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things to remember when you move out

•always have bottled water in your house/apartment
•pay your bills on time
•wash your dishes everyday
•don’t tell anyone you don’t trust you live alone
•call your mom and tell her you love her
•make sure you have extra toilet paper
•remember to close the curtains when changing
•lock all the windows and doors at night/before leaving the house
•double check that the stove is off
•don’t leave lights on too much
•use real plates instead of throwaways
•have flashlights in every room
•fruits and veggies are important
•night lights aren’t just for babies and kids
•electric and water bill are more important than cable
•don’t eat out too much
•do your laundry
•it’s okay to ask for help
•own at least two recipe books
•never lock yourself out
•but don’t hide a spare under a mat/plant
•don’t open the door without knowing who it is
•wash your bed spread a lot
•make sure you always have food in the fridge
•if you feel unsafe call someone
•candy/snacks are not meals


NEW VIDEO: “No Glory in the Process - don’t mind me, I just wanted to have a little honest, unedited chat. I’m gonna be checking out some blogs who reblog this - thanks for spreading the love! <3

Dean’s idly playing with Cas’s hands again. It’s something he can’t stop himself from doing when Cas is pressed against his back and those hands of his come around to rest against his stomach. He can’t really explain why he does it, he just finds satisfaction in being able to hold and fiddle with them. It’s comforting to him.

Dean runs the pads of his fingers back and forth over Cas’s knuckles, simply to feel the knobs and smooth skin beneath his fingertips.

He feels a soft tender kiss being pressed on the back of his neck and the hand he was content mindlessly touching pulls away, only to capture his in return. “Dean.”

“Hm?” He flexes his fingers beneath Cas’s and despite already being as close to Cas in his position, he scoots back against him, sighing at the feel of skin on skin.

Another kiss is placed to the top of his spine. “Why do you touch my hands so often?” 

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eight favorite disney ladies (inspiration drawn from x)

please don’t delete the above text or else this post loses its purpose and i’ll have to keep deflecting "where’s x" comments. eight is a lucky number for me and so that’s the number i went with, but all the various disney ladies are fabulous in all their own ways, so don’t forget that.

I just wanted to say something for all of the IchiRuki fans out there: As an IchiHime fan, sure of course I’m happy, but I’m so sorry for you all too… If you are mad, feel cheated and anything in between… I don’t blame you honestly. There was a lot going on between those two and I know how that pain feels (hint: it’s really bad and it hurts *cough*narusaku*cough*). But anyways, don’t let anyone else stop you from shipping your ship okay? Your ship was special and for someone to tell you to stop… No. Do not allow it. Please be strong and I really hope you will all feel better with time. You guys and your ship will always be special, ya’ hear?

if anybody needs a friend i am now your friend come talk to me i’ll make you tea and give you a hug if you’re okay with that


Till We Meet Again

Set in the 1940s, when Anna’s fiance leaves town for a few months, she finds herself growing completely infatuated with the lead of the local barbershop quartet. What starts as innocent flirting, just might lead to a little more.

by feistypaants and frozenmusings

@ all bisexuals: don’t shit on pansexuals and polysexuals and other multisexuals for not using the bi label. call them out on their biphobia if it exists, but don’t pretend their label is any of your business or that their choice of label somehow hurts the bi cause.