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psa for the yoi fandom: russian names & how to use them

Russian guides: masterpost | patronyms | terms of affection | answered asks

I’m going to start by swearing this isn’t me just complaining but a general resource for the Yuri on Ice fandom because I’ve noticed some mistakes in the naming conventions used among the fandom and want to help correct them. Especially in how the fandom treats diminutives. I absolutely love seeing the huge amount of interest in Russian diminutives, etc. in fanart and fics and hopefully this breakdown will help continue that trend and interest and even spur some more ideas in fandom content.

So let’s go through some important details below the cut!

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Yuri on Ice interview translation - CREA 2017/03 (p34-35)

Second part of the YOI interviews featured on CREA. As for the one with Kubo, more than “interviews” they are like “mini articles” that incorporate what the interviewed people said. The interviews are with Kenji Miyamoto (choreographer), Eiji Abiko & Junpei Tatenaka (figure skating animators), Yuuko Sagiri (original costume designer), Keisuke Tominaga (music producer).

Random note: thanks to this magazine I was finally able to know that Sagiri’s name is “Yuuko”. When I translated her interview on Pash I did lots of research but wasn’t able to find out the pronunciation so I used Yuiko because that was what came out searching for the name alone, but now it’s confirmed that it’s Yuuko so as soon as I have time I’ll edit that interview to fix it. I swear all magazines should be obliged to provide the pronunciation of names, because sometimes it’s really hard to find out how the kanji are pronounced when it’s not famous people with Wikipedia pages and such…

By the way, the issue of Pash coming out today (Feb. 10th) has an article I was really looking forward to (the second part of Kubo’s detailed commentary on each episode), so I’ll probably spend the night translating it when I get home from work. Also because I want to post it before the YOI all night event on Saturday (I’m going to the live viewing).

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The reality as expressed by 5 people who created “Yuri on Ice”

Reality #2: Choreography x Kenji Miyamoto
“The footage taken with the camcorder was the key to create realistic and powerful anime scenes”

Profile: From Hyogo prefecture. After retiring from competitive ice dance in 2006 he started working as a choreographer and commentator. With director Sayo Yamamoto’s “ENDLESS NIGHT” for the first time he was involved in creating figure skating choreographies for an anime.

The choreographies for all characters’ programs were created by choreographer Kenji Miyamoto. He created them integrating the music with the information he received from director Yamamoto and Kubo regarding the characters and their programs. What was different than usual is that the songs for the FS were 4 minutes long instead of 4:30 minutes.
“In the anime characters need less strokes to speed up, so it’s possible to use less ‘transitions’, the movements connecting different techniques. I cut down on those and made the programs more compact.”
Miyamoto was filmed with 4 fixed cameras and 2 portable camcorders as he danced all the programs, then the footage was edited into a multiframe video based on which the animated figure skating scenes were created.
“I believe that the footage taken with the portable camcorder, that filmed me up close, is what made it possible to create realistic and powerful tournament scenes.”
After watching the finished anime, Miyamoto commented that the characters’ monologues during their performances are realistic.
“When you are performing lots of things are whirling around inside your head. In my case it wasn’t words but still pictures, like photographs. I was happy that they expressed the athletes’ feelings.”

Reality #3: Animation x Junpei Tatenaka & Eiji Abiko
“The performances look realistic thanks to Miyamoto-sensei’s choreographies”

Profile: Animators working for the anime production company MAPPA. Specialized in sports and action scenes. They both created animation for director Sayo Yamamoto’s “ENDLESS NIGHT”.

Animation of the figure skating scenes was created by action specialists Junpei Tatenaka and Eiji Abiko. “It’s the first time that we digitally create 2D pictures after deciding the camerawork. It was very difficult because we had to figure out how to do everything”.
Tatenaka, who was already a fan of figure skating, says: “For the moments I believed to be the ‘highlights’ of a performance I would add 1-2 extra stills. This way, I was able to draw out a little what in the live footage only lasted an instant.” They actually made jumps much higher than they are in real life.
“While being aware that real skaters wouldn’t jump that high, I still wanted the scenes to be striking, therefore I was always looking for a good balance between realism and what could be allowed in animation.” (Abiko)
They both agree that Miyamoto’s choreography footage was the most important factor that allowed them to create realistic performance scenes.
“When there was a key point in the music, Miyamoto-sensei would pose with all of his body creating a beautiful line, from his fingertips to the tips of his toes. It was very easy to draw.” (Tatenaka)

Reality #4: Costumes x Yuuko Sagiri
“I think the only difference is that there were no budget restrictions (LOL)”

Profile: Ballroom dancing costume designer working for the ballet & dance supplies maker Chacott. She has designed figure skating costumes for athletes such as Nobunari Oda and Akiko Suzuki.

Yuuko Sagiri, designer of the athletes’ costumes, created the designs giving importance to functionality that would improve a skater’s performance and to elements that would make the character’s personality stand out, just like she does for real costumes. She chose materials, cuttings and decorations that would actually be employed in costumes used for real performances.
“Normally I objectively watch an athlete’s past performances to understand their level and what kind of movements they are skilled at, and this is then reflected in the design. This time I based the design on the characters’ setting materials, the information I received from the director and the choreography footage by Miyamoto-sensei. I think the only difference is that there were no budget restrictions (LOL).”
Regarding Yuuri’s costume, she mentions that she wanted to reflect the fact that he is psychologically weak and gains weight easily.
“I added shining decorations on his chest so that his face would look bright even when he is tense. The cuts on the waist are to make him look slim.”
Actually, she also designed a costume for Yurio’s exhibition. Sagiri said that she created the design thinking of what “Yurio would really want to wear”. We’d definitely like to see him skate with that costume!

Reality #5: Music x Keisuke Tominaga
“I added melody to the beautiful lyrics that is ‘Yuri on Ice’”

Profile: From Kanagawa prefecture. Music producer. He founded PIANO INC. in 2012 and is the current representative director. His main works include the Pocari Sweat 2016 commercial “Kimi no Yume wa, Boku no Yume.”, the TV anime “Zankyou no Terror”, etc.

When creating the music for this show, music producer Keisuke Tominaga constantly asked himself whether it was music you could dance to.
“I would move my hands, feet, my whole body, sometimes even checking the rhythm like a conductor or a dancer. Figure skating has many elements that resemble ballet, so to express the elegant movements of the body I used many tunes in triple time like waltz and bolero.”
Most of the classical and orchestra tracks were created by Taku Matsushiba, while the vocal tracks and modern band songs by Tarou Umebayashi. They worked on the music as a team, always communicating with each other.
“The world created by Kubo-san and director Yamamoto was like realistic and beautiful ‘lyrics’, and I feel that our role was to create a ‘melody’ for those lyrics. In fact, when I joined together Yuuri’s FS song “Yuri on ICE” and Victor’s recorded voice for the first time, the lines sounded just like the words of a song, and I can’t describe how moved I was. I believe that this strong, deep expression that you would not be able to obtain with music alone is what realistically affects the viewers.”

Bonus in case you haven’t seen it already: Sagiri’s design for Yurio’s exhibition program.


I know this is long, but please read and reblog this so that we can try and circulate HELPFUL information instead of deadly suggestions.

After stumbling across the last post I reblogged that was full of a lot of DANGEROUS, BAD, TERRIBLE advice in reference to how to handle calling 911 when in danger, I feel compelled to at least try and get some better information out there in the Tumblr community. I am a 911 dispatcher and the first piece of advice I have for anyone in an emergency situation (or even for someone that calls 911 accidentally) is:

DO NOT HANG UP. In case you didn’t get that the first time, I said DO NOT HANG UP THE PHONE. We cannot help you if we do not know where you are, and contrary to what is apparently popular belief, we are NOT mind readers & without knowing your location (which you must provide) we CAN NOT get you help.

To help you understand the importance of this, I’m going to explain to you what happens when you call 911 in my center and in the centers in my area.

911 line rings.

We answer: “_______ (name of your agency) 911, WHERE is your emergency?”

In a perfect world, the caller will respond with the address of their emergency.

If you are unable to do so, we will start to retransmit your location. It takes time. Again, in a perfect world, we can usually get it in less than 10 seconds, but we do not live in a perfect world and so it often doesn’t happen that quickly. (Also, if you’re in an apartment complex, trailer park, hotel, etc, it’s not going to give us the room, lot, etc. number that you’re actually in, even with a retransmit). It is true that if you call from a landline your address will often populate for us, however, the address is NOT always right! We need you to try your ABSOLUTE BEST to provide us with an accurate address. By not knowing your location, you’re prolonging the response time. The call has to be answered, have a confirmed address, type of call that we’re responding to so that the correct responders are dispatched, and then it has to be dispatched. In smaller jurisdictions, their fire/EMS is often volunteer. That means: THEY ARE COMING FROM HOME TO THE STATION. It takes time & the more time we waste just trying to figure out where you are, the longer you’re going to be waiting for a life saving response.

The TERRIBLE information post that is going around tells you to call 911, hang up, and then turn your phone off. NO, NO, NO. That is the absolute WORST thing you could ever do. When a 911 hang up comes in we attempt to call the line back twice. If the line isn’t open long enough to retransmit an address (which most of the time it’s not), that’s it. The call gets out in and closed. There is literally NOTHING WE CAN DO TO HELP YOU. Even if we DO retransmit an address and there is no sign of a disturbance or no other indication that there is an emergency, we often do not send a responder because if we send one to every call, we’d be wasting a LOT of time and resources. We receive 911 hang ups/accidental 911 calls ALL DAY LONG. (Side note: the most common ones that we receive come from disconnected cell phones. Every cell phone (disconnected or not) with battery life can call 911, but 911 CANNOT call those phones back). If you call from a disconnected cell and we’re not able to get a location (or are and not hear any signs that would indicate a need for service), you will most likely not get the help you need.

Moral of this point: DO NOT HANG UP and KNOW WHERE YOU ARE. Try to pay attention to mile markers on the interstate & landmarks, signs or road names. If you call accidentally-STAY ON THE LINE. We (at least at my agency) will ask you to verify your name and address and that there is no emergency. As long as nothing feels/sounds wrong about it to us, we won’t send an officer to knock on your door. You won’t get in trouble. No one will be mad. Just stay on the line so that we don’t waste time and resources on a call that is not emergent.

Disclosure: some agencies offer text to 911. Don’t assume that you can text 911 unless you know that your locality has that capability. A lot of them don’t. If you’re able to safely call you should ALWAYS call rather than text. It’s faster and more efficient.

Moving on-

Answer our questions. We’re not asking you questions for our own amusement. Everything we ask you on the line is for your own safety and for the safety of our responders. They are much more well equipped to handle your emergency if they know what they’re walking into and what supplies they need to bring in with them when they come. We’re NOT going to send our fire/EMS into a scene that is not safe, so answer our questions so that we know which resources need to be provided to you. I know that often times the calls that people place to us are during some of the worst, most terrifying moments of their lives & we WANT to help you in the best way that we know how. We ask the things that we ask because it’s required & because the more we know, the higher the quality of service that we provide you will be.

ALSO: While we’re asking you the questions, most likely RESPONDERS HAVE ALREADY BEEN DISPATCHED. If you didn’t get that, read it again. You can’t imagine how much time we spend trying to argue answers to questions out of callers because we’re being screamed at: “JUST GET THEM HERE QUICKLY.” “HE/SHE/I’LL BE DEAD BEFORE YOU GET THEM HERE,” etc. you’re wasting your time and mine. Try your best to work with us because our number one goal is to get you the help you need as quickly as possible. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t do this for the money. The medics, fire fighters, police officers and animal control officers DON’T do this for the money. (It’s not there, in case you were wondering.) we do this because we genuinely care about other human beings. We want to HELP. We CARE. We are here to protect and serve, but we cannot do that effectively if people are constantly fighting against us.

If you have any questions about how things work here or need advice as to how to handle a call in to 911, feel free to ask and I will give you the best advice that I can. Just please, please don’t listen to terrible misinformation (like calling, hanging up and turning your phone off). These situations are often the line between life and death. As cliche as it sounds, help us help you. Much love, Tumblr fam!

