i filtered it on ps im sorry

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HELLO! How do you make your game/pictures so neon-ish? Not sure if neon-ish is the right word but you know what i mean!! I really love pictures like that so much HOW DO YOU DO IT?! and IM FOLLOWING U 4EVR

AhhHH THANK U FOR STICKING, the main that makes my images so neon is Reshade (bless) BUTTT, I also use the photo filter button is ps (edit/adjustments/photofilter) and i set the colour to blue 82[The last blue one] (im sorry if this isnt that accurate, i’m on my phone)

NEXT, I also play with colour balance a lot, a trick I do is i make actions for different colour balances (ex. slight green, slight warm, purple blue)

AND, I also grab the brush tool and pick a colour very similiar to the light (make sure it’s dark),add new layer,  i paint over the light, and then select colour dodge, I add another layer, do the same but increase the brush size a bit, but this time i set the layer to screen and voila

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how do you make your gifs so noiseless?

hi im sorry i just saw this idk if u sent me this some time ago or 😣 but i use the reduce noise option in PS lol there’s an option to reduce noise when you go to filter - smart sharpen (i use the 2017 ver of photoshop, i dont rmbr if other versions have that or not) and i think normal blur or topaz clean works the same i guess