i felt the change was necessary

It’s still Christmas in my timezone, so I’m not late!

Aaaand I accidentally made this another group picture of all the MCQ skellies, WHOOPS. It was originally going to be just the three bros, but then I felt Deccy and Fresh cuddles were necessary, and the others wormed their way in. They were also meant to be chibis, but they ended up just being smol? So, this ended up taking longer than I planned, hence the almost/kind of lateness.

I designed the sweaters for Geno, Error and Ink. I have mixed feelings about the results, but I don’t wanna mess around with them anymore.

I have more ideas for Christmas pictures, so I might draw and post them late!

I hope everyone has/had a very merry Christmas, or whichever holiday you celebrate, or just a great day in general!


@twcpoetry still accepts submissions, however they will now be subject to approval.

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Apologies are given to any who received this message.

It’s been troubling for a long time, this is not the origination of the Tumblr Writing Community. No one has complained, but I felt it was necessary to change slightly the name of @twcpoetry I’m not a great fan of Timeblurs, but it seems appropriate with regard to the world of poetry.

Pease know the only intent at this point is to improve content and protect intellectual property which already exists. Also to remove any hint of theft from others, including the use of the Tumblr name.

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person of interest meme: [1/5] (platonic) relationships root & reese

“Good cop, bad cop? Really?”
“There are no good cops here.”

I suppose that depends on the which crimes since my motives have the tendency to shift accordingly. But in all honesty, no matter which crime I was committing, I thought little of consequences, and nothing of how it effected others. Mostly I focused on how it served my purpose. 

I had conviction, motivation behind those actions that redirected towards revenge. I felt as if they were justified and necessary. Although the moral ethics behind them aren’t either of those things, it served my objective of easing the hatred I felt, too aware that it could never vanish that way. It wouldn’t really bring me peace or solace, but somewhere down the line I stopped caring about myself as much as I stopped caring about the impact.

Now I see matters clearly. There’s no amount of redemption I could find to erase what I’ve done. All I can manage is living a better life, aiding those I can defend, and prove sacrifices made for my sake weren’t in vain.

Give me a roadrat fic where roadhog is in denial and junkrat doesn’t understand what he’s feeling

Roadhog knows he loves junkrat but he doesn’t want to deal with the disappointment of not being able to have him and so he pretends that nothing has changed. But he can’t help but stare at him and touch him a little longer than necessary

Junkrat has never felt like this towards someone else ever. He’s only ever felt this way when seeing explosions and making his bombs but it’s 10x worse when he’s around mako

Roadhog continues doing what he’s supposed to do but notices that junkrat seems to be twitchier than usual but he thinks nothing of it. Soon junkrat is just avoiding all of roadhog’s touches and comes up with lame excuses to get away for a while

This upsets roadhog greatly and he thinks that it’s his fault and now everything is super awkward. But he’s not about to dance around the subject so he confronts junkrat. Junkrat just tries to change the subject and avoids answering directly until he can see how upset mako is and he just blurts out “iT’S YOUR BLOODY DAMN FAULT”

This just leads to junkrat describing his feelings towards hog and how he’s confused and he doesn’t understand what’s happening. Mako just laughs in relief cuz rat doesn’t hate him and he actually returns his feelings holy shit!!!

So when they have sex for the first time it is the most awkward thing ever. They take it slow and they’re asking each other “is this okay” “are you alright” and honestly it’s just a mess. But they’re laughing and smiling and they wouldn’t have it any other way

Cabin 12– 1%

Cabin 12

“I’m sorry sweetheart, but momma knows best.” My mother told me as we drove down the freeway towards the place i’ve been dreading since May.

“I know you have good intentions, momma, but was it really necessary to send me to a so-called behavioral camp?” I said, gathering my headphones and phone charger and putting them in my new purse.

“Did you forget what you did?” She asked, slowing down as we descended a hill.

“Okay, so a girl breaks into a school system to change her grades to please her perfect parents and she’s suddenly branded for life?” I exasperated.

“Maybe if you were actually home to help me with school, I wouldn’t have felt the need to deface school property.” I said. She rolled her eyes and pulled into the turn towards the camp.

