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Malec Fic Recs

Something like six years ago I tried to read The Mortal Instruments books. I got partway through the third before failing out pretty hard. There wasn’t enough Magnus for my taste and the Magnus/Alec storyline wasn’t enough to keep me slogging through the rest of it. Then the movie was terrible too, and when the TV show came out I was like, “Nope, I’ve been on this crazy train before.” 

Luckily, I don’t live in a vacuum, and the odd gif started popping up on my dashboard. People seemed genuinely impressed with how the TV show was adapting the source material. I was bored over a weekend and decided to give it a shot. Boy, am I glad I was, because three days later I was completely caught up and making my way through the Magnus/Alec tag on AO3.

Here’s the inevitable rec post that’s resulted.

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anonymous asked:

OMG! I am tired of the writers this season. Can you believe that after 4 years Bellarke is nowhere close to being romantic. I stopped watching after 4x03 because I saw the baiting game. I refuse to be used by these writers. The thing is that if they were going to make them romantic in season 5 then they would have developed their emotional connection in season 4. Instead they have ignored Bellarke deliberately and set up Nylah. The writers have treated us like fools. I won't be watching anymore

i mean, i wouldn’t say that they set her up with niylah; clarke and niylah are fwb, and niylah isn’t really a character; she’s merely a catch-it-all prop. i wouldn’t trust these writer’s with my fictional hamster’s life but even they know how to sorta-kinda flesh out a relationship.

also it’s totally your choice to stop watching (help me i wish i could) but to say that they’ve ignored blarke? nah i wouldn’t go that far. like i’m one of the grumpiest most pessimistic bitter blorkes™ you can find, but there’s been a fair amount of ~romantic~ development (last week i said that my issue with the show is that the writing could be tighter to make the character development a bit better and i still stand by that)

let’s start with 403: literally bellamy and clarke saying that they don’t want to live without each other in this ep this isn’t just friendship folks this is something deeper

404: lmao in the first 5 mins this happens

and then the scene where jaha says ‘of course clarke and bellamy.’ last ep he said that bellamy centres her, and vice versa, and it’s being called back here as a reason why they’re on the list together.

405: clarke is still worrying about bellamy not being back which monty pokes fun at because honestly these dummies are so obvious about their feelings it’s not even funny anymore.

and then we find out about the ice nation marching on arkadia, clarke goes to reason with roan but roan has a trump card

look at her face baby girl is SHOOK when she sees bellamy being held hostage and once again it’s a ‘save bellamy or doom more than a handful of people’ situation, and just like the last few times, she chooses to save bellamy. she’s willing to fight at first but once roan points out that bellamy (and kane) will be caught in the crossfire and will die, she gives in.

406: another blarke day trip

from the get go this was a blarke heavy ep; he’s pissed off, she tries to comfort him, etc etc. even when things are tense, they still check in with one another and make sure that they’re okay.

first they hit a fork in the road. clarke and the fuel are taking and bellamy goes out of his se asian mind, i mean just look at him when he thinks it might be her dead body under the sheet

his hands are visibly shaking and he hesitates before pulling it off. and then when he sees that it’s not her he breathes a sigh of relief because he deadass can’t lose her.

next, is the car chase where, once again, he loses his se asian mind at the sight of a sword being held against her neck. while roan is tackling the grounder on the truck bed, the two murder babies are working together, and he saves clarke yet again

and then there’s the beach scene aka the almost confession scene

he almost lost her in this ep (again) and at the start of the ep he pointed out that they don’t have much time. he knows the stakes are high and he knows that they can die at any moment. bob himself said that an ‘i love you’ wouldn’t be able to convey everything he feels for her in this moment, and he’d probably need to prepare a monologue.

407-409 doesn’t really have a lot of bellarke moments because they’re separated (save for the end of 409 but more on that later) so those are geared more towards the shitty plot. there are a good few character defining moments though, like bellamy accepting that he can’t save everyone, and clarke risking her own life for her people

at the end of 409 they have another one of their ~comfort talks~ where they try to figure out what to do (i’d say that here is where clarke first starts thinking about stealing the bunker but idk)

410 is more octabitch heavy, but clarke does send someone to kidnap bellamy and drag his ass down to the bunker because she’s extra like that and can’t live without him

411 was a disappointment because we all saw the promo and we all built it up in our heads only for it to be just like the past few eps, more action driven and ‘what would you do for survival’ than heart to heart talks. clarke wants to go talk to him when he’s in lock up but she can’t bring herself to listen to him scream (and i reckon it’s also because she knows he’s going to be seriously angry at him and she can’t bring herself to do that either) instead they have her go to niylah because she wants a yes-man and she knows that the two people she cares for most- bellamy and her mother- can’t do that for her right now.

after abby gets him out of lock up, bellamy tells her that he won’t let anything bad happen to clarke which. we already know that but it’s nice to hear.

and then there’s the gun scene. after cooling down and shoving my disappointment aside (i wanted them to talk about it, they did not talk about it) when you look at the gun scene it basically says this:

clarke griffin had been willing to let her mother die for humanity last season but this season she couldn’t do the same for bellamy blake

and bellamy now knows this

he knows clarke is willing to do whatever it takes to save her people and he gambled his own life, his own worth towards her, in order to get that door open. and when she couldn’t bring herself to shoot him (not even in the leg or somewhere non lethal) that’s when he finally realises that clarke cares about him a whole heckuva lot because by letting him go she essentially ‘doomed’ all of their people.

412 had what i wanted 411 to have: bellamy and clarke talking about the whole gun pulling scene and that’s exactly what happened. she apologises for holding they gun, he forgives her, they smile at each other long enough for bellamy to crash into a tree (seriously this is the best thing that has ever happened for me ok blarke getting distracted flirting and crashing into a tree amazing)

and then some extra ‘lemme save your life real quick’ and bellamy worrying about clarke again because she took off her suit (seriously girlie you’re gonna give him grey hair before his time) because why not but this ep was not only delinquent heavy and leading towards a delinquent heavy finale, but it also put bellamy and clarke back in their co leader positions.

so yeah, maybe there hasn’t been as much bellarke development this season; there weren’t any super big moments or call outs or what have you but that’s because they’re both right there on that precipice. bellamy knows how he feels about clarke and was almost ready to confess it. clarke on the other hand is kinda tricky because she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve like bellamy, but you can’t deny that she cares about him deeply, not when the narrative has shown that over and over again.

maybe something might happen in the finale, maybe it won’t, we don’t know. we know there’s going to be another hug which he initiates this time, and who knows maybe it could have more than that. (but like i said i’m a pessimistic blorke so i refuse to accept that anything more than a hug is happening lmao)

Arrow Fic: When Did You Start to Forget How to Fly

Or, five times Rene Ramirez and Thea Queen danced around things and the one time they finally fell into step.

A/N: According to AO3, this might be the first-ever WildQueen-centric fic? I’m OK with that. (This is honestly mostly just for @yellowflicker09011996 and me and anyone else who wants to join us on this tiny little ship.)  There’s just something about these two. 

I wrote some of this right after the writers first dropped a hint about Rene’s kid back in the holiday ep. (I guessed girl, but had her a little younger.) After the Rene origin story, I came back in to make it more canon-compliant. It took forever and got very out of control.

TL:DR: I had this idea and then couldn’t shake it and then it got a few thousand words out of hand. I’m a glutton for punishment and non-existent ships.

Title from “Same Drugs” by Chance the Rapper. (I love this song so much, and it’s never worked for my other ships. WILDQUEEN 2k17.)

When Did You Start to Forget How to Fly (AO3)

The first few times Rene asks her out, Thea laughs it off.

It’s not like she’s not used to it. It’s not like she hasn’t been fielding the same kinds of offers (at varying levels of appropriateness and vulgarity) since before she was old enough to understand them. But Rene’s harmless. She laughs a little to herself at how different her definition of that word must be from the general populace. He’s Wild Dog, for Christ’s sake, a quick-trigger vigilante, an ex-military man with a history of violence and a distaste for authority. In another life, they probably never would have met. In this one, they might be perfect for each other. Or so he keeps telling her.

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Three times, ‘t is said, a sinking man

Anonymous said:
Episode 2x19 but with director sanvers?

 Dialogue mostly taken straight from the ep with some liberties. THIS IS PART ONE OF TWO so feel free to wait until part two posts.

Read it here on Ao3

Look on the bright side. You know how the episode ends.

Lucy made it a point to work overnight shifts at the desert base when Kara was bringing her boyfriend to dinner. Maggie was still too new to the dynamic to say anything to Kara, and Alex was still feeling guilty for encouraging it in the first place. Really, it was in everyone’s best interest if Lucy skipped those dinners, because a dead alien was just so much paperwork and hiding the body kind of went against the codes of law enforcement.

 She wasn’t exactly surprised to get a text from Maggie that things didn’t go well. The DEO had the benefit of Supergirl’s sister kicking her ass in the green room to teach her at least a few protocols, the NCPD did not. And honestly, after 17 hours of negotiating just to have Supergirl blow out a wall? Lucy would be a little frustrated too.

 It didn’t even surprise her that Alex wasn’t home when she dragged herself in at six in the morning, just as Maggie was making coffee. It wasn’t unusual for Alex to spend the night with Kara after someone had a disagreement.

 What was unusual was Maggie calling to wake her up a scant few hours later, her voice tinged with panic. “Someone has Alex.”

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Never Judge a Duck By Its Feathers

Originally posted by street-crush

Being friends with Jay Park was something that you appreciated. He’s smart, he’s loyal, he’s loving; he’s everything you could ask for in a friend. However, being friends with Jay Park also presented its own unique set of challenges.

Jay happened to be one of the busiest people you’d ever met. He ran his company, supported his artists (which meant being present at as many events as his schedule would allow), managed his own successful music career, and found time to be one of your most loyal friends on top of it all. And because of his unwavering loyalty, whenever Jay asked for a favor you found a way to help him out (no matter how much you didn’t want to).

“Jay,” you whined as you trailed behind him into the lobby of the AOMG offices, “ask me for any other favor and I’ll do it. Ask me for literally anything but this and I’ll do it. Just don’t make me do this.”

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Our Minnie Miracle (K.H)

|1.5k words. Part 1 of 2.


“You’re not due until June!” Kenny shouts down the phone from all the way in New York, miles and miles away from where I am in Arizona. He was the first call I had to make before anyone else. “Why the heck are you going into labour now?!”

“I don’t know, Kenny! Either she’s ready to come out or there’s something wrong.”

“Please, God, just let her be ready to come out and meet us.” He prays quietly. “I’ll be on the next flight I can find, I can’t promise I’ll be there, but I’m going to try.”


