i felt like the happiest person in the world

If we’re here to talk about the people we love the most, my first thought came to you. You came into my life in a very short period of time. You blew me away by everything we had in common. From clothes to bands to ideas and outlooks on the world. We clicked right away. I knew that no matter what you were to me, I was definitely gonna be fond of you. When we got closer i was the happiest guy out there. One night you told me about a person you had a crush on but you knew that they liked someone else. I felt that same way about you but i didn’t let it show. Eventually I did end up telling you that night and you told me you felt the same. I was taken by surprise and that’s how it all started. Two months went by and I was the happiest I had ever been. A few weeks after that I was in a rough spot. Sad. Depressed. You tried to help as much as possible. We hung out the night of my homecoming. You seemed distant. Wouldn’t hold my hand. Kiss me. Barely even talk to me. I asked what was wrong and you told me you wanted a break. I resisted at first but then accepted it and agreed. A week and a half past by and nothing got better. I started therapy in hopes to save our relationship. It didn’t work. We ended up breaking up and my heart shattered. We still talked for a few months after that until we fought and you told me you never loved me. We haven’t talked in over a month and I miss you like crazy. I love you so much still and I don’t want to.

The One That Got Away [Chapter Two]

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Chapter 2 of The One That Got Away

Chapter 1

Series Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff

Warnings: Adult Content

You stood outside the dorm, waiting to go in, trying to figure out how you were going actually break up with the love of your life.

You pulled out your phone out and took a deep breath as it rang.

“Ah, Y/N. It’s nice to hear from you.” you heard JYP say on the other end. “Did you think about what I said?”

“Yes. I’ll do it, for Jaebum”.

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Little Things (James)

Requested- Can you do a one shot where the guy (I don’t really care which one) has his head in your lap while traveling to howgarts? Kinda like when Draco had his head in Pansy’s lap, I thought it was so adorable tbh

A/n- I went w/ James since I haven’t done any imagine of him :)

- - -

Your train ride to Hogwarts at the start of almost every year was spent with your friends, the group of Marauders. You ran your fingers through your hair and grinned at your friends, “Wow, the seventh year. Just one more year and we’re out of here.”

“Took us long enough,” Sirius, who sat opposite of you, replied with a trace of a smirk appearing on his face.

“Yeah, well, then this is the last time for us to take the Train to Hogwarts.” Added James, sitting right beside you. Remus just looked up from his novel and gave you a smile while Peter nodded a little too hard. It was hard to explain, but you had a mutual connection with James, one that you didn’t have with the rest of the boys. You thought about what life would be like after school ends, but your thought was interrupted by the boy with glasses, who laid his head on your lap suddenly.

You opened and closed your mouth several times before you finally found your voice. “What are you doing?”

“Enjoying the last ride,” he simply replies, sending Sirius into a series of chuckles.

You smiled, “right.” James shifted on your lap and faced you while lying on his back. He was staring at your face, and you stared right back at him before altering your sight towards the window. You didn’t know why, but you felt like stroking his messy hair, so you did. 

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Dear Bryce,

A year has passed since I first saw your precious face. Oh, how’ve you grown since that October afternoon. I still remember storming out the door and speeding down the highway to get to the hospital. So many thoughts raced through my mind that morning. How big you would be? What your hair would look like? Would you be a ladies man like your dad? I’ve never felt a combination of fear and joy like I felt that day. Why fear? Because of society. You were born during a time where race issues were beginning to resurface and I was scared that the world may not accept you.

I got to the hospital just as the sun was starting to peak over the trees. I ran inside and I could hear your mother moaning and growling like an animal in captivity! I remember going in the room and standing in the corner. I was afraid of your mother at that time. A few hours passed and it was time for you to make your mark on this earth. Your mother pushed six times and you were here.

Our sweet boy. Our soon to be King. You were here. I couldn’t believe it. I remember your mother panicking because she couldn’t hear you crying. I remember her asking frantically “why isn’t he crying. why can’t I hear him”. Then boom, that cry that we would grow to love could be heard down the halls of the hospital. I remember hugging your mothers head and kissing her on the forehead. You were a big one! I felt like there was a WWE announcer saying “WEIGHING 9 POUNDS AND 5 OUNCES WITH A HEIGHT OF 21 AND A HALF INCHES BRYYYYYYYYCEEEEEEE ANTHONYYYYYY MARRRRRTINNNNN”. Hope you said it in that announcer voice when you read that.

The first night, I was the happiest person in the world. Holding you in my arms made my heart melt. I remember you looking at me and scrunching up your eyebrows and looking like a grumpy old man. You looked as if you hated the world but then again, you were your fathers child. After a couples of nights in the hospital, the doctors determined that you were ready to go out and face the world! We couldn’t get you away from the hospital any quicker. We sped straight to sonic to get your mom some cheese tots. I know right? But you didn’t care. It was your first Halloween and you were happy as our little Frankenstein.