“It’s only a little over three weeks, hon. You’ll be fine.” She said as she pulled up to the loading zone, behind some other cars. She helped me unload all my bags, my white converse high-tops digging into the auburn dirt as I walked. My white Hollister booty-shorts contrasted nicely against my semi-tan skin. I bent over to fix my shoelaces, shivering slightly. Thank god I wore my Gryffindor sweater, I thought to myself.

“Hey baby, are you wearing space pants, cause that ass is out of this world!” A strange, but very attractive boy yelled at me across the loading zone.

“No, they’re baseball pants, because this ass is out of your league.” I shouted back. His friends yelled and shook him, causing him to grimace and cuss them out. How cliche.

“Nice.” My mom said as she high-fived me. I stifled the smile that was attempting to shine through. I ran my fingers through my long blonde hair, the small pieces of black showing with my curls.

“Well,” My mom sighed. “I guess this is it.” She said. I could feel the burn in my nose and eyes, dear god, please don’t let me cry.

“It’s okay, mommy, I’ll see you in a few weeks, and i’ll call you every night.” I said. She nodded and wiped her tears, before pecking my forehead.

“I love you, Nova. Be on your best behavior. Don’t forget your please and thank you’s!” My mom yelled. I smiled and waved at her, before walking into the main foyer.

“Welcome! I am Alaska, and that is my husband Jack.” She smiled, gesturing to the man across the room.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Nova.” I smiled. She shook my hand, her dazzling wedding ring catching my eye.

“Oh my god, is that Tiffany?” I whispered, eyeing it closer. “Sorry, I love designer.” I laughed. She laughed with me, before nodding.

“Yes, actually. My husband has good taste.” She smiled. She gave me a map of the camp, circling which cabin was mine. After listening to Alaska and Jack list off the rules to my fellow campmates, we all left to go find out cabins.

I was the first one to make it to our cabin, so I was the first one to pick which bunk I wanted. Hellz yes. I picked the lower bunk 3 feet away from the corner, the window aligned with the foot of my bed. I quickly made the bed with my bedding from home, then started to make my nook in the corner.

“What’re you doing?” A girl startled me by saying.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Vivian.” She smiled, bringing me in for a hug.

“I’m Nova.” I smiled. Her eyes glistened at my name.

“Oh my god, I love astrology. That’s amazing.” She smiled. She picked the bunk parallel to mine, making her bed too.

“Now really though, what’re you doing?” She asked me. I explained what I was doing, showing her how to make the perfect nook.

I took the flat pillows off the bed and threw them on the floor of my nook, placing several blankets and pillows over them.

“And.. there you have it. A place to lounge in for netflix marathons or studying.” I said. By the time the nook was done, The cabin was mostly full. The girl on the bunk on top of me’s name was Alice, the one above Viv’s name was Ryan. We all got along wonderfully, until the last girl stalked in. Her hair was borderline fried and frizzy, up in a loose bun. She had make up caked across her face, her skin an ungodly orange color. Her eyelashes were about ready to crack off with the amount of mascara she had on, her cheap perfume lingering in the air of the cabin.

She took the top bunk of the last bunkbed, immediately whipping her phone out to check her lipstick. She crumpled up a paper and threw it on the floor, landing under my bunk. Alice, Vivian, Ryan and I all made eye contact. I steadily reached under my bunk and grabbed the crumpled up paper, slowly and quietly un-crumpling it.


• Campers must participate in ALL activities, unless a written note or phone-call from Parent/Guardian excusing it.

• Campers are expected to be respectful and courteous to all campers, staff, as well as others at Camp Thunder.

• Absolutely no physical or verbal altercations with fellow campers or staff. Fighting, the use of offensive language or any other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, and the camper’s parent will be notified immediately.

• Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes any intentional written, verbal, or physical act intended to harm another camper.

• All apparel may not have inappropriate language or graphics on them.

•Cell phones, iPods, iPads, or other electronic devices are not allowed during camp activities, but are allowed after hours. Cell phones may be used during bus rides and field trips. Camp Thunder is not responsible for lost or stolen electronics.

