i felt the earth move

Letters From My Lovers: Jinyoung

Author’s Note: happy birthday week @kpopfanfictrash i really, truly hope you have enjoyed all the letters from your biases. <3
Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader (oc; female)
Genre: Soulmate!AU; fluff; angst
Summary: Your soulmate, Jinyoung, hates saying that he loves you. It’s not that he doesn’t mean it, it’s just that, when he says it, he means so much more.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: implied sex; explicit language
Word Count: 2,327

Jimin | Taehyung | Jongin | Baekhyun | Jinyoung

I hate saying I love you. What a frustratingly childish sentence, inglorious in its structure, its syntax, and absolutely, utterly, never enough.

Do not misjudge me, for it is not that I do not love you. Often, saying that I adore you is the only time I feel like I have ever been honest or sincere with my tongue. Merely, these three words can never be enough to express the ardor in my heart. They are small. They are finite. They are simple, and we have never been any of those things. From the moment we were born, we were destined for so much more than short syllables and common phrases, empty words that fall from eager mouths. From the moment we were born, we were destined for each other, and that makes us so much more majestic.

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The First Time Ever I saw Your Face...

I thought the Sun rose in your eyes….

…And the Moon and the Stars were the gifts you gave…

… and the first time ever I kissed your mouth, I felt the earth move in my hand…

… Like trembling heart of a captive bird…

… And the first time ever i lay with

… I felt your heart so close to mine…

… And I knew our joy, would fill the earth…

… And last till the end of time, my love….

…. The first time ever I saw, your face…

… Your face…

… Your face…

…. Your face…

The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face- Roberta Flack

“What I feel for you frightens me,” I whisper. He stills. “Me too, baby,” he says quietly. “What if you leave me?” The thought is horrific. “I’m not going anywhere. I don’t think I could ever have my fill of you, Anastasia.” (…)
 “I’ve never felt the way I felt when you left, Anastasia. I would move heaven and earth to avoid feeling like that again.” He sounds so sad, dazed even.

Don’t wanna know

Hey guys! So I’ve got some requests and i’d like you to know that i will try to post them till next week because I’ve a lot of college stuff to do, so yeah. And here’s one imagine about Y/n being in love with Harry but he is in love with another person. Please do tell me what do you think about it. Plus English isn’t my first language so i’d like to apologize for the all the grammatical mistakes. Ending of this can a bit low-rated Because i ran out of ideas so yeah. Let me know is you’d like part 2 of it with ideas.

And I’ve to sing for the first time and i’m nervous at hell so please wish me luck that i do good and DO NOT FORGET MY LYRICS. 



“You like him don’t you?” Niall kept nudging you as you tried to ignore the topic he was talking on about. You’ve denied Niall like thousand times that no-you did not liked harry at all but little did he knew and he did knew that you were lying. You just didn’t wanted to say it by yourself and make it a statement.

“No. And I will keep saying no till you get it.” You said trying to mind your own business. You were not in the mood after what happened just a few hours ago between you and harry. Harry was your best friend. Only friends is what you guys were. But you wanted more than that. You didn’t wanted to but no one can help themselves from not falling in love. It just happens.

“Don’t lie to me Y/n i know yo-” you didn’t even let Niall finish his sentence when you exploded out of no where.

“YES I DO! I DO FUCKING LIKE HIM. WELL NO! I DAMN LOVE HIM! WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT HUH? TELL ME!!” You couldn’t help yourself from shouting at him like that and turning on your heel to walk away from the situation you were facing right now. Of course you weren’t a stone hearted person but Niall, he just went on your nerves. You felt bad for him but who were way too hurt to turn back to him and apologize.



Monday. 10:45 am. That’s what my phone displayed. I was suppose to meet up with Harry today. Well that’s what he asked me to do. Recently we haven’t been able to hang with each other a lot like we used to. He hasn’t been acting like himself since he returned from shooting Dunkirk. Even Anne and Gemma thinks the same. It seems like he has been hiding something from us. Especially from me. 

Groaning I got up leaving the warmth and coziness of my bed. I shivered at soon as the wooden floor came in the contact with my bare feet. Cold. It was damn cold. The weather was cold and so was my life. But when i was with Harry coldness was replaced with the warmth of Harry’s arms. He always used to say that no matter what he will come to keep my warm. Well more like promised but i guess some promises are made to break.

