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yearning. pt.3

pairing: kwon jiyong x you x dong youngbae
rating: m (language, explicit sexual content)
genre: angst, fluff, smut
pt.1, pt.2, pt.3, pt.4

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The awkward silence that followed, while you were having lunch was nothing but intolerable.

But Jiyong couldn’t really blame you, could he? He was the one who should know better and yet took advance of the situation. If anyone was at fault here for the ‘special moment’ they had shared, it was definetely him - No use in denying that. 

Fuck, how he wanted to smoke. 

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Multifandom & Multishipping fic rec list (pt.II)

I liked the idea of three days dedicated to reccing fanfictions, and I wanted to give it a try. This is my first time doing it, so bear with me.

Part two, focused on Star Wars Universe.
(see part one on marvel Universe here)

Kylux (Kylo Ren/General Hux)

all that’s left are the scars by @pkabyssinian (2,243 words)
Children, Wake Up by @hollyhark (608,083 words)
Through A Cat’s Eyes by @sathinfection (2,034 words)
Hollowed Out by @sinnotalone (3028 words)
En Pointe by sual (4,316 words)
On Submission and Control by @kyluxicle (4,732 words)

Kyluxma (Kylo Ren/General Hux/Captain Phasma)

Cuck by @sithofren (2,695 words)

Reylux (Kylo Ren/General Hux/Rey)

I ain’t no fortunate one, no by @orange-lightsaber (7,068 words)
Enjoy Your Semester by @thelucidlucy (12,314 words)
Juniper by @satan-in-purple (7,568 words)

Gingerpilot (General Hux/Poe Dameron)

As Long As There’s Light by @kisskisscrush (78,281 words)

Reyux (General Hux/Rey)

Focal point convergence by @somethingstately (32,175 words, wip)

Phux (General Hux/Captain Phasma)

This Fierce Machine by Skew (12,988 words, wip)

Hux + others

Everything He Could Ever Need by @deluxekyluxtrashcan (2,390 words) (Hux/Hux)
Martinet by @lingua-mortua (3,165 words) (Hux/OFC)
Truth-or-Dare by @kisskisscrush (5,761 words) (Hux/Poe Dameron/Finn + Phasma/Rey)

(tags, summaries and comments under the cut)

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Wake Up

Imagine Dean trying to wake you from your coma. 

Author’s Note: Ever have those stories that just kind of evolve and suddenly you’re not sure what’s happening, but in the best way? If you’re worried about it being cliche, trust me, it’s got lots of twists and turns. I won’t spoil the plot for you. 

Dean x reader. It’s in Dean POV. Reader is in a coma and Dean is trying to get her out of it. Very fluffy, angsty, and dramatic. My goodness it came out long. It’s 4,720 words including the teaser! I could write an entire novel under this premise. Aka what I should be doing haha. Warnings: language, insomnia, injury, hospitals, angst

There might be multiple requests similar to this, but this is for sound-of-a-fleeting-heart! <3 Thanks for the patience!

*If you haven’t read the teaser*

“Dean… How long have you been sitting in that chair?” Sam’s voice was like a distant whisper, even though he stood only a few feet away. I could barely hear him over the gentle buzzing that had settled into my ears. I knew what he was going to say anyway, there was no point in listening. I turned my attention back to the ever-present beeping of the monitor at my side. The sound was steady, like a metronome. It was strangely soothing and I found myself imagining that the noise was connected to my own heart. I exhaled shallow breaths to match hers. I just wanted to share in whatever she was experiencing. I wanted to take it all away from her.

“Maybe you should go back to the bunker for a while? I’ll stay here an-” I watched her chest rise and fall, my eyes straining to measure each breath. If one seemed shorter than the last my own lungs would tighten in anticipation. Sam could do that just as well as I could, but I needed to be here myself. I had to do this for her.

“You haven’t slept in two days…” That didn’t matter. She was sleeping enough for the both of us. I could see in the reflection of the window across the room that my eyes were wide and bloodshot, but she wouldn’t notice, not when hers never opened.

