i filled two bathtubs with tears

I Can’t Save Her: Part 20

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Anxiety, Depression, Nightmares, Repressed Memories

Word Count: 1720

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Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: Y/N is getting closer and closer to finding out the truth – and hopefully finding Bucky in the process. Tags are at the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged.

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“Y/N,” Steve said as I rested my forehead on the cool glass of the window. I opened my eyes and blinked a few times to bring his image into focus. “You need to talk to me,” he added.

“I don’t know what to say,” I muttered miserably. It had been a few days since I had spoken with Fury. After speaking what I feared to be the truth I had become withdrawn – spending most of my time silently staring out the window of our room.

“You’re not eating, or sleeping. Listen, I know Buck leaving has been hard, but I promise we will get him back,” he reassured me. I scoffed at his remark and he seemed taken aback. “What?”

“What if…. For most of your life you believed you were a certain type of person from a certain type of family, and then suddenly you find out that everything you’ve thought is actually the opposite?” I asked in a tangle of confused words. It was difficult for me to adequately describe the confusion I felt to Steve. It was as if the person I was was being unmade before my very eyes.

“You’re not making any sense,” Steve said after a moment.

“It’s me.”

“What is you? Listen, I know you blame yourself about Buck but…”

“Don’t you get it?” I snapped as I turned to look at him. “It’s not just about Bucky… it’s about me.”

“Y/N,” Steve started.

“Just don’t. My parents were part of H.Y.D.R.A., Steve. Or at least… I think they were. How could I not remember until now? What’s wrong with me? Why would he want to stay if he found this out… if it’s really true,” I rambled on as tears threatened to spill over my lashes. I paused to regain my composure. I couldn’t let the wall come crumbling down now – not until we got him back – and I was prepared to do whatever was necessary to get him back.

Steve was silent for a moment. “We aren’t defined by our past, or the things we can’t control. Y/N even if it’s true – you know who you are and what you are and so does Bucky,” he reassured. The sentiment was kind, but it was lost on me. I already knew what kind of person I was and it wasn’t something that I could be proud about.

I was quiet as I contemplated my next words. Gradually I resumed staring out the window – I couldn’t bear to look Steve in the eyes. “For so long I’ve been so worried about losing him…. I never thought I would lose myself instead,” I added bitterly as rain pattered on the windowsill. Steve slid his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder. The act should have brought me comfort, but I felt nothing except the crippling paranoia that had snapped into place days ago. I closed my eyes and sighed before drifting into an uneasy sleep.

I woke up to the sound of shuffling paper. I noticed that I was laying in a bed, which meant Steve had carried me to our shared room. I opened my eyes as I turned on my side to see Steve sitting beside me thumbing through a file. He looked up and grimaced. “Sorry if I woke you up. Fury brought these by a little while ago, and I started looking through them,” he shrugged apologetically.

“It’s okay,” I yawned as I pushed myself up in the bed. “Er… how long was I out for?” I asked sheepishly.

“About six hours – you asked me not to go when I tried to leave so…” Steve shrugged. “I stayed.”

“Thanks Steve – I appreciate it. I think that’s the first time I’ve really slept since… well since Buck left,” I added sadly. “Can I look at the files?” I asked as I reached for one.

“Oh definitely,” Steve replied as he handed them to me. “I don’t recognize any of these places so I can’t make heads or tails of them – maybe you will have better luck.”

I flipped through several of the files that Steve had handed me. They offered nondescript pictures of different H.Y.D.R.A. facilities – nothing seemed to resonate with the images that had plagued my dreams. I was about to take a break when something caught my eye in one of the last files. I froze. The room was familiar – it was as if someone had extracted the room from my dream and photographed it. Everything fell away from me in that moment – the bed I was sitting on, Steve beside me, everything.

“Y/N,” I could hear my mother’s voice. It had been almost twenty years since I had heard that voice – but I knew it instantly. Her voice was urgent and her face was full of fear. “Hide, and don’t come out!” The scene faded. I could hear people screaming and a full barrage of gunfire close by as I helplessly huddled under a desk. My mother was yelling into a phone that the asset was out as soft footsteps approached.

“Y/N,” Steve’s voice broke into the haze of memories. I blinked stupidly and stared at him. I looked around the room confused.