Camp Thunder is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


Please remind your teen that as the oldest campers, they are often looked onto as role models by other campers. In order to provide a safe and fun environment for all campers, all rules and regulations must be followed. The Camp Director has the right to take disciplinary action if rules are not followed. Parents or guardians will be notified either during or after the camp day, and all infractions will be written and recorded. After two verbal warnings, the camper will have the choice to follow the rule or be dismissed from camp either for the day or for the duration of the week, a refund will not be given.
A zero tolerance policy is enforced in regard to bullying as well as other acts of aggression. Fighting, hitting, or physical altercations of any kind will result in the camper/campers being separated and removed from the camp group until a parent or guardian can pick them up, a refund will not be given. //

‘Fuck That’ was written across the rules with a red marker. I rolled my eyes and showed it to the other girls, whom were now sitting on my bunk.

ALL CAMPERS REPORT TO DINING HALL.” A voice said over the P.A. System. I applied some bronzer under my cheekbones, some more lipstick, and fluffed my curls before spritzing some Pure Seduction and Passion Struck from Victoria’s Secret on before walking to the dining hall.

“I wasn’t lying you know.” The same boy from earlier said in my ear.

“I don’t take cat calling as a compliment.” I said, looking ahead of me. He jumped in front of me, forcing me to stop walking.

“I’m Cameron.” He smiled, his tan hand reaching out to shake mine. I carefully placed my hand in is, a smirk on his face as he bright my hand to his lips.

“Nova.” I said. He dropped my hand and continued walking with me, his hand dangerously close to my butt.

We talked about our lives, what we enjoy doing, his being more inappropriate than mine. We walked into the dining hall, him pulling me down at a table with his friends. Ryan, Viv, and Alice sat down at the same table, as Cameron introduced everyone.

“Welcome, Campers!” Jack’s voice boomed throughout the dining hall.

“My name is Jack, my wife Alaska, my daughter Jasmine,” He said, pointing to a girl sitting at my table. Her curly dirty-blonde hair went to her waist, a younger looking boy sitting next to her.

“My son Noah.” He pointed to the boy next to Jasmine. He looked about 11 or 12, his dirty blonde hair in a small quiff. After telling us the rules once again, they gave us the lists of each groups and who’s with who, the groups different than our room-mates. Unfortunately for me, I was grouped with Cameron, Eliza, a boy named Shawn, Lana, and Nate. We all met with our group instructor, Ed, at the end of the grassy hill, a bushy plain full of long slim trees, cables dangling from the trees.

“Today, we are zip-lining. Well– sort of, it’s more of cable walking.” He spoke in his thick British accent, the sound near soothing. His hair a bright orange color, the scruff lining his face short but styled.

“Alright, get your gear on.” He said and gestured to the multiple vests and helmets on the ground in crates. I pulled the vest over my head attempted to hook the back.

“Let me get that for you.” Cameron spoke in a low voice, his warm breath puffing onto my neck, his left hand on my hip and his right hooking the back of the vest. He squeezed my hip once before letting go, the burn still present on my skin. My cheeks heated up as I bit my lip, the helmet loose on my head, Cameron’s large fingers adjusting the plastic hook on the helmet to make it tighter, his eyes locked on my mine the entire time. He winked as he dropped his hands back to his sides, Ed’s facetious tone booming between the trees.

“Hands to yourself, you horny little shit.” He laughed and smacked Cameron’s shoulder as we headed towards the trees. Ed rambled on and on about the safety and rules of climbing, Cameron’s hand discretely slipping into my back packet. He put a folded piece of paper in it, before catching up with Nate.

After a long day full of zip–lining, I laid on the bunk and cuddled my WSU blanket, lulling myself to sleep thinking about plump lips and long fingers.

Funny How Things Never Change In This Old Town - FullOnLarrie - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 7/7
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Smut, Fluff, Fluff and Smut, Humor, SWEET BOYS, Boys Communicating, Lamps, niall breaking stuff, antiques, Louis in Glasses, this is my first fic, so i’m not sure how else to tag, Skateboarder Louis, all of the larry cliches, Student Harry, Profanity, almost left that one off, not sure why i felt it was necessary when the first tag is smut, but there it is

This is my first fic and I’m not sure how to summarize it without giving too much away. Please be gentle with me!

Takes place in Small Town, USA

Harry is about to graduate from college with a degree in Library Science, Louis is an antiques dealer. They meet and fall in love. Special appearances by Niall, Liam, and all of the lovely ladies from my group chat. I love you guys!

This fic is dedicated to Nic, the best beta in the world! Burritos and kisses!


can someone please explain to me when brendon Felt It Necessary to change the lyrics in this cover of dammit by blink 182 from “…on the arm of that guy” to “…on the arm of that gay guy” like WHY ! GIVE ME AN EXPLAINATION  @ GOD ! INVESTIGATE !

