i figured that... you know. because i did one of these for a few eps before the last two

listening to the adventure zone for the first time. I realized at ep. 21 that I wanted to compile some of my favourite qoutes (not just from characters). so here’s that (in no particular order. not even in order of appearance):

  • “abraca-fuck you”
  • “i’m really getting this cleric shit aren’t i”
  • “I’m not a nerd so I don’t know-” “we’re on a D&D PODCAST”
  • “let me tell you the story of the time an orc punched me so hard I almost died”
  • after griffin has been complimented for the quality of the campaign. “let’s wait and see how it ends, though, ‘cause lost seemed pretty good too”
  • “no i’m a flesh boy”
  • “i just don’t understand why me understanding the basic rules of dungeons and dragons is like an unfit way to spend our time”
  • every time taako mocked jenkins not using spell slots
  • “I have a beating heart! i’m- i’m multidimensional! i’m a fully realized creation. Fuck.”
  • let me promise you one thing- are we out of the zone of truth?” “yeah you’re long out of it” “everything’s going to be fine”
  • “my names not jerry its…. jereeeeee”
  • barabra telling taako (as jerry) he’ll walk him to the bathroom
  • “the second ruffian-” “give them names” “c-craig…ory?”
  • “magnus’ quest for vengeance just… ends” “and OURS BEGINS”
  • “there’s no vine you’ll never be able to not fuck”
  • “let’s try that again, and you say yes to my fucking bit”
  • “hot diggity shit, this is a baller cookie”
  • the entire section where they kept talking when mushrooms were giving off spores at the sound of their voices and kept having to roll constitution saving throws.
  • “that is your last thought as a two armed man”
  • everything starting with justin going “i’m going to cast a spell called eldrics black tentacles” and ending with “MY NAMES KRAVITZ”
  • ^side note: kravitz why did you actually give him your name when that was what he was asking
  • kravtiz “what the fuck is wrong with the three of you” when taako eats that crystal piece
  • unrelated to the above event  “oh no it’s a vore thing!”
  • “tell julia i said i love her”
  • “how’s elvis?” “…still alive”
  • “it sounds like you’ve given me an even better lesson- a new mystery to solve!” “oh fuck”
  • “blizzard can you get off my nuts for a second!”
  • “it’s seventh level……necromancy” *slightly distant, loud laughter*
  • “what was the last thing you said?” “i said i love you jules”
  • but it’s not… what julia would want. so i’m gonna have to pass”
  • the entire section where justin is being given the left or right choice and everyone is losing it bc he was literally told earlier in the arc
  • “this figure in the red robe… is you”
  • the entire section of taako convincing garfield to sell the sword to him for a useless item. (especially griffins “oh my god”s when he realizes what’s going on, and a quieter one a few seconds later)
  • “[….] he just looks like a smaller taako” “griffin- a taquito?”
  • “i’m gonna say the pocket workshop can only sustain 2 boys at once though, because i don’t want you to have an infinite bag of boys that you can just put boys inside”
  • “welcome… to the monster factory!” *laughter*
  • “flipping off is a free action”
  • griffin describing taako transforming, before saying “and turns into… a tyrannosaurus rex”
  • “i’ll be having my body back, you undead fuck”
  • “okay… you pee while holding two flame throwers”
  • “listen… light them the fuck up”
  • huh… i feel sad.  and he kills you”
  • “our capacity for love increases with every person we cross paths with throughout our lives and with each moment we spend with those people. ”
  • “it delighted in your company, magnus, and it still does.”
  • “today is going to be one of those memories”
  • “if she were to look under the table, she would see that his legs are visibly trembling in absolute panic”
  • “you are home… here… in cycle 99″
  • “sometimes there aren’t right decisions sometimes there are just… decisions.”
  • “when someone leaves your life, those exits are not made equal” (and on)
  • “this is it…. this is it”
  • .”Those are the arms that have held my wife”
  • “i have nothing, and i don’t give a shit. the world is ending, and i don’t care”
  • “hell yeah, dungeons and dragons is back”
  • “no i’m gonna leave all that in” “no griffin no”
  • “should i talk slower so everyone who’s been complaining about us not playing d&d has time to nut?”
  • “You’re dating the grim reaper?!” 
  • “i’ve got magic powers.” “was that supposed to be some big reveal?” (and on)
  • “it’s upsy… your lifting friend” *laughter*
  • “i’m a wizard, my name is taako, and i’m pretty- well- fucked”
  • “no dogs on the moon”
  • “i’ll take one taco, with extra destiny” *laughter* “yeah, fuck it, i’ll teach taako how to make a taco”
  • “thanks for not ripping my arms off, magnus”
  • “whats up ghost rider”
  • “it says thanks for reuniting it with it’s kids […] and it says, you’re even”
  • the entire section of  “and __ walks over to __” during ep 68
  • “but that stops here”
  • “hear that babe? we’re legends”
  • “and then… you see john smile”
  • “i’m allowed to ask the dm one question, and he has to answer honestly” “alright go” “did you have fun doing the adventure?” “yes” “okay!”
  • “you know the best part of the fantasy costco? free samples”
  • “much like the best science on earth, you’re double blind”
  • “i reach into my fucking bag and grab my immovable rod. i’m not going fucking anywhere”
  • “you hear a voice through this rift say, you’re going to be amazing
  • “and then… light”
  • “Johann was right! We won!”
  • “i know about the silverware”
  • “sorry, so you want to be earl merle?”
  • “not just because you saved the world, but, because i know how hard you’re trying”
  • “we see you one last time, as… magnus rushes in”
  • magnus’ entire speech to carey
  • “that was the world you made, that was the ending you earned”
  • “the story of four idiots who played d&d so hard they made themselves cry”
rain (reddie) ch. 5

Type: Series

Summary: Richie and Eddie had dated each other for a long time, and things had been going great - or so, they thought. After Eddie comes home to an empty apartment and a note left behind, the loving relationship of four years tragically ended. Years of never speaking to each other later, the wedding of Beverly and Ben brings everyone back together, including Eddie and Richie. Hotel room mix-ups, drunken confessions, loud arguments between several losers, bad parties, old childhood games, memories, music, love, and drama ensues over the week of preparing for the wedding.

