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wHere does this discreditation for keith as leader come from anyway ? tbh space dad fanon is so gross .

I dunno, if some people out there are able to see Shiro as a fatherly figure or even a “daddy”, then that’s cool, everyone has their own interpretation. (I might be even a bit jealous haha) 

I personally see too much of Shiro’s vulnerabilities so its very hard for me to see him as any kind of parental figure when my reaction to his character is mostly “omg what the hell is he doing?? is he ok? is he eating right? is he sleeping enough? does he need a hug? a good back rub?” most of the time I just wanna wrap him in a blanket and kiss his forehead and tell him he dun have to go lead voltron if he dun wanna, and I like get super proud of him whenever he makes any kind of progress. Shiro is totally my space bby.

And even though I agree that Shiro has these strong parental feelings towards the paladins, he’s definitely more like the older brother that has to take care of his younger siblings after their parents die and has to sacrifice his youth for that… not that I think he actually has too, but more like he feels like he does. And hopefully one day he will get over it and will allow himself to be a little more carefree. (Cuz I think you can see Shiro wants to have fun and be young and also be more who he really is, but doesn’t really allows himself to (with a few exceptions ofcourse), because he can’t, cause you kno, he lived through shit, he’s not as innocent and clueless as the rest of them, he knows what they’re facing.

Tho I have to admit sometimes it’s a bit funny to me, because I watch the show with kids sometimes (I love introducing kids to voltron) and you got all these kids who are like 5-10 year old and they mostly just kinda see Shiro as one of the guys. Atleast from my experience they don’t really perceive him as a father figure or even see any kind of age gap between him and the rest of the paladins. He’s just “the leader guy” and he looks all muscular and serious cuz he’s “the leader guy” and therefore obviously has to be the strongest or something (and some of them are young enough to probably see a 20+ guy as a dad) And then I go on tumblr and there’s all these teens and twenty year olds who call Shiro dad and are convinced Shiro is like an actual father to the paladins and has like 10 year old age gap with them. But again every interpretation is valid as long as you remember not to force your own on someone elses and insist that it’s the only way to see things. Not all interpretations make sense.. but they’re all valid.

And I kinda blame the mullet for Keith’s discrediation haha, cause like he definitely acts like a leader (not a very nice one, but still a leader), but he just dun look the leader part. Like ofcourse the square jawed, hero looking, dorito build Garrison golden boy with the marines haircut is a good leader! But that guy with the dirty mullet who wears his collar up, lives in a murder shack in the dessert and sleeps with a knife under his pillow, he’s trouble! 

People are just being mullet prejudice

And Keith and Shiro always seemed kinda like a duo of leaders anyway. Like Keith is basically Shiro’s second in command. I dunno, to me atleast it always seemed that Keith is not at the same place Hunk, Lance and Pidge are. He’s a bit more where Shiro is.  even if it’s just him trying to be more where Shiro is. (they kinda have this thing of you know how like the sargent will always be a dick and his role will be discipline and the officer would be this very calm friendly angel.) Like if Lance didn’t say he and Keith were in the same class, id think Keith was closer in age to Shiro than to the other paladins just from the way he acts. I think I had this discussion before how LHK have a very highschool mentality, while Keith and Shiro have a military one. (He does get super childish and immature with Lance tho, Lance is like his weakness haha, thats like the only thing that gives him away)

So I think Keith being leader is like the natural choice, i’m not sure why it even had to be mentioned by Shiro. or why Keith is surprised by that… ofcourse the person that’s been basically acting like second in command all this time gonna take over. Who else?

Keith’s so funny with his “but why would you make me leader, Shiro?” as if he didn’t probably freaking put his everything into getting where Shiro is until now…

Like you can see him being all “good job, Lance! good to have you back on the team, Pidge!” and just giving orders and encouragements and taking control of situations left and right, and then he has the nerve to pretend he didn’t TRY and doesn’t actually aspire to be a leader. I dunno if it’s all just natural talent he never noticed he had and only Shiro can see… Or if Keith just really thinks that even tho he tries really hard he still sucks…  Probably the last one.

And I think that maybe “Keith, I want you to lead Voltron” is something he wanted to hear Shiro say someday and was working hard for it, but definitely not under these particular circumstances. Not because Shiro is dying or might die in the future, but because Shiro will see him as a capable leader and as an equal, because I think that’s where Keith has been trying to get. (although to me he’s still clearly the better choice for voltron leader) So I dunno, I think that Shiro’s request might have been a little bittersweet to him. Shiro should have left the “death” part out haha. (it should have been “Keith, im getting tired of this bullshit and occasionally need a break, and you’re an amazing leader so how about you take over for me for awhile sometime” but no he just had to be all morbid and dramatic about it..)

But yeah I blame the Mullet for people missing Leader Keith. The mullet got all of you fooled! 

