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I have been thinking of this Headcanons for a while now and I hope u can bring my imagination into light! what if rfa+v+Searan first meeting with MC at an aquarium where she works as a diver and saw her for the first time behind the glass diving with sharks and small fishies and stuff~ maybe she looked like a mermaid :P I'm sorry if it's complicated and it's ok if u don't want to do it~ love u~

I love these scenarios when they meet before RFA <3 

I wrote this when I was really sleepy and slightly drunk, so I have no idea if any of this makes any sense lololol. Anyway, hope u like it! ^^

RFA + Saeran and V meet MC at an aquarium


  • He was there for a photo shoot and decided to take a look at the place
  • You passed by his side wearing your scuba suit, talking to a colleague about checking on the sharks
  • He followed you, he just… felt this urge to go after you.
  • And he watched you mesmerized, you were so elegant… and so brave for being that close to the sharks!
  • “Isn’t it scary?” he had to ask when you got out, you looked at him puzzled. “The… sharks?”
  • “Oh… no, not at all! They don’t do anything if they’re fed properly and… if you’re not bleeding.” you say this so naturally and with this huge smile, it’s adorable! “Don’t tell anybody, but… they’re my favorites!”
  • He felt warm inside about you sharing this secret with him. “Wh-why is that?”
  • “I don’t know, there’s something exciting about fearing them, you know? Being around something so majestic and dangerous. It’s like…” “Liking someone and being afraid of hurting them with all of your passion?” SHIT! What is he saying? This isn’t one of his musicals!
  • “Yeah… something like that…” you chuckle. Oh, did you really get it or are you just being polite? “Hey, do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar…”
  • “I get that a lot, actually.” nah, he wouldn’t brag right now, it was time to know more about you. “So… what’s y-?” one of the sharks bump into the glass and he yelps.
  • “Oh, shit, Hercules! He’s a little blind, I… I should go, he gets all disoriented when this happens. See ya!” you run without even looking at him.
  • “Yes… see ya.” Well, he would actually see you a few weeks later standing at his door.


  • He’s there on a tour promoted by one of his teachers
  • He’s not really interested in any of this. Sea animals are not really his thing. Then he gets to the dolphin area.
  • Then you show up and greet his class, and the tour guide introduces you. “This is MC, she usually works with the dolphins and the other mammals.”
  • “Do you feed them?” somebody asks. “Well, that too, but I mainly provide activities to stimulate their brains. You see, dolphins are extremely smart creatures, and…” you go on talking about dolphin’s brains, and Yoosung is… really interested in all you have to say, he’s even taking notes.
  • “But enough talking, do any of you want to see how we do it? Let’s see… hum, how about you in the back? The blond one?” he’s so taken aback by your face he doesn’t even notice you’re talking about him, his buddy nudges him and he notices you’re looking straight at him… SHIT
  • He goes to you hesitantly, your smile is so beautiful and… your curves on this tight scuba suit… wait, what? “What’s your name?”
  • “Y-Yoosung.” “Cool! So our friend Yoosung here will shuffle these numbers and our other friend Chi Chi will put them in the right order. Here you go, buddy.” shit, you’re so nice! He’s trembling while shuffling the cards. “Okay, Yoosung, you can give to her.”
  • “M-me?” “Yeah! Don’t worry, she won’t bite! Well, she does sometimes and it hurts as hell, but…” you see his eyes widening. “I’m kidding!” he hears his mates laughing, ugh…
  • He hands the cards to Chi Chi and she quickly puts them in order, then you explain this isn’t training like in the circus, it’s just a method to stimulate their memory.
  • After the demonstration is over, the teacher calls a a little break for the students to explore as they please, but Yoosung wants to stay right there.
  • “Good job, she really liked you!” you say enthusiastically, are you just being nice or are you genuinely this bright? Either way, your smile is beautiful. “I’m so lame for being afraid, I… I’m sorry.”
  • “Oh, don’t worry, Yoosung! It can be a little intimidating at first…” oh, you remember his name! He wants to know more about you, but then you get a call and run quickly. Well, he would have another chance pretty soon in the chat room.


  • Well, this was the oddest meeting Mr Han’s associate could ever come up with
  • Then she sees the jellyfishes and this diver swimming right beside them.
  • It’s… beautiful! And the diver moves as flowing and elegant as them.
  • And then the diver looks through the glass, straight at… her? And waves for her? She awkwardly waves back.
  • “Hey! Did you like the jellyfishes?” you ask her coming from behind. You’re still on your scuba suit. Oh… were you that elegant diver from before?
  • “Yes, they’re… beautiful! Isn’t it dangerous? I mean… don’t their tentacles burn?” “Oh, my suit protects me, see?” you grab her hand and make her squeeze your arm. She blushes.
  • “It’s made of a special material, they just bought it thanks to this new investor.” “Yes, it was… my boss, actually.”
  • “Oh… cool! Your boss is sickening!” is… that a good thing? Judging from your huge smile, it is, she frowns her forehead and you chuckle. “Oh… maybe not?”
  • She gives this weird smile. “Yeah, my boss is a pain in the ass sometimes too.” how can you talk so easilly to a stranger? But she can’t stop listening to you, for some reason…
  • She would like to hear more, and talk more. Maybe venting to an outsider about how stressed she was would bring her some relief?
  • “Oh… speaking of the devil…” you fidget your walkie talkie on your hand. “Gotta go!”
  • Well… too bad! It wasn’r right now she would have the chance to vent. Gladly she does much more than that when you two meet again.


  • He heard about this aquarium getting closed and thought about investing in it.
  • He has his aquarium at home and… well, he really appreciates these creatures, he doesn’t like to think what could happen to the animals if the aquarium gets closed.
  • So he goes there to see what exactly he’s dealling with. And then he sees this diver surrounded by colorful seahorses.
  • It’s almost like a mirage, and this diver is apparently having lots of fun. Yes, working with something you love is really fulfilling.
  • “Hi! We’re… closed right now.” “I’m here to see the admnistrator, actualy.” “I’ll take you there, come on”
  • He’s a little uncomfortable about walking side by side with this woman all wet, aren’t you cold? “So… may I ask why do you want to see the boss?”
  • “Well, this is… I would rather not talk about it for now.” Yes, he shouldn’t be discusing this with one of the employees.
  • “Okay… just know we’re doing our best here, but it’s really hard to keep things in order with such a low budget, I’m saving up as much as I can with the seahorse’s food, for example and…”
  • “Don’t worry about it. Keep doing your best and it will pay off, I can guarantee.” “Okay, I guess…” he wanted to know more, what were your position here exactly, your name…
  • “Here you go, sir!” you patted his shoulder friendly and turned around.
  • He was impressed at how much you cared for this job and for the animals, if every employee was this hardworking, he would be more than happy to buy the place.
  • And he did, but you just got to know that when you went to his penthouse a couple of weeks later.


