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The Court Marshall handle is the oddball in my collection. It’s one of the few styles that needs to be taken on and off while it’s being shaped. Normally I would just shape everything then carefully glue the handle together and do a little clean up after it dried. These little threaded inserts are the bees knees, not only can I use screws without breaking a million 2-56 taps, but I can also use them to shape both scales at the same time. Doing the inside of the ring got a lot easier once I figured this out. I’m excited for the titanium scales, I plan to get a little adventurous on the mill tomorrow. #knife #knives #knifemaking #knifemaker #dailygrind

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i just wanted to thank you for your commentary on the jones's baby post like I am also a trans dude and an AH fan and i've just seen a LOT of people harassing the joneses about being PC about their baby and i check the people's accounts and they're always cis and im like???? Ok here i am a Genuine Trans(TM) here to tell you that babies poop on themselves so we can give them pronouns until they choose their own it's O K calm yourself and your misguided thoughts on the societal aspects of gender

Oh thank god I’m not the only one! I actually gave a lot of thought to that post while I was at work today–I rarely comment on things or get involved in threads, but yeah like. Hav e  you    ne ver met a baby. And what would you do instead? Introduce all babies as ‘Untitled’ until they can give themselves names and pronouns? 

On top of all that, I think it’s easier for a transgender person to figure out they’re trans based on the idea that their birth pronouns are wrong. If you were never given pronouns, can you imagine how much harder it would be to figure out who you are–trans OR cis? At least if you know you’re uncomfortable it eliminates one of the possibilities. 

It would absolutely be great if toys and colors weren’t so strictly classified as boy and girl, because stuff like that IS an annoying construct, but like. Michael literally screamed “show me pOTATO SALAAAAAAAD” across the neighborhood in the middle of the night, I don’t think this kid is in any danger of growing up in a conservative, restricting household.