Boy.
Name – Karan Amol Bhagchi
Age – 16
Hair – Black
Eye colour – Brown
Height – 5’11’’
Last seen wearing an orange shirt and black shorts. If found please contact the undersigned.
Mr.Bagchi, 984568035”

I was utterly bewildered. I was not “missing”. I left by my own choice. I didn’t understand what was happening and I wanted answers. So, I took all my bags and went to the only place that could give them to me – Home. I took a bus back and all the while, I was worried as to what was going to happen.
As, I was nearing my house a sudden wave of panic hit me and I couldn’t breathe for a minute. I was completely still. My limbs refused to move, I was stuck where I was ; And simultaneously every negative thought I ever had flooded me. I was paralyzed in fear and anxiety, my feet were giving way and I collapsed on the road in a flood of tears. Everyone around gave me strange looks, but not one came to my aid.
It was in that very moment that I fully understood what the words ‘lonely’ and ‘independent’ meant. I willed myself against my body to get up. To face my destiny as no one else will. To take the bull by the horns and return triumphant. I walked up to my front door and with every ounce of energy I had left I knocked. The moments that followed were anguish. I wanted to run. Far, far away. But, I didn’t. Because if not now, when? And if not me, who?
The door opened and I was greeted by my mother who seemed like she had endured many a sleepless night. Her face being pulled down by horrible eyes bags, awfully aging her. As, I walked in I saw my dad on the couch, casually sipping tea and watching TV. I had no idea what was about to happen.
I looked in his direction and feebly said “pa…” and his raised his eyes from their original position to meet mine. The second it did, he fell into a manic rage. He smashed his teacup on the floor and walked up to me with the intimidation of a giant. He slapped me and bellowed


He screamed profanities and insults as he hit me over and over again knocking me to the ground. I had neither the strength nor the will to fight back, so I took it. My mom flung herself over me, trying to protect me, but she ended up facing collateral damage. My dad pulled her by the hair and literally threw her across the drawing room, and that. That changed something in me. To see the woman I love most being treated like that infuriated me.
Next to me was the newspaper stand , as he was swung his arm again, I lifted it and threw it at him. It hit him in the shoulder and he fell back. I stood up from the floor as a new empowered being. With a feeling of hard earned success.
I walked to where ma was lying, sobbing bitterly. I gently held her as Abhay once did for me and took her to the kitchen, where I tended to her wounds. There she told me that, once they had found the letter the first thing dada and papa did was burn it, so no would know the truth. They then put out the “Missing Person” report to silence the neighbors and relatives. They had NO intention of actually finding me.
I told her what I had been doing and she said that she was proud of me and loved me no matter what. After cleaning her up, she went to her room and packed her suitcase. She came back down, held my hand in hers and walked out the door. But before we left, she went to my father – who was now cleaning his wounds and said “I respect no man who doesn’t respect me” , threw her ring in the sink and came back out. We both left that horrid house and went to the train station. Ma took a ticket to her native place and we both lived with her parents for the next 3 years.

Here I am, 11 years later. Settled in Los Angles, working as an activist for LGBTQ rights with 350+ organizations, mostly based in South Asian countries. I am Married to a wonderful man – Jason with a beautiful child we adopted from Mexico – Sophie Khuranna. Whose last name I took from my late mother – Anurima Khuranna.
I remember in the very first speech I gave as an activist I said something, which Jason always tells me was the moment he knew he loved me. He’s a hopeless romantic. I said
“No matter how alone you may feel. No matter how vast, frightening and rough the sea may be ; If you look hard enough, you will find a lighthouse.”



*** Obviously I don’t know what Jax’s favorite meal is, he just seems like the kinda guy that enjoys a good steak. Also, Fun fact: I made my self sad writing the beginning 😂😂***

You glanced at the clock again. It was only 3 minutes after the last time you’d checked, 8:30 and he still wasn’t here. You scooted your chair back roughly and stood up, leaving the dinner table. To say you were upset would be an understatement. You were annoyed, you were hurt, you were disappointed and you were pissed. Of all days for him to not come home, it had to be on your anniversary. You had rushed home from work to make him his favorite meal and the bastard didn’t even show up. You’d made loaded baked potatoes, grilled corn on the cob and sirloin steak with an apple pie made from scratch.