  • That was a weird mission, the thugs were getting more and more creative about places to do money laundering. An aquarium?
  • He wasn’t sure where to start looking, so he was just strolling around, looking for places he could infiltrate.
  • Then he saw this girl feeding the seals. Five of them all around you.
  • He couldn’t hold back a chuckle when he saw you doing this weird dance and the seals mimicking you.
  • You heard him chuckle and quickly turned around, looking straight at him and blushing. How… adorable!
  • “Hi! Can I help you?” “Oh… I’m… I’m from supervision, they sent me… to supervise?” WTF? He usually comes up with good stories, why couldn’t he lie properly staring at your curious face?
  • “So, uhm… about the seals. Are they getting the right treatment?” and you suddenly started talking about their feeding, their meds, even some biology jargons, it looked nothing like the girl who blushed before noticing she was being observed.
  • “Do you… like working here?” “Well, I… I’m a little worried about the new administration, but sure. I love this so much!” you eyes gleamed. Shit! Now he was the one blushing.
  • “About the new administration…” “I shouldn’t probably talk about this. Be careful on what you write on your report.” were you… worried for him? You didn’t even know him!
  • He knew he shouldn’t, but he really wanted to catch at least your name. Hell, now he was worried for you working for thugs! Was there nothing he could do to protect you?
  • Well, after the background check, he took the liberty to send your resumé to another aquarium, one with honest administrators. You didn’t remember sending any resumé to that place, so you knew it could only be his doing. Yes, even pushing you away like this at Rika’s apartment, you knew how much he cared about you…


  • He heard about the ice cream they were selling at this aquarium
  • But the restaurant there would open a little later, ugh… crap!
  • Well, since he’s here, why not take a look at what these children are making such a fuss about?
  • Then he sees you explaining to the kids about the starfishes and other animals at these interactive tanks.
  • “Be gentle, guys! Though it doesn’t show, they can feel everything!” he could see you were trying to be nice to the children, but you were more concerned about the animals.
  • “Yay! Now let’s take a look at the turtles?” they ran away from the tank.
  • “Why do they let animals like this for these brats to touch it?” “Well, it’s a… sensorial experience or… some bullshit like this.” Oh! Did you just swear? How feisty! “If you ask me, I think this is ridiculous and just stresses the animals, but… I don’t make the rules.”
  • “So why do you follow them?” “Well, isn’t it how society works?”
  • “What if there’s a place you don’t need to follow those rules?” “Well, this sound very utopic, but… I think it would be nice to me…and to the animals…”
  • Well, he couldn’t do much about the animals, but about you… did he just find his target to help him destroy RFA?
  • Yes, as he managed to hack into your phone, he knew! You were perfect to be taken to paradise!


  • He felt really inspired to take some pictures of this wonderful place with such wonderful creatures.
  • Well, he didn’t expect the most wondeful one to be a human.
  • He took pictures of this diver moving with the rays like they were all floating, it was amazing!
  • “My camera loves you… miss.” he took the initiative to talk to you when you came down, you looked puzzled, so he showed you the pictures.
  • “Oh, the rays are the fotogenic ones, actually.” “Yes, they move beautifully, it’s a shame I can’t really capture the whole movement of them.”
  • “Dude, are you kidding me? Look at this! You can feel the motion! It’s amazing! You’re… amazing!” and you blushed, he smiled softly, you were even more charming like this.
  • “Thank you, I’m just really lucky that sometimes I find just the right model.” “Oh yeah, the rays are great models!” he laughed, in addition to all of that, you were still funny? You were the amazing one here.
  • “You’re the guy they hired to take the promo pictures?” “Oh no, I’m just doing this for fun…” “So you’re a tourist?”
  • “I guess you can say that. Aren’t we all tourists when it comes to getting involved with these creatures?” “I don’t feel like a tourist around them.”
  • “Yes, you really look like one of them, look at this, it’s almost like a mermaid.” you blush furiously, and he grins, you’re definitely enchanting as a mermaid, at least.
  • He could talk to you all day if you let him, but then you got a call and ran without even saying goodbye. Well, maybe you two could meet up again one day? Who knows?

YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1621

Genre: Fluff

With a final tap of your screen, your fanart for the latest WonWooJi video, “What it’s Really Like to Date a YouTuber,” was up on instagram for the world to see. Art was one of your favorite pastimes, and you had WonWooJi to thank for it.

While you’d enjoyed drawing since you were young, you’d never thought you were particularly good at it and had no confidence in your art skills. If anyone had asked you to show them any of your drawings a few years ago, you would never have shown them, but that had changed slowly as you found the YouTube channel run by two quiet 96 liners.

You’d discovered WonWooJi before they were well known and had watched their subscriber count grow from less than 200k to s million over the course of many years. The subscriber count had constantly grown little by little over the years and the video quality had slowly gotten better and better as well. The once limited camera angles began to get more decisive and direct. The scripts that bordered on cliches grew more and more original and you had seen the confidence of the two young video makers grow over the years.

Through that, you’d found the courage to try drawing for the sake of drawing. You tried to ignore whether you thought it was good or bad and simply strive for improvement because you enjoyed it - the way that Wonwoo and Jihoon had. Slowly but steadily, your art had improved and your confidence in your ability to draw and improve grew and you made the huge decision to start posting your work, and naturally, you posted a tribute to the people who had started you on your art path. And since then, your collection of WonWooJi fanart on your account had only grown along with supporters until the WonWooJi official account had followed you back and you’d almost died in happiness and shock. You still got overly excited whenever the account liked any of your fanart.

Since you’d gotten a follow from your idols, you’d set a new goal of meeting them and that dream was about to come true in less than a week. You’d been invited to set up a little booth at a convention, only to later discover that WonWooJi would be there as well with their own booth. It had been an honor to be invited in the first place as it meant that you yourself had enough fans to warrant that kind of treatment and the chance to make one of your dreams come true was just an extra cherry on top.

You were excited but also extremely nervous about your first convention and first time meeting your fans, the fact that you had fans still blowing your mind. You were worried if you’d live up to people’s expectations and whether you’d make a fool of yourself.

You refreshed your page to see the notifications and almost fell off your couch when you saw a like from WonWooJi and a comment reading “excited to finally meet the master artist at the convention!” on your latest post. Your legs kicked wildly in the air as you let out a little scream of excitement and praeyed for the convention to come a little faster.

When the day of the convention came, you headed off to your booth excited about meeting Wonwoo and Jihoon as well as your fans and the other random convention goers you were sure to encounter. You were humming to yourself as you set out the stickers and other goods you’d brought to give out and sell when you felt a pair of eyes on you despite the fact that the convention had yet to start. You brushed off the feeling as you being delusional, but there was someone observing you from across the floor.

“Hey Jihoon, isn’t that the one fanartist that sent us those stickers?” Wonwoo said as he nudged his fellow YouTuber and nodded in your direction. He’d first found your account about a year ago when he’d found your fanart of the “Love Locks” amongst the hundreds of notifications that came in on instagram. Your art had caught Wonwoo’s eye right away with your distinct style and the ability to pick out what he considered to be the most important part of everything that he and Jihoon AKA Woozi, decided to put on their channel. Since then, Wonwoo always waited for your fanart after every video and made sure to like all of them with the WonWooJi instagram.

