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MYTHOLOGY MEME(1/1) Mythology

NORSE MYTHOLOGY is the body of mythology of the North Germanic people stemming from Norse paganism and continuing after the Christianization of Scandinavia and into the Scandinavian folklore of the modern period. The northernmost extension of Germanic mythology, Norse mythology consists of tales of various deities, beings, and heroes derived from numerous sources from both before and after the pagan period, including medieval manuscripts, archaeological representations, and folk tradition.

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So I recently came out and even tho I have quite a lot of bi friends, I dont feel like they want to go to a gayclub with me. So my question is basically How do I know if a girl is gay/bi? (Im a girl) I feel like I dont have "gaydar" Or something hahah

Well, clubs aren’t everyone’s idea of a good time. They can be a ton of fun, but some people don’t like the noise, crowds, etc. If they say they are bi, though, that means they are, even if they aren’t into the idea of going to a gay club. If they haven’t said anything, there are a few things you could think about to try to improve your odds. Keep in mind that none of this is foolproof, though. We are a diverse group and there’s never going to be a surefire way to know without talking about it explicitly.

- keep an eye out for queer style elements: colorful hair, short or androgynous haircuts, undercuts; wingtip shoes and doc martens; flannel shirts, button-down shirts, especially buttoned to the top button or with short sleeves that are cuffed; piercings, especially septum (although this is increasingly coming into the mainstream); short nails. Keep in mind that style ranges widely based on what country or region you are in, the gender expression of an individual, as well as their age and their personal taste and style!

- LGBTQIAP+ cultural references. Honestly the #1 way I figure this out is by being facebook friends with them and then noticing that they like or share a TON of LGBTQIAP+ news, memes, etc. In conversation, possible references might include the show The 100, Tegan and Sara, Hayley Kiyoko, Orphan Black, Orange is the New Black (although this is pretty mainstream as well). Talking about a celebrity coming out is a pretty big sign too. And remember you can do these things as well to signal to potential other lesbian/bi/pan women!

- listen to the language they use. This mostly applies for people who might be out but you don’t want to ask and it’s not on their facebook profile. Someone who uses gender neutral language to talk about dating and relationships might be bi or pan (or lesbian!). Listen to pronouns if they talk about an ex, as this is a common way people signal their orientation. 

This is by no means an exhaustive guide, and of course you’ll never know for sure without communicating about it, but it’s somewhere to start!

(Don’t) Hop on my Back

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Paring: Eren/Levi

Summary: Based off the AU: I mistook you for my best friend and jumped on your back in public and now I’m embarrassed.

Eren never said he had perfect vision. (Eren’s text name is based off of this video starting at 1:45)

For Ereri Week Day 7: Soumates

AO3 Link                                                      

Eren never said he had perfect vision.

To be completely honest he was a step below being called legally blind, so looking back on the incident, it wasn’t entirely because he was texting Armin about snemes (snail memes).

What also didn’t help was Mikasa decided that her long hair, which was then reaching the middle of her chest, was making her become unbearably hot and since it was the beginning of summer she might as well cut it off into a bob-styled haircut.

Long story short; this lead up to Eren being slammed to the ground by the not-so-Mikasa-person.

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not really related to new year's buuut can i request the RFA members + Saeran + V and their reactions when they find out MC is a well-known fiction writer? thankies! c:

Aha, when MC is living my dream, you mean? :)

Sorry this took so long, I kept stopping and starting because of a sudden urge to draw. :/


  • He knows that you write, but since you never specified he just assumed you’re a blogger or maybe write freelance; it didn’t occur to him that you might actually be popular?
  • Of course he noticed that you have a lot of nice things, but he’s constantly surrounded by people with nice things so he doesn’t think too much of it. It’s not like you’re living on Jumin’s level, anyway. You’re living like a “commoner,” just with nice things.
  • So he’s a little caught off guard when you casually drop into a conversation that you have a meeting with your publisher for your next book.
  • Wait, what?
  • Now he’s asking all sorts of questions - what do you write, how long have you done it, why didn’t you just say so
  • “I did, Yoosung.”
  • “But you didn’t say you wrote books. Or that your books were popular.”
  • He’s so excited to find this out, especially once he knows what you write because he knows sooooo many people who like them and ohmygod he can brag that he’s dating you???
  • Except please don’t, because you don’t want a line of people suddenly showing up at your place. Or his.
  • He’d been considering reading them but had been devoting most of his free time to LOLOL. Now he has a reason to make time to read them.
  • “Do you need a beta reader? Because I’ll totally do that”

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Alkorastar 3eva

Bentley hadn’t meant to snoop.