Portal portal meets camp camp

Ava/blue: Sudden thought. What if the crossover between camp camp and portal portal went the other way around?? Pp!max who is in the middle of trying to fight daniel. Daniel causes a major malfunction with the portals. Next thing Pp!max knows he is finally outside. But just, pp!max being mistaken for cc!max trying to run away?? But the other campers are like,
“Your clothes?? What is that strange device you’re holding? You look like max but you havent yelled at us yet?? wHO ARE YOU?? Cc!gwen finds pp!max and drags him to camp (he appeared a little bit away from it).
Ollie: Poor pp!max has no clue what the hell is going on.
Onyx: Being forcefully grabbed and dragged away seems awfully familiar….
Ava/blue: Pp!max is just internally screaming.
Onyx: oooohh no! He isnt even sure about cc!gwen since she hasnt casted herself in a very positive light.
Ava/blue: poor pp!max is AMAZED and SHOCKED that he is outside. Be he is also freaking terrified.
Onyx: of course kinda predispositioned to behave around david. But gwen is a new factor entirely!
Ava/blue: its so many people at once. Plus the unwanted touch and OTHER HUMANS?????? Plus the emotional mess that is having to fight A GIANT ROBOT THAT WANTS TO KILL YOU.
Pp!max is on the verge of a emotional and mental breakdown. Someone save him pls.
Onyx: oh god if he hasn’t broken down already he definitely is right now. Of course since this is cc!david’s first interaction he’ll probably try to physically comfort pp!max but it makes it 100X worse.
Onyx: of course there is no moonrock floor to use the portal gun on so, and they are probably in a cabin. So there is no immediate escape.
Ava/blue: pp!max would probably kick all their asses if he wasn’t a mess rn.
Onyx: like a caged animal tbh.
Ava/blue: id imagine that the cc!crew would realize that what their doing isn’t working.
Onyx: since he’s been fighting for survival since day one
Ava/blue: so they give him space.
Onyx: gwen would probably notice first tbh, psychology major?
Ava/blue:^^^ YEP
Ollie: YES
Onyx: manhandles cc!david to back off and everyone else is just kinda standing there dumbfounded.
Ava/blue: everyone wont stop staring at pp!max and its starting to make him uncomfortable.
Onyx: probably cant stop looking at him because he shouldn’t be there
Ava/blue: how much you wanna bet pp!max is covered in scars?
Ollie: watch pp!max not even talk, but make small noises instead.
Onyx: probably even snarls.
Ollie: HAHA ohmygod he goes to base animalistic instincts and growls. They’d DEFINITELY know its not their max by then. They’d sooner think he and nikki traded bodies.
Onyx: anything to look threatening to these people he has no idea how to interact with.
Ollie: what if like. Nikki is the one to calm him down?
Ava/blue: OH MY GOD YES.
Ollie: because she has the whole interspecies communication thing. And can probably communicate beyond words.
Onyx: use submissive gestures to get her point across that she means no harm.
Ollie: HAHA she gets on the ground and rolls over
Onyx: no teeth baring
Ava: Nikki is just like, step aside. I GOT THIS.
Onyx: since our poor bean hasn’t really seen smiles save for those that literally brought them pain. He just doesn’t understand human facial expression that well.
Ollie: Nikki keeps her mouth closed when she smiles and after max warms up to her she goes to gently touch his arm. He pulls away uncertain..
Onyx: because teeth baring in literally any other species means a threat gesture.
Ollie: and she just nods and does it again and he sits there, taking in the she’s touching him, and he slowly calms down.
Ava/blue: nikki eventually softly hugs him.
Ollie: Y E S
Onyx: and it isn’t hurting and he can get away
Ollie: YEAH she totally demonstrates that he can break away first.
Onyx: lotta failed attempts before this of him shying away and putting distance between them, nikki lets him.
Ollie: and she yells at the campers who start to circle
Ava/blue: cc!nikki and pp!max is a brotp i didn’t know i needed until now
Onyx: they give him a separate tent to retreat to. Its empty, no one allowed in without permission since god knows this kid wasn’t allowed boundaries before.
Ollie: He’s comforted by nature because you know, too much technology. So he takes walks into the forest with nikki
Onyx: brings back all sorts of leaves and stuff back to his tent.
Ollie:!!!!!!!! So he and nikki have a need for nature that’s so cute
Onyx: he might even obsess over texture since he’s used to smooth white walls.
Ava/blue: tbh i highkey headcannon that pp!max tends to cradle his right arm, because he’s so used to carrying a portal gun.
Onyx: different leaves, pieces of bark and stones all litter the inside of his tent.
Ollie:… guys
Onyx: he likes to pick them up randomly to just examine and feel them.
Onyx: yeah?
Ava/blue: yes?
Ollie: when he finally decides to let nikki on she’s COMPLETELY HONORED.
Onyx: oh yes!!
Ollie: like her eyes get all wide and starry.
Onyx: she probably makes an effort not to touch anything tho. Wants to establish that it is his stuff and he doesn’t have to share it.
Onyx: that it wont be taken away from him….. like mr.honeynuts.
Ava/blue: awww because he never really got to have things of his own!! Personal belongings are nonexistent in aperture science.
Onyx: David might try to get him nice blankets and stuff. Nikki might actually tell him or he might notice that he likes different textures.
Ollie: AWWWWW! Im a sucker for hurt/comfort so like. Cc!David hurting for pp!max and trying to keep his distance so he doesn’t make him uncomfortable. And just being sad and asking nikki about him all the time.
Onyx: i’d imagine pp!max would favor really fluffy stuff like fleece.
Ollie: YEAH SOFT AAA, he’s never felt a soft! What is a soft?
Onyx: FLEECE PJS, also they might try to get pp!max new clothes. No more nasty jumpsuit.
Ollie: the first thing they try to do is get him a camper outfit
Onyx: he might even view it similarly to a jumpsuit
Ava/blue: his jumpsuit must be so dirty. IT HAS BEEN QUITE SOME TIME SINCE THIS BOY WAS CLEANED
Onyx: because it has a logo, and its practically mandatory to wear it. Over half the campers wear it. So he might wear it at first, but starts to piece it together as being a uniform.
Ava/blue: ok but, nikki and gwen slowly helping pp!max talk. And gwen figuring out what happened to pp!max through what little he speaks about it. And, what’s mentally and emotionally wrong with him.
Onyx: and scars
Ava/blue: they notice the scars early on.
Onyx: this bean needs a full on fleece pj set tho. He is wearing cloths. They might notice worser ones underneath.
Ava/blue: some scars are too clean looking (lazers) some are from bullets a few from being nearly killed.
Onyx: burns
Ava/blue: He’s definitely covered on bruises and cuts as well.
Onyx: acid is a hazard, he might have almost fallen a few times.
Ava/blue: absolutely!! There is no way to get through many tests without trial and error
Daisy: omg i love this….. what is cc!david’s first reaction to the scars?
Onyx: maybe whimper
Ava/blue: so many scars on such a small child
Onyx: probably paralyzed by so many past wounds.
Ava/blue: I feel like they would be wondering what would cause a child to act so feral and wild towards others and when they see the scars its just…….. ‘Oh’
Onyx: how do you think pp!max would react to the actual lake? The only large bodies of liquid he’s seen literally melt skin and bones.
Daisy: i wonder if max would super freaked out by people seeing his scars or just he’s so used to them.
Ava/blue: second option. He’s a lab rat essentially so he is definitely used to it.
Ollie: OH! He’s not used to others not being used to the scars. So they all gasp and step back a little and he tilts his head in confusion.
Onyx: he thinks there is something else wrong with him, i’d figure. Did he not do a good job? Did he break a rule?
Daisy: He sees them and he’s like ”……where’s your scars?“
Onyx: when he gets somewhat past being touched he might check nikki closer for scars.
Ollie: and she has none and he starts to sense something is up.
Onyx: Pushing up her sleeves, closely examining sections of skin for lasting damage.
Ollie: AWWW thought lets be honest, its NIKKI, she has SOME scars.
Onyx: but nothing like his. No too clean ones no acid burns. And most are relatively small and faded.
Ava/blue: pp!max’s scars are so much more fresh.
Onyx: do you think the labs were sterile?
Ava/blue: i would think so.
Onyx: hell he might be getting infections when he meets the cc!crew
Onyx: cuts without access to medical supplies?
Ollie: OH NO
Onyx: the laser wounds might not be as bad since they were cauterized.
Ava/blue: no access to medical supplies and no one to help him.
Onyx: he’d suddenly just feel so sick and not understand whats going on.
Ollie: and it’s like a time urgent thing so nikki has a lot of pressure to get his trust because they have to treat the wounds.
Onyx: god. Imagine how he’d react to his body fighting the infection! Pus in wounds is something he hasn’t seen before and doesn’t know it’s a natural reaction. Redness that gets worse and swelling that doesn’t go down.
Ava/blue: he would be so terrified
Onyx: dizziness, he literally thinks he is dying and could honestly be on the path to it.
Ollie: and then right when he trusts Nikki, she has to start treating him. And what is this liquid she is putting on his arm?? WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH??? WHY IS NIKKI HURTING HIM??
Onyx: he’d probably collapse due to dehydration because of his fever. Fever fucks with your system, makes you really dehydrated.
Ollie: ok but what if he and nikki have a COMPLETELY non-verbal argument. Like, he’s angry with her and shoving her away and she acts super submissive but then she gets angry too. And eventually she grabs him roughly by the arm and gestures to it. And he looks at it and realizes that he is healing.
Onyx: he isn’t as sick he feels better.
Daisy: AND HES SO SURPRISED “they…. they dont look the same.”
Onyx: heck he probably has crap immune system being in a mostly sterile lab.
Ollie: and he slowly looks back at her and she softly touches his arm just like the beginning.
Daisy: And she smiles “Their getting better max. We’re going to help you feel better!”
Ollie: oh fuck i just got a REALLY longwinded storyline.
Ollie: my brain just fucking completed a plot. Ok so like…

After a while he gets to know all the campers, they all understand how to gesture and understand him, david being the last of all. He slowly learns to separate GLaDOS david from cc!david. They get an understanding and he learns about all their personalities and they become close with him, but we’ve been forgetting about the other max. He’s in a lot of trouble at the facility. PP!max reveals more and more about the facility and everyone at camp becomes more worried then ever, guessing that is where CC!max is. They’re eventually able to put the facts together and nikki IMMEDIATELY starts a rescue mission to save cc!max. She’s about to go without pp!max, but in the last moment he grabs her arm, like she did for him and nods. She gives him a pointed look like “Are you sure?” He sighs reluctantly and squeezes her arm and she smiles.
Ava/blue: (does pp!max still have his portal gun?)
Ollie: (he could! It wouldn’t change the story i have in mind!)

