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“I’m a terrible dancer. I need to be really drunk and see a beautiful girl over there. It was a way of getting close to a girl without having to speak because always, whenever I opened my mouth, they would leave. So, dancing was a chance to keep them close.”

 A very necessary gifset of Diego Luna dancing in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 

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As many of you are aware, we suffered a terrible tragedy here at the Litchfield Correctional Camp yesterday. As warden, it is my job to ensure that this prison runs safely and effectively. Because we are a women’s camp, that responsibility is often underestimated. The assumption being that minimum-security women do not pose a physical threat, that as long as they are clothed and fed, the ship will run smoothly. Well, our ship ran off it’s course yesterday. And because of that, a young woman lost her life. Sadly, there is nothing we can do to bring her back. Now, I understand, in these situations, everybody is hungry for blood, everybody is looking for a scapegoat. But in this case, the officer responsible… Well, he was set up to fail. He was a victim of circumstance. Every day, my officers deal with convicted felons. Every day, they interact with women who were sent here to serve their time, to repent for their crimes. Any allegations coming from them or any other source are just not credible. My officer fulfilled his duty, and I defend his actions. He will take a short leave of absence, and be back in uniform, pending investigation. Thank you all. I will not be answering questions at this time. 

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On Octavia Knowing

Thanks to the lovely Cris for the question regarding this awesome gifset by bellamys-blakes. Sorry it took a while to get back to you!

This meta is:

i)      An analysis of the scenes in the gifsets and whether they are all about Octavia picking up on Bellamy’s feelings for Clarke (my opinion is no).

ii)      Whether Octavia would be the first to comment on any mutual feelings between Bellamy and Clarke.

dropship100 once commented that Octavia’s face is used as a reaction in Bellamy/Clarke scenes. Personally I find it interesting that the writers felt it necessary to focus on another person’s reaction at all. It is almost as if to say, “Hey, in case the swelling music and the lingering close-ups weren’t enough, please take your cue from Octavia and note that this is a very important moment.” Strategic.                      

The bottom line is this, I believe Octavia wishes for her brother to be happy and safe, and in S2 she comes to realise that these two factors become increasingly linked to Clarke.

1.      “That’s something I never thought I’d see”

Remember way back when the delinquents first set foot on the ground. Part of the reason why Octavia would go off with Clarke is because she wanted to escape her overbearing brother for a while. Quickly, they formed a friendship and I truly believe that Octavia grew to respect Clarke on her own terms.

Concurrently Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship was borne out of heated arguments, and even when they were determined to lead together, for a while they weren’t exactly on the friendliest terms. But I think Octavia would have seen them grow from enemies to co-leaders to friends.

Despite her words, Octavia’s reaction doesn’t strike me as a look of surprise. She faces down for a moment, the reaction of the sort of person just letting another pass by, and she smiles. It’s a look of slight amusement. When she says, “Now that’s something I’d never thought I’d see” perhaps it’s true that she never expected such a huge action, but it’s a slightly teasing, almost fond, statement. She notices the progression of relationship, and, get this – she approves.

She approves that Bellamy and Clarke are now at a stage where they are trusted friends. Which brings us to the next few gifs.

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Happy Birthday, Louise Brealey! Like every year, I felt necessary to make a drawing for my role model’s birthday C: please, Loo: never change. ♥ Drawn and colored in Paint Tool SAI! My not-so-updated art blog//Gifset on my LB sideblog