Also, to any of my fellow dispatchers, feel free to add to this. I know that things can vary from one locality to another, so I think any input would be helpful! I tried to just stick to the basics in this post for that reason. :)

@therapy101 @thistherapylife @socialworkmemes @all-about-psychology @theangrytherapist @thecalminside could you guys please reblog this to try and circulate correct information about how to receive help in an emergency situation? There is some VERY bad information going around that provides dangerous suggestions in reference to calling 911 and that makes me so afraid for anyone that reads it and thinks that it’s true.

Words Written on Your Wrist | Soulmates! Spencer Reid x Reader | Part 1

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Requested: Nope, I just figured I’d jump on the soulmate band wagon

Requests: OPEN

Part 1/?

Summary: Everyone’s wrist has three words on it, the first three words you’ll hear your soulmate say. You think the idea of soulmates is just a bunch of junk, but you’re in for a rude awakening when you meet your soulmate at your new job at the BAU. Because you worry you will lose your new dream job, you keep the fact that he’s your soulmate hidden, pretending as if those three words didn’t exist.

Words: 2639

Warnings: Swearing?

A/N: I was about 5000 words into this and then decided it was going nowhere, scrapped like 2,000 words, then worked with that to make it a series. This has a really slow start I am so sorry. I don’t know if this is very good or if anyone will be interested in me continuing this so I would greatly appreciate feedback! My requests are open so I’d also love it if you would send me in requests! I have reblogged two prompt lists so if you search ‘prompts’ and you’ll find them, just tell me which list it is and then the numbers! Thank you for reading!

I also realize it is late June, not Christmas time, but Christmas facts were the only ones I could come up with so a little bit of grace would be appreciated haha

You hated soulmates. You hated the idea. You weren’t someone’s other half. You were your own self and that’s all you wanted to be. You even went as far as to try to tattoo over the mark on right wrist, but the ink always faded away within hours, so instead you always took to wearing a bracelet over it. Out of sight, out of mind.  The soulmate phenomenon, as it became known as, was one that caused every person to have the first three words they hear their soulmate say, in their handwriting, on their right wrist. As you stared down at yours in the shower, you wished could scrub it away with your loofa.

‘Did you know,’ scrawled in perfectly horrible handwriting across the thin flesh of your inner wrist. ‘Great,’ you thought to yourself, ‘not only does my soulmate have terrible script, they sound like a know-it-all.’ And man, did you hate know-it-alls.

             You got out of the shower and pulled on a robe before flipping through your closet to pick out an outfit for your big day. Your first day at the BAU. You had worked your entire life for this, and you couldn’t be more ecstatic. The best minds in the FBI, you thought to yourself with a smile, and you’re one of them. After picking out a long sleeve blouse and nice pants you sat down to clear your head over your absolute favorite beverage, coffee. Reading through the newspaper you idly wondered what kind of people you were going to be working with. You of course knew Hotch and Rossi, since they were the ones to interview you for the position, and they had mentioned the names of the rest, but you didn’t know their faces well.

Downing the rest of your coffee quickly you glanced at the time and decided then would be a good time to head in, early was on time, on time was late, and late was inexcusable, in your mind. You grabbed your keys and bracelet, putting the band around your wrist to hide the words, even though you were wearing long sleeves. The drive to Quantico was easy, there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and you doubted there would be much more considering the Virginia climate, but you didn’t mind. You checked to make sure your go back was in the back seat just in case before going up to the bullpen. Upon entering the BAU area, box under your arm, you were met with an assault on your senses. Everyone was hustling and bustling, and you were amused to see two people, who you assumed to be on the team you were joining, in a loud conversation. Well, conversation wasn’t the word, it was more of a soliloquy by a tall and long haired bean pole while a man who could be a Greek god was looking very annoyed. You couldn’t very much hear the conversation as you entered the large room but as you walked closer on your way to Hotch’s office you were able to make out the words.

“Did you know that if you were to add up the costs of all of the items listed in The 12 Days of Christmas it would be around $1.3 million? And that December 25 was actually….” And that all you heard, because you could feel your heart stop in that moment. It had to be a mistake, there are plenty of know-it-alls in the world, it doesn’t have to be him. Just calm down, you tell yourself, continuing to the office in front of you as if nothing had happened. Your plan was to just ignore it and hope for the best. You’ll be damned if you were going to let something you didn’t even want to ruin your dream job.

You greeted Hotch, setting your box down in a chair and shaking his hand. “I’ll introduce you to the team and show you to your desk. We don’t have a case today, it’s just paperwork, so we have a bit of time.” He said with a small smile, and somehow you figured that that was the most you were ever going to see of a smile. Walking down to the bullpen together you took in the entire team, two beautiful blonde women, one of which was dressed very eccentrically and you knew you were going to like her, a dark-haired woman who looked like a badass snow-white, Rossi, who you had already met, Mr. Greek God, and your soulma-, you mean the long-haired bean pole. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet SSA Y/F/N Y/L/N, she will be joining our team.” You smiled and waved and everyone, setting your box of things down on your desk before Hotch continued, “Y/L/N, this is JJ, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, and Spencer Reid, and you of course have already met me and Rossi,” Hotch said, introducing everyone.

You opened your mouth to greet them but before you could say anything the eccentrically dressed blonde woman came rushing up to you, a huge grin adorning her face, “Oh my gosh it’s so good to meet you, is there anything I can do for you, can I help you get settled in? Would you like some coffee? Do you like coffee?” She asked quickly, motioning a lot with her hands.

You laughed, your suspicion now confirmed, you were going to get along great with her. “I love coffee, actually, and I wouldn’t want to trouble you, it won’t take long for me to get settled in and start working.” You kept your eyes on her and only on her, even though out of the corner of your eye you saw two heads snap to look at you. One of which was that of who you now know to be your soulmate and the other was the other blonde woman, who you assumed knew what three words resided on the man’s wrist. You cursed internally, how could your favorite beverage betray you like this?

“Are you sure?” Garcia asked again, her puppy dog eyes looking at you.

 “Garcia,” Hotch’s voice cut into the conversation, stern but amused, “Why don’t you show Y/L/N around since you’re so eager to help.”

“I can do that! Come on Y/N!” She grabbed linked arms with you, leading you around to show you the office to show you were the break room and the coffee pot were as well as what resided on each floor of the building in case you needed anything from other departments. Her optimistic and bubbly attitude lifted your spirits almost to the point of forgetting about the fact that the bane of your existence resided just feet away from your desk.

             “So what did you do before joining the BAU?” Asked Morgan when you and Garcia returned to the bullpen.

             “I was a Forensic Psychology Professor,” you explain as you sit down and start getting situated at your desk, “I taught at Brown University.”

             “A professor at your age? That’s impressive.” Prentiss nodded, eyebrows raised.

             “I peeked early,” You joked with a laugh, a bit unnerved that the two people who were staring at you earlier were avoiding conversation. You felt a bit bad not letting the man know that you knew he was your soulmate, but you did want it to jeopardize your job. You just got here, the last thing you need is people either thinking you got the job because you were some one on the team’s soulmate or that you couldn’t think objectively working so close beside him.

             Spencer starred at you, his mind going a mile a minute. Has she already heard him say something and didn’t recognize it? Had she already heard him say something and it wasn’t what was on his wrist and he was a glitch? If she hadn’t heard him say anything yet, what should he say? He thought over anything and everything he could say to, wanting the first three words out if his mouth to be eloquent and as lovely as she was.

             “What made you want to join the BAU?” JJ, the woman you knew you were Reid’s soulmate, asked.

             “I wanted to make a difference, save lives.” You shrugged, feeling like you were getting interrogated, “My uh… My childhood best friend was a victim of a serial killer and I want to catch the type of people that did that to her.” The room fell silent after your confession, though most everyone nodded out of acknowledgement and respect. You turned back to your desk to continue setting out photographs and putting away things but a voice caught your attention, the same one that was rambling off facts when you walked in.

             “I’m sorry for your loss.” He said quietly, making eye-contact with you. You knew as a profiler he was looking for micro expressions, anything to let him know that the first three words of that sentence were on your wrist. But they weren’t, so you weren’t technically concealing anything when you simply smiled warmly and thanked him before returning to your desk. You also weren’t lying when Garcia asked you if you found your soulmate yet at lunch.

             Most of the team was all sitting at the tables in the break room, idly chatting and getting to know one another when Penelope grinned, leaning in as if she was an elementary schooler asking who you had a crush on.

             “So, have you found your soulmate yet?” She asked as she wagged her eyebrows.

             “I’m still single,” You say easily, smiling as you took another bite of your soup you brought from home.

             “Now that isn’t an answer.” Emily grinned, pointing her fork at you. Damn it, you should have known trying to pass a question off with a non-answer with a group full of profilers wouldn’t work.

             “Well, I don’t know, you know?” You try to lie, trying to dig yourself out of a hole, “I know what’s on my wrist, I don’t know what’s on other people’s. Like what if I’m not my soulmate’s soulmate? I don’t want to get ahead of myself if I don’t know what’s on his or her wrist.” Well, that wasn’t a lie, you reason with yourself. “Plus, mine is a pretty common statement, so it could be anyone, I’ve had a few false alarms in the past when I’ve overheard conversations, so I also don’t want to get ahead of myself that way.”

             “What does your wrist say?” Jenifer asked suddenly.

             She doesn’t beat around the bush.

             “I’d prefer to keep that to myself. Not even my best friend knows what’s on my wrist.” Laughing uneasily, you push your spoon around in your bowl.

             “That makes sense, it’s a really personal thing.” Garcia nods in agreement and you swore you could kiss her for how easily she dropped the subject.

             “Mines what my Savannah first said to me,” Morgan grinned proudly as he held out his wrist, “She’s a doctor at the hospital nearby.”

             “What about you JJ? I see a wedding band.” You smile, nodding to her left hand, glad to have the attention off you.

             “’You must be’” She repeated holding up her wrist, “It turns out that it’s in person. I actually spoke to Will on the phone before in person, but what’s on our wrists is what we said to each other when we first talked in person. It’s funny, because I introduced myself with my name, so he knew the second he called me that he would be speaking to his soulmate and I had no idea.” She laughed, reminiscing.

             “I wish we all had it that easy,” Emily scoffed as she pulled back the sleeve on her shirt. “Mines ‘You look beautiful.’ Do you know how many times I’ve heard that at a bar?”

             “Exactly! Its similar with mine!” You exclaim with a smile, glad someone else could back you up on the small fib you told. But as the room fell back into silence you noted that the only other people who had yet to say what was on their wrist were Penelope and Spencer, and by the way Penelope was quickly chewing her food so she could talk you guessed she was going next.

             “I haven’t found my soulmate either!” She said quickly after finished chewing, “Nor has our resident Brainiac, but he’s like you, he won’t tell us what his tattoo says either.”

             You knew you had to say something, if you didn’t say something you knew it would cause suspicion, so you turned to him, raising an eyebrow, “What’s your reasoning for not telling anyone, Mr. Resident Brainiac?” You ask easily, watching as JJ gave him a sympathetic look out of the corner of your eye, knowing that both of them were probably thinking he was a glitch at the moment.

             “M-“ He starts but clears his throat nervously, “Mostly the same reasons as you.”

             “Great minds think alike,” you laugh as you begin to close your Tupperware, “But fools seldom differ,”

“But fools seldom differ.” Wait what. You frown. Was your hearing going or did you two just state the second half of that saying at the same time? Quickly recovering, the frown is replaced by another smile as you watch a pink tint rise to Reid’s cheeks. You had to admit, this man was very attractive.

Everyone laughed and Morgan clapped you on your shoulder, the others packing up their stuff as well. When you got back to the bullpen Hotch and Rossi were there, huddled around a file.

“Do we have a case?” Prentiss asks as the team gets closer.

“it seems so, it looks to be a rough one so we will brief on the plane.” Hotch said as he closed the file, then turning his attention to you, “Y/L/N, I trust you have a go bag packed?”

“Yes, I do, sir.” You quickly say, nervous for your first case, especially since Hotch was describing it as a rough one.

“Wheels up in 20.”

              As you sat down on the plane the team quickly began discussing the case, the unsub was kidnapping women, holding them for at least a week, stabbing them, and then displaying their bodies in public places.

             Spencer read a bit of file out loud, sometimes going on fact tangents relating to something on the page, and you had to admit, it was darn adorable. You’d glance over at him every chance you could without arising suspicion, and you began taking him in in his entirety. You did always have a thing for long haired guys, his cheek bones and jaw line were to die for, and his hands, oh his hands, you decided you loved watching him turn pages in the file. You internally scolded yourself, of course you’d find him attractive, he was your soulmate after all, a match made in heaven. But that gnawing thought in the back of your head that you could lose everything you had worked towards thus far because of some butterflies in your stomach and ink on your wrist dragged you down like an anchor from the cloud you seemed to be floating on.

