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Hey Ria, in terms of deep, dark secrets, could you possibly tell us how you'd interpret the boys' Chiron asteroid (if you're versed in that) and how to best handle them with care? Please and thank you!

of course i can do that! chiron is a powerful asteroid that represents our “wounds” and insecurities, often due to childhood trauma and just bad experience in general. whatever house and signs it lies in reveals things that we feel aren’t good enough, or cause constant pain throughout life. it’s also associated with healing. once we heal our chiron wounds, we can help others who felt the same

anyways let’s look at the tea on bts:

jin - leo chiron in the sixth house

  • leo is the sign of the spotlight and center stage
  • he feels that his talents are constantly overlooked and unappreciated, especially in his work (6th house)
  • is constantly pushed to the back which causes him to doubt his self worth and abilities
  • “chiron in leo needs to find a way to touch their inner child and reawaken their creativity” 
  • and i think he’s been doing that really well recently! he’s transformed a lot from the reserved, quiet guy he once was 

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yoongi - leo chiron in the 5th house

  • just like jin, a feeling of not being in the spotlight
  • (interesting that they both have leo chirons and are in a group that was disregarded heavily when they first debuted)
  • as a child, parental figures rejected his creative expression (5th house = creativity, music) 
  • had to learn that it’s okay to be expressive, different, and not have to conform to others
  • can be a great role model to suppressed youth once he overcomes this

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hoseok - virgo chiron in the 5th house

  • another chiron in the 5th, suppressed creative expression in childhood
  • virgo chiron is a big indicator of a perfectionist. 
  • can lead to compulsive behaviors
  • struggles with anxiety, pressure, and stress
  • never feels good enough, especially in areas dealing with music and dance
  • needs to learn to accept imperfection, that it’s ok to not be perfect

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namjoon - virgo chiron in the 10th house

  • another virgo chiron: a perfection, quite hard on himself
  • now with the 10th house, wounds and trauma come from his career, reputation, public image, and maybe the father
  • public rejection or humiliation has a long lasting effect on him
  • father may have rejected him or was overly strict or critical. never was good enough in his eyes
  • struggled with finding courage to follow his dreams, but once he did he became a prominent public figure who used his influence to help others find their place in the world

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jimin - libra chiron in the 4th house

  • chiron in the 4th can mean many things but usually manifests in trauma related to the home, family, and youth
  • may have felt that he didn’t belong anywhere when he was younger
  • unstable home, parents are emotionally or physically absent 
  • this can lead to him relying on others to provide a sense of security
  • libra chiron: trauma in relationships and love. may have experienced unrequited love, feels constantly betrayed and disappointed by others 
  • this can create someone who seeks approval from others throughout life and is willing to sacrifice his happiness in order to gain it
  • but he’s graced with an amazing ability to provide for others and give people that feeling of acceptance he never felt

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taehyung - libra chiron in the 10th house

  • you can kinda combine namjoon’s (10th house) and jimin’s (libra)
  • for him i think it manifested through feeling rejected by peers and society
  • i believe he mentioned being bullied or made fun of in school
  • however once he feels that he has gotten the recognition and level of success he’s dreamt of, he feels content

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jungkook - libra/scorpio chiron in the 1st house

  • his chiron is 29 degrees in libra so it’s right on that libra-scorpio cusp so i’ll look at both 
  • wounds and fear relating to love (libra) and sex (scorpio)
  • many failed relationships, depending too much on others 
  • feeling powerless, scared of being taken advantage of
  • chiron in the 1st is quite a tricky placement 
  • can be an indication of self hate and insecurity
  • highly critical of his appearance. trouble expressing himself
  • self acceptance is a big journey 

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Darling if I only needed to love your words to make this work
then my love would be truer than anything else
I’ve ever felt in my life
however, that is not the case
and every bittersweet morning comes with knowing
that there was a new poem out there
with your tender kiss upon it
and yet your lips are nowhere near mine
you are the love of a life that we are not truly living
but we see it in the glimpses of everything in between
the sunrise and the sunset
and every new chapter that we write with our own palms
pressed against mirror glass that shows us
that could but never would be
—  Something sad but beautiful