I walked to the bathroom and admired looked at myself in the mirror. Why would he? Why would he love someone like me? I am not one of those perfect models but i am myself. And maybe that’s why he might love me. I smiled and tuck hair behind my ear and admired myself. I was in love with Harry and that’s what made me feel beautiful. I am sure no girl would walk to mirror and say ‘i am beautiful’ while staring at herself, but i do because Harry made me feel beautiful.

Sometimes you cannot see the real beauty hidden within you but does when someone comes and digs the real diamond you’ve been hiding. And that diamond digger was Harry. He brought the best out of me. Whenever i was with him I felt alive-like I’ve been set free as who I am and not the made up me. I never thought that i can love again after what happened in the past. But i did. I am loving the most beautiful person from in and out.

I knocked on the heavy wooden door holding my breath. I wasn’t meeting him for the first time but the butterflies in my stomach flutters every time i see him like they did for the first time. After like what 15 seconds Harry opened the door. His hair were longer than the last time i saw him. I smiled softly at him and he returned it. He was just standing there not moving a muscle, so i had to lean forward to hug him. This was an awkward feeling. He did hugged back but not like he used. It was like i was hugging a stranger. And this time it didn’t felt warm. He was cold. Cold as an ice.

“Come in” he finally opened his mouth, as I pulled away shortly after he hugged me as clearly he wasn’t in the mood to hug me. I nodded and walked inside his house. Warmness of his house hit my face. Nothing wasn’t the same. Neither Harry nor his presence. But his house never changed. It was still warm and soothing. 

“Sit.” Harry said, more like demanding.

“are you okay?” I asked him as I said and he sat beside me not making any skin contact. Harry nodded with an annoying expression on his face. I didn’t had any idea of what it was because of. Maybe me?

“i love you” Harry blurred. For a second i thought, that the-Earth stopped moving. My heart felt like bursting out with overdose of love and happiness. 

“I-I LOVE YOU. Gosh i cant even say this properly to my friend then how will I tell her that?” Harry said running his hand in his hair in annoyance. Wait what? Her? My smile faded when I realized that whoever Harry was talking about wasn’t me.

“He-her?” I sturred looking at him, Harry nodded and for the first time he looked at me. He looked perfects as ever. Gosh it hurt me like hell knowing he loved someone else but i couldn’t help myself, falling for him again.

“oh god! I totally forgot to tell you” harry said sinking back in his couch.

“ Well there’s this girl Susan, I met during the shooting of Dunkirk. She is such a lovely person. I don’t think i’ve ever loved someone more than her.” Harry had such a passion and shine in his eyes as he talked more about Susan. He was in middle of telling me how they met on set when i stood up. I wasn’t able to control my tears anymore. My heart was aching and nothing was’t helping.

“I-I think i should keep going.” I said gathering my purse as i kept my gaze on ground controlling the water droplets which flooded my eyes.

“Why?’ Harry asked. I could sense the little disappointment in his voice as he pouted. I think he wanted me to stay just to listen to him talking about Susan.

“I-I’ve some work” i said. and before harry could say any further word, I left his house.

—End of flashback—

I kept running away. Crying, weeping, sobbing. It was the pain. Pain of losing the only thing i had. Though he never was mine. Everything was ruined within a matter of second. I won’t lying saying I was happy. Seeing harry in love with someone else hurt like hell. But it was the destiny i guess. 

My feet started paining when I gave up and fell on my knees crying. He was my everything and now my everything was gone. All this time i was wrong. He wouldn’t love me ever. I kept weeping until I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I turned my face around to see who it was but my vision my blurry. I wiped my tears and stood up when I saw who it was.

“I know you love him. And I’m sorry I cannot help you.” Niall said with sympathy in his eyes. His kindness and sincerity towards me made me cry harder as I engulfed him tightly.

“It hurts Niall ! It hurts!” I cried. Clutching his tee shirt in a fist, I let all my emotions out-first time in front of a person. He rubbed my back trying to calm me down.

“Shhh it’ll be okay” he whispered hugging me tight.

“How? What do you know I’m feeling huh?” I said pulling away so that I could look at his face which was filled with care.