Nobody could get to the house fast enough to get me to the hospital, so I had to call for an ambulance to help me. The pain in my stomach was getting worse and worse by the minute, which is normal, but after having a rough delivery with Malachi 3 years ago, I know this isn’t good. It really doesn’t help that my baby girl is 10 weeks early.

Kenny’s off in New York for a show and for early press before his EP release. It was meant to be his last week away before our daughter Minerva, or Minnie (our nickname for her), is born. But, it looks like she has different plans.

This pregnancy has definitely not been good. It has been awful.

She hasn’t been moving around much, which the doctor was slightly worried about, and she rarely kicks – I could count on one hand how many times she has kicked me. One hand. That’s how little she’s been moving in 30 weeks. She’s a very, very small baby, as of my scan last week, Minnie weighs only 3 pounds, so we already know that she’ll have to spend time in the paediatric ICU ward in an incubator until she gains some more weight, and she was only going to have to spend a few nights there if she was on time.

Now that she’s coming this early, she’s going to be in that ward until she reaches 5+ pounds. If she comes tonight, she could be spending months at the hospital just to put on that weight she needs. If there’s anything wrong with her, God I hope not, then I don’t even know how long she’ll be there for.

That’s why we decided to name her Minerva, Minnie for short. She’s going to be a tiny little girl and we thought that it was a very fitting and very adorable name for our little girl. Malachi, our 3 year old son, loves the name we’ve picked out. He likes the fact that his little sister is going to be named after a mouse.

Kenny’s sisters, Madison and Camry, offered to come stay with me whilst Kenny was in New York but I declined their kind offers. Now though, I really wish I had taken up their offer. Maybe then I wouldn’t be sitting in an ambulance, feeling like I’m being shot in the stomach every 2 seconds and trying to calm a frightened 3 year old down.

It’s hard trying to calm him down when I’m absolutely terrified myself.


“Okay, Y/N, the baby’s heart rate is slowly down really fast,” I can’t do this. “Your canal is not opening enough to let her out and she’s trying to get out, but she can’t. We’re going to have to do an emergency caesarean, are you okay with that? Do you know the effects and consequences of general anaesthesia? Okay, let’s get you prepped for surgery.”

I don’t even remember replying to any of the nurse’s questions, or even notice the anaesthesia needle poking into my skin. The only thing I can think about right now is if Minerva is okay.

Things have only gone downhill since we got to the hospital.

My blood pressure rose significantly, due to me stressing out which is causing Minnie to stress out, and when she’s stressing out, her heart rate is dropping because she’s trying to push herself out of my canal but there’s not enough room for her, so she’s straining herself and completely tiring out her fragile little body.

I don’t even know where my fiancé is or where my son is. I don’t know if Kenny’s on a plane, if he’s here or if he’s still in New York, waiting. I don’t know if Malachi is in the waiting room with our families or if he’s sitting somewhere doing some colouring with a nurse. I don’t know where anyone is. I’m in this room all by myself, suffering with nobody but the nurses and doctors desperately doing what they can to try and stabilise my blood pressure and Minnie’s heart rate.

But, the only thing they can do to help Minnie right now, is get her out of me.


“Y/N, you’re going to feel pressure but you’re not going to feel any pain, okay honey?” I just nod up at the nurse who’s squeezing my hand. I don’t even remember her name, I don’t even know if she told me her name. “What are you going to name her?”

She’s doing her best to distract me from what’s going on behind the sterile blue cloth in front of me, which I’m extremely thankful for. “Minerva Ella McCormick. We’re nicknaming her Minnie.” If it wasn’t for this nurse talking to me, I would be freaking out trying to figure out if she’s okay.

God, I’m doing it with her talking to me!

“That’s a gorgeous name!” She grins down at me with a squeeze of my hand. “Did you call her that because she’s so tiny?”

“Yeah,” I smile weakly. Oh God, Minnie is going to be mini. Ultra mini. She might be able to just sit in her daddys hand. Oh my God, I think I’m crying again.

“I saw your little boy on the way in, what’s his name?”

“You’ve seen Malachi? Oh my God! Is he okay? Is he safe?”

“He’s perfectly fine, he was with the hospital social worker until some of your family got here.” Oh thank Christ for that. He’s okay. He’s in the building.

He’s so excited to get a little sister, he wants to show her off to all of his friends and his Pre-K teacher, he’s already such a good big brother. Of course, he’s going to miss all of the attention he used to get, now that it’s going to be shared between the two of them, but he’ll learn to accept that he’s no longer the only baby in the house. And the family.

I’ve never seen him so scared in his life. I was so frantic earlier, calling 911 for an ambulance whilst in blistering pain. I was sitting in front of him, holding my stomach with tears rolling down my cheeks, completely terrified that something was going to happen. Malachi desperately tried to brush all my tears away and try to make me happy again, but I was in too much pain. He started crying when he realised he couldn’t fix this situation.

He’s only 3.


I scared my baby. I made him cry. I can’t even begin to imagine what he’s feeling like right now. Does he know what’s going on? Is he still scared? Does he want to be with me? Does he want to be with Kenny? Who is he with right now? What family members arrived and didn’t come in to me?

I can feel myself getting more and more light headed as the time ticks on. I know she said Malachi was fine, but I need to see him with my own eyes, I need to make sure he’s fine myself. The stress of not knowing is driving my blood pressure through the roof and that is what’s hurting and stressing out Minerva.

“Y/N? Come on, sweetie, respond to me.”

I squeeze her hand, feeling way too weak to use my words. I’ve cried too many times today, I’ve shown nothing but my weak side and I can’t let my baby sense that on her first day in the world. I have to show her that I’m strong, and that I can and will be strong for her. I have to.

I feel my stomach stretch and it’s the weirdest feeling I’ve ever experienced. I can’t feel any pain, but I can feel all the directions my stomach is being pulled in. I can feel hands dipping into the ripped skin and into the womb.

All of a sudden, there’s a shiver-like sensation ripping through my body and I suddenly feel empty. Like a weight has been lifted. Like something has just up and left my body.


She’s out.

They can help her.

She’s going to be okay.


“Congratulations, it’s a girl!”

My tiny, weeny little baby is lifted in the air so I can see her over the privacy sheet and all of my fighting about concealing my weak side is dumped to the side. My baby is tiny. So tiny.

She’s so beautiful. Just from that tiny, three-second glimpse of her, I can tell that she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Babies are meant to cry when they’re born. Crying means that they’re healthy and they’re utterly fine. But she’s not. Minnie isn’t crying. Malachi cried as soon as he was out and he wasn’t completely healthy. Why isn’t Minerva crying? Is there something really bad wrong with her?

“Why isn’t she crying?”

“Get her to the ICU, NOW!”

Thoughts 6x19

Wow this was an amazing episode! When was the last time TVD had been that good? IMO not since season 2. So i’m just gonna list the characters/couples and then write my opinion on them for 6x19:

Elena: Well,she’s getting more annoying by the episode lol. I feel kinda bad for saying this because it’s Nina’s last few episodes before she’s leaving TVD but i just can’t stand her character…since idk i guess season 3 or 4 Elena has become more selfish by the minute, she doesn’t care about right or wrong and makes everything about herself. This show will be o good next season with Elena gone.

Damon: I love Damon this season, i really do. I never was that big of a damon fan but i can’t help but love S6 Damon. Looks like Bonnie really changed him. Of course he’s still acting selfish by hesitating to give Elena the cure but it’s so hard for him because he doesn’t want to lose Elena so i completely understand him. I probably would have done the same thing.

Delena: so i don’t really have an opinion on this couple. i don’t hate them but i don’t really like them together either so i’m just gonna say that i don’t care for that pairing. 

Jolaric: They are, after Steroline and Bamon, my favourite couple this season. I love Alaric and it’s so nice to see him happy and Jo is adorable, Alaric couldn’t find a better woman to marry. They fit perfectly with their history.

Bonnie: I love how badass she’s been this season, she doen’t take all this crap anymore and stands up for herself like she should have a long time ago. 

Lily: I really don’t know what i should think of that woman. She’s such a psycho and i hate her for not caring about her sons but then i also feel sorry for her because just like Stefan she didn’t choose to be a ripper and seeing her downward spiral this episode…i just wanted to hug her…But i loved her scenes with Enzo, she would be such a good mother figure to him. and i guess it’s really hard for me to hate her because i love Annie Wersching so much,she seems like such a nice and cute person that it hurts me that i don’t really like her character… 

Enzo: i honestly didn’t like Enzo this season (at least not since ep 7) but i flt sorry for him because this whole time he thought that Lily abandoned him and then when she comes back she’s asking him to leave just because he wanted to show her who her real family is because loyalty is so important to him.

Matt: We didn’t see a lot of him but he can show his pretty body more often :) i hope he gets more screentime (and a real storyline) next season.

Stefan: aww my boo…This entire episode all his scenes were about how he feels and showed that he wanted his relationship with Caroline to start perfectly and not with all this BS they went through. And his attempts to pretend that his humanity is still off ended really bad for him… Stefan’s such a bad actor when it coms to hiding stuff from Caroline :D 

Caroline: Well…what can i say? I LOVE HER! and i’m so glad she’s back. As much as she annoyed me in 6x18 (which wasn’t that good), she made up for it this week. She was all flirty with Stefan and i knew that she knew that he flipped his switch back on. It was so obvious. She was such a BAMF like Bonnie (how i love these two badasses). And i have to say that Candice is an AMAZING actress,her acting was so on point at the end when Caroline flipped her switch and her guilt came flooding back. I felt her pain and had tears in my eyes during that scene. It’s so sad that she won’t be in 6x20…

(and finally) Steroline: my favourite topic and pretty much everything i think about all day :) Their scenes were perfect. Caroline seducing him and Stefan trying (and pretty much failing) to resist her seduction :D it was really fun to watch. And that kiss…i mean WOW,it was (after the one in 6x14 of course) my favourite kiss of them. It just looked super hot and showed that Stefan can’t resist her because as much as he’s trying to, the urge to kiss her is still there. And Caroline’s comments like: “So take my mind off it.” and ”Am i making you nervous?” were so good because you can see how much her words affect him. He could barely take it and was so unconvincing this entire time, not even i would have believed him and Caroline’s so much smarter so of course she figured it out. Doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt when she broke his neck (even though it was kind of hilarious) and tried to kill him. Then the flashback. Could Stefan be even more adorable?

“If I’m going to start something with Caroline, i want it to be perfect. No loss, no pain, no grief.”

“You might be waiting a while.”

“I’m a patient guy.”