There’s an old poem by Neruda that I’ve always been captivated by, and one of the lines in it has stuck with me ever since the first time I read it. It says “love is so short, forgetting is so long.” It’s a line I’ve related to in my saddest moments, when I needed to know someone else had felt that exact same way. And when we’re trying to move on, the moments we always go back to aren’t the mundane ones. They are the moments you saw sparks that weren’t really there, felt stars aligning without having any proof, saw your future before it happened, and then saw it slip away without any warning. These are moments of newfound hope, extreme joy, intense passion, wishful thinking, and in some cases, the unthinkable letdown. And in my mind, every one of these memories looks the same to me. I see all of these moments in bright, burning, red.

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They did need men actually. Their characters wouldnt exist if J2 didnt have the chemistry they did

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(I’m assuming this is referring to the Inktober piece I posted about 30sec ago…the one of Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum.)

Well, sure…if you want to take my tags in such a literal fashion, then we could say they also needed men bc they wouldn’t exist without dads/sperm donors either. 

So sorry my “wayward women don’t need no man” tag sent you spinning off into a realm where you somehow felt I’d insulted J2.  But, dude…what kind of journey did your brain take to get to that point?!

Women are constantly told that they need a man–for safety, for romance, for almost all areas of life.  And that simply is not true.

Men are awesome.  Women are awesome.  People are awesome.  But YOU decide who you NEED in your life.

My art was not paying tribute to J2′s chemistry, and how it’s allowed uncountable characters to shine on screen for over a decade.  It was a tribute to Jody and Donna…as CHARACTERS who will soon lead a cast of women in their own show.  Women who don’t need a man to keep them safe, or provide for them financially, or possibly even romance. 

Who knows?  The possibilities are endless when women join forces…

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Part I: I read your response to the ask on feeling like everyone can hear God, but you. I spent the last year trying to “connect” to God. It got to the point where I was crying myself to sleep ‘cause I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and why it felt like God didn’t want me. I tried to “examine my life”, but I feel like it’s kind of counterintuitive if you need to be perfect in order to connect with God. I admit I’ve got areas that need work, but they’re things I don’t know how to fix.

I’m sorry to hear about what you’re going through, I went through the same thing last year.
I guess I should have been clearer when I was explaining that part. Let’s try this again! :)
Initially, God’s Word says that God accepts us the way we are:
God has made us accepted in the Beloved.” - Ephesians 1:6 (NKJV)
BUT just like the Max Lucado quote says: “God loves you as you are, but He loves you too much to leave you that way. He wants you to be like Jesus”. Hence why there is the self-examination part which I listed. If we are going to grow in our walk, we must be willing to allow God to help us to change, to be more and more like Jesus.

Saying things like “I feel so close to God” and stuff are very common from recent born-again Christians who are newly on fire for God. And it’s so easy for us Christians to get fired up for God when we are surrounded by other Christians or when things are going well. But when we return to our regular lives filled with distractions and circumstances things can go into a decline and we put quality time with God aside. That’s when you start saying things like “I feel so spiritually dry” and “Why can’t I hear God’s voice?”

I mean that you have been saved by grace through believing. You did not save yourselves; it was a gift from God.” - Ephesians 2:8 (NCV)
This verse tells us that our salvation comes through faith, not feelings. Feelings are inconsistent and unreliable. They’re from the heart and the Bible says that the heart is deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9). We shouldn’t base our relationship with God on feelings, God isn’t a wifi modem whose signal disappears every now and then.
Instead of waiting and yearning for the next amazing on fire experience with God, we should experience regularly in our everyday lives and we do that with discipline. When we accept Jesus and our Saviour we become his disciples and it means that we need self-control and discipline to obey him. We need to keep up with the basic foundations of connecting with God which is reading our bibles and praying, both require discipline.