“Dean, please.” My brother’s voice was starting to make my fists tighten. I couldn’t hear her heart, not over the sound of his pleading. I forced the air from my lungs and rubbed at the skin on my aching skull.

“No. I’m staying here tonight.” Sam shook his head, a straining jaw and bent brow betraying his concern. I knew his intentions were well, but I couldn’t give into him… not this time. The IV dripped, a muffled alarm down the hall sounded, and Sam began to stutter another excuse for me to leave. I watched blankly as several nurses raced down the hallway past the door.

“Really, Sam. I’m fine.” I forced the closest thing to a smile I could muster and looked up at the tall shadow looming over me. The upward curve of my lips felt unfamiliar.

“Go home. Do more research. Look for Cas. I’ll be here.” My arms and legs were heavy as lead as they pressed into the chair I was occupying. I had become an un-moving part of this place. After searching my face for a hesitant moment, Sam nodded and headed towards the exit. He stopped in the threshold and gripped the wall with one hand. His face didn’t turn back, but I could hear him just as clearly as the noisy machines at her bedside.

“Dean… I hope you know, it wasn’t your fault.” I didn’t even notice Sam leaving after that. I was too busy reliving the slide show of traumatic memories his words set off in my mind. I saw it just as clear as day, right in front of my dry eyes. It was a dangerous hunt but we were capable, or so I thought. I was the one that told her we would be alright. I was the one who’s mistake may have cost her life.

Her small hand laid motionless on the edge of her cot, white fingers facing up and curled slightly. The way she smiled peacefully in her slumber made it seemed like she was waiting patiently for something to be placed in her open palm. It unnerved me to see her so… expectant. I reached across the space between us to turn her hand back down into a resting position, but as soon as her cold skin met mine I knew it was a mistake. Instant regret and sorrow knotted in my chest and blocked my throat.

“Y/N…” I ran my thumb across the fine lines of her palm, unable to stop myself from caressing the untouched places there. It crossed my mind that I might be the last person to do so. Strange guilt rose to my cheeks and I instinctively looked up at her face, but my affection as going unnoticed. Long lashes partially hid her closed eyes from my view. I wished I could see the color of her eyes again. It wasn’t the same, not under the blinding examination of a doctor’s penlight.

“Look, I’m not trying to rush you or anything, but you’ve got to come back to us. We need you here.” My fingers closed around hers in a goodbye squeeze. Everything I did to her was a goodbye these past days, yet I still held onto a small amount of hope as tightly as I held her limp hand. I waited for the response that I knew wouldn’t come. When I was satisfied there would be nothing besides the steady ping of her heart, I returned to my place in the nearby chair. The cushion was beginning to form to the shape of my weary bones

“Well, I’ll be here when you wake up.”

*Teaser Ends*

I was startled awake by a sudden hand on my shoulder. My initial reaction was to jump up out of my resting place, but the palm kept me held down. Blinking rapidly brought an unfamiliar man’s face into view. He had sullen features and a grey five o'clock shadow that did little to cover his sharp chin. 

“Easy there. Let’s not be hasty.” His aged voice rasped in my tired ears. I furrowed my brow and dropped a hand down to the weapon on the back of my belt. The room was bright with artificial light that forced me to squint towards the occupied bed. She was still there and still beeping. I took in my first, relieved breath and relaxed my defensive arm. The doctor scowled, releasing my shoulder to walk towards his patient. 

“You’re scaring the nurses young man. They’re tired of walking in here and seeing a half-asleep sentinel staring back at them. Quite unnerving.” He cleared his throat and sighed in annoyance. I watched intently as he checked all of Y/N’s vitals and flashed a light into her glassy eyes. They appeared hauntingly empty. “You look more ill than most of the patients I’ll see today.” It took me a moment to register that the practitioner was still speaking to me and not the girl outstretched underneath his gaze. “Maybe it’s time for you to go get out of here for a while.” There was a certain undeniable disdain in his voice. I just shrugged and focused my energy into trying to stay awake. Empty foam coffee cups were stacked high beside my chair, their stained edges proof of how much caffeine pumped through my veins. Sam had no luck finding Cas, and I was too damn tired to pray for his help any longer. 

