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“Broken” (Chapter Seventeen)

Holla for some sweet, sort of smutty IronFalcon! 


Enjoy :)


“Alpha.” Sam surprised Tony in the kitchen early the next morning, coming around the corner and sliding his arm around the Alphas waist, lifting his red wings to hover over Tony’s shoulders in a protective embrace. “Good morning.”

“Sam.” Tony turned and kissed the Beta good morning, smiling because he and Sam were both wearing the ridiculous flannel pajama pants Clint had given everyone for Christmas last year. “You are up early, honey, what’s going on? Is everything alright? Do you need anything?”

“Everythings fine. I just wanted some time with you.” Sam bent his head to kiss Tony again, longer this time, lingering over his mouth. “Between missions, and people coming by, and you and Bruce creating high tech stuff in the lab, I feel like you and I haven’t had more than two minutes together.”

“It’s been a crazy few months.” Tony agreed and smiled when Sam kissed him again. “So what? You set your alarm for five am because you figured I would be up?”

“Actually, I set it for four thirty am because I know you creep downstairs, get into the kitchen and get your coffee and are back down in the lab like an evil scientist all within about six and a half minutes.”

“Six and a half?” Tony raised an eyebrow.  “Mr Wilson, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were stalking me.”

“One man’s ‘stalking’ is another man’s ‘paying great attention to detail’.” Sam countered. “And Mr. Stark, I would like to pay great attention to lots of your details.”

“Does that line work on all the other pretty Alpha’s?” Tony batted his eyelashes teasingly. “Because I must say I’m flattered.”  

“I wouldn’t know.” Sam bent close to purr in his ear. “You’re the only pretty Alpha I’m interested in.”

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I know you don't really like angst, but "That was fun. Let's cause more chaos again, later" with hawkmoth, akuma!marinette, tikki, plagg, Chloe, and alya. Hawkmoth got both lb and cat miraculous, Adrien dead/out in the corner.

I don’t know where you get the idea that I don’t like angst if you’ve read my drabbles, but here you go. :)

“That was fun,” Seamstress cooed, dropping the Black Cat Miraculous into Hawkmoth’s open palm. “Let’s cause more chaos again, later.” She slipped a long needle from the bun at the top of her head. “For now, I have something else in mind.”

Chloe pushed herself in front of Alya as the needle sailed through the air. It sank deep into the back of Chloe’s shoulder and she cried out as she fell forward against Alya’s weak form. 

A wicked smile spread over Seamstress’s mouth as she languidly moved towards them. “Not looking so hot, Chlo,” she drawled, slowly pulling out another needle.

“Seamstress,” Hawkmoth called, voice low. “I wanted the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculous. We have what we need for now.”

“I can take the others,” she replied, keeping her eyes on her former teammates.

“Tikki would be so ashamed of you,” Trixx tutted as she and Pollen flew out to form a protective barrier in front of the young women. 

The akumatized Marinette tilted her head, a playful smirk appearing on her lips. “Tikki was always a bit of a buzzkill.”

“Mari, please help Adrien, please.” Alya’s voice was low and hoarse, specks of blood painting her lips with each word she spoke.

“What’s the point?”

“Seamstress,” Hawkmoth called again, tone harder.

She glanced back at him over her shoulder. “You got what you wanted, Hawky. You won’t rush me now.”

“You forget your place, girl,” he growled.

Without looking back, she threw her hand in his direction and thick strands of yarn wrapped the man up, tipping him over to a bound pile on the floor. He cursed and spat angrily, trying to work his cane out of the restrictive bindings.

“He’s really no fun,” Seamstress pouted. “I guess you get a pass for now.” She stepped away from Chloe and Alya and moved towards Adrien’s limp form. She studied him for a moment and sighed, nudging his wounded side with the tip of her toe. “He had such potential too.”

Hawkmoth had worked one arm out of the yarn bindings and was yanking the cane out. Seamstress leapt to the window and did a mocking curtsy. “Until we meet again,” she grinned before disappearing into the night.