Jihoon glanced over and nodded.

“Looks like it. We should go say thank you later.” Wonwoo nodded at Jihoon’s words and the two of them went back to setting up their own little station.

Oblivious to all of this, you simply continued to make your booth as appealing as possible by covering it with your art. You finished with some time to spare and stepped back to admire your work from afar and take some photos for your instagram when you felt your back run into someone.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” You said as you whipped around to face the person you’d run into.

“It’s ok,” the voice that responded was deep and oddly familiar.

“Oh my god. You’re Jeon Wonwoo.” You gaped at the tall male in front of you.

“Yes I am, and you must be Y/N. Jihoon and I really like your art. It’s nice to finally meet you.” He shot you a smile and held out his hand to shake. Your mind started as you whir as you realized holy shiz. WonWooJi knows you by name. You’re shaking Jeon Wonwoo’s hand. The Wonwoo who’d inspired you to keep drawing and to find a passion outside of “normal” life. The Wonwoo who’s videos had made you laugh and cry more than any other people you could think of.

You thanked Wonwoo graciously as you tried to keep yourself from embarrassing yourself. Wonwoo was much more attractive in person than on screen, and you were blown away by how nice his voice sounded and how the person you knew to be endearing and deep through videos was also a beautifully flawless man that knew you by name.

On the other hand, Wonwoo was just as restless. He’d never known what you looked like until he’d walked into the convention center earlier and he was blown away. You didn’t look like a model from a glamour magazine, but you had your own charm. And maybe it was because he’d already fallen in love with your style through your art, but Wonwoo found your style in real life to be just as charming and couldn’t help but feel a little drawn to you. There was also so much he wanted to ask you about your art and how you’d gotten to where you were now, but he restrained and instead started thanking you for your support and art instead.

The two of you were both brushing off the thanks and trying to thank the other for the support when Jihoon showed up.

He greeted you respectfully as you got starstruck once again.

“Don’t make it so obvious.” Jihoon whispered to Wonwoo, “or just ask for their number. Go big or go home.” Wonwoo flinched as he heard Jihoon’s soft words, but you didn’t notice the exchange.

“Ten minutes!” You heard a voice shout into the convention center from the door signalling that it was almost time for the people to come flooding in.

“I’m going to finish set up, come back in 5 minutes.” Jihoon said to Wonwoo. “It was nice to meet you. Stop by our booth later and we’ll give you some merch as a thank you.”

“Well, I should do stuff too. I was going to take photos for my instagram.” Wonwoo immediately offered to help and you accepted the offer.

“So, how did you get started with drawing?” He asked after telling you to go pose in your booth so you could be in the picture. You bashfully admitted that it was due to him and he grew a little red as well. However, the conversation didn’t stop and the two of you found yourself falling into a comfortable rhythm over the course of a few minutes until it felt like the man you were talking to wasn’t some sort of celebrity but someone you’d befriended in college.

Through those few minutes, you two managed to barely scratch the surface of your curiosities about the other and their passion, paths, and such, leaving you both disappointed when the 2 minute warning was called.

“You should go now, Jihoon’s probably waiting, but I really enjoyed talking to you.” You said to Wonwoo. Wonwoo agreed and seemed like he wanted to say something else, but refrained. “Wait, can we take a picture?”

You remembered who you were talking to and wanted to document the moment. His eyes perked up a little and the two of you quickly agreed to take a selfie.

Wonwoo fumbled for his wallet afterwards and produced a business card that he handed to you after scribbling something onto the back.

“That’s my personal number so you can send me the photos, and I’d really like to continue our conversation sometime so shoot me a message if you ever want to go out for coffee.” He could feel his face burning since he never made the first move with people due to his more introverted personality and proceeded to quickly bid you goodbye and run off to Jihoon.

You stood there in shock until the events finally registered, leaving you with a wide smile across your face. This convention was off to a great start.

Written by Admin Sea

It's a love story

pairing: steve x reader

au. once you touch your soulmate you feel an instant connection and you never want to leave your soulmates side.

Plot: you have just joined the team and Natasha invites you to Steve’s birthday party so you can meet the team. When you shake the birthday boys hand neither one of you wants to let go.

a/n I’m sorry it took so long and its not posted on steves birthday but i hope you like it.

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

A fish out of water. That’s exactly how you felt as you wandered around the party in the averages compound. You had just recently been recruited to join the team by Natasha and she insisted on you coming so she could introduce you to the team. When you arrived at the party you were relieved that you spotted Natasha right away and went straight towards her “oh my gosh you made it ! ! !”

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Confidence Booster (Tom Glynn-Carney x Reader) Artist/Muse AU

Summary: Desperate times call for desperate measures. The poster has been printed and now you wait for a volunteer to step forward.

AN: A quick thang written for @prettyboytgc because her art is brilliant and so is she and I hope you feel better soon my love. I don’t know shit about life drawing so forgive me for any and all inaccuracies.

Masterlist     Photo Credit

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say you and harry have a newborn baby girl. and every month that passes on her birth date you take a flower bath (like the one on his album cover) as a family. & maybe you all make flower crowns and every month has a different theme. but you all take pictures like as a family. some of are you & your baby breastfeeding quietly. some of are harry holding his baby girl on his chest. some are of the both of you looking at your creation. but imagine the progress in those photos! ok i hurt myself bye

Well… if this isn’t… the most painful punch to my womb that I’ve ever felt…. 

...EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW... PART 2: with Majesty.

Muse: So, welcome back, Majesty, it’s Part 2 of this interview, and once again, here we are on the red carpet with our wine.

Majesty: Lol, thank you, I’m excited to be back.

Muse: So, after the last meeting with you, you sort of told me that you had some tea to spill…I want all the dirt.

Majesty: Well, you’re going to have to settle for sand - because this is NOT about dragging anybody’s name through the mud.

Muse: oh i see. well get me together then, girl. Lol

Majesty: I will. ;)

Muse: So as you said before, you want to tell your story about the  harassment you’ve gone through in this industry. But before we get to that, I have to ask….usually when companies feud….they don’t allow their members to work with the other company, right?

Majesty: Right

Muse: But I’ve never seen Lowlife Entertainment, or you personally, post about a blacklist.

Majesty: As I said in our last interview…Lowlife doesn’t do drama. And making public posts about an issue we had with another company just isn’t something we want to be known for. So that’s not how we handle issues. We take care of everything in house and in private. Things like that should happen behind the scenes.

Muse: So, would you guys ever publically diss a company in the future?

Majesty: Listen, by the time this interview is over, I’m sure that people will say I’m doing just that, but this interview is only about getting the truth out. I’m not bashing anyone. I am just going to state what has already happened and what I would like to see happen in the near future.

Muse: Ok so let me ask you this, I had heard that one of the companies that Lowlife Entertainment has privately blacklisted is Imperial XXXstacy, fomerly known as Black Ice. Is that true?

Majesty: Absolutely not. In fact, one of their members has committed to starring in one of my upcoming projects in a very prominent role, so we’re good.

