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Some important terms used by Roleplayers

Muns are the writers, who write back and forth each describing the actions and words of their of the character they have chosen. I’m going to use an imaginary person named Sue as the example of a mun.

Muses are the characters being written about by the muns. Sometimes people prefer to use character to refer to a muse, but muse seems to be the one I see the most often. In this case I’m going to use Spider-man as the muse example.

Threads are the stories written back and forth by two or more muns about their muses. Let’s say Sue has met Paul who has Batman as a muse. They write a thread together, which involves a scenario in which Batman gets bitten by a genetically augmented bat and Spiderman teaches him to use his new abilities.

Canon is the official storyline of a show/film/book series that people pick a character from. So in canon Batman never gets bitten by a bat, and isn’t trained by Spiderman.

AU is short for Alternate Universe. In our example Sue and Paul have created an AU where Batman has actual bat-related powers and fights crime alongside Spiderman.

Verse (or universe) “AUs or places in a timeline where threads which might take place that are common enough on the blog to be established things” thanks to @chieftess-of-the-haladin for commenting this on the original post, I had completely forgotten about this one, and it’s definitely important

Starters are the first post of a thread, which set the scene for the thread. This blog contains sentence starters, which are things muns can send to one another via ask to start a thread with. In this case perhaps Paul sent Sue an ask with “It bit me” which started the entire alternate universe they have that thread in.

OC is short for original character, and these are another type of muse people have. In this case we’re going to use the example of another person named Jude. Jude has created an OC for the Batman universe named Kevin who is a guard at Arkham who often ends up in trouble for some reason or another.

Three person Rp (sometimes called Three-person thread) this is the last one, because now we’re getting into the more complicated things. If Jude, Paul, and Sue got together and all wrote a thread it would be one of these, and it can allow for interesting character development.

like I’m a student in college working two jobs I’m sorry but this blog is my happy place - or it’s supposed to be - I’m going to talk about the things I like here that are important to me and that includes sherlock and johnlock and part of that is sherlock being gay okay like I don’t know what to tell you. This isn’t new. I’ve felt the same way for years. it’s not my job to convince you.

on the note of the perfume: I was making a fun random tag on a post but I stand by what I said. it’s just for fun. That’s all it was was a fucking tag. and you know if there was no other evidence to contribute to sherlock being gay then yeah, claiming he knows all these various brands of perfume adds to that wouldn’t make sense but it’s not. There’s a plethora of evidence suggesting he’s gay. And being familiar with brands like Prada is??? A Lot. So. I’m tired of defending myself to you guys. I’m writing this as I’m getting ready to leave into a double shift day, I shouldn’t be fucking miserable every time I check my blog.

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malec +101!

your wish is my command, olivia dear

“So how are we gonna do this, Alexander?” Magnus whispered as they peered into Jace’s room. He was sprawled across the mattress, fast asleep. “I don’t feel like this is going to work out in our favor, dear.”

Alec shook his head determinedly. Jace and Isabelle had waged war. Jace had drawn on Alec’s face while he was asleep, and no one had thought it would be a good idea to tell him before he walked into his extremely important meeting with the delegates from other Institutes. The next day Isabelle put glue in Magnus’ shampoo, which Alec felt he was never going to let go for the rest his immortal lifetime. But it was time for payback.

“Trust me, Magnus,” Alec assured. “I saw this work on The Parent Trap. I’m like 20 percent sure this plan will work. There’s an 80 percent chance we could die horribly and violently, but this plan is solid, I swear.” Alec looked to Magnus and saw him mumbling what seemed to be a small prayer.

Alec urged Magnus to stand and they walked into Jace’s room, Alec armed with a silencing rune and Magnus with a spell. They approached Jace’s bed and glanced up at each other at the same time. Alec’s chest shook as he contained his laughter.

After a firm nod, Magnus and Alec sought their revenge.

They uncapped their bottles of honey and began drizzling it all over Jace’s sleeping form. From the tips of his hair to his toes, Jace was being drenched in honey. Every time Jace moved or mumbled in his sleep, they would freeze, afraid their plan was about to be foiled, and Jace would gut them the second he opened his eyes. But alas, his eyes remained shut.

Magnus and Alec continued until their bottles were empty, and Jace looked like Winnie The Pooh on crack.