God might be quiet sometimes but it doesn’t mean that He isn’t there. It is when we are strong in our faith that Satan will attack the most, so even in times of trial, we need to remain in Jesus. Praying is to the spiritual life what breathing is to the physical life. When we pray, God’s Spirit begins to work in us. Same with reading our Bibles, when we do it regularly it keeps our spiritual life in good health. It’s a necessity, not an option. Following Jesus requires discipline, dedication and most of all, faith. But we can relax knowing that God doesn’t change no matter how much our feelings do.
I hope that is clearer and helps :)

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i feel like you forget that weiss was fighting on an airship. that thing is dodging the lancers' attack and she needs a broader stance to keep her balance. just because she has runes that keep her feet on the ground doesn't mean that she might not fall over. so that's just my two cents on the topic :)

I don’t forget that and I’m saying not only the last fight but also the whole ways girls walk/stand since V4. For example, when Weiss was sneaking in the corridor in the last of V4, we actually felt she just looked like a man.
If Japanese animators make the same scene like the last fight, they would definitely try keeping her feminine posture even on an airship (No offence, I’m not saying Japanese anime is the best. I understand this is just a cultural difference)

Jesper mojo tweeted why we felt the girls legs weird with his picts when Weiss’ character short was released. Too difficult for me to explain this in English though… https://twitter.com/Helpyourselfire/status/887435156084072448

Sorry for the long post! And thanks for the message:D Btw, what does the “runes” mean?:0

i’m sorry for being so inactive, i had a bit of a breakdown last night and ended up leaving the house for a few hours and on top of it i’m super sick sOOO that’s why we didn’t do any themed nights this weekend, but i want to do one to make up for it, something like steamy saturday or snuggly sunday but for monday?? 


Most of the contestants were slowly getting up, but none of them felt the need yet to start playing the guitar. As the deer continued to devour the last low hanging fruit in the garden, Taylor took it upon himself to harvest all of the fruits that were out of their reach to put them safely into the chest.

Thomas joined Jack fishing.
Thomas: “We should catch ourselves a nice feast to celebrate Lori’s elimination today.”
Jack: “Hmm… speaking of which, maybe we should start with that challenge?”
Thomas: “No rush, everyone is still sleeping. We still have plenty of time! I’m sure of it.”

Maybe one day like 20 years in the future I’ll run into Taylor in a coffee shop and we can have a real conversation and I can tell her that I’ve been a fan of hers since I was 12 years old and I feel like she was the older sister I needed but never had. And then when she came along I felt like I had someone helping me along the way. I think she would give me a hug and thank me for sticking with her and I can thank her for sticking with me. And we will go on our way.

I can only dream

Is anyone’s tumblr app being the absolute worst?! I tried multiple times over the weekend to post about my workouts and it just kept failing. It happily posted the pictures of pizza and one of the cats though. What gives tumblr? I need to prove to the world that I exercised for the first time in a week and a half!

So here I am at a computer. Oh my, the dedication.

Ok, enough sarcasm. On Saturday I did my usual run with Laura but due to my lack of recent exercise / laziness / seizure earlier in the week, we only did 3 miles. I found it really hard. We had the doggies with us and I felt really sorry for them because we had them on the leads and they definitely wanted to run faster than I could manage. That’s motivation to work on my speed :P

Then last night I got back to climbing. The very first wall just felt impossible, my hands were hurting as if it was the first time I’ve ever been. After that though everything just felt normal, it was bizarre. I got further up a wall that I’ve been trying to conquer, so I fell off near the top with a smile on my face! It’s actually the wall to the right of the one I’m doing in the picture.

I didn’t yesterday but sometimes I’d go do an easy session at the gym Sunday mornings, the boy however went climbing twice. He’s officially addicted. He went to a bouldering course in the morning then came climbing with us in the evening. He did belay more than climb but still, two times in one day! I have to say that I’m so happy that he’s found something active that he enjoys.

As a side note and it may sound strange but I’m not really a fan of bouldering, hence why I didn’t tag along to the morning climb. I just like the freedom of being tied in and not having to worry about falling. It might have something to do with when I first tried it, I fell, hurt my foot, and couldn’t run for over a month! I don’t want running taken away from me again!