“I don’t… how…” I looked at him confused. The folder I had been holding was a crumpled mess in my hands. I let it drop softly onto my lap. Every muscle in my body was tense and my heart was racing.

“You saw this picture and just froze. I wasn’t sure where you went…” Steve lapsed into silence – he was never one to pry into the secrets of others.

“I remembered something… This is it, Steve. We have to go here,” I said urgently as I looked up at him. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration as he took the crumpled file back.

“Well it looks like we are going to Austria,” Steve shrugged as he pushed off the bed and walked towards the door. I was going to follow him before he turned around and looked at me. “Y/N, right now you need rest. I’ll let Fury know and I’ll be back.” I laid back down on the bed – I wasn’t in the mood to argue and even with the sleep I had gotten I still felt remarkably exhausted.

I tossed and turned restlessly for some time after Steve had left. Even faced with exhaustion I was unable to find my way back to sleep. My mind kept finding its way back to the contents of the file that Steve has taken with him. The look on my mother’s face. The screams. Finally, I pushed myself out of the bed and made my way to the bathroom to take a hot bath. I felt dirty – like the residue of my recently surfaced memories was sticking to me, and it made me feel anxious.

I shed my clothes and slid into the tub as it filled with warmth. A sigh escaped my lips as I closed my eyes in a moment of peace.

“God I missed you,” Bucky’s voice hummed softly in my ear. We had just made love in the bathtub of our loft after he had been away. His hair was wet and plastered around his face as he kissed me sweetly and smiled.

“I miss you too,” I whispered as I opened my eyes. Two months. Two months and the thought of him still brought me to tears. Rationally I knew he loved me – at least in those moments we shared. I could feel it in the way he kissed me – the way he looked at me after being away. Since he had left I had tried so hard to not think about the tender moments – I just focused on bringing him home, but tonight… they flooded my mind. I felt overwhelmed and utterly alone. What I wouldn’t have done for a tender moment of affection now. I slid further into the water until I was completely under it and screamed with all my might. I needed to let it out – all of it. I couldn’t keep it all in anymore – for just a moment I needed to lose control. I pushed myself up and emerged from the water to hear Steve on the other side of the door.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” he asked concerned.

“Yeah, give me just a minute,” I replied as I pulled the stopper to let the water drain. I hurriedly dried myself and dressed. As I opened the door I was greeted by Steve’s anxious form hovering between the doorway and my bed.

“I thought I heard something,” he said relieved.

“I’m fine,” I reassured him. “I couldn’t sleep so I decided to take a bath to see if it would help me relax. What did Fury say?”

“We leave tomorrow morning,” Steve replied. He paused for a second as if he was unsure about what he wanted to say next.

“What is it?”

“Tony called Fury to see if you were here,” he said matter-of-factly.


“Oh is right. He said he had asked you to not leave New York because of an incident…” he continued. I could tell he was less than pleased with me. In all honesty, I had forgotten about this when I had originally left.

“That’s true,” I added. “What did Fury tell him?”

“He lied. Told him he hadn’t talked to you since the party on New Year’s Eve,” he added bluntly.

“Good,” I sighed – relieved that we could continue our mission.

“You have a warrant for your arrest so Fury is taking extra precautions to get us to Austria. If you come back … you’ll most likely be arrested as soon as we hit the ground.”

“I know,” I added as I laid down in my bed. “I’m going to try to get some sleep, goodnight Steve.”

“Goodnight, Y/N,” Steve responded as he turned out the lights and made his way to his own bed.

There were several scenarios playing in my head on how the following days would go, and some of them didn’t include me coming back from our journey, but I wouldn’t tell Steve – not now. I knew that somehow Austria was the clue we needed to find Bucky and I had every intention of finding him – regardless of the cost.


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get out | protective bestfriend!luke au

Protective!Bestfriend Luke: After you catch your boyfriend of two years cheating on you in your own bed, you are left with nowhere to go but your best friend’s apartment. After trudging through a storm to reach your best friend, an unexpected and unwanted visitor arrives. 

warnings: strong language, cheating

word count: 2500

You listened to the thunder roar outside of the isolated walls of your office. All you wanted to do was go home, but the storm that was brewing outside was preventing you from doing so. You had called your boyfriend, James, to notify him that you were stuck at the office and would be home as soon as you could. 

