i figured out a new way of coloring

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You should do B with your OTP (for the most recent ask meme)

the ship i’m most focused on right now is cronkri so her e

i’ve started to hate this because of looking at it for so long ha h

anyway i’m still accepting for this meme so:

couples pose meme!

edit: tumblr murdered the quality :////

fanartist problems: when the actors (and therefore the characters) change their hair and you have to figure out how to draw it the new way lmao

Toon Boom Studio Shading Tutorial

So a while ago, I figured out a way to add shading to animations in Toon Boom Studio (something that I thought wasn’t possible for a really long time lmao). Since others were interested in how I went about this, I decided to put together this quick, simple tutorial on my process!

Here I have my lineart finished and I’m ready to start shading. First, make sure you select the Pencil Tool (This won’t work right if you use the Brush Tool).

Next, make a new color swatch in the Colour Palette. I usually name the color “Shading” so I can find it easier. Click on the little rainbow circle while the new swatch is selected to edit the color.

A new window will pop up that lets you change and edit the color. For this, you can pick any color, it doesn’t really matter. It just needs to be something easily visible in your drawings.

I then draw in where the shading will go~

Here I’ve drawn in the markings using the same method. This helps keep the lineart clean since we’re working on the same layer. Once you’re all set, you can start filling in the colors of the character. I’ve made new color swatches of a darker version of each of the character’s colors for the shaded areas. 

To get rid of the lines, just select the color swatch you used to draw the shading lines and marking lines with, open the Colour Picker menu again, then turn the Alpha all the way down to zero.

Ta-da! The lines are gone and you’re character is all shaded!  :D Hope this is helpful!

Colorful Signs of Lovemaking

I got this idea months ago after a conversation with @amaranthine-reign. It was one of the first ideas she and I had bounced off each other back in September/October. Raini, I finally did it! Hahaha.

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Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader


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Finn couldn’t help the smirk that made its way to his face. He was pulling off the sheets to the bed he shared with you, currently stained with a mixture of black, red and even a little bit of light green paint. Although the dominant color was black.

Normally you guys would take the time to change out your sheet, at least the top layer. Or at the very least lay one on the floor. But last night wasn’t one of those nights you were willing to wait for it. He met with his body painter at Full Sail and worked on a new look for the Demon King. You were still in NXT so he enjoyed having you as an excuse to still come to Full Sail even though he was on Raw now. All that he remembered was you complimenting the paint but also very clearly appreciating it.

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hi, i’m gonna show you how i coloured the training scene gifs from this gifset bcs i know it’s a god damn struggle to get that stupid magenta red blue out of Magnus face and i know this may not be the perfect colouring for it yet but!!! i want to share it with you guys!! 

i’ll show you how to go from this

to this!

the tutorial is under the cut :) 

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You draw all of your art on Colors 3d right? How do you make the quality so nice when u post it cause I have it to but the quality is never right.

I’m surprised I actually get this question a lot! Here’s a little photo guide I made, it took me a little while to figure out too and I’m so sorry it takes a while but I do this every time I make new art, it isn’t too bad!

First open the app and draw something:

Aah sorry I was going to make something special for this but work got in the way, I will use this rarity here! Once you’re done, hit manage painting–

> export to sd card > LARGE, the large is important because the small version is really pixelated!

If you export it with 3D on it’ll make two versions, I’ll explain it more later–

Now instead of going to camera, turn your DS all the way off and flip it over and use a tiny screwdriver or a hairpin to unscrew the two back screws:

You’ll hear a pop/click noise when they are unscrewed, the screws keep turning and don’t come out but as long as they clicked then you can stop turning and take the back off!

Push in the microSD to get it to pop out and then you’re good to stick it into a laptop/tablet with the right slot, or if your computer is old like mine then just use an SD card reader!

Then it’s pretty easy, just go to my computer > the removable disk it reads the card as > DCIM(the photo folder) > the most recent photo folder(it makes a new folder every 100 photos) > the latest photo file, that is your art!