             “There’s no signs of torture besides the stabbing,” You comment with a frown, “Which wouldn’t indicate a sadist, but the stabbing implies a sexual component. He could be impotent.”

             “I agree,” Reid says a bit too quickly, looking up at you.

             “The displaying and posing of the bodies could be a taunt,” JJ offered, drawing attention away from Spencer.

             “When we land I want Prentiss and Morgan to go to the first and second crime scene, Rossi and Y/L/N to the third, JJ and I can go to the Fourth. Reid why don’t you start on the geographical profile.” Hotch designated as the jet landed.

To be Continued.

Part 2

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm a new daddy and I would like to ask you for some tips to be a good daddy.

Advice from a little:
🎀 Be patient. veeeeery patient.
🎀 understand that no two littles are the same, just like no two daddies are the same.
🎀 be ready for artwork. colorings, drawings, love notes, crafts, everything. most littles enjoy those things. (and offer to do them with ‘em. we loves doing stuffs with daddy!)
🎀 STICKERS. loooots of stickers.
🎀 learn their cues. the things they does when their sleepy, or hungry, or cranky, etc.
🎀 multiple texts!!!
🎀 learn their stuffies names. it does seem like a ton, but it definitely means a ton.
🎀 just cuz they’re little and want/need help, doesn’t make them any less human. no is no.
🎀 learn their fav stuffies, pacis, juice, snacks, etc. nothing makes us smile more than daddy making it known he remembers, without straight saying it.
🎀 clingy, jealous, needy… at least in these cases, ME but im sure other lils are like it too.

Punishment wise for disobeying:
🌼 they must 110% agree on the punishments.
🌼 spankies are not always the go to punishment!!
🌼 !!!! ignoring your little is NOT a punishment !!!!! (I will scream this one for hours, if i must)
🌼 YELLING is NOT a punishment!!!! (it will not make up listen. it’ll just make us scared, and we’ll most likely cry!!)
🌼 time outs work well! (at least, for me.)
🌼 keep in mind of your littles mental state and whatnot when choosing punishments.

💎 if you choose a little with mental illnesses and or a troubled past, be prepared to learn and grow with her.

Advice from my daddy:
✨ don’t be forceful. Ever. If your little says no then they mean no. Regardless of what you may think.
✨ Always be respectful to your little!
✨ Always treat them like the little prince/ess they are!
✨ be patient.

~~ feel free to reblog and add advice/tips for this new daddy!!! ~~

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I was wondering if you had any advice for a newbie studyblr / bullet journalist ?

Hello there, lovely anon!! ♥ I actually joined the studyblr community pretty recently (just this month!) so I hope I can answer your question well /// !! Since I’m pretty new, there’s still quite a bit I have yet to learn myself! 

➸ advice for a new studyblr

Don’t be afraid to just start. 

  • Honestly! There’s no need to feel insecure about your posts, spreads, handwriting, picture quality, stationary - everyone in the studyblr community is so sweet and positive and helpful I begin to feel spoiled. I hope you do to!
  • Don’t feel self conscious about anything. You’re beautiful, wonderful, and perfect just the way you are. There is no better you than you!
  • Stop comparing your posts and blog to other people’s. There’s a lot for you to learn, and it won’t all come immediately. Notes, followers - it takes time. 

Reach out to other studyblrs!! 

  • Say hi, send asks, make friends! Make comments on other’s posts, send compliments or help where you can. Just being active in the community can help you get attention but also give you a wonderful time. A studyblr is to help you grow, and this is a great way to keep you motivated in doing so.
  • Along the same line, try to find ways to interact with your followers!

Tags, Tags, Tags! 

  • A lot of studyblrs will track a tag and will often reblog your content if you tag your original posts with it! You can find out what tag to put by checking out a studyblr’s page (for example, I track #studyfeather). You can make a list for yourself if that helps! (: But try not to be too overwhelming or overuse it. Maybe switch up which tracked tags you use from post to post. 
  • Make a tag for you to track! It would make sense that if you’re using tracked tags to make one for yourself to spread the love. 
  • Have a tag that is specific to your original content (mine is #featherpost)!!! It will make it nice and easy for those who come across your blog to find what you’re posting about. Having original content helps others have more interest in your blog!
  • A lot of what you are reblogging can serve as a resource for yourself. I like to reblog posts that inspire me, or have spreads I might try, masterposts, etc. If its important for you to find what you’re reblogging for later, make a tag system for yourself. For example, heres @ / studypetals’ tags page or @ / studyquill’s navigation page if you need any ideas. This is a great idea if other people begin using your blog as a resource as well. 

Take advantage of all the information you see. 

  • There are so many posts that address procrastination, time management, stress, note taking, school - anything at all - that is made available to you. It’s one thing to see the information, but it’s another to make use of it. (And don’t be afraid to share your knowledge either!) You can even make posts about trying out different advice if that helps motivate you to try something out.

Make an introductory post!

  • Help others get to know you better by putting together an introductory post! It’s never too late to make one, so don’t worry about making one if your blog has been up for a bit.
  • From what I’ve discovered, introductory posts tend to have the following information (not every one has ALL of this, it’s up to you what you’d like to add): name, age, school year, why you started a studyblr, your classes, some of your favorite studyblrs, other blogs you have (and other sites you’re on), any anything else you’d like to say/add. 
  • If you use tracked tags or tag studyblrs you love, it can help get your blog noticed! (:

Post original content!

  • I touched on this earlier, but this is so important. One of the best ways for your studyblr to succeed is posting your own work and sharing it to the community. You never know how many people will love it, be inspired by it, follow you from it, or contact you because of it.
  • Be fairly consistent in posting original content. I try to post at least once a week even though I’m pretty busy. It helps motivate me to keep my bujo and studyblr going! You can try out the 100 days of productivity or some studyblrs put together monthly study challenges you can keep up with. As an example, here’s a May Study Challenge I might try out!
  • In posting original content, make sure you link information you’re referencing to help others that much more!

Queue your posts!!

  • A great way to keep your blog active is to queue your posts. I have my posts queued at 10 each day and try to keep at least 20 posts in my queue at all times, in case a couple of busy days keep me from adding more. Some people unfollow inactive blogs - and this can be a way to prevent it. 
  • The only thing I don’t queue are original posts and asks, but it’s up to you if you decide to use the queue system or not!

➸ advice for a new bullet journalist

Real quick!! I would advise taking a look at the bullet journal’s official website to help understand the basics of bullet journaling. 

  • It’s designed to be quick and customizable way for you to keep information and tasks organized. A great way to make use of this (that I’ve found) is to make a key for each of your logs. You can see my key here. You can also search tumblr for bujo keys to see what others have come up with. If you do want to make a key, make it so that it works for you!  It can be as simple or detailed as you want, with or without signifiers, etc. If you don’t like this system, that’s just fine!

Discover different journal options and where to find them.

  • There is no set journal to use, however there are popular choices among the studyblr community: Moleskine, Leuchtturm1917, and Muji journals - but it is NOT limited to these. Working with a regular notebook works just fine as well! 
  • It’s one thing to find and purchase something online - but I like being able to find what I’m looking for in person. It saves shipping + handling costs, and I get to it immediately. And, sometimes, they can be cheaper too! I found my moleskine journal I’ve been using at Barnes and Noble, and have also seen Leuchtturm1917 journals at my school’s book store. (The temptation is real every time I walk past OTL) 

Your bullet journal is for you, so let’s make it that way.

  • A big part of having a studyblr is to help yourself in becoming more productive in learning and improving a lifestyle (or this may just be how I see it). So! There is no set format for you to use a bullet journal. It’s up to you to figure out what works best for you.
  • You can take inspiration from other people’s post to help experiment with different spreads and layouts. (Be sure to credit/tag if you do! Just to be safe.) 
  • You can find out different things that you can add to your bujo! Habit trackers, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly spreads, lists of things to keep track of (books to read, tv shows and episodes to watch, shopping/wish lists, bucket list, etc), anything you’re interested in. Depending on your interests and areas you wan’t to use a bujo to help you with, this can vary. If you want, you can test out different ideas to see if you like it or not. It will take time to find what you like, so don’t stress about it in the beginning. You’re just starting, after all!
  • There is always something for you to do, it’s just a matter of finding out what that is. If you need any help of finding something to do, feel free to message me! (As long as you don’t mind me asking a bunch of questions haha.)

Don’t be afraid to use pencil first when making your spreads.

  • Me being me, trusted myself to use pen right off the bat. Boy, do I regret that XD It got to the point where I purchased an erasable pen but I’m finding nothing can beat pencil before pen. But before you erase the pencil - make sure the pen has dried. I can’t stress this enough. I’ve gotten impatient multiple times and go ahead to erase, and instantly wished I hadn’t. You can try to find pens that prevent this from happening, but waiting is the best alternative. Something you can do is make a spread at night, and wait to erase when you wake up in the morning. You can keep your bujo open to the page you worked on for it to dry better.

You don’t need any fancy or expensive stationary.

  • Seeing the pastel highlighters, wide variety of pens and miscellaneous tools it’s easy to think you need to have it all but … you don’t have to have any of it. Especially if you are low on funds, don’t worry about getting anything new. Just work with what you have! I have been using pens I’ve owned for years and have hardly touched to see what I can do with them and am pleasantly surprised! I have a bunch of supplies that I have gotten for school that haven’t been used that I plan on finally putting to use. 
  • Your basic school supplies with notebooks, highlighters, pens and pencils, post it notes, can take you as far as you wish!

Having a difficult time coming up with a spread? Here’s some ideas! 

  • Try out different hand written fonts. This can include headers/titles and subheaders/subtitles. Try headers, banners, and dividers too! Here’s some different ideas: x | x | x | x
  • Give your spread a theme. Disney, movie, music, history, art, cartoon shows, books - anything at all! This can help with finding art to fill in blank spaces to give your spread some more interest. Here’s a post with a bunch of ideas you could use.
  • Colors! Try out different color combinations! Being an art student, I’m overly conscious of colors. They can help set a mood, evoke certain emotion, some colors work best with others (be smart when using complimentary colors), etc. Here’s a site that covers basic color theory. But … this is me being nerdy. This can take quite a bit of thought - but you honestly don’t have to (: !! It’s best if you stick to one or two colors within a page not to overwhelm what others are seeing, especially if you’re wanting to keep things minimal. If you want me to go deeper into this, and talk more about contrast and whatnot … I can make a separate post as not to clutter this one ♥
  • Make goals for yourself! This can be included in a habit tracker, but doesn’t need to be. They can be as small as going on a 20 minute walk each day during this week, being sure to stay hydrated, doing something with a family member or friend, completing or starting a big project or assignment, etc. 
  • Find some quotes and add them! Here’s some quote masterposts I’ve come across: x | x | x | x

When taking pictures, be conscious of lighting.

  • The best kind of lighting is natural lighting. Taking pictures outside (or inside) during the day will help your image quality! I know before I said picture quality doesn’t matter much, but this can be a simple and easy way to help improve your posts. 
  • If natural lighting isn’t helping you the way you want, you can take a look at different apps with photo editing capabilities or filters. I have a horrible app finding ability, and just use Photoshop (you can get PS CS2 for free here) or Clip Studio Paint to edit my photos. My favorite tool to use is the tone curve. However you can see this post to look at other options, like apps (it also links to other posts you can look at)!

Have a good time!

  • Honestly, I feel this is what it boils down to. As long as you are enjoying what you’re doing and continue to have a passion for studyblr related content, you’ll succeed. Don’t stress about it and take one post at a time.

I’ll start putting together a post of how I started my studyblr in case that may help as well! Thank you for asking, anon! Hopefully this helps, and that I was able to cover everything! T o T Sorry I kinda went on a bit of a tangent in some areas.


I’m starting this list because as a born and bred Curly Top, I know first hand what a struggle it can be to figure out how to manage/become comfortable with your hair (and do so on a budget). So, please feel free to add, reblog, and share with the curly heads you love (Please don’t delete the source.) 

1- Kiss sulfates goodbye.