We were on our own now. Your mother and I were parents. There was no pause button or help desk we could call. Your presence made us change the way we look at life but it was a much needed change.

A part of me feels bad that both of your parents are photographers because you’re going to have a camera in your face for the rest of your life. But is that really a bad thing? People all over the world tell me how much they love you you’ve never even met them and may never meet them. All because of photography.

I plan to give you the universe and then some but it saddens me that you won’t be able to feel the love that my mother would have given you. She would have loved the brown right off your skin! I remember how happy she was when your cousin Christian was born. Being a grandmother was her gift and even though she’s not physically here, I know she’s looking out for you and making sure I take care of you.

All we want is to watch you succeed. I can’t protect you from the mistakes you’ll make in life but I can vow to be there to help you chart out a plan to avoid the next one. I don’t want to see you trip and fall but I know it’s the only way you’ll know what to avoid the next time.

One last thing. You were born during a very difficult time. Race is an issue right now. I wish I could explain why but I can’t. There’s a lot of black vs. white occurring. People are gonna say that you’re different because of the color of your skin. Listen to me closely Bryce, you’re not. And if you understand that, it actually gives you a one up. Skin is only skin. It doesn’t define your character. You may encounter some situations that will test your patience but just remember that some are ignorant to the fact race doesn’t matter.

You have a gift. The same gift my mother had. The same gift I have. You have a smile that can change the world. Never forget how important that gift is and never be afraid to smile during the darkest times to brighten your way.

I’ll always love you more than sharks love blood, baby boy 💙.

Christmas in the city of love


(y/n) and Harry spend Christmas in Paris and have very special gifts for each other.

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anonymous asked:

What was the happiest moment of your life?

oh!… such a tricky question, haha!…


I guess I can clearly name two:

the first one is the moment when Mr. President came and took me from my room to the real World…

I remember that day and the next few months - the time full of joy and hope… I felt like a part of society again(or at least… I wanted to feel that way) and I was happy…

the second one is the moment when Kageyama-kun gave me his memories…

and it was…


the feeling… when you finally meet a person who totally understands you… who knows what you were going through and who was going through the same pain…

it … probably sounds strange to call something like this “happiest moment” but… it really was it….


after that……….

after that I couldn’t… I couldn’t keep hiding inside illusions that were more comfortable than reality and…

and I guess… 


I can say that at the end both of my “happiest moments” just destroy themselves…

I mean, no, I experienced them in past but I can’t say I feel happy remembering them…

that’s… kinda funny I guess? “shrugs” 

how different the definition of happiness can be


Drunk in Love II - Brett Talbot Imagine

Drunk in Love II (Part 2) – TW Imagine

Prompt: You and Brett continued to hang out during the party. Liam finds you two together and a big fight happens.

A/N: A few people requested me to do a part two for ‘Drunk in Love’! I liked how it ended and I hope you guys do too. And sorry, it’s abit short! x

Warning: Some swearing, fight

Pairing: Brett x Reader

Word Count: 1017

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Your POV

You and Brett were still in the room together, 10 PM and the party was still going, there were even more people than before (If that was even possible). You learnt more about Brett, like how he was born a werewolf. You guys instantly clicked. You really liked Brett. But the worst thing was, you didn’t know if it was like a friend-like or a crush-like. Surprisingly you guys were able to do a lot of things in the room, no not the dirty dirty. You guys played 21 questions, truth or dare, fuck marry kill and even gave each other piggy back rides. This was better than the whole party itself. Brett was dared by you to give you a piggyback ride. You stood on the bed and jumped on his back.

“Ouft, a little bit on the heavy side aye? This is like a workout then.” He joked.

You slapped his head and laughed. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands were under your knee area. He was running around the room, being careful not to hit on you.

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Make Me Happy

Summary: Your soulmate is your opposite. For every happy, there is a sad. Phil can’t wait to meet his counterpart. He wants to make them the happiest person on the planet. But his soulmate is having a bit of trouble coming to terms with that.

A/N: I guess this is a soulmate AU? I’m still working on those two other fics, so bear with me! I work everyday this week until Saturday, so expect fic productions to be slow! Hope you like this :3

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 3,787

Phil never felt left out amongst his friends. Although everyone he knew had already found their soulmate at the ripe age of twenty-one, he was still soulmate-less. He didn’t mind it, though. He knew the world would bless him with the right person when it was time. Now, was just not that time. 

“Hey, Phil! Glad to see you here,” his old friend, Louise, said. “What have you been up to these last few weeks?” 

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A little lost child

You felt like poetry to my heart, and you’ve once taught me that weak ones are not those who cry, but those who hide their feelings and say they’re okay. They’re the ones who are scared to show how they feel. And it’s almost a paradox because, you’ve taught me so, yet you’re also the one who has created the fear to open up to the world.

You said you loved me, yet because our fairytale has ended and the book is now closed, you decide to forget what you’ve ever felt and tell people that you don’t remember saying the three words that once made me feel like the happiest person in the world, like I had the most precious gift being your love.