They exited the room quietly and moved on to step two of their plan. They angled the door just right and balanced a bucket filled with feathers right on top. As soon as Jace opened the door, he would be a new goose down pillow for Magnus and Alec’s bed.

Magnus and Alec looked at each other with matching grins.

“One,” Alec said, holding up a finger.

“Two,” Magnus counted, holding up another.

“THREE!” They yelled together. “JACE! IZZY!”

They waited in anticipation for three seconds before Jace’s door swung open.

“WHAT THE FU-” he began to yell but was cut off mid-sentence when the bucket of feathers flipped over and landed straight on his head. He ripped it off and threw it to the ground, and the sight in front of their eyes sent Magnus and Alec to the floor in a fit of laughter. He couldn’t even distinguish the man under the feathers. Jace looked like a fun-sized Big Bird. Alec could hardly even breathe, and he felt Magnus wheezing next to him. God, he loved this man. Before Magnus came into his life he never allowed himself to have any fun. Now, here he was, laughing on the floor with his warlock boyfriend, and his brother standing in front of them covered in feathers and honey.

“Oh, that’s it you assholes, just you-” Jace was once again cut off, but this time by a crash followed by a scream.


Magnus and Alec only laughed harder, grabbing each other’s hands and basking in their glory.

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You are going to tell me that Albus-too-many-bloody-names-Dumbledore, who has to insert his opinion into everything, and has to have control over everything going on around him, couldn’t possibly do anything to help Tom Riddle when he was very well aware of the signs the boy showed and what happened if those signs went unchecked?

Sure. Dumbledore is perfectly innocent.

Fact is, had he at least tried to help Tom instead of pushing him further away, he wouldn’t be credited in the creation of Voldemort.

And everyone loves to excuse him. Well, it wasn’t his business so why should he get involved? I’ll tell you why.

Because nothing else was his business but he felt the overwhelming urge to involve himself in everything. Harry’s placement with Petunia, not Dumbledore’s business but he decided he knew what was best. Harry being able to send a letter, not Dumbledore’s business, but he forbade anyone from sending Harry mail. Withholding important information from Harry for years because he thinks he knows best. Setting up situations that put Harry in danger all to test his attitude and groom him properly for death.

People too easily gave in to his demands just because he once disarmed a Dark Lord and then decided to form his own little group of wannabe heroes to try and stop another. Which didn’t even work in the first war.

Dumbledore was given too much power, which had him feeling like he knew better than everyone and that no matter what, his way was the best way.

And that is why he is credited. Because he shoves his nose into everyone’s business, but when it really mattered the most and could have prevented so much pain and suffering, he couldn’t be bothered?

Witch Tip/Reminder:


This is especially important when you’re doing any divination, scrying, or anything that needs your intuition. If you think you saw or felt something for just a second, and you look again and it’s gone, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. Just go with that first gut feeling and hold onto that confidence.

I cannot stress this enough. And I often forget it myself.

Knock Down, Drag Out Fight

you and harry get in a fight and he’s really mean and then he kicks you out? and you come back in a bad state and lots of fluff and angst

Word count: ~900 words

Warning: angst, general very vague referral to family death.

A/N:It was very tough to write this. This was sort of how I imagined Christmas time will be THIS year with the missus and Harry. I in no way intend to make light of or fun of anything that’s happened to the Styles family. It felt like an important point to make that Harry is human and has feelings and that we as fans are entitled to nothing from him. Everything we get from him is a gift. I do not condone going through his trash, hacking his iCloud or any of the other myriad disgusting things that have happened to this family lately.

“Babe, I don’t know what else to tell you,” you yell frustratedly. “We went to my parents for New Year’s last year, it’s only fair to switch.” You watched him grind his jaw and stretch at his neck- he was very clearly angry.

“I don’t trust myself around you right now. You need to leave,” he stated loudly. He left the room and you could hear the door to the study slam shut.

You’d been bickering for the better part of an hour and full-out fighting for 10 mins. You’d never seen Harry angry let alone livid. His face and neck were flushed and the veins on his arms popped as he continuously clenched and released his fists. Harry’s words made you realize it was time to take a break. You stalked off to grab your backpack and threw in some things for a few nights. You’d crash at your friend’s place until Harry had cooled off.