Muse: Oh really? I had heard that you and one of their female stars were feuding.

Majesty: I know who you’re talking about and I’ll just say this….It takes two to feud and I never had an issue with her. So, no, there was no feud there that I took part in.

Muse: Good to know, so there’s no tension between Lowlife Entertainment and Imperial XXXstacy?

Majesty: No. So many Imperial members are friends of mine, and as a company, they have been so welcoming to Lowlife’s newest members.

Muse: Well that’s settled, now we can move on to the company that has been blacklisted from multiple other companies in the industry. Diamond Enterprise. Which now has new leadership. Have you been made aware of the new changes in the administration there?

Majesty: Mhm.

Muse: Just so that the readers can know, I will post pictures of the recent posts announcing these changes which are coming directly from the company page on tumblr:

Muse: So I have to ask. So many companies have already blacklisted Diamond Enterprise for the negligence and inability of the former CEO to stop her members from harassing others. Where does Lowlife Entertainment stand?

Majesty: Listen, several members of the company harassed me, disrespected me and tried to ruin my reputation. And the rest of them stood by - and continue to stand by - to support those who did. So, the company is dead to me. Jessica allegedly stepping down does not change anything.

Muse: Strong words, hun, and I’m sure that everyone who knows what happened will agree with you but for my readers who don’t know, will you open up about what happened? I think that the industry needs to hear your story.

Majesty: My relationship with Diamond…started with a message from Joseei -

Muse: is that his imvu name?

Majesty: Yes.

Muse: ok, go on

Majesty: Things actually started off pretty nicely between the two of us. He messaged me back when my tumblr name was majestyvu and he was very complimentary. I said thank you and told him that I was so surprised that he had reached out to me, because I’d heard that he’d been in the industry for a long time.

Muse: So you were starstruck?

Majesty: I was flattered. I had literally just joined the industry - hadn’t even been in for a full month and I had started to make videos that were getting a decent amount of attention.

Muse: That’s a bit modest. According to others in the business, you sort of blew up immediately. But go on.

Majesty: Well when he messaged me I was flattered. But then the conversation went wrong.

Muse: Wrong? How so. *leans forward*

Majesty: The guy told me to add him on imvu and I politely told him that I only added friends but that I’d like to get to know him.

Muse: Ok?

Majesty: Well, apparently that offended him. He blew up at me in anger and told me I was arrogant, full of myself, that I needed to “get off my high horse”.

Muse: Oh wow.  Just because you didn’t do what he wanted?

Majesty: Yes, and that’s the thing with Joseei. If a woman does not do what he wants, he flips out…Anyway, in that whole conversation I killed him with kindness and he ended up apologizing after I stopped speaking to him for weeks after that.

Muse: Wow…and this was your FIRST conversation with him?

Majesty: Yes it was…

Muse: …

Majesty: Exactly.

Muse: Now. I have to ask this…if this guy showed you that he might be  emotionally…unbalanced…in his very first communication with you, why did you later do a scene with the guy?

Majesty: Why? For a couple of reasons.

#1 : I believe in second chances.

#2 : He had apologized and I had said that I had accepted that apology…

He basically was making me feel like if I didn’t work with him…it meant that I had never forgiven him for disrespecting me and he pressured me to prove that I was over it. It’s all about emotional manipulation. And it got worse. All of the other women who he has harassed in this industry can probably understand why I would give him a second chance. He can be extremely manipulative.

Muse: So you do this scene basically as a favor to him. I saw the scene. You put a lot of work into the video… and the story you put with it made him look VERY good. Like…you didn’t have to go all out.

Majesty: But I did.

Muse: Did you two actually have sex during the scene?

Majesty: No. And I’m glad you asked because he wanted to. He wanted to “rp/roleplay” aka “fuck” me outside of “work” as well. He’ll deny that, I’m sure, but the beautiful thing is that I can actually back up everything i say.

Muse:  I don’t understand how the guy goes off on you and then all of a sudden wants to hook up with you…but anyway…So, the scene was released. Like all of your scenes, it was a hit. When did things go wrong again?

Majesty: After we did our scene, he was very happy with it and very eager to work together again. My popularity continued to rise, I was promoted to President of Lowlife Ent, and things were going well. Meanwhile, his company, Dragon Productions joined Diamond Enterprise as a subsidiary company.

Muse: Still sounds good to me.

Majesty: The day came when he wanted me to pose for a picture with some new girl in his company…and I was like sure, ofc. Like I was doing it as a favor to him. And honestly, I was putting myself on the line because I didn’t know anything about this girl.  but I’m a loyal friend and at the time me and Joseei were on good terms. So in an effort to support him, I didn’t even hesitate when he asked me to do him this favor. Now…certain people in my circle were warning me that he was trying to use me to boost his employee’s reputation.

Muse: Wait. So people were telling you he was an opportunist?

Majesty: Yes. But I didn’t want to believe in gossip, so carried on and did the photoshoot anyway. The girl’s imvu name is NIKKIEFaiAlone. Anyway, I go there, take the pic with the girll, who btw never says anything to me the whole time-

Muse: Wait wait wait….so this new girl in the industry is taking pictures with you and she doesn’t even thank you or anything for your time?

Majesty: No…and tbh it felt disrespectful like…I didn’t know who she was or what kind of reputation she had but I took the pic anyway to support Joseei and left. So then he posted it on tumblr on the Dragon Productions page. I immediately commented on the photo and complimented it, saying it was beautiful. But I did not reblog.

Muse: Ok?

Majesty: well, Joseei messaged me on tumblr saying he wanted me to reblog the picture. He had also taken some pics of me beforehand that he had pressured me to add to my tumblr and I did. I took down those older posts and was going to re-upload them later, but out of nowhere he went off on me in my DMs in tumblr saying I wasn’t supportive… and that offended me because I was like….

Muse: LOL what??? but you said you had commented on the photo you took with Nikki right? that’s a sign of support. Hell - you did the photoshoot as a favor to him.

Majesty: Right! like I didn’t even know the girl…i didn’t even hesitate when he asked me to do him that favor. And it’s funny because after the fact he had admitted to using me to bring popularity to him and his company…smh… But back to his claim of me not being supportive - just because I didn’t reblog the picture…Here is proof that I was supportive. example A:

Muse: So, for everyone reading this, I do want to make it clear that I have direct permission from you to post these pics you’ve sent me to include in this interview. Now with that being said, I have to say that I see nothing but support from you.

Majesty: thank you. and as most people will agree, if I wasn’t a supportive friend, I never would have done the photoshoot in the first place. But he went on on his pyschotic rants. Like my DMs were filled with all kinds of insults and then he accused me of talking about him behind his back. he made it sound like I was gossiping about him and spreading lies about him.

Muse: lies?

Majesty: Ok. so here’s the thing. Prior to him asking me to take a picture with the Nikki girl from his company, he had been inviting me to the imvu Shop to take pictures of me - which I didn’t ask for - that he said were for my public room. Like he wanted me to display them.