All he needed was ten minutes of research time online, and with his own MSS down for the night due to repairs, that left him with either a visit to the library to use their slightly outdated machines (assuming they weren’t all in use already) or–

“Torako, could I borrow your tablet for a few minutes?”

“Sure!” she said, unplugging it and holding it out, though she didn’t get up from her corner of the couch. “Browser’s already up. Knock yourself out.”

“You’ve been talking to Dipper too much if you’ve started using his phrases,” Bentley said, getting up to take the thin machine. As Torako had said, the browser was up, albeit on one of her blogging sites. He opened a new tab and typed in his query - a simple one, all he needed was a couple of names and dates for his essay notes, written out in scratchy longhand for now. He’d be able to write them out properly when his tablet came back on-line in the morning.

Then, as was his habit, he minimized the browser.

There was a text document up underneath it. A familiar name caught his eye.

“Hey Alcor get up here. I’m craving banana,” Korato purred. Alcor smirked. “Your wish is my command, my lady.” He glided over to the bed, taking his silky jacket off of his broad shoulders as he came–

Bentley fumbled for the button to minimize the screen, his face flaming. He tried not to read any further, but his eyes kept catching on familiar words - Alcor, Mizar, Lee, that name which was almost Torako, euphemisms for making out and more horrible, horrible innuendo up to and including a ‘cane sword’ reference he really didn’t want to think about - until he’d finally cleared the window from view. He didn’t need to know, he really didn’t need to know…

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I'm a girl but could use help with my bi-fi too. P.S. Love you love your blog

Keep in mind that your bi-fi should be tailored to your community and country as well as to your age group, as it can be pretty different depending on these factors. Most of all, remember that your bi-fi can never be perfect. There are so many kinds of people in this community that you really never know. The idea behind bi-fi is just to try to improve your chances a little! But, for what it’s worth, here’s the perspective of one 23-year-old bi woman living in a liberal area of the US Southeast. 

Gender expression and personal style: 
Tons of queer women are femmes who can be hard to spot; femme invisibility is a real problem. That being said, women who have a more butch or androgynous look are more likely to be wlw. There are also some fashion staples of wlw that can be a good clue. For example: wingtip or oxford shoes, Doc Martens, outdoorsy hiking shoes or sandals, flannel shirts, oxford shirts, short-sleeve collared shirts especially with the sleeves cuffed; hair that is short or an undercut, colorful, or can be styled more masculine or feminine; gender expression that is fluid (more tomboyish some days or feminine others); piercings such as septum piercings; I also feel like glasses are a look for a lot of wlw. You can figure out what’s specific to your region/age group by observing people who are out or by looking at pictures on tinder! 

Politics and subcultures:
Do they talk about LGBTQIAP+ issues a lot? Share a lot of memes on Facebook or links such as pinknews.com? This is often the biggest clue. Also, check their Facebook profile to see if it’s listed! I find that wlw are more likely to be environmentally aware, anti-Trump, vegetarian/vegan, etc. Do they talk about out celebrities a lot? They might also be fans of certain artists, TV shows, or books. Here are a few: Hayley Kiyoko, The 100, Orange is the New Black (fairly mainstreamed though), Team Dresch, Carol (a good measure because it’s a queer classic but less well known by straight people), Blue is the Warmest Color, etc. Basically, if they like a lot of media that represents LGBTQIAP+ people well, that’s a strong indicator. If you’re trying to sound someone out, you can also ask them what they think about specific LGBTQIAP+ political issues to at least weed out any bigots.

This can be subtle, but it’s also a strong indicator. LGBTQIAP+ people in general and especially bi, pan, or queer people tend to use more gender-neutral words, like “partner” or “spouse,” whether to talk about themselves or in a general sense. They are more likely to be respectful and careful about pronouns and gendering. A lot of out wlw will intentionally signal their orientation by referencing an ex-girlfriend, too. 

