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hey guess why im in tears

Lipstick Prince is a show thats gonna promote how makeup is not limited to women! wow. Starring:

Gay Icon Heechul

Block B’s Ukwon

Block B’s P.O.

(fun fact when i was taking screen shots he was pulling a face when his name popped up and it felt bad to include it so i got a better pic)

NCT’s Underrated Visual Doyoung

BtoB’s Eunkwang

Monsta X’s Hot Piece of Man Shownu

SF9′s Rowoon

And Tony An

Who are you excited to see? Who do you want to see guest star? Please anticipate December First!


Meeting at school : Yuta

The first time he ever got to have a conversation with you, the pretty junior student, was because he managed to spill water all of you in front of the whole school. Yuta became a stuttering and blushing mess and could barley get the word sorry. After realising who threw the water at you, you instantly accepted the apology and tried to leave before you could embarrass. But Yuta felt so bad for you that he offered you, when I say offer I mean forced upon you, his hoodie to wear. You didn’t really think it was necessary but you took it nevertheless. You left the cafeteria in a rush to sort your self out, and left Yuta staring after you, think of how sweet you were and how you managed to look good even when you were drenched in water. In the school bathroom you managed to tidy your self up a bit, but you decided to throw on the hoodie which Yuta, a very good looking popular soccer player, gave you. You slipped the hoodie on and it came just above the edge of your school skirt. It smelled of Yuta and his cologne. After composing his self Yuta set off to try and
Find you, the girls bathroom was his first guess, and with his luck that’s exactly where you were. You quickly exited the bathroom quickly and full on collided with someone’s chest. After bumping in to you, Yuta realised he might as well just do it as he can’t embarrass himself any more. “I’m really sorry y/n I didn’t mean to spill the water one you and you can keep the hoodie it looks better on you anyway” Yuta spilled out, before sprinting off leaving you in the hallway on your own. Your glad he ran as it meant he didn’t have to see you blush harder than you ever have in you life. After that incident a beautiful friendship was formed and many more hoodies were borrowed.

A/N: this is my first ever scenario on this blog, excuse any mistakes as I’m on my phone :/
I will hopefully be posting some other members versions later. I hope you like it :)))))))

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hey im a foreigner studying in a different country and I just graduated junior high school so I'll be senior high school next school year but I dont know why im so nervous 😕

Being nervous is completely normal, you don’t know how things will go and I’m betting that’s why you’re nervous. I felt the same way when I went into college. Just take things a step at a time. Everything will work out swimmingly. Just try to relax, I know it is very hard to do. Do things that make you happy to get your mind off it for a bit. Be yourself and you’ll do just fine. :) if you ever need me I’m right here too! 💖

Why does Snape feel like such a personal character?

It’s been said a number of times, but I find it fascinating that a lot of people have picked up on how “personal” Severus Snape’s character seems to be for JK Rowling.  There’s a lot of emotion there, a fierceness and protectiveness that she has when defending his character against people.

But I think I’ve figured it out.

Now just a caveat here, this is fan theory, so don’t get bent out of shape if you don’t agree.

I’ll be honest.  I read the first couple HP books when I was in junior high/high school.  I was really emotionally abused and neglected (and kina treated like inferior by my parents for being female), so I REALLY heavily empathized with Harry.  Anyone that Harry hated, I disliked.  That included Snape, who often felt to me like the stereotypical strict teacher.  I had a couple of those.  As people they were generally not so bad, but in the classroom they oozed strictness.  

I remember OOTP really clearly because it came out while I was going to junior college and I was living in this tiny room at the back of my grandmother’s house.  I remember reading it in one night and feeling like it was the most claustrophobic book.  Literally the whole beginning where they’re cleaning out Grimmauld Place through Umbridge’s horrible rule of the school all the way to the end, it feels like you’re being stifled and constrained.

But I confess that I fell off the bandwagon with the last two books.  Other than the iconic line of “SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE” back from the early 2000′s troll website 4chan, which did not impress me at all, I kinda just forgot about the series.

Until…it’s kind of silly, but ok, here goes.  So I started taking my kids to the children’s library to get books to read to them before bed time.  They’re really young so mostly picture books.  But there are these posters at the front doors to the children’s library that are the actors from the HP movies holding books and encouraging people to read.  It was like a subliminal message!  After a few months of going to the library, I suddenly wanted to read all the books again.  Starting with the first one.  So I did.  I slowly worked my way through all of the books and it was really cool.  Reading it from an adult’s point of view was rather illuminating in many ways.  I still heavily empathized with Harry (obviously!), but I also began to pay attention to a lot of the subtle behaviors of the adults characters in the books, and that was the first time I started thinking “ugh, Dumbledore is so manipulative and gross even though he thinks he’s doing the right thing” and when I started looking at Snape and being like “holy crap on a biscuit, he gets a raw deal.”

And even as a kid, I kinda recognized Snape’s behavior, but I didn’t really empathize with a lot of it until after I became a parent.

