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Okay, so do you know about Edward Steven???

He was Ham’s best friend (1769 and so forth) and Ham became friends with him when Thomas Stevens (the guy who gave Alex his job working as a clerk for the mercantile house) brought Alex home. Thomas Stevens introduced Alex to his wife and children, which included Edward Stevens aka ALEXANDER HAMILTON’S BEST FRIEND. Edward was a year or so older that our dear Hamilton, but they both had similar personalities. They were both “exceedingly quick and clever, disciplined and preserving, fluent in French, versed in classical history, outraged by slavery, and mesmerized by medicine.” (Alexander Hamilton, Chernow, pg.27) 

Both Alex and Edward had a great friendship. AND OMG THEY LOOKED ALIKE. At one point, Alexander’s other BFF, Timothy Pickering (who was Secretary of State in 1799, etc.) commented that Alex and Edward looked so similar to each other he assumed they were brothers.

(Also, I kind of want to point out that Thomas Stevens became the adoptive father to Alex during this time (1769, when Ham was 14). Which, while good for Alex, kinda made James Jr. Hamilton, Alex’s brother, drifted away from him completely. To further add on, people thought Alex was Thomas Stevens son, so you know.)


  • Edward being a super protective older brother like figure.
  • Thomas Stevens being this supportive dad figure in Alex’s life.
  • Edward and Alex talking endlessly about politics, abolition of slavery, and so many more things.
  • Edward constantly fretting over Alex’s health (which is actually true, btw.)
  • Alex inspired to go to King’s college because Edward went.

Tbh, I would love to see some fanfiction with Edward in it, it would make things a lot more interesting. I honestly don’t care what pairing, it can even be a general FF but Edward Stevens needs some more love, guys. Especially with his connection with our dear Hamilton.

Here’s the link if you want to know more about Edward Stevens.

Tempt a Demon, Pay the Price

Craig Tucker was not religious in any sense of the term, but money was money, and Eric Cartman was convincing. Becoming a cheesy sideshow of a falsified church was not his idea of a good time, but a wild encounter he’d never have expected might turn that around. 

Hey guys so uhhh I definitely wrote this. Imp Tweek x Youth Pastor Craig has kind of exploded and I wanted to join in on the fun but since drawing isn’t really my thing, I figured writing would have to do. I actually like this one despite it being cracky so hopefully you guys do too! Link to AO3 here! Here’s some uhh, yeah. Some of this. Special thanks to Phone Destroyer for gifting us these ridiculous AUs.

Note: alternatively titled ‘The Gayte To Hell.’ I loved myself too much to actually go through with it, sorry.

Performing fake exorcisms and reading off the same script twice a week in a rotation of four major themes was not how Craig expected his adolescence to go. Surely, he thought, there would be one or two summer flings which would end in melodramatic heartbreak, and a few obsessions to cycle through in ridiculous phases he’d insist were not phases. Yet here he was, stuck in the sweltering heat of a church’s atrium, fanning himself with a promotional pamphlet and doodling in his notebook that was supposed to be filled with notes. It wasn’t; it was filled with more doodles.

“And Butters, I want to hear those bells next time, got it? The bells are important. Everyone loves the bells!”

“U-uh, yes Eric, sir,” Butters stuttered, and Craig huffed as he rolled his eyes. He could have been getting drunk at Clyde’s right now. He could have been stuffed in a closet with someone hot right now. He could have been losing his virginity right now. Those were fantasies, though, and right now, Craig liked money, and he liked cheating people out of said money. Cartman’s undeniably for-profit church fit that bill, and so here he stayed, seventeen and devoted to a God he did not believe in.

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Vocaloid Song Master List

EDIT: This has been updated! …Again! As per the usual I’ve gone through and added all the new songs I’ve happened to stumble across and ended up liking. I’ve put stars next to the new songs in case you wanted to look at only the added ones! I hope you enjoy!

Seeing as this is only months after the last time I updated, there aren’t as many new songs as last time. The last time I updated it had probably been around a year since I last touched the list, so…yeah. Not as much new content this time, but I figured it would be good to update this before it became to tedious to do so ^^’

I actually made this for my good friend Blacklands, but I figured, hey, if you guys want some good Vocaloid tunes to listen to and don’t know where to start, here you go! Now you know all the stuff I jam to on a daily basis.

Inspiration for everything I do usually comes from listening to Vocaloid music. Hollah.