When they get there, pp!max is their only navigator. He knows exactly where cc!max is being tested. The campers are there, using those crazy talents of theirs to pass through. But things get tough and eventually pp!max has to take the lead. He starts using what he has learned about the campers’ personalities against their respective turrets. He’s able to defeat their counterparts. Because he knows them.
Onyx:(god how horrified the others would feel when they meet their doubles.)
ollie: (HAHAH RIGHT.)

And he eventually gets to where cc!max is. He’s screaming at pp!david, as pp!daid is trying to talk to him and break his spirit.
“But Max, this is good for you! For us! For all of us? R i gHt??!!” /zaps/
Pp!max drops down to the floor in front of pp!david and cc!max.
Pp!david: “You’re back!! Oh wonderful!” Pp!max glares at him, and then boss battle ensues. The campers try to help but it is ultimately pp!max vs pp!david.
Ollie: though cc!David ends up in the fight.
Onyx: (cc!david would feel like absolute shit.)
Ollie: cc!David and everyone go and comfort cc!max while the portal portal two fight.
Ava/blue: (HE WOULD)
Ollie: eventually pp!max is able to defeat pp!david through something he learned about cc!david only when he was able to open up to him. Which in a way is unnerving to Cc!david but he’s also touched that pp!max?? Actually listened to him?? But in the last second as the facility is falling to pieces pp!max gets stuck under debris as the others are escaping. And as if it were a final act to solidify the trust, cc!david frees him and carries him to safety. The first time he’s actually made contact.
And then towards the end of it all, pp!max is now back at the camp with the others and cc!max is now traumatized much like the other max was, all the other campers go to help him and offer comforting words. But pp!max just waves them all off, he gestures to cc!max in a sort of “come on lets take a walk in the woods” way.
The end.


Ollie: imagine like- cc!david able to give lectures to his portal self. OHMYGOD WHAT ABOUT CC!DAVID WORRYING HE MIGHT BECOME HIS PORTAL SELF.
Ava/blue: OH M Y G OD
Ollie: “kids… im not… ignoring your needs am I?? Am-am I overworking you with activities?? Y-You know what?! Break time… no activities today” //hugs arms and walks into the counselor cabin.
Ava/blue: pp!max would definitely talk to david eventually as well.


I knew it (Camila Mendes x Reader)

request: Can you please do an imagine where the reader is best friends with Lili and crushing on Cami? Love your work!!


word count: 1644

Warnings: swearing? kissing.

A/N: My first request!! Thank you so much anon! Hope this was what you wanted.

(i don’t own the gif)


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You sat in the airport when your phone rang, you looked at the caller id “#1” it was your best friend, Lili. You answered the phone with a “Heyyyy girl!” and Lili let out a giggle “hey (Y/N/N),” she said, “when will you be here?” You looked at the time and told her your flight went off in 30 minutes, “okay, great! I cant wait to see you, i’ve missed you so much” she told you. “I’ve missed you too, i’ll see you soon, bye.” you hung up the phone and made your way to your plane. It had been two months since you had seen you best friend, she had been filming Riverdale, in Vancouver. Today was the day you would finally be reunited, plus you would finally get to meet her castmates, Cole, KJ, Madelaine, Ashleigh and last but certainly not least Camila. Camila Mendes, the raven haired, brown eyed, beautiful girl, she had really caught your attention in the interviews you had watched her in. She seemed so nice and caring and funny, and then she was gorgeous. In other words, you could not wait to meet her.
As you stepped out of your cap you saw Lili running towards you, right behind her was who you recognized as Madelaine Petsch and Camila Mendes, when Lili reached you she caught you in a big embrace “(Y/N) it’s so great to finally see you again” you smiled big and hugged her back “i’ve missed you so much Lils” you said and hugged her even tighter, it felt good to finally hug her again. You let go of each other and turned to the two girls standing behind you. “(Y/N), this is Madelaine and Camila, Madelaine and Camila this is (Y/N), my best friend” you smiled at the girls and got eye contact with Camila “hey” you said, the girls smiled back, then Madelaine opened her mouth and said “it’s great to finally meet you (Y/N), Lili barely talked about anything but you!” you laughed as did the other girls, “yeah, but i would like to add, she has talked only good about you” Camila added. “Well thats good, after all” you said. You stood in silence for a couple of seconds, you and Camila both looking at each other. “Well, would you like a tour of the set?” Lili asked you, “i would very much like that” you answered.
After a 30 minutes tour Lili said “well Mads and i have a scene in 15 minutes so we better go now, maybe you to can get to know each other?” she looked at Camila and you, “sure, that’ll be fine” Camila shoot you a smile, you smiled back. You loved the thought of some time alone with Camila. in the 45 minutes you had spent with her and the other girls your crush on her had only gotten bigger, she had been so nice and sweet. Lili and Madelaine walked away towards the hair and makeup trailer and left you and Camila to your selfs. Camila looked at you and smiled “so, what should we do? Are you hungry? What do you want to do?” you thought, “uhh, maybe a cup of coffee?” you said, she smiled big, “coffee it is then, there is this great coffee shop right down the street, i don’t know what i would do without it, its amazing for early morning shoots, or late night shoots, because they are open almost all day and night!” she looked up at you, you enjoyed hearing her talk, “oh god, I’m sorry! i tent to keep talking if I’m nervous and then people think i annoying and then… yeah see, i keep doing it!” you laughed, “i don’t think your annoying, and why would you be nervous?” You looked at her and she blushed, “you don’t? I think thats the sweetest thing anyone has ever told me!” she laughed and you laughed with her. But she didn’t answer your question about why she was nervous, you decided to let it go.
When you sat down at a table to wait for your coffee she asked you “so, do you wanna play 20 questions, or maybe just ask each other some questions?” You thought that would be funny, and you would get to know her better. “Sure, i’ll start. Who was your first celebrity crush?” you asked  her, she thought for a second then said “Rachel Bilson from the OC” and let out a giggle “without a doubt.” You nodded you head in response, “okay my turn” she said, “i hope this is not to straight forward, but what is your sexuality?” you smiled, you were totally open about your sexuality and maybe she asked because she was interested in you, just maybe, “i’m (Y/S)” you told her, she smiled big “i’m Bi” she told you, you nodded and smiled, this might mean you actually had a chance. The waiter came over with your coffees, you took your cup and took a sip, “you were right, this is a great coffee!” you said excitedly, she giggled “i know right, it’s your turn to ask me something.” You thought, “uhh, what was your first impression of me?” you asked, she thought for quite a long time then said “i thought you were very pretty, you seemed fun and nice!” You could feel yourself blush at her comment, “thank you.” you smiled “its you turn.” She smiled and thought, “okay here’s an easy one, when did you and Lili meet?” You thought, “we met in kindergarten, so that must mean we have been friends in 17-ish years” Camilas eyes widened, “wow, thats a long time!” you nodded your head in response, “well, i think Lili and Mads must be done soon, should we go back?” she asked you, even though you would love to spend more time with Camila, you had missed Lili and wanted to be with her too, “yeah sure.”Lili and you sat on her bed and talked and laughed, you had a lot to catch up on after all. You decided you wanted to tell her about your crush on Camila, “so Lils, there’s something i would like to tell you” you said, she suddenly turned serious, that was one of the things you loved about her, she could go from joking to serious in two seconds. “Yes, what is it?” she asked. “Okay so i’ve got this crush on someone and i need you help, i don’t know what to do about it!” She suddenly lid up, “omg are you serious? On who?! I need to know everything!” You laughed at her excitement, “okay, it might be someone from the cast of Riverdale” You decided to give her little clues, so she could figure it out herself. “Seriously?! I could help you with it then!” You laughed, “its a girl” you told her, she freaked even more out, “omgOMGomg! thats so great (Y/N)! We need to do something about it. But who is it?” You looked at you knees, then at Lili “it’s Camila” you told her, she let out a big squeal, “Yes! My best friend and my other friend, that would be so awesome! I would totally be third wheel, but whatever.” you looked at her “you know i would never make you third wheel, and I’m not sure if i even wanna do anything about it, i mean she could have anyone and I’m just… me” you said. “What!? (Y/N) you are the most amazing human being ever on this earth! Anyone would want you, and of course you are gonna do something about it!” You smiled and hugged your friend.
The next day you and Lili stood and talked, and Camila came over, “so” Lili said “i was thinking, maybe the three of us could have a movie night tonight?” You looked at Camila “yes, that sounds good!” she said, you didn’t have anything better to do so you agreed too.  “it can’t be at my place actually” Lili said, “maybe at yours Cami?” she asked. “Yeah sure, say 7 pm?” you and Lili both nodded. It was now 7:15 pm and you sat in Camilas sofa, but Lili hadn’t shown up yet, suddenly your phone rang, it was Lili, you excused yourself and walked away to talk to her. “What the hell, where are you!?” you whispered angrily in your phone, Lili giggled “i’m sorry, but i’m not gonna make it.” “Lili i swear to god!” “Enjoy your date” she said and then hung up. Goddamnit, typical Lili. You didn’t know if you were happy or scared about having this unofficial date with Camila, both maybe?
You walked into the living room again, “Lili’s not gonna make it, so it looks like its just the two of us” you told her, she smiled and nodded “looks like it, what do you wanna watch?” you thought, “maybe the notebook?” you suggested, “uhh! Cliche, i like it!” she said and found the notebook and started it. Halfway through the movie she moved a little closer to you and cuddled up next to you, “is this okay?” she asked, you nodded. Your heart knocked so hard you were afraid she could hear it. “I love this scene” she said and looked up at you, “yeah it’s cute” you agreed and looked her into her eyes. She moved her head closer and you did the same. Your lips met and your heart beat faster than ever, her soft lips moved against yours, you never wanted to stop this moment. you kept going for a couple of minutes, and when she pulled away she smiled. “I knew it, your lips are the softest ever.” Then she moved in for another kiss, and you happily did the same.