I didn’t even know sulfates were a thing until it was brought to my attention. Basically, they are chemicals inside many of the shampoos and hair products that you know and love, ie; Aussie, Suave, Garnier, etc. 

A couple of the biggest problem-causing sulfates are called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, they promote bacteria, reduce proteins, and basically leave your hair covered in a thick layer of wax that sucks all of the natural oils out of your hair. I have been sulfate free for about a year now, and anytime I am forced to use a shampoo with sulfates in it, I can immediately tell the difference in the texture of my hair. As someone who will never spend a dime over the necessary price for beauty products, I’ve compiled a small list of my favorite Sulfate free or low sulfate products that you can find just about anywhere and that will not break the bank:

  • -L’Oreal Paris EverCurl
    This was the first product I tried after making the switch and I love it. It averages about $10 at places like Walmart and it lasts a while. They have a bunch of different options in this line like gel, style milk, etc. It’s cheap and it smells REALLY GOOD!
  • -Shea Moisture
    My favorite is their Coconut Hibiscus line, where they also offer several different types of products. This is probably my favorite out of everything that I’ve used (I’m partial to the Curl and Style Milk and the Hold and Shine Moisture Mist.) They also have a wonderful set of Shampoo and Conditioner, each product also averaging about $10.
  • -Miss Jessie’s
    This one is a little more expensive, each bottle averaging around $22, but it’s definitely worth the money. I love the Pillow Soft Curls product, but right now I’m working my way through a bottle of Multi Cultural Curls and it’s great, though not my favorite. 
  • -Suave Professionals
    Now, I know that I mentioned Suave earlier in the ‘bad list’, however, they have a line of Keratin Infused shampoos that are really low in sulfates AND in price! I usually never buy the shampoos and conditioners from the lines listed above, because it’s a lot of money for a little bit of product, and, let’s face it, in a Curly Haired’s world, there’s no such thing as ‘Family Size’! I can usually hit up Walmart or CVS and get a giant bottle of both this shampoo and conditioner and pay around $9 TOTAL! THAT, my friends, is a deal!

2- Find a good oil.

I’m partial to a salon quality Argan oil, but you can use whatever suits you best depending on your type of curl. You’re probably going to pay a little more for the oil than you would some of your other products, but at a couple of pumps a few times a week, one bottle can last months. 

3- Develop a solid after-shower routine.

This was a hard one for me to figure out, but once I got the hang of it, what used to be an hour long process now only takes about 15 minutes. Each routine will vary from person to person depending on your curls/resources/etc., but here is mine:

  • -First of all, I never wash out all of my conditioner. I don’t walk out of the shower with my hair still sudsy, but I leave just enough in that it makes the next 15-20 minutes a smoother process. 
  • -I start by squeezing all of the excess water out of my hair, (honestly, I’ve learned that my life post-shower is so much easier if I just stand on a towel) making sure that it’s still pretty damp, but not dripping down your shoulders. It’s a fine line. 
  • -Then, I rub a little bit of whatever curl milk I’m planning on using later into my hair (I only just learned this about a month ago and it has SAVED MY LIFE!) this seriously makes the whole brushing your hair out thing eight billion times easier. I know that people say you’re not supposed to brush your hair when it’s wet, but most of those people have board-straight hair and no actual valid opinions. You can brush curly hair when wet, or not at all. There is no in-between. 
  • -Brush it out. I start from the ends and work your way up to avoid as much breakage as possible.
  • -Now I add my oil. A few pumps of Argan into my palm, and I make sure to rub it all over my hands so no matter how I touch my hair, the oil is making contact. Try to avoid the roots, just because you have your own natural oils living there and they get kind of angry (greasy) when you invite other people in. I’ve found the easiest method in doing this is to start at the highest point you plan on putting the oil, and then twisting your hair into sort of a faux-pony tail, it spreads evenly and you don’t have to worry about your hair tangling again.
  • -Flip and scrunch! Put however much curl milk you feel necessary into your palms, flip your hair and get to work! I like to start in my biggest problem area, which is the base of my neck. I put a little more product there than I do anywhere else because it dries out so quickly. Once I’m done, I flip my hair back and scrunch up the curls on the crown of my head a little more, just because I have an issue getting a lot of volume up there.

4- Satin pillow cases are expensive.

It’s true. I know everyone says that the way to keep moisture locked into your hair is to sleep on satin pillow cases, but they’re expensive and my head slides around. No bueno. So, I’ve found a loophole! The messy bun! It’s a life saver, really. I usually wash my hair before bed, so when I’m done putting the products in, I flip my hair over again, collect it all into a bun at the very top of my head and tie it off (I use scrunchies. They don’t leave those annoying hair-tie lines in your hair). Make sure you’re not tying it too tight though, or else it could ruin the curls and you’ll wake up with a frizzy head. This locks in the moisture and protects your curls from those pesky cotton pillow cases.

5- Stop hurting your hair!!

It’s okay. We’ve all done it. Spent hours in the bathroom with a fan and a flat iron trying to look like Megan Fox. (and proceeded to sweat out all of that hard work in a matter of hours). Stop it. Throw out the flat iron, the curling rod you use after the flat iron to get those pretty beach waves, and the hair dryer- YES! I said the hair dryer. Even with a diffuser, you’re causing unnecessary damage to those beautiful curls of yours! Be nice to your hair!

6- Vitamins.

Biotin. I’m not kidding. It keeps your hair long, curly and most of all- Healthy! It’s cheap at any Walmart or drug store and as a bonus, it helps out your hair and skin too!

That’s all I’ve got for now. If I think of some others, I’ll come back and add them, but if you have any opinions or tips that I didn’t mention here, PLEASE add them! Let’s have a discussion, learn and GROW together! (See what I did there?)

Ace Attorney Narumitsu/Wrightworth Fanfiction Rec List

Currently I am not really in a writing mood, but in a reading mood! I promise I’ll write more fanfics soon, but these last few days I love to spend hours on finding and reading fanfics of others!

There are so many fantastic AA stories out there that need to be read by the fandom! :D

This list includes old and new written completed Narumitsu/Wrightworth fanfics! There are many amazing stories which are on hiatus or not completed, but I have not added them here.

There are a few 7-year-gap fics, this period is one of my favorites to read about!

Rated G-M. Summaries are taken from AO3 and are written by the original author.

Have fun!!!!!!!! :D


 Narumitsu (one-shots)

·         daisy test by kokiche

“Okay,” he acquiesces, lips turning up only a little. He sits up from the sofa and looks at Edgeworth, at his desk. “Back in fourth grade, toward the end of the year, Larry had told me of a way to figure out if your crush liked you back, right? It was called the daisy test.”

·         Compress by Gummysaur

Edgeworth didn’t know what he expected when he flew all the way from Europe to visit Phoenix Wright in the hospital. Certainly not this.

·         psycholocked by unsungillumination

*spoilers for trials and tribulations*
the missing hospital scene from case five (bridge to the turnabout) of trials and tribulations. edgeworth arrives at the hospital in a panic only to find that phoenix’s biggest immediate problem is with the pudding. edgeworth, on the other hand, is about to acquire a bigger problem - one shaped like an attorney’s badge.

·         Yours, Mine, and Maybe Ours by estelraca

Phoenix convinces Miles to bring Trucy in with him for Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, despite Miles’ misgivings. Everything becomes even more complicated when Kay Faraday and Shi-Long Lang call on him for assistance. Set between the original trilogy and Apollo Justice; mild spoilers for both Investigations games.

·         The Walk to Tomorrow by Commander_Freddy

After all they’ve been through, it’s strange that something so important could be so simple, but for Miles and Phoenix, falling in love, at least, doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Some stress relief fluff that I wrote purely to cheer myself up - there is literally negative plot but there is a lot of lawyers falling into the bright and bitter kind of love that can only come from a lifetime of belligerent teamwork.

·         Remember, Remember, 5th November by Carazard

Quick fluffy oneshot. Phoenix and Miles are in London on a ‘work related trip’, however it just so happens to co-inside with the local celebrations of Bonfire Night.

·         At Your Pace by Tarma_Hartley for phoenxwright

Miles and Phoenix have been dating for awhile. Miles isn’t used to physical affection and Phoenix respects that, going at the pace that Miles, himself, sets…

·         always welcome by deiectus

After the events in Hazakurain, Phoenix, shaken by the case, needs someone to talk to. He goes to Edgeworth.

·         to whom do I owe the pleasure? (Smile For Me) by Loreley

In a time of crisis, Miles Edgeworth had chosen “death”– and yet, when he came back, Phoenix forgave him. Now, when faced of a crisis of his own, what will Phoenix Wright choose? Or, when Phoenix comes to visit Miles after his disbarment, and Miles does not receive the guest he expects to. He did not think he would be spending the evening with a handsome stranger in a mask.

·         Overdue by sugawara

Miles had made foolish decisions in the past. He was not about to make them again.

·         Things I Won’t Regret by withpractice_ff

Phoenix Wright keeps his promises.

·         As You Wish by howbadcanmyficsbe

December 3, 9:47AM. Trevi Fountain. Rome, Italy. Phoenix and Edgeworth have a Roman holiday not long after Gavin’s conviction.

·         A Fool In Love (With You) by gen

Miles and Phoenix (finally, no really, after two years of being engaged) decide to tie the knot. On the day of the wedding, they are reminded of all the moments that got them there.

Narumitsu (several to many chapters)

·         Welcome Home by GouKanraku

[Occurs after the end of Trials and Tribulations] Phoenix’s apartment is getting torn down, and he is running fast out of options. However, instead of resorting to living in the woods of Kurain Valley or on Larry’s couch, he knows that there is a certain prosecutor that just might take him in. Just how hard was it for Phoenix to make himself comfortable in the home of the Demon Prosecutor? Surprisingly, it was easier than one would think…

·         Consequences by tastewithouttalent

“'Just stay for a few days,’ Phoenix pleads. ‘You don’t even have to get a hotel or anything, I have a couch you can stay on.’” Edgeworth stays on Phoenix’s couch for a few days and there are some unintended consequences.

·         To Turnabout Eternally by Ari_Alleyn

For years, Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright have fought both singly and together to protect others from injustice. When the well-guarded secret of Edgeworth’s sexuality is exposed, however, it’s up to Phoenix to remind his long-time friend and rival that everyone deserves a happy ending. Phoenix/Edgeworth.

·         Promise You’ll Stay by Valethra

The story of how Miles came to secretly live with Phoenix every time he’s in LA.

·         Surviving You by pantswarrior

Phoenix’s life falls into disarray after Zak’s trial. Luckily, he’s found someone in the aftermath who will help him get back on his feet, who will support him and never leave him… and that might not be such a good thing after all.

·         Legal Partners by Miggy

Miles Edgeworth isn’t totally sure how he ended up in this bet to demonstrate the strength of his and Phoenix Wright’s (entirely professional and platonic! really!) relationship, but he knows it’s Klavier’s fault. (Full story on FF net!)

·         Nihil Dicit by wildfillysama

Miles Edgeworth has some figuring out to do, now that he’s back and officially not dead. He’s not the only one. Between Phoenix Wright getting his life back on track and Edgeworth now apparently moonlighting as a detective, some serious decisions need to be made without the assistance of alcohol or Larry Butz. Maybe even with a little bit of maturity on both of their parts. Or not.

·         School Daze by nerdyskeleton (this is an AU)

They say being a teacher is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your life. New art teacher Phoenix Wright isn’t sure who “they” are and what kind of angelic students they must have had, because the Themis Middle School students are really something else altogether.

Lastly, some completed Narumitsu fanfics by me, if you guys are interested :)

·         A Day We Will Never Forget by atarashiishousetsuka (one-shot)

Phoenix and Miles visit Kurain village together, as Miles has decided it is time for him to finally meet his father. However, after the session he is comforted by Phoenix and it leads to more emotions than Miles had ever imagined. Sad but fluffy Narumitsu edited one-shot.

·         Actions Speak Louder Than Words by atarashiishousetsuka (one-shot)

‘I-I feel an urge…,’ the man with silver hair began. 'An urge?’ - 'A-an urge to… k-kiss you…’

Phoenix and Miles’ first kiss. Cute one-shot.

·         Thank You, My Turnabout by atarashiishousetsuka (21 chapters)

Phoenix Wright knows he depends too much on Miles Edgeworth ever since his disbarment. However, he has the feeling Miles relies more on him as well. This story revolves around the beginning of the disbarment of Phoenix, the adoption of Trucy, their trips to Europe, the regaining of his badge and Turnabout for Tomorrow. The friendship between the two men grows.