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I hope this is an okay question, but why do you think Pearl should not have punched Peridot? Just curious on your perspective of it.

cuz it was established that peridot was afraid of being terrorized and assaulted i.e. “Catch and Release”. it was important for peridot to grow and learn through patience and kindness. and it doesn’t help that Peridot still hadn’t grown accustomed to the gems and still felt like a prisoner.

so pearl punching felt needlessly extra and cruel. also im just tired of Pearl getting away with being violent because its “empowering”

When I think of an Even’s season, i’m, first and foremost, thinking of the important subject of mental illness. I cannot count the numbers of comment (most of the time coming from anonymous), belittling Even, this g o r g e o u s boy, to just being the bipolar character. How when he would appear in one scene, oh my god, if he was too happy, or appeared just a bit sad or tired, it was its bipolar disorder showing up. I am not myself, and yet, taking 1 minute of your time, putting yourself in their shoes, in whoever found representation in Even, how hurtful it truly is. They are human beings. They are not their symptoms, they have emotions like the rest of the world. Actually, thinking back at Even’s story, or well rather his past, how he litteraly locked his heart, locked any emotions to be spread in this world coming from him, when this boy has so much love to share. So much. That’s probably one of the thing that made me fall in love right away for him. Because he has suffered, learning what happened at Bakka, to the point where he even thought he wasn’t worthy to be part of this world anymore. Even, our Even ?!!! “ I know this…. I’ll hurt you and you’ll hate”, I ruin everything, when the boy sharing his life, considers him like his actual salvation “he’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” And yet, Even, despite being now at a good place in his life, still doubts he is good enough for Isak. So for this matter especially, to be shown what a gift this boy is, not just in Isak’s life, but in each one of his friends, past and present, the balloon squad, the boy squad, Sana and the girl squad. How pivotal he is now in each one if their lives. What an inspiration he is.

And this was supposed to be dealt with, let’s just rewind back in Season 3, all those clues being left between Sana & Even. Those two were meant to be connected, those two were meant to get a season. That one comment to give an example, “it’s like saying all muslims are terrorists”, to educate dear miss Emma, and the viewer as well, about generalization. How hurtful it can be. To be part of a minority and be judged for it, even worse get hate. Something Sana & Even both have endured, as a muslim girl and a bipolar pansexual boy. Those two beautiful characters would have taught the world so much together. They would also have been such a rock for each other. And they maybe even were by the past. After all, we never knew more of their story. So in my mind, they were. 

I will not cry about what could have been, even if that’s a lost cause, it might be, I’m still choosing to fight anyway. Because this is too important of an issue. And America, you know, won’t certainly do this to teach youth, no just offer drama upon drama, going through every caricatures you could think of. When Julie’s first will when she created Skam, was to give out a piece of reality, of what Norway’s different faces can go through, and to also offer this bit of hope. We all mess up at one point in our lives, and that’s okay, that doesn’t make of us bad friends, or bad people, only human beings. Even if Julie is still there to keep an eye of the American version, this won’t ever be Skam. Ever. 

Radiohead’s new Man of War video speaks to me very deeply

Radiohead have always had an odd relationship to vehicles. Most vehicles are modern, and so they don’t sit in essential categories. Walking, running, maybe swimming, are essential categories because you don’t need anything to do them, just your human body. You need to be at a point in history where the vehicle in question has been created, however, to drive, to ride a train, even to ride a bike. This is important to Radiohead because OK Computer, which “Man of War” was left off of originally, defined an era because it felt (and I can’t quite know this, but it felt) like computer-dominance and technological paranoia stopped being categories and started being what most modern people were feeling at all times. So crashing in one machine (a car), and being saved by another (a seatbelt), became something weird because it felt like man being bounced around by machines had become an essential category.

And yet, not quite, because the pre-requisite for dystopian-technological-urban fictions, like OK Computer, is that the knowledge lingers that we have done this to ourselves. So it’s an album made in an age of transition, and things like neon signs and trains and cars hover around the lyrics. Essentially, Radiohead are not nearly being as simple as saying “break away from trains because they put you on tracks, man, be individual and fuck the machine”, it’s more like “this technology makes me feel just a little more emotionally disconnected”. Radiohead tend to use bleeps and bloops and tech sounds in their songs not as enemies to the narrator, but as proxies for human emotional disconnection. In a rough sense technology is impersonal and inhuman, but that’s more a symptom of increasing inhumanity post 1995 as Thom Yorke may have seen it. Man vs the Machine, much like Man vs Fascism, tellingly, is not entirely black and white across Radiohead.

