i figured this would be a good thing to end the nigh to off with; goodnight beautiful

anonymous asked:

teach me how to be happy. xx

Look for the better things in life. Stop focusing on that one group of mean girls in class or those Debby Downers that make you feel like such shit on purpose. Find good friends – those with bright smiles and upbeat laughs and those that don’t judge you for what you look like or who you are. Paint your nails yellow and stare at that color all day, every day, and remind yourself of the smiley face on every Chinese takeout bag. Read a good book before bed, spend some money on yourself, go out for a walk and enjoy the sunshine and the weather and the birds chirping in your ears. Stop holing yourself up in your room, or dark corners, or wherever you think you can hide from the things that scare you – because let me tell you something; the minute you approach those fears and insecurities and doubts, you’re going to be able to breathe. Your nose is going to open up and you’re going to be able to smell what it’s like in the spring, your chest isn’t going to be so heavy and you’re going to be able to get some good sleep at night. And your eyes are going to widen and open with realization of what it means to live and you’re going to understand the beauty of life and how important it is to stop, breathe, remind yourself that another day is coming and life is too damn short to be so sad all the time. So it’s time to start being happy. Fight for that happiness.