“You’ve really done it now, asshole,” Chloe swore, grabbing her shoulder and glaring at Hawkmoth. “You have no idea what you’ve unleashed.” 

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My Saviour - The First Fight

A/N: Doctor Dean is back!!! This was a drabble request from Kari aka @thing-you-do-with-that-thing, hope you like it. Betaed by the wonderful @thorne93

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst. Fighting. Insecurities. And a tiinsy bit of fluff at the end.

Wordcount: 2100 (I know it’s not a drabble)

Request:  I am a sucker for angst! Can I get a drabble or one shot for My Savior that’s Y/N and Dean’s first fight and Dean gets pissed and yells at her. The boy does have a temper but it is bound to scare the shit out of Y/N and make Dean feel so guilty. Fluffy ending please :D

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

Dean parked the Impala in the parking lot outside of your shared apartment. He was still settling into his new job in San Jose, and even though he loved it there, there was a lot to learn and he had to learn fast.

It was 7am and he had been at work for sixteen hours straight. Four people had been rushed into the emergency room just as he was about to go home, car accident, and they had needed him there. They were all kids in their early twenties, three of them had gotten away with minor injuries, but the driver had died. This wasn’t the first patient of Dean’s that had died, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t get to him. He had to sit down with this boy’s parents and tell them that their son didn’t make it. The mother was in shock, so much so that there wasn’t a single tear, all she had wondered was what she would do next, they only had one child, and now he was gone. Dean had to fight his own tears as he left the two parents.

He tried to collect himself a little before opening the door. As soon as he did, his nose filled with the scent of pancakes and bacon and he could hear you rummaging around in the kitchen. He leaned on the frame of the doorway, watching you cook, a content sigh leaving him.

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I was hoping that today they release a SP llike do every Tuesday but, nothing yet... And fans ass kissing accept everything 🙄

I was expecting one today too. I was just talking about this with @suhailauniverse . I don’t think any of us expected to get a two week wait with nothing. We all figured they would take our excitement and build it up even more with epic promo for the most anticipated episode of the season, but once again we’re wrong. If we do get a sneak peek it’ll probably be tomorrow and Friday. That’s if they grace us with two like the usually do. I just don’t get it. 

I’m a part of the X-Files fandom too, and Fox and Chris Carter are known for not wanting anything leaked from set, but during all their filming David and Gillian have been giving fans small glimpses into what is happening bts in the most creative ways. David’s even set up an instagram and twitter for his dog where his dog posts videos of them from set and everything. It’s little things that give away no spoilers that are keeping people excited and interested. OL is the one show that really gives zero fan service. But I guess when you have fans like Nan that are cool with that then they’re just going to keep doing that.

Grace hates wearing power armor, despite what Danse tells her. She finds it too heavy and very uncomfortable.

Something Grace hates far more than wearing power armor..is the glowing sea. Full of dangerous creatures….and especially all the bloatflies out there. YUCK!

She really didn’t want to leave without him, but she knew orders were orders and they were meant to be followed to the letter. As Danse would never disobey a direct order from Elder Maxson, well maybe… ;)

Grace returned to the prydwen late that night. She was so exhausted from the trip she went straight to the repair bay to leave her suit of armor, and snuck into the Paladin’s quarters for the night, waiting for him to return.

(( I figured..what the hell. lets add something more to these shots. Plus it helps with her character development))  :D


YOI and figure skating fans: The ISU Grand Prix series starts this week in Russia with the Rostelecom Cup!

For those of you who want to watch the Rostelecom Cup and will be awake in the right time zones, here is a very comprehensive post.

I might be posting or reblogging some skating here and there throughout the GP series just to mix things up a bit, under the tags #figure skating, #figure skater and #isu grand prix. (I would’ve wanted to start doing that with the Junior GP because there are so many programs that I enjoy, but that probably requires much more time that I don’t have!)

I’m very excited for this season, and there are so many skaters I’m rooting for. Who are your favourites?