Sometimes, I don’t even know if you’re fronting, if you once meant it or if you never did and just told me so because of the irresistible passion of the moment.

Sometimes I feel like you’re so lost within yourself, and it makes me so guilty because in my imagination I see a little child lost in a dark forest calling for someone to lead him to a safe, warm home. This vision stalks me, even in my dreams. I feel so guilty I couldn’t be the one to fully lead you to that safe, warm home that my heart was, that was the right home for you, but I just wasn’t the right one to guide you home at the time, and I left you on the way, and you’re now lost again within yourself in that dark forest.

I’m so sorry, and I regret it. I know that behind that stone-hard face and that “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, there is a vulnerable and sensible soul who all it wants is someone to show it love and affection, forever; and to be cuddled up at night and caressed all over until falling asleep and feeling safe in someone’s arms and chest.

I want to remind you, that even though I’m far away and you may never ever see my face again, I love you, unconditionally. And I don’t need to see your face ever again to love you, I just do.

You may find me stupid, but the truth is that you may simply just not understand, that’s all. But don’t worry, I don’t need you or anybody else to understand because there is nothing to understand, it’s just, what it is.

Marry Me? - Kian Lawley
*(y/m/n) « your middle name; (y/l/n/) « your last name*

Today has been such an awful day for you. You were late for work this morning, your car broke down, and most of all, your boyfriend of 3 years, Kian, has been shutting you out. Clearly, this was just not your best week.

You were in the middle of taking a very relaxing bath, trying to sooth your stressed muscles, when Sam walked into the bathroom. “Sam! What are you doing?!” you shouted. Talk about an awkward encounter. “Jc and I needed to show you something we saw. So hurry up and get ready. We’re leaving in 30.”

As soon as Sam left the bathroom, you quickly dried yourself off, and wrapped a towel around your body. In all honesty, you didn’t even want to leave that bath. But, you haven’t been out in awhile, and you couldn’t say no to hanging out with Jc and Sam. Mainly because if they Jc was involved, no wasn’t even an option.

You walked into the bedroom you and Kian shared, and changed into a pair of your black leggings and a studded burgundy sweater. You let your hair fall naturally, not bothering to do anything special to it. Your makeup was more on the natural side. You checked the mirror one last time before grabbing your phone and purse from the bed and walking downstairs where the two boys were waiting.

“Ready?” they both had asked in unison. You nodded your head and walked over to the closet to pull on the boots you sister had bought you for your birthday last year.

On the way out, you heard your phone go off from inside of your bag. You took a quick glance at it and saw it was a message from Kian.

From Romeo: Hey babe. My mom needs help at home. You probably already know, but Jc and Sam are taking you out tonight. Love you. 

Something seemed off about Kian. He didn’t end it with kissing emojis like he normally did. You hadn’t even seen for more than an hour this past week. You shrugged off the thought and followed the boys to the car, where they quickly took off, driving to..well, you have no idea.

“Sam, where are we even going?” you asked from the backseat, looking at him in the rear-view mirror. He didn’t take his eyes off the road for even a second to look back at you. But you could see a smile creep onto his face.

You kept bugging the two of them to the point where they had to turn up the radio to full blast. About halfway through the drive, Jc threw a blindfold at you. “What’s this for? I’m not wearing this, am I?” you questioned, examining it from top to bottom.

“No, you’re going to eat it. Of course you’re going to wear it, (y/n).” Jc said, letting out a little chuckle at the end. You didn’t even bother arguing with him seeing as you already know you would either lose the argument or one of them would hold you down and have the other put it on you themselves. You let out a little sigh, and tied it around your head, covering your eyes.

After what seemed like eternity, you heard the car shut off, and come to a stop. Barely seconds later, you heard the the front doors open, then close, and a side door open next to you. It was a bit frightening when you felt someone grab your hand and pull you out of the car considering you were blindfolded and had no clue who or what was around you. You calmed down a little when you heard the sound of crashing waves and felt the piece of cloth being lifted off of your face.

What you saw in front of you was the most beautiful sight you’ve seen in weeks. The sun was setting perfectly. The sky was filled with purple, pink, and red-orange hues. The air smelled like the ocean. This moment felt like a dream.

You felt your eyes being covered again, but this time by a pair of hands. “Guess who,” they whispered in your ear. Instantly, you knew exactly who is was. “Kian.” You said, letting out a shaky breath. When you turned around, reality was definitely a dream. Standing right there, with a rose in his hand, was the guy you fell in love with from day one. Without thinking twice, you crashed your lips onto his.

You were snapped out of your dream when you heard Jc awkwardly, and obnoxiously, cough from behind you. You cleared your throat before apologizing to him. “Now, if you two excuse me, I have plans with my girlfriend.” Kian said before grabbing hold of your hand and walking off down the beach. ‘This moment couldn’t get any more perfect.’ you thought. A smile crept onto your face when you saw what was ahead of you. Faintly, you could see a table and two chairs set up with tiki lights around it.

