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louisa may alcott, w. h. auden, jane austen, james baldwin, charlotte brontë, lord byron, truman capote, willa cather, emily dickinson, e. m. forster, langston hughes, christopher isherwood, henry james, federico garcía lorca, christopher marlowe, herman melville, edna st. vincent millay, wilfred owen, marcel proust, mary renault, arthur rimbaud, siegfried sassoon, william shakespeare, gertrude stein, alfred lord tennyson, henry david thoreau, walt whitman, oscar wilde, tennessee williams, virginia woolf

what do all these beloved classic authors have in common? that’s right. none of them were straight. not a one. every single author on this list experienced same-gender romantic attraction during their lives. literary tradition is a hundred times more queer than what your high school english class would ever let you know


bet they nuzzle a lot



SU Critical in a Nutshell
  • “fucking townie episodes”
  • Fifteen paragraphs on how an overarching plot thread wasn’t solved in six episodes
  • Fundamentally misses the entire point of the show
  • Starts complaining about animation three seasons in like they actually care
  • Ignores key elements of the show’s presentation in favor of their own imagined narrative
  • Equates show’s pacing with factors beyond the creators’ control
  • Misinterprets a character completely
  • Fundamentally misses the message of the series
  • Complains about plot holes/problems in an arc/mystery that hasn’t been completed yet
  • Accuses creators of being horrible after something is portrayed as ~morally ambiguous~~ or *gasp* complex
  • Can’t understand basic story structure or pay-off
  • Can’t grasp themes even if they’re spelled out for them
  • Joins bandwagon of hating the show only after su critical became a trend
  • Doesn’t actually contribute any meaningful constructive criticism
  • Doesn’t care about literary criticism otherwise
  • Ignores actual flaws in storytelling, creates flaws to suit their own agenda
  • “It all went downhill after season [x]”
  • Claims to hate the show, watches it faithfully regardless

Waiting for someone

Happiness / 3

Mabaris are a true gift from the Maker.
I’ll just leave this here while my heart explodes.

Dedicated to @makersbreathcullen who some time ago sent me the best of requests ^___^

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OK I felt the need to respond to the requests I’m getting in some way, so you guys know I’m working on them and not gonna ignore you :). SOOO here’s a Masterlist with all the AU Memes/Imagines I made so far and the ones requested that I’m going to make. 

🔜 = I’m working on it!
⭐️NEW = Uploaded recently!

✖️ Cameron Dallas

You’re dating him

Being in a long distance relationship 🔜

✖️ Aaron Carpenter

dating him would include  (notes

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 

You’re touring with him on new Magcon  ⭐️NEW

✖️ Nash Grier

You’re dating him

Hayes walks in on you 

visiting his family house 

✖️ Hayes Grier

dating him would include  (notes

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2 

Going to Hawaii together 

He mentions you in interviews 

He asks you out 

✖️ Matt Espinosa

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2 

You’re best friends and he confesses his feelings

✖️ Shawn Mendes

You’re dating him 

He goes to your cheer competition 

You have a son 

“we should not be dating” (video edit)  ⭐️NEW

late night lifestreams   ⭐️NEW

✖️ Carter Reynolds

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2

✖️ Kian Lawley

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2  ⭐️NEW

He’s nervous because of you 

You’re in a long distance relationship 🔜

He hears you speak your native language for the first time 🔜

✖️ JC Caylen

You’re dating him 

✖️ Dolan Twins 

You’re dating Grayson 

You’re dating Ethan 

Grayson has a crush on you

Ethan walks in on you and Grayson  

Ethan makes fun of Grayson for being whipped (short

Ethan complains about you and Grayson being loud 

You’ve been in an abusive relationship (Grayson)  ⭐️NEW

mornings (short) (Grayson)  ⭐️NEW

dealing with both of them   ⭐️NEW


You’re a part of the Omaha squad

You’re in a group chat with the Omaha squad 

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 /Part 4/Part 5/Part 6/Part 7/Part 8/Part 9/Part 10/
Part 11 

Dealing with Sammy and Nate 

You’re Mac Miller’s sister (Sammy & Nate) Part 1/Part 2 

The Skaterade Tour Part 1/Part 2

✖️ Jack Gilinsky

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2

You have a son

✖️ Jack Johnson

You’re dating him

You’re a celebrity / Telling the fans

He gets jealous

He talks about you while being on tour 

✖️ Nate Maloley

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2/Part 3

He’s in a Meeting and you text him (short)

Hungover Mornings

He’s being interviewed

You’re fighting

He cheers you up

Sammy walks in on you

You’re his celebrity crush

You’re sick of his lifestyle / He cheats

You make up

overprotective (short)

He hears you speak your native language for the first time

You’re in a long distance relationship

He’s turned on by you

You’re friends with benefits Part 1/Part 2 

The man bun 

He’s teasing you  

Getting lost in the hollywood hills 

Meeting his family 

Being in his younow  

Being cuddled up on the couch (short

You have a daughter 

You’re Romeo Lacoste’s sister 

You meet him at a Fast Food place 

✖️ Sam Wilkinson

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2

Your relationship becomes public

Going for a walk

Nate walks in on you

He worries about you

He brags about you

You break up Part 1/Part 2

He cheats on you 

You’re friends with benefits 

sitting on his lap (short

You visit his home 

You’re friends with Emily 

✖️ John Swift

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2 

✖️ Derek Luh

You’re dating him  


You’re having an argument 


He confirms your relationship via instagram 📷




… would include

being a part of the omaha squad

dating Nate 

dating Hayes

dating Aaron 

AUs to Lyrics 🎶 

G Frsh - Panic cord (Nate) 

Video Edits 🎬 

1 - 100 (Nate) 

Drunk/High Sex (Sammy) 

Childish Gambino - Heartbeat (Derek Luh)

Fort Minor - Where’d you go (Nate)

Miley Cyrus - Stay (Nate)

“If I find something good…” (JSwazz)

Eminem - Space bound (Derek Luh)

“The Nate Cam” (Nate) 

Drake - Marvins Room  (Nate) 

Eminem - The Real Slim Shady  (Nate) 

“We should not be dating” (Shawn) ⭐️NEW

Written Imagines ✒️

Typical Sunday (OGOC) 

Under Construction (Nate, JSwazz)

Emotional (Derek Luh)

Mornings (Grayson Dolan) (short) ⭐️NEW

🙋All other Edits/Posts/Gifsets I made 🙋


we met at the library by @iamacolor

she looks up and it’s a seventh year hufflepuff who looks at her with a quizzing little smile as if to ask her authorization to sit at the table. his hair is falling on both sides of his face and she’s seen him a few times before (okay, quite a lot of times because they always seem to cross paths these days), laughing with his friends in the corridors. her brother knows him as well and she’s pretty sure that his name is yousef. (x)

Hannigram: a rainy, cosy day at home, a bit melancholic for @mizuvera

Will spent the night at Hannibals. It´s a rainy Saturday when he wakes up. Hannibal surprises him with breakfast in bed. Will finds it hard to be truly happy as always around this time of the year. Hannibal notices and does his best to make him feel better. They cuddle almost all day, sit in front of the fireplace without a word spoken.


♡ to be close to you.

in //my house//
i’ve been listening to great comet on repeat again recently? anyway i love all of marya’s costumes esp this one honestly