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Heya. I've come to a point where my lacking skill in world building is completely stopping my ability to develop the characters and story. My world is a fantasy-like world (with magic, dragons, elves, etc) that evolved beyond the usual medieval setting into a futuristic world. For now, I pretty much have an Utopian-like city, blocking the rest of the world, where all the richest people live and its inhabitant are only seeking more golds and power by making opportunist alliances, lying, (1/2)

manipulating, and blackmailing each others. And the “Underworld”, an hidden area which is basically the black market / criminals lair. I am mostly having trouble figuring out how my world would be leaded. What conflit could rise from it. And general ideas to fill it more. Any idea, even the tinniest one, to help me get unstuck? Thank you. (2/2)

Constablewrites:  Do you have any character concepts, even vague ones? You don’t have to have every detail of your world figured out in order to tell a story in it, especially if you’re still in the development phase. So you might look for some writing prompts and try writing some short stories, even short scenes, with your characters. Even if you don’t write it down, just thinking through those scenarios can help you flesh things out. I frequently find that a bottom-up, character driven approach to world building can be more productive than a top-down, setting driven approach, especially if you’re coming up short on the latter.  It’s entirely possible to come up with a cool element and then reverse-engineer an explanation for how it got there.

you know what makes me sad about edward’s video? i’m an asian girl, who is slightly bigger than the typical stick-thin figure, but i eat healthy and i try to exercise constantly to shed some of this extra weight, but when he says it so nonchalant; ‘it’s about what you consume and how you exercise’ it’s just stupid. there’s a certain point where things aren’t as easy as he makes it seem to be. for instance; if his logic were correct, if he just ate more and worked out more would be automatically bulk up? no. because human bodies aren’t wired to be the exact same and work via a simple in-out process. i’m just pissed and upset to hear someone who’s never dealt with how stubborn a body can be when it comes to losing weight talk as if it were ~so easy~ and she should just eat less. 

unrelatedly, I really appreciate the execution wrt duck’s transformation-induced nudity? it’s a major source of humor, but all the humor comes from watching duck scramble to figure out how to handle the situation. there’s no attempt to make it skeevy at all, which makes it a lot more believable than certain alternatives–there are no strategically placed objects or smoke clouds while she’s figuring these things out. She just hides in bushes or water, and sometimes the shot ignores her and we just get transformation-noises offscreeen.

it’s just… very nice. it’s genuinely funny and there’s no male gaze from the theoretical camera. a+, very impressive, I would think it’d be hard to non-skeevily joke about a middle school girl constantly misplacing her clothes, but congrats show, u more or less pulled it off. like, definitely people could still be uncomfortable watching it, but not because the show is doing anything to sexualize it. I feel like this is sort of a rare thing, tbh

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how would he propose though ? he's spontaneous person do you think he'd say "marry me" out of the blue cos he'd feel like it and realizing what he just said he'd figure out that he really wants to marry her so he'd say it seriously the 2nd time ?

 yes! i totally can see him proposing like…hmm…you two are sitting and watching golf and you just said some golf term and he is all 😍 because lets be real… whats more sexy than his girl knowing golf stuff…and then he would be like…’god i love you, marry me’ and you would laugh cause you think thats a joke but he repeats it again ‘im seriously… marry me’

2017 Rostelecom Cup Preview - Men: Can Hanyu Rebound?

First full preview of the season! I will be going through every skater and then doing full predictions. I am starting with the men first. The men’s short program is on Friday, free on Saturday. Everything below the cut, because it’s long! I would love to hear what you guys have to say, so agree or disagree - reblog, send me an ask - let me know!

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Today I got back to strength training and I had to start back small. My weight loss has been due more to waking and eating less than to working out so I’ve lost a lot of what I had. I picked the 8lb dumbbells figuring that they would be easy and they kicked my butt! In fact, I had to drop the weights on my waking lunges after my quads muscles started to seize.

The big weight is a 15 pound “plate” to represent the 15 pounds I lost so far this year. I did 5 box squats at the end of my workout. My plan is to add weight as I lose weight and to do proper deep squats. So the more progress I make, the harder this final move becomes.

So glad to be back to lifting some form of weights again!