Pairing(s): Reddie, Benverly, Stenbrough

Word count: 2.7k

Chapter warnings: N/a

A/N: just. i’m sorry lmao. as some of you know, i had a recent tragedy in the family and that delayed EVERYTHING. i owe you guys this chapter. things are still moving a bit slow with the story but just hang in there with me. we’re going somewhere, i promise. AS ALWAYS, credit to my amazing beta @r-u-reddie for helping to make this shit coherent and put together. let me know what you guys think! edit: if you wanna listen to the song richie sung, it’s called disappear (remember when) by issues. listen to the black diamond ep version for a more accurate version. 

AO3 link here

Check out the inspo tag here

“Richie, frosting does not turn muffins into cupcakes!”

“Of course it does. If there’s frosting, it’s a cupcake. If not, it’s a muffin. It’s not that hard to grasp, Eds.”

“No, no, no, no, no. You’re wrong. They’re completely different recipes! You don’t know what you’re talking about, per usual. Y’know, I’m convinced you like to disagree just for the sake of it.”

Both men walked through the hotel lobby together, a frown of frustration locked in on Eddie’s face while a smirk that only spelled mischief was residing on Richie’s.

“Hey, look. They’re talking again, and they’re arguing. That’s some sort of normalcy.” Stan commented from their breakfast table, rolling his eyes playfully.

Bill’s expression was one of unease, but Beverly’s was one of glee. Out loud, she wanted to say ‘this just might work, guys’, but one glance at her fiance who was chowing down pancakes like it was the first meal he had eaten in years, told her to keep her mouth shut and to revel internally.

It wasn’t as if Bill didn’t want Eddie and Richie to get back together. He wasn’t an idiot; the two were still clearly in love with one another. He remembered the last conversation he’d had on the phone with Eddie.

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so like, i’m gonna make a full reaction post but before anything else let me just address the giant elephant in the room & also what i care about most lbr: SHIRO. 

i don’t think he’s the real shiro (and i’m sure many people agree but i didn’t want to let other people’s reactions colour mine so i haven’t looked at tumblr yet, so sorry if this is just a rehash of what others have said) for a whole host of reasons, including:

  • it doesn’t seem like a lot of time had passed since he went missing and yet his hair looked like he’d grown it out for months. + a weird technical point but - why was his floof not considerably longer than the rest of his hair given his previous hairstyle? none of it adds up. 
    • side note: i didn’t think it was possible for me to not find shiro attractive but uh. long hair shiro accomplished that lmfao. i’d be like “sorry, shiro” but HE’S NOT THE REAL SHIRO SO.
  • vld does a LOT of foreshadowing/callbacks. and i 100% would not be surprised if what hunk brought up in s2 about the galra having possibly implanted fake memories in shiro’s mind using his galra arm was Important™, especially because we do see another shiro strapped down and being experimented on. it’s very possible that the galra were extracting his memories and feeding them to fake!shiro. what’s interesting is that he seems to have escaped before they were done and that’s why something just seems off about him. he hasn’t fully been implanted with all of shiro’s memories. 
  • probably the MOST IMPORTANT - the black lion rejected this shiro. narratively it doesn’t make sense to have the real shiro NOT reclaim his role as black paladin. like. listen. this isn’t me just being a bitter shiro stan - they spent 2 whole seasons developing his bond with the black lion. it’d be a fucking waste to throw that away. beyond that, while keith is technically able to pilot the black lion, she doesn’t respond as well to him as she did to shiro. 
    • sidenote: i think black’s initial resistance to keith could have been because keith himself didn’t really want to pilot black. nonetheless, while keith’s leadership abilities and bond with black do improve over the course of this season (which i’m guessing is a few weeks/a month at most), that’s not enough time for him to achieve the same level of closeness as shiro had with black. 
  • preeeeeeeetty sure fake!shiro contradicts himself in that scene where they’re trying to figure out what to focus on in the second last ep? there’s also this… weird tension between him and keith? i’m not saying that these two would never ever disagree, and it does make sense for keith to kind of grow into the leadership position and then have mixed feelings about having to step down once shiro gets back, but i think it could be possible that ~instinctively~ keith knows something isn’t quite right, but is so relieved to have shiro back that he’s not really questioning it. 
  • this one is a super reach but no “it’s good to have you back”/”it’s good to be back” parallel? it’d be cool if they save it for when keith reunites with the real shiro. 
  • they pushed the whole “where’s shiro” thing really hard and i’d honestly be incredibly surprised if it got resolved this quickly 

that said, even fake!shiro gets so!!! soft!!!! when #he is looking at keith, just fuck me up!!! like the real shiro’s memories of keith are so strong that even impostor!shiro can’t help but warm up to him, wow, just fuck me up. alternatively, he’s specifically targeting keith’s devotion to him to fuck with him. either way, it’s A Lot. 

