i finally am watching yu yu

  • Nayoung: Yeonjung, please keep an eye on Sohye today. She might say something and get herself punched.
  • Yeonjung: Sure, I'd love to see Sohye get punched.
  • Nayoung: Try again.
  • Yeonjung: I will stop Sohye from getting punched.

Over the last few days, I mainly watched Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episodes only because I have never finished it and every time I tried, I usually forget but now I am on episode 140 something, only few episodes away from the 4th season and am excited to finally view it. ^^
The only reason I dislike GX is Jaden uses made up cards to win his duels. He would always have one card with bull shit effects to win as though the writers were out of ideas to use some real cards at times. Also, EVERYBODY FUCKING PLAYS POT OF GREED! It’s annoying that that card is banned :(.