“(Y/n), I just wanted to apologize for being so distant this past week. I just wanted to make this night so unforgettable for you and I guess I just got to caught up in it all. I’m so sorry if I made you feel left out. That was never my intention. I love you so much, babe.” Kian said, lightly squeezing you hand before pulling you closer to him and wrapping his arm around your waist. You were in total and complete awe when you saw the dinner he had set up.

It was already dark out by the time you and Kian finished your dinner. The only light was the moon behind the clouds, and the few tikis that were about to die out. In the distance, you could hear the sound of a strumming guitar. “Let’s take a walk.” Before you could say anything, Kian stood up from his seat and began to help you out of yours.

The walk was silent. But it was a good silent. It was nice to have your boyfriend, whom you haven’t seen much this week, holding you close to him. When you got closer to the sound of the guitar strums, you felt Kian let go of your hand. At first you didn’t think much of it but then after about 30 seconds, he still wasn’t next to you. When you turned around and ask him why he stopped walking, you saw the most unforgettable thing. Right in front of your eyes was Kian on one knee. Proposing. “(Y/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n), I have loved you from the very start of our relationship. Through the ups and downs, through thick and thin, we have stood by each other. Waking up next to you these past three years is heaven. You have made me the happiest person in the world. Even if you’re a pain the ass sometimes. But even then, I have realized that I don’t want to lose you. I want to spend today, tomorrow, and forever with you. (Y/n), will you please do me the honor and marry me?” You felt like you were the only 2 people on that beach right now. You didn’t trust you voice right now, so instead, you nodded you head vigorously. Eventually, you were able to choke out ‘yes’.

Kian pulled the diamond ring out of its box and placed it on your ring finger, gently kissing it afterwards. In the heat of the moment, you flung yourself into his arms as he picked you up, and spun you around. When he finally set you down, you came to realization that there were other people on the beach. And by other people, it was just Sam, Jc, and the rest of the boys, who, evidently, set this all up.

Later that night, while you where scrolling through Twitter and Tumblr, you saw people kept sending you links to a YouTube video. When you started watching it, you realized it was a video of Kian proposing. And without thinking, you already knew the boys were the ones who posted it.

(A/N: I’m so mad. On my dash it showed that I posted this twice so I deleted one and it deleted both and this had a a good amount of notes so I’m sorry for posting this again!)

Imagine: Like Siblings (requested by anon)

request: You’re 14 and suffer from despression.Pan takes you to Neverland and treats you like a little sister.

“Take my hand and I’ll promise you a better life.” Peter said as he flew onto my window board and reached down to take my hand. “You promise?” I asked him doubting his pledges. “I do.” He said confidently. A life in Neverland didn’t sound bad. No rules, no sorrows, no responsibility. Only a group of boys dancing around a bonfire all day, joking and playing around. My family couldn’t handle me anyway and the only one I really loved was my dog Sinister. The thought of leaving him behind ripped my heart into pieces but leaving this place seemed to be the right choice. The last thing I’d cry after would be my family. They treated me so indifferently and kept distancing from me since they found out I was suffering from depression. And before I could even realize what I had done I was flying over the roofs of my hometown. The fact that I was hanging onto only Peter’s hand scared me so much that I suddenly got an anxiety attack. Peter stopped to comfort me and offered to put his arms around my body while flying so I would feel more safe. I gladly took his offer. When we finally reached Neverland he lead me to an extra large tent with an extra comfy bed. “Why are you doing this for me?” I asked him startled. “I want you to feel good and safe.” He said and continued. “If something’s ever wrong with you, you can always come and talk to me. You’re not alone. Understood?” He treated me so nicely, still not acting cravingly. “Yeah.” I said and Peter turned around to leave my tent but I stopped him. “Peter!” He immediately turned around a look of concernment in his eyes. “What is it, love?” He asked softly. “Thank you. For everything.” I said with a sad smile. He smiled back and looked me straight in the eyes. “Absolutely no problem.” Then he left. Since then about a month must have passed. Peter has been treating me like a little sister all the time. Making dangerous excursions with me, showing me some special places on Neverland and even confessing his deepest secret to me, that his life depended on a special heart, called “The Heart Of The Truest Believer”. He told me that he would have to find it or he would die as soon as the sand in the hourglass was gone. Of course I worried about him but he told me not to. “I’m gonna make it.” He told me back then. Peter really trusted me. He made me feel special and accepted. He cared for and about me. It turned out that he was the greatest listener and comforter I ever came across. Everytime I was in a bad mood, he cheered me up. Everytime I cried he calmed me down and didn’t leave my side until I was okay again. He always tried to understand what my problems were and when I had a real bad depression attack he hovered over me and cared for me. He knew that when I was racked by those depressions he could do nothing but talk to me soothing and carefully. One day it was really bad and I had been sitting at the edge of the cliff all day. Peter was very concerned and worried about me, he sat there with me trying to cheer me up but it didn’t really work out. He brought me some tea and even cooked a soup himself only for me. It made me smile that he tried everything he could only for me but I felt like drowning in the dark flow of my depressions. I was thinking back to my family and my dog I left. The thought that I left Sinister with those cruel people down there made me cry so hard I wouldn’t stop until Peter decided to do something I’d never forget. He told me that he had to leave for a little while and summoned me to sleep a little since I looked so done. After about half an hour later I was woken up by something wet and warm slobbering over my face. When I opened up my eyes to see what was disturbing my restful sleep I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Right in front of me sat my dog Sinister. “You brought him here? Oh Peter!” I jumped up from the spot I was laying on and fell right into his arms. “Thank you so so much!” Surprised by my sudden gesture he startled for a second but soon wrapped his arms around me. I felt relief washing through my whole body taking my dark thoughts with it. “I just want you to be happy, lil’ sis.” He said going through my hair messing it up. “I am totally!” I said and knelt down to finally clasp Sinister in my arms. He immediately jumped all over me and dragged me to the ground with all his weight. I caressed his fur and felt like the happiest person in the world. “I knew that you’d find a way.” I said when I got up onto my feet again. “I’m always giving my best.” He said smiling. “Now come on let’s go back to camp. Sitting around at the cliff is pretty dangerous and you should really get something to eat. I’m surprised that you didn’t starve already.” He said and put his hand onto my back to push me forward. “Fine.” I said and started walking. Peter looked after me smiling as I ran along the way with Sinister throwing sticks for him laughing all the time. He was happy as long as I was and with my dog arriving in Neverland everything was finally perfect. We arrived at camp and introduced everyone to Sinister as Peter grabbed some dinner for us three. We sat down on a log around the fire and enjoyed the food talking and laughing again. At first Sinister fell asleep and then did I on Peter’s shoulder. I briefly woke up when Peter picked me up and threw me over his shoulder to take me to my tent. When I was lying in bed Peter gave me a little good night kiss and I fell into a very deep sleep that night.