ETA: this also means that at some point we’re probably going to see keith/the others square up against him and it’s going to destroy me and honestly i can’t wait 


We’ll Figure it Out (One Step at a Time) // 6x01 Post-ep Fic

So, this is a thing that happened because a certain shit head named Stephen Amell indicated that Felicity’s math skills would end up being important AND I mean, come on, if the writer’s pass up on the opportunity to have Felicity help William with his math homework, then I just don’t even know why any of us are here. ALSO, I am writing under the assumption that Olicity is not together at this point. Honestly, I could see it either way given the vibes of the premiere, but apparently I love writing these two as a pair of idiots who just cannot get their flirty shit together, SO, without further ado, here’s whatever the hell this is. There will be a sequel. Enjoy.

“William needs help with math homework.”


Felicity squints at Oliver, who is currently standing in her doorway clutching a carrier with two coffees in one hand, and his briefcase in the other.

“Did I wake you up?” He asks, his brow furrowing as he takes in her messy bun and pajamas.

“Oliver, it’s like six in the morning, I’m unemployed, and we didn’t finish vigilante-ing until 2 am last night. Not to mention we both know I’m not a morning person. Of course you woke me up.” She steps aside to give him entrance through the door, but he doesn’t make a move, instead letting his shoulders drop with a frown on his face.

“Shit, I’m sorry, I should have bribed you with lunch instead, I can come back, I wasn’t thinking – “

“Oliver,” she interjects with a small smile, “It’s fine. Come in.”

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class stuff at mcm manchester (aka how i spent the whole day)

- so i wasn’t gonna go up to the signing area until after the panel because i wanted to save the moment cause i knew it would be great
- but whenever you wanted to go to the other con hall you had to go straight past the classt
- and after going past a few times, sophie saw me
- like, m8, it’s supposed to be the other way around
- it was awesome thoughhhh
- there’s a shitty pic of me on her instagram story
- greg remembered me from last time lol
- he had a post-it note on him that said ‘meme queen’ on it
- and a lil victorian headdress thing that someone gave to soph
- got soph and viv to sign my swords
- sophie hugged me at least once in this 10 minute interaction
- and apparently my outfit was almost identical to the real thing which is good to hear!!

~panel time~

- vivian had a tiny angry pikachu plush that she kept putting in her coffee mug and moving around and stuff it was adorable
- me and @classdoctorwho sat next to each other in the front row, and we both asked questions, so there were two scimitars stuck in the air for ages 😂
- i asked what hogwarts houses they thought their characters would be in, and they said:
charlie: slytherin
tanya: ravenclaw or gryffindor
april: hufflepuff
matteusz: gryffindor quidditch jock who lifts charlie off his feet on his broom :’)
don’t think they mentioned ram or quill??
- @classdoctorwho asked vivian what she thought tanya’s sexuality was, and viv took the question really well which was awesome, and said that tanya never really showed interest in anyone, not just because of the age gap, so she could be asexual!! (and yes, she did actually use the word asexual)
- if they could be a different character, they would all want to play quill, viv said she was kinda in love with katherine/quill and i was like ‘saaaaaaaame’
- if they played the doctor, greg would be matt smith-esque, viv would be a ‘matrix doctor’ with a leather jacket and sunglasses, and soph would be a disco doctor with a rainbow sonic
- i can’t remember what she asked now (sorry!!) but when @en-jclras asked her question greg went 'oh hi katie how’re you doing’ and i was like 'ayyy i know her’
- can’t remember the context but at one point after someone mentioned matteusz greg got distracted and said 'sorry, just thinking about jordan renzo’
- 'sophie says 'gl-ah-ss’, april says 'gl-ar-ss’’
- greg was a dancer before he got into acting??
- sophie tripped when she jumped into the crack in ep 4, and she said something about april’s timberlands and then just kinda. pointed at me.
- i love that they’re all friends with pearl it’s the cutest thing
- sophie is the only one to have been watching dw since 2005, and she’s also seen 'an unearthly child’ cause of coal hill!!
- although they said they wanted to do a special like sense8
- and someone suggested they should do a crossover with all the other spin-offs to tie up the loose ends

~post-panel action~

- went back with my pop figures
- (and the ink on the boxes had rubbed off loads which SUCKS)
- and they all loved them :’)
- got sophie to sign the april one
- and i was about to pay
- she is the nicest human being i stg
- i think she hugged me twice in the space of those last 8 bullet points
- then me and @classdoctorwho
took those photos with them
- and sophie asked for one on her own with the two of us :’)
- its on her instagram story
- and she hugged us again lol
- AND THEN after the cosplay masquerade when everyone was leaving
- i ended up walking out of the con centre with sophie 😂
- and tripped on the stairs 😅 (but it was just because i was clumsy lol not because of soph)

SO YEAH all in all, amazing day, and i love the classt a lot

wolfieroleplays  asked:

Sanvers or someone drags Kara for a night out to cheer her up after losing her job, end up in a gay club and there's more than a few women hitting on her, one coming off particularly hard and Kara is flustered. In comes her savior in the form of one Lena Luthor a la Kate (Dates, can't remember her surname lol) and Kara is even more flustered. What happens next is up to you~

This was fun!!! Thanks for sending this, I hope it gives you all a bit of a fun jolt. [Not Canon in terms of timeline - Lena/Kara are more like ep 2/3 status, even though Kara is fired from her job. Maggie knows Kara is Supergirl. Carry on…]

Off the Record - on AO3 or under the cut!