You had also gotten a little more dolled up than usual. You took the time to curl your hair and had put on red lipstick in place of your usual nude gloss. You even put on a dress, which was a miracle. A miracle that he wouldn’t even witness because he was so late. Hadn’t even bothered to call. Or at least have someone else call or text you. Nothing.

Walking into your room, you stripped off your clothes and took out a makeup wipe, wiping away your work. You threw on some boy shorts and an old SAMCRO shirt of Jax’s, going back to the kitchen. You stared at the food in the table and thought about what to do. If you hadn’t always felt bad for wasting food, you would’ve taken everything and tossed it in the trash. Instead, you brought the dishes to the counter and served 2 plates before sticking one in the microwave and putting the rest of the food away. Grabbing your plate, you sat at the table and started eating in silence.

You were halfway finished when you heard keys jingling and the door handle twisting. You continued eating and didn’t even bother to get up since you knew it wasn’t Jax. You hadn’t heard his bike. “Hello?” Gemma’s voice rang out in the house. You had told her earlier this week about your plan to cook his favorite so she when she hadn’t seen Jax’s bike, she knew it wasn’t because you guys had gone out for dinner. She walked into the kitchen to see you sitting at the dinner table eating by yourself. “Oh baby. Don’t tell me he forgot…” “He forgot.”

She pursed her lips and put her hands on her hips. Looking at your plate, the food looked good but she could tell you were eating it cold. “Heat that up at least.” “It doesn’t matter. I’m not really hungry anyways.” A tear had fallen into your plate but she hadn’t noticed. You got up and emptied your plate into the trash not caring and tossed the plate into the since, not bothering to clean the dish. Gemma cursed under her breath. God damn that son of hers. Suddenly she lifted up a white gift bag. “This is your anniversary present. Should I give it to you or just wait?“ Gemma lowered her arm and put the bag back at her side. "You can leave it.” You pointed to the table and she set it down then looked at you.

She walked over to you to give you a hug. You hadn’t made eye contact with her yet and when you finally did, she saw the tears in your eyes, bloodshot and puffy. “Oh Sweetheart.” She wrapped her arms around you and pulled you into her, you resting your head on her chest. You didn’t feel like talking and she knew that so she just rubbed your back. She’d been in your place many times before, with John. Seemed the apple really hadn’t fallen that far from the tree. The thought made her upset herself and she pulled away from you.

“I’m going to head out alright baby? I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Bye Gemma.” “I love you.” You smiled lightly. “At least someone does.” “Oh don’t say that. He fucked up, we both know that but he does love you. He’s just…a man.” You both let out a chuckle and you told her you loved her too. Once she walked out your front door, you grabbed the bag and pulled out a beautiful picture frame with a picture of you and Jax already inside. You’d never seen the picture before and it was obvious that she had taken it without you two knowing. Jax was looking at you smiling and you had your hand resting on his cheek, nothing but love in both your eyes. If only you could pull that love from the frame so you could feel it now.

Grabbing the picture, you took it with you to the living room and put it down on the coffee table. You sat down on the couch and yawned, realizing how tired you were. You tried to stay up to watch some TV, hoping maybe Jax would walk through the door. By 10 o'clock, you couldn’t keep your eyes open and had sulked off to bed, ridden by frustration.
Gemma walked into the clubhouse angrily, her heels clicking loudly. Once inside, she looked around to see if her son was around. Finally she caught sight of him sitting at the bar with Opie, Juice and Tig, downing a shot. She strode over and roughly planted her hand on the bar top next to Jax and looking him dead in the eyes. “Having fun?” Jax looked at her lazily. “No. I’m not. I’ve been sitting in Church for 2 hours going over this cartel shit.” “Well maybe you’d be having fun if you’d gone home. You know, to your Old Lady. Do something like, oh I don’t know, celebrate your anniversary? Eat the meal she slaved over a hot stove after 8 hours of work to make for you? That sound fun?”