You were there along with a few other coworkers, but you were sick of their company and wanted to go home– but that wasn’t an option, so you put in your headphones and went into the break room alone. 

The storm continued for another hour or so, leaving you stranded at the office for that amount of time. It was now around eight pm, two hours later than you usually left work. The storm let up just enough that you could rush out to your car and get home as safely as possible.

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Please Don’t Leave (Don’t Jump pt 2)

Alrighty!! So i’ve gotten a few requests to continue my little story and so I shall. Please if you haven’t read the first part you really need to. It’s only best if you read everything so you’re not confused but feel free to leave questions if you have any. My inbox is always open.

Part One 

Also this is a bit long…I needed you guys to understand the story. So of course a build up. yup

This is dedicated to @lukekilledme30x for being awesome yup. (The first to comment)

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It’s been a year since…it happened. My family tried so hard to help me find him. Everything happened so quick I couldn’t remember anything that could give away his location. Just a bridge and the strong smell of the ocean. His eyes…


Since then my parents thought it would be best for me to explore the world on my own. So they sent me straight to college. 

Dorm room and everything. 

They hope that maybe i’d find him during school season. What i don’t understand is why they’d send me to the smallest campus in the world. 2,000 students in a town that’s not even a mile long. Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. Where the cows and sheeps outnumber the people.


After my last class I wandered home staring at the sky in hopes that by a miracle he could summon me back to him. But everyone knows for unexplained reasons that one’s true soulmate could only summon you once. 

Maybe I should summon him…

I stopped in my tracks. I turned my gaze across the open field of long grass to my little student house. I pulled my notebooks closer to my chest and stalked off into the open field. Away from the road and any curious eyes.

I knelt down besides a tree, hiding in the shade closing my eyes.


Bring him to me”

Please Please Please Please Please

The more time passed the more tears came. All those bottled up emotions and the “I’m fines” completely overtaking me. The long months of failing to find him. The whispers around my school of how sad it must be to not be able to find your one true mate.

Please…I’m so…lonely

A sudden movement crushed the leaves besides me

My eyes flew open staring at the noise

I let out a sigh

Jesus Christ Tia…Pretty sure he isn’t a deer…go home.

The deer stood calm staring than galloping away with its kin. 

Wiping my tears I began walking back home. Letting myself get lost in my thoughts like the clouds in the sky. 

I smiled opening the door to my roommates who I could hear arguing from two houses down. The smell of freshly baked weed brownies hit me like a train.

Jesus Cheeks…Do you ever take a break?

I laughed hearing the commotion between the towns most intelligent dealer (Chakira Woodlyn known as Cheeks) and my brilliant doctor in training best friend Teisa Tulsa. (Known as Tes)

They both turned to me when I closed the door

“Tes thinks I made too many!”

“Well you did! Now the whole block can smell it. Need I remind you weed is ILLEGAL here!”


I let out a laugh my mood instantly lifting. Holding up my hands to the lovely ladies.

“Isn’t Blake throwing that party tonight? By the bank? Just sell them there. We can leave all the windows open to air out the house while we’re gone. Calm it ladies”

Tes smiled

“Does that mean we’re all going to party?”



Cheeks smiled at me as we climbed up the stairs towards the booming music and cheap strobe lights. I gave her a fake smile trailing on behind her. Tes quick at my feet.

I’m surprised the cops haven’t been called

There was at least 100 people here scattered around the hallways and rooms, doing god knows what. I let out a sigh watching Cheeks work her magic. Tes got distracted by the beer pong across the room.

I turned towards the sink pouring myself a cup of water. I started taking sips watching everyone.

Hey at least we can go to Denny’s when she gets done selling

“Hey…you here alone? My names Brett”

I flinched staring at the man besides me.

“Sorry…I’m with some friends…so no”

“You look bored…I can give you something to be excited about” 

He gave me a smile that showed his perfect teeth. I’ll admit he was attractive. His dark hair and bright eyes probably won the hearts of dozens of girls. I’m guessing he plays football based on his Snow College varsity shirt and his height and build was made for a man who worshipped sports. 

Unless your name is Calum and you smell like the ocean go away

“…No thank you”

I turned away when he suddenly grabbed my arm pulling me back to him.

“Hey what the hel-”

He handed me my cup of water

“Don’t forget about your drink babe”

I stared at him a bit shocked.