Muse: He wanted to advertise in your public room?

Majesty: Basically yes. I don’t really do that…but I agreed to it. and during the photoshoots he kept trying to get us in a pose where he was going to stand behind me…and he also wanted me to be naked. Now this wasn’t the first time a guy in this industry had tried to do that to me…to make me take a pic that would look like he and I had been fucking. And I was uncomfortable with it.

Muse: What were you uncomfortable with exactly?

Majesty: Well, first of all he kept saying that this picture he was taking was for display in my public room….now if I’m going to put a picture of myself in my public room, I don’t wanna be in a position like some random groupie getting fucked. Like…I had to keep asking him to just stand beside me or choose a more friendly pose…because I wasn’t comfortable with being portrayed as one of his groupies. I had to ask him 4 or 5 times before he finally stopped. So when I got back to the lowlife office, the CEO of the company asked me how the photoshoot went, and all I said was that Joseei had been overly flirtatious and that it had made me uncomfortable at times, but other than that, it was a good experience.

Muse: Ok, and then what happened?

Majesty: Well, I didn’t know this but the CEO then confronted Joseei about it because, little did I know, the CEO of Lowlife was aware of Joseei’s history of harassing women - he had even done it to my friend Ky who is a lowlife member.

Muse: So it sounds like the CEO of Lowlife thought Joseei had been harassing you and went to confront him about it.

Majesty: Right. It wasn’t that big of a deal but he confronted Joseei and Joseei - get this - actually apologized to the CEO and even said he would apologize to me. See? He never goes off on men, just women. Anyway..he did apologize to me randomly the day before he asked me to do the photoshoot with Nikkie…and because I didn’t know that the CEO had confronted him, I didn’t know what he was apologizing for…so I was like…ok? and that was the last i thought of it. Well he tried to disrespect me the next day after he got mad at me for not reblogging Nikkie’s pic and for deleting the posts off my tumblr of his picture he had taken of me the day before.

Muse: It’s your blog, you can delete what you want.

Majesty: Right. And like I tried to tell him, I was going to reupload it anyway, but he didn’t listen. He was going off on me and sent me several messages calling me all kinds of names. And at the end of his rant he told me to “fuck off”. so i blocked him.

Muse: You did what he told you to do so that should’ve been the end of it.

Majesty: Right. Now, this was the first time I blocked him. on tumblr and on imvu. And even after I did, he still kept harassing me. He later admitted to telling the Nikki girl to harass me. And she did. And here’s the proof:

Muse: Wait, wait…lol this is too much…so the guy goes off on you for not reblogging a picture and then tells you to fuck off…and when you do…he sends one of his company members to message you?

Majesty: Yes. He told me to fuck off. And I did…because I don’t like drama…and then he was still trying to reach me. So what I would ask your readers to do right now is stop and think….this is a man who not only disrespects women in this industry but uses his friends to do so as well…and remember that at the time Dragon Productions was claiming Diamond Enterprise as their parent company which means all of this was going on underneath the CEO’s nose.

Muse: Did Nikkie continue to harass you?

Majesty: I blocked her as soon as she called me out of my name.

Muse: But I understand that this type of thing continued?

Majesty: Yes. So, as Nikki was messaging me, I had gone to talk to Jessica aka @moaneyyx which is her name on tumblr. Now I messaged her a total of 3 times, I believe, about this harassment. When I first told her that I was being harassed by Nikki who was trying to get me speak to Joseei I got this response:

Majesty: Now, I still sent her the entire conversation I had with Joseei because he had threatened me saying that he had already sent Jessica screenshots of our convo…But I wondered if he had sent her everything. So I messaged her telling her that I wanted to be sure she saw the whole chat, because what he sent her may have been edited to leave out some of the things he had said. So when she saw my screenshots, this was the response from her:

Majesty: As you can see, she admitted I was not at fault.  During this time, I’m still getting messages from Nikki. This is after I had asked her not to message me again, she kept trying to get me to speak to Joseei. So told Jessica, why are your people still messaging me when you said you would stop it? Handle your people. I want to be clear. I never asked Jessica to fire Joseei. All I said was “you need to handle your people.” and I left it at that.

Muse: Did she handle it?

Majesty: No.

Even though she said she would:

Muse: Ok. Pause. Just for clarification, the “him” that Jessica refers to in that first sentence is Joseei, correct?

Majesty: Right.

Muse: And just so that my readers know, Brandon is the CEO of Lowlife. So tell me what happened after she sent you this message?

Majesty: Well. Nikki kept messaging. Even though I had politely asked her to stop. I was like, “Jess, it’s still going on, handle your people. If I get another message I am going to be forced to blacklist Diamond, meaning that Lowlife Entertainment will no longer collaborate with you guys again.”

Muse: Did she handle it then?

Majesty: No.

Even though, again, she said she would.

Muse: So then what happened?

Majesty: So when that last message from Nikki came to my inbox when she was cursing me out, I was like, that’s it. I messaged Jess letting her know that because she had failed to handle it, Lowlife Entertaint was going to be forced to step away from having anything to do with Diamond. Brandon was aware that I was being harassed and truth be told, the Lowlife fam wanted me to blacklist Diamond after the initial rant from Joseei, but I waited. Even when Nikki was messaging me, I gave Jessica 2 chances to step in and stop it, but she did not. Jessica sent me this the following day:

Muse: So she “asked” for the harassment to stop? It doesn’t seem like she was forceful about it.

Majesty: Idk. All I know was that I asked her twice to handle her people and she failed to do so. I accepted her apology, but told her that what was done, was done. Lowlife Entertainment and Diamond Enterprise’s relationship was over. Period. I was hoping that she would learn from that lesson and be more careful in the future. But sadly, plenty of other women have come out since then complaining about the same harassment. Now after she sent me that message, there was no communication for about two weeks. Until she sent me this out of the blue:

Muse: Wow. So even though Lowlife had moved on they were still talking about you.

Majesty: I guess. Like two weeks had passed. And on imvu so much can happen in 2 weeks that it feels like 2 years LOL so tbh I really was over it. But I did keep the messages just in case Joseei tried to lie on me. And it turned out that I was smart because here he was, weeks later, still having my name on his mouth. So I kindly sent her the same screenshots I had already sent her two weeks before.

Muse: He sounds like he was obsessed with you. or trying to get back in Diamond.

Majesty: Idk. Idc. Lol. And let’s be clear, I didn’t show you all of Nikki’s messages, because she sent so many that I had deleted a lot of them. One of them I remember was something along the lines of “thanks for messing with his depression, all he wants to do is talk to you and you won’t even see him.” Like the girl literally was trying to guilt-trip me into seeing this guy who had just told me to fuck off and called me every name in the book. So when I did what he asked me to do all of a sudden, he’s depressed because …. I did what he told me to do? Like it was psycho.

Muse: Yeah it sounds like it. So Joseei was still blocked at this time?

Majesty: Yes he was. But I guess when Jessica showed him that I had still had proof of everything that had happened, he got mad because his lies were busted. So then he started to tell his friends that he was depressed and that I was the reason why and that he was going to kill himself. Like the guy was obsessed with trying to get me to unblock him.