This was exactly what i needed to hear because now we know why Stefan acted like he did in 6x15. He needed to be sure that his feelings for her are strong enough to start a relationship because he couldn’t bare losing her or screwing everything up because it’s not just any girl. It’s Caroline. And he wanted it to be perfect. And this scene also showed us how he feels before the kiss so i’m glad we got that scene because we didn’t really get an inside on his feelings for her before he kiss, he never really talked about it. And it also shows that now for Stefan, this whole ‘perfect start’-thingy isn’t possible anymore so he struggles with that and when Caroline flips it back on, she struggles with the guilt and now that she’s aware of all the things she’s done to him and the way he wanted things to go for them, she feels like she’s ruined everything between them, especially their first time which seemed to play an important part for both of them. And i’ll never forget Stefan’s  face when she talked about how sorry she is and started crying in front of him. It seems like everyone is a bit mad at Stefan for him to just stand there and watch her but the situation was difficult for him too and later he wanted to give her space instead of pushing her and i think that’s really noble of him. He knew that she would push him away and he was right and did you see that both couldn’t really look each other in the eyes? They were kind of ashamed and hurt and i think it’s good that she takes her time and gets away from MF for a while (even though i’m gonna miss her in 6x20). Their scenes were angsty but we all knew it was coming and i loved the angst (doesn’t mean i don’t wanna see them being all cute and fluffy but it’s a slow burn so this is a part of it.)

And i loved the fact that we got to see Liz again, i really missed her.

I’d say this episode was a 8/10. It was amazing :)

Wow,i’v never done something like this before and it tooks me over 2h to put this together but i think i’m gonna do that every week now. It’s fun :) hope you liked hearing my opinion on everything. 

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Adventure "Timeline"

It has bothered me for a really long time how we couldn’t really know how much time had passed in Adventure, both in the Digital and the Human World. So, based on a few facts I attempted to create a “timeline” to figure out how much time did pass in both worlds.

According to Koushirou, One Digi Day is One Human Minute. A day in the Digital World is a minute in the Human one. He claimed this at least twice, both in episode 29 and 54. So, based on that, we know where to start.

Now, two rules: to simplify things, I am trying to figure out the minimium amount of time that passed. Because of this, all vague time-words like “a month and a half” and “two weeks” will be used literally. 1½ months is 45 days, two weeks is 14 days, etc. Unless I have a reason to believe otherwise (like seeing a sunset at the end of an episode and the next one opens during the day), each episode continues immidiately after the another, a day might not have passed between episodes. Alright, lets go!

(I’m not explaining each Day for you, if we were visually shown time passing then I’m skipping the explanation, I’ll only explain if someone gave us info on how much time happened. Also skipping the math stuff for you)

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Felicity’s father theory

Sooo, now that we know Damien will not be her father (YES, I believe Wendy… When did the EPs have lied purposely to our faces? Misleading us? Of course, but lying, not so much. At least I don’t recall)

Anyway, I had two theories about who her father could be, Damien Darhk (who apparently isn’t) and Noah Kuttler AKA The Calculator.

He’s a genius hacker who works in the shadow and gathers information for supervillains. Sounds familiar?

He’s basically a male/vilain version of our Felicity.

He’s a Batman vilain and you know how the writers like to connect some Batman in Arrow. He battled against The Atom, The Green Arrow, Black Canary. He was obsessed with Oracle. Remember Oracle? The one the writers would have wanted Felicity to become if she hadn’t been put out of the table by DC? Remember episode 3.05 that was at first titled “Oracle” and became latter “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”?

Oh and guess what, he has a daughter. Wendy (Harris) Kuttler, codename Proxy.

Dark hair like Felicity (before she dyed it). Genius Level Intellect like Felicity. Went to MIT like Felicity. And eventually became a replacement for Oracle when she was unavailable.

What if Felicity’s real name is actually Wendy Kuttler but she (or Donna since she was a little girl back then) changed it for Felicity and Smoak (her mother’s last name) because she didn’t wanted him to found them, or because she didn’t wanted to be associated with him because he did bad things?

Now, Kuttler could work for HIVE, having the same role for them that Felicity has in the team. They’ll start hacking each other out at some point in the season not knowing who the other is, until they (or one of them) figured it out. Or better, Darhk could figure it out before them and use it against her, against Oliver…

For me, that’s a perfect fit. He’s a big enough character in the DC universe to have the “mic dropped” effect that David made at SDCC. He’s a vilain and he’s rich (due to all the jobs he takes from the bad guys) like EBR said Felicity’s father will be. And he could have been part of the story the entire time, being in the shadow, working for previous bad guys, except nobody had no idea, because nobody had seen him. Until now.

So what do you think guys? Wouldn’t it make an even better plot than Damien being her father? Wouldn’t he made even more sense? 

I’m actually excited to know it’s not Damien and be back in the guessing area, is that normal?

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Preference #2: Fire, ignited

You accidentally give him a boner

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Dating Ashton was always one giant adventure. Sometimes you were dragging him around, sometimes the roles were reversed, from waking

up at four to watch the sunset or packing up backpack and exploring a foreign city without any hotel reservations whatsoever. But you know how tired Ashton was lately, with the EP coming out, and the five countries five days tour, Livestreams and prepping for the American tour with One Direction he had a lot on his plate. You figured what he needed was a sort of lazy Sunday, even if it was Friday. And so Friday morning rolled about and you woke up early to cook for your boyfriend and build a giant fort of sheets and pillows to snuggle into and maybe hold a few follow

sprees. But Ashton had a different kind of lazy Friday in mind. A Friday in which he grabs you, throws you down on the bed you had left hours

before and have his way with you. A Friday in which you would spend the day in bed, having slow, passionate, ‘lazy’ sex. When he slid out of bed he was on a mission to do exactly that. When he got downstairs you were waiting for him in the little fort with two plates of some breakfast, he wasn’t paying attention to, in front of you. What he was paying attention to was the lack of clothing that clung to your body. Your short shorts were made up of some flimsy grey material exposing the smooth skin of your legs. But the obvious lack of any sort of support for your breasts was what stood out the most. He was so desperate, ready and willing, he couldn’t help but twitch in appreciation.

  ”Hey Ash!” You chirped excitedly. “I know you’ve been crazy busy so I decided to make us breakfast!” You explained patting the seat

beside you.

  ”Thanks Y/N.” Ashton smiled moving to sit next to you. An hour or so later your plates were put away and you were resting on Ashton’s


  ”Days like these.” You hummed into his side. Ashton grinned pulling you on top of him and dragging you up to look directly into your eyes.

  “They don’t have to be completely lazy.” Ashton quirked his eyebrows before giggling slightly at the sudden amusement sketched on your features. “Do they?”

  ”Come on Ashton.” You rolled your eyes. “Must you be such a nineteen year old boy?” You scoffed jokingly before rolling off of him. Ashton laughed falling your movements and rolling on top of you and pinning your wrists above your head.

  ”Do you mean, man?” He grinned rubbing his chin stubble against your cheek in a childish manner. You broke into a fit of giggles before

pushing him off and straddling him.

  ”I meant boy.” You assured triumphantly. Ashton watched your every move carefully. God, you looked stunning, the tiny fairy lights above your head gave you a some what goddess glow. You gasped as something hard, and anything but boyish poked at your thigh.

  ”I’ll make you scream like only a man can.”


Michael hardly ever got embarrassed when you caused a boner. Even if it was on accident. After all, you’re a beautiful girl with a body, that he views as perfection. A body he craves almost every single second of the day. The only time Michael was embarrassed about such obvious arousal was when you’re brother happened to be around.

  ”Hey, Michael.” Your brother called out. Michael threw his hand up in acknowledgment from the pool side at your home. “Do you want something to drink?”

  ”Yeah man.” Michael replied green eyes, which were hidden behind sunglasses, shifting along the pool where Calum, Ashton and Luke

were splashing about like little kids.

  ”Y/N get Michael a drink.” He heard your brother call out. Michael raised his eyebrows in interest. Your brother had told Calum, who then told Michael, that you would be spending spring break with a group of friends some where else. Of course you hadn’t told him yourself because ever since last week you had avoided him at any and all costs. He had snuck into your room and ended up getting intimate with you while he was supposed to be spending the night in the living room with the boys. He had managed to sneak out the window and sneak back into the house through the front window and then convince Y/B/N he was hearing things.

  ”No.” He heard you respond, you’re voice closer then he anticipated. When you arrived at the pool side Michael, suddenly very grateful for

the glasses hiding his wandering eye, scanned your body, which was scantily clad in a bikini top and tiny jean shorts. Michael felt his stomach turn in appreciation of your tiny outfit. You stood literally just out of arm’s reach in front of your brother’s beach chair, which was placed right beside his.

  ”Get off your ass and get your own damn drink.” You muttered under your breath staring off into the distance, concentrated on tightening the knot to your bikini top. Michael scoffed, how typical, the first words spoken in a week and you were back into a crude, sarcastic love/hate relationship, as if nothing happened.

  ”I didn’t ask you.” Michael informed harshly. “My dick of a brother did.” You rolled your eyes throwing the items in your hands down on your brother’s chair. Your brother sauntered over to you two watching with furrowed brows.

  ”Where are you going?” Your brother asked noticing your over the shoulder purse.

 “To Archer’s.” You explained. “After cleaning all your stupid little toys.” Michael felt his chest rise and fall in anger. Which Archer were you talking about? The jerk who screws just about every girl that crosses his path? Or Archy, the tall, sweet and lanky boy who happened to like men.

 “Well get to it then.” He shrugged before throwing all your stuff of his chair before settling into it. 

Michael huffed in annoyance. What happened to your brother’s usually protective nature? You groaned before moving to grab all the pool noodles and beer cans from the yard. The three boys in the pool shouted out greetings before throwing water on you. You laughed at their childish antics before bending down to pick up the beer can Ashton threw just a few minutes earlier. Michael let out an audible whine at the sight of your ass in the air as you balanced on one foot. He could feel himself grow more and more turned on so he yanked the towel from the edge of his chair and bundled it above his crotch. The giggling boys took this as an opportunity to soak your hair, which was thrown into a ponytail. You laughed again standing up and throwing the can in the trash. That was the final straw. You seemed like a goddess. The water trickled down your body and caused you skin to glisten. Your breasts followed the movements of your tensing abdomen and suddenly the towel wasn’t enough to hide the erection he was sporting. But it was so much more than that. The way your hand flew up instinctively to cover your mouth as you laughed to hide your smile, the way your eyebrows knotted together and how your eyes screwed shut. It reminded Michael why and how he fell for you. It took him back to the best night of his life, the night where nearly all the artificial hate was thrown out the window. For the first time he saw the love in your eyes and he knew you saw it in his. In his state he didn’t even notice Archer burst into the backyard. The bastard Archer. Michael was thrown back into reality just to hear Archer spew out a crude, sexist comment on your ass as you bent down to clean after men. Michael forget about his problem and stood up the towel falling off his lap. Everyone turned to stare, to shocked to say anything at all. Archer was the first to let out an obnoxious laugh.