I’ll likely add more recs, I have read just a small part of all existing fanfics.

Perhaps I will make a recommendation list of domestic Narumitsu and platonic fanfics too :D

Please reblog and tag other AA fans who like to read Narumitsu fanfics as well!

Dealing with Doctors When You Have a Chronic Illness

When you have a chronic illness, or deal with chronic pain, you learn pretty quickly that you are your best and only advocate. Doctors can often be rude, dismissive, and distrustful. They may make you feel like you’re unimportant, or imply your symptoms aren’t as bad as they really are. They may even accuse you of lying. 

It took two years, and six doctors, to finally have my endometriosis taken seriously. It was frustrating, and I often felt like maybe I was going crazy. Like maybe the pain really was all in my head. 

Here are a few things I’ve found helpful, and some advice from a friend of mine who is a doctor. Please feel free to add to them in reblogs or messages, I’d like this to be comprehensive. 

Some helpful phrases:

I’m not happy with my current method of treatment because…

I no longer feel my symptoms are manageable.

I want to trust your expertise, but I don’t feel that I’m being taken seriously.

I’m confused, can you repeat that?

I don’t understand, can you simplify that?

That will help with the pain. Is there anything that can help with…?

When going to see a doctor about a diagnosis


Make a list of your symptoms, medications (including supplements), medical history, and family medical history before going in.

Be firm and clear about how your symptoms have affected your life, and what you would like from any possible treatment (for example, is it more important to you that you are able to work full time, or that you are completely free of pain?)

Tell your doctor all your symptoms, but make sure they know which ones are the most severe, and which ones affect your life the most.

If you have a uterus, tell your doctor if you plan to have children someday.

If you don’t plan to have children, ask your doctor if the treatment would be different for someone without a uterus, or who they considered old enough to decide not to have children. Ask why they have chosen the current method of treatment instead.

Ask your doctor to repeat any instructions they have for you, and write them down. Speak up if you’re confused, and follow the instructions carefully.


Exaggerate any of your symptoms in order to be taken more seriously.

Downplay any of your symptoms because you don’t want to seem annoying or attention-seeking.

Leave anything out because it’s embarrassing or difficult to talk about. I can guarantee your doctor has heard and seen worse.

Lie to your doctor about your diet, exercise, or drug and alcohol use. They won’t judge you, or report you to the police, and it could be relevant.

Leave the appointment without a solution, prescription, or avenue of further research (eg blood tests, or a referral to a specialist).

Get angry or feel ripped off if the doctor has to google a few things. GPs are general practitioners, and it would be impossible for them to know everything about every pill and illness on earth. They’ll still get more out of a google search than you will, because they have a much better understanding of medicine and the human body.

Edit: Just to clarify, because I made someone really angry because I think I wasn’t clear on this point. If you go to a specialist, and they type all your symptoms into google and base your diagnosis off of that, of course you have every right to be angry. I’m talking about a GP checking side effects or contraindications before prescribing you something, or quickly checking to see if there’s any new information about your condition since the last time they learned about it. It would be impossible for them to know everything about every illness and medication ever, and I would personally rather they checked before prescribing me something. Doctors have access to medical journals and information that we don’t have access to, and in general they know a lot more about bodies than the average person. 

Of course, your doctor should listen to you, and talk to you about your symptoms. That’s kind of the whole point of this entire post. I just don’t think you should automatically dismiss a doctor as an incompetent idiot just because they might want to double check something before tell you.

How to talk about fatigue with your doctor

Fatigue or exhaustion can be hard to describe, and just saying you’re tired all the time can be misleading.

Write down the times of day you feel most tired for at least a few weeks before going in. Also write down what you eat, and any exercise you do. This may be helpful to the doctor, and even if it isn’t, you may be able to find some patterns that help you manage your fatigue on your own.

The doctor may ask you to rate the feeling of fatigue on a scale of 1 - 10. This can be helpful, but is also subjective. Make sure you also communicate how the fatigue has affected your life. Is it preventing you from going to work? Have you had to give up the things you love because you feel too tired to do them? Has it affected your relationships?

How to talk about pain with your doctor

Describe the physical sensation. Just saying it hurts doesn’t help the doctor figure out what’s going on, so you need to be specific.

You can use words like constant, intermittent, throbbing, acute, aching, dull, sharp, burning, stabbing, stiff or tight.

You can describe your pain by comparing it to other things. For example, my pain feels like needles, being squeezed too hard, a broken bone, a toothache, a cut from a knife, an electric shock, waves that come and go, a bad sunburn, banging my elbow etc

Describe where the pain is taking place. Be specific, but try not to guess at a particular organ or muscle, even if you’re very familiar with the human body. 

If it’s helpful, you can print out this chart, and colour in the areas that hurt.

Make sure you specify whether the pain is deep inside your body, or superficial (on or just under the skin).

Tell your doctor what effect the pain is having on your life. This is extremely important. They may ask you to rate your pain on a scale of 1 - 10, which can be helpful, but pain is subjective. One person’s 8 might be another person’s 4. 

It is much more informative in the case of chronic pain to tell your doctor things like: My pain stops me from going to work on a regular basis; my pain prevents me from doing the things that I love, my pain makes me irritable, depressed, anxious, or short tempered; my pain is unbearable; I am no longer able to work full time as a result of my pain; my pain stops me from having sex; my pain has affected my relationships; I no longer feel I can manage my pain.

You may think your doctor is only interested in physical symptoms, but in reality telling them the ways your illness has affected your life gives them a much clearer idea of the severity of the symptoms, and of what treatments are necessary. 

I hope this is helpful.

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How do you create an Adventure Module for D&D? I imagine it's a delicate process that takes a lot of time...

How do you create an Adventure Module for D&D? I imagine it’s a delicate process that takes a lot of time…

To be honest, I’ve never actually made a full on Adventure Module before (although thinking about it now, seems like it could be a lot of fun to try out). Honestly I would say that the process can be easy or difficult depending on how in depth you go and what ideas you already have sitting up in your head, and it will definitely take a bit of time. (I’m assuming this is to be shared with others, but definitely feel free to make a module for your own campaign if that’s what you’re planning.)

So, here’s what I recommend doing to create your own Adventure Module.

1. Research/Reference
2. Find Your Story/Setting
3. Create the Hook
4. Curating the Details
5. Maps & Layouts
6. Difficulty & Number of Players

1. Research/Reference

First I’d recommend looking into official Adventure Modules and get a feel for how Modules are supposed to look like, and what they contain. I’ve bought a few Roleplay Module stuff in the past (at least as far as I know). And they generally contained the same information. A story and premise, what you will encounter, and normally a layout of the setting or the dungeon-like area that will be encountered. Old Editions of D&D and even non-D&D Modules often follow a similar layout so either will work for reference.

Once you have an idea of what to do, you should just go for it! As long as what you’re doing is easy to understand. But if you want to create an official Adventure Module, I would do a little more research to make sure what’s required for that.

2. Find Your Story/Setting

You can’t have an Adventure Module without a story! Probably. Feel free to prove me wrong, regardless. A story is a good way to create a structure and purpose for your Module. Give a brief introduction to your world and the adventure that the party will pursue.

Also remember that if someone is going to use your Adventure Module, your own story should be flexible and be written in a way to be easily connected to an existing campaign like a puzzle piece! Using current popular settings like the Forgotten Realms could be to your advantage, but to be honest I don’t know anything about official D&D canon.

Your Module could also be a series of adventures intended to be played in order, so your setting could be completely its own world with its own rules and story.

3. Create the Hook

This falls under Story, but I think it’s important enough to talk about on its own. You can write a beautiful or lore rich adventure, but if there’s no hook. Nobody’s going to want to play it. Make sure you have something inside the story that piques the player’s interest. There are subtle ways of hooking the players and more in their face ways as well. Maybe the villagers in the city are strange, they seem to be hiding some deep dark secret. Or perhaps a monster is on the loose, and the party must track them down in order to save the village. Or possibly the party has stumbled upon a temple that is being guarded by an Angelic figure, guarding something deep down below the structure. There are so many ways to create a hook for players, just make sure you know what it is. And make sure there are multiple ways to hook the players just in case they miss it inside a random NPC’s cottage.

4. Curating the Details

Alright, now that you’ve got the story and the hook. What’s inside the adventure itself? Who will the players meet and what do they have on them, what treasures will they find, what monsters will they slay, what traps await them, etc.. This part can be a bit dull if you let it. But instead just let your imagination run wild. Take time to think up tons of fun details and really flesh out the world and give it some character! Maybe there’s a secret magical weapon hidden beneath the village’s bronze statue, or perhaps an NPC will appear only at night to challenge the players if they keep wandering into places they shouldn’t.

Also don’t forget about stats! Your NPC’s need stats. At least, the important ones do.

5. Maps & Layouts

Now it’s time for the maps. Maps help save the DM time and give them a totally fleshed out and easy way to navigate their players through the world. Maps can be simple, such as the layout of a town and important locations within. And of course, the dungeon. Drawing out the Maps for the Adventure Module is key. Make sure it makes sense and has a lot of fun surprises inside as mentioned up above.

6. Difficulty & Number of Players

Finally, we have Difficulty. This step is pretty easy, especially if you’ve done everything from before you probably already have an idea of how difficult your adventure is going to be. Will it be a low level adventure, Levels 1-4? Or a quest for epic heroes Levels 16-20? And also make sure you factor in how many players are suggested for playing. I’d say shoot for around 3-5, this is the typical size of a group of players, and maybe pushing it to 6/7 max.

Alright! Sorry it took me a bit to write this up, it’s been a busy day. I hope you find all of this useful and if anyone has any other suggestions feel free to reblog and add your own thoughts. I also have a video I recommend watching by Matt Colville: https://youtu.be/jXYORWtiLF0. It goes over how he recommends running an adventure (specifically, Against the Cult of the Reptile God) and some other really good advice.

Also I took a few pictures of a couple Adventure Modules (I think) that I have just for some extra insight.

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How to say ‘ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS’ and other charming phrases in Latin

In my Tiberius post I used this phrase in a veeery loose rendition of a passage of Tacitus (Annals 1.74) and a couple of people have enquired about it.

Disclosure: you have no idea how much it means to me that people are still reblogging that post. I read ALL your tags. A couple of people wrote that they thought of The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison so I ACTUALLY WENT AND BOUGHT IT. (I really enjoyed it btw so thanks, whoever put that.) 

Seriously though, I studied Tiberius during a very difficult period in my life, and the academic process of sifting through all the biased evidence we have about him was really inspiring. I firmly believe that you can have personal investment in an ancient figure or story and still write about it with references. I’m proud that I was able to do that, and I’m pinching myself that people have actually READ it and I actually… made a DIFFERENCE… to what people have always thought???? On this website I see lots of people, aspiring classicists still in high school, with the same love and enthusiasm as me and I have no doubt some of you will be GREAT classicists and I hope I inspire just a few of you to see that you can channel your love into informed statements. I say that because at school we often get the idea you’re supposed to be serious and sober if you know your stuff. Fuck that. You can be serious and passionate.

AHEM sorry about that little spiel. Here is what the Latin passage I referenced actually says. You will see that it doesn’t actually give Tiberius any words in direct speech at all. I extrapolated. But I think it was a legit conjecture XD

sed Marcellum insimulabat sinistros de Tiberio sermones habuisse, inevitabile crimen, cum ex moribus principis foedissima quaeque deligeret accusator obiectaretque reo. nam quia vera erant, etiam dicta credebantur. addidit Hispo statuam Marcelli altius quam Caesarum sitam, et alia in statua amputato capite Augusti effigiem Tiberii inditam. ad quod exarsit adeo, ut rupta taciturnitate proclamaret se quoque in ea causa laturum sententiam palam et iuratum, quo ceteris eadem necessitas fieret. manebant etiam tum vestigia morientis libertatis. igitur Cn. Piso ‘quo’ inquit ‘loco censebis, Caesar? si primus, habebo quod sequar: si post omnis, vereor ne inprudens dissentiam.’ permotus his, quantoque incautius efferverat, paenitentia patiens tulit absolvi reum criminibus maiestatis: de pecuniis repetundis ad reciperatores itum est.