I took a large gulp to hide my nerves as I headed towards the hallway. Trying to find the bathroom. I could hear the party falling behind me as i continued walking. 

When it hit me

Everything got blurry and I felt lightheaded. I stumbled forward holding my head. Feeling as if someone sucked the air out of my lungs

What the hell is happening? Is Calum calling me back? Thats impossible…

A flicker of hope sparked throughout my veins as quickly as it left when i saw him.

He spiked my drink!

Brett smiled at me. He stalked towards me. I tried to scream but It felt like my whole body was numb and every step felt useless. I stumbled towards cold tiled floors falling onto my hand and knees. I heard the door click behind me.

“Oh god…don’t do this! You’ll never get away with it!”

I crawled towards the bathtub losing my balance and failing in. My head completely spinning. He cocked his head to the side watching me. He chuckled

“Awe…but i’ve already have babe”

I struggled against his grasp as he pinned me down. My eyes focused on the faucet dripping on my forehead. His sticky breath on my neck


I closed my eyes feeling the tears fall. 



“Calum. You okay man?” 

Luke glanced at me holding his controller. His gaze flickering between me and the TV. Ashton and Michael looked up from their laptops watching me.

“Yeah…it’s just…it’s been a year sinc-”

“Since your soulmate saved your life? Yeah I remember.”

I closed my eyes. After my friends saw her push me off the ledge to save me they’ve always stayed 100% with her. I could tell it took a toll on them. My attempt but they wouldn’t understand I just wanted to see her. I needed to know that she was a real person. I’ve heard stories that if you touched death your soulmate would pull you back and it worked. 

I saw her and she saved my life!

I wonder if she’s even more beautiful than I remember 

I stood up staring at Luke

“Gonna head to the kitchen you wa-”

I stopped in my tracks. Feeling something dripping on my forehead. I shook my head staring at the floor as I felt dizzy. My vision cutting from my TV to a mirror in a unfamiliar lit bathroom.

“Calum? What ar-” Luke began but it cut off. Ashton stood up staring again at me. His eyes widen as my eyes flickered around the room

“What the hell is happening?”

“Grab him Luke!”

Luke sprang forward and my vision cut. 

I was suddenly standing in a bathroom I didn’t recognized. On the sink was a shirt…looked like a american football jersey with a bright orange “S” imprinted on it.



My whole body turned towards the bathtub and going completely in rage as I took the scene in. 

She was struggling against a shirtless man with tears streaming down her face. Her body completely covered by him, I could smell the alcohol. His hands trying to peel her clothes off

Her eyes met mine and I lunged towards him pulling him by the shoulder. He hadn’t noticed my summoning so it was a surprise when my fist connected his jaw.

“What the fuc-”

I grabbed him again pulling him towards the furthest wall from her. He push me back punching me square in the jaw causing me to fall towards the tub.

“Calum please!”

Her voice echoed in the back of my head as I stood back up tackling him right through the bathroom door. Taking down the frame as we both fell through. I had him pinned as I took one more punch knocking him out cold.

The rage in my veins pulsing through me as I gasped for a breath. My eyes flickered around the room. Everyone on the outside staring back at me in complete shock

My soulmate

I stood up wiping the blood on my shirt. Sending one more glance at the monster on the floor. I stepped quickly into the bathroom looking for her. She laid in the bathtub struggling to get up. Her eyes still filled with tears. I ran towards her crawling in. I wrapped my arms around her feeling her shaking in my arms. She buried her head in my neck holding me in a death grip.

“Please don’t leave me Calum”

Her voice shook


Two girls stumbled in as my vision flickered back to the ceiling of my home. Calling me back.

NO! Not now Please!

The girls knelt by the tub holding onto her arms as they realized me already drifting. I stared at the closest friend as my arms held Tia closer. My voice coming out hard

“Where am i?”

She stiffened sharing a look at with the other girl.

“Your Calum aren’t you?”

My gazed tightened

“You’re in Utah, Calum. Ephraim, Utah”

I gasped sitting up nearly knocking Michael out. The room still spinning as i took in my friends. The warmth of her body slowly slipped away. I was completely back home. Ashton was kneeling holding a phone to his ear

“No Mali-Koa…He just came back. I think you should get over here soon. He needs help” 

He clicked the phone leaning towards me. 