Also, please remember that you can be out there signaling your presence too! And the more you think about how you could signal to other wlw that you’re bi, the easier it will be to notice when someone might be signaling you.

On writing and PTSD

So there was a kerfuffle the other day on the mad max kink meme about this, and I figure I might have some ethos to speak on this issue, maybe, so here, in other words, is my useless two cents.

First, I kind of agree with the requester who kicked the shit off by asking for some sort of trigger warning.  But not because I am a frail flower that will be triggered by someone’s silly fic.  Because, you see, I don’t care to read ‘photorealistic ptsd’ fic in the same way that my sister, a doctor, doesn’t care to watch medical shows on TV, or my Army buddy friends can’t watch war movies.

They’re not triggered, they’re PISSED OFF at inaccuracies. How many rounds that pistol ACTUALLY holds. That’s not a real hand signal. House would be sued for malpractice and fired as an insurance liability.  That’s not how hospital consults WORK. Etc, etc.  Their clear knowledge of the real world situation jars with the Hollywood fantasy/myth and they simply are not entertained.

I’m not likely to be triggered reading a fic about PTSD. I’m really likely not to be entertained by it. So I’d like, since fandoms as I’ve said before, are COMMUNITIES, to have some heads up and be able to select things I think I will enjoy, and avoid things I think I will not enjoy.

It’s really that simple. It’s not about censorship or some bullshit SJW I AM OFFENDED, it’s just…yeah I would choose not to read that and I’d like to have that choice.

OKAY onto the PTSDpicking. 

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Dirty magazine

So, instead of working on the Cloud-sharing fic, I spent an hour scribbling out a kink meme fill instead. Which kinda fails as a kink meme fill cause there isn’t even any smut, but I just found it rather entertaining to write. X3

And now it’s way past my bedtime, whoops.

Prompt: During a surprise bunker inspection, General Sephiroth discovers Cloud or Zack’s hidden porn—featuring “him” on the front page. Obviously the cadet in question needs to be punished, how Sephiroth decides to do this is up to the writer as long as it’s fully consensual.

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I’ve been involved in fandom almost half my life, and along the way I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a great many talented artists of all sorts. My experiences started with fanart and fanfiction, but it didn’t take long for me to bump into graphic designers/editors, musicians, mod-creators, and editors, not to mention various outliers, who in this case should definitely be counted.

We’re the glue that holds fandom together. We really are. We create for fandoms that would stagnate and die if not for our continued efforts to buoy them with the things that cloud up our imaginations. It’s amazing, really. You’d think a manga series that ended its run in 1979 would be dead by 2015, but it’s not: people still draw for it, still write for it, still talk about it and promote it through their creative efforts, thus maintaining a cycle of new people and new art.

What got me into Attack on Titan? Fanart did. Fanart absolutely did, when the constant jokes about “big ass trees” and “what is it, Eren?” were grating on my nerves. The art made me think, wow, look at that. Look at the creative spirit simmering in that fandom. I might need to check it out after all! As most of you know I don’t try new things regularly. I don’t play new games or watch new TV shows; I don’t dive into new fandoms on a regular basis. I enjoy making a fandom my home and sitting there for a long time. Like ten full years long. So the creative energy that crackles in a fandom means a great deal to me. It fuels me, keeps me going, keeps me feeling energetic and ready to create. Why? Because other people are doing it. It’s a form of socializing.

We’ve all dealt with some rough stuff. We’ve all had dry spells, periods of exhaustion or depression or anxiety that kept us from doing what we love for even just a day, and I want you to know that I understand what that’s like. I’ve been there. Don’t beat yourself up over it. But pick up your tools and get back to creating. Make new friends, read new ‘fics, listen to a new song, watch a new show: sometimes you have to step into something new to refresh yourself, to get that creative push back. I could talk about this all day because as creators we’re most afraid of stagnation. I have a meta post about this that I’m working on in my drafts because this is important to me. People who are not creative don’t understand what it’s like to fear something so innocuous-sounding. But we know what it means, we know what it does and how it makes us feel. Stagnation holds us back, grinds us to an exhausted halt. And we NEVER, EVER feel right unless we’re C R E A T I N G.

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