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How Would You Feel

For @snowbaz-feda.
Part four of the OS series about Ed Sheeran’s new album ‘Divide’. Based on the song ‘How Would You Feel’, lyrics bolt and in italics.

Eraser, Happier, Save Myself

Genre: Fluff
Word Count
: 2079
Summary: Baz writes poems about how Simon would react if he told him about his feelings. Over the years, his view on that changes.

Baz sat on his bed, staring at the white wall on the other side of the room. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Simon shifting on his own bed. A short while, he observed Simon without looking at him. Then he redirected his gaze on the notebook in front of him.

He set the pen at the the top left of the paper, then he put it down again. He shot Simon a quick glance, who was looking at him, suspicious. Baz sighed so quietly that Simon wouldn’t have been able to hear it. It was still torture. Now that he knew. Now that he had finally figured it all out. Lately, Simon had been sneaking up on him all the time. That’s when Baz had noticed the weird urges he was having. To turn around when Simon followed him and pull him in his arms. To calm him down when he was about to go off. To kiss him when he had the chance.
It was torture to be aware of these urges. Eventually, Baz set the pen on the paper once again, writing ‘A poem’. He noticed that Simon was observing him. He wasn’t even subtle about it. It drove Baz to insanity. He held on to the paper, his heart beating fast. He felt so many things that sometimes he thought he’d rather feel nothing at all. Now his feelings sprawled out in black ink on the paper in front of him.

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6.03: okay…

anonymous asked:

What do you think about Thranduil mentioning Aragorn in the end of tBotFa? I personally think it wasn't necessary and I would like to hear your opinion :)

Personally, my opinion is also that it really wasn’t necessary. I’ve read somewhere (can’t remember where, or how legit it was) that Peter Jackson thought he was really throwing die-hard fans a bone with the Aragorn reference, but to me it just felt like he was rubbing our faces in the all the things he’s changed about the story (mainly all the weird timeline business, but also I guess having Legolas leave Mirkwood and hanging out with Aragorn? Which, while it’s not technically against Tolkien’s writings, certainly counts as a canon-divergence to me.)

I don’t know… considering all the loose ends we had in this movie (such as everything that happened with Erebor and Dale after the battle, good lord, whatever happened with Saruman, Tauriel, and even Galadriel to an extent), it seemed odd that Peter Jackson went out of his way to tell us what happened to Legolas, considering that wasn’t even a blank that Tolkien himself ever felt compelled to fill.

But, of course, this is just my opinion. If you liked the scene that’s totally awesome :)

yung-and-hungry  asked:

idk, but i felt a little uneasy at the end, when they were on Lion riding off and Pearl looked down at Steven with that weird/blank expression on her face.

Hmm, while I personally didn’t feel the uneasiness from the final scene, I can see why someone would. It’s very vague and quiet, it doesn’t tell you how to feel about it so it can easily leave you uneasy. I think the scene is meant to reference an earlier scene where Pearl talks about fighting at Rose’s side in that battlefield. Because now she’s at Rose’s side again, except Rose is Steven now, and its the same in a way and different in others. I think Pearl is meant to be contemplative

I have noticed something. There’s two other episodes I can think of that had endings that made me (or other folks) feel uneasy - “Alone Together and "Winter Forecast”. All three of the endings are relatively quiet (“Alone Together” is loud but there’s no dialogue, just shouting), hold on one shot for a few seconds, and then cut to credits with no iris out. Each can seem kind of ominous but if you think about it you can connect the ending scene with something earlier in the episode, like with “Winter Forecast”, it was how Steven and Connie wanted to get to watch the snow together.

And all these endings have one other thing in common - they were all boarded by Rebecca. I definitely see this as her style, very quiet and understated scenes with little exposition and rather meant to make you feel something in response. It’s an interesting pattern, now that I notice it