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Huh... I always pronounced it like 'holl-steen, so I didn't even figure there was another pronunciation for it. Probably just cause I'm so used to it... *shrugs*

Yeah I’m pretty sure the German pronunciation of stein has the vowel rhyming with shine! (By the way, if some German-speaking creampuffs want to join in on this conversation that would be lovely since my knowledge of the language is very limited and I love learning more about it!)

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Oh hey! So I saw that there'll be like 20 chapters to your AoF comic on Ao3. Could you possibly give us a hint at to what chapter our favorite Admiral and Sith Lord will be meeting? Pretty please? With Piett on top? (I don't like cherries so I figured Piett would be more appetizing.) And thank you so much for creating every masterpiece of art work that you release (and that you blog from others) so us lowly peasants may bask in all your Empire loving glory. 😗😍

Hi thanks for your lovely comment.

So this one is about the comic Abundance of Faith. 20 chapters is the rough estimate now that I am slowly approaching the middle of the story. But this is all rather getting longer, as it requires more storytelling than I imagined (because I mainly imagine and dream about it, and don’t do proper planning).

I originally thought that this would only be 6 chapters and would just end  when Piett finds Vader. I quickly realized that nobody would be content with just that. :D

Piett will reach Vader probably in chapter 12. Not sure what you’re asking there, but it is going to be wonderful but very professional. :D

Making this comic has given me so much enjoyment - the very fact that I can give these characters a chance to be human and show their moral integrity has surprised even me. I feel like every one of these Imperials deserves their own story. I am also so grateful for other creators that are doing this to our favorite Imperials, I couldn’t function without that content anymore. :D

i love my bff @sleeepies so much

no matter what we do we always have fun doing shit together whether its l4d or just chillin on call and weve seen each other thru some Mad Shit™️ weve been there for each other thru thick n thin and hes helped me figure myself out and helped me become the person ive always been and i can only dream of returning the favor on the same level hes helped me

he is the kindest toughest warmest most thoughtful and genuine person ever and losing him would devastate me more than anyone could know

i value him so much and the world is such such such a brighter place with him in it

NHLers who have spoken out against the violence in Charlottesville

Because everything sucks, and it’s good to know that at least a few of them have cleared this incredibly low bar.  This may not be everyone who tweeted about this, and I didn’t check other social media at all, so please tell me if you know of anyone else!

Detroit Red Wings: condemned use of their logo by fascists/neo-Nazis

Paul Bissonnette: retweeted Red Wings statement
Brian Boyle: retweeted a video about Sir Nicholas Winton with the caption “On the same night that racists are carrying torches in Charlottesville I see this tweet. Choose well what kind of human you’re going to be”
JT Brown: quote-tweeted the Red Wings statement, statement from Bill Clinton
Max Domi: quote-tweeted the Sir Nicholas Winton video (but he’s also supported Trump in the past, so take this with at least one grain of salt)
Andrew Ference: [”This is what “making America great again” looks like?” with link to video], retweeted [As #Charlottsville churns with hate & racism, I am grateful for (Canadian flag emoji) inclusion. But make no mistake: the same hate festers here and must end.]
Blake Geoffrion: retweeted Sir Nicholas Winston video
Brooks Laich: [ I hope for a world where diversity is not hated, not merely accepted - but celebrated! That must be our future! #prayforCharlottesville]
Mike Modano: retweeted Red Wings statement
Matt Stajan: retweeted video about Sir Nicholas Winton
Aaron Ward: retweeted [I signed up to fight Nazis 73 years ago and I’ll do it again if I have to. Hatred, bigotry, & fascism should have no place in this country.]  

Jakob Chychrun: hasn’t posted publicly, but has liked a bunch of good stuff
Matt Dumba: retweeted [I signed up to fight Nazis 73 years ago and I’ll do it again if I have to. Hatred, bigotry, & fascism should have no place in this country.]   
Ben Scrivens: probably already your unproblematic fave as he should be, but retweeted a bunch of really good stuff including an article about dealing with Canada’s right wing extremism


the road to pyeongchang 2018, pt. 1