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Malec Fic Recs

Something like six years ago I tried to read The Mortal Instruments books. I got partway through the third before failing out pretty hard. There wasn’t enough Magnus for my taste and the Magnus/Alec storyline wasn’t enough to keep me slogging through the rest of it. Then the movie was terrible too, and when the TV show came out I was like, “Nope, I’ve been on this crazy train before.” 

Luckily, I don’t live in a vacuum, and the odd gif started popping up on my dashboard. People seemed genuinely impressed with how the TV show was adapting the source material. I was bored over a weekend and decided to give it a shot. Boy, am I glad I was, because three days later I was completely caught up and making my way through the Magnus/Alec tag on AO3.

Here’s the inevitable rec post that’s resulted.

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anonymous asked:

OMG! I am tired of the writers this season. Can you believe that after 4 years Bellarke is nowhere close to being romantic. I stopped watching after 4x03 because I saw the baiting game. I refuse to be used by these writers. The thing is that if they were going to make them romantic in season 5 then they would have developed their emotional connection in season 4. Instead they have ignored Bellarke deliberately and set up Nylah. The writers have treated us like fools. I won't be watching anymore

i mean, i wouldn’t say that they set her up with niylah; clarke and niylah are fwb, and niylah isn’t really a character; she’s merely a catch-it-all prop. i wouldn’t trust these writer’s with my fictional hamster’s life but even they know how to sorta-kinda flesh out a relationship.

also it’s totally your choice to stop watching (help me i wish i could) but to say that they’ve ignored blarke? nah i wouldn’t go that far. like i’m one of the grumpiest most pessimistic bitter blorkes™ you can find, but there’s been a fair amount of ~romantic~ development (last week i said that my issue with the show is that the writing could be tighter to make the character development a bit better and i still stand by that)

let’s start with 403: literally bellamy and clarke saying that they don’t want to live without each other in this ep this isn’t just friendship folks this is something deeper

404: lmao in the first 5 mins this happens

and then the scene where jaha says ‘of course clarke and bellamy.’ last ep he said that bellamy centres her, and vice versa, and it’s being called back here as a reason why they’re on the list together.

405: clarke is still worrying about bellamy not being back which monty pokes fun at because honestly these dummies are so obvious about their feelings it’s not even funny anymore.

and then we find out about the ice nation marching on arkadia, clarke goes to reason with roan but roan has a trump card

look at her face baby girl is SHOOK when she sees bellamy being held hostage and once again it’s a ‘save bellamy or doom more than a handful of people’ situation, and just like the last few times, she chooses to save bellamy. she’s willing to fight at first but once roan points out that bellamy (and kane) will be caught in the crossfire and will die, she gives in.

406: another blarke day trip

from the get go this was a blarke heavy ep; he’s pissed off, she tries to comfort him, etc etc. even when things are tense, they still check in with one another and make sure that they’re okay.

first they hit a fork in the road. clarke and the fuel are taking and bellamy goes out of his se asian mind, i mean just look at him when he thinks it might be her dead body under the sheet

his hands are visibly shaking and he hesitates before pulling it off. and then when he sees that it’s not her he breathes a sigh of relief because he deadass can’t lose her.

next, is the car chase where, once again, he loses his se asian mind at the sight of a sword being held against her neck. while roan is tackling the grounder on the truck bed, the two murder babies are working together, and he saves clarke yet again

and then there’s the beach scene aka the almost confession scene

he almost lost her in this ep (again) and at the start of the ep he pointed out that they don’t have much time. he knows the stakes are high and he knows that they can die at any moment. bob himself said that an ‘i love you’ wouldn’t be able to convey everything he feels for her in this moment, and he’d probably need to prepare a monologue.

407-409 doesn’t really have a lot of bellarke moments because they’re separated (save for the end of 409 but more on that later) so those are geared more towards the shitty plot. there are a good few character defining moments though, like bellamy accepting that he can’t save everyone, and clarke risking her own life for her people

at the end of 409 they have another one of their ~comfort talks~ where they try to figure out what to do (i’d say that here is where clarke first starts thinking about stealing the bunker but idk)

410 is more octabitch heavy, but clarke does send someone to kidnap bellamy and drag his ass down to the bunker because she’s extra like that and can’t live without him

411 was a disappointment because we all saw the promo and we all built it up in our heads only for it to be just like the past few eps, more action driven and ‘what would you do for survival’ than heart to heart talks. clarke wants to go talk to him when he’s in lock up but she can’t bring herself to listen to him scream (and i reckon it’s also because she knows he’s going to be seriously angry at him and she can’t bring herself to do that either) instead they have her go to niylah because she wants a yes-man and she knows that the two people she cares for most- bellamy and her mother- can’t do that for her right now.

after abby gets him out of lock up, bellamy tells her that he won’t let anything bad happen to clarke which. we already know that but it’s nice to hear.

and then there’s the gun scene. after cooling down and shoving my disappointment aside (i wanted them to talk about it, they did not talk about it) when you look at the gun scene it basically says this:

clarke griffin had been willing to let her mother die for humanity last season but this season she couldn’t do the same for bellamy blake

and bellamy now knows this

he knows clarke is willing to do whatever it takes to save her people and he gambled his own life, his own worth towards her, in order to get that door open. and when she couldn’t bring herself to shoot him (not even in the leg or somewhere non lethal) that’s when he finally realises that clarke cares about him a whole heckuva lot because by letting him go she essentially ‘doomed’ all of their people.