His eyes widened and he cursed. “Shit! I’m sorry, I forgot Ma.” “Don’t apologize to me, apologize to the one probably crying herself to sleep right now.” “She was crying?” “Yeah. She also had to eat her cold dinner by her self.” He felt like shit. Complete shit. He’d had club shit to handle but they weren’t voting or anything, they were just discussing things. He could of gone home, but he’d totally forgotten. “You fucked up, brother.” “Yeah thanks Juice.” He stood up quickly and jogged out of he clubhouse to his bike.

He stuck his key in the door and unlocked it, swinging it open. “Babe?” He looked around and saw everything on but you weren’t there. Making his way upstairs he, walked into your bedroom and saw your sleeping form on the bed. You had your back to him. Climbing in beside you, he rested his hand on your back. “Baby?” “Leave me alone Jax.” “I’m so-” “Leave. Me. Alone.” He nodded even though you couldn’t see and went to shut everything off.

When he went into the kitchen, he saw a plate in the microwave and pulled it out. He felt 10 times worse when he saw it was his favorite. It looked great but he had lost his appetite. He swore he would make it up to you tomorrow.
You awoke to the smell of bacon. Walking to the kitchen, you saw Jax there shirtless wearing only sweatpants and smoking. You couldn’t lie, he looked beautiful but it didn’t make you forget that you were mad at him. Walking past him, you grabbed the coffee pot and were about to pour yourself a cup when Jax grabbed it from you and poured it himself before handing the cup back to you. You took a sip as he put the pot back and sat at the table. “Good morning babe.” “Morning.” “I love you.” “Then why weren’t you here yesterday?” He winced.

“I got caught up in club shit. We had to talk about this new cartel deal and I totally forgot. I’m sorry.” You just starred at him. He turned around and served you a plate of bacon, scrambled eggs and toast, setting the plate down in front of you. “I really am sorry baby. I made sure to talk to Clay, they won’t call me at all today. I’m all yours. I made plans for dinner at that nice restaurant downtown. We can go to a movie and then dinner. How’s that sound?” You smiled and he smiled back. “That sounds great." 

Grim Reaper PT. 16 (BTS, Angst)

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Ah yes, this took forever to pull out of my ass…………what a shame……. Anyway, I hope this isn’t too jarring from where we left off with the last chapter. I’m really hoping for some feedback in case I need to edit anything from the last chapters because I’ve thought really hard on it and even confided in like 4 people before posting this. I had no idea how to title this so why not angst lmao…….bye poof

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Suga // J-hope // Jungkook

Words:   3999

Slight smut this chapter as well as some hella angst.

Days had passed…

Weeks had been left in the dust…

Even months, had gone by faster than expected.

It had been exactly 3 months since you last saw Namjoon.

Months since you had last seen anyone of the human species who could see you, for that matter. You’d killed Namjoon; or so you thought, however long ago it had happened, and the same day you fled your home and went into hiding. 

Barely even 30 minutes away. It was also somewhere Namjoon had been very many times. Great.

You’d barely even left the place unless Yoongi or Hoseok allowed it, and even then it would just be a short walk down to a convenience store, or perhaps to a nearby park at 2 AM. You were constantly under house arrest and you hated the feeling of always being watched no matter what. Although you’d grown closer to the boys, you still couldn’t help but feel tired of seeing the same 4 faces daily.

You didn’t know how it was possible, but you hadn’t heard anything of anyone looking for you. It was as if you’d been completely wiped of memory off the face of the Earth. Your home had been emptied of your things and now found refuge laying on the floor of the club’s basement in different sized cardboard boxes. The blood left in the house had all been reported to the police, but the last you’d heard of it, it had been dismissed and magically forgotten.

It was upsetting, but you’d learned to live with it over a 3 month period. Yoongi had promised it wouldn’t be forever, but you were soon wondering if that was still something to believe in.

The boys had let you in on a secret, telling you that once Namjoon was captured, they would be able to send you back to your home, as if nothing had ever been out of place before. You wanted to hope for it, but nothing was final until Namjoon had truly been caught by one of them.

