i fight bears

I love writing relationship fights. The gritty, throwing-things-in-your face brutality of reaching for an emotional weapon and finding it simply because you’re angry and hurt and you want to make the other person angry and hurt, and you know them well enough that you can do that. The irrational day in, day out aggravations that explode into “why can’t you just” and “why do you always” and doors slamming and stuff breaking and maybe things get patched up and maybe they don’t, but that’s honestly just part of the fun

MBTI from an INTP

This is from my personal point of view on stereotypical shit.

ESFP: I’m sure you’re a great person, except I read books and you remember what the sun feels like. Also stop inviting me to parties. I never want to nor will I ever.

ESTP: Your abrasive reckless Bro personality pisses me off. The fact that you have the guts to be an entrepreneur makes me respect you. No offense, please don’t hurt me. I’m small and weak.

ISFP: Make more art….even if you’re a modern artist. Because selling a blue line on a white canvas for millions is hilarious.

ISTP: I respect you deeply. Not as a person, but as an inventor. I don’t know you as a person. I don’t secretly fight bears with a makeshift weapon made from a rock and your own hair, so we couldn’t get along.

ESFJ: I appreciate the effort you make into being nice and meeting everyone, but that’s as much as I appreciate it for. Leave me alone.

ESTJ: Pretty sure you’re my manager who breathes down my back everyday. You’re good at your job, but I sometimes plot to end you…I’ll never act on it though.

ISFJ: I AM A FULL GROWN ADULT! STOP TALKING TO ME LIKE I’M A CHILD! Yes I would like some graham crackers.

ISTJ: You kinda bore me, but you’re a great source of information and efficiency without hovering over me. Please teach ESTJ your ways.

ENFP: You either range from a hilarious ball of fun and a joy to be around or a spontaneous idiot, who needs to go away.

ENFJ: You were a boyfriend I had. It was fun for the first month, until you tried to be my mom. I don’t believe in incest, it’s either one or the other. As people I enjoy being around you in small doses.

INFP: You ARE my mom. In general you are very creative and intuitive, plus you like to listen to me ramble about whatever interests me and then let me retreat into my shell for as long as I want to. Unless you’re emotional, then it goes all down hill.

INFJ: I call you a cinnamon roll and there’s nothing you can do about it, Cinnamon roll.

ENTP: Have not had the pleasure of meeting one. I would love to argue with you until I learn to hate arguing with you.

ENTJ: You are the sole reason I’m dragged out to do social things with INTJ, but I swear if you backseat drive me one more time, I’m throwing you out of the car.

INTP: When we agree on something, literally no one can prove us wrong. When we disagree, we argue for an eternity because both our points are valid and logical. 10/10 would avoid emotional baggage with cold logic again.

INTJ: As my usual partner in crime, I think you’re great. I wouldn’t tell you that, however, because your head is big enough as it is.


That guy just blew a kiss to his opponent right in the middle of a match!

Why not?