Just spent an unreasonable amount of time going back in Rainbow’s tweets because I remember there is a character in Carry On whose name was originally called Zayn, but she changed it because she “decided that name was too DISTRACTING.”
I discovered this character’s name went from Zayn to Malcolm to Marcus.

As in Baz’s sixth-year cousin, Marcus. The one that is a midfielder on the football team and has blond streaks in his hair.

I don’t know why I thought this was important, but clearly I did, so I felt it necessary to share this information. You’re welcome.


Since school’s coming back I don’t think I can lurk at Jared Leto photos as much as I’d like. But we all have to make sacrifices don’t we hahaha.

Anyways it looks like it’s back to the books, learning about weird plays that make “sense,” and baking (lots and lots of baking). But I think the one thing to take from this week is this: change is necessary. It’s important to grow. I mean how else are we going to become better people? 

And I’m going to honest, coming back to college was weird. I’m only a sophomore but I still felt strange. Almost like I wasn’t supposed to be there. But at the same time it was also humbling. It meant that there’s so much I don’t know about and that much more to learn about. It’s a chance to take new opportunities and do things that you never thought was possible.

And thinking that you know everything is a mistake. I remember thinking I knew everything in high school. And boy was I wrong. I probably came off annoying to my peers for it too. I’ve learned from my mistakes now so it’s okay.

The point is that growing is important. And if you don’t feel like your growing in any way then there might me something you’re doing wrong.

I hope ya’ll have a great day! And good luck to those who are starting college this week. 

P.S.  I have a feeling this semester might get interesting considering the fact that I’m taking two dance classes…

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The Invasive and Compulsory Binary System within the Transgender Community

I am non-binary.

I am not a woman. I am not a man.

I am somewhere on the spectrum; constantly changing.

I use they/them pronouns and I like to fluctuate between the terms non-binary and genderfluid, as they leave room for fluidity and change, if necessary. 

Since discovering my gender identity within the last year, I have felt a great sense of empowerment and freedom. I am able to move through the world identifying in a way that makes sense to me in a way I didn’t even know possible. I am able to embrace the parts of myself that I didn’t think were acceptable to embrace as the “girl” I was socialized as. I am able to make a deeper connection to my queer identity and also connect with others who feel the same empowerment and solidarity in our non-binary/trans identities. But I’m hesitant to claim trans, and I’m not alone in this dilemma.

I am hesitant because society has a warped perception of what transgender is. Though it is an umbrella term for ALL who do not identify as cisgender, it is not the binary structure that society has appropriated it to be. Sometimes, it is “MtF” and “FtM”. Sometimes there are folks who identify as trans men or trans women, in a way that they fit society’s inaccurate ideas of trans folks having to go from “one gender to the other”. And I understand; look at the only trans representation we have: Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Caitlyn Jenner. All trans women who self-identify as women, and in addition, fit the gendered stereotype of what “women” look like, as they are feminine in the sense of our cultural ideas of femininity in women, and they are all incredibly attractive women, in the realm of conventional attraction within Westernized media. 

The problem with seeing transgender identities through a binary lens is that it erases the non-binary identities that also fall under the trans umbrella, implying that there is only acceptance for those who “pass”, or conform to traditional ideas of how men and women should look. It tells non-binary folk that they MUST fit into one or the other, or they are not trans or trans enough.

It tells my trans-masculine partner that he can’t be on testosterone, use masculine pronouns, and reject the label of “man” simultaneously.

It tells me, a genderfluid individual, that because I present as feminine, I must be a girl, and cannot identify as transgender, the community in which I belong.

It tells trans boys and men that they are not allowed to be feminine, or they aren’t really trans boys if they are lacking a particular amount of masculinity.

It tells trans women that they can’t be women unless they are inherently feminine in the ways society values femininity. 

It leads to the misconceptions around transgender as an identity in which can be different for many. 

It leads to uncomfortable and unacceptable questions from friends, medical professionals, and strangers, such as “when are you getting surgery? Are you on hormones? What do you have down there? When are you going on hormones? How do you have sex?”