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Howdy, I just needed to complain to someone else because none of my friends watch SVU. So, we all know the episode in which Rafael was introduced. A thought just happened to pop into my mind while I was making my forth cup of tea today. What would have happened if Sonny had been there? What would Sonny do in response to seeing Rafael being choked like that? I've noticed that Sonny can be a bit... impulsive??? Sorry to bother you. I just- AAAAAA

Ah, no bother at all, sweet anon! :D

This is actually a really interesting question! I’ve never thought about what Sonny’s reaction would be to Rafael pulling that stunt if he had actually been there. 

Typically, I’ve just figured that, even in SVU canon, Sonny would’ve heard about the prosecutor who let himself get strangled to win a case through the news, especially as an aspiring law student. And because of that, his hero-worship crush on Rafael would’ve been even more inflated, because, “Wow, gee, this guy is awesome and I wanna be like him someday!!”

But, if Sonny had actually been there? If he and Rafael had been seeing each other at this point?

Oh, he probably would’ve freaked.

I don’t necessarily think that he would’ve like, pulled something in court while Rafael was cross-examining Cain (that was his name, right?), because a) he knows better than to mess with Rafael’s work in that way, and b) somewhere back in the logical part of his brain that isn’t freaking the fuck out, Sonny knows that Rafael is smart enough to never put himself in a situation where he might actually get seriously hurt.

But that doesn’t stop Sonny from almost having a full-on heart attack while watching that in the courtroom gallery.

And, omg!! What if in this scenario, Sonny isn’t there simply because he works with SVU and just happens to be Rafael’s boyfriend?! What if he’s there because he’s Rafael’s cute, law student boyfriend whose just made detective and wants to come see his super sexy, super amazing prosecutor boyfriend work his magic in court?!

So when a recess is called, and Sonny is rushing after Rafael to try and make sure that he’s okay, and Liv and Rollins are heading over to try and thank their new ADA, they see the caustic, uppity, ADA Barba who’s kind of an asshole on his best days, trying to softly reassure some young, skinny dude with the worst accent that they’ve ever heard that, “yes, sweetheart, I’m fine, it didn’t even make a mark, see?”

And when Rafael looks up from where he has a hand on Sonny’s waist, and sees Liv and Rollins watching them, he actually blushes?!

And he does pretty much the last thing that either of the ladies expect, which is introduce the young man to them, saying, “Detectives Benson, Rollins, this is my boyfriend, Sonny Carisi. He just made detective himself over in the Bronx.”, all with an arm wrapped tight around Sonny’s waist.

Rollins and Liv totally see Rafael’s arm placement as exactly what it is: protectiveness, and they’re starting to see that their new ADA might have a little bit of a heart after all.

A heart that is apparently in the shape of a sweet-faced, lanky, blue-eyed detective.

My to do list is getting too long omfg help (spoilers)

If anyone wants to use these ideas for their own fics pls do. <3

(Bolded are the new additions)


2B gets orders to kill 9S again but as she’s fighting him he’s yelling at her to stop, which is making it harder and harder for her to go through with it. She hesitates for too long and he stabs her on accident and is horrified, but she just smiles and hugs him, driving the sword deeper. She thanks him and tells him to run and be free before they send another E-unit after him. She quickly puts some memories in her sword before she bleeds out and he takes it and spends the next few days/weeks or something running before giving up and finding 2B after she got remade.

A2 actually tries to contact 9S and explain to him what happened when she killed 2B and gives him 2B’s sword knowing full well he might snap and try to kill her with it. He doesn’t, and instead breaks down instead and clutches it in his arms like it’s her. He has to fight his feeling of hatred for A2 because he’s still resentful she didn’t wait just a bit longer for him to get there. 

He’s still infected by the logic virus (which I believe he was infected the entire time, even before he stuck the 2B clone’s arm on his own) so he’s being driven forward by his hatred for machines and frustration that 2B’s memories are in her sword but there’s nothing he can do with it. Sometimes he puts the sword down and talks to it like she’s there.

A2 watches from the shadows even though there’s not much she can do to help him. He destroys the resource recovery units and enters the tower and fights the 2B clones. A2 gets lost and finds the library and a way to put 2B’s memories back into one of the clone’s bodies so she rushes to find 9S before he destroys all the clones or gets killed.

The virus is getting pretty advanced so he doesn’t believe her when she tells him he can save her, so A2 has to figure out how to capture one of the clones without 9S doing something he regrets. A2 successfully transfers the memories into the wiped clone and then they both have to hurry and figure out how to get the virus out of 9S before it’s too late.

Prompt: Toobs geeking out about cool swords sounds adorable

Prompt: Movie night in a post human world. Androids drawing right, wrong, and just plain odd conclusions from what they see. Could be written as couple dating too.