It was a few years ago and I’ve tried to have a search for the old posts from when it happened and come up short BUT that was when my epilepsy was at it’s absolute worst so there’s lots of rambles about that! A seizure roughly every other week, bruises, chewed up tongues, drug changes, neuro appointments and the trauma of my first fit in public!!! I’ve obviously just had the recent two and one last month but previous to that I lasted 9 months! I have come a long way since then and looking back at those posts is a little reminder to try and not get too stressed about them. I seemed to be in constant worry, I definitely don’t want to feel like that again!

Anyway, happy Monday!

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Boyfriend niall idea: your relationship is very new and you are somehow really shy to show love to niall when there are other people around, you are blushing all the time. Maybe you are hanging out with family or friends and niall keeps wraping his arms around you and kissing you, you tell him to stop, blushing like crazy and all your friends or family are teasing you about it.

“Why are you bein’ weird? Do I look bad or smell bad or somet’in’? ‘Cause you’re avoiding being near me.”

“No, no - you look fantastic, Superstar. Really, you do.”

“Why are you being distant, t’en? Won’t even hold ‘me hand when we’re out t’ere.”

She didn’t need him to explain any further how he felt - she could see how heartbroken he was that she wasn’t as affectionate towards him, as she always was. She never denied him a kiss, or pat on her bum as he walked by - but, as soon as she stepped inside their party venue, she had tensed away. She felt horrible, she didn’t want him to think he had anything to do with why she wasn’t being as romantic and sweet-loving - she just didn’t know how to go about it publicly.

“I’m sorry,” she whispers, her chipping dipping to her chest, her hazel eyes glossing with tears as she breathes heavily, her lip tugging between her teeth as she notices his figure padding towards her, his lips curving into a frown as he lifts her chin, her orbs meeting his blue eyes, his lips touching her forehead sweetly as he nudges her into his warm embrace.

“Hey, shh.” He knew - she was scared. He didn’t blame her - she couldn’t have predicted how harmful and toxic her last boyfriend would have been, she couldn’t have done anything to prevent him from being so cruel and disgusting towards her. She didn’t intend on having her confidence fall so lowly and her fear of rejection soar as soon as anyone stepped into her life.

He tucks his nose into her hair, his fingertips brushing through her brunette waves, his words whispered to her, his heart breaking as he hears her hiccup a sob.

“‘m sorry. I know ‘s hard fo’ you. I’m sorry, baby. Shouldn’t have been such a dick about it. S’what we’re workin’ towards, yeah? Wan’a make it so you can’t take your hands off of me in public? We’ll make everyone jealous because we’ll be all over each ot’er.”

“I‘m sorry. I’m trying, I really am.”

“I know, I know you are. It’s okay. One step at a time. How ‘bout t’is? Jus’ hold my hand whilst we’re out t’ere. ‘m not going to shove you away, or embarrass you, I promise. ‘m not like him. ‘s not going to happen with me.”

“I know - I know you wouldn’t.”

“C’mon, heard Sarah made cake fo’ t’e album’s release. Wan’a snag a piece b’fore everyone takes some.”

He kisses her sweetly, smiling as she pushes her lips against his, her fingertips interlocking with his as he steps outside his dressing room, her figure clinging closely to his, his hand squeezing hers as he leads her into their tour’s kitchen, chatter and laughter echoing around the dining hall, his finger pointing towards Louis and Eleanor sat at a rounded table in a corner of the widespread room. 

Her sandals click against the linoleum flooring, a smile perked on her lips, her hazel orbs admiring him as he mindlessly chats to his best friend, his cheeks blushing pink as she touches her lips to his cheek, her heart pounding in her chest, her eyelashes fluttering against her cheeks as he kisses her temple sweetly, his lips curved into a smile, his palm resting on her thigh as she settles on his lap, her ankles crossed over his knee as she nuzzles into his chest.

“Gross. Get a room.”

Her cheeks blush pink, a chuckle rumbling his chest, his fingertips squeezing her hip lovingly as he traces her features.

She’s happiest with him - no fear of rejection or disapproval, no hiding or secretiveness. He is in love with her, he’s smitten, entranced by her. He doesn’t want to hide her away - he wants to display to everyone how much he loves her - compliments her, kisses her, embraces her. He doesn’t need anyone telling him how he should or should not act - he knows her, he knows what she loves and what she hates. She’s safe with him, she’s home.