412 had what i wanted 411 to have: bellamy and clarke talking about the whole gun pulling scene and that’s exactly what happened. she apologises for holding they gun, he forgives her, they smile at each other long enough for bellamy to crash into a tree (seriously this is the best thing that has ever happened for me ok blarke getting distracted flirting and crashing into a tree amazing)

and then some extra ‘lemme save your life real quick’ and bellamy worrying about clarke again because she took off her suit (seriously girlie you’re gonna give him grey hair before his time) because why not but this ep was not only delinquent heavy and leading towards a delinquent heavy finale, but it also put bellamy and clarke back in their co leader positions.

so yeah, maybe there hasn’t been as much bellarke development this season; there weren’t any super big moments or call outs or what have you but that’s because they’re both right there on that precipice. bellamy knows how he feels about clarke and was almost ready to confess it. clarke on the other hand is kinda tricky because she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve like bellamy, but you can’t deny that she cares about him deeply, not when the narrative has shown that over and over again.

maybe something might happen in the finale, maybe it won’t, we don’t know. we know there’s going to be another hug which he initiates this time, and who knows maybe it could have more than that. (but like i said i’m a pessimistic blorke so i refuse to accept that anything more than a hug is happening lmao)

Arrow Fic: When Did You Start to Forget How to Fly

Or, five times Rene Ramirez and Thea Queen danced around things and the one time they finally fell into step.

A/N: According to AO3, this might be the first-ever WildQueen-centric fic? I’m OK with that. (This is honestly mostly just for @yellowflicker09011996 and me and anyone else who wants to join us on this tiny little ship.)  There’s just something about these two. 

I wrote some of this right after the writers first dropped a hint about Rene’s kid back in the holiday ep. (I guessed girl, but had her a little younger.) After the Rene origin story, I came back in to make it more canon-compliant. It took forever and got very out of control.

TL:DR: I had this idea and then couldn’t shake it and then it got a few thousand words out of hand. I’m a glutton for punishment and non-existent ships.

Title from “Same Drugs” by Chance the Rapper. (I love this song so much, and it’s never worked for my other ships. WILDQUEEN 2k17.)

When Did You Start to Forget How to Fly (AO3)

The first few times Rene asks her out, Thea laughs it off.

It’s not like she’s not used to it. It’s not like she hasn’t been fielding the same kinds of offers (at varying levels of appropriateness and vulgarity) since before she was old enough to understand them. But Rene’s harmless. She laughs a little to herself at how different her definition of that word must be from the general populace. He’s Wild Dog, for Christ’s sake, a quick-trigger vigilante, an ex-military man with a history of violence and a distaste for authority. In another life, they probably never would have met. In this one, they might be perfect for each other. Or so he keeps telling her.

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Something’s been bothering me since I watched 4x03 and it all really came to a head tonight watching 4x07. Analysis w/ talk of torture and mental health under the cut. It’s rambly so I apologize if some parts don’t flow nicely, I’m very tired right now. Feel free to add your thoughts! Sorry about the length!

So let’s talk about Caleb and Ben…

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Three times, ‘t is said, a sinking man

Anonymous said:
Episode 2x19 but with director sanvers?

 Dialogue mostly taken straight from the ep with some liberties. THIS IS PART ONE OF TWO so feel free to wait until part two posts.

Read it here on Ao3

Look on the bright side. You know how the episode ends.

Lucy made it a point to work overnight shifts at the desert base when Kara was bringing her boyfriend to dinner. Maggie was still too new to the dynamic to say anything to Kara, and Alex was still feeling guilty for encouraging it in the first place. Really, it was in everyone’s best interest if Lucy skipped those dinners, because a dead alien was just so much paperwork and hiding the body kind of went against the codes of law enforcement.

 She wasn’t exactly surprised to get a text from Maggie that things didn’t go well. The DEO had the benefit of Supergirl’s sister kicking her ass in the green room to teach her at least a few protocols, the NCPD did not. And honestly, after 17 hours of negotiating just to have Supergirl blow out a wall? Lucy would be a little frustrated too.

 It didn’t even surprise her that Alex wasn’t home when she dragged herself in at six in the morning, just as Maggie was making coffee. It wasn’t unusual for Alex to spend the night with Kara after someone had a disagreement.

 What was unusual was Maggie calling to wake her up a scant few hours later, her voice tinged with panic. “Someone has Alex.”

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Never Judge a Duck By Its Feathers

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Being friends with Jay Park was something that you appreciated. He’s smart, he’s loyal, he’s loving; he’s everything you could ask for in a friend. However, being friends with Jay Park also presented its own unique set of challenges.

Jay happened to be one of the busiest people you’d ever met. He ran his company, supported his artists (which meant being present at as many events as his schedule would allow), managed his own successful music career, and found time to be one of your most loyal friends on top of it all. And because of his unwavering loyalty, whenever Jay asked for a favor you found a way to help him out (no matter how much you didn’t want to).

“Jay,” you whined as you trailed behind him into the lobby of the AOMG offices, “ask me for any other favor and I’ll do it. Ask me for literally anything but this and I’ll do it. Just don’t make me do this.”

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Queen Sugar S2.E14 On These I Stand... Thoughts

s/o to Oprah, Ava, the cast and crew, director Christina Voros and writers Anthony Sparks & Jason Wilborn for this amazing ep! 

short & sweet: The title is from On These I Stand, an anthology of Countee Cullen’s best poems. The poems were chosen by Cullen, and the book was published posthumously in 1947 (one year after his death).