IMPORTANT: Sooo tumblr is being stubborn and refusing to show all of the links I spent hours putting together, so I decided to put this whole word document in my stash on DeviantART. If you’re lazy and don’t want to go through the effort of looking up these songs, my stash has all of the links attached. This time I didn’t go through and check all of the links to see if they’re broken or not, seeing as that’s like 200-300 songs I have to go through…a very, very long process. So! If you click on a link and it no longer works, please let me know and I will fix it ASAP.
Here’s the link: http://sta.sh/079mmjr50yr

Well…here we go, then!

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This is my personal “Binder of Shadows ”
Its a work in progress for now but its mostly just to get thr information written down and kept somewhere for when i make my actual book for my book of shadows.

Im on mobile and cannoy figure out how to do the cut thing so sorry guys…

First picture is of the outside. I colored the black stripe with sharpie and stuck an old candle decoration in the center because i thought it looked pretty :’) its simple but it works

Second picture is my list of things i for sure want to add in my BoS. I posted a typed up version of the list a week or two ago and ill link it when i get off work so you guys can read it (my handwriting is terrible lol)

Next picture is going to be my cover page for my pop culture pantheon that i work with. I want to do cover pages for each section but i gotta get the information in there too haha. Its a work in progress right now but ill go over it again and do it up nice and pretty :)

Next picture is the ancient ones language from the game kings quest 5 heir today gone tomorrow. Its blurry because my phone sucks but its the start of my languages and alphabets section. I have several more behind that page

Next up is my wip for zodiac things. Just simple pictures for the cover page. After that is my colors section and then last i have a herbs cheat sheet that ive had for forever. It lists some medicinal properties and side effects and i figured itd be a good thing to include in the binder.

So yup there it is. Its not the most beautiful but it gets the job done :)

Tom x POC Actress: Zendaya and Tom’s Photo shoot

The reader is with Tom on his photo hoot with Zendaya. 

***I honestly didn’t plan on making it these long, lol!

Warnings: Cursing, Fluff, sexual innuendos, JEALOUSY, and other stuff


You walked into the studio with Tom hand in hand. Harrison walked behind the both of you, on his phone making sure everything was on schedule. You all were greeted warmly by the staff and they led you guys into Tom’s room.

You walked over to the clothes rack, “Plaid, I like!” You said turning to look back a Tom.

He was sleepy and really didn’t want to be here. He was such a big baby. You walked over to him and grabbed his hand to sit him in the make up chair.

“Do you need coffee babe?” You asked. “No, I just want to lay in bed with you. I’m bloody tired!”

You rolled your eyes and walked out of the room to go get him a cup of coffee. While turning the corner to the kitchen you bumped into a tall figure.

“Dammit Y/N!” You heard Zendaya say.

You laughed and apologized, “Sorry girl!”

“No prob hon. I was actually on my way to the kitchen too.”

You guys linked arms and walked to the marble counter, “Tom is being such a baby! He has the opportunity to do this amazing shoot and is worried about laying in bed.”

Zen snickered and poured coffee into two cups, “Men.”

“So are you excited?” You said pouring 2 creams and 2 sugars in the cup, just how Tom always liked it.

“Super. Have you seen the set?”

You shook your head and followed her out of the kitchen, with the hot coffee in hand.

She led you to the stage that was meant to be for her and Tom. “Wow, I love it.”
“Well, let me get this to Spider-man. See ya soon boo!”

“Bye love!” You walked you separate ways.

“Here.” You said plainly, shoving the hot beverage in his hand. He groaned and sipped. “Zendaya is here. It’s great to see someone is excited about this.”

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livvv123  asked:

i just wanted to tell you guys that on the ask about punk and asshole josh and fem tyler, the links take you back to the home page not the tag page

Yeah it’s looking like all of our links are doing that right now. But when I click and hold it to open it in my web browser it actually goes to the tag so I’m not sure what’s up. Hmm. I’ll try to figure it out but it could just be an issue with the Tumblr app -Madi


Hey, guys! So today’s RedBubble batch of uploads are all pen-themed. These are actually drawings I did back in high school, but I still love them now, so I figured I’d share them with you!

If you want to check out this new group of drawings, along with other ones I’ve released, you can follow the link here to my RedBubble page: https://www.redbubble.com/portfolio/manage_works?ref=account-nav-dropdown