 “You gave the emo a boner!” Michael opened his mouth to cuss him out but what you said next made his throat go dry and the muscles in his abdomen tense.

  ”That’s hot.”


  ”Why can’t you just tell me how it went?” Calum practically begged from the other end of the phone call. He could practically hear her smile sleepily. It was probably around one am in Russia. Only six pm back home, where Calum currently was. And you had had one hell of a night, but sleep seemed like something so completely unnecessary when Calum was involved.

  ”I want you to watch.” You explained, “And be surprised. What’s the point if you already know if I did good or not?”

 “But Y/N.” Calum whined turning over in his bed and settling on his stomach as commercials rolled by. “That’s no fun. I bet all the other skater’s boyfriends know their scores.” Your face exploded into a blush at the word ‘boyfriend’. Did that airport kiss mean that much? Calum scrambled to fix his embarrassing mistake, his own face very much red.

  ”I bet they do Calum but this is so much better. I promise.” You assured. It was a very simple sentence, that didn’t appear to have double meaning. But it did. It was the signature at the bottom of a contract, sealing your relationship. Calum grinned running a hand through his hair and biting his lip to stop from shouting with joy. He opened his mouth to protest further but the television stopped him.

  ”And Y/N takes the stage.” the commentator announced as you skated onto the rink.

“Its on Y/N!” Calum shouted into the phone bouncing into a sitting position eagerly.

  ”One of the favorites for the gold.” The commentators voice lowered into some what of a whisper as the music began to play. You said something to Calum, the female commentator said something to the other and a silence washed over the crowd but Calum didn’t even notice. How could he? How could he pay attention to anything but the way your face contorted from nervous to confident with a shaky out take of breath. His own breath fell from his lips at the sight of your tight, glittering outfit. The way it hugged your curves nearly put him in cardiac arrest. Your H/C H/L hair the prettiest he’s ever seen it. When you began to dance gracefully across the ice is when problems began to arise. Seeing your legs turn and twist caused his stomach to follow the exact same movement. Watching your bum in the air as you

bent down and lift a single leg caused his throat to go dry. He suddenly felt like hypocrite for getting annoyed with the horn dogs online posting pictures of ice skaters in such suggestive positions. His darkened gaze wandering to your lips, the light gloss seemed to reflect the blinding lights and he began to imagine them placed around him, sucking deliciously. Watching your face contort in concentration and determination was strangely erotic and he had to hang up before he cummed in his pants.

  ”Y/N listen my phone is dying!” he managed to mutter out. “I have to go.”


God Luke hated this class. 

Believe it or not, ‘course if you’ve ever been a public school student you probably already know, Physical Education is probably the class in which you want a friend the most. There’s always partnering in doing shit like push ups and team games. 

But this is high school, things aren’t as movies make them out to be, you don’t have a friend in every single class, especially Luke, the chubby kid with ‘weird snazzy green glasses’, he hardly had any friends at all, certainly not enough to have in every single class. Luke stood near the bleachers arms crossed over the grey t-shirt of the PE uniform. 

He heard kids talking about the PE exams for the end of the semester, which would need a partner for every single one. Luke was dead set on making sure he wouldn’t have to endure the partnering process in which they find one for you, you know where they make you raise a hand if you don’t have a partner and then put you with someone you don’t even know! He scanned the gym only finding clusters of guys standing close to each other and girls holding onto each others arms. 

His blue eyes fell on you. You were currently standing with two other girls he didn’t really know but it was obvious there would be one left out of your little clique. perhaps it would be you? The girl he had had a massive crush on since year 7. He had never made any move whatsoever because, well you’re Michael and Calum’s best friend. Michael his worst enemy, until this year. Things were beggining to thaw between the two boys, that meant you were well no longer off limits, right? He let out a shaky breath before making his way towards you.

  'This stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Why would she want to be your partner?’ Luke thought abruptly turning on his heel.

  ”Luke!” He heard you call. He cursed under his breath. He turned around nervous smile plastered on his face.

  ”Hey Y/N.” Luke smiled shyly, giving you a small wave to match. You laughed causing his heart to jolt.

  ”Hey.” You met him halfway. “So I don’t have a partner. Do you want to be mine?”

  ”Uh, erhm. Y-yeah of course!”

  ”Great!” You smiled falling down on the floor in a criss crossed position before patting the sport before you.

  Luke regretted agreeing to be your partner. Watching the girls before you two was already causing his mind to go fuzzy, keep in mine he’s a sexually frustrated fifteen year old boy, even imagining you bending down before him caused his stomach to tense

  ”Looks like we’re up Luke.” You grinned shooting up and grabbing his hand to pull him up. “Just count my sit ups.” Luke nodded kneeling on your feet. You smiled before laying down. Luke gulped at the sight of you, so vulnerable, before him. You heaved yourself up giggling as Luke’s face exploded with color when you’re nose touched his. Luke pulled his face away mumbling out apologies. You shook your head before falling back. Several sit ups later and you were out of breath. You laid scrambled chest heaving. You’re breasts rose and fell rapidly causing Luke’s arousal to become more prominent.

  ”I can’t do this anymore Luke.” You whined. His mind contorted the innocent words into something far more sexual.

  ”You ca-an do it.” He assured shutting his eyes in embarrassment at the voice crack. You nodded tiredly before heaving yourself up, face contorted in a most delicious way, you let a strangled groan that sounded more erotic than it should’ve. Luke shot straight up turning around before you could see his boner.

  ”I have to go to the bathroom be right back!” He screamed running to the locker room. Fuck his life.

Novus Ordo Seclorum

It was an uneven episode. I admit that I was braced because I saw a tweet that revealed that someone had died, so it was really just a toss-up of if it would be Jenny (obvious) or Abbie (surprising but not if you’ve really been watching this season). But even so, the first half hour of the show dragged. This is Jenny. Abbie should have been tearing down mountains to get to her sister. Instead we get her caught in some FBI bureaucratic hell and a road trip to Albany for exposition no one wanted or needed (by the way, Albany is two hours each way from Sleepy Hollow).

Not until the scene where Abbie gives up her gun and badge did I feel any stakes. And that last ten minutes were solid and certainly sets up an intriguing back half. But they’ve got to figure out their pacing issues.

All right, let’s do this for the last time in a couple months:

  • That cold open, with Jenny on the shore and Pandora and the Hidden One in the water? Chilling. One of the best horror moments the show’s had. Plus the religious implications of that shot – baptism! Pieta! Even some Mary Magdalene vibes with Pandora’s long, loose, dark hair. Just a really well-composed shot and eerie moment. Also, I’ve been harsh on effects and makeup this season, but the Hidden One’s mummy makeup was really solid.
  • So many callbacks to previous seasons this ep. As bad as these guys are at continuity, even they didn’t call Jenny a vessel again by mistake. I hope we get to see her dealing with that too, amidst everything else. It’s a huge part of her identity at this point.
  • Very eager to learn more about the role and lineage of the Witnesses. Fill this part of your mythology in at long, long last and do it right.
  • Really nice good cop/bad cop vibe with Sophie and Danny as they’re questioning Abbie. And her having zero time for it, wanting to get to her sister. This is good and right, but then the momentum just sputters off after this scene.
  • Crane says they must go east. Towards Jerusalem. Towards Mecca.
  • Large portions of my notes just consist of DO NOT TOUCH JENNY MILLS DO NOT REMOVE YOUR MUMMY HANDS. So just add that every few lines. Thanks.
  • I know they gave the Hidden One another name, but in Sumerian myth Anu is known as the Hidden One. He is the earliest known sky god. He judged the guilty and put the stars in the sky to serve as soldiers to smite the wicked. Notably, his consort, Ishtar, descended into the underworld.
  • If only the show had a more consistent mythology, we could really understand how the presence of a god affects it. What does this mean for the Christian myths that formed the basis for the Witnesses and the Tribulation? Does it co-exist with ancient deities? Is Christianity a misinterpretation of these deities? Are there more gods? Why is Pandora Greek and the Hidden One Sumerian? Why was Norse also thrown in there for good measure? I’m all for throwing mythology in a blender, I love it. But there has to be a reason and a structure.
  • Joe throwing punches and getting results! Though you’re telling me no one in that frat house ever bumped against that secret door and found a weirdo chamber and then started using it for their weirdo frat rituals?
  • Fun fact: There was no Jonathan Revere. There were two John Reveres, one who died at age 2 and one who wasn’t even born until 1784. So. Yeah.
  • Why are plants always trying to kill people on this show. I’m starting to get nervous around anyone who enjoys gardening, damn.
  • Jenny snarking on Pandora’s man’s looks even under the worst circumstances. Bless.
  • But let’s talk about Pandora’s man. First of all, Pandora did all this for a dude? Sigh. Really. That was the best you could do. Bringing a guy back. Fine, whatever. But then his motivation is the most trite thing in the book, cleansing the earth of humans because we’re the worst? Major let downs in the motivation department.
  • So much random exposition on the Eye of Providence and codes and Paul Revere. This show is way more interested in that stuff than I am. But no Betsy these last two episodes. Definitely feel like they heard that feedback loud and clear and gave her roles to other random founding fathers.
  • “Don’t let anyone close to you. When you lose them, it’ll break your heart.” Subtle. Very subtle, show.

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it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter

title | it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter

notes | Okay, so I combined three prompts I had for this one, since they were all very similar:

  • snowbarry-jennoist : Hi! Can you please write a snowbarry fic where Caitlin tells Barry about her kiss between the fake Barry??
  • wholikeswho : Hi, can I request for a fic where Caitlin tells Barry about the fake!Barry kiss after Barry questions her why she’s so jumpy when he tapped her shoulder and then feels sorry and comforts her with a real kiss? :)
  • emeraldguardianproductions : Could you write a story about Barry finding out about the shapeshifter kissing Caitlin as Barry and them then realizing their feelings for each other? Thanks XD Love your FanFics! 

And this is what I came up with. Doesn’t necessarily go too deep into the feelings, more like the awakened possibility, but I hope you all like it. Thanks for the prompts!

“Come here,” and Barry doesn’t even think when he reaches for her hand, but in those moments when his fingers are skimming hers, he panics a little, remembering how she’d shied away from his touch earlier. He’s not sure what has her startled but he certainly doesn’t want to push. It’s a relief when her hand opens to reach for his—a momentary reprieve from the pressure that’s been building in his chest since he got word that Joe and Cisco were back with news. The rest of the world is upside down but at least this is back to normal. “I need to show you something.” 

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anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Caryl? I love reading your ideas!

Apologies for taking so long to answer this ask but I wanted to see episode 10 before I could form thoughts. Because since the filming spoilers, I was so sure of where Caryl would be be eps 9 and 10, when they were NOWHERE NEAR what I expected I had to reset my expectations - and I needed to see 10 to see where Caryl would be before I plunged ahead. 