“Believe” Niall whispered as he cupped my face and pecked my forehead. That gesture of him calmed me down a bit. But the scares and the wounds on my heart weren’t gonna be healed so easily. My heart was broken and it wasn’t easy to mend a broken heart.

The worst part was, it kept aching as I thought of Harry. It ached whenever I tried to remember my love for him. It ached with the thought of Harry being someone else’s. It just ached

I knew this wasn’t gonna be easy. But I had to survive. The only person who broke me was the only person who could fix my heart.

The Sacrifice (G/T short story)

I understood too late.

It happened so fast, surprisingly.
After my sailboat was turned over by… something huge… and alive, I swam to the nearest land as fast as I could. I didn’t even try to get a better look at the thing, I already saw enough! Shiny green scales, moving like the waves, I don’t want to see more of this creature!

And yet… Here I am. Tied up to a tree on a small cliff above the sea, surrounded by the locals. This scene strangely seemed familiar…
And that’s when it hit me; It was like that scene in King Kong where they offered the lady to a giant gorilla!
But that’s ridiculous, there’s no giant monsters around here, right? There’s no such thing-… Oh, no.

The water started to move, turn, come up and down. And suddenly, something HUGE started to emerge.
I didn’t do anything, I was paralyzed, I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was a hand. A huge, frilled hand, covered with shiny green scales, with CLAWS.
It looked almost human, if you forgot the fact that it could easily crush me to death in a single grip, and its FISHY (forgive the pun) aspect.
And this terrifying, menacing hand, reached for the cliff, rested right in front of ME.
I felt the ground move, and heard the Earth cracking- this THING was using its hand to pull itself out of the water. But I don’t think i want to see its face…

I was screamed louder than I ever screamed before, begging the natives to free me, struggling with the ropes in a desperate attempt to break them, anything to get away from the water, as the rest of this monster emerged from the depth!
It slowly came out of the water, red long hair, green eyes, only a bunch of green scales on his pale face… A very more… “human” face than i expected, but that did not make him less scary.

The monster was now looming over me- We were staring at each other, and his shadow on me. The creature was blocking the sun, and i coud also hear water dripping from it, as well as its breathing… It was observing me, with an expression I couldn’t get very well… It seemed surprised, almost disgusted.
But I finally understood there was no escape. I stopped struggling, I was defeated, and holding back tears. Was I really going to die like this? This isn’t the end I imagined for me…

After what felt forever, The monster frowned, and turned its gaze to the locals. Was I seeing it right? It was GLARING at them! Why would it glare at them? They were offering It my life to feast on! Shouldn’t he be pleased?
Then suddenly, the creature opened its mouth, and a blood-chilling voice boomed out like thunder, yelling an angry word that made the natives run away screaming, and made me cry.
I don’t know what was scarier; the voice, or the revealing of its horrible shark-like teeth, the same teeth that were probably going to chew me alive? Either way, I couldn’t look anymore, only pray out loud for mercy.

Then I felt its nasty hand approach me, then felt the ropes being cut by its claws. But before I could do anything, the scally and wet surface curled around me tightly- I had been grabbed, and cried louder in panic.

I was going to die, right now.

The movements as I was lifted made me sick, but then… I felt myself quicky going up, then down, then no more air.
This nasty monster dived, taking me with it.
Maybe he had to eat me underwater? It didn’t matter to me anymore, I already had given up on survival at this point…. I was going to be eaten, or drowned.
Slowly, the darkness surrounded me, and my thoughts seemed to leave me…

(I will write the rest TOMORROW. Because I am very tired. It’s late.)

you kissed me on a barstool like i was the only one in the room,

staring at me with those hazel eyes, i felt the earth move.

for once i was falling, through the lens of lust,

a change was coming,

but i did not know what.

i allowed for you to line me in lace against your kitchen floor,

begging you not once but twice, for more, more, more.

you wrote your lustful sins against my vertebrae,

as if the deed was done behind my back,

you would never have to stay.

so as i stare off now,

in the midst of the world in which you came and left,

i long for you to return, for one second, one minute,

i felt like my heart was sure.

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galadriel/melian: i felt the earth move under my feet

In the twilight, Melian shimmers, a dying star, more mortal than Artanis has ever seen her. In her hands, she holds Thingol’s crown. The woods breathe and shift and tremble, as if Taur-Na-Neldor itself knows what it has lost. 