So what happens in the Man of War video? A man walks around some London looking streets, and as the scene flips from day to night he gets chased by a group of people to some train tracks, where he collapses, then gets up when they catch up to him, and ambiguously continues walking along the train tracks with them. Is this a basic “fall in line or be hunted down by the Karma Police” sort of narrative? To me it’s more about paranoia and the ambiguity of paranoia. As good as any Radiohead song from the OKC era it makes the point that paranoia very often means being scared of nothing. Before the threat is overt this is communicated brilliantly because we have no idea what’s going on, and neither does the man. We are all a little bit more scared walking at night, but not for any good reason. Then he reaches the point of highest panic, as we all do, in a rhythmic kind of way, and then he, and us, sort of have to move on. Are they taking him down the line to kill him? In a fatalist sense, yes, but isn’t he more happy and less panicked for not running? The video poses the question of whether technological paranoia is all in our heads or not, or whether this is not technology’s fault, but yours, whether or not your contrarianism is genuine or paranoid. 

I think that’s why Radiohead were never really punk, and why their personal commentary feels like social commentary, and why that social commentary doesn’t tire. It’s never as simple as “watch your back”, even on Hail to the Thief. The overtly punk songs like 2+2=5 get gaslighted by the calmer songs on the same album, as if it can never be all that bad. There’s a question of excess and overreaction, there’s a dampening of the punkness. Why it speaks to me, and the rest of this is all a personal point, is because I often feel that kind of flitting from the day feeling to the night feeling, as portrayed in the video, and I often feel like I don’t want to be told to calm down, or be told that my morning commute doesn’t mean anything because everyone has a morning commute. No one, me included, likes to have their personal narrative taken away from them. In the opening shot the man is calmly writing a crossword, then in the night shot of the same thing, it’s like he’s figuring out a code, like he knows that everyone is coming to get him, like he knows that the events of his life have transpired to have people chase him.

I never feel like anyone is ever coming to get me. I feel pretty calm all the time. But looking out the window coming into Victoria Station every morning, and seeing all the other tracks that all meet up at the Station, while listening to OK Computer, I often felt like there was some way in which trains did and didn’t speak to the lyrics and to the experience of the album, like it would make sense that it would all come together on the train tracks, with the vague threat of a train running you over from behind, the vague idea of everyone being cattle-carted to work, while knowing full well that none of that was true, that it was just a bunch of people going to work. There’s a kind of flitting effect created by that sort of self narrative, like the flitting between day and night in the video- paranoia, simple narratives of totalitarianism and resistance in daily life and being chased, are all weighed against their realities: the relative safety of modern life, the truth of choosing a career which imprisons you, the seeing of shadows. For me those oppositions, which may have to eventually be thrown away as childish things, or perhaps not, are all at the heart of OKC. 

Being told to calm down is more scary, more ambiguous and more enduring than a resistance narrative. Walking along in the day, feeling like you’re walking at night, wondering if any of it is real, but not being affected strongly enough to point out a problem, and not having enough potency to attack a vague idea. I do think I’m right about this, but maybe I don’t quite have the words to describe the OKC feeling. It’s not sleepwalking or daydreaming, but it’s like waking up into an imperfect future, but it being half your fault and half not-so-bad, and therefore being unable to do anything about it. There are no matrix-pods to smash, because it’s real life, but you might just get hit by a car, and then saved by the machine in that car, and then realise that we have all come too far, but also that there is no sense in going back, that something weird is happening and a huge price has been paid, the glimpsed sense that an enormous eternal category has been shifted, that life itself as a human has changed, but only really being able to gesture at how you feel, to feel more disconnected without gaining potency. That’s not how you have to feel about modern life to enjoy or to agree with the album, it’s not what anyone but silly people fully believe, but it’s the glimpsed sense that the album arises from, and I think that’s where Vaporwave as a genre comes from as well. Vaporwave is so distant and weird and posits so many alternate realities because there was always a sense garnered from Windows 98/ME, and from old graphic design programs, and from Muzac, that new and whole utopian realities for humans, like the ideal of the modern technological utopia which we are notionally moving towards, had been created too inhumanly. 