Prompt: Jackass visiting a memorial they set up after the end of the wars and the truth about YoRHa came out. Probably sad.

2B snaps after somethign bad happens to 9S (I’m not purposefully trying to be vague with this one, I just want to write her snapping and idk how to trigger it yet heh)

Open The Memory Cage:

  • 2B and 9S get word that they found where much of the Bunker had landed in the ocean and go out on a ship to hopefully recover anything important. They eventually start pulling up storage containers with YoRHa units stored in them. They successfully boot them up because they weren’t infected due to them being offline when the virus hit. They manage to retrieve some certain androids important to them too.
  • A “certain android” from the previous chapter finds an injured mama cat and her kittens and brings them back with her and 2B and 9S give in and adopt the small white one and name him…
  • “Filler” chapter: During the YoRHa recovery mission, 2B and 9S found spare copies of themselves and decide to bring them with them and store them for when 9S and the other surviving scanners manage to build a functioning backup system. But instead of putting them in a storage unit, they leave their bodies on their couch (Over time, the Resistance had been restoring the buildings around them into apartment complexes and 2B and 9S had moved into their own unit). Shenanigans ensue. (Characters will probs be OOC and probs won’t be “canon” to my storyline, but I wanna do it just because).
  • 2B and 9S happen to run across a previous 9S that managed to trick everyone into thinking 2B successfully killed him in the past. How will the two 9Ss react to seeing each other and 2B? The world may never know.  (In progress)
  • The 2nd 9S tells our story’s 9S about a third 9S that went feral. 9S decides to hunt it down without 2B knowing but is outmatched.
  • A2 starts hanging around the Resistance camp more now that 9S doesn’t want to kill her anymore (Even though he still isn’t too fond of her still) and she runs into 4S. She’s drawn to him since he shares the same personality number as number 4, even though she doesn’t want to get emotionally close to anyone. After telling 4S about number 4, it makes him realize something about himself too.
  • 9S and 2B get some leads to learn more information on the creation of YoRHa, 9S then learns about Zinnia and number 9 and what he did.

Gotta throw some smut in there too:

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Back by popular demand

I’m so sorry I said I would have this done by last Saturday night but I was away for the weekend and drove back home to Nyc (then I spent the week babysitting & being distracted re watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show) Anyway! It has been *too* damn long since I’ve watched Call the Midwife and done one of these commentaries™! I’m pretty sure I stopped once I got to the end of my semester/finals week & since I’ve been done for the summer time’s just gotten away from me but - lets watch 4.1 ..

dedicated to all of you ofc but this episode in particular for @beatrix-franklin <3 *cause she asked*

Lets get right to it

  • The credits already seem weird without the color 😂 wow
  • oh hello fresh baby welcome to the outside world
  • Patsy’s smile! omg so cute
  • “Earth is the smallest of magnificent things & the greatest of little ones”
  • Trixie messing up her eyeliner is me af
  • How with the awkward length hair she still is a bombshell? goals
  • the freaking milk man 😂 idk why it’s funny but it is
  • “What name is it?” “Well we thought Nicholas if it was a boy” LOL POOR NERVOUS DAD
  • “IT’S NOW OR NEVERRRR” was this the only time Elvis has played on Ctm?! cause that is Not acceptable
  • I just wanna hear Can’t ! Help ! Falling ! In ! Love ! With ! You ! Is ! That ! Too Much To Ask! ? Like it came out in ‘61
  • “Magic carpet midwifery service” she’s a charmer that beatrix
  • Imagine having a baby in a damn car yikes kill me rather die 
  • she said privacy the ¿American? Way and sounds so much better 😂
  • “Turn that radio down! You wouldn’t want to be reminded of this every time you hear Elvis Presley” 😂😭
  • Her knee in vomit bless u Trix omg, i hate vomit
  • I miss Sister MJ & Sister E’s little arguments 😂😭😭 r i p
  • “Bravo old thing!” AW CHUMMY
  • I miss her sometimes but ah well
  • Remember when Patsy’s hair was so pretty and not a fugly wig
  • I shouldn’t be talking tho bc I *still* don’t have a license
  • I wanna know what it’s like to sit on the other side of the car, someone fly me out to the UK
  • Sister MJ reminiscing.. my heart..gone
  • Lol Babs is on her way omg
  • “It might be unsettling to see friends replaced by strangers but everyone is welcome here and all must be cherished” 😭 we gotta remember this next series
  • Here comes Gilbert (psa I hate the headbands I’m sorry, I hate them on everyone)
  • Aw bby Shelagh
  • Like she had that pram all out 😂
  • The kids making go karts tis lit
  • Babs dropping everything I feel
  • If Sister MJ doesn’t greet you at the door did you really get to Nonnatus?
  • “Put down the bananas, they are superfluous to the situation” ICONIC
  • Shrixie interaction🙌🏻💖 my bbys
  • I need more in series 7 & preferably not work related
  • and yes if you missed it shrixie is officially a thing
  • Ah Gary and Coral breaking my heart
  • “Some months ago Dr Turner and I adopted a baby girl” 😭😭
  • Sister MJ snatching the biscuit is also me
  • DR SPOCK 😂 truly the 60s
  • “Americans are foreign, they do it all different” hey but we used to be British tho
  • And yes we can indeed get evaporated milk here, how would you make flan without it?
  • Ah it’s fine, my mom didn’t breast feed us & well at least my brother is good😂
  • Hey look Shelagh in a cardigan, surpise
  • at least it’s not blue
  • “I read it in the lancet” Alright smart boy. Plot twist if he doesn’t go to med school
  • “We’ve got wet rot and dry rot at home” LMAO BARBARA
  • Now I wonder whose handwriting that note is
  • “Well I’m allowing it” that’s my gal trixie
  • Chin chin 😉🥂
  • I wanna drink with the nurses, I wanna be their friends : concept, the nurses party with me at penn state and we fight nasty frat boyz and steal their disgustingly warm beer
  • The silk pyjamas👏🏼 I need
  • Pats and Trixie dancing ✨ I miss & will continue to miss their friendship
  • it’s ok, we’ve all been there :)
  • “Good giddy aunt!” My new catchphrase
  • Barbara’s truly white girl wasted
  • Trixie asking Fred for a milk basket💔
  • “This love will lasttt” strictly bops on ctm
  • lol Barbara is less clumsy now at least, character growth😂 :’)
  • “Putting on a brave face - I know what it feels like” oh trix I feel bby💔😭
  • I feel like sister E would’ve had a love-hate relationship with me, if you know I was there and this was all exactly real
  • “You’re a midwife, not a can can dancer”
  • larks in the parks ay
  • gary pouring the milk through the mail slot kills me 💔
  • Shelagh’s dress here was cute, I don’t think she’s worn it since ??
  • it’s fine looks like she’s got a new turquoise outfit this year lol
  • hey my cousin was born 33 weeks, oh wait I think 32 actually
  • Is that the mucus extractor
  • “Everyone has to have something that makes them happy” oh gary😭
  • aye bendito he said he’s shamed he smells omg
  • * one moment *   // ok never mind my cousins just face timing me to rub in my face that she’s in Puerto Rico And I’m not
  • Omg I wanna cry these poor kids 💔😞
  • The only bright side is some Shrixie 😭
  • Anytime Sister MJ says it’s something she can do I wanna cry
  • Please give me a scene of Sister MJ playing with Angela 😭 she’s a gem and so cute with kids
  • bye I’m cryin
  • Maison Trixie 😭😭
  • More Trixie interacting with children as well pls even tho I’m cryin
  • Aw Patrick bringing Shelagh tea “this house is so full of love” I LOV U
  • stupid Netflix cut this scene
  • Sister MJ spotting Sister E in pain omg my heart
  • “I don’t like to see sad faces” THERE IS SOMETHING IN MY EYE
  • You don’t forget what it’s like to be putting on a show..”  IM DROWNING IN MY OWN TEARS 😢
  • Good work Babs for the breast milk pumping idea, v proud kid
  • What a bitch. I know you didn’t ask for this & they wouldn’t tie your tubes but you didn’t have to neglect your freaking kids w t f
  • makes me so angry
  • Tom proposed omg I forgot
  • they weren’t right for each other but they were pretty damn cute😭 but they’re together irl and it’s great like What an attractive couple #jelen😻
  • Yass Shelagh the navy suit work it gal, show off that figure
  • wonder what the post pregnancy wardrobe is lookin like
  • “Put your head on my shoulderrrr"🎼
  • Split up and sent to Australia! they deserved better😭
  • Sister MJ and food is the actual best relationship on the show end of story
  • “Joy is not felt less exquisitely because the moment flys and if we can taste it, we know that we are blessed” 💛


