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Since there’s some negativity lately, I felt the need to make a list of all the moments that JD and Veronica were truly sweet and pure, to show that most of their relationship before everything went to hell was actually really good.
1. When Veronica was all dreamy-eyed and giddy watching him during fight for me
2. When they were flirting and he opened up to her in the 7/11
3. When she tell him she knows he’s not numb inside like he thinks he is, and that he’s beautiful.
4. When they kiss in Heather’s kitchen
5. When JD tries to get Veronica away from his dad because he’s being creepy
6. When JD holds Veronica close while all the students are making fun of her
7. When Veronica gets so concerned for him after he gets into the second fight with the jocks and she helps him up and asks him if he’s okay, and then instead of answering he just takes her hand and says, “Are you?”
8. When Veronica holds JD and says “You’re not alone”
9. When she holds her hand out to him in Seventeen and says “Don’t stop looking in my eyes”.
10. When Veronica quietly tells JD to stop talking over her and he shuts up immediately and apologizes, and she kisses him.

They had some damn good times, guys.


            [about the term “girl crush”] At first, I thought “girl crush” meant a girl who looks like Crush [singer]. But I accidentally knew about the meaning through my friend. I felt good that it meant a girl who other girls like. Most of my fans are girls, so I like that word.

i really need to get this off my chest 

for the longest time i thought when people put “insp” under their gifsets, they were referring to the myers briggs personality type and i was like WHY’S EVERYONE AN INSP what’s up with this type why is it so popular!! then i decided to look up the description of that type. but there wasn’t any because as you all know insp is NOT a myers briggs personality type!! it simply stands for INSPIRATION/INSPIRED and if i had simply clicked on one of those insp links i would’ve realized that a long time ago!! idk why i never did and instead let myself live in a lie all this time!! 

ok you can judge me now but phew…saying it felt good 


King Edmund and King Caspian loved each other very much, but it took them a long time to realize it.

Caspian felt like he let down the Narnians when he was tempted by the White Witch. Though he felt ashamed when he saw Edmund. Like he disappointed him. He felt like he should say something. Caspian walked in on Edmund laying on his back, his fingers gliding along a book. Caspian was memorized by his gentle fingers and calm face. He realized he was staring and then coughed.
“Oh! Caspian,” Edmund was surprised. He stood up to greet Caspian. He wanted to keep laying down but wanted to show respect. “What do you need?” He asked nicely. He showed no sign of anger towards Caspian, which threw him off.
“I wish to apologize for my actions earlier. It was stupid and I was acting like a child,” Caspian didn’t know he started to cry, he must have been more upset than he thought. His fists were clenched tightly making his knuckles go white. Edmund approached him placing his soft hand on his fist, making him let go and relax.
“You don’t need to apologize. I understand. Don’t be ashamed to cry. It’s okay,” Edmund smiled sweetly and whipped a tear off his cheek.

Caspian was stressed after his argument with Peter. Some of the stress wore off on Edmund. It didn’t show on Edmund as much since he learned how to handle stress long ago. During the heat Edmund called Caspian a child, Peter too. He didn’t mean it, but Caspian couldn’t let it go. Edmund couldn’t stand listening to them fight.
“Hey!” Caspian shouted. Edmund stopped walking away but didn’t turn around. “Look at me!” His voice was quieter, but still harsh. Edmund turned around his cheeks were flushed red.
“You know you should really respect me, I’m a king,” Edmund said trying to calm down. Caspian marched toward him.
“Take it back, I am not a child. Edmund,” Caspian had a tone of warning in his voice.
“Only if you stop being one,” Edmund stepped closer. So he was centimeters away from Caspian. Caspian couldn’t say anything, he stared down at Edmund in frustration. He looked into his eyes. With a huff Caspian stomped away.

The battle raged on, both Edmund and Caspian fought very bravely. Caspian felt small and weak compared to Edmund, one of the greatest swordsman in Narnia. Caspian stared at Edmund swinging and slashing. Slash by slash Edmund was getting closer to Caspian, yet he did not move. Caspian heard yelling behind him when he turned around a man was charging him with a sword. Caspian froze, not prepared at all. Suddenly Edmund jumped in front of him, stabbing the man in the belly, hard. Edmund turned around to look at Caspian, whose mouth was slightly open in amazement. “Watch yourself prince,” Edmund winked.