Dear lovely anon! Here’s your personal imagine! I hope you enjoy reading it (I really enjoyed writing it though :)) I hope you have a very nice day!

Love Felia!

I was in the car with my mom and her boyfriend today and the backstreet boys came on the radio (don’t ask) which somehow got them talking about the new millennium. And he goes “you know what I heard about millennium kids?” And my mom looks over and goes “what?” And he I shit you not just “they expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. They don’t want to work for anything. They’re lazy.” He was taking a dig at me. Because I tend to stay in my room a lot and not come out for long periods of time. I have severe manic depression. I’ll be the happiest person in the world for like a day and then sadness will hit me like a truck and I will be that way for weeks at a time. Causing me to have no motivation for anything. Like literally nothing. Not even showering sometimes. I got very offended and it was not okay for him to say.

And a few weeks ago I was having what they call a “manic episode” where I felt extremely happy for no reason. And I came downstairs and my mom says “Why do you look so happy today?” To which I replied I didn’t know. And she says “Well, while you’re manic can you clean the kitchen? It might not last long.” Like making a joke about me being manic.

Long story short,

1. Stop making digs at me for being depressed.

2. Stop making my depression a joke. It’s not funny to me. Or anyone with a good sense of humor.

First Born Child With Cameron Dallas (Requested)

I paced the bathroom floor waiting for an answer. Positive or negative. Me and Cameron have been trying for a baby but every time the answer was negative. We’ve been married for a year and our dream was to start our family before we get to older. Camerons been on edge lately with the results. He’s been more devastated than me at all the negative results. But… it was time to see these results. I picked up the test that was sitting on our bathroom counter and clenched my eyes shut. I was nervous to see the results. I was praying that it’d be positive. I slowly opened my eyes and tears starting forming. Not sad tears, but tears of joy. Positive. I was finally having a baby with Cameron. I threw the test away and heard the front door shut and I heard voices. Cameron was back with Nash. I ran out of the bathroom and through the hall before coming to the top of the stairs. I leaned against the railing as I looked down at the two of them. I had a huge smile on my face. “Oh hey y/n!” Nash said. “Hi Nash.” I said with a super happy voice. “What’s got you so happy babe?” Cameron asked. “Umm maybe because I have good news for you.” I said and slowly walked down the stairs. “News? What kind of news?” He laughed as I stood in front of him. “Maybe the news we’ve been waiting to hear for almost two months now?” I said taking his hand and putting it on my stomach. Nash knew what I was talking about right away. It took Cameron a minute to realize what I was actually getting at. “Wait, you mean you’re pregnant?” He asked. “Ya, I am.” I said. “Oh my god babe that’s amazing!” He said and picked me up in his arms. He spun me around and then when he pulled me away we crashed our lips together only for a second acknowledging that Nash was still here. “I can’t believe this. We’re actually having a baby.” Cam said running a hand through his hair. “I’m going to be an uncle!” Nash yelled and started jumping around. I laughed and looked up at Cameron. “I’m going to be a dad.” He said. “And I’m going to be a mom.” I said. He smiled and pulled me into a hug. I thought marrying him would be the best thing to ever happen to me. But turns out, this was the best thing to ever happen.