I exported mine without 3D on so there is only one HNI0066 but HNI0065 has two copies because that was an earlier art I exported it with 3D on, the JPG is the one you want to use for posting online but the MPO file is a special 3D version of your art! It can only be viewed on 3DSes, if you want to keep viewing it in 3D on the camera app on your DS then definitely keep it but if not then you can delete the MPO version, most computers don’t recognize it anyway and I sometimes delete them when I need more space because they’re bigger than jpgs!

Click on the JPG and there it is in high quality! After you’re done just remember to take the Sd card back out, put it back in your DS and re-screw the screws, just be careful not to tighten them too much or the back plate can crack! That’s all, sorry this became kinda long but that’s how I do it! Thanks for the ask!


I LOVE my new binder from @shapeshiftersinc, guys. It’s so much more comfortable than I ever imagined a binder could be, and the fabric is so soft that I haven’t had a single issue with chafing. It did take me a little figuring on how to get the zipper undone since it’s awkwardly positioned for me (I can’t reach it across my chest because my arms are short) but it was worth it not to have to screech at my husband to help me get out of my binder.

I did the bottom compilation to show the difference in the way my favorite t-shirt fits without a bra or binder, with a bra, and with my new binder. For reference, I’m a 38DDD most of the time.

And yes, I totally did pick Stormy Triangles because it matches my usual range of hair colors.

They/them, reblogs okay!

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*is now your child* legit found your blog and have been reading everything the past 2/3 hours ( h e lp) I lOVE IT! Could I request SHINee trying to draw/in the process of drawing? 💙💙💙💙

i saw you binging my posts and i was like helloo baby!!!! reading through took 2/3 hours??? holy crap i’m flattered ^///^ i did mixed mediums i hope that’s okay!


  • drawing a circle should be relatively easy right??? he knows what a circle looks like 
  • why doesn’t his hand want to cooperate?????
  • the first few pages of his sketch book are just filled with weird loops 
  • until finally he did it, the perfect circle with no tools 
  • key: *looking on* dude what even 
  • onew: LOOK AT MY CIRCLE 
  • key: have you just been warming up for the entire hour we’re supposed to be drawing that bowl of fruit
  • stares lovingly at his circle, it’s so beautiful he’s going to frame it 


  • just mixing his oil paints on his palette and the colors are just so pretty
  • not actually painting anything but his palette is a gorgeous array of pastels 
  • eventually he runs out of room and starts using his canvas to mark his colors 
  • all of his paints are open and he has streaks of blue and green all over his hands and hair bc he keeps swiping at his fringe to get it out of his eyes
  • v protective over his palettes like do not touch them bc he will smack you with his towel which is also covered in paint (exhibit a: taemin with his new shirt dappled with orange bc he thought it’d be funny to fingerpaint with jong’s colors / tae: the stick figures on the wall weren’t worth it jk they so were oil paint comes out right??) 
  • will watch other people wash their paintbrushes bc the water turns pretty colors too!!!!!!!!!! 


  • charcoal gets everywhere omg this was the worst idea why did he pick this 
  • he rubbed his hand the wrong way on his sketchbook and it smudged and he screamed really loudly in his head and stopped moving for like a solid twenty mins (jong: i don’t think he’s breathing) 
  • his hand is still gripping the stick of charcoal 
  • onew quietly replaced it with a hb pencil and flipped the page for him so the stress doesn’t actually kill him 
  • shinee basically waited around for him to unfreeze patting him and saying things will be okay 
  • vows to never EVER use charcoal again 


  • picked printmaking 
  • currently using v sharp tools to carve out stencils 
  • so focused, the most focused. 
  • he and the x-acto knife are one 
  • and he points it at anyone who comes close bc “IT’S A SURPRISE” (jong: omg i was just curious (yeah~~~~)) 
  • his table is littered with stencils he’s deemed “not worthy” 
  • he made a little sign for his not worthy pile to shame them 
  • shinee: water you making 
  • minho: *brandishing a t-shirt* i made matching shirts for us!!!!!!! be excited!!!!! it says shinee world V!!!!!