So, ok, many people on this site may not be parents or have experience parenting, but I’ll be honest with you.  As much as I love my children, the 24/7ness of it and the constant nature of the role is utterly soul-draining and exhausting.  The isolation from others makes you hyper sensitive to things, especially noise.  If you suffer from anxiety, children will make it a thousand times worse because they basically run towards certain death giggling all the while and acting like they know what they’re doing goddamnit stop trying to rain on their parade.

Now, if children learned better the first time, it would be somewhat manageable. But most children do not.  In fact, it often takes them a ludicrous number of times being reminded that, no, do not stick metal objects in the wall socket or no, you do not run into the street because in both situations you will GET HURT AND DIE.

To me, Snape seems like the sort of guy who’s basically forced every year to teach completely ignorant babies how to work with really dangerous stuff THAT CAN KILL THEM but instead of listening to him, they keep doing shit like sticking forks in wall sockets.

I mean, maybe the first couple of years, he could have felt a little bit like “ok, I can kinda understand, they’re young, etc etc etc,” but there’s a point in teaching and in parenting when you just have to look at your child and go “oh my god, can you be any more of a fucking moron this is the fiftieth time I’ve swooped in before you nearly beheaded yourself good fucking lord it was in a locked cabinet how the hell did you even GET to it?!”

Now, before anyone accuses me of abusing my children either verbally or physically, know that the majority of this is inner monologue.  You will not believe how many times I’ve had to turn around to disguise massive eye-rolls.  Or when I’ve had to stand and let them hurt themselves mildly (like, they’re climbing on a box that I’ve told them not to climb on because they’ll fall over, but they don’t stop doing it and so I’m like, fine, learn the hard way).  I’m fairly strict.  Food does not go in the bedroom.  You clean up after your stuff or your stuff goes away.  ETC.

But I’m also fair.  Part of me feels like a good amount of Snape’s character comes from that dark pit of frustration and snark that you develop when you’re forced day in and day out to deal with people who don’t want to listen to you but then turn around and whine and cry and demand to know why you didn’t just shout over them until they listened when they were refusing to listen earlier. You get to a point where you either start snarking and cynically observing things: “Oh, yes, it is very hard to be a baby, so difficult to be fed and clothed and carried around” as a coping mechanism because otherwise, the human race would cease to exist because no children would survive childhood after having been thrown out to fend for themselves.

That frustration, that boundless rage that must be controlled carefully at all times is something you see in that character, and it’s a huge part of parenting, especially with small children.  How controlled he is except in very specific situations.  How certain characters actively TRY to provoke him while others try to be as unnoticeable as possible.  

A part of me feels like this is one of the big reasons why Harry named his second child (not his first) Albus Severus Potter.  Because with your first kid, you’re super idealistic.  You’re going to be the Fun, Perfect Parent.  You’re going to have adventures with your kid every day.  You’re NEVER going to yell at your kid or give them punishments!  You’re going to hug them and kiss them every moment and you’re not going to be like Those Other Parents.  And for awhile, it’s like that.  In fact, perhaps it’s like that for about six months or so.  But then the sleep deprivation begins to mount.  You find that no one wants to see you anymore.  You’re not really doing much more than working and coming home.  And your spouse and you feel like you’re basically just tag teaming to keep the exhaustion from completely overwhelming you.  Maybe you’ll be lucky and have a grandparent or two that you can count on, but you might not.  And even a weekend or two isn’t going to save you from what happens when you just don’t sleep or you don’t get adequate sleep because you’re dealing with baby problems randomly at night.

Oh, and did I forget to tell you?  Having a child is kind of like having a random alarm that could go off at any time.  Sometimes the alarm goes off once per day.  Sometimes it goes off ten times per day.  The sound of the alarm is the same loudness for a minor emergency and a life-threatening emergency.  But you never really know when it’s going to go off and so eventually, it makes you really anxious and neurotic all the time because you think it might just go off right now and you have no way of knowing if it will and OH GOD WHAT IF IT IS AN EMERGENCY…..

So not only are you dealing with that, but then….you’re dealing with shouting all the time.  Shouting and screaming and whining.  And half the time it has a reason that can be addressed.  The other half of the time…it’s just there because.

So I can see Harry getting through his first year or two as a dad and being like OMG WTF I take it all back this is fucking hard.  And then Ginny’s pregnant again and he’s like “oh my god, if this is even a fraction of what other people have to go through year in and year out….”  And then he thinks of Dumbledore and how many years he was a professor, and he thinks of Severus as well because he didn’t even WANT to be a teacher and he was forced to do that for years and years…it’s almost as bad as being forced to be a parent against your will.