Eight months have passed and today is the day that I’ve been waiting for ever since me and Cameron got married. Delivery day. I went into labor this morning and I’ve been here at the hospital ever since. I thought I’d never get through the intense pain of having a baby. But I did. All thanks to Cameron being there by my side. I remember holding his hand tightly and screaming at him. But it was all worth it when I heard the cries of my first born baby. And now… it really was worth it as I held my first born son in my arms. “He’s so handsome.” I whispered to Cameron as he sat beside me. “I can’t believe I’m a dad.” He said. I looked at him and kissed him before returning my attention to our son in my arms. His fingers were wrapped around my finger and his eyes fluttered open. “He’s got your eyes.” I said. “But their blue.” Cam said. “For now. But I can just tell he has your eyes. They have that same sparkle in them like yours do.” I said. I leaned my head on Camerons shoulder and we sat there taking in everything that has happened. Having this baby was shocking, but it was also the best thing ever. “I love you so much y/n. You’ve made me the happiest person in the world and I’m so glad I chose you to spend the rest of my life with.” Cameron said. A huge smile came to my face and I looked into his eyes. “I love you too Cameron. I’ve never thought I’d have such a perfect life. But that all changed once I met you.” I said. There were tears starting to form in my eyes. He leaned in closer and we kissed again. Everytime we kissed I felt like I was falling in love again. But I’ve fallen in love with someone else. My first born son with my husband Cameron dallas. And I couldn’t be happier.

 A/N—So here’s a little requested imagine. Hope you guys enjoy it, sorry that it’s so short.

preference #2: post-break up reunions (muke/4)

request: can you write about breaking up with them and seeing them in public and year later and you guys talk?

LUKE: “Don’t do this,” He asks. You could see the pain in his eyes, and it honestly, made your heart sink. “We can fix this, we can get better. I promise.” His voice becomes quieter, but you shake your head as you let the tears fall. 

“I’ve been waiting for this to get better for too long, Luke, I’m sorry.” You whisper before pulling your hand back from his grip and walking out of his house, and for a while, out of his life. It hurt to see him around the town. He’d hang out with his friends, mostly, and you’d always see him. He’d smile at you, but you never smiled back; it hurt far too much to do that. For the past year you managed to grow stronger. You now had less stress on you from school, and you were happier with yourself; but you knew something was missing. He was missing. 

“You keep staring off into space,” Your best friend notes, and you look back at her, and apologize. “What are you thinking about?”

“No one.” I shrug. 

“I asked what; not who.” She smirks, and you open your mouth to explain, but your breath hitches in your throat when you watch the door to the coffee shop open with the jingle of a bell. There he is. The boy you hadn’t managed to stop thinking about since you broke up with him a year. Luke Hemmings. Your best friend follows your gaze and gasps. “You need to go and talk to him," 

"I can’t.” You sigh. “I broke up with him, I can’t talk to him, things’ll be awkward.” You shake your head, but she wont have it. 

“Luke!” She calls, and he looks over, his eyes widening when he spots you. God, he got so beautiful in just one year. He walks over, his hands slipping in his pockets. “You owe me,” Your best friend smirks as she walks away, Luke giving her a questioning look as she does so, since she had called him over. 

“Hey,” He looks at you. 

“Hi.” You breathe out, your heart beating a little faster. 

“How have you been?” He asks awkwardly. 

“Good.” You nod. 

“That’s good,” He nods, and looks up, staring into space. Things go awkwardly silent, and you curse your best friend in your mind. “This is so awkward.” He chuckles, and you can’t help but laugh at him. “This isn’t us,” He smiles, looking at you. 

“It is now,” You shrug. 

“It doesn’t have to be,” He sits down in front of you. 

“I broke up with you, Luke, you should hate me.” You say. 

“I don’t,” He shakes his head. “You were right; I was a shitty boyfriend. I never made time for you; and when I did, I was just shit at everything we did,” He chuckles. 

“You weren’t a shitty boyfriend, I was just a stresshead girlfriend.” You smirk, and he smiles. 

“You don’t seem so stressed anymore,” He mentions. “You look quite beautiful, actually.” You blush and look away, and he grins. “And you still look away when you blush. I’m glad the best things about you haven’t changed.” He says, and you sigh. Things go silent again, until he speaks up. “I miss you." 

"Don’t, Luke.” You look at him. 

“Don’t you miss me?” He looks hurt. 

“God, of course I do, but-” You don’t wanna say the words. But you do. “You don’t need me, Luke, I only brought you down.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” He asks, his eyebrows furrowed. “Y/N, you made me the happiest person in the world; when you left, I was a wreck. Ask any of the boys; I felt like shit for weeks, months even. A-And seeing you here now, it just- It brings back so much, and I-I miss you.” He stutters, which you knew he did when he was nervous. 

You bite your lip, “I miss you, too,” You answer, and he smiles. “Stay for a coffee?” You ask. 