Muse: O_O gurrlll….wow….how did Lowlife feel about it? Did your company back you up?

Majesty: Well, when this first started happening. Like when Joseei had went off on me about not  reblogging a damn picture on tumblr lol, the CEO of Lowlife, Brandon, had offered to handle Joseei after Brandon saw what he had been sending me. But, because I don’t like drama, I told him that I could handle it, because I thought that telling Jessica would fix it and we could all move on. However, when Joseei started to harass me again, Lowlife had sort of broken up, so I was dealing with this round of craziness alone.

Muse: I remember that. You really were by yourself. So when did the second round of harassment start?

Majesty: The 2nd round of harassment started with Joseei making an alt account to reach out to me. I blocked it and he made another. I blocked it. and he made another one. so this kept happening until he got tired because I wasn’t responding to any of it. Then he changed tactics and decided to get a friend of his to start harassing me. And this is a message from that person whose imvu name at the time was J00Ks now they changed their avi name to KiZZ. :

Muse: Are you serious? He was that desperate for you to unblock him after he was the one that told you to “fuck off”?

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

Majesty: Ikr

Muse: So did you respond to that?

Majesty: Yeah, I started my response off with “first of all, don’t inbox me cursing because that’s rude. Second of all….(inserts long story about what had happened between me and Joseei). I do have screenshots of my response to this girl, but it’s basically just me telling her everything that had transpired between her friend and myself. At the end of it, I simply told her that I was going to block her and to leave me alone. I was so tired of everything by that point and it had just gone to a whole other level when he started telling people he was going to commit suicide because of me…which BTW…he was obviously lying about because he’s still wreaking havoc in the industry.

Muse: I mean, I just can’t understand this….this guy went off on you because you didn’t do what he wanted and after two weeks of not speaking to him or to his company or to his parent company…he’s still going around telling people lies about you to try to get you to talk to him.

Majesty: I didn’t understand it either. Join the club.

Muse: So did J00ks or KiZZ or whoever keep messaging you even after you explained what happened?

Majesty: Girl, yes! Like it was crazy. So I had blocked her main account which was J00ks. the girl made a whole other account to keep messaging me….

Muse: Do you have proof of the second account?

Majesty: Ofc

Muse: zzzz she made 3 alts? omg i can’t!!!! Smh

Originally posted by allreactions

Majesty: like it was creepy. I even told her that me and Joseei hadn’t even spoken in weeks after HE had told ME to fuck off. Like I was over the drama. He was the one trying to keep it up. But like everyone who tries to defend Joseei’s actions, she ignored the facts and kept talking bullshit. She started cursing me out for “not caring about his depression” and told me he was cutting himself and sending her pictures and saying that it was because I wouldn’t talk to him…so this was my response.

Muse: So I assume you kept blocking her alt accounts and she just kept making more every time.

Majesty: Correct. And then I lost my temper. And by then I was like…crying and upset because of course, at this point I’m wondering if Joseei really is hurting himself and when the girl threatened me with lawyers I lost my cool and sent this:

Muse: smh…so what happened after you sent this? I’m assuming you were talking to her 4th alt account?

Majesty: Yes. Well she apologized and calmed down and just asked me nicely to meet with him because she was worried. The girl said that Joseei had sent her pictures of him sitting on a damn window ledge talking about jumping. So I unblocked him and told him to meet me. I was like “you say you want to talk. so talk”

Muse: Omg. So what does he do when he comes to talk to you? Did you invite him?

Majesty: Yeah i invited him and just sat there while he talked. he accused me of talking to Jess and trying to get him fired. I corrected him, because I had never told her to fire anybody. He instead blamed his firing on me.

Muse: But if he had never harassed you and sent Nikki to harass you, he would’ve never gotten fired.

Majesty: Exactly. But he literally sat there for 20 minutes not taking any ownership of anything. So after a long talk he apologized and I accepted his apology. Then he said he wanted to be friends and I was like…..whatever. Sure. We’re good. Like I was just tired af of the drama and wanted it to end. So he asked me if we could work together again and I was like…after all this crap? um…i need some time. Like….my head wasn’t even there. So we left the chat on a decent note. But naturally, that truce didn’t last for long because -

NOTE from Muse: I’m going to cut it off right here and post the rest of this interview in Part 3, the final part of this 3-part interview. There’s still so much to talk about. We still haven’t gotten to the part where Majesty quit the industry, why she decided to come back, when she and Lowlife came back together, and how they rebuilt their company and rose back to the top after everything that happened. So stay tuned, readers, and like, reblog, and comment if you’d like. Also: if you would like to be scheduled for an interview hmu via message :)

that feel when you cosplay keith and your friend who likes to pick you up and carry you around cosplays lance and people who see you at cons always yell kl/ance. like I know it’s a silly thing to get down about but just as general con etiquette I think fans shouldn’t try to put other people on the spot like that?? like, it’s different if they’re clearly doing a couple cosplay or posing for a ship group photo. 

But if I see someone cosplaying shiro and keith I don’t just yell sh/eith in their face because they’re people not characters and I feel like that could make them uncomfortable?? It could just be my anxiety but it’s always something I felt kinda uncomfy with. Staying in character is fun but I think it’s important to remember cosplay doesn’t take away from personal comfort or boundaries. I feel similar when people pick me up or grab me out of nowhere at a con without warning (im very small ok people tend to lift me a lot) 

If I see one more teenager post “I think I’m getting too old to cosplay!” I may break something.

Let me just say this one more time: If you want to cosplay, cosplay. If you don’t, don’t. There is no age limit on having hobbies.

Here’s another thing: It is not more or less socially acceptable to cosplay at one age or another. Yes, there are certain careers where you probably don’t want to advertise that you dress up as a cat girl on the weekends, and yes, if you’re trying to break into certain job markets you need to have a professional public image, but this isn’t a question of piercing your face or dyeing your hair green – it’s about a fun hobby you engage in on the weekends. It’s about being creative and constructive and having projects of your own. It’s about engaging socially with people who share your interests.

Let me share a little secret with you: Adults like to have fun, too. The desire to play and socialize does not expire with age, and the people you meet throughout your life will understand that, even if their preferred hobby is different from yours. Some people watch football. Some people go to art galleries. Some people hike. Some people build giant suits of foam armor. (Some people do all of these things.)

I’m old enough and established enough in the world that occasionally I have to engage in Actual Adulting ™. But when I walk into semiannual business meetings – the kind where everyone wears suits and ties and professionally-polished shoes – the first thing my financial officers ask is to see photos of my new costumes. They know I dress up as fictional characters on the weekends, and they think it’s awesome. (And let’s face it – for people who have to deal with clients on a regular basis, it’s way more interesting than making the same old polite small talk about how the kids’ potty training is coming along.)

If a conservatively-dressed manager in a downtown bank getting excited about poofy pink ballgowns and foam armor isn’t enough to convince you that it’s okay to cosplay past the age of 20, I’m not sure what else to say.