  • watercolor~~
  • honestly he wanted to do more fingerpainting but jong won’t let him near his paints anymore so 
  • paints blues and pinks onto the paper, holding it down so it doesn’t curl up, and dabs (minho/onew: *dabs*) tissues on it to make clouds  
  • he swipes a streak of color on each of the members’ faces and dances away 
  • key was this close to getting him back but realized last second that he should probably not stab the maknae with a pencil 

literally minho adamantly wanted to make t-shirts i could not make him pick up a pencil/brush  

(yes I made the banner in MSpaint don’t judge me)

Here is the long awaited list of Art Tips I mentioned a few days ago! These are Mostly things I’ve learned to help me improve this year. Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions!

  1. Set “practice” goals. Give yourself specific goals, but always word them as ‘practice’ not ‘improve’. Improvement takes time and can be difficult to attain. Meeting a goal to practice things is significantly easier and more rewarding. Improvement happens with practice and you’ll see it later on. Be specific with your goals. For example: “Practice Angry Expressions!”

  2. Give yourself a solid time frame for your goal. Define exact dates. It could be a week, two weeks, even a month. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

  3. Do Studies. Studies are a series of sketches, doodles, paintings, etc.. Done following research, usually looking at a photo or physical reference. I usually fill a whole page with quick, haphazard sketches of what I’m studying. If you’re studying birds, fill a whole page with birds, or hands. They don’t have to be good, they aren’t meant to be perfect. It’s just to get the idea on paper to help you form the visual on paper and in your hand.

  4. Change your goal as soon as you feel ready, after your last one. If you feel you’ve completed your goal, feel free to wait as long as you like, but it’s a good idea to have a list of goals so you aren’t left floundering for one. (Since it’s always harder to think of something when you NEED to.) For example: Angry expressions, Faces at low angles, two-point perspective, cool color schemes. It’s easier to move forward with a list of your own making, than leaving yourself hanging.

  5. Thumbnail. I can not say this enough! Before jumping into a big project, you’ll want to get in the habit of doing thumbnail sketches beforehand. No bigger than 2 or 3 inches, I usually fill a page with them. Thumbnailing can help you figure out how to get that posing just right. Or how you want your composition aligned. Small quick sketches of the different ways you could do things, to find how you want to do things.

  6. You can trace your own sketches. That’s right. It took me twenty years to figure out I could just trace my own sketch onto another sheet of paper to make lineart and do color so I didn’t fuck up my sketch. Digital artist, you can use a new layer over your sketch. Traditionally though, THIS IS HOW YOU DON’T FUCK UP YOUR SKETCH. (also if you trace very lightly it erases way better than trying to erase a full sketch. If you’ve never tried to color over a partially erased sketch it is hell.)

  7. Use References. You’d be surprised how many young artists out there think using references is wrong, or cheating. Let me tell you something. Did Leonardo Da Vinci have a reference for the Mona Lisa? You bet your ass he did. As far as I know he had at least two! All the great masters knew to use references. Actually looking at the thing you’re trying to recreate is the easiest way to master it. If you can’t find a reference for something, look for something that looks similar. Having a concept of what you want is quintessential to improvement. Hell, keep a whole folder of references. Hold onto them to fall back on later. Use them to their full extent.

  8. Draw at an angle. For traditional artists, drawing flat on a desk can often result in disproportionate drawings. Things farther away from the the eye tend to look smaller so things on the farther side of the paper can end up enlarged to compensate for our own eyes perspective of the paper. Drawing at an angle fixes this problem. It brings the paper into a better angle for your face. (I just lean my drawing board on top of a box of staples. It works lol)

  9. Watch other artists. Written tutorials are a phenomenal resource to many artists. But Video tutorials are some of the most helpful things in the world. Video tutorials can show you, in real time, how it’s done. Actually seeing it happen can really help. (I watch hours of tutorials and speedpaints. I just let them play in the background while I draw.)