Luke and Michael shared concerned looks

“Shes in Ephraim, Utah”


Alrighty Guys!!!!! Wanted to know if you guys liked it? Was it intense or nah? Aha Well i just wanted to know if I should write one more part…showing them trying to find each other?

Also please feel free to send me some feedback. Anything helps. Much love!!

danielledreamsthedayaway  asked:

Hello lovelies! I loved this new story!! Could we get one in the Mondern AU or with Jamie and Claire in the 20th century? I know we had a shower scene when Jamie just came to the 20th century, but a joint bath would be nice...😚

The steam from the hot water filled the air, fogging up the mirrors and windows of the small flat. Jamie spun around in alarm—I watched in amusement as he circled the claw-foot bathtub.

“Where is it coming from, Sassenach?” he asked, voice full of panic and awe.

“Where does what come from?” I smirked, enjoying the curiosity he openly displayed.

“The hot water; it appears to come from nowhere! I dinna see a fire or pull system to get this vast amount of hot water up here!” He exclaimed, his hand digging into his curls.

Giggling, I watched as he examined the tub even closer with more suspicion.

“The pipes,” I answered. “See these metallic tubes?”

He nodded, eyes drinking in everything. “Well, they are the things bringing the hot water to this place. In the basement there is a giant enclosed tube we call a boiler, and it does exactly that, boils the water for us. So—”

“So when you twist these handles the water comes to ye!” He said excitedly, still studying the faucet as the water poured out.

“Exactly,” I agreed, nodding my head.

I walked over to him and pulled at his buckle, pulling him closer to me.

“Yes, and let me show you what it can do for the two of us.”

His kilt pooled to the floor in a heap, a cloud of dust billowed as his shirt and my shift joined the pile.

“I’ve had a bath before, Sassenach,” he whispered, cupping the back of my head, drawing me in for a kiss.

I grabbed his hand in response and, stepping gently in, I tugged him into the water with me. He let out a low moan as the heat thawed his bones.

“So this is what ye meant those years ago?”

My brow ruffled in response. I looked at him puzzled.

“Ye said the hot baths nearly won out.” I smiled, thankful for his long memory.

“I did say that, but I’m very glad they didn’t.”

Jamie smiled back, his hand softly massaging my scalp.

“Aye, I’m verra glad indeed they didna win before, but now…” he sighed, “I dinna ken how ye went without them.” He smirked and leaned back further into the hot water, relaxed.

I couldn’t help but smile at the peaceful look on his face. He was completely at ease.

“You know, there is another benefit to the running water.”

“Oh, aye, is that so, Sassenach?” He mumbled out as I stroked his calf, slowly working my way higher.

“Oh yes. For one, when it gets cold, all we have to do is turn the knob and more hot water will be at our fingertips. And for another…” I trailed off and found purchase on a most sensitive spot of his anatomy. “If you happen to spill the water out…” I teased him, stroking ever so lightly. “We can always refill it.”

Jamie let it a strangled groan of pleasure while I rhythmically squeezed, tugged and stroked him. His eyes flew open and he pinned me to the side of the tub, his own hand making its way to the center of myself. Never stopping my movements, only rocking with them and starting my own form of pleasurable torture.

“Mmm, Sassenach, I like it when ye make those sounds,” he said huskily as he swallowed yet another of my moaning gasps with a hard kiss.

“Don’t stop, Jamie!” I breathily moaned against his lips. “I need you inside me!” I cried, wiggling my hips in emphasis.

“Easy, Sassench. Ye’ll get an ending, just no’ before I have you completely at my mercy,” he growled.

I gasped as he began to nip and lick his way down my neck to my breasts. With each section of skin he touched, gooseflesh appeared in his wake. My nipples had hardened and he was sure to take his time with each, savoring as he sucked and bit. All the while, his deft fingers never stopped their torturous rhythm below.

When I thought I would burst from overstimulation, he replaced his fingers with his now throbbing erection.

My legs wrapped around him instantaneously, drawing him closer, and my fingers dug into his perfect ass.

“Now, mo nighean donn, ye are mine and I wilna let ye go, ever,” he said, each word punctuated by a thrust.

“No. You won’t lose me. You’re my heart and soul, Jamie,” I gasped out as his hit that perfect spot deep inside.