There was always a chance Namjoon may never come back, as well.

Either way, living with the boys had taught you many things about the boys. You’d learned Hoseok was an incredible cook, Jimin wasn’t just an asshole and Jungkook really loved animals.

Not only that, but you’d come to realize you and Yoongi had grown closer and by closer…you meant sleeping in the same bed, usually.

Although neither of you had truly said it, it was safe to say Yoongi wasn’t just protecting you at this point. The two of you were together very often, things happened, and you’d begun to admit to yourself that Yoongi was someone you saw in a different light. Especially after what had happened in your house after Namjoon had fled.

It was still dark in the room you’d been sleeping in lately, but your ears were still straining against the murmuring outside your door while just waking up from a nap.

“…can’t tell her he’s back here.” A muffled voice said, and you shifted slightly under the covers.

“Yoongi,” Jimin’s voice, you could tell easily. “Be quieter.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, Jimin.” Yoongi’s voice mimicked Jimin’s, and a slapping sound caused you to flinch against the pillows.

“Guys, seriously!” Hoseok’s voice snapped, and another slapping noise filled the air. You sat up in the darkness, focusing your gaze on the dim moonlight flooding through the sheer curtains. You reverted your gaze to momentarily check the only electronic device in your room -an alarm clock- you read it had barely passed 5:27 AM. You had only slept 2 hours. Great…

“Namjoon is here and you’re fighting each other? Grow the fuck up, its been like a thousand years!” Hoseok’s voice still ran through the whole place, sounding as if he were in your room shouting. You knew he wasn’t, though.

Namjoon was back? Was he here? You felt your body tense and grow cold under the thin blankets, but you shook off the feeling of someone watching you. Nobody was in here…except for you.


You stood up, hurrying toward the light switch and pressing it on.


Sighing, you leaned your back against the door. The coolness of the wood seeped through the thin camisole hugging your body, calming you significantly. You continued to listen in to the conversation down the hall to your room.

“So are we telling her he’s back or not? When we kill him, we’ll just get her to forget, anyway. Jungkook is getting better at his talent, remember?” Who had spoken? Hoseok, Yoongi, you couldn’t tell. Still, the words whichever one of them spoke mattered much more than you differentiating voices.

You stepped away from the door, turning around to lean your ear against it. What? They were going to make you forget Namjoon? Although you knew it was definitely meant to benefit your well being, you couldn’t help but feel anger bubble in your chest.

“It’s for the best, really. Talk to me later about it.” Yoongi spoke up, and you heard the floor boards creaking as one of them made their way further down the hall toward your room.

Going back to the bed as quickly and silently as possible, you made it under the covers fast enough before the door opened. Yoongi stood in the door frame, frowning with eyebrows furrowed.

“When did you wake up? You’ve barely slept.”

“Not long ago…I just, had a nightmare.” You yawned, adding to the already smooth lie.

He closed the door behind him, biting his lip between his teeth. “Again? You told me they stopped.”

“I can’t control when I have a nightmare, Yoongi.” You slung your feet off the bed, watching him step closer to where you were.

“What were you talking about with the boys? I could almost hear you down the hall.” You sat up straighter as Yoongi stopped right in front of you. Forcing yourself to stretch, you felt his legs were brushing against yours gently. Yoongi’s eyes gazed straight into yours as you watched him.

“Just talking about the weather.” He cocked a brow, grin on his lips. “But I think you already knew that, right?”

“I didn’t know that.” You said softly, shaking your head and allowing him to swivel between your legs. Your hands rested on his chest, fingering the black t-shirt he wore. “I just woke up.”

“Jungkook will probably be upset if you don’t sleep more.” Yoongi was subtly lowering his head toward you, and he took fistfuls of your camisole. He didn’t give a shit about any of the boys, he was just trying to find a reason to stop talking about what you were hinting at.

“Jungkook’s not here, is he?” Your mouth was curving into a grin. 

His lips avoided yours, and went straight for your shoulder. Soft kisses that had you leaning into him.

“Seriously, Yoongi…” You mumbled, slowly forgetting just what you wanted him to spill. He made a soft noise of acknowledgement, sinking his teeth into your flesh before sucking.