Now I’ve seen it, i have a new theory! (*half ikkle’s followers cheer and half groan*)

I shall put it behind a red more because, well it seems polite. ;)

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Tronnor Fic

(a/n: All mistakes are mine. Italics=thoughts Kay enjoy.)

Word count=7000+

Troye lifted his gaze from his phone when he felt a slight nudge to his shoulder. “Heyy!” He heard the familiar slur of Tyler’s voice as his eyes focused on the purple haired guy in the darkness of the loud club. “What’s up!” He replied, locking his phone as he was handed another drink. “I’m having a great time, so why are YOU sitting here by yourself?” Tyler questioned, urging him to drink up as if he was getting ready to uproot him from his cozy spot in the corner.
“Just checking my timeline…I’m nervous.” The Australian replied, referring to his big announcement the next day.

“Oh come on. You’re going to be fine!” Another distinct voice interrupted them. A much calmer voice than Tyler’s, a voice Troye had gotten very fond of. “They’re going to love it. I promise.” He revealed himself, taking a seat next to Tyler as the blue eyed boy squinted in the dark, making out the distinct features of Connor’s face. Troye wished the club wasn’t this dark simply because he knew Connor was looking at him with a proud smile at the moment  and he wanted to see it.  Ugh.
His nervousness was still there, despite all of the reassuring encouragements he had gotten from his YouTube friends. Well of course he was nervous. He was going to announce his biggest endeavour yet, tomorrow. One he’d been looking forward to since he was 8 years old.   His debut EP. Oh the anxiety.

“Hey, are you okay?” A hand was stroking his knee in the most comforting way as Troye returned from his thoughts. It was Connor, he was sitting next to him now. Tyler was gone again, probably to entertain everyone else and be the life of the party. Troye thought, before remembering that his best friend had asked him a question. “Uh yeah, I’m okay. Just anxious…that’s all.” He directed his gaze to Connor’s hand on his knee again, wondering why a tiny gesture like that could bring down his anxiety levels by 50% and moreover why Connor was even trying to do anything in the first place. It made him smile as he thought back to all the times he had been comforted by the coffee loving best friend of his. Connor was one of his best friends and it wasn’t hard to guess why.
He always knew what to say and do when he was feeling down and out. He always knew what to do when he was happy too, in fact. Connor always knew everything about him without having to  say it himself. He picked up on his nervous feelings when he didn’t mention it. He could tell when the Australian was angry. He could even tell when he was going through a heartbreak. Something even his mother hadn’t picked up on. But he knew. How? Troye didn’t know.  

“Let’s go. You can’t sit here and dwell on it before it actually happens.” Connor finally let go of his knee and pulled him by the wrist, successfully managing to get the skinny youtuber off the couch and into the party. Troye was somewhat disappointed at the loss of contact but he knew that was stupid. Sporting a nervous grin, he followed the brown haired boy into the crowd. Okay Troye, time to be social.

“You have nice eyes.” Troye heard a familiar voice say, evoking a giggle from some girl. He turned to see that the familiar voice was in fact Connor Franta, trying to chat with a pretty blonde who was supposedly very amused by his antics. He was clearly trying to flirt with her. The Australian cast a lingering glance towards the boy before looking away again, immersing himself back into conversation with Mamrie Hart but still keeping his ear perked for anymore bits of them talking. This is ridiculous, why are you doing that? Troye knew his conscious was right, he had no business listening in on Connor’s intimate conversations with people. Then, his mind turned against him, trying to work out the feeling he was getting as he looked at them again. Are you jealous, Troye? His mind echoed with the thought as a long silence followed. No. I’m not. Another part of his brain replied, the one he wanted to believe. He’s my best friend. I want to look out for him. He reasoned with himself, completely forgetting that he was still in someone else’s company.
“Hellooo…Troye? Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, just nervous.” That had been his excuse for the rest of the party too as he found himself zoning out and  constantly trying to spot Connor in the sea of people.
As the night progressed however, Connor found himself next to Troye the whole time so the Australian didn’t have to worry much.
“So Connor, Tyler tells me you’re a secret singer?” It was that blonde again, trying to come at his best friend. Ugh just go away. However, he couldn’t help himself as he glanced at Connor for a brief moment. There was a flash of panic in his eyes before he masked it.
“Oh please, I don’t sing. The only one who can sing is this guy over here.” The brown haired boy put his arm around Troye, nudging him to talk to her. The sudden switch in attention made him nervous, but he brushed it off as his mind was completely occupied by the arm around him sending shivers with each movement. Okay. What is happening.
And just like that, the arm was gone and the two of them were in conversation again, moving away from him. He had a vague idea that they were going to dance floor and he didn’t want to stick around and watch them. It made him sick. What is wrong with you?

“Hey. You okay?” Oh for the love of God. Troye turned to face the speaker in annoyance since it was the 11th time he had been asked that question tonight. It was Tyler and Hannah this time, each with a drink in their hands looking up at him with a curious gaze. “I’m fine! Are you having fun?” He put on a fake smile and tried to be interested in what they had to say but his eyes were redirected to a certain dark haired boy just a few metres away, still talking to that horrible blonde. You don’t know that. She could be a nice person, you know. I don’t care. His mind was haggling with himself and it kind of amused him at this point…kind of.
“So are you excited for tomorrow?” Troye brought his gaze back to Hannah coming up with the automated response he had been doling out to this repetitive question. “Very.” And I would just like to curl up in bed and watch TV instead of be here. He mentally finished, taking a sip from his glass of water since he had had enough to drink already. “Will I get to hear it?” Another question from the little Hart. This time he smiled genuinely because this EP was his baby and he would never get tiered of it. “Yep. After it’s out. Your copies are already in the mail, you know.” He finished, making the two gasp in excitement. “I’m flattered.” Hannah replied, just when Troye’s gaze lifted to see Connor hugging the blonde again. He couldn’t stay anymore.
He looked at his watch, figuring it was late enough for him to leave without any suspicions from the others and he did just that. “I don’t feel too good…anxious I guess. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. I’m so glad you’ll be announcing me tomorrow. I love you guys.” Troye pulled Hart into a brief hug before waving to Tyler and bolting from his place, not even bothering to look at his other best friend. But Connor did, he saw him leave and it left him a little disappointed as he tried to focus on their fake conversation.

—–the next day—–

Troye was sitting on the couch backstage, chewing on his nails as he listened to his friends entertaining the crowd onstage. His mind was only focused on what he was going to say and all he could do was stare at the little speech he’d prepared before he could show them the video. God, I hope they like it. It was the only thought on his mind. He was so into revising the speech that he didn’t notice someone take the seat next to him.
Smells like…coffee. He thought, looking up to meet his best friend’s gaze. “Hey.” Sure enough there was a hot mug of coffee in his hand as he smiled brightly at the Australian.
“Hey!” Troye was caught off guard by his sudden appearance but he recovered quickly enough, folding the paper and keeping it aside as Connor handed him the coffee mug. “Drink it. It helps.” Troye chuckled at this. “Connor, I don’t need more caffeine to hype me up. My nerves are pretty messed up already.”
“I actually think coffee calms me down sometimes, you know?” He answered, taking a sip for himself as Troye watched him curiously. “No I don’t? You’re a weirdo.”
“I am not. I just love coffee.” Another sip. “Yes I think the whole world knows that now.” Troye grinned again as he received a glare from him. “Why did you leave so early last night?” You noticed? “Err…I wasn’t feeling too good.”
“Oh.” Connor didn’t look convinced but he let it go. He noticed how nervous Troye was and decided to help him actually calm down before he had to go onstage. “Do you want to take a walk?” Are you serious? I’m going to be onstage in 5 minutes.
Sensing his hesitation, Connor put aside the beverage and grasped his hand, getting up and pulling him off again. “It won’t take long. I promise.”
He didn’t know what made him say yes, maybe it was the fact that Connor was pleading or maybe it was the warmth of his hand from holding the coffee mug or maybe it was the strange feeling of goosebumps he felt on his arm besides the warmth. “Yeah, okay.”

And they walked, Connor didn’t let go of Troye’s hand and he didn’t feel the need to tell him. Because all of it was somehow working as he lost himself to Connor’s rambling about the previous night. He took care not to mention the blonde girl because somehow, he sensed that it would put him on edge again. He didn’t even know why, but he’d seen the discomfort in his eyes last night. Not that she was of any importance anyway.
Troye suddenly felt the loss of warmth as he looked down for a second. They weren’t holding hands anymore. Why? He got his answer when a tall man with headphones walked up to them, telling them that Troye was due to take the stage in 60 seconds. And there was the anxiety again, returning fast before Connor looked up at him and steadied him by his shoulders.
“Listen, I haven’t heard your music but I know it’ll be great. And they’re going to love it, and I’m so proud of you. So just breathe…” Troye’s met his at the last sentence. He’s proud of me. He thought before he heard the last sentence,  " and vlog. This is a crazy moment, you need it on camera!“ Connor whipped out his own Cannon and handed it to Troye, forcing him to be quick on his toes as they ran to the entrance to the stage, Troye, recording a short clip just before he heard his name called out. He felt a slight pat on his back from Connor as he stepped out, to the crowd of thousands screaming and applauding for him. This is it.

Troye was breathless, almost choking in fact. "You’re killing me.” He managed to spurt out just before he felt the grip loosen around him. “Sorry.” Connor grinned at him, embarrassed as he scratched the back of his head. Don’t be. “It’s okay.” Troye was grinning too, he hadn’t stopped grinning from the moment he stepped off that stage, immediately being tackled into hugs by all his friends. Connor was nowhere to be found, then. He was actually in the lounge backstage…waiting for the curly haired boy to make his way through the crowd and had immediately jumped on him when he did.
“I’m so proud. That 30 second clip killed me. Wow, Troye I didn’t realise it was going to be THAT AMAZING. When do I get hear it?” All these sweet words easily made the Australian turn a slight shade of pink, trying to focus on his answer. “Uhh…August 15th. But we could listen to it now if you want.” What? Troye are you out of your mind? Emma will kill you! It’s only one person. It’s Connor. Exactly, he’s my best friend. I don’t know why you’re behaving like this. Just shut up? He couldn’t handle the constant banter inside his head as he blinked several times, flustered at the expression Connor was giving him. “Now?” He asked again, he couldn’t believe it.
“Yeah.” Troye answered, more confidently this time as he took hold of his wrist and directed him to the door of his green room. “B-but won’t you get in trouble?” Connor voiced his own thoughts as he reached for his laptop. “Nah. Nobody will know.” He re-assured himself  pressing play and bracing himself for criticism from his best friend. For some reason, he had always regarded Connor’s opinion higher than any of his other friends. Maybe it was because they had similar tastes in music and they both admired each other for it, but also because Troye suddenly wanted to impress him. He wanted Connor’s approval more than anyone else and he wondered if he was going to get it. Little did he expect the reaction he was getting, though.