“I’d love nothing more,” He smiles. 

> > > 

MICHAEL: Your eyes scan down at the small M tattoo you had on your hand, and you wondered if Michael ever got his little tattoo of the letter of your first name removed. He probably did. He hated you after you left. He was so angry; and you didn’t blame him. You dumped him out of the blue all because you couldn’t handle him not being around as much as you wanted; but now you just felt bad. You missed him. More than anything, you knew that. It’s been a year, and you feel so silly still missing him for this long. 

“I’m surprised you kept yours,” A voice says, and you look up from your spot on the bus bench. You gulp when you see Michael in front of you. His hair is completely different, and you knew he’d dyed it a bunch of times when you saw him in the streets weeks after your break up. “I thought you were have gotten it removed.”

“I was going to,” You say. “But I hear tattoo removal hurts like a bitch." 

He laughs at your words and sits beside you. He extends his hand, and shows you the spot where your initial used to be. He did get it removed. "Your right. It does.” You look away, feeling hurt, though you didn’t know why because he had every right to get it removed. You weren’t together anymore. “I always look at it; and it looks so wrong.”

“Your hand?”

“Yeah,” He nods. “It’s obvious there’s something missing.” He mumbles. 

“Maybe it’s for the best," 

"Don’t say that to me, I hate that damn sentence,” He mutters. “That’s what you said to me when you ended it. It’s for the best.” He rolls his eyes. “Well, it wasn’t. It wasn’t for the best.”

“I know,” You whisper. 

“You know, hm?” He looks at me. “So, what? You dump me then you miss me?” He asks. 

“Of course I miss you, Michael, but I’m not stupid enough to ask you back. I know you hate me," 

"I wish I hated you.” He sighs.

“You what?”

“I wish I could hate you; but I can’t. I still have your stupid selfies in my phone, and I still wear that necklace you gave me for my birthday, and I still miss you just as much as I did the night you left,” He looks at me. “But I’m not stupid enough to ask you back." 

"Is it bad that I wish you were?” I ask, and he looks into my eyes, and I think about how much I missed his. 

“I wanna kiss you; but I wanna hate you.” He leans toward you. 

“Then kiss me like you hate me,” You say, and he does, smashing his lips to yours, and pulling you closer to him by your hips. The kiss is quick, sweet and hard, and it makes my heart flutter. The bus arrives and you both pull away and stand up, as the old lady with a hearing aid steps in front of you and waits for the bus. 

“This is my bus,” He says. “I’m off to the tattoo shop,” He looks down at his hand and smiles. 

“Ah, and what tattoo will you be getting?” I smile. 

“I was thinking maybe something bigger than a little initial,” He shrugs and smiles at you. “Maybe your name tattooed in an arrow heart." 


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#14 He tweets a picture about your pregnancy

Includes: luke / calum / michael / ashton

Requested: yes / no

LUKE: @Luke5SOS: “I’m like the happiest person in the whole world at the moment! @Y/T/N is pregnant and we are having our first baby angel! (: x”

CALUM: @Calum5SOS: “Our baby boy just kicked me! I felt his little foot in @Y/T/N’s belly! Can’t wait to get that prince to this world… Happiest couple in the world!”

MICHAEL: @Michael5SOS: “They just told me and @Y/T/N that it’s a girl! We’ll get our little princess (: Still long time to go, but it’s worth of waiting! x”

ASHTON: @Ashton5SOS: “I think it’s not a secret anymore… SO YES, I’M GOING TO BE A DADDY! me and @Y/T/N’s baby girl will be born in next november! i’ve never been this happy in my life (’: x”

Now - Sammy Wilkinson

Requested ♔

“GO SAMMY!” I screamed at the top of my lung, cheering for my bestfriend out on the basketball court. He had the ball in his hands, but that’s all i could really comprehend. I wasn’t really basketball savvy.

“C’MON SAM DESTROY EM’!” Gilinsky cheered next to me. I looked up at him and laughed harder and louder than i should have. “What?” He asked insecurely.

“Destroy em? You sound like my mom!” I teased, lightly gesturing to Gilinskys metaphorical mom tits. I turned my attention back to Sammy. Sammy, the jacks, Nate, and I have all been friends for about a year now. I met them all at a party they threw before going on tour, they said i stood out because I was the only girl who didn’t freak out and try to get into their pants. They liked how i didn’t like like them. Even though that may not be 100% true. I’ve always had a crush on Sammy, which is weird because we’re not the closest two in the group, he just never seemed interested. Turns out, Gilinsky and I were for sure the closest friends in the group. I watched as the ball intensely bounced throughout the court, Sammy chasing it back and fourth. How exhausting must that me? Johnson peeked over my shoulder.

           “God Y/n could you get any taller?” He hopped trying to see the court. I laughed and scooted so i was standing in front of Gilinsky.

           “Gosh Johnson, could you get any shorter?” I mimicked him in a whiny 12 year-old boy voice.