“Is Namjoon really back?”

“Stop ruining the mood…” He groaned, pulling his head away. Yoongi’s grip loosened on your camisole, and you dropped your hands away from him.

“So he is?”

“For someone who’s not with him, you bring that douche up pretty often. Around someone who is with you.” He smiled sweetly, kicking his shoes off. You instinctively backed up on the old bed, opening the blankets for him to get under. Yoongi’s shirt came off, and he let it drift to the floor without a second thought.

Laying against the pillow, Yoongi leaned over you on the bed. “Yes, he’s back. So what?”

You placed a hand under Yoongi’s chin, now allowing him to move his lips back to anywhere on your body. “What do you mean, so what? I tried to kill him.”

“Unforgettable, (Y/N), truly. Could you get over it, now? I’d really like if it I could take your clothes off right in this moment.”

“Yoongi, I’m serious.” You sighed, tipping your head so your cheek brushed against the cool pillow. Yoongi’s lips roamed your neck, peppering kisses along your jaw to your shoulder.

“Me too,” He promised. “serious about getting you naked.”

“Stop it, Yoongi. Go away.” You snapped, beating on his chest. You raised your knee into his crotch when he didn’t get off of you. Yoongi made a small noise, before rolling off of you.

“Why are you acting like this? We’ve been talking about Namjoon coming back the night I brought you here. You’re finally realizing the consequences when it’s too late?”

“It’s not like that, you’re hiding stuff from me.” You grumbled, rolling over. Pulling up the blanket over your shoulders, Yoongi pressed his body against yours. His breathing was hot against the back of your neck, while his grip was cold.

“Are you sure you’re not just forgetting? We let you in on the plan a good amount of time ago a-”

“You never told me you were going to kill Namjoon and make me forget!”

Yoongi was silent for a few seconds, until his grip was suddenly painfully tighter on you. “(Y/N), when are you going to learn that what you don’t know won’t hurt you? Stop listening, we don’t ask you to talk with us for a reason.”

You stood up, yanking away the blanket and walking toward the small dresser.

“You can’t just storm out when I’m right!” Yoongi exclaimed irritably, getting up as well.

“Watch me.” You snapped, pulling your camisole off and sliding a new shirt over your body. Yoongi stood near the door, shirt in hand and shoes still splayed on the floor near your bed.

“(Y/N), let’s just talk later. I’ll tell you everything.”

“You hate talking.” You frowned, eyebrows narrowing in suspicion.

“You’re right, but it’s barely even 6 am and the boys are all out. Don’t you hate walking around this place alone?”

“I heard them here, Yoongi.” You walked toward him, jabbing a finger against his chest as he heaved a sigh.

“We’re fucking dead, we can use our magical wizard powers to leave and shit.”

You turned your head away from him, crossing your arms. “Whatever, so I’m on house arrest?” Groaning, you moved back over toward the bed.

“Think of it like breakfast in bed. Except it’s me eating.”

“Eating what?” You laid back down, waiting for Yoongi to lazily roll into bed. He lodged himself between your spread legs again.

“You, obviously.”

“It’s barely 6 AM, Yoongi…” You argued, but still felt a small buzzing of excitement between your legs. He shrugged nonchalantly, hand slipping up your shirt and riding it up your body.

“I’m not allowed to enjoy you all times of the day?”

“Never said that, did I?” You picked up the lower half of your body, shucking down your shorts and panties along with them.

“Eager, much?”

“You’re the one who suggested this! Hurry up before I change my mind.” You whined, pulling your shirt off as he peeled away your other clothes and discarded them onto the floor.

Yoongi leaned over your body, one of his arms hoisting your back up on a 50 degree angle sitting position. He easily held you there, using his other hand to bring down your body only to stop at the beginning of your core.

Yoongi began by kissing your lips, running them down your neck and to your chest, not wasting any time to shuffle down to your middle. He glanced up at you, before placing a kiss on the inside of your thigh. You sighed in content at the feeling of him slowly growing closer to the aching between your legs. As he got there, Yoongi took his time blowing on your middle. He placed the flat of his tongue on your folds and brought it up in one slick motion.