The problem with the binary lens is it makes the idea of being trans a clear-cut picture, which it isn’t. The binary system, in connection to the transgender community relates being trans to physicality and ONLY physicality, which defeats the purpose of trans being an identity. There ARE trans folks who don’t feel the need to go on hormone replacement therapy or have surgery. There are some trans folks who do. There are some trans folks who experience dysphoria on multiple levels, and there are some trans folks who don’t. But we are a diverse, fluid, and often non-conforming community, and that is just the point. We as a society need to look past the single story of what it means to be transgender and look more in depth to the variety of identities within. We need to be just as accepting of the trans folks who don’t “pass” as the ones who do. We need to let trans boys be feminine and let trans girls be masculine if they please. We need to let non-binary folks claim the trans identity without feeling like they can’t because they “appear” to be one gender or the other. In essence, we need to stop assuming anyone’s gender, and additionally lifting up those who have diverse gender identities.

Maybe then, with that mindset, we can get past the microaggressive and inappropriate questions about genitalia, and the locked gender roles that are in place even for transgender folks. We can get past the idea that somebody who “looks” like the gender you assume they are may not be; and accept that without questioning. We can stop telling non-binary folks (especially those who are read in society as cisgender) that they are not trans because they don’t want to physically transition. If we can get past these things, we can work on focusing on what is urgently important in the trans community:

Trans women of color are globally the largest demographic of assaulted and murdered people.

Almost half of transgender folks attempt suicide in their lifetime

The majority of transgender people cannot get jobs due to transphobia, and therefore must turn to sex work, which can be dangerous.

Homelessness in transgender communities is on the rise, as well as a fall in populations in higher education.

It is legal in most states in the U.S. to be fired for being trans, or turned away from housing.

There is so much more, but what the binary system works to do within the trans community is shift the focus to the body, the physical transition (while assuming that’s necessary), the level at which someone “passes”, and ultimately, to only accept certain transgender folk as authentically trans.

With that, it takes the attention and focus away from the very real, very imminent, human rights violations, and macro and microaggresional transphobia that transgender folks face every single day. THAT is what we need to focus on. Because, my friends, we as the transgender community are in a state of emergency. 

So the other night while I’m playing Dragon Age my Mom offhandedly says to me, “Pretty soon it’ll just be you in the game. Like virtual reality. No more avatar proxy.” and I sincerely hope she’s wrong.

Solas: And right then, I felt the whole world change…

Inquisitor Lurx: Oh my god, that is the most Aquiline nasal bone I’ve ever seen.

Solas: Ex… Excuse me?

Inquisitor Lurx: *In pure delight* There is, like, zero definition between your Glabella and nasal bridge! 

Solas: … Thank you?

Inquisitor Lurx: Like, that’s not even mentioning the bold angle of your Zygomatic bone! You must have the prettiest skull under all that skin!

Solas: ……

Inquisitor Lurx: * still genuinely thinking she just successfully flirted*

Solas: Well, I am officially uncomfortable so the sooner you wake up the sooner I can resume not speaking to you.

Inquisitor Lurx: D:

@thisispvris: So… we got a little excited while doing this and accidentally held the flag upside down. But hey, I guess that’s our aesthetic or something. ❤️ Thank you Houston for lending your ears and your hearts today during our set. I don’t usually go up and make speeches on stage but today I felt like it was necessary. This country and its people took a big step today and hopefully many other big steps will follow. There’s still a whole lot of bullshit and negativity in the world today with issues like racism, sexism, brutality, wars on religion/beliefs etc. that still need a whole lot of work. It’s up to you guys out there to help contribute to positive change in the world and I believe it’s something that can be accomplished. No matter what your skin color is, your sexual orientation, your religion, etc… If you believe in love and spreading positivity, that’s all that matters. Be the positive change this world needs ❤️ - Lynn
Photo: @samsanroman

lynngvnn:… we got a little excited while doing this and accidentally held the flag upside down. But hey, I guess that’s our aesthetic or something. Thank you Houston for lending your ears and your hearts today during our set. I don’t usually go up and make speeches on stage but today I felt like it was necessary. This country and its people took a big step today and hopefully many other big steps will follow. There’s still a whole lot of bullshit and negativity in the world today with issues like racism, sexism, brutality, wars on religion/beliefs etc. that still need a whole lot of work. It’s up to you guys out there to help contribute to positive change in the world and I believe it’s something that can be accomplished. No matter what your skin color is, your sexual orientation, your religion, etc… If you believe in love and spreading positivity, that’s all that matters. Be the positive change this world needs Photo: @samsanroman