LEGION Recap: 1x05

Well catch me laugh-whimpering to myself for days after watching THIS ONE, woof. Legion does horror, Tarra done lost her mind.

Season 1, ‘Chapter 5’

Fall has come to Summerland.

Rain is pattering through the evergreens, which have been slowly dropping loose needles and branches on the MRI machine in the lawn, making it start to look like some old Dharma Initiative pod. Appreciated.

Cary watches with intense anxious focus as they bring Kerry in on a stretcher. “Oh careful careful,” he whispers to himself. How about be careful with my HEART, Cary. This unendurable sweetpea!

Like a taut string has suddenly been cut, he wheels around and into his lab to help them in. The audio goes muffled immediately, the first of what will be many sound manipulations in this, A Very Auditory Episode.

“David,” Melanie calls through the hush a few times, until he walks over to where she’s standing on the other side of the glass. “I met your husband,” he replies in his mind. Oh BABE, you can send now! Oh my cracked little Xavier. “He’s a…Beat poet?” David asks curiously, but Melanie just gives him a sort of inscrutably terrified expression and glides off stage left.

Actually come to think of it, the fact that Oliver and Melanie are married is bewildering and wonderful. Hahahaha.

Later, Syd finds David sitting alone on a dock, as they so oft do. Two points of interest:

1. This dock is way crooked now, oh fuck me up with this MAGICAL REALISM. The season changing and now all this structural weathering — the sense that so much has happened in the seemingly week or so since David has left Clockworks that the environment is reflecting it.

2. In a whole run of incomprehensible outfits, this is easily David’s best look yet, omg, what is happening, I’m delighted.

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teacher!au / junhui

Originally posted by howona

part 4/13 in the teacher!au series

other parts: s.coups / jeonghan / joshua / jun / hoshi

(note: s.coups is found on my main)

more notes at the end!

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astronomicalspacegay  asked:

Hey I was wondering if you'd rec me some of your favorite klance fics? :)

Sure! I’m going to rec stuff I don’t usually see rec’d just cause these fics deserves more love than they get. Also! All of these are complete. I love a lot of on-going fics and if you want I can write another list of those, but I figured I’d start with the completed ones. 

never saw you coming by dimpleforyourthoughts 

Three months in space on his own would have been fine. Three months in space with Lance McClain is a whole other fucking story.

Notes: If you haven’t read this, you have to. It is one of the best fanfics I have ever read. Period. 

own little, pack light by lein

His name sounds nicer now, echoed in the metal walls of the castle, warmer and more natural, like it isn’t a cruel joke he’s force-feeding the world. Keith likes it more, sounds it out in his bedroom, wraps his mouth around it like it’s important.

He’s Keith, the red paladin, a defender of the universe. Shiro’s beside him and so is Lance. So are Pidge and Hunk, Allura and Coran. This, he thinks, toes curling in his boots, this is a family.

This is more of a family than he’s ever really had.

He likes it.

Notes: This is just beautiful. Beautiful writing. Beautiful character development.

Garden of Beginnings by needchocolatenow

Hunk gets a criminal record, Pidge might have blackmail on Keith, and Shiro’s wondering what happened to his shirt.

Keith and Lance fall into each other’s orbit and keeps falling.

Notes: One of the best canon-Klance fics I’ve read.

Warmth by Rahar_Moonfire

Lance is Allura’s younger brother. During the mission to retrieve the Red Lion from Galra hands, he gets captured. His guard is a curious Galra halfbreed named Keith who may just be his ticket to freedom. He’s a bit small for an alpha, but Lance is sure he can handle it. A little flirting never hurt anyone after all. The fact Keith is good looking for a Galra and those ears wiggle (so cute!) doesn’t influence this decision. Nope. Not one bit.

Notes: Altean!Lance is like my jam and butter. It is also a rewrite of the series and has a sequel that updates frequently!

got got got it bad by kairiolette

Keith acknowledges his feelings for Lance and promptly goes through the five stages of grief.

Note: The original pinning!Keith gospel.

Making the Most of the Night by saezutte

Having sex with Keith in order to secure an alliance with an alien species wasn’t how Lance expected to lose his virginity, but it wasn’t the worst way for it to go.

(Until afterwards, of course, when it all goes wrong and Keith won’t speak to him. Not that Lance has any idea why. Or why it bothers him so much.)

Notes: This is explicit, but if you’re not comfortable then just scroll past the sex (it’s at the beginning) cause the best part of this story is in the middle. 

wanna be known by you by canlah

Sometimes Lance feels like he’s been stained blue, the colour of his lion seeping through his skin as he chokes on cold stardust, and he is drowning in waves of blue, blue ocean. Lance has never been afraid of the ocean before.

He rolls over and turns off the lights. He doesn’t sleep.

Notes: Lance deals with depression and its just really well done.

with quiet words I’ll lead you in by strikinglight

“You were screaming,” Keith tells him. “I heard you through the wall.”

That wall, Lance wants to point out, is supposed to be soundproof. It shouldn’t let you hear anything, no matter how hard you listen. What he says instead is “I can’t breathe.”

“Take it slow.” Keith’s voice is steady, but as Lance’s eyes struggle to focus his face is a blur. The image goes shaky and then comes clear, shaky then clear, like looking into water. “Pretend it’s low tide. Tell me about the ocean again.”

Notes: Lance deals with emotions. Keith is there for him. 

The Ballad of a Dove by hollyandvice (hiasobi_writes)

Lance loses a leg. The team freaks out, but he keeps a relatively cool head. The result goes against everything the team wants to stand for, but if it has the potential to keep the universe safe, then they have no other choice.N

Notes: This series just fucked me up. Like omg. It gets better. Sorta. But wow!

Original Imagine: Isaac gets kicked out into the rain by an angry Derek, and with no one else to turn to, he finds himself walking to your house, late at night.

Author: Isis (I’d like to stay anonymous.)

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  1571

Warnings: Smut, Oral Sex (Male on Female)

A/N: Hey guys! This was my first time writing smut, so sorry if it’s rubbish. Hope you liked it. c: (I WROTE THIS WAY BACK IN JUNE 2014 OMG I JUST DIDN’T SUBMIT UNTIL NOW. HERE YOU GO.) 

“I was wondering if I could, uh, ask you a favor.” Isaac says quietly. You look up to see Isaac drenched in water, his plump lips looking a bit blue. His lashes were coated with a couple of drops of water, and his hair was plastered to his forehead. You tried not to focus on how freaking attractive he looked, and cleared your throat.