           “I don’t sound like that!” He yelled at me, perfecting the whiny 12 year-old boy voice. We all laughed as the final few minutes started on the clock. I felt my heart beat harder and harder, the intensity becoming more and more predominant. I looked over to Sammy, sweat glistened his face as he moved fluidly across the court. He looked over at me and the Jacks, making direct eye-contact with me and smiling goofily before running off. I couldn’t help but blush.

                                           ♂SAMMY’S POV

I looked over to Y/n, God she looked happy. She was standing right in the front, side by side with Johnson and Gilinsky and laughing like a total idiot. She looked like the happiest person in the world. As much as i deny it, she makes me feel like that a lot. I’ve had a crush on her since we first met, but she never seemed interested. I’m pretty sure Jack and her are a thing, just looked how happy they are together. Jack knows i have a thing for her, but if she’s going for it might as well go along i guess. I focused my attention back onto the game and ran towards the ball. After stealing it from one of the other players, I dribbled down to their side of the court and passed the ball to one of my friends Nate. He shot just as the buzzer rang. It went it. The crowd went absolutely insane, screaming and yelling stinging my ears. I smiled and looked over to Y/n, who was now on Gilinskys shoulders chanting my and Nates names. The crowd soon joined in, cheering for Nate and I. The look on her face was just priceless and, not to mention, adorable.

                                                 ♀Y/N’S POV♀

           After the game we all waited for Sammy and Nate in the parking lot. They came out about 10 minutes after the game carrying their bags. As soon as they saw me they threw their bags on the ground knowing i was gonna run up and hug them. I first ran to Sammy, while the Jacks were greeting Nate. I jumped onto Sammy, my legs wrapping around him hips as he swung me around in circles.

           “That was so great! You did so great! You are so great!” I cheered, sounding like a proud mother. I heard laughter all around me.

           “Thanks Y/n!” Sammy chimed, putting me back on the ground. He looked at me right in the eyes, causing me to melt a little inside. After a few awkward moments of silence the Jacks began to speak.

           “Well we’re gonna head to the afterparty, we’re driving a few other people, so is it okay if you guys go on you’re own? Promise we’ll meet you there.” Johnson assured us.

           “Yeah that’s fine.” I chimed before Sammy could even say anything. I slung his bag over my shoulder and got into his passenger seat. He just smiled and laughed as he got into the drivers seat. Sammy started the car and soon enough we were driving down the highway. Awkwardness filled the air.

           “So…” I tried to spark up a conversation, afraid to accidentally say something wrong.

           “So…” He sighed, sounding annoyed with me. I closed my eyes, trying to hold back any emotions that might flow out. I just can’t stand him not liking me, being annoyed with me, or anything else like that. I mean, what if he hates me? What if he’s been secretly hating me since day one?! I sighed and looked out the window, watching the cars fly by. Sammy noticed my sudden change in moods.

           “You okay?” He asked, still sounding quite annoyed. I bit my lip before speaking.

           “Yeah i guess.” I ignored my feelings and just let it go. Looking down at my lap, i twiddled my thumbs and started to zone out. His voice brought me back to reality.

           “You know you can tell me, right? If something is wrong you can tell me. I’ll listen.” He stammered nervously, a tinge of anger in his voice.

           “Yeah sure.” I bluntly replied, not wanting to talk anymore.

           “Y/n, I’m serious! I-I care about you. A lot.” He whispered so i barely heard him.

           “Do you?” I asked, looking straight at him.

           “I do. A lot.” He repeated. “So you should tell me. What’s wrong?” He finished, never taking his eyes off the road.

           “Well..It’s just.. uh. I don’t know.” I stammered. A sudden anger filled me. “It’s just you never ever seem to be interested in being with me at all. You seem annoyed every time we’re together, and you never talk to me when we aren’t with the other guys at all. And I get it, you guys want no feelings and that’s why you guys like me, because i don’t develop feelings. But you know how when you tell a little kid to not eat a cookie, then all they want is that cookie? You’re my fucking cookie! You could at least act like you actually care about being my friend.” I finished, instantly regretting what I said. “I-I’m so sorry.” I tried to take back what I said.

           “Y/n…” Sammy softened, his muscles all relaxed and his voice became quieter and less agitated. “Since the day we first met, i was into you. And the more and more we spoke, the more and more i fell for you. I didn’t think you felt the same, and i never thought you would, so i pushed you away. The truth is, Y/n, I’m in love with you.” I roughly whispered.

           “I’m in love with you too.” I whispered. Sammy’s hand found mine, and we intertwined fingers.

           “So what does this mean?” He asked, tightening my grip, afraid i was going to run away or something.

           “To be honest, I don’t know. And that’s fine, we don’t have to know right away. Let’s just let what happens, happen. We have so much time ahead of us to figure things out, let’s just go with what’s happening now and go with it together.” I plainly answered. He smiled and parked the car on a curb, kissing my lips softly before exiting the car. Hand in hand we walked into the party, ready to live in the now.

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