“Doc, how’s she look?” I stepped up abruptly to keep the man from leaving. Every time I asked questions he would just give me a generic answer and speed out of the room, but not this time. He ended up standing close to my face, his ever present scowl close enough to touch. 

“You tell me, you see her more than I do.” My blood was boiling at this point. I didn’t have the time or the patience for a petty argument with a stranger, even one with an entire hospital under his thumb. 

“You should probably work on your bedside manners. You may have few more diplomas than I do, but I expect respect. If for nothing else, then for her sake.” The doctors brow furrowed into a deep shadow over his piercing eyes. They seemed as unmoving as hers. After a moments hesitation, he relented and gestured towards the bed. 

“Son, I know this comes hard to you, but what you see is what you get.” My eyes wandered over Y/N’s body. There were so many little imperfections and quirks about her that I had just begun to notice over the past few days. All of the little silvery scars on her skin became blindingly apparent under my constant examination. I had memorized the shape of her slightly parted lips and grown to love the sound of her breathing. It’s amazing that I could hunt with that girl for years and just now notice all of these things. I guess you really don’t know what you have till…

“Her head injury was severe. It’s a miracle she’s still alive. I’ve seen cases like this last for days, months or years. And even If she were to wake up, well we don’t know what kind of damage she might have.” I had been ignoring the white bandages circling her forehead, but now they stood out stark against her skin. They brought back more flashing memories of the accident that lead us here. I could still feel her body in my arms as I carried her to the Impala. She was just beginning to fall into unconsciousness when I was laying her in the backseat and screaming at Sam to call 911. Blood was covering my hands as I struggled to block her seeping head wound. I tried to pass off my touch as a comforting caress, but even at that point she knew what was happening. Something in her expression said she could already see into the light beyond me. There was no last words before her world went dark, just a gentle smile. It was so full of love, so innocent… It made me feel sick with guilt. It was much like the one she had now. 

“What I’m saying here, is that there are worse things than this. Look at her- She’s happy. She’s sleeping peacefully, grinning at some dream that we would probably wish we could join.” I felt my heart sinking in my chest. This wasn’t the news I had hoped for, and I was too exhausted to argue with the white coat in front of me. It didn’t matter if she was sleeping happily, she needed to come back. We needed her. As if the doctor could read my mind through my wistful stare, he clapped a hand on my shoulder and squeezed. 

“And maybe you’re being selfish by trying to take that away from her." 


 "Hey Y/N. Can you believe that guy? What an asshole… He obviously doesn’t know what a fighter you are.” I looked down at my fingers and wrung them together nervously. Anxiety and sleep deprivation were making me skittish. The only thing that calmed me was to take her hand in mine. When I spoke again my voice carried new excitement. 

“But that doesn’t matter, because have an idea. I’m going to fix this. I’m gonna make things right. I have to go meet up with a friend of mine. I’m going to be back soon, I swear.” I had lifted her fingers to my mouth without noticing. My hot breath did little to erase the chill that made her skin pale as the white walls surrounding us. 

“Will you be alright without me? No hassling the nurses okay?” A strained chuckle escaped my lips but if felt more like a whimper. She wouldn’t be laughing at my weak humor, not today. “Keep having happy dreams. Pretty soon I’ll be right there with you, and then we can all be together again.” I placed her hand back down on the bed, but not before tucking a folded piece of paper in her grasp. My fingers curled around hers in an attempt to tighten her grip on the note. “If you wake up without me.” Was scrawled on the front in my messy handwriting.


I felt like I was in a trance when I snuck into the hospital. It was the dead of night, and I had my doubts that they’d allow me to visit Y/N at this hour. But I had too see her. I felt fleeting shame as I broke the latch on the maintenance exit door, but if even prisons couldn’t keep me in, this place couldn’t keep me out. I stalked down the hallways and did my best to avoid the stares of the night staff. My appearance was growing increasingly haggard. My chin was thick with stubble and dark circles hung low under my eyes. I was surprised no one tried to stop me for fear I was a manic patient attempting escape. Once I found Y/N’s room I slipped inside and shut the door after me. She was still there, letter crinkled in her hand. I was strangely relieved to see she hadn’t woken without me. I knelt by the side of her bed and silently watched her chest rise and fall for a few breaths. 