So anyway, I know I’m rambling a bit, but here’s the point: Snape’s character is all about control and loss of control.  Being a parent is a lot like that.  You have to deal with a lot of ugly, unsavory feelings.  Sleep deprivation and stress and anxiety from being a parent and dealing with child behavior as well as societal bullshit and lack of social networks all contribute to a feeling of helplessness and makes it easier to be on a hair trigger.  Sarcasm often goes over children’s heads, anyway, so it’s often a viable thing you can use until a certain age just to get yourself through the day.  Because, at some point, your child throwing herself on the floor because she wants the purple shoes instead of the pink shoes but she put the purple shoes in one of the fifty different purses she has for some reason because people keep buying her purses no matter how much you tell them to stop doing that and she refuses to stop putting her goddamn shoes in random bags and then squirreling them around the house for some secret reason she refuses to share with you…well…you either have to scream or you have to laugh wryly and think of something witty to say to keep yourself from going mad.  Because when you’re an adult, the color of your kid’s shoes is not a crisis.  It’s ridiculous to dissolve into a screaming prone figure bawling on the floor because of it.  If you were to do something like that, you’d be carted off to the looney bin.  But to her, it’s a huge problem.

You will read stories of parents who hurt their children, who abuse their children who spend every day saying hurtful things all the time to their kids.  This is sometimes just because that parent was a bad person to begin with.  But a lot of the time, when it happens ever so often (and often when the children scream so often that you have to scream and shout too just to be heard), it’s because that darkness, that vicious desire to slap your kid for biting you out of nowhere that you must hold yourself back from engaging in, that feels very personal to me.

And it’s something that I see in his character and can empathize rather strongly with. And, to some extent, I feel like that’s at least partially where JK writes him from- from her own deep, dark pit of mom rage.


ok so heres the story:
I was at jtf and Darren Criss was coming later in the weekend to do a concert and so because he felt bad he wanted to do a meet and greet. On the JTF app we were able to enter this raffle to see if we were able to go to the meet and great. So only 4 people were selected and I was one of them and I got to bring two friends. So we were taken back stage and were told to wait then all of a sudden Darren Criss appears and I’m like omg omg.
And so he asks all of our names and he told me I had a pretty name and shook my hand. He also asked us which song he should sing from AVPM and he gave us three choices and we were like “Granger Danger” bro. And I got a lot of pictures with him and he signed our posters and stuff. Then after the concert he was walking to the signing line where there were actually over 400 fans in line. And we were on the side, and he just stoped and turned to us and talked for a good minute and my life is complete bye

Iron deficiency BEWARE

I too had an iron deficiency my junior year of cross country which caused me to run the worst I ever have. I went from running 22:00 (still bad but oh well) to 28:00 and I even ran 30:00 once, and I was TRYING SO HARD. It started off as breathing issues so my doctors told me it was “asthma” even though I felt in my gut (lol literally) that I didn’t have asthma, it was something bigger. I pushed my mom to take me to the doctor since my bloating, swollen calves and feet, and constant depressive state was just seen as “girl issues” and nothing more to her. Turns out: I actually had what they call an “imperforate hymen”, meaning my spotting during periods was actually my body TRYING to squeeze out blood since my hymen was blocking all out of it and pushing it into my abdomen, causing my bloating and loss of circulation. This also cut off my oxygen supply and caused my iron to get so low (0.003 hemoglobin whereas normal is 12.0) I’m published in some sort of journal because I’ve should’ve been dead. I know this is gross and you may be wondering why I submitted this but this needs to be known by all, especially female runners: THIS IS A LOT MORE COMMON THEN YOU THINK. Girls have died from this thinking they’re not getting their periods because of over performance and that their tired because of overtraining. It can kill you because it makes your heart crave oxygen and stop pumping, and the blood in your abdomen pushes against organs causing them to rupture. Because my original doctor told me I had asthma, that slowed down my ability to get help, and in all I had 9 months aka 5 gallons of blood in my abdomen cutting off the oxygen and almost exploding my appendix and kidneys. Again, if you’re ever iron deficient but find iron pills aren’t doing enough, FORCE your doctor to do more since *what a surprise* they’re human and don’t know everything. Only you know your body well enough. This cost me an xc season, but I don’t want it to cost anyone their life.

Different Than It Seems


Honestly I hadn’t even known the boy existed. It being Junior year and I being the captain of the varsity girls soccer team I usually stayed within my clique and group of extended friends.

So, when the fact that the, actually somewhat cute boy sitting behind me tried to mumble to my face I had to ask him a few times to repeat himself. His voice was nervous and shy and it made me laugh a bit, but I felt bad about him. His voice was so small. I have a soft smile, my eyes twinkling softly.

“I’m sorry… Can you say that one more time?”

151116 KTR - Ryeowook talking about Kyu:

I went to Kyuhyun’s concert. While watching Super Junior Kyuhyun’s concert, I felt proud “This kid is our Super Junior’s maknae, he’s so good” I also felt bad, envious too, mixed emotions. Kyuhyun’s professionalism, is the Kyuhyun public sees when watching TV.

We live in dorm together, and as friends talking to him as a person I also feel he’s cool. Sometimes I feel like a mum going “oh, this part..” worrying he’ll make mistakes. Even though he does well. I have such feelings. Kyuhyun prepared well. (c