  10. Try different materials. I’m not gonna lie, I loved digital art. But it just didn’t work for me. I discovered copic markers and my art has improved so much with a material that I feel more in-tune with. So experiment. Borrow from your friends, try new things in school, in art clubs. Whenever. Sometimes, you just need to try something different, to discover something that works better for you.

  11. DON’T. STOP. DRAWING. You don’t have to be churning out a completed piece every week. No. But you should always doodle, sketch, scribble. Hell, even if you just scribble out some squiggly lines, you’ve done something! You don’t have to share with the world. Just. Don’t. Stop.

Bambam: can’t figure out the season…winter or summer? Hence the sweater with palm trees

JB: probably fell on his way to Music Bank…waaaayy too obvious

Jackson: someone please color his world

Yugyeom: he literally hopped outta Grease

Mark: kid still learning his colors (please introduce him to Jackson)

Jinyoung: country boy in plaid and jeans…what’s new

Youngjae: a lost child who can’t choose between Jackson or Yugyeom’s style but also wanting to color match with JB

I got new sketch markers(at a really good price too!) and I’ve been experimenting with them and trying to figure out the best ways to work with them and I drew your lovely little blue raspberry bean :D i tried with the glitches and I mean the colors mixed and I got those nasty ark edges but other than that, I’m proud of it! 

Anyways, I really love your comic, I love the whole storytelling style you have incorporated into it, and I love the art and design and gahh I just love Fatal_Error <3

Xedra’s Notes:

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This is so super lovely and so are you :’D Thank you for drawing him and for the very kind words :’3 *hug*

My first ever sticker is available on Redbubble! Starting off with a cute starry Aisha to kick off my new account. Figuring I might as well start with my favorite pet to draw and work my way around like that. So far it is only available as a sticker but I will be working to get it up as other products as well!

If you would like to buy one yourself, please head on over to https://www.redbubble.com/people/pansyfields/works/25921952-starry-aisha?asc=u&p=sticker&rel=carousel to purchase and help me out!

If you’d like to request a sticker of a specific Neopet color combination or NPC, please send me an ask with your request and I’ll try my best to get them done. Hoping I can make some money this way!!


Where did you get the idea you can sit around all day doing nothing?

requested by @literarilyabookaddict 

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Hello! I absolutely love all your characters and how real they feel. What advice do you have for developing realistic characters, especially when some feel underdeveloped compared to others?

Dear zee-the-nerd,

I think it’s about salient noise.

I got this ask a few days ago, and I’ve been thinking about it on and off ever since, because even though I’ve talked a lot about my writing process and how I build characters from real-life people, I’ve never really talked about how my writing, art, and music are all the same in my head. There is an overlying filter/ principle/ law that directs the way I write characters and the way I compose songs and the way I decide what to put in the background of an art piece, and I knew that if I could explain that, I could explain why building a character doesn’t feel like a different skillset than building a world for a new novel or deciding what color blue to use in a portrait of a horse or whether to put hand-claps in the background of a piece of music. The issue is that I’ve never really figured out how to practically describe it. And I’ve never been sure it would be useful to anyone else even if I did.

But today I was sitting down to work and I looked out of my office to where the morning light was illuminating a piece of furniture in the entry, and a way to lay out my thought process hit me. The jury’s out on whether or not it’ll be useful to anyone else. But I’m going to give it a go.

I’m sorry, this is gonna be abstract.

Here’s a picture of what I just saw:

Let this image serve as an extended visual metaphor. I very much like the view from my office. I think it’s interesting and attractive. If you don’t, this might not make sense.

Ok, let’s make a metaphor.

All of my creative pursuits begin with a real-life thing that piques my interest. The crudest form of my art will involve me directly copying this object. I’m not an artist at this stage. I’m a forger. I’m merely trying to objectively copy a simple, truthful likeness.