“I’m back. Sorry it took me so long. Everything’s going to be okay now.” I pulled the dry sticks from my pocket and laid them on the bed. They crumbled a little under the pressure of my clumsy fingers and left residue over her blankets. My other hand lifted the coffee cup I had stolen from the waiting area and filled with hot water. With care, I mixed the dehydrated roots into the cup and waited for them to steep. 

“You remember this stuff? It tastes horrible.” I mindlessly mumbled to her as I stirred the concoction. “And I apologize in advance, but I need one of these.” I ran a gentle touch over the hair above her bandage. She was so angelic like this, so pure and surreal. I caught a single strand of hair between my finger and thumb and pulled softly. Even though she would feel nothing, I still cringed. The bit of her DNA went into tea after the African dream root and it was finished. 

“Not exactly the kind of drink I’d like to be knocking back right now… but bottoms up. I’ll see you on the other side.” I grabbed her hand just before gulping down the hot liquid. It burned through my throat with heat and bitterness. The room began to spin slowly, a sign that the effects were beginning. It crossed my mind at this point that I should have contacted Sam and that he’d be furious, but I didn’t have time for that. I could apologize to him when I woke up. 


 The first thing I saw was log cabin. It was cozy and small, with soft light pouring from its many windows. It seemed vaguely familiar, almost like a puzzle built of various houses and cabins I had seen in the past few years. Some aspects were undeniably recognizable, while others were slightly out of focus. Over all it had an inviting allure that lead me to step towards its front door. On the way to the steps I passed in front of a window and peered inside. The warmth from the building emanated much farther than just in lighting. I could feel happiness filling my chest as I strained to see through the pane. Gentle frost tinged the glass, even though there wasn’t a bit of cold in the air. What was more shocking though, was the sight just beyond the fluttering curtains. In the living room, beside a crackling fire, were three people. I immediately knew all of them. It was reasonable, considering one of them was myself. Y/N, Sam, and I all sat together in the cabin. We were laughing and sharing drinks without a care in the world. My eyes were drawn to Y/N, and the way she was smiling and putting her arm around the copy of me in a causal embrace. I felt confused jealously pulling my lips together tighter. This was her dream world? Just sitting with us inside a little cabin? I pressed my hands and nose against the glass to try and see the scene more clearly, but just as I leaned forward the barrier suddenly disappeared. I was falling into, or through, the wall of the building. Before I could try to catch myself everything was whole once again, only this time I was standing inside the living room. Exchanging glances with a carbon copy of myself was unnerving, but before long both imitation Winchesters were rising from their seats and leaving the room with warm smiles. 

“Oh, Dean. What are you doing here?” My neck snapped towards the source of the voice. Y/N was just a few feet away. She looked completely calm, happy contentment accentuating her natural beauty. I hadn’t noticed before that she was wearing an ethereal looking white dress. I squinted to see if in another angle it would be a hospital gown, but it remained unchanging. “You shouldn’t be here you know.” She gave me a sweet smile that made my heart ache with sadness. I felt like I was talking to a ghost. 

“Y/N…” All of my recited words left me. I didn’t know where to start or how to begin. 

“You look exhausted. Why don’t you come lay down?” She patted the couch at her side gently, her hand beckoning me foreword with undeniable grace. I imagined what it would be like, to lay across the cushions with my tired head in her lap. I could almost feel the way her fingers would trace my face lovingly. It was beyond temptation; it was torture. Then I heard the slightest echo of the steady beeping I was familiar with, and reminded of why I was there. I blinked and tried to clear the fog from my mind.