If I had to take a gander I’d say that Countee is telling the readers that these selected poems are his legacy; on them he stands. He wanted to be remembered by those poems, those words. Out of all his works he wanted these to be recognized; they summed him up and gave a scope of who he was. What you do on earth needs to be worthy enough (to you) to stand on at the end of it all. Your word, your values, your life’s work etc etc… do they truly represent you and what you believe? If that’s all you have at the end of the day are they meaningful and impactful enough to stand for you?

I knew this ep would be super good w/ Anthony Sparks and Jason Wilborn teaming up. That being said this might be my favorite S2 episode so far. I’m anxious to learn what comes next for this gorgeous, messy family.

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Our Minnie Miracle (K.H)

|1.5k words. Part 1 of 2.


“You’re not due until June!” Kenny shouts down the phone from all the way in New York, miles and miles away from where I am in Arizona. He was the first call I had to make before anyone else. “Why the heck are you going into labour now?!”

“I don’t know, Kenny! Either she’s ready to come out or there’s something wrong.”

“Please, God, just let her be ready to come out and meet us.” He prays quietly. “I’ll be on the next flight I can find, I can’t promise I’ll be there, but I’m going to try.”


Nobody could get to the house fast enough to get me to the hospital, so I had to call for an ambulance to help me. The pain in my stomach was getting worse and worse by the minute, which is normal, but after having a rough delivery with Malachi 3 years ago, I know this isn’t good. It really doesn’t help that my baby girl is 10 weeks early.

Kenny’s off in New York for a show and for early press before his EP release. It was meant to be his last week away before our daughter Minerva, or Minnie (our nickname for her), is born. But, it looks like she has different plans.

This pregnancy has definitely not been good. It has been awful.

She hasn’t been moving around much, which the doctor was slightly worried about, and she rarely kicks – I could count on one hand how many times she has kicked me. One hand. That’s how little she’s been moving in 30 weeks. She’s a very, very small baby, as of my scan last week, Minnie weighs only 3 pounds, so we already know that she’ll have to spend time in the paediatric ICU ward in an incubator until she gains some more weight, and she was only going to have to spend a few nights there if she was on time.

Now that she’s coming this early, she’s going to be in that ward until she reaches 5+ pounds. If she comes tonight, she could be spending months at the hospital just to put on that weight she needs. If there’s anything wrong with her, God I hope not, then I don’t even know how long she’ll be there for.

That’s why we decided to name her Minerva, Minnie for short. She’s going to be a tiny little girl and we thought that it was a very fitting and very adorable name for our little girl. Malachi, our 3 year old son, loves the name we’ve picked out. He likes the fact that his little sister is going to be named after a mouse.

Kenny’s sisters, Madison and Camry, offered to come stay with me whilst Kenny was in New York but I declined their kind offers. Now though, I really wish I had taken up their offer. Maybe then I wouldn’t be sitting in an ambulance, feeling like I’m being shot in the stomach every 2 seconds and trying to calm a frightened 3 year old down.

It’s hard trying to calm him down when I’m absolutely terrified myself.


“Okay, Y/N, the baby’s heart rate is slowly down really fast,” I can’t do this. “Your canal is not opening enough to let her out and she’s trying to get out, but she can’t. We’re going to have to do an emergency caesarean, are you okay with that? Do you know the effects and consequences of general anaesthesia? Okay, let’s get you prepped for surgery.”

I don’t even remember replying to any of the nurse’s questions, or even notice the anaesthesia needle poking into my skin. The only thing I can think about right now is if Minerva is okay.

Things have only gone downhill since we got to the hospital.

My blood pressure rose significantly, due to me stressing out which is causing Minnie to stress out, and when she’s stressing out, her heart rate is dropping because she’s trying to push herself out of my canal but there’s not enough room for her, so she’s straining herself and completely tiring out her fragile little body.

I don’t even know where my fiancé is or where my son is. I don’t know if Kenny’s on a plane, if he’s here or if he’s still in New York, waiting. I don’t know if Malachi is in the waiting room with our families or if he’s sitting somewhere doing some colouring with a nurse. I don’t know where anyone is. I’m in this room all by myself, suffering with nobody but the nurses and doctors desperately doing what they can to try and stabilise my blood pressure and Minnie’s heart rate.

But, the only thing they can do to help Minnie right now, is get her out of me.


“Y/N, you’re going to feel pressure but you’re not going to feel any pain, okay honey?” I just nod up at the nurse who’s squeezing my hand. I don’t even remember her name, I don’t even know if she told me her name. “What are you going to name her?”

She’s doing her best to distract me from what’s going on behind the sterile blue cloth in front of me, which I’m extremely thankful for. “Minerva Ella McCormick. We’re nicknaming her Minnie.” If it wasn’t for this nurse talking to me, I would be freaking out trying to figure out if she’s okay.

God, I’m doing it with her talking to me!

“That’s a gorgeous name!” She grins down at me with a squeeze of my hand. “Did you call her that because she’s so tiny?”

“Yeah,” I smile weakly. Oh God, Minnie is going to be mini. Ultra mini. She might be able to just sit in her daddys hand. Oh my God, I think I’m crying again.

“I saw your little boy on the way in, what’s his name?”

“You’ve seen Malachi? Oh my God! Is he okay? Is he safe?”

“He’s perfectly fine, he was with the hospital social worker until some of your family got here.” Oh thank Christ for that. He’s okay. He’s in the building.

He’s so excited to get a little sister, he wants to show her off to all of his friends and his Pre-K teacher, he’s already such a good big brother. Of course, he’s going to miss all of the attention he used to get, now that it’s going to be shared between the two of them, but he’ll learn to accept that he’s no longer the only baby in the house. And the family.