“I love you and I like you.”

“I love you and I like you.”


Today, I start moving forward again. Life is full of these kinds of things, where you blast forward, you slow down, to come to a stop, maybe even have to reverse a bit. It’s never a constant forward motion like we’d hope it would be… but I’m starting the forward movement once more.

I took down all of my to-do lists. I had about ten of them in total, full of all the things I wanted to do, needed to do, needed to get, etc… a constant reminder of how slowly I was moving, and how little I felt like I was accomplishing. Instead I’m putting goal lists in my bullet journal, accessible when I need to remember rather than it being a constant visual requirement. 

I’m cleaning out my entire work area, wiping down everything, making it all completely clean. A fresh start, a fresh mind. That kinda thing. Also now that I’ve lived with this for a few months, I know what I need to access most, and can put it closer to me with some reorganization.

I’m revamping my “need to buy” lists to try and tackle things easier. Setting aside a little money at a time for the big purchases (mattress, bed frame, office chair being the biggest ones), while using an equal amount to buy one smaller thing each pay period. No more months of saving for only the big things and not feeling like I’m making progress. It’ll take me longer to get the bigger things in order, but the regular arrival of small things will keep my spirits up.

But most of all, I’m accepting that it’s time to open up a new season of my life. The last season was all about heartbreak, and trying to rebuild what I had. One of those TV series that has that really draining, bleak season out of nowhere, where everything seems to go wrong all at once, and you don’t know if anything good can come out of it again.
This new season’s going to be about family. Particularly bringing my family together, and building a new life, instead of trying to repair an old one that I can never get back again. This new life will be a lot different… but I think it’ll be beautiful. Full of love and encouragement, security and peace. It’s probably going to be better than what I wanted in the first place.

Heart Series

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Warnings: Language

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Chapter 3

“What do you mean you don’t know what was in the dark!?” Bucky nearly growled with venom in his voice as he stared at Tony and Banner, “You are both mad fucking scientists and you can’t figure out what’s in it?!” Bucky felt his blood begin to boil as he gripped the counter in the kitchen.

“First off, lower your damn voice.” Tony warned, “Anna doesn’t need to hear this right now.” Tony added, “Secondly, you don’t think we’re just as pissed off as you?” Tony questioned with narrowed eyes, “We’ve tried running every test known and nothing is working. It’s like whoever did it, doesn’t it want it to be known. I’ve not seen work like this, outside of my own in like ever." 

Bucky shook his head, his human hand pushing through his dark hair. It had been almost a week since Anna had been targeted. Once she had woke up from sedation, Wanda had stayed by her side because Anna felt comfortable with her. It was driving Bucky insane that she couldn’t remember him. He quickly realized that he much rather have Anna ignoring him than not knowing him at all. Bucky had never felt so helpless in his life. 

"So what? We’re back to square one?” Bucky questioned and watched as both men gave a solemn nod, “Un-fuckin-believable.” Bucky huffed and stormed out of the kitchen. 

He hated the fact that everyone was keeping him away from the dark haired woman as she ventured around the tower with Wanda not far behind. They had said that she needed to adjust to not remembering, and hoped that if she wandered around then maybe something would come back to her. Clint would be watching him from a distance, ready to step in if he got close to her and it was infuriating him. Spotting the archer, Bucky glared at the man before heading towards the room he once shared with Anna. It was the only sort of peace he could have since there were reminders of their relationship before he left.
Glancing over his shoulder, he was thankful that no one was following him as he made his way to the door and saw it cracked open. He furrowed his eyes as he slowly entered the room, knowing he had shut it before he left that morning. When he walked in, he froze in his tracks. 

“Anna…” Bucky breathed out, startling the dark haired woman and watched as the picture frame in her hands fell to her feet, causing the glass to break. He quickly moved towards her so she wouldn’t get cut by the shards, “It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you…” Bucky spoke gently seeing that Anna tensed as he approached, “I just..I’m gonna move you so you don’t cut your feet.” Bucky explained as he stepped on the glass with his boots and carefully put his hands on her waist to lift her with ease and took a few steps forward to where she was out of the glass. 