“No, I can’t. I’m here to wake you up. You have to come back Y/N."The fire beside us crackled and popped, but the girl in front of me stayed seated. She shook her head slowly, her bottom lip pushed up in regret. Shocked, I continued to plead with her. "No matter how happy you are here, it’s not the real world. That’s not really Sam and I.” I looked behind me to see the other Dean and Sam talking in the kitchen like nothing was amiss. Both of them looked without burden. The version of myself was well rested, even jovial. I could see why she preferred this place. “I don’t blame you for liking this more than reality… But we need you.” My voice was tinged with desperation. I needed her to realize I was right, just as much as I needed her in my arms. She rose from her seat and walked towards me. The edges of her dress spread out around her feet in what seemed like a gentle mist. There was no definitive lines in her being, just curves and softness. For the first time her brow betrayed a hint of mourning. 

“You don’t get it do you?” She gave me a piteous glance and reached for my hand. I shuddered when lifelike, skin grazed mine. Her touch was as warm as everything else in the room. She felt healthy and buzzing with life, but her mouth pulled together disparagingly. “Oh I wish it were that simple Dean." My eyes fell shut at the euphoria of her caress and the disappointment of her words.

"What do you mean? It is-” Frustration tensed my every muscle. I was so deprived, of sleep, of joy, of everything. My free hand flew up to massage the bulging veins in my forehead but she stopped it midair.

 "Shhh… It’s okay.” Now her face was just inches from mine. Every small detail I had memorized was there, just a beautiful as ever. She practically glowed. “I didn’t expect you to understand. I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this.“ My eyes begged her to explain, where my cracking voice failed. She took a deep breath and tightened the grip on my fingers. That sweet hesitation was just like her. When she finally mustered up the courage to speak, I could see her eyes were glistening.  

"Dean, if I wake up, I’ll lose everything.”


The statement hung in the air for a moment. There was suddenly no sound. The fireplace stopped crackling and the brothers in the adjacent room were silent. It was like the surrounding world was put on mute. 

“In the accident, when I hit my head, I lost my memory.” Y/N raised a hand to her hairline and ran her fingers over where bandages should have been. I could see her flinch instinctively. “In my body, when I’m out there in what you call ‘reality’… I don’t remember a thing.“ I couldn’t keep up with the information flooding my senses. Maybe this was just all some sort of nightmare. Maybe the dream root had sent me straight into my own personal terror. My pulse was racing faster than it had in days. Fear was powering my body with more energy than every cup of black coffee I guzzled."It’s like a blank slate. If I woke up right now, I would have no idea who you are." 

Then the realization hit me. If I had been the one connected to that heart monitor, I would have flat-lined in that moment. My mouth hung open and my eyes darted around the room for anything reassuring. Memorabilia from all of our hunts was scattered on every shelf and surface, although some slightly different than I remembered them. Y/N placed either hand on my cheeks and tried to capture my gaze. 

"I’m broken Dean. I can’t be fixed.” She was near tears, but a dazzling smile light up her lips. “But in here,” She motioned to the surrounding mirage like an artist does to their work, pride moving her arm with flourish and excitement. “In my dreams, I can have it all. I can be with you and Sam. I can hunt. I can… remember.” Her fingers tightened on my jaw and she beamed at me. I felt like a dead body in her grasp. The muscles of my neck were held up weakly by my last bit of strength. I wanted to collapse into her embrace, imaginary or not. “That’s why I can’t wake up. I’m choosing to stay here. I don’t want to forget you, Dean. I’d rather live this fantasy than be stripped of my memories.” She wrapped herself around my waist in a lung crushing hug. My arms hung numb by my sides and tears stung my vision. When she spoke it all seemed to make so much sense. 

 "No… I could help you remember. We could get you doctors… You have to come back… I have to make things right.“ I frantically searched for anything to change her mind, but she was changing mine. Little hands pulled the fabric of my shirt into fists and a chin nestled into my chest. 

"It’s okay. It’s not your fault.” That was it, that was all I could take. I pulled her into my embrace and tried desperately to hold her tight enough to keep her from ever leaving my side again. If I could just make this moment last longer… If I could just keep dreaming forever… 

“Stay with me Dean.” Y/N looked up at me with wide eyes. They were back to their normal color and vivacity. Shocked by the request, I almost dropped my arms from their place around her. 

