i felt like these two belonged in a set;;;

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Hey Kat, this is kind of a personal question but you grew up moving between countries a good deal, right? How did you reconcile (if it's even a Thing for you, that is) your patriotic identity/sense of belonging to a country with all this moving around? I grew up moving back and forth between two countries and mom herself never felt like part of the country she was born in due to being the daughter of immigrants, so I was wondering if you had the same vague feeling of "homelessness" or not

I didn’t have it as a child so much, because we always sort of had a home base in Germany, but when I was older, and after I had been sort-of disowned? Yes, most definitely. Kind of like - cutting one set of ties cut all of them. And it was painful. Feeling lost like that is hard. I did eventually come to terms with the idea that I could make a home and pick my country, but there was a lot of vague uneasiness in between. 

Sorry if that’s not helpful, but I think that the only real cure is time and one’s own determination to change how one feels. It’s not really the sort of thing with a fix.