i figure that's just liking how cool she was

Killian had reported that she was bringing in three new reclaimers, but Lucretia saw four figures walking up to her on the dais.  Three were familiar, and she tried to keep her expression blank as she looked at them.  Her friends.  Her family.  Taako, looking bereft without his shadow.  Merle, somehow even crunchier than when she’d last seen him.  Magnus…Magnus, pulling a toddler along by the hand.

Lucretia stood involuntarily.  

She couldn’t have been much older than three.  Her pigtails were singed but they didn’t seem to bother her; she looked around the room with her father’s soft brown eyes, one of her hands curled around Magnus’s thumb.

Lucretia tried to keep her voice even as she explained the situation to them.  They thought she was a stranger, she reminded herself.  They had to believe she was a stranger.  Once they forced their way through introductions, she asked, “And what’s your daughter’s name?”

“Lucy,” Magnus said, grinning at the chance to talk about his kid.  “It’s a nickname.  Lucretia’s pretty, but it’s kind of big for such a widdle baby, yes it iiiiis…”  His voice slipped into baby talk and he swept the toddler up in his arms, poking her belly.

“Oh,” said Lucretia, and this was too much.  She really should have had them knocked out already.

He had named his daughter after her.  He didn’t remember her–she would have been able to tell if he did–but…God.  Fuck.

She had missed so much.  

“It’s good that you have this base,” said Magnus, oblivious, though Lucretia could see Killian looking at her curiously from the corner of her eye.  “I kinda have to take her along on jobs and stuff, but…you guys have a childcare plan, right?  That’s gotta be part of the benefits package.”

“Well–” Killian started, but Lucretia cut her off.

“We can figure something out,” she said, and smiled, quick and private, just to herself.  “Whatever you…all of you…need.”

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the difference between penelope’s and victor’s reactions to elena’s coming out though… penelope is such a great mom, even she had a little bit of a tough time getting used to the fact that elena’s a lesbian but she never, not even once, threw her own difficulty in dealing with that over her daughter’s shoulders as if it was her problem to solve. instead she went to her lesbian friend and asked for genuine advice bc she knew she wasnt being fair to elena and all she wanted was for her kid to feel safe, accepted and loved - which elena is. you know, it was a new thing to her, a big and fresh discovery, and she had her time to figure out how to be more comfortable about it and she got there. because she cares and loves elena, just like alex and lydia do (i mean lydia deadass ranted to herself about it until she realized she was totally cool with it no biggies). thats what good parenting is, trying to understand your child without hurting them, not throwing a tantrum and leaving in the middle of their quinceañera just before your dance together. thats just being selfish and an asshole, and both of those victor really was.


my second day of classes i overheard this chick talking to her friends and she was dressed almost exactly like how im dressed today and she said to them, “i just dont want people to think i look like a lesbian that plays sports” and they said “well you do. and you’re halfway there.” to this day i never figured out if they were implying she was a lesbian or that she played sports. but anyway moral of this post is that i really hope people see me and think, at least, “wow thats a girl who likes girls.” if they think i play sports then that’s just a bonus, but they’d also be very very wrong.

Based on this prompt:

cheerleader!dean getting teased about his little ‘crush’ on quarterback!cas, by the rest of the team.

of course, everyone thinks it’s just a crush.

until one day, cas doesn’t show up to school because he has mono.

and then a couple days later, dean doesn’t show up either.

because somehow, he caught it too. (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )



The sun was shining at just the right angle to throw shadows over half of Castiel’s face during his football practice, and it was distracting Dean Winchester to no end.


He was brought out of his reverie by someone shoving him in the back. “You’re ignoring us again, Winchester,” Jo teased, clapping a hand on his shoulder. “Are you daydreaming about what would happen if you actually talked to Castiel?”


Dean twisted out from under her grasp and shot her a glare. “Watch it, Harvelle. I can make your life hell for two hours every day.”


“Oh, look! He’s cute when he’s defensive about his crush. I think he loooooves Castiel. Charlie, did you know he lives, like, two streets over from the guy, but they’ve never talked?!”


Jo winked at Dean. He felt his face flush and stopped Charlie from talking before she could do any more damage.

“All right, ladies, simmer down. Let’s run through this again. Jo, your aerial is still sloppy, you should probably concentrate on that instead of digging your nose into my love life.”


Jo snorted. “Dean, you don’t have a love life. Unless drawing little hearts on your notebook with Castiel Novak written on them counts as a love life, which I sincerely doubt.”

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"The Jeremy that we're going to see is going to be a little reminiscent of Jeremy in Season 1 that we first met," Plec says. "He has just been hit with a brick wall of grief, in a way that he will eventually admit is really not cool. Being told by your girlfriend over the phone that she's not going to make it through the night when she's been lying to you all along, that's hardcore emotional stuff to deal with. He's not going to take it very well. We're going to have to try to figure out how to get Jeremy back to his senses a bit, even though he's kind of legitimate in his anger."

Am I being delusional with hope or does it sound like the writers are actually going to acknowledge Jeremy’s very legitimate anger at Bonnie?  Could this turn into a real angsty storyline for Jeremy and Bonnie?