Connor had been clutching the headphones to his ears for the past 15 minutes, constantly replaying all the songs on the EP as his eyes widened in amazement each time. The Australian was actually blushing quite hard now, thanks to this reaction. He likes it. Of course he likes it.
Troye grinned when Connor finally handed the laptop back to him and pulled him in for another hug. He was really getting fond of these hugs, breathing in the cologne that he had gotten so familiar with over the last year of their friendship. “I don’t think telling you how much I am proud of you will be enough. Thanks for letting me hear it first.” Connor finally spoke, pulling away just for a second and it looked like he was blushing too, when they heard the growl of a stomach. Troye looked down in embarrassment as Connor let him go, laughing out loud before he looked at his best friend with humour in his eyes.
“I think I could buy you lunch as a token of my pride. What do you say?”
Troye grinned at this, slinging an arm around his shoulder as they walked out of the room.
“That would be perfect.”

—–a few months later—–

LA. Finally. Troye breathed a sigh of relief as the plane landed smoothly on the runway. He travelled a lot but taking off and landing still made him slightly nervous. “Please remain seated-” Troye ignored the voice of the flight attendant as usual, switching on his phone as he slipped in his USA SIM card. A message was already waiting for him. Connor. Of course.

Im waiting outside, can’t wait to see you.

His lips curved upwards into the smallest of smiles as he read the initials. He hadn’t seen his best friend in so long now and even though he was used to it, oddly enough, he missed him more than usual, this time. Huh. No time to think now. He thought to himself as he got up and pulled his bag from the overheard cabinet and made his way outside.
After a full hour of going through customs, the now singer-songwriter reached his gate, looking out for the familiar face he had waited so long to see. When he spotted him however, he couldn’t help but stare at him for a few seconds, smiling the biggest smile he could muster as he walked briskly towards him, even taking the time to rake his eyes over his best friend’s outfit which looked pretty on point that day. What’s the occasion? He wondered, knowing very little about the hours Connor had spent in his room trying to look good for him.

“Hey.” Connor greeted, waiting just long enough for the Australian to put his baggage down before he engulfed him in another bone crushing hug. God, I missed you. Troye slowly took in his favourite scent as they pulled away. “You smell nice.” He blurted out, his eyes widening at the sudden impulse. Shut up, Troye. “Thanks.” Connor could feel the heat rising to his cheeks as he quickly bent down to take one of his bags.
You look so cute. Would you just shut up? Troye was used to these thoughts by now, although he didn’t let them out of his head at all, because all they were were thoughts. No more. Strangely enough, they seemed to be reoccurring ever since VidCon and he was almost fed up with trying to hold it back. He had a crush on his best friend, so what? He had every right to. Connor was an amazing human being and it was bound to happen. But he’s straight. Yes I know that. He did. He knew it would go nowhere because Connor was straight and this was just a friendly crush. He promptly let it slip to the back of his mind as they walked out of the airport, up to Connor’s car.

“Chipotle?” Connor asked, breaking the comfortable silence while they were at a red light. “Yes please.” Connor took the next right and parked quickly before indicating to the singer that they were here.
“After you.” The brown eyed boy held the door open, bowing comically as Troye walked in, chuckling at his friend’s antics.
“I think I’ll have a burrito.” He pondered, they were waiting in the long line to the counter. “I need a rice bowl. They’re the best.” Connor mumbled, his eyes glued to his phone screen as he sent a long text to someone named ‘Natasha’. Troye didn’t read the context of the text but he was sure he didn’t want to. A little bit of jealousy was  bubbling through him as they continued down the line. I bet it’s that girl from the party. Connor hadn’t brought her up at all in conversation but why would he? It’s none of my business.
Soon enough, they had settled down at the table in the far corner, talking and laughing as they caught up on all the things they couldn’t talk about over the phone. “I’m so full. Wow. That was too much.” Connor finally set down his fork, leaning back into his chair as his eyes met Troye’s gaze. “I’m almost done.” He averted his eyes before taking the last bite into his burrito.
“You must’ve been really hungry.”
“Aren’t you always? You’re as skinny as a meerkat.” Connor remarked, casting a glance at his best friend before laughing. Troye shot him a look of mock disgust before suggesting that they get a slurpy. (“It’s Fall, Troye.” “I don’t care, Connor. LA is hot.”)

Connor looked extremely nervous as he fumbled with the keys to his apartment and the Australian didn’t know why. “Er…well, make yourself at home I guess?” He finally opened the door and led him in, gesturing his arms wildly at the living room. “Well, this is my apartment.” Troye didn’t think it was possible to giggle but he did, watching as a tinge of heat appeared on his friend’s face. “Yes I know, Con. I’ve been here before?” He questioned slightly before slurping the last of his bright pink slurpy.
“Oh. Right.” Connor’s ears perked up at the use of the pet name but he looked so embarrassed that if it were possible for a guy’s face to become any redder, it probably would’ve. Cute.
Troye let it slide though, walking into the guest bedroom with his bags as if it was his own house and plopping down on the bed almost ready to pass out when he heard the ping of a phone from his pocket, but it wasn’t his.
Taking the device out of his pocket, he discovered that it was in fact Connor’s phone. It must’ve gotten exchanged when they were at Chipotle and he was looking at his instagram profile.
The text on the on the lock screen brought back more jealousy when he saw the name. 'Natasha’
He didn’t bother reading the text and was about to get up from the bed and give it to Connor when he walked into the room. “Hey, your phone’s with me.” He smiled and handed it back the Australian before noticing the somewhat sour expression on his face. It took him one glance at the phone to tell him why and he found himself unnecessarily explaining to him who she was. “Natasha is just a marketing executive and we’re working on a big project right now…” He trailed off noticing that Troye’s face was somewhat relieved yet not completely believing him. Close enough, he thought before smiling and looking down at the text. He had a meeting to get to in 30 minutes. “Okay so I have a meeting about this right now. There’s food in the fridge and TV and a comfortable bed. If you need anything else-”
“I’ll call you. I know. I’ll be just fine.” Troye smiled at him reassuringly. Connor was beyond flustered at this point as he gave him one last grin and rushed into his own room, picking out a normal t-shirt and a blazer since he was wearing his favourite shirt at the moment and he couldn’t stand wearing it out in the sun for too long.

Troye was lying on his bed when the obvious question came to mind. What big project? He slowly got up and padded across the apartment, walking through the open bedroom door to ask him the same question when he spotted a shirtless Connor Franta washing his face in the bathroom and he had chosen that moment to look up and spot the Australian in the mirror. Crap. Connor froze in his position before he quickly turned off the tap and pulled on a towel, drying his face while hiding the embarrassment written all over it. Troye however, couldn’t stop staring at his body even though he shouldn’t be. Friends are shirtless all the time, what’s the big deal? His brain reasoned before he quickly averted his eyes, a lot. He thought, turning away while Connor wuickly pulled on a t-shirt. “I’m sorry.” He apologised before a small groan escaped Connor’s voice.   Surprised, he turned around to see the boy’s head stuck in the hole and it didn’t seem to be going in.  Now Troye’s expression turned into one of humour as he walked up to him and pulled it over his head, successfully bringing him out of the mess. “Ugh.” Connor was beyond flustered again, as he walked back into his closet and picked out another shirt to wear. He felt like hiding inside the closet forever because the embarrassment adorning his face was one he didn’t want to show.  

“I like your shirt.” Troye remarked once he came out and tried to fix his hair. The singer was apparently still in his room, sitting on his bed and he looked like he wanted to ask something. “Thanks.” He replied, turning slightly red. Neither of them acknowledged the little incident that had happened but apparently Troye was trying to make him feel better. “So, what’s the big project?” Now a rush of excitement filled Connor’s stomach. A book. He thought, but he didn’t want to tell him just yet. This was a big deal and so far no one knew about it, he wasn’t even sure it would work out.
“I’ll tell you if it works. This is the first meeting, so…” He trailed off, satisfied with his hair as he walked about, trying to find a nice pair of socks.
“Good luck!” The curly haired boy wished him as he closed the door. Big project huh? I hope you get it, Con. He thought, genuinely before walking towards the living room and switching on the fairly small TV. He hadn’t turned on a TV in ages.

“I ordered us some food, if you don’t mind.” Troye called out from the kitchen, as he opened the delivered Chinese food when he heard the front door open. It was almost 7pm and he was getting hungry. Again.

“Yeah? I brought some food too…I wanted to have Chinese tonight so-”
“I ordered Chinese too..”
“Yeah.” Troye grinned, making a nerve twitch in Connor’s face as he held up the bag of food in his hand. “Great minds think alike?” Connor tried, making the Australian roll his eyes at that. “Sure.”
They set the food down on the small glass table near the sofa while Troye switched through all the channels, searching for something to watch. “There’s nothing on TV.” He complained, looking towards Connor who immediately got up and brought his laptop. “We can always Netflix. Ooh. Can we watch Spud?” What? no. Troye’s eyes widened in surprise as Connor looked at him, questioning him. “No. I don’t want to watch myself. I’m not a narcissist.” Troye laughed, causing a smile to appear on the brown eyed boy’s face as well. “Hm…funny, I thought you’d love it.”
“Definitely not.”
Finally they settled on 'Camp Takota’ since they hadn’t watched it yet and they knew their friends were great in it.  
Turns out, Connor really loved watching Netflix on his sofa with a bunch if blankets on, even if it was in the scorching heat of LA. Troye didn’t complain, though. He liked Connor’s company and the way he got excited every time one of their YouTube friends came onscreen or there was a revelation in the plot.
They found themselves laughing a lot as the night progressed and they decided to watch another comedy when they were done with it. Not wanting the moment to be over, Troye sunk further into the sofa, pulling the blankets over him as he watched his best friend slurp in some noodles, his eyes glued to the screen.
He loved spending a night in with his friends but somehow this felt better. There was no reason, it just was. Maybe he liked Connor’s company more than the others, after all.  Troye took in Connor’s features in the darkness of the room, only illuminated by the screen in front of them and almost zoned out, ignoring the movie for a long while before Connor finally turned to him and caught him staring. “What’s up?” He asked, a knowing smirk taking it’s place on his face as he questioned the blue eyed boy.
“Nothing. Nothing. You’re a nice friend.” He simply stated, watching as Connor’s face dropped before he smiled again, giving him enough time to recover. “So are you.” What? What is that supposed to mean? I think it’s pretty clear what it means, Troye. Right. He could only smile back before Connor’s attention was on the laptop again.
This routine continued through the week and it almost seemed domestic. They would talk for a while in the morning before heading off to their appointments and meetings in different directions and then they would meet again in the evening, ordering in food and watching Netflix together on the couch as they talked over the days events. After a long day’s work and pressure to be creative, it felt nice to unwind and not care about anything as they huddled up under the blankets. The proximity with which they sat on the sofa had gotten a lot less however. They had both decided that sitting side by side was the best way to share the blanket. Sure, Troye. His mind snarled at him again, as he scooted closer to his friend. Sure.

