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With Grace In Your Heart And Flowers In Your Hair Part 3

AN: okay,, so,, this took a while and its rly short but reputation just came out last night so i’ve been and i’m going to be distracted by that for a while,, i’m writing a oneshot based off one of those songs so keep your eye out for that ;) but my other fics may be taking a short hiatus while i figure out how i want to proceed with them

Pairing: None in this part, Polyamsanders kinda,, maybe??

Warnings: None

Here’s a past AN that i wrote before actually writing this chapter?? but liSTEN TO IT PLS


Roman barged into the living room, seeing Patton still kneeling and wiping at the dark spot of tea that was soaked into the carpet. Virgil was perched on the couch and it looked like they were in the middle of a conversation. He almost felt bad about interrupting them until he remembered a certain other side that was asleep in his room.

“We need to talk.” He said firmly.

The others glanced up, surprised at how stern Roman looked.

“Sure, Ro! What about?” Patton chirped, getting up from the carpet with the rag that he was using to clean in his hand. “I think most of the tea is out!”

“About Logan.”

With the short phrase, Patton had set the rag on the table and walked over to sit beside Virgil. Virgil set his phone down and turned his full attention to the Prince.

“What’s wrong with Lo?” Patton said, his voice strangely serious. They, of course, knew that he could be serious, but it was still rare to see him completely serious.

“I…” Roman wasn’t sure how to start this conversation. He hadn’t thought that far ahead. “I have a question. Have either of you ever hugged Logan?”

“Well, yeah! Of course I have! But I thought he didn’t like being touched, so I stopped.” Patton explained, confused.

Virgil shook his head. “I…I haven’t. I thought the same thing as Pat.”

“I had thought the same thing. But it seems we were wrong.”

Roman then went on to explain what had happened. He didn’t want to betray Logan’s trust, but he knew that the others needed to know about it.

“Oh.” Patton’s eyes were wide and were starting to fill with tears. “Why didn’t he tell us?”

“I…I’m not sure.” Roman shook his head. “But it doesn’t matter how it happened. We need to fix this.”

Virgil finally looked up from where he was staring. “How?” He asked.

Roman dragged his hands through his hair and began to tug slightly, frustrated. “I don’t know!”

Patton grasped onto one of his hands, pulling it away from his hair and kissing the back of it gently. “We’ll fix it, we have to.” He reassured.

Virgil fidgeted with the corner of his jacket. “Why don’t we do what Logan does?” He suggested quietly.

“Huh?” The other two tilted their heads at him, adorably.

He rolled his eyes fondly. “You know, research?”

They nodded their heads. “Ohhh.”

So thats what they did. Roman was tasked with watching over Logan for the night while the other two researched. Virgil looked through Tumblr. He knew that it wasn’t the most reliable source, but people often posted about their experiences there and he thought that those may be useful. Patton scoured far past the first page of Google, reading what he thought looked important.

They were all dedicated to helping Logan with this.

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anonymous asked:

I dont know why people feel the need to send you hate for serendine when its obvious you like her, it awesome you're so cool with it but is still weirdly petty and immature to do (especially considering the tragic state seren is in rn ;_;). Anyway just figured i'd say I also love seren, this last chapter made me really sad i'd like to think if snb was its own manga she might have a chance at redemption and saving what do u think?

I want to think people are only expressing to me their feelings about the character or the story because they want to talk about it with someone. I think that’s great and i really do love to listen, i like to answer, and i acknowledge and respect their thougths, i’m okay with people not liking her and sharing their opinion with me, as long as nobody expects me to change my mind, because i won’t, and i won’t say i agree with them if i really don’t :D fufufu (•‿•) (•‿•) (•‿•)

Yayy, Seren love <3 there’s so few of us! that’s an interesting question.. Snb, as a Magi prequel has as one of it’s purpose to built Sinbad!Magi’s character, to explain the true motivations behind his every actions, to show his heart, to explain why he did everything he did from beginning to end, i think it’s normal that this prequel shows failure because, besides other lessons of course, one of the principal lessons is that you can’t do it all by yourself, and that’s one of the reasons why Seren and Sinbad both sort of failed, they didn’t listen to each other. Years later Sinbad sees how the new generation saves and creates a better world by working together, not by doing all on their own, so it’s like his past it’s a lesson we can learn from. To answer your question, if it were its own manga, i’m honestly not sure, i’m sure she’ll be redeemed either way since she already apologized, but her death seems to be a strong part of Sinbad’s character development so i’m not really sure, but as i love her, i would LOVE to see an alternate story where she survives and learns from her past actions too ^^