This part is difficult: fraught with technical skill. I spent years teaching myself how to draw things exactly as I saw them:

Years teaching myself to write a person exactly as I thought they were. To copy the precise style another musician achieved with their harp or bagpipes or whatever I was playing at the time. Because of subjectivity, it’s a tricky thing, this artless forgery. Everything I saw, heard, and experienced came through the corrupting lens of my mind. I’d forge a new verse of a traditional song for our band, but the style would be affected by my modern understanding of scale. I’d draw glass, but I’d get it wrong because my brain kept shouting that it was supposed to be invisible even though my eyes knew better. I’d steal siblings for my characters and get them wrong because I’d misunderstand and simplify motivations. 

Teaching myself objectivity — basic forgery, the elimination of bias, the non-negotiable skill of using pigments and words — that involved learning the technical tools of each trade.

Back to the bench outside my office.

Once I became a forger of all sorts, I had the skills to recreate the bench in whatever media I was working in. Thievery. Technically impressive. Technically correct. Technically objective. 

This is not art: this is fact.  

Now, we all remember that we’re in MetaphorLand, right? Do I need to explain that the bench does not really mean “a bench”? It is the subject of whatever I’m creating. 

This is where salient noise comes in. 

From that objective seed, that tiny bit of forged reality, I start to complicate. Every time I add something to my creation that is not exactly like real life, I’m making an intentional subjective decision: that’s the art of it. Every time I choose a color that the original subject didn’t feature (a blue horse), or a hobby the person didn’t have (hunting for Welsh kings), an instrument that wasn’t available at the time of a traditional tune’s original composition, I’m building a new and subjective thing.

Artful forgery means not merely copying but creating something that seems like it could be real, even though it’s not. That means adding in as much detail as you need to convince your viewer that the thing they’re looking at could exist somewhere else. Adding in salient noise. The right amount of backstory and surface detail to suggest reality. 

Here’s that photo again.

A technical copy of that bench would be a skillful wonder. But that’s not what makes the view out of my office appealing to me. The bench is clearly the center stage, but the noise around it is what makes the photo interesting. The light across the bench is a complicating factor — an aspect of reality that suggests a sunny world outside the room. The violin case beneath the bench holds the promise of a backstory. The painting above it sets the mood and tells you what sort of person might sit on that bench. In the corner of the photo we see a hint of a complicated life: is that a music room? Maybe so — look, there’s a piano, a guitar rack. A set of bagpipes in a case behind the piano, but out of focus, not the point of the photograph. Photos on the wall, telling us that there is more to this life than we can easily see in one glimpse. All of those things are interesting on their own, but they are put off to the edge, put out of focus, so that they don’t overwhelm the bench’s role. So we don’t forget who the story is about.

Here’s that painting I did this weekend:

The people are the focus. But there’s all kinds of noise in this picture. Hanging flowers, a crock by a fireplace, two people sitting in the background, stairs, Rustic Architecture™. Even the light across the table is noise, an artful forgery.

This isn’t really as immersive:

I need the noise to make it feel real. I don’t want someone’s first gut impression to be wow, that looks like it must have been hard. I want their first impression to be an emotion. Noise. 

That’s how I make characters. I start with a very tiny seed of a real person, carefully and artlessly forged, and then I begin to complicate it until I’ve made someone as noisy as a real person. But unlike a real person, I select every element to manipulate how the reader feels about the character. A slash of light across the bench to immediately ground it in our real world and show that it follows our physical rules. A violin beneath to provoke interest. A complicated and cohesive backstory that is barely visible at first glance. 

Salient noise. Forgery plus. Rustic Architecture™.

Does this make sense? In my head it does. But things are sort of cluttered up there. Heck of a lot of benches.



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Hi there. You probably won't read this, but if you do I would really like some advice from such talented artist like you. I love drawing and honestly I'm not so very good at times. So when I get discouraged over details that I'm not getting well at in a drawing, what do you recommend I do? One day I wish to make my own graphic novel, but how can I become better at drawing if I get easily discouraged. Where do you find the motivation to draw so well? If you have any helpful advice, I'm all ears

Hello anon!  Even though I’m not able to reply to most of my Asks, I do read all of them and really appreciate when people send them.  <3 

Anyway, I get discouraged at times too, especially if I compare myself to others. But the first thing I try to remember is that instead of feeling like I’ll never be that good, I use their art as a learning tool instead and study what I like about it.  (Many artists also have tutorials and videos that are invaluable) 

Probably the most important thing is to just keep drawing.  Draw A LOT.  Studying art tutorials and books will help you learn new skills, but drawing is the only way you’ll actually improve. 