Yoongi continued to please you with his tongue. You had your fingers gliding through his hair, breath coming out in shallow huffs as you pleaded for more and he obliged. Not only his tongue, but his lips and fingers added to the pleasure he was giving you. Yoongi was practically feeding off of your quivering thighs and desperate moans to continue. He would add to the noise you were making with his own pleased groans against your middle. The vibrations had you crying out as your stomach knotted.

He had 2 fingers inside of you, easily gliding in and out of your entrance that was dripping for him. Yoongi wouldn’t need time to pull away and breathe, because the truth was he didn’t need to breathe to live. He was down there, exploring you with his tongue for as long as you could remember.

By the time your orgasm hit you were already a moaning mess and Yoongi had lapped up every last drop of you. When he pulled away, Yoongi wiped the excess cum on his chin and sucked his fingers clean. His eyes didn’t leave yours the whole time, and a hefty smirk upturned the side of his lips. You couldn’t help but laugh at the way his hair was left astray, as if he’d been playing in the wind far too long.

“Can’t I have you for breakfast every morning?”

You let out a shaky breath, a laugh mixed in with it. “I don’t think I could take that…Seriously.”

“Does that mean you don’t want to continue?” He was sneakily crawling back up your body, his bulge running against your thigh.

“Not yet. I want you to tell me what you said you’d tell me.” You were still catching your breath. Yoongi’s lips halted on your breast, his other hand kneading the left while he sucked deep red, blue and purple marks into the right.

“Mm, I haven’t even come yet and you’re milking me dry of information instead?”

“All you said was you wanted me for breakfast.” You reminded him with flushed cheeks, arching your back at the feeling of him.

Yoongi stopped, looking up at you from beneath his lashes. He pulled away enough to roll onto the other side of the mattress, hands running along his face. “Fair enough, I guess.”

You rolled onto your side, watching him stare at the ceiling with furrowed brows. He was pondering. Pondering lies, or which truth to tell? Perhaps he would merely give you a hint. 

No, you wanted to trust Yoongi. You had too. You did trust him, no matter what. If he was hiding something from you, he’d come clean sooner or later. There was always a reason for him to be hiding something, and it was usually for your own good. He was the suffer in silence type, and he’d been doing that for so long he could barely even remember what it was like to rely on people other than himself.

He sighed very abruptly, shifting onto his side. “As much as I do enjoy you naked in this bed all for me, get dressed.”

“What, why?” You sat up, watching him get off the bed and slide his shirt on. He messed with his hair a moment, until it fell perfectly back into place.

“Just do it, I can’t tell you.”

“More secrets?” You muttered, very obviously annoyed as you stood up. Yoongi was visibly eyeing you, once, twice, three times before he put his shoes on and walked over to the dresser.

“Just promise not to be a piss baby when I show you.”

“Yoongi! You don’t just call your girlfriend a…” You cut yourself off for a few moments, until Yoongi turned around to look at you with wide eyes. His lips were pulled into a straight line across his face, and he seemed to choose to ignore what you’d said. You’d never truly said the word girlfriend to him, you’d just assumed he thought the same way the past few months you’d grown closer. You were well past familiar with each others bodies and he’d never neglected to mention how you were special to him in his own way. “…piss…baby…”

“Quickly put these on.” He chucked clothes at you, waiting for you to put them on until nearing you. The soft thud of his boots on the creaking wood made your stomach drop. He hesitated a moment, before placing his body right in front of yours.


“Yoongi, I…” You didn’t want to hear it. You really didn’t want to hear him tell you it would never happen, because that’s exactly how it would go. Yoongi would


“I know it’s dum-wait, what?”

“Dumb? Well, okay!” He huffed, turning on his heel. Yoongi crossed his arms, heading for the door.

“That’s not what I meant!” You whined, waiting for him to open the door up.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” He confirmed in a monotonous low voice. “Just tell me if you’re still up for dating after you see what I’m about to show you, alright?”

