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Honestly, I still don’t understand how V is being overshadowed in his own route.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love Ray/Saeran and he’s precious and needs to be cared for, but it’s called the V ROUTE for a reason!
  • And yes I know V has made mistakes
  • Everyone in this route made some sort of mistake
  • I went into the route determined to save V and I wasn’t at all distracted by Ray.
  • Was it so hard?
  • Like for one, how do you not see that Ray is really possessive of MC?
  • Even arguably delusional towards the end.
  • Yes, he was innocent and brainwashed, and YES I feel for him but I did not consider him romanceable.
  • It really felt like one sided love on his part, and it was clear he was imagining things that weren’t there. Especially all the times he said “you were the only one who listened to me or cared for me”.

But hasn’t it occurred to you that MC only did those things in the common route because she was probably trying to make sure she doesn’t aggravate her capturer.

  • Realistically, things don’t don’t happen like in movies. If you’re captured/kidnapped/or whatever you considered MC’s situation to be, you’re not going to try to piss off the one who brought you there.
  • In a realistic situation, you do as you’re told because unless you have the upper hand, you’re not going to risk your life just like that.
  • I mean for real, she let herself get blindfolded in the prologue perhaps because she knew if she didn’t, she would be followed and maybe even harmed.

I even saw a post that really annoyed me saying that if Cheritz is planning to write an after ending where Ray is saved then they can take their time. But if it’s not about Ray, then they’re not even going to care for the after end.


No you can’t have a happy end for everything and that’s what I love about this game.

  • There are sacrifices just like in the real world.

And unfortunately that seems to be V and Ray’s fates.

  • In the secret ending 01, V died and Saeran lives.
  • In V route, Ray died and V was saved.

Cheritz worked hard for the fans.

They didn’t have an obligation to make a V route

  • and for fans to say they didn’t like the route only because of Ray is just disheartening and shameful.

If you want a good ending with Ray, write your own ending.

  • Make a comic strip to your delight. I mean I didn’t like everything in the route so I just imagine how it would’ve happened in my own world.

That’s what fan fiction is for.

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Why do a lot of people on Tumblr romanticize what shouldn’t be romanticized….

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Pokeshipping 58!

Here ya go, anon! This quote made me feel the feelings so I decided to put the feelings I felt down on paper! Good choice, btw! And imma just add a quick warning about this being unedited/beta-ed.

Also, seriously, someone needs to slap my hand until I successfully learn how to write a drabble. These things are just getting longer and longer…


Pokeshipping: “I’d die for you. Of course, I’d haunt you in the afterlife but really, it’s the thought that counts.”

Ash Ketchum had done a lot of reckless things in his lifetime.

He’d attempted to throw a punch at a legendary psychic Pokemon. He’d scaled a wall via vine whip to rescue his kidnapped mom from a team of renegade Unown. He’d traveled a frozen tundra and escaped an airship after it fell from the sky for the sake of finding three elemental orbs containing the power to quell the titanous Pokemon they were somehow connected to.

Countless other times, he’d directly challenged a criminal organization in order to rescue multiple captured Pokemon. Just as often, he’d actively clashed against the elements themselves, swept up in turbulent storms, swallowed by ocean waves or raging rivers, assaulted by fire and lightning, ice and earth.

Ash Ketchum had done a lot of reckless things in his lifetime… but this was the first time he could remember dragging someone else - let alone one of the most important people in his life - into his flurry of hastiness.

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Just another reason why..

I can’t even forget how it felt when your wrist bent at

my waist.

Or the sound you made when you were sleeping a

little too deeply in my arms; I was always afraid you

were never going to wake back up.

I don’t even need to close my eyes, and I see you.

I can feel your skin under my fingertips just by

thinking your name.

What is this game of love, really?

My senses are blinded and my guard is down; I

tremble at the sound of your footstep.

I can’t even forget the sound of your footstep.

Or the way your lips lay against your teeth like

silk against pearls. The way you’d hide your smile.

There’s things in this life you can not achieve, places

that you may never reach.

But I’ve seen the ethereal​.

I’ve known the heavens, I have loved with a love only

the Gods could synchronize.

So please, tell me why, my bleeding knees and

pleading eyes do not compromise the anger in your

heart, or the bitterness in your mind.

Because I still remember the way you’d say my name

in your sleep, and the way you’d laugh at me.

And I still remember how we kissed, like we were

losing time. And the way your voice sounded when

you meant it when you said you’d always love me.

I can’t even forget the look on your face when you

knew you loved me.

I remember when you loved me.

I know you loved me.

-writing about you again

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To the anon that fasted for 46 hours and broke your fast and felt bad. I know how you feel I always fast and my mom makes me something or I don't plan properly and we have an event where I need to eat in public I feel SUPER BAD for EATING but it's okay you aren't alone and we atleast made an effort


Baby Driver is written and directed by Edgar Wright, whom has made some of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen. I’ve never written anything on the others, because I think they speak for themselves. Baby Driver is in no way my favorite Wright film; it’s actually closer to the bottom. But it is one of the most well made movies I have seen in recent years. So much so that I decided I needed to discuss it. Let me start with the basics:

Baby is a good kid. Baby drives fast. Baby is with bad guys.

That’s the summary. That’s all you need. It’s easy to figure out the plot and what is going on. 

The acting was nice. Not great, but it worked. I felt like Jon Hamm was the stand out actor. His character found away to twist into you and leaving you unsure how you felt about him. Ansel Elgort’s Baby was sympathetic, but for some reason I didn’t find myself 100% cheering for his character only because I thought the romance plot was thrown at us and then forced down our throats with a quick montage. I was more dedicated to Baby and his foster father, Joe, and their connection. But Baby is pure and Elgort has that…well, babyface. 

