i felt like tonks

Reunion - Part 2

Sirius: Still remember your big cousin?

Tonks: You’ve been on the run how long now? And only now you decide to see me?!

Sirius: I’m here now. That’s all that matters.

*Sirius glances at Remus*

Remus: *locks eyes with Sirius* It’s all we can do.

Tonks: If you were innocent, and You-Know-Who didn’t break you out somehow – how the hell did you escape Azkaban?

Sirius: *glances at Remus in panic* Uh… I guess it’s better if I show you. 


[nothing ruins the honeymoon period quite like a rough pregnancy. when remus first dared to ask if tonks felt like getting intimate, he was met with the barrier of trimester 1: morning sickness.]

[trimester 2 was a little easier, but still brought about the barrier of baby bladder.]

[and well… trimester 3 brought pure, unadulterated rage.]

To anyone who thinks Hufflepuff is the "lame" or "worst" house:

DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT TONKS WAS A HUFFLEPUFF??? She was so badass and didn’t care what anyone had to think. So to anyone who doesn’t appreciate Hufflepuffs, or if you are upset about being a Hufflepuff yourself, DON’T. Being yourself and accepting it is part of what being a Hufflepuff should be about, so embrace it.

I always felt bad for Tonks. I feel like it would be really hard to be a Metamorphmagus, always having people asking you to change, never knowing what your true face is. That is also why I love her and Lupin together, He would never ask her to change, and when she was trying to get him to notice her, she let herself be normal. She didn’t have to stand out for once. That’s something I wish I had.