I’ve never seen him so scared in his life. I was so frantic earlier, calling 911 for an ambulance whilst in blistering pain. I was sitting in front of him, holding my stomach with tears rolling down my cheeks, completely terrified that something was going to happen. Malachi desperately tried to brush all my tears away and try to make me happy again, but I was in too much pain. He started crying when he realised he couldn’t fix this situation.

He’s only 3.


I scared my baby. I made him cry. I can’t even begin to imagine what he’s feeling like right now. Does he know what’s going on? Is he still scared? Does he want to be with me? Does he want to be with Kenny? Who is he with right now? What family members arrived and didn’t come in to me?

I can feel myself getting more and more light headed as the time ticks on. I know she said Malachi was fine, but I need to see him with my own eyes, I need to make sure he’s fine myself. The stress of not knowing is driving my blood pressure through the roof and that is what’s hurting and stressing out Minerva.

“Y/N? Come on, sweetie, respond to me.”

I squeeze her hand, feeling way too weak to use my words. I’ve cried too many times today, I’ve shown nothing but my weak side and I can’t let my baby sense that on her first day in the world. I have to show her that I’m strong, and that I can and will be strong for her. I have to.

I feel my stomach stretch and it’s the weirdest feeling I’ve ever experienced. I can’t feel any pain, but I can feel all the directions my stomach is being pulled in. I can feel hands dipping into the ripped skin and into the womb.

All of a sudden, there’s a shiver-like sensation ripping through my body and I suddenly feel empty. Like a weight has been lifted. Like something has just up and left my body.


She’s out.

They can help her.

She’s going to be okay.


“Congratulations, it’s a girl!”

My tiny, weeny little baby is lifted in the air so I can see her over the privacy sheet and all of my fighting about concealing my weak side is dumped to the side. My baby is tiny. So tiny.

She’s so beautiful. Just from that tiny, three-second glimpse of her, I can tell that she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Babies are meant to cry when they’re born. Crying means that they’re healthy and they’re utterly fine. But she’s not. Minnie isn’t crying. Malachi cried as soon as he was out and he wasn’t completely healthy. Why isn’t Minerva crying? Is there something really bad wrong with her?

“Why isn’t she crying?”

“Get her to the ICU, NOW!”

Adventure "Timeline"

It has bothered me for a really long time how we couldn’t really know how much time had passed in Adventure, both in the Digital and the Human World. So, based on a few facts I attempted to create a “timeline” to figure out how much time did pass in both worlds over the course of the series.

According to Koushirou, a day in the Digital World equals a minute in the Human World, he claimed this at least twice in the show, first in episode 29 and then in 54. This information will be important and useful later on for sure

Now, two rules: to simplify things, I am trying to figure out the *minimum* amount of time that passed. Because of this, all vague time-words like “a month and a half” and “two weeks” will be used literally. 1½ months is 45 days, two weeks is 14 days, etc. Unless I have a reason to believe otherwise (like seeing a sunset at the end of an episode and the next one opens during the day), each episode continues immidiately after the another, a day might not have passed between episodes. Alright, lets go!

(I’m not explaining each Day for you, if we were visually shown time passing then I’m skipping the explanation, I’ll only explain if someone gave us info on how much time happened. Also skipping the math stuff for you)

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Thoughts 6x19

Wow this was an amazing episode! When was the last time TVD had been that good? IMO not since season 2. So i’m just gonna list the characters/couples and then write my opinion on them for 6x19:

Elena: Well,she’s getting more annoying by the episode lol. I feel kinda bad for saying this because it’s Nina’s last few episodes before she’s leaving TVD but i just can’t stand her character…since idk i guess season 3 or 4 Elena has become more selfish by the minute, she doesn’t care about right or wrong and makes everything about herself. This show will be o good next season with Elena gone.

Damon: I love Damon this season, i really do. I never was that big of a damon fan but i can’t help but love S6 Damon. Looks like Bonnie really changed him. Of course he’s still acting selfish by hesitating to give Elena the cure but it’s so hard for him because he doesn’t want to lose Elena so i completely understand him. I probably would have done the same thing.

Delena: so i don’t really have an opinion on this couple. i don’t hate them but i don’t really like them together either so i’m just gonna say that i don’t care for that pairing. 

Jolaric: They are, after Steroline and Bamon, my favourite couple this season. I love Alaric and it’s so nice to see him happy and Jo is adorable, Alaric couldn’t find a better woman to marry. They fit perfectly with their history.

Bonnie: I love how badass she’s been this season, she doen’t take all this crap anymore and stands up for herself like she should have a long time ago. 

Lily: I really don’t know what i should think of that woman. She’s such a psycho and i hate her for not caring about her sons but then i also feel sorry for her because just like Stefan she didn’t choose to be a ripper and seeing her downward spiral this episode…i just wanted to hug her…But i loved her scenes with Enzo, she would be such a good mother figure to him. and i guess it’s really hard for me to hate her because i love Annie Wersching so much,she seems like such a nice and cute person that it hurts me that i don’t really like her character… 

Enzo: i honestly didn’t like Enzo this season (at least not since ep 7) but i flt sorry for him because this whole time he thought that Lily abandoned him and then when she comes back she’s asking him to leave just because he wanted to show her who her real family is because loyalty is so important to him.

Matt: We didn’t see a lot of him but he can show his pretty body more often :) i hope he gets more screentime (and a real storyline) next season.