I know I have talked about this beforemore than once, repeatedly, so I won’t rehash all the same arguments I’ve made previously. But since I keep seeing these questions pop up, I felt compelled to wave this banner one more time. Let me leave you with this:

When you’re grown up, you get to make grown-up decisions. Like which cons to go to, and what fabric to choose for your next costume. And whether or not you want to continue cosplaying. If you don’t, that’s fine; that’s your decision. And if you do, that’s fine; the rest of us old-timers will be at the cons waiting to take photos with you.

my meet and greet story with fall out boy, the sequel!!
so im standing in this incredibly long line for about three hours. i didn’t really understand because they only sold 125 and there was clearly more than 125 people there, but whatever. so im there in the line, making friends and all this fun stuff. i brought my ukulele for them to sign and i brought them little gifts and letters. so I’m going into the room where we meet them and i walk in and i see joe, who had the biggest, dorkiest smile on his face. i ask if they could sign my ukulele and they’re all like “sure!!” so i say “ok I want to get this out before I forget, so I’m an aspiring musician and I’m so inspired by your music, and you make me so happy and you’re the reason that I make music” and Pete says “aw that’s awesome!” and patrick says “oh cool what do you play?” and i start listing off the instruments i play and andy starts clapping and saying “YAAAS QUEEN YAAAAS” and i laugh and blush and it was the cutest thing ever. so i explain i want to do a prom photo and im like “ok so patrick will you go to prom with me” and he’s like “yeah of course!” and i explain to pete and andy and joe what i want them to do and they just go being their adorable selves and patrick just hugs me so insanely tight. it meant so much because it felt like he truly meant it, like he’s happy that im there and wants me to know how thankful he is for everybody, and everyone is right, he does give the most amazing hugs. so the photographer takes the photo and the security guard starts ushering me out and im like “wait i made gifts for you guys thank you so much im sorry thank you i love you” and all the guys are waving goodbye to me and andy stops me on my way out and he says “wait hold on what did you make?” and i explain the gifts to him and i apologize and thank him a hundred times and then i get escorted out. it was honestly better than last time and my photo turned out so unbelievably cute. so thank you, @falloutboy, for giving me the time of my life and making me so incredibly happy. i love you guys so much.

please don’t erase my caption and if you repost this photo, please do not edit me out of the photo. i don’t wish my photo to be circulated without me in it, i paid for it, it’s my photo, please don’t cut me out. thank you!

Liam Payne: Ass Appreciation Post

Before any of y'all start crawling up my butt, especially Liam’s, yes I am aware that Liam’s ass does not compare to Louis’ or even Kim K’s but idgaf, I ain’t here to talk about anyone else’s ass except Liam’s, nor am I here to compare it to others. I believe Liam’s ass is very under-appreciated, as much as Liam is himself, but I already did a post on that, so now I’m doing one on this. And yes, I am very well aware that I am a fucked up person for doing this, but like I said, I don’t fucking care.

Ok then…

Hopefully, y'all will appreciate Liam’s ass just a little more. 

**Photos and GIFS are not mine, credit to their respective owners**

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reinamycloud  asked:

Prompts: 1) Their first Christmas together, murder-husbands style; 2) Hannibal gets visited by a ghost (a la 'A Christmas Carol'); or 3) Will can't figure out what to get Hannibal for Christmas. Thanks in advance! <333

Oh gosh!! I wanted to do all of these, but number 1 is very much like a sequel I was already planning for one of my previous fics but don’t yet have time for, and 2 would most likely turn into crack like Queso (but I may well come back and do just that at some point if I have time). So for now I have gone with number 3, which I just love! I hope you like what I came up with @reinamycloud ! :D

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Will Graham was stuck with the sort of problem he had never imagined he would have in a million years: What to buy his boyfriend for Christmas.

It sounded easy enough on the surface, but when the boyfriend in question was fairly well off, incredibly particular about his interests - Will didn’t dare buy him anything for the kitchen - and actual nobility, it made it hard to come up with the right sort of present for their first Christmas together.

Will had seen plenty of things in the shops that, aesthetically, Hannibal might like. But either they were out of his price range, or they were the cheaper version of what Hannibal would buy. He’d set the day aside for shopping, determined to find something, but by the fifth shop he was tired, frustrated and a little embarrassed. All too helpful shop workers kept offering advice, trying to help him. But in the end he knew he was just pissing them off when he walked out with no purchase.

The sixth shop was a book store. As soon as he walked in, Will knew he wouldn’t find anything here. Hannibal technically had two libraries - one in his office and one in his home study - and Will was pretty sure it was yet another area where he would miss the mark if he tried.

“Can I help you?” He’d just been about to turn and walk out when a young woman approached him with a pleasant smile.

“Uh… I’m looking for something for my boyfriend, but he’s… he’s really particular.” Will frowned and scrubbed roughly at the back of his neck.

“Ok.” She nodded taking it in, as though this was a challenge she dealt with often. “Particular fussy, or particular rich?”

“Oh.” Will was caught a little off guard, but felt reassured by her determined expression. “A bit of both I guess.”

“Hmm.” She nodded thoughtfully. After a moment she looked around as though to ascertain whether anyone could overhear, before leaning in to speak quietly. “Have you considered something personal, like something homemade? Or a photo of you together, something like that? It’s often a better gift for that type.”

Will hadn’t considered it at all. It hadn’t even occurred to him, and yet immediately an idea sprang to mind. He smiled and the shop girl smiled back.

“Failing that, I have something in the novelty section that often goes down well.” She beckoned Will and he followed.


They sat on the sofa in front of the fire with a bottle of wine. Legs entwined as they near leaned against each other. Will had been really sure of his gifts until he unwrapped the one from Hannibal - a pretty expensive jacket that was perfect for going out ice fishing. It was practical, which was something Will preferred in a gift, but thoughtful too. It was all round a pretty good gift and the expense of it made Will feel a little conscious of his own offerings.

Even so, Hannibal was grinning as he pulled off the paper and held the frame in his hands. In the frame, backed with some deep green plaid not unlike one of Hannibal’s suits, was a fishing lure - red twine, deep red feather flecked with black.

“Will, it’s…” Hannibal seemed lost for words, and Will hoped not in a bad way.

“It’s to remind you of our trip. Where you-”

“Yes, I think it’s safe to say I haven’t quite mastered unhooking fish.” Hannibal smiled.

“No.” Will agreed with a chuckle. “I was pretty hooked as I recall.” He remembered the fishing trip they had taken in the summer. Will had taught Hannibal how to fish and Hannibal had stuck his thumb with the pointy end of the lure when he’d tried to extract the hook from the fish. It was crazy how much blood there had been. He turned out to have nicked a vein and they had to cut short the fishing and drive to a clinic to get stitches. That night in the rustic hotel was the first time they slept together - whilst avoiding Hannibal’s bandaged thumb.

Will felt his cheeks burn at the memory. Hannibal quirked a mischievous smile and leaned in for a kiss. It was soft and slow with the promise of more.