But tonight, they were heading out. It was Troye’s last day in LA. He had been here almost 2 weeks and they hadn’t gone out even once. Tonight, Tyler wanted to hold a party with some of his friends at his house so they agreed, it was a good send off for the Australian. He didn’t want to go though, not yet. Not since he had become somewhat particularly attached to his brown haired best friend with whom he had been staying all this while. He missed his family, but he somehow didn’t feel like meeting him just yet. There was too much here. More specifically, Connor. What? The singer mostly ignored the alarm bells in his mind when such thoughts popped up.

“Ready?” Connor walked into his room, looking dapper in a full length midnight blue  shirt and black skinny jeans. “You look…cool.” Was all Troye could manage as his eyes soaked in the sight before him. You look fucking amazing. “You don’t like it?” Connor was unsure all of a sudden, his face dropping. What is wrong with you, Troye. “No! You look great! I like it.” He grinned, spotting relief on the boy’s face before they heard a honk outside. “I guess that’s our ride, you look pretty good, by the way.” Connor replied, there was a glint in his eyes that Troye couldn’t pin point but the compliment made him grin all the same. He was hoping he would notice, and he did.

They hopped into their uber, settling into comfortable silence as they watched LA go by. It took them hardly 20 minutes to reach Tyler’s house but since they had agreed to drink tonight, neither of them felt the need to drive.

“Finally, you two! You’re late!” Tyler welcomed them, hugging them both as they entered the house. The party was already in full swing as they spotted a whole bunch of their friends and fellow YouTubers, dancing to a catchy remix of a Lady Gaga song. “I thought you said it was just a couple of your friends.” Troye smirked, knowing Tyler could never host a small party. “This is actually not much.” He brushed it off, pushing them to the bar that was set up near the kitchen and urging them to have a few shots before he disappeared again to talk to his other guests.
The two boys split up at first, doing their own rounds as they met and spoke to their own friends but all the while Troye kept glancing in his direction, keeping an eye on Connor but he didn’t notice the brown haired boy doing the same to him.
The night had progressed much further when Tyler who was watching all this from the sidelines, decided to put an end to the game of eye tag. He joined Connor in conversation and easily walked him to the other corner right where Troye was speaking to Grace. “Hey guys!” He exclaimed, putting an arm around the tall boy. But that didn’t stop his conversation, it was the feeble “Hello” from Connor’s voice that did. Sensing that the time was right, the purple haired youtuber looked over to Korey at the turntable and asked him stealthily to spin their next track. It was their favourite he knew, a remix of Oh Wonder. Hell yeah, Troye thought, watching as Connor’s eyes widened in recognition. And as Tyler suspected, Troye did the asking. “You wanna dance, Con?” It sounded casual in his head but he did stutter a little when he asked, no one noticed though. No one except Tyler of course. I knew it. He was smirking to himself now as Connor looked a little unsure, but he nudged him. “Go have fun, guys.” And that was all it took for them to head to the middle of the living room. Sure neither of them could dance but that didn’t stop Connor from moving his feet, laughing as Troye pulled a double chin. They spent the next 4 songs in that very spot and the Australian felt himself having more fun than he had had in a long time. They hardly left each other’s side after that, nor did they keep count of how much they drank.

“I like your hair.” Troye was sticking his fingers in Connor’s mop as the brown eyed boy chuckled. “Thanks, I like yours.” Troye felt like his mind was about to implode at this point, over the past hour he had encountered countless sparks and jolts and goosebumps and he was feeling one right now as Connor almost purred at the contact. Okay, Troye boy. It’s time to go home. “You have some ice cream on your face, you know?” Connor was poking his face now, making him feel even weirder. You’re an idiot, Con.
“I do? Where?” He asked, trying to hold back his finger in attempt to stop him from digging a hole through his face. “Riiiiight there.” He poked him once again, this time at his cheek and almost making him wince in pain if it wasn’t for his thoughts. He’s too drunk, we need to go home, now. “Well someone’s getting comfy?” Tyler slurred raising an eyebrow at the debacle in front of him. Great. “Yeah, we need to be heading back. He’s too exhausted.” Troye tried to make him get but Connor wouldn’t budge since he was way more wasted than he was. “Okay, calm down you two. I’m going to call a cab. Unless you two could manage cuddling on that couch for the night, all the rooms are taken.” Troyes eyes widened in surprise at Tyler’s suggestion. Wouldn’t that be nice. “No thanks.” He smiled sheepishly as he slung one of Connor’s arm around his shoulder, struggling to haul him off of his butt and into some semblance of a standing position. “If you insist…there’s an uber out front. Go home you idiots.” Tyler was laughing now as Connor turned towards and cursed at him for calling Troye an idiot. He’s whipped. Tyler thought, trying to stifle a laugh at the expression of horror on Troye’s face. “They’re cute, aren’t they?” Korey whispered in Tyler’s ear as they watched them walk out the door. “Hell yeah, but good old Connor’s got some issues to settle.”

—–the next day—–

That hurts. Oh my god that hurts. Troye woke up with an arm around him, a heavy arm at that. And it smelled like alcohol, but more so like the cologne he loved. Connor. He immediately jumped to his feet, trying to look down at the sleeping person as his head spun around due to the sudden movement. Woah. Woah. Won’t be doing that anymore. The curly haired boy squinted in the brightness, trying to focus on the limp body he seemed to be sleeping against. Sure enough, it was Connor Franta, passed out quite heavily as light snores escaped his mouth once in a while. Okay. That’s it. I can’t handle you anymore. Troye smiled to himself before pulling out his almost dead phone and taking a picture. “That’s to embarrass you later.” Then he spotted the time. It was 10am already and his flight was in 3 hours, which meant he had a little less than 30 minutes to get his ass out of the house and into the airport. “Holy crap.” He rushed to the kitchen, catching his balance at the last moment and popping in a pain killer before he ran to his room and packed up the remaining clothes, hopping into the shower for a minute. “I’m going to be so so late.”
Troye jumped out of the bathroom as quickly as he could with a towel wrapped around his waist. “Hey.” Connor’s voice suddenly sounded in the doorway. “Oh.” He heard him say, “sorry.” And he was gone again, a familiar heat crept up the Australian’s cheeks. Now we’re even.

Troye quickly bundled up his suitcases and made his way to the front door when a piece of bread was suddenly shoved into his mouth. “I’m driving. You need to eat that or you’ll board with an empty stomach and I’ll pity the person sitting next to you when that happens.” Connor took the bags from his grasp, already hauling them out to the front where his car was parked.
“Shuf Uf” Troye mumbled, gladly following his friend out as he locked he door behind him. They had 15 minutes to get to the airport after which he would be late to check in. Those were the scariest 15 minutes of his life.

“I am-never-getting-into-the-car-with-you-again.” Troye stuttered, emphasising his point as he quickly took out the bags from the trunk and sprinted to the international terminal, Connor hot on his heels. They made in time but he was the last to check in. Phew.
“You still have a headache?” Troye asked, finally paying attention to his friend’s state. “Not really.” He shook his head in reply, grimacing as they came back to him due to the movement. “I guess you do.” They chuckled, watching as the board informed them that the gate was open and Troye was due to get on the plane. “Thanks for everything, I had the best time.” Troye croaked, trying to look Connor in the eye. “Yeah me too. You should stay over everytime. Although, I apologise for last night.” The shorter boy ran his hand through his hair nervously, reminding Troye of all their stupid moments last night…and the way they had found themselves in the morning. The brief memory made him smile to himself before he reached out and straightened Connor’s hair. “You look like shit.” He remarked, earning a swat from him again. “Right. I don’t even get a thank you for getting off that couch and driving you here?” He seemed to be trying to get some sympathy. You’re adorable.
“Of course you do. Thanks.” Troye pulled him into a tight hug. There was an air of finality to it. He needed to leave now, but he couldn’t let go just yet. Drinking in Connor’s addictive scent he whispered “See ya next time.”
“See ya.” Came the reply, grinning and somewhat sad, Troye turned around and walked towards the gate. He was going back home but he was leaving behind someone he had gotten awfully close to. Looking back at the waving boy with a big smile on his face, he realised something.
He was falling for his best friend.

—–another few months later—-
—-Connor’s POV—-

“See ya next time.” Troye smiled through the screen at him. “See ya!” Connor couldn’t help but feel sad as the image if him disappeared from his laptop. One more Skype call, done.
It was their 4th one this week and Connor was beginning to get a little worried about himself because he didn’t know why he was so attached to the Australian. Surely they were just best friends but since VidCon and then that party at Tyler’s place, things had picked up a notch. They seemed to be talking almost everyday and neither of them were complaining about it. I like his company. Connor tried to reason as another voice in his head spoke up. “Yeah. And his face and his torso and his voice and his eyes and his personality, don’t forget his personality.” Sssh.
Connor couldn’t cope with these thoughts anymore, it had been a few months since he been having them but that wasn’t the least of his worries. He had crushed on his best friends before, that was normal. But what he didn’t get was the fact that this time, it was a boy and the so called crush was getting quite out of hand.

Not this again, Connor sighed, making himself a cup of coffee in his living room, giving himself time to think. He had tried to push it away all those years ago when it had first happened. A similar looking boy actually, tall, skinny, curly brown hair except for the blue eyes. That’s a bonus. Huh, maybe he actually had a type. Boys. And then he pushed it out of his mind instantly. That’s impossible, I just admire him. I cannot be gay. Can I? The small sliver of doubt in his mind was enough to make him panic as he took another sip of coffee. This can’t be happening. Connor jumped online to distract himself, making a video in the process and immersing himself in social media throughout the day. The thought somehow lingered though, and he found himself dialling a familiar number in the dead of the night, over come with panic.

——Tyler’s POV—-

“Hello?” The  YouTuber answered his phone, feeling quite groggy as he reached for his glasses. “Hey, Connor. What’s up?” His brows furrowed in puzzlement as he listened to the heavy breathing on the other side. “Are you okay? I’m coming over.” He kept the phone, jumping out of bed and picking up his car keys on the way out, not even bothering to change his clothes.