9/100 days of productivity

my studying plan! not sure why i felt it necessary to recopy the same schedule twice…but hey, it helped! (i realize i forgot to change the date of my test at the top of my grid post-it) so much information! >.<



This is incredibly personal, but I feel it so necessary to show that change is not some far off, distant hope that no one actually realizes–in the blue ink is a diary entry I wrote when I was barely 15, in the midst of my depression. Every day was a battle to accept myself as I was, because I’d grown up in a home and with school friends that told me I was supposed to be everything but what I was. I was ashamed of my emotions, of my hate, of my inability to control my feelings. I felt so deeply, but I felt nothing but hate…I thought it’d be my entire existence, that everyone is supposed to feel this way…

I began crying as I wrote tonight, and I began crying even harder when I read back through my old journal. It’s been a battle to be who I am now. It still is a lot of the time. It’s a war between letting old habits set in and remembering how good new habits feel…between hate and love, between who I used to be and who I am now.

I’m not ashamed of who I used to be. It made me who I am now, a person open to love and to light and to connection…I wanted to die every moment of every day, to set myself and my mind free from this pain. Today, I am completely and utterly in love with life and all of its hills, pains and love. There is always love. We just have to find it.

Sincerely, a crying teenage girl with a mountain of homework and love in her heart x

Producers Lie

“Now… you all probably just went to see an awesome movie today, and who would blame you. It stars me. Though you see boys and girls there is something about movies I just have to break to you. Those happy things that happen right there at the ending to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about yourself? Those things are all lies. Even with an R rating the ‘MAN’ felt it necessary to give Wade Wilson a break. I appreciate the thought but doesn’t change the fact that producers are liars. That’s right kiddos… lying horrible ugly rugs! 

You are probably saying, but deadpool aren’t you a producer of this movie? and you would be correct but you already knew I was a liar so no surprise there. I wanted at least a happy ending on the big screen. That wasn’t what happened in the real world though because unfortunately those rainbows and unicorns are just hallucinations. NO here in the real world, the girl dies and the pool doesn’t get his revenge because for some shit reason Francis somehow fucking survives a headshot wound.

I don’t know the hows, whens or whys yet but I’m working on figuring that all out. All I know is I left him very dead in a pile of rubble. I know, that throb in the back of your head, thats what I like to call continuity headaches.. hang in there it’ll pass. Better? Great, Now back to my miss mun’s starter for yet another spideypool slow burn thread. So, Recap… Nessa dead, Ajax less dead and x-men are less than thrilled to have been affiliated with that mess.

aaannnndddd… here we are. A year later still doing the same thing I was doing last year hunting a prick who just won’t go flacid… even after I shot off my load in his head… wait that doesn’t work. Can I try that again? Oh whatever… just get on with it spidey mun I need some eye candy!”

Wade’s internal… or external (Hard to tell in writing) monologue comes to a close as he drops down into a building via the skylight. The room is filled with thugs and he easily decapitates one well asking in a high pitched chirpy voice, “Francis? Have you seen him? Apparently he’s less dead than I left him and I would like to retcon that immediately.”


I can’t believe I’m sitting in space jail with you of all people.”

For the record, Darcy wasn’t actually surprised about her current circumstances. She was mostly surprised by who was joining her. Although, that was kind of her fault. Though he did have a habit of trying to defend her, even when she didn’t deem it necessary, so she really shouldn’t be all that surprised, considering. 

Sitting on the floor, knees pulled up near his chest, was Steve Rogers, one of his hands buried in his hair as he sighed, heavily, for like the ten-thousandth time. She almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

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Ok so I know I don’t look too big in this pic but I’m honestly so confident at this point of my life! I wish everyone felt like this! STOP comparing yourself to people who are older than you or anyone for that matter. It’s not worth it. Stop crying about your appearance. It’s not going to change anything! Nothing! You’re just going to feel miserable and you’ll feel it on the inside and see it on the outside. Just like LIVE your life and worry less about shit and “just do it ” -Nike just go to the gym just work out just chill. Be happy with yourself and be grateful. Once you feel at peace inside your heart itll be expressed through your outside physical appearance