“I’m sorry.” Anna spoke barely above a whisper, “I…I got lost and came in here." 

"It’s alright doll.” Bucky moved towards the bathroom to get the trash can and then a small broom that was in the bathroom closet to clean up the glass. 

Anna watched as Bucky cleaned up the glass quickly and put it in the trash can. Her bright eyes kept glancing towards the picture on the ground and watched as he picked it up and sat it back on the dresser. She knew that it was her in the photo, along with the man in front of her. He had his arms wrapped around her as they were sitting on a bench near a bunch of trees. She was smiling at the man as he looked at her with so much love in his eyes. 

“How…uh…what were we?” Anna questioned as Bucky walked out of the bathroom and looked to her, “I mean…the pictures, we knew each other?” Anna questioned.

“Yeah.” Bucky gave a nod, “Would you like for me to tell you?” Bucky questioned gently as he moved to sit on the edge of the bed.  

He watched her think it over for a moment, her eyes slowly darting around for a moment and then sat on the edge of the bed shyly and gave a nod. 

“Well, it’s a little complicated.” Bucky started out, “But you and I were in a relationship for a little over two years." 

"So uh, we’re not anymore?” Anna questioned and Bucky swore he felt his heart ache. 

“That’s where it gets complicated.” Bucky admitted with a small laugh, trying to ease the tension that was slowly building around him, “I uh…I left in order to protect you. We were on a mission, and someone from my past threatened to use you against me, and I thought it was best to walk away so you wouldn’t get hurt.” Bucky explained as Anna thought over his words. Bucky watched as Anna furrowed her eyebrows in confusion causing Bucky to do the same, “If you have questions, I can answer them if you’d like.” Bucky offered. 

“If…If I’m an avenger, why would you leave? I mean, I obviously had my powers then, right?” Anna questioned. 

“Yeah, you had your powers.” Bucky answered, “I was an idiot. I let my past and all the things I went through dictate the choice of me leaving. I just…I couldn’t let you get hurt because of me and who I was. I was too far gone in my own head when I made the choice to walk out. It’s something I’ll regret for the rest of my life.” Bucky admitted, knowing that this was the first time he was able to talk to Anna about what happened, even though she had no idea what had happened. 

“I guess that makes sense.” Anna commented lowly causing Bucky to raise an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?” Bucky questioned, hoping like hell she all of a sudden remembered, but knew it was unlikely. 

“Yes, I was concerned and angry.” Bucky answered, “I know you don’t remember anything from our relationship, but I just…I want you to know, I will never let anything bad happen to you. I know you probably don’t trust me and that’s okay, but I just want you to know that I’m here for you.” Bucky spoke honestly. 

Anna looked at him for a moment and gave a nod, “I better find my way back.” Anna stood up and Bucky felt the tug in his heart as she left the bed. 

“Would you like for me to show you around?” Bucky questioned, not wanting to leave her side now that she had spoken to him. 

“Yeah, I’d like that if you don’t mind.” Anna spoke quietly.
Bucky couldn’t believe how quiet Anna was being, it was so unlike her. It was like she was scared something bad would happen if she spoke above a whisper. Bucky followed her out of the room and shut the door behind him, and began to show her around the tower.


It amazed me how soft spoken Anna had been while I showed her around. I knew that she didn’t talk to much to anyone besides Wanda and Clint, so it made everyone raise their eyebrows as she talked to me quietly as we passed the others. I felt peace for the first time in what seemed like forever since I had left and came back, all because Anna was next to me, talking about things around the tower. I knew that she was still closed off about a lot, but I decided to not push her with questions on what she had remembered and didn’t remember about her life. 

I laid in bed and swore I could still smell the shampoo from Anna’s hair. It was making it hard to sleep. I had thought about sneaking into her room like I had done in the past, but I didn’t want to scare her since she had just gotten back to her room. I couldn’t help but to toss and turn. I glanced to the clock to see that it was close to three thirty in the morning. I thought about getting out of bed and going to the gym in order to make myself tired but the sound of screaming caused me to bolt out of my bed. 