“Of course, anything.” You say, managing not to choke over your own words. He smiles, a little, not too much.

“Can I stay?” He asks, after a pause. You watch him with worry in your eyes.

“I thought you stayed with Derek.”

“Apparently not.” Isaac replies. You get up, walk over to him, and softly touch his arm.

“You’re cold.”

“That’s what happens when get kicked out in the freezing rain.” Isaac answers, laughing softly. His breath hitches as your hand doesn’t move. You notice, and quickly jerk your arm away. 

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!!!! Guess who has another hc lol !!!

well its more like an au rather than a headcanon but i just thought i’d share it-

so i was thinkin’ of this in the shower and u know that soulmate au where the first word(s) your soulmate says when u first meet them are marked on your wrist well in this one it goes by age so like it doesnt just show up right when you meet them (this is only for the sake of the plot of the story idk if its an actual thing or not riprip)
and the age where u get your mark is about middle school/junior high right
so this is a matsuhana au and makki is like one of the first ones in his class to get his mark and he’s all hyped and stuff abt it
but all his mark says is “i’m so sorry” so he’s a little distraught because its such a common phrase and whenever somebody says those words to him he has to like lowkey check the other person’s wrist to see if what he said when he first met them was on the other person’s arm
every single person he has confronted even up until his first year of highschool he has found out that they arent his soulmate
and so highschool rolled around and he was stiLL trying to figure out who his soulmate was
mattsun still didnt get HIS mark tho bc he’s what other people call a “late bloomer” meaning his mark didnt show up in junior high
makki is always encouraging him and stuff like “dont worry dude you’ll get your mark soon i promise it”
but makki was On A Hunt himself and so one day he was just daydreaming while walking across the street and he bumps into this girl and her immediate response is “i’m so sorry”
and makki just thinks “eh its another one” so he lifts up his wrist and shows his mark and says “hi”
and the girl starts freaking out because she lifts up her wrist too and right under her palm it says that two-letter word
and so they both start freaking out in the middle of the street and then go into a nearby store to talk and stuff
apparently the girl hasnt found her soulmate yet either
and so they’re like “wow okay you seem chill i sense a connection here this might just be it”
so they exchange numbers and stuff and right after his confrontation makki goes straight to mattsun and mattsun has a fe e li n g in his stomach when makki tells him all these things but he doesnt know what the feeling is/means so he ignores it
and so makki and this girl start dating right and mattsun is the bestest most supportive best friend ever like “yea you go man there he is that’s him that’s my bestie over there with his girl”
but still he feels that something is off and he cant quite place it, and it just makes him lose his mind whenever he thinks about it too much so he just brushes it all off
and then mattsun gets his mark, and right when he gets his mark he knows he’s fucked
like he was just chillin’ in his house one day when his skin started to itch like crazy out of nowhere, and so he started scratching his skin, and lo and behold there was one word right under his palm
and he just fucking loses it
he cries and cries and cries until he cant even make tears anymore because now he knows why he felt the way he did when he saw makki and his girlfriend together
now he knows what all those negative feelings meant
and so mattsun tries to explain this to makki but makki doesnt understand, makki thinks that mattsun is just jealous because his mark hasnt shown up yet, and that hurts mattsun even more because he DOES have his mark but makki just wont LISTEN to what he has to say and his mark is apart of a memory that both of them were supposed to cherish forever
the memory of the day they first met
mattsun was playing kickball in the park one day with a bunch of other boys and he accidentally kicked it too hard and so the ball hit tiny makki like square on the face, and as mattsun went to go get the ball he shouted “i’m so sorry!” @ makki
and makki, ever the one with a filter, looked up at mattsun’s face and immediately whispered, “caterpillars”
and it was at that moment that they became best friends 5ever
and so Back To The Present mattsun is very hurt and he tries to defend himself but makki, being hella dense and stubborn, does not want to hear any of it so he’s like “okay you know what? i think we need to take a break, maybe figure this all out, and when you find out what your mark is we can talk again. okay?”
but mattsun just exPLODES like he says all this mean shit and stuff to makki because makki just woNT LISTEN and ofc he doesnt mean any of it he was just pushed over the edge, but makki doesnt know that
and so makki just decides that he has to cut it off with mattsun before anything else between them gets seriously damaged
so makki just stops hanging out with mattsun and stuff and mattsun thinks its for the best, they boTH think its for the best but it really isnt because mattsun had literally Just found out who his soulmate was only to not be able to see them anymore, and makki thinks he’s more depressed than usual bc he misses his girlfriend but really its because of all the time he’s been avoiding mattsun, and mattsun is just Torn Apart by the idea that he not only lost his soulmate but also his best friend, and everything is just rlly sad and angsty between them
and then makki’s girlfriend breaks up with him because she finally found her real soulmate, and you’d like knOw if u found the Real Thing
when makki asked what he did wrong she said he didnt do anything wrong, if anything it was her because she knew he wasnt her soulmate, and yet she just went along with it because she was afraid she would never have found her actual soulmate
and so makki is so heartbroken he goes to the first person he thinks of, which is mattsun
and just like that mattsun accepts him and they cry together and hug and tell each other how stupid they’ve been and overall they just make up
and then mattsun brings up his mark
like they’re hugging and stuff and being affectionate and he out of nowhere asks makki “do you remember the first day we met” and makki was like “you mean that time in the park when we were five and you hit me in the face with a kickball lol yea” and so mattsun shows makki his mark and all the gears in makki’s brain start working into overdrive and all of a sudden he’s crying again, they’re both crying again but this time its tears of joy and relief
mattsun is laughing at makki like “i tried to fuckin tell you but ur stubborn ass didnt wanna fuckin listen smfh” and makki is like wiping tears from his eyes and he says “i’m really fuckin petty arent i” and mattsun is just like “the pettiest of them all”
and so right after that they decide to watch movies and cuddle and stuff and then they officially got together the next day

aaannnd that’s basically all i have for this one, i didnt realize it’d turn into such a long post i think my mind just went off on its own for this omg
i hope u liked it and if u actually read up until this point i congratulate u tysm for reading all of that lmao and also i’d love to hear your opinion on this, whether its an ask or a response or even if its just in the hashtags (bc i literally check All the reblogs to see if there are any interesting hashtags yes i am That Person™) peACE OUT BECAUSE I DONT KNOW HOW TO END THIS POST LMAO👉😎👉
The Half Life Treelogy Led Me to Drink

Okay the title isn’t totally true. I’m a plastered piece of shit all on my own. #SaltyPalsClub

There’s already been a lot of talk about the disgusting Bury Your Gays trope, and while it’s so important to talk about (seriously so important), I personally feel Make-You-Salty Green fucked up Half Lost for numerous reasons far beyond that.

So over the period of several drunken nights I put together this extremely long rant. I’ve been told it’s “funny” (by two totally unbiased people who definitely aren’t my friends). So maybe I can make you laugh through your endless tears of disappointment.

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Sickies Stick Together (Liam Dunbar)

anonymous asked:

Liam gets a cold and you take care of him and get it too and a bunch of cute and fluff

Imagine: Liam get’s sick and you have to take care of him.

Word Count: 1317

Trigger Warnings: None

(Hope you enjoy! I had a fun time writing this haha. Stay tuned for a Derek Hale imagine tomorrow!)