You were nervous. The words he told you had sent a strange feeling shivering through your whole body and hanging onto you as you walked down the hall. Yoongi walked forward, not looking back at you so you had no expression to sense what you were going to see ahead.

As you grew closer to Hoseok’s room, you could hear hushed murmured, sounding stiff and awkward. All fell silent, but you imagined that everyone in there had heard the pound of Yoongi’s shoe against the floor boards and hushed up.

“Don’t hate me too much, alright?” Was all Yoongi muttered, placing his hand on the door before sliding it open.

You were shocked at the sight before you the moment you walked in. Mouth hanging open, you silently walked into the room and stopped beside the door. Everyone sat around the small table on pillows, minus one of the boys on his feet. Practically unrecognizable despite barely changing anything to his looks, time had you almost forgetting how he looked. You had to take a moment to pick very distinct features. The curve of his chin, the slant of his eyes. Of course it was Namjoon. He still had pink hair, except faded to simple streaks in the blonde. He looked tired, if that was possible, angry, as if he’d died thrice over but somehow still survived.

His hands were balled to fists, shaking at his sides, and that was when you realized he’d heard everything that happened in the room down the hall. Yoongi stood between the both of you, hands dug into his pockets and head hung between his shoulders.

“Yoongi, you..?” Your eyes were wide as you looked at him for help. Of course Yoongi would never want to stop in the middle of just getting started on anything sexual. Once you begin, you can’t stop until both of you are barely breathing and sweating more water than you’d drunk in a year. The only time he’d stop was when he was trying to prove a point, or let someone know something. “You did that on purpose?”

“He didn’t believe you had moved on.”

“What the f-” You were cut off by Namjoon, coming toward Yoongi and grabbing him by the neck.

“I’ll fucking kill you!” He cried out, voice straining. He sounded the same, but the wild glint in his eyes was something you had yet to see.

“Namjoon!” You shouted, voice shrill as you attempted to grab onto him. Yet, the moment you took a step forward, Jungkook was holding you back.

“You can’t, you can’t, you can’t….” Jungkook kept repeating in a low voice. “If you touch him, you die (Y/N). You’re useless in this situation.”

“He’s hurting-”

Yoongi picked up his leg and jabbed it painfully quick into Namjoon’s side, sending him backward onto the floor. Shaking out his neck and running a hand along it, Yoongi spat on Namjoon’s figure on the floor from where he stood.

“You’ll fucking what? Couldn’t hear you over the sound of (Y/N) screaming my name. Please, do tell me.”

“Yoongi, stop it!” You pleaded in a firm voice, struggling in Jungkook’s grip. Yoongi turned back to you, eyes apologetic but lips tugged into a smile. He was enjoying rubbing that he had you in Namjoon’s face. Why was he doing this? You didn’t know, but you wanted him to stop.

“Tell me, Namjoon.” Yoongi continued, walking toward Namjoon who was just beginning to get off the floor. “Do you know how she tastes? At least tell me you had sex with her. No? You don’t know how (Y/N) feels when she’s as tight as Jimin’s fucking abs?”

Jimin had stood up at this point, coming over to you. He was expressionless, but you could tell he was enjoying the show unfolding in front of him.

“Jungkook just get her out of here… Yoongi’s not going to stop.” Jimin instructed.

“No, Jungkook, don’t!” You snapped. “I want to hear everything Yoongi has to say. He was just using me to get to Namjoon, wasn’t he? Weren’t you, Yoongi?”

Yoongi cocked his head toward you, face dropping slightly. He sucked in a breath, trying another smile. “Yes, and it obviously worked better than Namjoon’s fake love shit. Learn from me, Namjoon. Be a little more forceful and then you’ll get pussy, like me.”

Namjoon had swung right for Yoongi, knocking him in the jaw as he did it. Yoongi reeled back, hand catching his face as he attempted to snap it back into place. Immediate bruising and swelling happened, and Yoongi couldn’t help but groan in pain.

“Just because you think you can bring sad little humans into our world only proves you still don’t know shit! For how many years have we been alive? I can’t even fucking remember anymore and you’re here every 12 years with a new bitch. Don’t you know what’ll happen? They all die! You of all people should know they die. You kill them!” Yoongi took hold of Namjoon’s neck, squeezing as hard as he could. Namjoon easily got out of his hold, and began to pound Yoongi with both fists.

