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I just wanted to say something for all of the IchiRuki fans out there: As an IchiHime fan, sure of course I’m happy, but I’m so sorry for you all too… If you are mad, feel cheated and anything in between… I don’t blame you honestly. There was a lot going on between those two and I know how that pain feels (hint: it’s really bad and it hurts *cough*narusaku*cough*). But anyways, don’t let anyone else stop you from shipping your ship okay? Your ship was special and for someone to tell you to stop… No. Do not allow it. Please be strong and I really hope you will all feel better with time. You guys and your ship will always be special, ya’ hear?

Ghostbuster ships.

i’m kinda scared to make this post, because i’m not great at touching on these topics, or explaining how i feel very well, but this is bothering me and making me feel uncomfortable so i wanna at least try.

okay so, i keep seeing tons of posts and things shipping Holztman and Erin from Ghostbusters, and that’s fine and wonderful and great, like all ships welcome here as long as they aren’t gross or inappropriate, that being said i have…not a question really, maybe more like a musing…

why is Holzty being shipped so hard with Erin, when, from what i saw, the person she was most shippable (is that a word) with was Patty? i love Erin, i do. but she liked Kevin, and yes i understand bi people exist and she most definitely could be bi (or pan or something else). but, Patty literally called Holztman “baby” at one point. and they had great chemisty, and i just am really confused. and i don’t wanna say its a race thing…but it kind of feels like one…. but being a white person i’m not sure i have the right to say what is or isn’t a race thing. (but it feels like what happened with Finn in star wars and Sam Wilson in Captain America and those are race things) (someone please correct me if i’m out of bounds here)

and then another thing, why not ship Erin and Abby? they grew up together, they wrote a book together, Erin jumped into a fucking ghost portal to rescue her, so why not ship them? why aren’t they blowing up the same way Holzty and Erin are? this one feels kinda like maybe people don’t wanna ship the cute skinny girl and the cute fat girl together simply because one of them is fat. because that’s not something that’s portrayed in the media a lot, that fat girls can be loved just like any other girl, and by other girls as well.

and yes i realize that there are people who do ship both the ships i mentioned (Holzt and Patty, Erin and Abby) but i’ve seen hardly any fan art of either of those ships, and maybe one post about Erin and Abby, and like, yes Holzt and Erin are a cute ship but i don’t know, something just feels….weird. something just feels weird to me that the two white skinny girls became the most popular ship in such a small amount of time, and in such an overwhelming way. idk

if anyone feels this way and understands what i’m trying to get at please feel free to explain it better!!!

@ all mlm: i’m sorry people are being rude and adding “or date a girl!!” to your mlm posts. as a wlw, that’s not okay. it’s homophobic and wrong, and i’m really sorry that it’s even a thing that’s happening. our communities are supposed to support each other and help each other, but this isn’t supporting and i’m so sorry that people do that.

@ fellow wlw: i know being wlw is great, but being mlm is great too and we have our own posts, we shouldn’t steal theirs. there’s a new post button. use it. mlm posts are not our posts, don’t derail them by adding “girls are better” or “date a girl”. that’s homophobic because you’re telling gay men and gay masc nb people to date women when they’re g a y. we’re supposed to support each other, not be rude and steal from each other. stop it.

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Fushimi gets some first hand experience of good mothering when he gets sick and his boyfriend, Munakata, who is out of town for business and can't do it himself, sends his mom over to make sure Fushimi is taken care of. Mrs. Munakata spends all day smothering Fushimi with love and care.

Aw, that would be kinda cute. Imagine Fushimi wakes up feeling sick, he’s got a cold and his nose is stuffed and he’s just miserable. He tries to drag himself into work anyway because Munakata and Awashima are both out on business and Fushimi figures the place will be a mess without him. He walks into the office and the alphabet boys take one look at him and hustle him back to bed, telling him to rest and get some sleep. Fushimi grumbles but he feels like shit so he lets them fuss over him a little. Afterward there’s some discussion over what to do, without any of their three superiors available the alphabet squad are now all suddenly super busy and can’t spare anyone to look after Fushimi but they don’t want to leave him alone either. Someone decides to call Munakata and let him know, Munakata listens and then says that he will take care of the matter and send someone over to watch Fushimi for the rest of the day.

