i finally bought the dvd today

so my mum, my brother and me bought Thelma and Louise on dvd like week ago and today we were gonna finally watch it and everything was fine like Brad Pitt was there (he did look a little too old but you know, who am i to judge) and everything. except we should have guessed something was wrong when David Duchovny shoved up and neither Thelma nor Louise did in like first 20 minutes but we figured since the last time we saw the movie was ages ago we must have forgotten something. then my mum and i fell asleep and i woke up to Brad Pitt brutally killing a man in a gas station bathroom with a knife and my mum was like ‘guys i don’t think this is Thelma and Louise’. at this stage we kinda wanted to know what’s gonna happen so we continued watching Brad Pitt going totally fucking insane and at some point my brother asked 'how long is this thing??’ and my mum grabbed the box and yelled 'i don’t know it has Thelma and Louise cover!!!!’ while Brad Pitt was kidnapping people and i was like 'DAMMIT THIS IS LIKE HE KIDNAPPED US!!’ anyway, we watched the whole thing and it was wild from start to finish.


OnoD’s new mini album “Doors” was available for early pick-up today! After braving the crazy 35-minute line at the register (the first UtaPri Revolutions BD/DVD was also available for early pick-up), I could finally say, “Mission D(one)”!

Bought two copies, one at Animate and another at Toranoana for the poster (the purple one). I’m such a sucker for posters. >__< The big promo poster was a pre-order bonus at Animate.

The CD is great btw! I really like Doors which OnoD wrote. The moment I heard the piano intro I knew it was a good song. teardrops is another good one. I can’t wait to hear these songs live at Budoukan!