 "Wha-“ Her excited voice cut me off. 

“Stay with me here. In my dreams. We can be whoever we want, and do whatever we want. It’s so much nicer here.” In that moment, she could have sold me a boat without a bottom. She could have convinced me to purchase property in Pompeii, or a holiday in hades. I didn’t care. Her smell was intoxicating, and there wasn’t a hint of that hospital scent that permeated her clothing and hair. “There’s no more pain here, no more suffering.” Angelic fingers glanced down the stubble on my cheeks. 

“But this isn’t real…” Insurmountable heaviness almost kept me from speaking. I wasn’t sure if I was coaching her or myself anymore. 

“You go talk to that Sam and tell me he isn’t real. This world is constructed from reality. It’s like a near perfect replica.” The clone of Sam was standing facing into the livingroom, his tall body leaning against the door frame casually. Familiar shaggy hair was tucked behind his ear and he smirked at us. I felt a shiver follow the path of my spine. It looked just like him. 

“It’s not really Sam… How do I even know it’s really you?” It was possible that my tired eyes were deceiving me. Maybe this was all just some kind of insomnia driven delusion. Y/N chuckled and cocked her head in amusement. I didn’t have the heart to resist as she leaned up to my face and pressed soft lips against mine. It wasn’t right for dreams too feel this right. I buried my hands in the nape of her neck, where silken tendrils of hair wrapped around my fingers. We were never romantically involved before this. I couldn’t help but wonder, was this kiss her dream, or mine? Our mouths fit together like they had done the same dance many times before. And maybe in our sleep they had. The faulty logic of the dream showed itself in just how long we kissed. There was no breaks for breath, not when she created the rules. When Y/N finally pulled away we were both shaky. 

“Stay with me Dean. Rest here.” Never have I felt so tired in my life. I felt as though I could sleep a thousand years in her embrace. I didn’t fear the idea of never waking up, instead it seemed… peaceful. My very bones ached with the desire to lie down. Maybe there really were worse things than sleep. Suddenly I felt something grabbing at my shoulders. My upper body shook under the force of invisible hands. Someone very distant was beckoning me, shouting my name. Y/N didn’t seem to hear it like I did. I strained to focus on the muffled sound.

“Dean!” I knew that voice. It was the one and only Sam, not the counterfeit one behind me. He must have found me in the hospital. He must have been trying to bring me out of my slumber. The thought of that world gave me new clarity. My hands grasped Y/N’s arms in the same way mine were being shaken. 

 "I can’t. And neither can you.“ I yelled over the increasing din in my ears.I was pleased when the girl was startled by my gesture. Maybe there was some hope for bringing her out of this.

"You have to come back Y/N. I don’t care if you lose your memory… I’ll help you. I’ll help you get it back.” It pained me to imagine her not knowing who I was, in fact it nearly killed me inside. The thought of her not recognizing my face was terrifying… but not as terrifying as her never waking up again. 

 "If that means going all The Notebook… I’ll do it. Whatever it takes.“ She laughed sadly, a pinched smile becoming the pathway for her tears. I could tell she was conflicted. She peered around the room wistfully, her eyes hungry for all of the happiness she had created. Slowly the lodge was becoming smaller, darkness infringing like narrowing peripherals. Without a dreamer, a dream world is just nothingness, and we were at the center of boundless black that extended in all directions.

"This isn’t real. How can you settle for this, when you’ve had the real thing?” My shouting was leading to the gradual de-materialization of every piece of furniture and floorboard. 

“Sure, it’s messy, it’s bloody, and sometimes life makes you wanna die. Hell sometimes living is just… Hell.” I ran my fingers over her forehead. I wished it could always be this unscathed. She was wide eyed and scared by the chaos unfolding, but perhaps more at the realization that my words were true. 

 "But that’s why you help each other. We carry each other through. We need you out there.“ I pulled her against my chest just as the entire room faded away. We were gripping each other in the emptiness of her wounded mind. 

 "Y/N… Come back to us. Come back to me.” I squeezed her tightly and Sam’s voice rang out in unison with mine. 