One thing I know everyone is praising is the music. It has an amazing soundtrack. The music doesn’t just help the story along, IT CARRIES IT. The movie is on the verge of being classified as a musical, and not in the classical sense. Music is a character in itself a character, because it creates all of the characters we see, developing them one note at a time. It is also a key plot. Baby has tendentious, so music helps him drown out the ringing in his ears. It also helps him drown out the violence in his life. He does not want to be involved with the crime ring he is in but is forced to do so to pay of a debt. We see him use music to drown out the happenings of a robbery in the first scene. He also uses it to connect with others. The music also carries the story when there is no dialog, keeping a steady flow without someone having to tell you what is going on and why it’s happening. Thank you, Mr. Wright for not treating your audience like five year olds. 

This brings me to the style of the film. It’s an Edgar Wright film. If you have seen any of his others you will know his style. And what makes me so happy with this one is the smoothness in the most chaotic of scenes. Wright sets a bar for car chase scenes in movies. And it’s not just the first one. It’s all of them. 

Finally I come to style. Style over substance some may say, but when it comes to Baby Driver, style is used to wash everything down oh so smoothly. And the thing that really caught my eye and had me rolling through the entire movie was the use of colors. Mainly, primary colors. Red, Yellow and Blue. Each color wrapped in Baby’s life. Red always leads to Doc (Kevin Spacey), the man that controls Baby’s debt, and the things that excite Baby (i.e. Red Car). Blue is laced in the crime world; a world Baby is desperate to get away from (i.e. Darling’s blue lollipop, Blue backdrop behind Doc, Blue car on final job). And yellow. A color for hope and love (i.e. Deborah’s yellow dress, yellow lines on an open road, yellow bands strapped around cash, yellow cassette tape titled ‘MOM’). 

Each character has there own unique color flow. 

Baby and Deborah, surrounded by the dangers of other bold colors, they take stride in a black and white life. 

Jamie Foxx’s character Bats doused in red. Showing off his fire cracker like attitude securely on his shoulder. 

Buddy(Jon Hamm) in blue and his wife Darling in pink. A package of purple, showing their devotion and passion with a hint of unhinged. They are the Clarence and Alabama of the movie making dumb, selfish decisions. 

It flows so smoothly I can look past the fact it may be a little longer than what it should be, or the rushed romance. I can enjoy this movie because it is smart without it having to be deep. Am I shallow for liking it mainly on look? Probably. But I don’t care.




[SEVENTEEN] - kings of Performance;



“I’m a terrible dancer. I need to be really drunk and see a beautiful girl over there. It was a way of getting close to a girl without having to speak because always, whenever I opened my mouth, they would leave. So, dancing was a chance to keep them close.”

 A very necessary gifset of Diego Luna dancing in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 

(insp by this other very necessary gifset)

+ bonus:

and so
i’m letting you go
i’m erasing our conversations
and deleting our photos
and i’m going to stop making playlists for you
you became someone i would have died for
but it’s taken me 7 months to realize that
maybe i didn’t love you
maybe i wanted to
maybe i would have died for you but i would
not have lived for you
i think
when you’re in love
it makes you want to live forever
but i’ve only known love in the form
of slammed doors and raised voices
and shattered hearts and terrified apologies
so maybe the way i felt about you wasn’t love
maybe it was fear
fear of losing someone who made me feel like i could hold up the sky
even on my bad days
i never figured out that i could hold up the moon and the sun and the stars without you
and maybe that’s what love is
maybe love is realizing i didn’t need you
maybe it’s realizing i dont need anyone
understanding that i deserve it all
and maybe a little more

i’m living for myself now

Garrus: I thought you needed some time to… figure us out. Are you ready to be a one-turian kind of woman?

Shepard: the only thing that made leaving earth bearable was knowing you were out there somewhere

Garrus: I felt the same way. The worst part about the galaxy going to hell would’ve been never getting to see you again

Shepard: well here I am. Exactly where I want to be. I love you Garrus Vakarian


the kanamari arc makes sense. just saying. i just think people tend to forget how being a fifteen year old makes you feel.

so kanan met mari when they were kids. kanan must have noticed the difference between them back then: mari had tons of money and she did not. but she probably didn’t care when she was still a kid and money and actual responsabilities and their futures were things that didn’t matter.

mari was offered the abroad thing and i bet that when kanan knew it, she thought this: i won’t ever leave this town. dia will also stay. mari is the only one that has a chance. she needs to take it and be shiny. so she decided that she would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for mari to leave the town and be succesful. she had to take the chances she was given (and maybe she was also lowkey jealous).

mari comes back. kanan treats her like that because she’s mad because mari is wasting her chance (a chance kanan could only dream of) and because she isn’t being thankful. kanan wonders why the heck mari is back at the town wasting a chance so many people would instantly take. maybe she also thinks she’s acting spoiled (and that doesn’t help her feel better).

mari slaps her. she waits for kanan to slap her as well. kanan wants to, but then she actually sees everything (mari, one of her best friends ever is waiting for her to slap her) and hugs her like when they were kids because there are some friendship things we won’t ever be able to explain but aren’t less credible or occurring.

no one is abusive. no one is a bad person. they’re just teens. and most of teens like to do what they want: mari wanted to stay and kanan wanted mari to be succesful and happy and didn’t realize mari was happy there. again: people tend to forget how being a teen feels, and how much one can love a friend.