Text from:

Hey babe, I’m sick today so I won’t be at school. I’ll see you soon. Love you❤️

You frown at your boyfriends text. You text back:

Hey guess what? I’m not going to school today either. I’m *cough* *cough* sick. 😏

You tell your mom you are going to walk to school today but really, you are going over to Liam’s to take care of him. Don’t worry, puppy dog eyes will help you not get into to much trouble. Liam’s house is only a block away from yours.
Once there you don’t even knock you just walk in.
“Liam? You here?” You hear sniffling from the living room. You close the door and walk over to the couch. There, your boyfriend sits with about a million blankets wrapped around him and a box of half used tissues on the coffee table. He was watching some cartoon on TV. You stifle a giggle. Startled Liam turns around.
“Oh my gosh. (Y/n) you scared me half to death. What are you doing here?” He says in a nasally voice.
“Did you not read my text? I decided to skip to take care of you.” You say and walk around the couch so you could sit next to him. You place your hand on his forehead to take his temp.
“Oh my gosh Liam you’re burning up!” You exclaim. He smirked.
“I know I’m pretty hot. Thanks for noticing.” You roll your eyes.
“Whatever. I’m going to get you some Tylenol.”
“First cabinet-”
“I know on the left, beside the microwave.” You say. You could sense his smile from the other room.
“Okay, I could only find the liquid form, so-”
“No. I’m not taking it.” He says. You groan and march over to him.
“Liam it is literally just a teaspoon of it.”
“It’s grape. Your favorite fruit.”
“NOPE! (Y/n) you know that those taste NOTHING like the actually fruit!” He exclaims while pointing a finger at the culprit. You sit next to him.
“Liam. I am going to pour this medicine onto a spoon-”
“The, I’m going to tell you to drink it-”
“Then you’re going to drink it and feel 10x better.”
“No. I’m not doing it.” He refused. You fling yourself into him.
“Please Liam! Do it for me!” You exclaim and give him the puppy dog eyes. Those always work. He tried to look away but he couldn’t.
“UGH! Alright fine. But I’m going to hate you for this afterwards.” He grumbles. You smile and shake up the purple liquid. You grab a spoon and pour the medicine to the rim of it.
“Okay Liam. Three, two, one!” You say and shove the spoon into his mouth. He makes a disgusted face and swallows it. He breaks out of his cocoon and grabs his glass of water and downs it in one sip.
“You need more water?” You chuckle. He leans back and nods. You put the Tylenol back and refill his cup.
“See now your fever will go down, and it will help clear you up a bit. You’ll be better in no time.” You put the glass on the table and sit right next to him.
“Would you like to join me in my cocoon of warmth?” He asks and opens up his blanket shield revealing his pajama clad body. You nod and scoot closer to him. He wraps the blankets around the both of you and you rest your head on his chest. 

“Liam, if you don’t mind, I might try to sleep. I’m kind of tired…” You say trailing your sentence.
“Fine by me. I might try to sleep as well.” He readjusts your position so that he is leaning against the side of the couch. This makes it to where it is easier for the both of you to stretch your legs out.
“I love you Liam.” You mumble into his chest.
He kisses your head.
“I love you too (y/n)" 

A few hours later you wake up to a phone call.
"Ugh-it’s your phone.” Liam groans. You groan as well. You look at the caller ID.
“It’s Stiles.” You say and answer it.
“(Y/n)? Finally you answer! I’ve tried to call you and Liam like 5 times each. Where are you guys?” He asks. You roll your eyes.
“I’m at Liam’s. He has a cold so I came over to help him out and keep him company. But we ended up falling asleep.” You explain.
“Okay good. Scott was just freaking out a bit. He thought the Doctors got you guys.” He says with relief in his voice.
“Right. Scott was freaking out. Bye Stiles.”
You rest your head against Liam’s chest.
“What did he want?” Liam asked as he played with your hair.
“He was worried about the dread doctor stuff. He thought that we got taken by them or something.” You say.
“Oh. I see. Well, should we go back to sleeping?”
“Yeah. I would suggest make out but, that won’t be on my list of fun things to do with you for a few days.” You grin and close your eyes.
“What’s that suppose to mean!” Liam grumbles before falling asleep too.

You awoke again a few hours later. Liam was playing with your hair.
“Sleep good babe?” He asks you. You nod. You sit up and stretch.
“You hungry?” He nods.
“I’m going to make you chicken noodle soup.” You say.
“From scratch?!” You laugh.
“Haha no. From a can. I’m not that good at cooking!”
You go into the kitchen and get a bowl to put the can of soup in. After heating it up for a few minutes, you grab a spoon and head back to the living room.
“Okay Liam, here’s some-ACHOO!” You sneeze.
“Did you just sneeze into my soup?” He scoffs.
“No. But I was close too. Sorry.” You grin sheepishly.
“Good. Because I’m really hungry. I hope I didn’t get you sick.” He chuckles. You roll your eyes.
“Yeah I hope so too. Hey I have to run babe. My mom will be home here soon. I’ll come over tomorrow. I love you.” You say and give him a kiss on the forehead.
“Okay, I love you too (y/n)” he said as you left his place.
Once home you explained to your mom what happened and she was fine with it. She realized you only wanted to help him. When you went to bed, you started to sniffle a bit but didn’t really think that much of it. The next morning you wake up with a pounding headache and coughing. Your mom tells you to stay home from school. You don’t even bother with clothes or hair, and head over to Liam’s in your pj’s and flip flops.
“Liam,” you say in a nasally voice.
“You got me sick.” He see you and laughs.
“I’m sorry babe. Wanna join me? In watching Adventure Timeee” he says. You smirk.
“Hello? We tried knocked but decided just to come in. How are you feeling- HAHAHAHAHAH OMG (Y/N) IS SICK TOO!” Stiles laughed. 

Everyone else stifled laughter.
“Ha. Ha.” You deadpanned.
“I’m so sorry, but this is just the most adorable, and funniest thing in the world. I have to get a picture.” He said. Lydia rolled her eyes.
“We decided to come over and figured (y/n) would be here with you. We wanted to help her take care of you. And I guess, now the both of you.”
Stiles took his pic. This was a great moment with your friends, even if you and Liam were both sick. 

“You guys are Sickies!” Stiles exclaims, thinking he came up with the most cleverest thing in the world.
You and Liam grab hands.
“Sickies Stick together.” He whispers to you.
“Together, forever.”

(GIfs arent mine Creds goes to creators)

Ghosty Kisses

Written for @katrinawritesthings‘ polyquest! Also on ao3!


Rating: PG-13

Pairing: jongho, jongkey, jongyu, kinda jongtae

Summary: based on the prompt “someone moves into a new house and they knew there were ghosts in there bc they can see ghosts but they didn’t know they were obnoxious mushy romantic assholes that won’t stop making out in the washing machine”

Warnings: Cursing

Taemin had gotten behind on his laundry with how crazy everything had been since he moved to a new city. Hearing the alarm go off on the washer, he walked over to the nice little laundry room in his new house. It had been about a month since he’d moved and he was adjusting to the new job well. He’d made a friend too, a guy named Moongyu. He’s thinking about the plans he has with him this weekend when he opened the dryer to clean out the lint trap and instead found two transparent men kissing. “Fuck!” he yelled moving back and hitting his head on the dryer. “You guys scared the shit out of me! Why are you making out in the dryer?”

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Work It Baby

Pairing: Jean/Eren

Rating: T


Inspired by this lovely post by Fumuko

What you need to know: Mikasa is a model. Her friends Jean and Eren are designers with a big runway competition coming up. They both want Mikasa to model for them, so they fight over her by dressing her up (she gets to pick who she models for based on whose prototypes she likes the best). Things get a little heated, and Mikasa decides that the only fair thing to do is have the boys model each other’s clothes for her.

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