But [Hispo, the informer] accused Marcellus of having had improper conversations about Tiberius, a charge from which there was no escape, when the accuser picked the foulest things he had to say about the princeps’ ways/mannerisms and levelled them at the defendant. For the fact that they were true meant that it was also believed that they were actually said. Hispo added that Marcellus had had a statue of himself placed higher than one of Caesar [Tiberius], and that on another statue he had chopped off the head of Augustus and replaced it with one of Tiberius. At this, [Tiberius] flared up so violently, that he broke his silence and declared that he too would give a verdict on this case, openly and under oath, to oblige all the others to do the same. Even then there remained traces of dying freedom. Therefore Gnaeus Piso said, ‘When will you give your opinion, Caesar? If you go first, I’ll have an example to follow; if you go last, I’m afraid of dissenting unintentionally.’ Troubled by this and by how he had been caught off guard and lost his temper, he was tolerant in his embarrassment, and allowed the defendant to be absolved of the charges of treason: the charge of extortion was referred to the assessors.

But I thought you might all like to know a few ways to express frustration in Latin. The Romans were a dramatic bunch, they spoke with gestures (forensic oratory was physically tiring) and their register changes were subtler; phrases that mean pretty much the same thing in English are actually quite different in tone. 

There are probably many more ingenious phrases I’ve forgotten at the moment, but I think I’ve covered the basics. These are all things that Romans actually said. None is actually an obscenity in Latin but accompanied with the gestures I imagine they probably were XDDDD

ain vero? (’seriously?’ but use it for ‘are you serious’ about something you’re excited about, when you want the person to be telling the truth)

verumne dicis? (’are you telling the truth?’ neutrally)

num vera istaec praedicas? (’you can’t be serious?’ with a tone of mild horror)

satin sanu’s?* / satin sana’s?* (’are you in your right mind?’)

quid ais, sacrilege* / sacrilega* (’what are you saying, you fiend?’)

molestus/molesta* or odiosus/odiosa* mihi es (you’re annoying me -> you’re pissing me off) 

temulentu’s* / temulenta’s* (’go home you’re drunk’)

* -us ending is masculine, -a ending is feminine. Latin had only these two grammatical genders for people and they corresponded to biological sex (of the person/thing being described, not the speaker) i.e. man or woman. There’s no way round this in classical Latin. If you’d like me to talk about this, shoot me an ask. 

ludis iam ludo tuo? (’are you taking the piss?’ this one courtesy of Plautus)

fabularis / garris (’bullshit!’ okay literally the first one means ‘you are reciting fables’ and the second one ‘you’re prattling’)

nil moror (’I don’t much care for [that]’)

hem quae haec est fabula? (’what is this story?!’)

monstra narras (’no way’ accompanied by dramatic gasp, e.g. ‘what a thing to say!’ literally ‘you’re recounting outrageous things’)

di deaeque me perdant! (’for fuck’s sake!’ This is a phrase Tiberius actually used, it literally means ‘may the gods and goddesses strike me down’)

sane quam… / scilicet quod… (’because of course…’ sarcasm markers, start a sentence with one of these and it’s an automatic burn)

tace + opsecro + hercle (’will you shut up!’ you can use tace on its own, add opsecro for drama, add hercle for melodrama depending on how annoyed you are)

occidi / perii / morior (’fuck’. They all literally mean ‘I am dead’ or ‘I’m dying’)

actumst de me (literally ‘it is finished with me’, you can use this for ’I’m 100% done’)

i in malam crucem (’fuck off!’ literally ‘go to an awful cross!’)

The Cutie Challenge

Originally posted by jayng

Hey, you guys, it’s been a while. Now I know may don’t care or didn’t realize that I took a break, but for those of you who were wondering, I just need a little time to myself. I know that sounds ridiculous because I had just began writing and posting it on Tumblr, but after a while it got hard and I started stressing about what was god and what was not. But ALAS I am back! And  what better way to come back that with a CHALLENGE? I love challenges. I love joining in them, hosting them, you name it. I get so many ideas for them it’s hard to keep up. Now this particular idea stuck with me for some time so I just thought I’d see how it goes.

This little comeback writing challenge will also be a celebration because, you guys, I don’t know how it happened but it did, but while I was away I hit 500 FOLLOWERS!! How crazy is that?! I am so so so so grateful to all 500 beautiful unique flowers that have decided to join my garden. It’s so surreal to me. A few months ago I remember getting excited that there were 50 of you and now there are 500+. I can’t wrap my head around it. SO!! In honor of me hitting this huge milestone I want to do another writing challenge!!

This is the “Meet-Cute Challenge” or as I call it the “Cutie Challenge”. For those of you who don’t know a meet-cute is a fictional scene, typically in film or television, in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing. … This type of scene is a staple of romantic comedies, commonly involving contrived, unusual, or comic circumstances. So basically the challenge is to write a fic based on a famous or well-known meet cute from a film or television show.

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1,000 Followers Celebration! 

As someone who has built most of their lives on words-the intricacies of them, how a few simple letters can combine in an infinite number of possibilities to create words and paragraphs and ideas-it’s not often that I find myself speechless. But I am now, because I’ve reached a milestone that I never thought I would ever reach. So you’ll have to excuse me while I do a bit of storytelling. 

I first became aware of tumblr last year and I’d always had the idea of creating a more specialized sideblog, but it wasn’t until March or April that I started seriously considering making it. Not only was Game of Thrones beginning to take over my life again, but I had (surprise, surprise) been writing a lot of fanfiction. And I was stunned at the lack of Jonerys fanfiction. So of course I figured ‘since they probably won’t get their happy ending, why don’t I write it instead?’ From the beginning it was mostly just going to be oneshots so I could write a lot in between the constraints of school and keeping up the appearance of having a social life. 

But I didn’t think I’d get any more than 150 followers, at most. I guess I happened to come at a good time. Like, I don’t know why I have so many. I don’t write long and complicated meta, I don’t make amazing edits, and I’m not a super great artist. I’m not even really a part of the community, really-I only started really being into GOT in 2014, right before I turned 13, and started watching it this past season-so it’s not like I’ve known everyone for years. I just write fanfic and reblog other people’s posts and generally love my ship, because Jonerys has done so much more for me than I can articulate. I don’t know if I really understand it myself, but it’s helped me cope with anxiety and high school (which are both awful, in case you were wondering). And it’s so much easier to reach out to people when I know we already have something in common. 

And you might not think it’s a big deal that most other people who ship the ship are in their twenties and thirties but to me it is, because that seems like a lot of years and I always feel like I have to overcompensate and not seem immature. Because like I’m not used to being a part of a fandom. I’m used to writing thousands of words every night, just not so much posting them online. But I’m getting better. 

Lol I don’t write fics for any of you. I write them because the ideas are in my head anyways and I figured ‘maybe someone wants to read this shit instead of just having it sit on my computer so I can read it on long car rides’. And apparently, someone did. 

So thank you for making this community such a wonderful place and giving a young writer room to grow and build her craft (and occasionally make some shitty edits because she doesn’t really want to shell out a lot of money for Photoshop). Where it’s totally not weird that I’m obsessed with a fictional couple and have their family tree written out seven generations into the future (well, maybe it is a little bit, but I’m used to it). In less than three months. 

Now I’m going to start praising all of my talented mutuals because once I get started writing it’s hard to stop. But I just want to thank all of you so much-for this milestone and all the ones before. Really. Every time I hit another hundred I’d think ‘but that’s it.’ And it hasn’t been. 

Thank you all so much for everything that you do for our community. You all deserve the best in the world <3 Love you all

Now let’s actually enjoy Jonerys tonight! 



You’ll notice I don’t have very many. Firstly because this blog is only a few months old so I haven’t really had time and I’ve been hesitant to follow multifandom blogs for a while because I need lots of Jonerys content for this site. But feel free to reach out to me whenever. I promise that I’m a really nice person lol and I can talk about things other than GOT. Really. 

I’m also really anxious so I haven’t gotten to know any of you as well as I would like to, especially since it’s only been a few months. I’d really like to change that, if that’s all right with all of you. I’m going to have to get through hiatus somehow-unless tonight kills me and the Sex That Was Promised sends me to heaven on Cloud 9….

In no particular order (I could go alphabetically but I just don’t have the time for that right now) : 

@jxlight : I remember when you left a comment on my second story No Regrets back in May and I flipped out because I love all of your artwork and I couldn’t believe you’d actually read my fic lol. You make the cutest comics and I always look forward to reading them-they always make my day, no matter what I have going on! 

@trueloveforeverbeautyandthebeast : I love your blog so much! It’s so pretty (and I love your url)! You’ve been here since the very beginning and I always love it when you leave comments on my stories or like my posts!

@mpaty1475 : Another of the perennials lol. Always leaving kudos on my work. I always looking forward to seeing your username and the comments you add to your posts. Thank you so much! 

@ellimomo : What is there to say about you that hasn’t been said by someone already? You’re the Queen of Positivity and the Queen of AUs, a total optimist, and the nicest person to the new people in the fandom. Your AUs make my day whenever I see them. Seriously. You’re so creative. You were one of the first people I (finally) got up the courage to talk to when I was new to the fandom and I’m so glad I did. The Jonerys community is so lucky to have you, whether it’s for your reaction gifs or your ship positivity when we’ve been getting a lot of anti hate lately. Our ship would be a lot different without you and I’m so glad you’re here! 

@sweetorganza : Beautiful edits, always. You have such a talent. Also so kind to everyone. I’m always honored whenever you like or reblog something of mine, especially something that I write. Your recent Alliances edit? Almost made me cry. From a set of moving pictures. I don’t know whether that says more about me or you. 

@jonerysthrones : You run a lovely Jonerys blog! I love seeing all your answers to questions (especially those from antis) and I’ve also seen some lovely edits! A really great source for everything Jonerys (and staunch Daenerys defender). 

@bemywiggins : You reblog some of the most interesting content and you never fail to make me laugh, even if it has nothing to do with Game of Thrones or I don’t get the reference. Like, I reblog so much content from you. It’s lovely. Never stop lol!

@scarletstonewood : Another one of my Jonerys friends! I still have to listen to those songs you said reminded you of Jonerys because I’m terrible at listening to music if it’s not composed by Ramin Djawadi… Also love your tags! You just summarize all of us shippers (or at least me) so well! Love it love it love it love seeing you on my dash. 

@oadara : I’ll just flat out say I’m still lowkey nervous whenever I add onto your posts or whatever because you’re like the definition of Jonerys royalty and you were writing meta for the ship when I had no idea who Dany was other than she raised her dragons as her children???? Your meta is amazing and so are your answers. Thanks for shutting down all of the damn antis-and yes, for discussing the mysteries of life with me that one time. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to watch this ship develop over time but I do know it would be a lot different if we didn’t have you spearheading it all. So thank you for your kindness and your sheer willpower and for being the closest person to Daenerys Targaryen that’s actually real. And believe me, that is not a compliment I give out lightly. I am literally still in awe of you. 

@gleeksoccergal : Also a great source for content. Thanks for reading my stories and for always sending me random Jonerys photosets when I need something to cheer me up. Really, your timing is quite amazing. 

@naerysv : Congrats on your own milestone by the way! I love your blog and the way you fiercely defend our queen whenever. You’re so lovely and I love seeing your stuff on my dash :)

@sleeplessme : My source for all of the leaked dialogue that I don’t let myself look at. But seriously-you’re another rock solid member of the fandom and I always look forward to hearing your take on characters, episodes, and theories! You do so much for our community and your opinions are absolutely invaluable. 

@luvd80s2 : Another source of content because you reblog everything. I love whenever I see that you’ve reblogged my stuff because it just makes everything seem more…official. I can’t explain it but I love seeing what you add on to things-especially your reaction gifs! Absolutely amazing. The fandom is lucky to have you!

@truegodofthearena : Creator of amazing edits that I’m always stunned by because some people (like you) have such an amazing handle on Photoshop. I also love when you reblog my fics and then add something in the tags about how much you like it because there’s always this little bit of time after I post a fic when I regret writing it in the first place and it’s always nice to know that even just one person liked it. I always look forward to seeing you on my dash. Thank you for being so kind to a newbie :) 

@mhysaofdragons : Again, what is there to say about you that people haven’t already? I remember when you just had 300 followers lol. And now you make amazing edits and answer questions and write meta and write fics and…lol, you could put me out of my job and write all my fics and I bet no one would mind. You’re so kind and caring too. One of my favorite blogs that I follow-I’m always excited every time you like one of my stories. Also amazing at gifsets. I know I already said that but I’m still thinking about what I want to do about my request because I don’t want to muck it up…I’m so glad you were one of the first blogs I started following. You welcomed me to the fandom on one of the Daenerys posts I made on my multifandom blog and I’ve never forgotten that. 