I like the Man of War video so much because 20 years after the album release it seems to match my feelings about listening to the album while staring out of a train window, the same train window as hundreds of times before, and knowing that other people both do and don’t get it, that you are and aren’t special, that maybe falling into line is pretty good, that there’s something weird and non-essential about iron lines being welded into the ground which carriages of people pass over, but then you share that idea and someone either entertains it or laughs at you, and then you move on again. 

I want to talk to you all about something

Hi guys. Hayley here.
This is a really spur of the moment decision but I feel like it’s important that I talk to you all about something that’s been going through my head for the past two-ish months.
I have never been the best at making friends. I’d say that I only really have three or so close friends irl. However, I started posting imagines and I have never felt so much love from people outside my family. I had about 50 followers for like a year and a half and all of a sudden, the number started to go up and it got to the point where I’m now at over 200 followers. I have been so lonely for such a long time that it can be overwhelming for me to get to grips with that fact.
None of you have ever treated me badly and I can never thank you enough.
@baleesi @nerdandwwegeek @phoenixsplashx @wrestlingnoob @wwesmutdonedirtcheap @imnobodiesbitch and so many more, thank you for making this lonely girl feel happy again.

And because Henry is also an important part of our flock, I will share 10 facts about him as well!
1. Henry’s name is a tribute to Rick’s late brother, Mac. There is a talking Linnie on YouTube named Henry and Mac was obsessed with his videos, so when Mac passed away and we brought home our new little one, we felt “Henry” was the perfect name to give him in memory.
2. Henry had been meant as a breeding bird, I reached out to his breeder to be waitlisted for a baby and she informed me she had a 1 year old cobalt male in need of a home. As he was not tame, she wanted an experienced home and thought we’d be a good fit, and so we adopted him.
3. Henry loves to sit on my head and preen me.
4. It took 8 months for Henry and Rick to bond, now they are inseparable.
5. Henry, much like Rick, has a love for hairband destruction.
6. Henry is timid but is more likely to try out a new toy than Rick.
7. His wings were clipped by the breeder when we got him, it took 6 months to grow them back out, now he zips around like a little fighter jet.
8. He is a BIG chewer, he will destroy anything he can get his little beak on.
9. Through Rick, he learned how to emulate the sounds his namesake makes and sounds EXACTLY like the bird in the videos.
10. He does NOT like our Red Couch, and is always horrified when he accidentally lands on it.

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I actually made my cover image myself and it was posted on my art blog @mrntanksart :) I eventually took it down though because I have a very old version of Photoshop and I felt the image was too grainy. I’m really glad you liked it though! I was honestly having a pretty rough day, and I really admire and respect you as an artist so seeing this ask made my day. Thanks!

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It's Thursday, I need to get my request in before they close!! Gladio and a super shy reader + “You know my name?” Thank you! <33

Gladio takes your hand and thanks you sincerely for your ask…

That you even got to attend this party was a miracle. The youngest daughter of the least important family in Lucian nobility, you felt like nobody.

Noctis was there, looking softly radiant, with Prompto by his side, and Ignis standing not far off, talking quietly with… oh gods. You’d met Gladiolus Amicitia before, once, a long time ago at a house party.

As you set your third glass of champagne down, you knew you should’ve probably stopped at two. You turned around and came face to face – well, face to chest – with Gladio himself. He breathed your name and held out his hand. “May I have this dance?”

“You… You know my name?” was all you could sputter in surprise.

He quirked a smile. “Will you let me get to know more of you than just your name?” he asked as, dumbfounded, you let him lead you to the dancefloor.

As a thank you for reaching 150 followers (though I’m now somehow at over 300), I’m writing 150 word drabbles. Send me a person or a pairing plus a word or a sentence, and I’ll write you a 150 word drabble (or headcanon) in return! (note, drabble requests will close on Friday 23rd June)

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I have always felt that bleach did not close the circle ie some say that if with the meeting you already know who, but the important meeting between ichigo and rukia ,Is that one saves another, rukia gave his powers to ichigo and with that saved his family and ichigo except his family and rukia because she got his powers , But at the children's meeting does not happen that's like meh is boring is look like generic anime seson

Thematically, Bleach required Ichigo and Rukia to save each other simultaneously to break its cycle of one saving the other. Their kids just meeting… without even any actual gravity to their meeting… does nothing in terms of thematic closure. It doesn’t even meet the George Lucas standard of “It’s like poetry, it rhymes,” because they literally do nothing of importance on meeting.