So Fushimi’s all curled up under his blankets in the bottom bunk because he was too tired to climb up to the top one. He hears the door open and assumes it’s one of the alphabet boys come to bug him but suddenly someone almost jumps on him and he looks up to see Munakata’s nephew staring at him. Munakata’s mom walks in the door along with Munakata’s niece, she brought the kids along to help take care of Fushimi today (because this only makes it cuter ^^). Fushimi is super confused and tries to state that he doesn’t need anyone to take care of him but Munakata’s mom just smiles and Umi adds that it’s no fun to be sick and not have anyone to take care of you. Fushimi suddenly remembers that talk he had with Yata on the roof in LSW, about how it felt knowing his mom was there when he was sick, and he kinda goes quiet as he burrows under the blankets again. Munakata’s mom takes that as an affirmative and she and the kids spend the rest of the day doting over Fushimi. Umi and Kai sit with him and draw him things and just chat with him to make him feel better while Munakata’s mom checks his temperature and covers him in blankets and makes him tasty healthy soup. Fushimi doesn’t even know how to handle all this love, like after a while he starts feeling sleepy so Munakata’s mom shoos the kids out but she stays there by his bedside to make sure he’s okay and Fushimi remembers what Yata said again: “y’know when you have a cold and you’re lying down and it’s kind of lonely? But then you can hear your mom making noise in the kitchen and that feeling of relief when she immediately comes to you when you call is the most–” and he kinda snuggles down in his blankets and has one of the best sleeps he’s ever had while sick.

                  “listen… i don’t think you understand. naruto uzumaki will always own my heart.” there was a very matter of fact tone to the recently turned nineteen year old’s voice as she looked up at the poster of the famous blonde haired and blue eyed anime protagonist before her, a ridiculously fond smile on her face as she did. “if someone wants to steal my heart from him, they’ll have to work hard for it.”

The child eyed this being with curiosity. They weren’t sure if they should count themselves as lost or what not. This woman looked rather shiny though. She was pretty.

“…’dahno.” the tiny peach scented child tapped a foot by the toe, “…’splorin’ wurl.”


“Dai Nao?” Ametrine repeated, clearly confused by what the child was trying to say. “Splorin wurl….” She obviously needed to think and try to piece together his words.

“You’re…exploring the world? Is that what you’re saying?”


Okay, howdy guys!!! Jeez it’s been forever since I made one of these huh? ^^;;;

Yeah sorry about that! But I think all 326 ((AAAAAAAAAAAH YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME BTW)) of you deserve to know why I haven’t been answering stuff as quick as before (not that I was ever fast but I kept a schedule at least).

Okay so first off, my grandmother. So, my paternal grandmother came to visit us this past week from Mexico for the first my 16 years of existence. Dad told me he didn’t want me on the laptop during that time, not even for my studies (WHICH PUT ME BEHIND A LOT =DDDDD;;;;)

So second, yeah. My studies. I’m going to be working my ass off this next week to catch up in my studies since time is running short. I slacked off in the first class and spent a lot of time which I now don’t have. I really need to learn to plan shit out. *SIIIIIIIIIIIGH*

Third. Classes start for me on September 7th. From what I hear, despite being a great school, my friends say it’s really easy and you don’t usually get homework (the school mostly teaches via hands on projects that help you learn) but this is my first year back into public school so I dunno man.

Fourth, Due to lack of my laptop, I’ve been drawing stuff TRADITIONALLY. Including the Clothes Swaps and the Fusions both of which I am still accepting. Obviously, due to everything on my plate, I’ve been slow at producing artwork and I apologize deeply for that. I will be posting the Clothes Swaps first and then the Fusions. I’m not sure WHEN but hopefully soon.

Fifth. I’ve been out of town a lot. Hell, I even had to call out from work today and I only work 3 days. Nuff said.

But yeah. Super sorry about all this craziness but hopefully it’ll calm down soon >>

Love y'all!
-Gaby C.

Okay I’ve never felt the need to make a post about a piece of fanfiction, BUT HOLY HELL I just finished Fifteen Men in September (small spoilers) and it totally, absolutely, killed me. It was so fucking beautiful. I cried. I haven’t felt so emo after a fic since the James/Thomas fic A Sundering Sea. This thing was just amazing. I’m going to completely gush now below the cut. 

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Bad Days

Today I broke down and looked up my ex’s youtube because its my only way I will ever hear his voice again. It’s not a proud thing that I did but it’s okay because that’s what I felt that I needed because I was sad. and even though I wish I would have had the strength to not do that, I did…..and that’s okay because I know it happens less and less and each time, I’m stronger.