“I came to say farewell,“ she says. She sits besides Melian. Takes her hand. Brushes her lips across her knuckles. 

“You’re leaving me,” Melian says. 

Artanis does not deny it, does not look in her eyes. “I love you,” she says. “forever.”

“So did he,“ answers Melian. “So did he.”

Artanis leaves, and she does not let herself look back. 


The first time ever I kissed your mouth,
I felt the earth move in my hand,
Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
That was there at my command, my love,
That was there at my command.

Ewan MacColl, from “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”

(This British folk song, written and first introduced in 1957, became popular with the general public through Roberta Flack’s 1972 hit.)

The first time ever I saw your face,
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the endless sky, my love
And the first time ever I kissed your mouth
I felt the earth move through my hands
Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
That was there at my command
And the first time ever I lay with you
I felt your heart so close to mine
And I know our joy would fill the earth
And last till the end of time, my love.
—  Johnny Cash - “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”

since i’ve been talking with @lancekogayne about how there is too much klangst around, i decided to spread some of my more hopeful/happy/fluffy klance headcanons

  • as much as i like the trope of hurt comfort love confessions, i also adore the idea of them coming to terms with their feelings without the aide of a life or death situation or a med pod
  • think on this for a moment, lance notices that keith has relaxed around the team is smiling more with the team
  • specifically keith starts smiling and laughing at lance’s bad jokes and general klutziness
  • it wasn’t yet a full blown laugh or a showing of teeth, but just a quick huff of air passing his upturned lips
  • but this caused lance’s heart to race in a way he hadn’t felt in quite some time
  • at first he thought it was just because they were starting to feel like a family, with the coldest of them finally warming up
  • so he pulled stupider stunts, upped his clumsiness
  • he made sarcastic remarks under his breath, leaning in close enough for keith to hear, and bask in the slight eye roll he got in return, spotting the smirk and knowing the eye roll was fond
  • as keith’s subdued responses gave way to snorts of laughter and dimpled cheeks, lance realized he had misinterpreted his feelings
  • because the feelings he had for keith definitely weren’t familial
  • keith’s side of the story is much the same

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               The first time ever I saw your face
                I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave
                To the dark and the endless skies
                                         m y  l o v e

         And the first time ever I kissed your mouth
                    I felt the earth move in my hands
            Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
                    That was there at my command
                                          m y  l o v e


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I don't watch Hannibal, but isn't the finale queerbaiting? it seems like what would happen if Supernatural went 'canon' with Dean/Cas - build-up but then no pay-off, or one that isn't really canon?



- one thing a lot of people on this site don’t get is that not every single instance of ~homoerotic subtext~ is queerbaiting. and, like, I’m not trying to say that everyone needs to chill and queerbaiting doesn’t exist – I watch Supernatural, I watched Teen Wolf until I decided I should only hatewatch one show at a time, I watch Sherlock when it airs because the trauma is very short and spread-out – I know it’s a Real Thing and that it fucking sucks, but gay undertones =/= queerbaiting. queerbaiting is a very specific Thing, and not every thing that has homoerotic subtext queerbaits. which leads in to: 

- no one involved with this show is denying that the Will/Hannibal relationship is romantic. almost all of the post-mortems and reviews of the finale I’ve read have been focused on the fact that this is a romantic relationship between two dudes. they’re in love, Fuller’s said they’re in love, he’s confirmed that Hannibal is omnisexual and Will is heterosexual, but that they have the kind of intimate connection that makes you question the limits of your own sexuality. Fuller is very open about it and happy to discuss it – it’s not being denied or played for laughs or Gay Panicked about. everyone on the show knows that it’s a romance and that’s what they’re working with. the guys who play Hannibal and Will filmed a kiss for the last scene on the cliff (then rang Fuller up like “hope you like it!”). no one is pussyfooting or implying that “you never know what could happen! stay tuned!” or that the fans are reading into it and think it’s romantic, isn’t that hilarious, lol fangirls. the whole season was written and filmed before they got cancelled; it wasn’t some mad dash to reign in more viewers; it wasn’t a ratings stunt; it’s not fanservice. it’s a natural progression of a relationship, the first shoots of which you can see as early as the first half of s1. Hannibal and Will are in love. here’s a bunch of critics talking about how they’re in love. l o v e. LOVE. 

