i finally bought the dvd today

hello, it’s me again. sorry my presence has been so spotty for the past couple months!! i think i just need to get my life in order before i’ll start being on here more consistently. but for the past few weeks i’ve been distracted by video games. i finally got my hands on the biosho.ck collection, and i’ve also been playing hori.zon ze.ro da.wn. and yeah, you can definitely expect to see some aus for these hopefully in the near future. also, today’s my birthday!! it was kinda a sucky one tho because my dad was the only one in my family to wish me happy birthday, and the only presents i got are the ones i bought for myself, expect for one dvd i picked out in the store myself and my mom payed for. if i had known adult birthdays suck this much, i never would have grown up lol


MONSTA X Monbebe 2nd Generation Recruitment Package ~ Finally after MONTHS (literally; I ordered this like last Nov/Dec) it finally came in the mail today! My favorites are the photocard and ID and I’ll have to watch the DVD when I get the chance. The packaging is so adorable and everything came in great condition. Overall, I’m very happy I bought it.

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I don't know who else to talk to about it but I bought Beauty and the Beast on DVD today and finally got to watch it at home and cried all over again! I'm so happy Disney did it, it makes me so happy just like the old one made me feel when I was growing up ;u;

*cries forever*

i can’t wait to see it again!!


OnoD’s new mini album “Doors” was available for early pick-up today! After braving the crazy 35-minute line at the register (the first UtaPri Revolutions BD/DVD was also available for early pick-up), I could finally say, “Mission D(one)”!

Bought two copies, one at Animate and another at Toranoana for the poster (the purple one). I’m such a sucker for posters. >__< The big promo poster was a pre-order bonus at Animate.

The CD is great btw! I really like Doors which OnoD wrote. The moment I heard the piano intro I knew it was a good song. teardrops is another good one. I can’t wait to hear these songs live at Budoukan!