It’s such lackluster, milquetoast bullshit because Kubo knew exactly what he was doing and made it as underwhelming and unsatisfying as he possibly could.

im really blind without my glasses and like. i have fun letting people try my glasses on bc i love seeing their reactions go from “how bad can it be” to “ohkBGJVDF FUCKFVOH SHT?” but. one time. one time at my old job they decided to not give them back and see how well i could close my till w/o them on. i dropped a very important paper under a counter and when i went to pick it up i couldnt find it so i felt around for a while and finally went AHA!!!! and pulled it up and what was it??? a paper towel. so after everybody laughed their asses off at that my coworker came up to me and said “hey jess i found ur paper!” and i was like oh my god THANK you u saved my ass and i took the paper from him and what did he give me? the same fucignhgn paper towel as before,

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A friend of mine I talked to explained their feelings on Andromeda vs original trilogy and explained it as the original trilogy felt more like an action movie, whereas Andromeda feels more like a TV series, and I think that's pretty accurate for my feelings. I tried to keep Andromeda and the new game separate in my head so I wouldn't compare them too much, bc I knew going in it just wouldn't live up to my expectations if I expected it to be exactly the same.

That’s an interesting comparison - the OT to me always felt so much like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica so I always associate it with more TV-show esque pacing (with all the dialogue). But I think in that context your friend was talking about it makes more sense - the plot of the OT definitely felt more tightly focused, compared to Andromeda where you sort of stumble into the conflict and premise as you’re going through the game.

-Commander Shepard

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Hi. I hope this doesn't come off as harsh or anything, but I'm ace. And if the person who taught my grade school sex-ed course had told us about asexuality instead of just saying "sex is very pleasurable" in answer to somebody's question about what it was like, I wouldn't have felt like there was something wrong with me for a long time afterward. So it really is important to have representation early.

Yes, of course representation is important!!!! Of course sex ed courses need to stop being heteronormative and exclusively about cis people and need to focus more on consent and need to acknowledge that not everyone has a desire for or interest in sex. 

I agree with you completely. My point is that not every thirteen year old feels sexual or romantic attraction at all. They might be straight, they may be gay, they might be ace, but at thirteen it is not unusual for someone to not feel any form of attraction. Being young and not feeling attraction does not automatically make you ace or aro. You might very well be, but you might also just be a kid who isn’t attracted to anyone or interested in sex at all yet.

tbh i was gonna add this into my rules but it sounds a little hostile? lol and i don’t want to scare away people on accident so i’m going to just add it here. because it is important and uh, kind of changes how i’m going to be going forth with things i suppose:

i’m going to be real here, recently i’ve dealt with some stuff that’s made me a bit more… tougher, i suppose. i’ve felt stepped over and also like i’m appreciated for being nice and that’s about it. like people use my niceness, talk about how nice i am but i rarely hear from those same people or i’m used for a while to be a friend until they find friends that are ‘better’ and then suddenly i don’t hear from said people anymore. or they expect me to just be there. or they come to me for help and then it’s like, that’s it? i’m the helper and that’s about it. just all around!! all over!! i’m the helper!! all my dang life i’ve been like that !! i’m tired of it. i’ve had enough of just not getting much back ( even though i never ask for anything in return except… idk friendship? that’s about it ). i’m done being that. with that being said, i’m friendly to talk to and i am nice but i just.. have more walls up. but don’t let that discourage you to come talk to me because i love plotting! i love talking about our muses! i’m ALWAYS down with plotting and talking rp and all that!

tbh basically in short, i stopped giving af. so !!!!! i really hope this doesn’t sound like hostile or mean? or like a heel turn LOL.

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Hey, I need your help, I feel so confuse right now, well the thing is that I've never felt like sex was something important for me, I kinda find it repulsive and something that it's not necessary for me at all, but I've experiment sexual attraction for some people in my life(2), after becoming really really close to them, what does that makes me?

Possibly demisexual.

Demisexual means you may take a time before feeling sexual attraction, whether that means it simply takes a while or you have to love the person first is up to you honestly.

-mod Bill