- I’ve seen a couple of people (who don’t watch the show) talking about how because we got a hug at the end and not a kiss that we were being queerbaited all along, it’s not REAL canon, we’re all just this excited about SUBTEXT because it’s NOT CANON. and, like, I can see why it would maybe seem like that from the outside, but I don’t think you can understand how incredible EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE FINALE IS if you haven’t watched every episode of Hannibal and watched this relationship and Will’s character progress through 3 seasons. they could have snogged for the entire 42 minutes and it wouldn’t be as canon as this episode makes it; Will gets Hannibal sprung from prison, he leaves his wife to run away with him, he murders someone with him, he calls the act of murder “beautiful” and EMBRACES HANNIBAL in such an OPEN, TENDER WAY, like. it is so unbelievably huge. it’s like TECTONIC PLATES SHIFTING huge. I literally FELT THE EARTH MOVE when I watched it happening, because it was that big of a deal. the whole season (from 2.09, even) was building up to that moment on the cliff – it was THE PAY-OFF, AND IT WAS AMAZING. it’s been textually (!) unrequited love from Hannibal since the s2 finale at least, the show has been very fucking plain about that (every single Italy episode talked about Hannibal’s love for Will, LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE EPISODE). Will asking if Hannibal was in love with him and Bedelia’s subsequent question – “Yes, but do you ache for him?” – was set up for this finale: Will makes his choices, Will thinks it’s beautiful, AND YOU KNOW. YOU FUCKING KNOW. THAT MOMENT HAPPENS AND YOU KNOW HE’S IN LOVE WITH HANNIBAL AND HE CAN’T FIGHT IT ANYMORE. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY TO WATCH SOMEONE SUCCUMB TO THE DARK SIDE. so, yeah, there was no SNOGGING on the clifftop, but I would have been very surprised (and a little taken out of The Moment) if there had been – they filmed one, like I said, but Fuller didn’t think it would be right for that moment in their story, which I (I, me, the girl who has done nothing but reread the same 3 50,000 word Will/Hannibal fics for the last month and a half) completely agree with. I know it’s hard to grasp that I love that they DIDN’T kiss, but it’s a little easier to get if you know how much of a fucking mile-long leap forward Will letting Hannibal hold him like that is… my god… 

so yes: kissing is not the be-all-and-end-all of Canon. I understand that if this happened in the Supernatural fandom, 50% of fans would be going IT’S NOT CANON! THEY JUST HUGGED! THAT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING! but Hannibal and Will have a very distinct and Different dynamic than any other pairing I’ve ever shipped, and every single thing that happens in that finale is another nail in the “just friendship” coffin. I know it’s weird and gross that killing a dude is the single most erotic and intimate thing these two men could do together (narrowly beating out them eating someone in season 2 and the thing with the illegal bird dish), but there it is. and I haven’t seen anyone who actually watches the show trying to deny what that ending means. they’re in love, we all know it, the actors know it (and LOVE IT, which is honestly such a strange and amazing feeling), the writers know it, the showrunner WON’T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT, it’s canon. we know. we all know.

I mean if you’ve watched Hannibal from the off and feel like you’ve been queerbaited since May 2014 then okay, I’m not trying to invalidate your feelings, sorry the finale wasn’t everything you wanted, but mate. MATE. REWATCH S3 MAYBE.

Yes Sir


R: Could you please do a harry request where y/n is his submissive and many toys are used?

“Can you get out?” Harry asked behind  me letting go of the scarf tied around my wrist “No” I said trying to pull my wrist apart. “Good” He added running his hand down my bare back and stopping to grab my ass. “Are you going to be good?” he asked like he always did and I said “Yes sir” like I always did.

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Never Will

She was sleeping next to me when I felt the earth move. Now, it didn’t move in the way that would rattle the insides of my parent’s grandfather clock as a kid. This wasn’t some weak tectonic movement, because I swear to you it started from her heartbeat and reverberated inside me until until it was deafening. I’m scared to death that one day I’ll admit to her that she’s the only one who makes me feel alive, but I’m dying to tell her that her bed is the only place I I have left where I can truly find rest. While she slept, she grabbed my arm in hers and laid her head on my chest, as my mind filled the spaces left on her shelf with memories of moments that never happened, nor never will. 

–Forrest Lane