He smiled and leaned down, sucking my lip into his mouth and biting down ever so slightly. This kiss morphed into a languid, emotion-filled kiss that took over every nerve ending in my body. His thrusts slowed as the kiss deepened further, the feelings of happiness, sadness, relief and love pouring out of him in spades. I couldn’t leave him…

“And you can’t leave me,” I cried, clutching him closer, my breasts flush with his chest.

“Never. I couldna ever leave you,” He emphasized with a kiss and a strong thrust that sent water cascading from the bathtub. “Being parted from you would be like tearing my soul in two. I canna live that way and I wilna live that way.”

I stroked the wet, red ringlets that were plastered to his face, a soft smile spread across my face.

“Good. You  know now that I am just as yours as you are mine, no matter the time, no matter the place, I am always at your mercy,” I pulled his head down and kissed him, “Just as you are at my mercy.”

He stopped thrusting, causing me to whimper and squirm.

“I dinna care if I ever have a hot bath again, so long as ye are by my side. We could be sent back to my time tomorrow and I wilna complain, so long as ye are with me.”

I love you.

“As I love you, mo Sorcha.” I smiled not realizing that I had said it out loud. I didn’t care, I loved him and he was mine.

“Now, how about we finish what we started?” A wolfish grin spread across his face as he grabbed me and rolled us—never breaking our connection—to where I was now on top and he became partially submerged.

I giggled at the sight of his half-submerged face, his flaming red hair billowing out on either side of his face like a fan.

“Dinna laugh, Sassenach, unless you plan on moving sometime soon,” he groaned out. I leaned down and kissed his lips gently, savoring their taste.

I rolled my hips slowly, letting him sink even deeper inside. We both let out a groan as I swiveled and began moving faster.

The water rocked to its own current; waves cresting and crashing over our combined skin and over the porcelain edges of the bathtub. I couldn’t—I wouldn’t—care for anything in that moment other than Jamie and the intense pleasure emanating from him. The pleasure and love seeped out in each thrust, and it soon became too much for him. Jamie grunted and groaned, spilling himself into me, but I didn’t stop. His moans of pleasure morphed into moans of overstimulation, too much pleasure turned pain as I increased my movements, driving faster to my own completion.

I fell onto his chest as my body quivered from pleasure. We lay there in the cooling water panting, gooseflesh popping up over our exposed over heated skin.

“I am curious, Sassenach,” Jamie whispered, breaking the silence. I rested my chin on his chest so I could see his face and hummed.


“We didna get verra clean with this hot bath. Shall I run us some more hot water and we can try again?” He smirked, his eyes blinking in his unique version of a wink.

“So soon?” I gasped, as little sparks of pleasure still coursed through me from our still connected bodies.

“Aye, mo nighean donn. For ye always so soon.”

There Goes My Life

Pregnancy Series - Part 1 : Oops

A/N: so this is part one of my new pregnancy series!! I chose Mia for the bff’s name just ‘cause it’s one of my friend’s name. I’m so excited!! Let me know what you think! xx

*7 weeks*

“Two lines,” You exclaim hysterically through the bathroom door, throwing the plastic stick on the counter next to the other three tests you’ve already taken, “What the fuck am I gonna do?” You ask your best friend as she joins you in the bathroom.

“Well, don’t panic, maybe you’re taking the tests wrong,” She suggests stupidly, her eyes scanning over the row of used pregnancy tests currently resting on your counter.

“How stupid do you think I am?” You scoff, throwing your hands up in frustration as you give her your best annoyed look, “You take the stick and you pee on it, that’s it. There’s literally only two steps, how the hell would I fuck that up?”

“Okay, calm down,” She says, pushing you to sit on the edge of her bathtub, “Breathe, sweetie, everything will be fine.”

“I’m not ready for this, Mia,” You sniffle as tears begin to fill your eyes, “I can barely take care of myself, how am I supposed to take care of a little person?”

“You’re the most caring person I know, this baby will be so loved,” She whispers, sitting next to you, she throws her arm around your shoulder, pulling you in for a hug as she rubs your back soothingly, “Unless you don’t want it, there’re other options, you know.”

“No,” You shake your head, frowning as your mind wanders to all the possible options for your situation, “I can’t.”

“Okay,” She nods in agreement, both of you sitting in silence for a few moments before she continues, “Are you gonna tell him?”

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