@letdaeneryslive : I love your url, by the way. And your blog. You always have the best content and I love seeing you on my dash :)

@thesilverrqueen : Probably one of the sweetest people I’ve met on Tumblr. Always reblogging my stuff, even if they’re just random posts about my writing updates or how no one in my family understands GOT in any way. Thanks for the compliments you put in the tags (and your url is also lovely) !

@khaleesiwhitewolf : Another newbie! And yet you run a high quality blog and deserve all of your new followers. I always look forward to seeing what you add on to everyone’s posts and the way you always talk straight about Game of Thrones and the joy/struggle that comes along with watching it.

@annabelleebythesea : I remember exactly where I was when you started following my blog-I was having breakfast in an airport with my dad on the way back from NYC and I got so excited it was hard not to make him think I was any weirder than he already does. Because your gifs are so amazing and you have such talent! I have no idea how you gif everything so fast (are you sure you sleep?) but I have a lot of respect for it because everything you make is lovely. The fandom is blessed to have you making edits for us. Honestly. I love talking with you about our lovely ship <3 And cats. See above. 

@princessdany : You have the cutest blog and the greatest aesthetics. It’s lovely. And you’re lovely, obviously. And I love your color edits-you really have a lot of talent. It’s been wonderful being a part of the community with you :)

@daenerystubborn : Great aesthetic, beautiful edits. Like, really beautiful edits. Shamelessly reblog yourself all you like, please. You deserve it. 

@inside-the-overthinkers-mind : One of my fellow fic writers! I love your fics sooo much honestly and I love it whenever you reblog mine because you’re such a talented writer. I hope you write something else soon; our fandom always needs more fanfiction and sometimes I feel kind of bad because I’m just consistently spamming you all the time with random drabbles and oneshots…but your blog is quality. High quality. 

@arriannemvrtell : CINNAMON LEMON CAKES. If you don’t understand that reference I got your name change wrong-in which case, please redirect this post to the person whose username used to be eliamartvll. You’re soooo sweet. Thanks for being my beta reader even though technically you haven’t betad anything yet lol. Thank you for messaging me at two in the morning your time and for always being so kind to everyone. I have to say, I was hesitant to follow someone whose blog also ships Jonsa-but I was pleasantly surprised to find that you’re one of my favorite blogs I follow. Though you’re such a lovely person that shouldn’t be surprising. All the internet hearts in the world. 

@forcenturiestogether : New mutuals here but I love your blog. You’re always posting something GOT related. Thanks for liking all of my shit posts lol

@winter-comes-with-fire-and-blood  : You’re so sweet! I love your blog and all your opinions on Jonerys-you’re so knowledgeable and know how to make a young one feel welcome. I’m so glad I met you, honestly. And your fanfics are amazing too :)

@sethkatejonerys : Such a sweetie. Welcome to the ship! You have a great blog, just so you know. I love seeing you on my dash! 

@arya4queen : Lovely edits and soo nice :) We’re new mutuals but I love talking to you and your edits are so amazing. Never doubt that-I will always reblog them. Multiple times, if you’d like lol. 

@heylowday : Literally the best. You always make my day and I’m so honored that you like my fanfics and are making me edits because seriously your edits and manips are some of the best I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe it. Thank you so much lovely! And also your fan videos are AMAZING!!!!! Everyone should check them out if they haven’t already. 

@loyalbarbarian : Love seeing your comments on stuff. Keep on keeping it real. Never change lol 

@dreamofspring : One of my favorite gif makers. They’re incredible. Honestly. Goals. I always look forward to seeing your edits and icons. This is a depressingly short thing but just know you’re one of my absolute faves and I’m so glad that we’re mutuals :) 

@mrsharington : Kit Harington and Richard Madden source I never knew I needed. I love all of your creative posts, even though we’re recent followers. You’re so sweet and kind and I always look forward to your amazing content! Already one of my faves! 

@mudinyourlungs : I’ve been waiting a very long time to tell you just how much I adore your blog. I love reading your asks and answers and you do so much to shut down the hate in our fandom. You’re so intelligent but also ready to fangirl with anyone over how amazing it is that this is Actually Going to Happen and I’ve been a fan for a very long time. Your blog is truly amazing. I absolutely love it. So glad we’re mutuals.

@spaceamazon , @ferosa , @is-there-a-yugioh-fandom , @sakura-bell  My newest mutuals! I haven’t gotten a chance yet to get to know all of you as much as I would like to but just know that I appreciate how much I always see you on my dash :) 

*Also, I’m very sorry if I missed anyone! I just went through a list of my followers and I think I got everyone but it was also 10:30 at night (I wrote some of this in advance because I’m working today) sooo (also why I took a picture of my cat instead of making an actual edit lol)

It’s not “Born Sexy Yesterday,” y’all.

Some time ago, I reblogged what looked like a screencap of someone’s post, a well-written takedown on “Born Sexy Yesterday” trope misapplied against Jashi. I haven’t been successful in finding the original post, so I decided to retype the post – in its entirery – here.

(Some transcribing notes at the end of the retype.)

Do remember that: everything I retyped here represented the thoughts of the Original Poster. I agree with most of it, disagree with (a very small) part of it, but all of them are the post of the OP verbatim:

(Long wall of text after the “Keep Reading” link)

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Ruminations & Resonations by Libra

A place where I spend some time ruminating on various topics, and find what resonates with me. Nothing here should be considered a hard and fast rule, but simply my thoughts - and, perhaps, a starting point for a discussion!

So, calculating your Tarot Birch Cards has had a recent boom in popularity, but from what I have noticed, it seems like most people have a basic understanding of the calculations needed to FIND their birth cards, but don’t really go much farther into understanding what each card represents. I’ve had a bit of an obsession with Birth Cards for quite a while now (it was one of the most popular readings I sold for a long time!), so I figured I’d share some of my thoughts on Birth Cards!

Starting at the very basics for those just jumping in, your Birth Cards are a set of cards that you calculate using your birthday - coming out of the calculation with your Personality & Soul Cards (and I always like to also add in the Shadow Card, which I’ll get into more of as well!)

The calculation is pretty simple, in that you just have to add your birth month, day and year together: MM + DD + YYYYY = XXXX. Then you take that number and add the digits together individually until you get a number between 1 & 22 (X + X + X + X = ??) The first number that you get that is between 1 & 22 corrosponds to your Personality Card. If it was a double digit number, then reduce it down again to get your Soul Card. If you managed to get a single digit number as your first number under 22, your Personality & Soul Cards are the same card!

Now, there is also the Shadow Card that I think is really important to look at. You find that card by look at your Soul Card number (between 1 & 9) and seeing if any other Major Arcana in the double digits would reduce to that number, aside from your Personality Card. For example, my Personlity Card is 11 Justice, and my Soul Card is 2 The High Priestess. 1 + 1 = 2 ; but so does 2 + 0, so 20 Judgement is my Shadow Card!

Ok, so that it a lot of talk about how to get these numbers … let’s get on to the meat of this Ruminations & Resonations session - what thsee cards actually represent! I’m going to start with the Personality & Soul Cards, since that is the pairing most people know already. The first way that I like to look at these cards is to look at then exactly as they sound - representing you Personality and Soul in turn. Your Personality is the face that you wear, the appearance that you give off. Your Personality Card shows your behaviours based on how you want to be seen. It can almost be seen more as a persona that you wear! On the other hand, your Soul Card correlates more to your deepest character, your inner fibers of being. The Soul Card can show your moral compass, what is important to you deep down. When something is important to you, when you need to trust your gut, you tend to act more like your Soul Card than your Personality Card. It’s almost unchangeable, the self that you always return to, whereas your Personality is more adaptable.

Another way I like to look at this pair is as though they represent Ego versus Self. In this case, your Soul Card is your innermost true Self. It’s the bigger picture, who you are when you are most connected to the universe and less concernced about mundane things. It’s where you find purpose and meaning in life, it’s authenticity. To contrast, your Personality Card then goes to represent your Ego, the side of you that has been created by your life and situations that you’ve encountered. It’s the side of you that you found benefited you to bring out, the aspects of yourself that society has deemed acceptable. In this case, it’s also important to look at the Shadow Card, because your Shadow side is created in tandem with your Ego. If you learn to bring out traits that are beneficial, it follows that there are traits that become suppressed because they are not. Your Shadow Card represents a side of yourself that was just not as acceptable when your personality was being shaped. This card is what challenges you, and in that way, it can also be the card that gives you the most potential for growth as you learn to work WITH this side of yourself rather than struggle against it!

The last way that I tend to look at these cards is in relation to reincarnation. In this way of reading them, your Soul card is kind of your baseline - it’s the Soul that you return to between lives. The Personality Card is you in THIS lifetime, so it shows more of the lessons that your Soul chose this life to learn. And then in this case, your Shadow Card is going to show you the challenges you’re likely to face in this lifetime! These do tend to run towards internally based, rather than external challenges - but, as above so below & what you carry inside, you’ll see outside yourself, you know?

All 3 ways of looking at these cards work in conjuction with each other in a way, but I find examining the cards through different lenses really leads to some intense personal growth. Birth Cards can be used as a cool party trick reading, but they also hold a huge depth of information if you’re willing to put the time into working with them! I’ve been studying mine (pictured above) for YEARS and I’m still finding new information about myself when I sit down with them again. I hope you can find a connection with yours as well! I’d love it if you reblogged with how you’ve interpretated your Birth Cards and if my ideas here have enhanced your understanding at all - and ESPECIALLY if you have a way of reading your Birth Cards that I haven’t mentioned!

I keep seeing "blogs Homestuck characters would have” and I'm going to set the record straight

 John: 2010 memes and tutorials on practical jokes. He posted a screamer once but a follower told him that was fucked up and he deleted it and never did again. Sends kind anon messages. Basically the leader of a whole friend group, seems to know everyone personally? He and Jane have running arguments about cake. 

Dave: aesthetic pictures of swords that he’s glitched beyond recognition, his own “art”, basically a tumblr funnyman along the lines of like, slimetony, but with more SBAHJ. Lots of weird niche memes, makes his own music and it’s actually really good. 

Rose: “Welcome to my twisted mind” is her header, no one can tell if she’s serious or not. “Here’s how to summon a demon” kind of tumblr witch. Probably the reason people in that world worry about the literal Stealing of Human Bones.

Jade: “I will take care of you with crystal energy” kind of tumblr witch. Lots of pictures of dogs and other cute animals! Didn’t really figure out that you don’t have to add comments to every post you see but it’s okay because she’s super sweet. Someone once sent mean messages to her and her friends and she took them down so brutally and effectively that they deleted. Everyone’s a little scared of her but they love her so much.

Roxy: Used to post a lot of positivity for others along with a lot of self-hate, later revamped and is all about positivity all around. Also sends kind messages. When she deletes things They Stay Gone. Despite Dave’s popularity her posts circulate the most and it’s not uncommon for them to go around 4 or 5 times on everyone’s dash per week. She’s just nice. Once someone yelled at her for her posts about booze and alcoholism way back and she did the internet version of sitting them down and talking earnestly about addiction. They apologized. She said it was okay but never do that again because no one owes you their life story. Running series of “jokes” with Jane about being married, eventually they start dating.

Jane: tumblr version of those surreal food bloggers. She posts tons of recipes but they’ve got kinda weird shit in the background like “obey” in tiny font on the pictures and the descriptions are vague. Basically food gothic. Also posts terrible jokes and puns, on occasion starts discourse in the utensil and cake mix fandoms. Also posts A TON of comedians, Parks & Rec gifs of Ron Swanson, and makes gifsets of her favorite black-and-white noir detective films. Posts selfies of herself in a mustache. Replies to anon hate with stuff like “Listen, buster, I have literally dealt with attempts on my life. I have received letter bombs from people angry with my family’s cake mix. You don’t scare me.” Once had a huge breakdown though. Everyone ships her and Roxy.

Dirk: Made a tumblr bot called, like, “halbotover9000″ or something, but it became sentient and started making callout posts for him and ruining his friendships. It went inactive for a while and everyone assumed he deleted the bot, but really he just passed it on to Equius. When it resurfaces there are just tons of posts about milk and horses.