“Have you ever been in love Edmund?” The battle was over and Edmund and Caspian were exhausted, stripping themselves of their armor. They took deep breathes and sat down next to each other.
“Does food count?” Edmund smirked. Caspian let out a small laugh.
“I wish,” Caspian replied.
“I don’t think so, have you?”
“Same as you, I wouldn’t know. But, I think I’ve felt it sense you…you and your siblings have showed up,” Caspian had to save himself from admitting himself to Edmund.
“What, with Susan? I know she’s been starring at you for a while,” Edmund asked.
Caspian looked at Edmund, “No. Um, I think with…you,” Caspian confessed. He quickly looked away from Edmund, cheeks burning.
“With me?” Edmund asked. He looked past Caspian, thinking, and then back at Caspian who wasn’t looking at him. Edmund softly grabbed Caspian’s cheek to turn him towards him. He gently placed his lips on his.

Caspian grew to be more confident, not as quiet as the man Edmund first met. Edmund didn’t mind though he liked it. He way happy Caspian finally came out of his shell. The two kings had fallen madly in love, they could stare at each other all day, duel all day, kiss all day. One of Edmunds favorite things to with Caspian was swimming in a big blue ocean. He could swim with the “Caspian Sea”. Caspian was just like the sea, strong and fierce, but also calm and enchanting. Edmund was like the sky, free and rewarding, but strong and brave. The Just King and Seafarer King had fallen in love, like the sky and the sea. Always there and waiting for each other, but yet they couldn’t touch. 


“I was sitting next to this girl on the plane the other day, a Latin orator. She was like, ‘What are the band called?’ It was really hard to tell her. They’re two words that really fucking should not be together” -Alex

I swear I read somewhere that the eternal separation arc in General and I* ended in episode 46, but I’m about 1/3 through episode 48 and it’s still going.  (It DOES look like it’s about to end, but I thought that once or twice before.)

PS:  I haven’t seen them since the timeskip, but I’m assuming Zui Ju is still stuck with that ucky braids dude, and if so, I hope that changes fast.  Under normal circumstances, I would probably actually find the character enjoyable enough, sans the sexual intimidation, but so far he’s being set up as a love interest, and that status has been established through abduction**, “cutely” calling her stupid (and meaning it), and thinking it’s funny to make her worry he intends to rape her, so the chances of my liking him here are pretty slim.  i mean, maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve seen enough cdramas to recognize a secondary pairing being set up when I see it.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and it’s onesided and she gets back to cutely bickering and occasionally snuggling with Mo Ran.

*The separation arc has actually had some pretty good stuff in it, but (A) did not need too long and (B) relied far, far too much on Ping Ting clinging to her moment of Noble Idiocy.  And, uhm, dramas that sell themselves 95% on the romantic plotline shouldn’t keep the leads separated for the entire 3rd quarter of the drama, especially when it’s 62 episodes.

**Possibly not a valid criticism given the  main romance in the first few episodes, but those were very different circumstances, and very different characters.  

nopitynopebizuk  asked:

Ok listen I followed you .5 seconds ago but I felt the need to tell you that as an asexual I have never felt so personally attacked by a gifset as I have been by your anti jack one that you did where he's taking off his sweater. Like Bye™. Let a bitch live.

dude i totally feel you okay. i’m bisexual, and have been leaning towards women preference as of recently, but i can’t deny that i do still have the hots for jack/anti/mark/dark too whoops. 

honestly jack’s whole mr massagy video was completely uncalled for, and yet i am so blessed at the same time omg 💚


“I lost everything, but I gained something else in return:  A strange guy I’ve fallen in with.  It’s said that ‘birds of a feather…’   I felt that he was a fellow human being, like, he didn’t have any guarantee of living…  and…  That’s right.  I needed something new anyway.”   Hasegawa Taizou

Okay. Having time away from tumblr yesterday really gave me a chance to sort of…be okay about stuff for a bit. I mean, I’m not, but I got some ~clarity about things that I need to talk about.

It was good to be away from Robron and I only came on tumblr to reply to birthday messages (thank you again everyone!) but I didn’t look at my dash or anything. I had a Robron-free day, which was what I needed. 

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Shopping Buddies - Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns Imagine

Imagine you go shopping with Dean and Roman one day. You’re trying to find something special, so Roman decides to help. Its too bad that his fashion sense, isn’t the best thing in the world.

Special request by @oraclegazes

Based off of this gifset.

She made me write a thing. Sorry it wasn’t smut like the gifset MIGHT have implied but… ehhh… have some cute instead.

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But you’re going to take this job.  Partly because you were meant to do it, but mostly because, if you don’t, I will always remind you that you are a sac-less little fraidy-cat.