My heart raced as I stumbled out the door in the dark, not bothering to put on a shirt in order to get to her quickly. I saw that Clint and Steve’s doors were open and no doubt in there with her, but it didn’t stop me from barreling into the room.
My eyes looked to the dark haired woman, tears pouring down her face as Clint tried to sooth her. I tried to push my jealousy aside and walked towards the bed as Anna’s eyes darted around the room wildly. She looked terrified, absolutely scared out of her mind. Her eyes locked on me and the look on her face took my breath away, heart breaking as I looked back at her. I didn’t have time to prepare myself for her launching herself out of the bed and at me, her arms wrapping around my neck extremely tight. I instantly wrapped my metal arm around her, my human hand going to the back of her head as she buried her face into the curve of my neck. 

“It’s okay…you’re okay…” I whispered to her as she sobbed into my neck, “You’re safe.” I tried to soothe her but her cries weren’t stopping. 

“I…I felt it!” Anna cried causing Clint,Steve and I to furrow our eyebrows in confusion. 

“Felt what Anna?” I questioned. 

“What…what you went through.” Anna spoke lowly, tears still pouring down her cheeks, “I felt what they did to you…” Anna added causing me to tense, “I don’t know…I don’t know why I did, please don’t be mad.” Anna nearly begged as she looked up at me. 

I had to push the thoughts of what I went through in the back of my head, “I’m not mad Anna.” I assured her as I held her tight against me because it seemed to calm her down some. 

“Anna, do you remember anything?” Steve questioned gently from behind Anna.  

“No…” Anna sighed as she wiped her tears, “I just…I felt what he went through. I don’t know how or why. It felt like a warning or something. It didn’t make sense.” Anna explained the best she could. 

I frowned deeply as she backed away from my hold but still stayed close to me as she looked to Steve who began to talk. 

“I think we should get you to the Dr. Cho.” Steve explained, “Maybe she can figure out what happened, we need to wake Tony.” I glanced to Anna to see her tense. 

“I don’t want more tests right now.” Anna spoke quietly, fear in her voice. 

“Steve buddy, let’s hold off until morning.” I suggested, and Anna looked to me hopeful, “She’s had a rough night. If she felt what I went through, tests are the best thing for her right now.” I stated, knowing that Steve was aware of what I had went through in the past and reluctantly nodded his head with a sigh. 

Steve hesitantly left the room as Clint approached Anna. My eyes narrowed instantly as he put a hand on her shoulder and spoke quietly to where I couldn’t hear what he was saying. I watched as Anna gave a nod and watched Clint walk past her. His glare on me had me rolling my eyes and when I knew he was out of the room I focused on Anna. 

“If you need me, I’m three doors down, alright?” I spoke quietly and watched as fear entered Anna’s eyes for a moment. 

“Could I…could I uh come stay with you?” Anna questioned. 

It didn’t take me long for me to nod my head. I felt my skin feel on fire as she laced her small hand with my metal one and I lead her out of the room and back to mine. I turned the light on for her to see and watched as she climbed into bed. The over-sized t-shirt riding up just enough for me to see her black panties. Once she was in the bed, I turned the light off and made my way to the other side. I climbed in making sure to keep my distance as I laid on my back, staring at the ceiling. It wasn’t long before I felt her soft skin pressed against my side, her head laying on my chest and my human arm going under her to lace around her back and hold her close. 

“I’m sorry you had to go through that.” Anna whispered and I couldn’t help but to kiss her forehead, “I want to remember Bucky." 

"You will Anna.”

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y’all need to read if we were villains bc it’s been a week and i’m still internally yelling about it bc it was so fucking brilliant. seriously it’s probably the best or equal best book i have read all year. i’m in love. i’m gonna buy a physical copy instead of my ebook when i get paid bc i desperately need to *hold* it. i’m considering rereading it already. it’s AMAZING GO READ IT THEN COME YELL WITH ME

dan and phil when they finally get a dog

- dan teaching phil how to take care of a puppy bc he never had one growing up

- getting overexcited about cute little dog outfits

- who’s a good boy

- being really extra and getting customized dog bowls

- helloH

- dan wanting to get fancy ass collars

- dog selfies

- tweets about dog antics