Yoongi fell back onto the floor, Namjoon on top of him. With both of his hands out stretched around Namjoon’s throat, Yoongi tore Namjoon away and began straddling him. He spat blood onto Namjoon’s face, strangling him with one hand and punching him with another.

“You saved (Y/N) like 4 times and you expect her to repay you with love and affection? Get the fuck over yourself, Namjoon!” He snorted, blood oozing from his crunched in nose. Namjoon choked on blood, spitting a tooth from his mouth that landed on the floor beside them.

“Stop them…” You whimpered against Jungkook, who merely shook his head.

“I don’t want to die, I’m sorry.”

Namjoon kicked Yoongi back, and he crashed into a bookshelf. It smashed under his weight, but before Namjoon could stand up Yoongi was shoving his boot against his throat.

He grinned down at Namjoon. “Isn’t it tough to be the loser? I know you haven’t been suffocated to death, yet. (Y/N) failed at that and yet she still has nightmares about it. Sad, isn’t it? The happy relationship you thought you’d had came crumbling down because you’re a greedy mother fucker. Good night, Namjoon.”

“Yoongi!” Your voice tore through the choking noises Namjoon was making. His once smiling now shocked expression had snapped back up to you.

“(Y/N), I told you what you don’t know won’t hurt you. You asked for this.”

And then he stepped harder on Namjoon’s neck. Namjoon’s face had grown a deep shade of blue and his bloodshot eyes were rolling back into his head as you turned away in Jungkook’s arms. The only thing you could do was turn away and cover your ears as Namjoon died in the same room as you.

Sold (Chris Evans x O/C)

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A/N : AKA Sugar Part 10! We’re nearly at the end people, just a couple more chapters to go. This was a bitch to write and took me forever, because I was in such a rut as to where this would go- BUT NOW IT’S GOING AND I’M VERY HAPPY. Enjoy it you wonderful people. 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

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Back to You (Calum Hood) *

Trigger warning: Swearing, mental breakdowns, suggestion of attempted suicide


“Hey, baby girl,” Calum said, confusion in his voice when he answered your call, “You okay? Isn’t it like, 2:30 back home?”

“I can’t fucking do it, Cal,” you stated bitterly, not even bothering to correct him on the time being much later than he though, “I’m dropping out of school and working in fast food for the rest of my life because I can’t fucking do this anymore.”

“Y/N, you know that’s not true,” he told you, “You just need to take a break from your books right now. Why don’t you go take a bath to relax and just go to sleep? You’ll feel better.”

“No, I won’t, Calum. When I wake up in the morning, this shit will still be on the desk and I’ll still be too stupid to understand any of it and I’ll fail the exam and-”

“Y/N,” he cut you off, “You are the smartest person I know and I am not going to sit here and let you put yourself down like this. You are going to pass your exam and you’re going to get the highest marks in the class. I know you are.”

“Oh, whatever, Mr. dropped-out-of-school-to-form-a-world-famous-band-with-my-friends-and-tour-the-entire-fucking-planet,” you snapped.

Calum let out a deep sigh, “What are you really upset about, baby girl?” You were silent for a moment before swallowing thickly. 

“I want you to come home,” your voice broke and you felt the tears start falling, “I want you to come back to me. I miss waking up next to you and falling asleep beside you and making breakfast with your arms around my waist and arguing with you over what movie to watch and what pizza to order on date night and everything stopped smelling like you 5 months ago and I just… I miss you.”

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Brother’s Best Friend

Well any ways, this is my first smut, well my first piece of writing really. I don’t even know if anyones ever going to read this but I’ll give it a shot :). For my first piece of writing, i’m gonna write one about Ashton but I’ll probably just end up going about in a pattern. So let”s do it I guess. No hate, I might suck at writing so yea, but feed back would be great. :)

Rating- R(smut bitch)

Pairing- Ashton/reader

Summary- well I guess the title says it all ;)

Word Count- 4,893 words

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