“Hey. Uh…you didn’t have to.” Connor shook his head in disbelief as Tyler stepped into the house, hugging him briefly as he dragged him to his couch. “What’s wrong?” Tyler got straight to the point as the brown eyed boy walked to kitchen to pour them a glass of water.
After 30 minutes of pleading and convincing, Connor finally spoke up, looking as if he’d seen a ghost. “I think…I…might be…gay.” He whispered, so low that Tyler had to wonder if he had heard it or imagined it. Well no shit, Sherlock. He hugged himself in his mind while looking at Connor with amazement. “And how did you come to that conclusion?”
“I think I have a …you know…a..” Tyler waited till he could finish the sentence, he knew what he was trying to say but he also knew how important this was for Connor to discover himself. “A what?”
“A crush…”
“Yeah…” Connor was being awfully close mouthed here. Nothing like his usual self.
“On whom?” He tried again, waiting to see if Connor was at that point again.
“A boy.” He sighed, no he wasn’t ready.
“Uhuh.” He replied, urging him to go on. He knew there wasn’t much for him to say here, he had to let him spill everything that was troubling him. And that’s what he did. The two spent all night talking about this until the wee hours of the morning when Connor finally admitted to himself fully. He was in fact gay, and what he was feeling wasn’t a crush. Definitely not.
Tyler smiled in triumph when the moment came and tackled him with a tight hug. “I’m honoured and proud. But are you going to tell this person?” Tyler sparked another thought in Connor’s mind as he finally took his leave, promising to visit again, later in the day to go over it and make sure he was handling this well enough.
Should I tell him? Connor thought, closing the door and passing out on the bed, lost in thought about anything and everything.

—–another few months later—-
—–Troye’s POV—-

“What’s up?” Troye greeted the American as he walked up to him at a local cafe. They hadn’t met in so long and although they said distance makes the heart grow fonder, they didn’t realise the pain it caused.
Connor hugged him awkwardly before stepping away from him again, not looking into his eyes. “Is something wrong?” The smile on his face turned into a frown when Connor didn’t answer until they had stepped into the cafe. “I’ll tell you later, let’s catch up now.”

Catch up. Yeah. Troye felt giddy as they took the table nearest to the window, He observed the slight hint of floral patterns on the cuffs of Connor’s shirt and the feeling the familiar whiff of his cologne. I missed you.  He thought, ordering his coffee while Connor flipped through the menu, refusing to meet his eyes. Something is definitely wrong.
Why did they need to catch up even though they had been meeting each other every alternate day, you ask? Because Connor had refused to let Troye stay over at his place this time and the singer was forced to rent out a place if his own, thus making it difficult to hang out with their usual dose if Netflix in a couch. Why he had declined, he didn’t know. What if he found out about your feelings towards him? Maybe he’s creeped out. Maybe he’s nervous because he wants you not to be his friend anymore. Surely he hadn’t been that obvious? Oh no.
However, as they fell into easy conversation, Troye’s worries faded away. Connor didn’t know anything, or he pretended not to, anyway but the taller boy couldn’t help but stare at him and his movements or hold his breath everytime Connor reached out to touch him. He couldn’t help feeling his heart soar when Connor laughed out loud and he couldn’t help but feel it hurt when he made an embarrassed face and tried to keep it down. It hurt because he knew he wanted to kiss him right there and he couldn’t. Ugh. This can’t go on forever. I should probably tell him. He couldn’t stay this close to his best friend and not pretend to be guilty when he imagined them to be something more. I have to tell him. The feeling got too strong when they finally settled into silence, Connor was texting someone on the phone. “We should go.” Connor looked slightly upset now as he got up and pulled Troye along with him as they exited the cafe. They were standing in the empty street now, just looking at each other, daring the other to say good bye for the day.

“Con, I…” Troye started, taking a deep breath as his friend’s  attention was on him, piecing his blue eyes with his gaze.   “I think…I think I have a crush on you.” He finally let out, bracing himself for the rejection and shock from his best friend. Here it comes. Connor opened his mouth to speak, his eyes were widened in surprise but Troye didn’t spot anger or disgust…only surprise.
There was a slow grin appearing in Connor’s handsome face as he said five words Troye never thought he would hear. “I  think I do too…”

He couldn’t help himself anymore, his hand automatically reached out to stroke Connor’s face as he pulled him in for a kiss. Slowly placing his lips on to softer ones for a brief moment before Connor pulled back. He hates me.
“We’re in public.” He whispered, placing his hand over Troye’s to signify that he wasn’t going to bolt from the situation.
“I don’t care.” He whispered before he pulled him in again.

6.11 Episode Reaction: The Rise and Rise and Rise and Rise and Rise of Sue Sylvester

Will she ever fall? 

I mean.

I love Glee. But I have never been one who thinks it is a tightly written, character driven, well plotted writing show. I’m (pleasantly) surprised when I get process and fully completed story arcs. I think I’m in the ‘often clever but definitely chaos’ camp - with various hits and misses mixed in with a brilliant cast and parody+music+emotional realism that makes me feel lots of fabulous things far more often than it fails. But sometimes Glee’s last minute or not sure what to do with itself chaos does fail (at least for me)…

I am a lover of Glee. I follow only people who love Glee and are intent on having fun and enjoying themselves. There is not a single person or post I have seen that loved the episode. There are a couple (I mean literally, two) folks who are specifically choosing to find the things in the ep they liked despite its flaws (recognized), but literally everyone else on my dash are having some negative thoughts about this episode - some with rage, some with laughter, some with sighs.

And it almost amuses me that in an episode about learning about not repeating mistakes, Glee repeats its mistakes. Pretty epically…

Six things for the episode affectionately numbered 666:

Keep reading


“Hey Troye!” Connor says happily as I answer the facetime call and I wave at him through the screen.

“Hey babe.” I reply, blowing a kiss at the camera with a giggle.

“How is London so far?” He asks, tilting his head to the side to show he’s listening as I begin to babble on about how it’s been so far.

“It’s been great! Only one sort of annoying thing though.”

“What’s that?" 

"I have my own few paparazzi people. It’s not that annoying because it’s like three or four people when it happens but like, you know.” I say, sighing and raking a hand through my mop of hair as he nods.

“That’s cool though Tro! Aw my baby boyfriend is becoming famous.” He coos, pretending to wipe away a tear from his face, eliciting a giggle from me.

“Sure, sure.” I say, waving off his comment completely and just watching as he goes on his laptop, absentmindedly clenching and relaxing his jaw.

“Ooh Tro I was wondering…” He begins and I nod, gesturing for him to go on, “If I could watch the first episode of transparent without you?” He asks in a pleading voice, pouting and batting his eyelashes at me. I sigh.

“You promise only one episode? I want to catch up when I’m back in LA in our reunion cuddle session.” I say and he nods.

“Yes sir.” He says in monotone, pretending to salute at an officer.

“Well I’ll leave you to watch that. Only one episode remember,” I say sternly, pausing for dramatic effect, “Call me when you wake up tomorrow.” I command and he nods again eagerly.

“Okay, I love you.” He promises sincerely, blowing a kiss as I did when I answered the call.

“I love you too, bye kitten.”

“Bye, baby.”

*        *        *

I’m on my way to the BBC place, walking through the semi-busy streets of London, when my phone begins to ring in my pocket. I look at the contact to see who’s calling and smile when it reads ‘Con my Bon’

“Hey babe.” I say softly, before noticing there were a few paparazzi stood off to the side of the pavement, trying to be subtle as they followed me to the BBC building and took photos. How rude and invasive.

“Hey Tro, so… You know I said I’d only watch one episode of transparent?” He asks, sounding guilty.

“Yeah.” I say, keeping my voice down so the paparazzi wouldn’t try to figure out who I’m on the phone to.

“Well I sort of watched, like, what, pfft, the whole season.” He tells me and I sigh out in mock anger.

“Connnnniiiiiieee.” I whine as I walk, “You promised.” I tell him, glancing back behind me to see one of the paparazzi noting things down while another aimed a big camera at me. For fucks sake go away.

“Oops?” He says in a questioning tone and I just roll my eyes.

“Whatever babe, I have to go now, I’m at the BBC building. Gotta record my internet takeover segment.” I say and I hear him hum.

“We can watch the whole season again when you get back.” He reasons and I nod, even though he can’t see me.

“Yeah okay. But seriously I have to go now Con, love you.”

“I love you too, bye baby.”

“Bye kitten.”

*        *        *

I go on twitter when I arrive back at my hotel and the first thing I see is an article on me that’s been tweeted multiple times to me. At the top of the page there’s two photos of me on the phone, and someone has edited in a speech bubble saying on the first image, where I’m wearing a soft smile as I speak on the phone, “Hey babe.” and on the second, which has me laughing and still on the phone, “I have to go now Con, love you.”

“Shit.” I mumble, looking at what the actual article has to say.

This morning, on his walk to the BBC building, some co-workers and myself spotted Troye Sivan Mellet walking along the surprisingly not too busy streets of London. Upon one of us getting closer, they began filming and listening to what he was saying. As of when we got closer, we realised he was picking up the phone to someone, and the first thing he says when he answers the phone, with a bright smile on his face, is “Hey babe.”

I know what you’re thinking, 'this could just be a joke he has with one of his friends’ but it isn’t, because he carries on to joke around and talk to the person, calling them 'Kitten’, 'Connie’ and 'Con’ multiple times during the call. Our suspicion for who was on the phone is none other than Sivan’s labelled best friend, Connor Franta.

Now why are we so certain that this is not some platonic inside joke? At the very end of the phone call, Sivan says “Yeah okay. But seriously I have to go now Con, love you.” Then pauses, probably waiting for a reply, and continues with a lovesick smile, “Bye Kitten.”

Video linked below.

“Shit shit shit shit shit.” I mumble to myself, texting Connor to see if he’s seen it. I get a reply in less than a minute.

'FROM; Con my Bon

Tro how did they hear all of that? x’

'TO; Con my Bon

I don’t know babe! I’m really sorry. I didn’t see that they were that close, I just saw people with a camera a while behind me x’

'FROM; Con my Bon

What do we do? x’

'TO; Con my Bon

Ignore it until I’m back in LA? x’

'FROM; Con my Bon

Okay, just tweet something so they know it’s not fake. We had to tell the viewers at some point anyway x’

'TO; Con my Bon

I guess you’re right, and don’t stress to much my love xxx’

'FROM; Con my Bon

I won’t, ttyl I love you <3 xxxx’

'TO; Con my Bon

I love you too <3 xxxx’

“ @troyesivan: @ConnorFranta last night: 'hey can i watch 1 ep of transparent w/out u?’
                               @ConnorFranta this morning: 'so,, i finished transparent season 1’ ”

I tweeted this out and hoped Connor would say something to hint about our relationship in reply.

“ @ConnorFranta: @troyesivan GREAT now the whole world knows how antisocial & unproductive ive                                        been today  ”

“ @ConnorFranta: @troyesivan PS do you still love me? *bats eyelashes* *pouts* ”

“ @troyesivan: @ConnorFranta ya i love u to the moon and back babe