Stefan: aww my boo…This entire episode all his scenes were about how he feels and showed that he wanted his relationship with Caroline to start perfectly and not with all this BS they went through. And his attempts to pretend that his humanity is still off ended really bad for him… Stefan’s such a bad actor when it coms to hiding stuff from Caroline :D 

Caroline: Well…what can i say? I LOVE HER! and i’m so glad she’s back. As much as she annoyed me in 6x18 (which wasn’t that good), she made up for it this week. She was all flirty with Stefan and i knew that she knew that he flipped his switch back on. It was so obvious. She was such a BAMF like Bonnie (how i love these two badasses). And i have to say that Candice is an AMAZING actress,her acting was so on point at the end when Caroline flipped her switch and her guilt came flooding back. I felt her pain and had tears in my eyes during that scene. It’s so sad that she won’t be in 6x20…

(and finally) Steroline: my favourite topic and pretty much everything i think about all day :) Their scenes were perfect. Caroline seducing him and Stefan trying (and pretty much failing) to resist her seduction :D it was really fun to watch. And that kiss…i mean WOW,it was (after the one in 6x14 of course) my favourite kiss of them. It just looked super hot and showed that Stefan can’t resist her because as much as he’s trying to, the urge to kiss her is still there. And Caroline’s comments like: “So take my mind off it.” and ”Am i making you nervous?” were so good because you can see how much her words affect him. He could barely take it and was so unconvincing this entire time, not even i would have believed him and Caroline’s so much smarter so of course she figured it out. Doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt when she broke his neck (even though it was kind of hilarious) and tried to kill him. Then the flashback. Could Stefan be even more adorable?

“If I’m going to start something with Caroline, i want it to be perfect. No loss, no pain, no grief.”

“You might be waiting a while.”

“I’m a patient guy.”

This was exactly what i needed to hear because now we know why Stefan acted like he did in 6x15. He needed to be sure that his feelings for her are strong enough to start a relationship because he couldn’t bare losing her or screwing everything up because it’s not just any girl. It’s Caroline. And he wanted it to be perfect. And this scene also showed us how he feels before the kiss so i’m glad we got that scene because we didn’t really get an inside on his feelings for her before he kiss, he never really talked about it. And it also shows that now for Stefan, this whole ‘perfect start’-thingy isn’t possible anymore so he struggles with that and when Caroline flips it back on, she struggles with the guilt and now that she’s aware of all the things she’s done to him and the way he wanted things to go for them, she feels like she’s ruined everything between them, especially their first time which seemed to play an important part for both of them. And i’ll never forget Stefan’s  face when she talked about how sorry she is and started crying in front of him. It seems like everyone is a bit mad at Stefan for him to just stand there and watch her but the situation was difficult for him too and later he wanted to give her space instead of pushing her and i think that’s really noble of him. He knew that she would push him away and he was right and did you see that both couldn’t really look each other in the eyes? They were kind of ashamed and hurt and i think it’s good that she takes her time and gets away from MF for a while (even though i’m gonna miss her in 6x20). Their scenes were angsty but we all knew it was coming and i loved the angst (doesn’t mean i don’t wanna see them being all cute and fluffy but it’s a slow burn so this is a part of it.)

And i loved the fact that we got to see Liz again, i really missed her.

I’d say this episode was a 8/10. It was amazing :)

Wow,i’v never done something like this before and it tooks me over 2h to put this together but i think i’m gonna do that every week now. It’s fun :) hope you liked hearing my opinion on everything. 

The icons are mine but feel free to us them but make sure you credit eternalsterolinelove if you do

Felicity’s father theory

Sooo, now that we know Damien will not be her father (YES, I believe Wendy… When did the EPs have lied purposely to our faces? Misleading us? Of course, but lying, not so much. At least I don’t recall)

Anyway, I had two theories about who her father could be, Damien Darhk (who apparently isn’t) and Noah Kuttler AKA The Calculator.

He’s a genius hacker who works in the shadow and gathers information for supervillains. Sounds familiar?

He’s basically a male/vilain version of our Felicity.

He’s a Batman vilain and you know how the writers like to connect some Batman in Arrow. He battled against The Atom, The Green Arrow, Black Canary. He was obsessed with Oracle. Remember Oracle? The one the writers would have wanted Felicity to become if she hadn’t been put out of the table by DC? Remember episode 3.05 that was at first titled “Oracle” and became latter “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”?

Oh and guess what, he has a daughter. Wendy (Harris) Kuttler, codename Proxy.

Dark hair like Felicity (before she dyed it). Genius Level Intellect like Felicity. Went to MIT like Felicity. And eventually became a replacement for Oracle when she was unavailable.

What if Felicity’s real name is actually Wendy Kuttler but she (or Donna since she was a little girl back then) changed it for Felicity and Smoak (her mother’s last name) because she didn’t wanted him to found them, or because she didn’t wanted to be associated with him because he did bad things?

Now, Kuttler could work for HIVE, having the same role for them that Felicity has in the team. They’ll start hacking each other out at some point in the season not knowing who the other is, until they (or one of them) figured it out. Or better, Darhk could figure it out before them and use it against her, against Oliver…

For me, that’s a perfect fit. He’s a big enough character in the DC universe to have the “mic dropped” effect that David made at SDCC. He’s a vilain and he’s rich (due to all the jobs he takes from the bad guys) like EBR said Felicity’s father will be. And he could have been part of the story the entire time, being in the shadow, working for previous bad guys, except nobody had no idea, because nobody had seen him. Until now.

So what do you think guys? Wouldn’t it make an even better plot than Damien being her father? Wouldn’t he made even more sense? 

I’m actually excited to know it’s not Damien and be back in the guessing area, is that normal?

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