Do as many pictures as you can from start to finish.  Sketches and doodles help you improve too, but going all the way to a fully finished picture (whether black and white or fully colored) is how you’ll figure out a stable work flow. 

Have fun with your art.  If you’re not having fun you’re not going to want to do it.  Find something you LOVE to draw, something you’re really passionate about, whether it’s fan art from your favorite fandom, original characters, portraits, etc.  If you don’t love it, drawing will be harder than it should be.

Some people draw in silence, but me, I need music. On days when I’m sitting in front of the computer staring at Photoshop and not really feeling it, I turn on my go-to drawing playlist, try to blank out my mind, and just draw.  I have several types of drawing playlists, each designed to help me either get focused or get pumped!

Find something that helps inspire you and give you ideas, whether it’s books, fanfiction, movies, or squee-ing over your favorite headcanons with friends.  I’ve had conversations with people where I come out feeling like, “OMG I NEED TO DRAW THIS!”

Final note that may not apply to everyone but is still important to mention:  Take care of your mental health.  If there is something that is affecting your ability to function on a day-to-day basis, such as depression, anxiety disorder, etc. it may also affect your creativity.  Professionals are there to help you.  If you broke your leg, you would seek medical help.  If your brain is self sabotaging because of a chemical imbalance, you should also get medical help.  It may not be a quick fix, but it’s better than letting it fester and get worse.

I hope this helps, and good luck!!

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How, how, how did you learn to draw the way you do? It's incredible, how beautiful your illustrations are. And do you have any tips for me, learning how to draw more realistically?

Thanks! It’s basically just practice, practice and more practice.

I always enjoyed drawing, but I became really obsessed with it in middle school when I was introduced to anime and manga (thanks, Sailor Moon!), and that interest quickly spiraled to other arty things. 

When I first discovered Photoshop there wasn’t a lot of tutorials out there and my family’s computer could barely run the program. Everything I made sucked, especially before I could get my hands on a tablet, but I didn’t care. It was fun, so I kept playing with it. It was also fascinating to me that some of my college instructors thought photoshop was evil and needed to die… . So I applied what I was learning in traditional media to what I was doing digitally. Fortunately, my instructors at the college I would eventually transfer to were a lot more open-minded. There was even a digital illustration class (*gasp*).

I still have a lot of room for improvement, and I try to do a little better with each piece. For the most part, I like to include something in each new work that I’m not particularly awesome at, that way I’m constantly learning something.

Some General Tips:
- Draw. A lot. Of whatever interests you.
- Draw from life as much as possible, especially the human figure.
- If you are just starting out, I recommend sticking to black and white until you get some basics down. Color is complex as hell, and working with it too soon can be distracting.
- Learn how to use reference the right way and how to make your own (and here is an article to get you started)

I have some very strong feelings about art school, that I won’t get into now, but I firmly believe it isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of resources out there (many of them for free, btw) that can help you just as much.

Some Resources:
YouTube. For everything.  Here is a playlist to get you started drawing the figure
Quickposes.com - An awesome figure drawing tool if you can’t find a model
MuddyColors - A TON of wonderful tutorials, advice, and general awesomeness by some incredibly knowledgeable people.
ImagineFX - More general awesomeness
Color and Light by James Gurney - When you want to start playing with color
And there are some more awesome things here.

I hope this was helpful. Good luck! <3

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Would you ever consider doing a tutorial on how you color? The way you use transparency is so interesting and unique, and it creates a stunning effect

I can try and do a new voice over tutorial. Just need to figure out the best way to explain everything haha