i figured since i posted the lads one like forever ago i would post these


aaaaaand look who got her stuff together. i know i haven’t posted since september, but life gets in the way and what not, but i’m here! almost ready to graduate! anyways, thank you for your patience. we’re coming into the best time of year for heva, so it only seemed fitting that another part of this was posted. without further ado, here is part three of a face to call home! i hope you enjoy. 

cashmere jumpers - december 2029

Harry watched as Eva’s hands splayed over her stomach, resting gently on the oversized cashmere jumper that concealed her bump. Her wardrobe as of late consisted of jumpers and coats that seemed to swallow her figure. It was what she wanted, though. Their lives had relatively calmed down regarding paparazzi and the public eye, but Eva was cautious, just as she always had been.

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