i figured you might appreciate knowing that you aren't the only one freaked out by certain bugs

These fuckers scare the living Hell out of me. Like.. I think it’s the closest thing to a phobia I have (Aside from a social phobia xD) But like.. holy Hell. These motherfuckers. Ugh.

They’re known as house centipedes, and they’re pretty damn common. Apparently they can STING with their legs, and it’s comparable to a bee sting. They eat other insects, including spiders and wasps. And they’ve been known to BEAT their prey to death with their multiple legs or kill multiple prey at once.

So yeah.. I really don’t like these things. And last night there was one on my ceiling and it freaked me the fuck out. I saw it in the corner of my eye and wasn’t sure what it was until I realized it was one. And it was big. Like.. 2 inches. Fml. So I smashed it but then I was afraid of another one showing up for the rest of the night. Even though I’ve dealt with these buggers before. I usually see a few every year.. And they freak me out every year. Alugahsdgklahsgl;h.