Jake: He has no idea what he’s doing, how do you use tumblr, can everyone see these posts? Here’s a cool rock he found in the forest. Starts a whole Gigantic Tumblr Anger Thing, is totally oblivious until it all crashes down. Deletes his blog for a while and then makes a new one in which he barely interacts with anyone ever but he seems somewhat happier. Puts tags in the description like Jade, but more unintentional.

Aradia: Similar to Rose, but posts WAY more depression memes. Also her blog has a lot of archaeology stuff? Talks about time travel a lot, too. Really enthusiastic or totally apathetic there is no in-between. Has an elaborate ongoing roleplaying scenario with Vriska, Tavros, and Terezi. When Vriska hurt Tavros, she set a bunch of her followers (she calls them “ghosties”) on Vriska, which ended with Vriska doxxing her. She came back though, in a quasi-relationship with Equius, who she broke up with after discovering lesbianism. Now gay as hell.

Tavros: POKEMON! GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! He posts a lot of stuff about the Peter Pan movies, books, musicals, etc. Reblogs posts about being disabled and also posts about self-esteem and how to build it. Is constantly being torn down by Vriska, eventually tells her to fuck off but not until WAY after the incident. He posts stuff about keeping animals, especially cows.

Sollux: Who are we kidding, he’s on reddit. He says it’s because it’s cooler but he’s really just sort of scared. 

Karkat: His blog is Emo™. He posts sad song lyrics, rom-com gifs, and FUCKTONS OF ANGRY POSTS ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIKE WHAT HE LIKES. All his writing is in all caps, people ask why. He says it’s because the world has earned his rage. Really the caps button got stuck a long time ago and he got used to it and now lower case looks weird.

Nepeta: Cat gifs cat gifs cat gifs!!!!! Volunteers at an animal shelter, posts about kitties looking to get adopted. Super sweet. Lowkey a furry and interacts on those “open rp” posts only to get made fun of, doesn’t really understand it. Gets a ton of anon hate for no reason? But she’s friends with Equius and Equius is………. uh…….. so eventually people leave her alone. She’s listed as a “cringey” blog sometimes but everyone who actually follows her thinks she’s adorable and is a little happier when they see her on their dash. 

Kanaya: Lesbian Blog. Inserts herself into tumblr drama all the time to mediate, mostly ends up making things worse. Got so mad at Eridan that he deleted his blog, is very proud of this. Posts pictures of herself with her chainsaw and elaborate topiaries. Fashion aesthetic. People reblog her selfies with “holy shit step on me” and “I’m too gay” and she loves it.

Terezi: get ready for that shitty leetspeak, it’s ya gal Terezi Pyrope here with so many gotdamn bright colors that your eyes will spin. You thought Dave had a bad theme? She’s got the worst one. Posts memes about everything. Roleplays with Nepeta sometimes and no one can tell if it’s sincere. Used to roleplay with Vriska but they had a horrible fight which ended in a way people don’t really know but afterwards she got someone to post a picture of her with bandages all around her eyes and the caption “1M BL1ND NOW YOU DUMB FUCKS”. People tried to call her out but damn she is. She is the law. Don’t try that shit on her she’ll destroy you.

Vriska: The literal worst. holy shit. Has done most of the terrible shit in the book. Scams people, doxxes them, sends SHITTONS of anon hate. Spams the block button on anyone who calls her out and then posts infinite shit about them. Pulls receipts. But she’s holy shit pretty and has a legion of loyal followers who are just as willing to attack people because she Can Do No Wrong. A few people know about her awful home life but she warned them not to spread it on pain of death. Ran a fortune-telling blog but it was Bad Shit. Spiders, so many spiders.

Equius: Fetish blog he doesn’t know is a fetish blog.

Gamzee: ………….part of the clown uprising???

Eridan: “Eridan Ampora. 13. Male. Bisexual but don’t let it fuckin fool you I don’t take shit. White. My family has money. Basically everything tumblr hates. Women are bitches haha amiright?” Constantly posts about how he can’t get a date, also posts… wow some terrible shit. Also history, for some reason? And selfies with his rifle collection. 

Feferi: ENDLESS CUTTLEFISH PICTURES. ENDLESS. SO MANY FISH PUNS! SHE TAKES PICTURES OF HER FISH AND GIVES THEM CUTE CAPTIONS. Was friends with Eridan for a while, eventually realized how terrible he was and left.

Bullet Journal Symbols

Or your legend or key! I liked calling mine a legend. I pixelized some of my symbols so it would be easier to show you what mine are and how I use them.


 Task box - the plain form of the task. It hasn’t been attempted yet, but is in the planning/planned stages.

 Task Started - You’ve made some progress on your task! It’s not complete, but its certainly better than zero.

 Task Cancelled - Sometimes this happens. If you find yourself with a lot of cancelled tasks, I suggest breaking them up into smaller tasks. Rather than “Clean room”, try “Clean desk”. It’s a smaller area and you’re more likely to get it done. And progress makes you feel good!

 Task Completed - So satisfying! You’ve completed your task!

 Task Migrated - You’re moving this task to another day of the week. The reason I put the arrows in the box rather than elongating them outside is that SOMETIMES I change my mind. I feel bad about putting the task off or moving it and I’ll go back and complete it. So it gives me the chance to still color in the box if I do get that urge.


I set my expense section up a little differently. I like unique symbols, so I made a few. Feel free to use them! Just credit me if you’re reblogging it as advice and link back here! 

Income - This is pretty self-explanatory. You can always elaborate after the symbol if its a paycheck, a loan disbursement, or birthday money, etc.

Necessary - This is an expense that you deem necessary. This could be gas for the car, bus fares, groceries (you have to eat!). 

Avoidable - This expense is something you wanted to spend, but you could have probably done without. New pens for your bullet journal, perhaps. Or even a sushi night out with friends. It was fun, but you didn’t really need it.

Trouble - This is an expense that you are tracking because you know you have difficulty refusing. Say you have a movie addiction and darnit, you’ve seen Captain America in theater 4 times. Your wallet needs to talk to you.

Focus - I use this differently from trouble in that… Where troubles are a set of expenses that I need to stop, Focus is a set of expenses I’m not sure about. For me, a lot of this is still social. I have to work on telling my friends “no”, but I never regret going out. Focus reminds me to cut back instead of cutting it out.

If you wanted, you could probably use focus and trouble in the opposite way that I do if it makes more sense to you that way!


It stands for Dialectical Behavior Skills. It’s proven to be a very effective form of therapy whether in group or one on one. I have integrated it into my bullet journal because as of my writing this, I am attending mandatory DBT for intensive outpatient. The skills are good for coping and help me get things done. They help me to stay mindful of my emotions and responses. I encourage everyone to look into it whether you think you need help or not. You may learn something!

 Target - DBT encourages diary cards where you choose a goal until your next card or visit. I keep track of mine using this symbol. I choose small tasks so I can feel good about accomplishing them. My most recent one was “send memaw a birthday card”. The DBT target will differ from an ordinary task in that it cannot be moved. You must complete it in your span (mine is 2 days). It is also a challenge. I am bad at remembering mail.

 Skill - This would be which of your DBT skills will help you accomplish this task. For my most recent one, I’d use “avoid avoiding”, and “figure out interpersonal goals and priorities”. I want to get it done and I know it is important because I love my family and I want memaw to smile when she gets it. Skills are broken down fairly well on the wikipedia page, so you can look into them there.

 Fun - DBT encourages one fun activity so that you avoid overwhelming yourself! I usually choose knitting, but sometimes its “go for a walk” or “attend bbq with significant other”. Of all the DBT things you can skip, it would be fun, but I’d still recommend adding in a little “me time” using the fun skill.


 Appointment - is a standard symbol a lot of others use in their bullet journals!

 Deadline - I see this less often, but it helps me remember medication refills and work assignments. Its something you cannot reschedule without potential harm to yourself.

Location - I see a lot of others using this in conjunction with their appointments. Personally, I use it to remember where I’ve been outside of work or home. “Where did I wake up today?”. “Where did I eat lunch?”. My hope is that if I lose something like my bus pass, then I can backtrack where I was and find it.

Water - A lot of other people are tracking their water as well! Mine is set with 6 drops, each representing 8oz. I tried 8 cups and apparently TOO MUCH water can hurt your kidneys too. So 6 is comfortable for me. Also remember that nearly any liquid can count toward the hydration goal, although water is the best!

 Sleep - I log my sleep hours to make sure I’m getting enough. This also helps for me in particular because if I oversleep or undersleep, its indicative of a personal imbalance and I have to call my doctor. 

 Self-Care - This is something I often forget to do. This is another built-in “me time” thing, outside of DBT. Do I want to dye my hair? That’s self-care. Do I want to take a nap because I’m stressed? That is self-care, but I should also make sure to log my sleep in that case too! It’s helpful to remind yourself that  you need to love you too. 

Calories - There is no universal symbol for calories, although this one was proposed a while back and I do like it. Very often I forget to log calories. I add it in every day in the hopes that I’ll start filling it out and work on the weight loss, but… Well. Maybe it will work for you!

More Than A Healer: A Comprehensive Guide To Writing Kya

So, you’ve decided to write an Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra fanfic. Fantastic! Congratulations! It’s an incredibly unique world filled with vast scenery and interesting, diverse characters, so you have a lot to work with. You know the main ones, I won’t list ‘em, but through them we also have a huge cast of supporting characters, some of whom have gotten incredibly popular. Or maybe not as popular, but have dedicated fans. Like Kya! And that’s why you’re here; because you’re writing, let’s say a Korrasami fic, and want background Kyalin, and you’re wondering just how to do it. “Oh, I know!” you say. “Let’s fit Kyalin in right here with this hospital scene, because Kya’s a healer! And that’s all we really need her for!” Well, buddy, let me stop you right there because surprise! It’s been done before.

It’s a bit of a curse with minor characters, but Kya is severely misinterpreted by the fandom in fanfic, even Kyalin fanfic. The most prolific offenders of the misinterpretations I find are among Korrasami writers, in Korrasami fics, where Kyalin is a background ship. Of course, as the somehow appointed leader of the ship I would like to thank you for keeping Kyalin in your lowkey ship port. However, i’d like you to take a second and really think about what you’re writing. A majority of Korrasami fics where Kyalin is a background ship have Kya written incredibly flat, lacking any of the emotion we see of her in the show, and is almost always written to just be a convenient healer. Frankly, as The Gay Queen’s official representative (self-appointed), i’ve decided to take it upon myself to teach all of you how to write the magnificent gay water troll.

You’re welcome. (And thanks for the pic, @nyczsq)

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VNC theories

There’s 13 of them, some more developed than others but click keep reading if you wanna see any of them. I numbered and bolded the different ones so you can skip over some if you like. Some are more speculation than theory tbh as we are only on chapter 9. 

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Masterpost of Self-Care For Psychotic Symptoms

hi all! this is my small project that i’ve been working on since last night’s post!! it is probably going to be under construction for a while, i’ll reblog/edit with updates when they happen. specific symptoms are under the readmore, general stuff is above it!

also if you want to contribute a letter of support and encouragement to others with symptoms like yours, feel free to post it and then link it to me (or submit the text to me) so that i can add it. please try to avoid common triggers and be positive in any letters you submit !

also also, if you want to tell me self help that works for you that you want me to add / credit you for, please add it in the reblogs and ill put it in the main post! :-)

im going to @ a few psychosis blogs here to share this if they like: positivelypsychosis relatable-psychosis

General Resources

  • anything by Marsha Linehan, whose work will probably be mentioned here a lot more; if you want to dig in and do your own research, her work is a great point to start at
  • SMART goals: Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely. make sure any goals you are setting are all of these things. this lets you move at your own pace, not neurotypicals’, while still figuring out what helps you deal with your symptoms!
  • crisis survival skills: (a crisis in this case means something that is short term, highly stressful, and has intense pressure to resolve the crisis NOW.) write out pros and cons of what you want to do, try paced breathing to physically tell your body to calm down, try muscle relaxation of any kind that you like, try intense exercise to wear yourself out IF this is healthy or doable for you. there are lots of others– find what works for you!
  • assertive communication style: communicating in the ideal way, not aggressive or passive! to not only respect the needs of others but your own needs as well. 

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