 “Wake up!”

Until Forever's Gone

Until Forever’s Gone

Chapter Thirty

Selena’s POV

“I meant that it must be a good feeling to be the person you’re proud of.”

For a second there I could sense a hint of exposure before it vanished. I had no idea what to say – was there a proper response for that? Just hours ago I was thinking about how easily he hid feeling vulnerable and I guess by mistake he let the words slip from his mouth. I speculated he had a sense of doubt and he shook his head quickly after.

“That didn’t come out right.”

I ignored his words as I tucked the mess of hair behind my ears and took a few steps forward. “You have a lot to be proud of, Justin.” I informed him. “Just because your dad is too stubborn and uptight to admit it doesn’t mean it’s not the truth.”

He stared at me with those intense hazel eyes with an unreadable expression. I was about to turn away and continue my stride down the steps before he spoke up again, “It’s only eight,” he said. “You think you could help me with my calc homework?”

I raised my eyebrows at him, “You didn’t do your homework?”

“Alright before you go all tutor or mom on me,” he quipped causing me to roll my eyes with a small smile. “I had other things to worry about – like pizza.”

“You’re an idiot.” I declared but brushed past him through the door. I slid my phone out from my pocket and texted my dad that I’d be awhile longer. “Let’s see it.”


My eyes fluttered open as my arms stretched outwards. The room was dark the only sense of light was from the bathroom and I nearly jumped out of my skin when I realized I wasn’t alone nor was I sound asleep in my bedroom. No, I was currently laying on Justin’s couch with my legs draped over him. He was still sleeping as I lifted my body fully and frantically reached for my phone everywhere around me. In the process I had awoken the groggy boy beside me.

“What time is it?” He yawned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

I was successful as I reached under the cushion and pressed the home button on my phone to see it was close to seven am which I notified him on.

“I can’t believe we both fell asleep,” I said as I stood from my spot. The last moments I remember was working on a few problems with Justin before he decided he needed a break and started playing some dumb video game. He tried but failed to have me join him so instead I came up with some more problems before I guess I dozed off. “I need to get home.”

“Why? School starts in about an hour,” he replied. “You could borrow something of mine.”

“I’m not wearing your clothes to school.”

He raised his eyebrows at that. “You wore those huge awful sweatshirts I think you can wear something of mine.”

I put my hands on my hips, “My sweatshirts were not awful.”

He ignored me as he got up and started to head down the hall. I sighed to myself before texting my dad about the situation – since he hadn’t called I figured he’d got in late and hadn’t even realized I wasn’t home.  A few minutes later Justin emerged back into the living room holding a pair of denim shorts and what looked like a blouse.

“Why do you have this?” I asked as he handed it to me.

He collapsed back onto his plush couch and closed his eyes, “I’m pretty sure it’s Demi’s – or someone’s.”

“Or someone’s?” I repeated. “I’m not wearing one of your trashy girl’s clothing.”

Justin sighed dramatically as he put his hands behind his head and peeked one eye open, “You’re so difficult you know that?”

“I’ll find something.” I told him before throwing the clothes onto his chest and finding my way into his bedroom. He still had a few boxes dispersed around his floor so I started to dig through. I ended up finding one of his dress shirts and threw it over my black tank top that I wore under my sweater yesterday. Since his jeans were too big for me I decided to rewear my leggings and pulled my hair into a ponytail.

When I approached Justin who was pouring some cereal into a bowl as his other hand went through his short blond locks he glanced over at me before going back to his task only to turn back to me quickly. His eyes scanned my outfit and I could feel myself flushing in the annoying way it did whenever he gazed. I fidgeted under his stare as I sat down on the stool of the island.

“What?” I finally managed to ask.

He shook his head as he poured the last of the cereal, “Nothing,” he said. “It’s just – that’s from my closet?”

I lifted the fabric of the blue dress shirt, “This is.” I reached my fingers up to button the top and when I looked at him he was still watching with a small smirk. “Now what?”

“You’re very conservative.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

He shook his head, the smirk never leaving his face, “Nothing.”

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