When they pulled back Will grinned and pulled an envelope from his pocket. His ‘backup’ from the novelty section. “I also got you these.”

Hannibal looked curious as he took the envelope and looked inside, his own grin widening while thumbed through the contents and read over them. “Hmm, I’d never seen the attraction in coupon clipping before, but I think I could prove a convert.”

Will grinned and pulled Hannibal into another kiss. The envelope fell from Hannibal’s hand and the novelty coupons spilled onto the floor, waiting to be redeemed.

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OK, so something really weird happened today. In the afternoon, the sky suddenly went yellow (but for some reason when you take a photo, the sky looks white and cloudy).

We checked it up and apparently, because of the hurricanes (which are getting close to the UK), it caused a red sun to occur, hence why the sky was yellow. The funny thing was, I felt like I was literally in the film of the wizard of Oz which makes sense when you think about it 😂

OK so, storytime

today at school, my friends and i were sitting in the library (like normal) and my friend and i decided to sneakily take really close up photos of alllll our friends and they WEREN’T ALLOWED TO SEE US. Long story short it was really heckin funny so, sorry if that was boring but just- ThEIR FACES kiLLED ME OMF

I would like to tell a small story about this photo.  It was taken in Sydney, Australia and when it was sent to me I was really embarrassed.  It thought I looked like utter shit.  My hairs a mess (I tried to fix it multiple times, it just wouldnt behave) my eyes are squinting and I just felt I just looked over all shitty. Then I showed two of my friends and they loved it.

It just made me think. When this photo was taken I was dead tired (the long black in my hand was prolly the only thing keeping me alive at this point), I had just woken up from sleeping the whole way there and was pretty much still asleep.  In other words I just felt like utter shit.  So when I saw the picture it took me back to that.

Now I quite like the photo! The point I wanted to make with all this is, dont get to caught up in your own little world and discredit yourself.  Sometimes it pays to let people in and take on their perspective. That your experiences and opinions are not set in stone and its ok to open up and take on the words of those who care about you.  

Thats all I wanted to say, thank you to anyone that read this 

Namie's 2014 Japan Report! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


I’m back from my trip with Lulupu! It’s been 4 years since we’ve seen each other! ^////^ We’ve been planning to meet up have a honeymoon in Japan for a long time… 

I haven’t done reports in forever but it really was a dream come true. I want to record it somewhere. So I have a lot of photos and very spastic commentary under the cut if anyone is interested

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some cute and fluffly holtzbert headcanons feat. abby & patty   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

  • sometimes, holtz  gets !!really!! affectionate and hangs on erin like a koala, all day long, erin didn’t know what to do at the beginning but now she likes it and it feels weird sometimes when holtz isn’t cuddling her up from behind
  • when erin is standing for her white board, mumbling something to herself and she is just stuck, holtz comes up from behind and rest her chin on her shoulder, whispers softly in her ear “u got this babe”
  • when holtz and erin weren’t dating, abby and patty had a diary where they wrote down every !! single !! time holtz made erin blush. at some point they thought they would have to stop holtz from flirting with erin because they were worried she was going to faint “girl you ok there””im FINe patty”
  • they say they first ‘i love u’ after a long make out session, cuddling up together in bed, rubbing they noses together and holtz says softly, “i love you” erin feels like crying because all her life she felt so unloved and now she has holtz and she has patty and abby and god, she loves all of them so much but god, there is holtz, laying beside her, cuddled up and told her she loved her erin feels a tears running down her face “i love you, too”
  • kevin randomly takes photos of the whole crew and patty started to make a scrapbook and since kevin is really good at taking absolutely adorable pictures of holtz and erin, she has bought a whole book, decided to them (abby thinks it’s going look really good at the wedding) 
Pranking Him (Part 2)

This is part of @nightmarelady77‘s request~
I’m sorry for taking a bit long to write this part.

Request still opened.

Part 1


Saeyoung: “Saeyoung~”
You call Saeyoung as he focuses on the screen and types with an incredible speed. He’s been like this for almost two days and all he’d been eating was honey budda chips and ph.d pepper. You felt worried about his health. Even though his job as an agent is important, his life is even more important. Wanting to distract him and make him take a break, you decided to prank him a little. You went to your room and get some accessories that you bought for quite a while now, then you went back to Saeyoung. You tiptoed as to not make too much noise and sneaked behind him, in your hand was a pair of cat ears. You giggled silently and put it on his head as gentle as possible.
“______. What are you doing?”
“Hehe~  Noooothing~”

You then proceeded to attach a fluffy tail behind him. After that, you took a red ribbon and wrapped it around his neck gently so you wouldn’t choke him. You tied a small cute bow on the side of his neck.
“______. I’m gonna bite you if you don’t stop.”
“But I’m bored. Sevenny has abandoned the poor me so I have to get him back~”

You pouted cutely. Just then, Saeyoung finished his work and you totally didn’t expect that. Realized what he was wearing, Saeyoung’s cheeks turn red but his lips curled into a mischievous smirk. You sensed that something bad was going to happen so you started backing up.
“He…hehe. RAAWR!”
Saeyoung roared as he chased you and jumped on you, not caring if you both were falling down because he already had you wrapped in his arms.

Saeran: You were on a date with Saeran and this made you feel so happy because he rarely went outside at all. Your hands were laced together as you walked passed some cute stores in town. Just when you were about to reach a tech toys store, he stopped and went in without telling you. Well, he’s normally quiet and you know that. You even love that about him because to you, it was cute. You followed him as he looked around the store. An hour and half passed by. Saeran still hadn’t choose anything to buy. He was taking his sweet time and the sun was setting. Getting bored, you decided to wait for him outside. Before that, you saw an interesting toy and it was cheap so you bought it with the thought of playing with it while waiting for Saeran. You didn’t know how it work….though it looked like a gun so you tried pulling on the trigger. Having no experience holding a gun before, you totally didn’t aim at all.

Hearing your scream right after a loud bang, Searan’s heart jumped to his throat as he looked up to look for you. However you were nowhere in the store as he had thought. Feared that something bad might happened to you, within a second, he was already running outside, shouting your name.
As he turned to the side, he saw your emotionless face as you were on your butt on the ground, in your hand was the toy gun. He sighed in relieved as he came and crouched down. Taking you in his arms, he helped you stand up and stroked your hair.
“Were you scared? Don’t ever play with something you don’t know how it work again, ok?”
“…..I’m sorry. I was waiting for you and I had nothing to do so…”
“No, I’m sorry. I’m done with looking around so let’s go home now.”

After that, you have a nice at-home date with Saeran and of course he never let you near a gun, even a toy gun again. He knew that it’s not dangerous but the sound and your scream still scared him, which was why he kept you away from it.

V: Today, you had to stay home alone until night because V went to Jumin’s place for some business. You envied their relationship since they know each other for a long time, ever since they were small. You pouted as you think about how you could get even closer to him. Sure you two were a couple, but there were things that Jumin and others knew about V that you didn’t. “Would he get mad if proof of his memories with everyone is erased? He would probably get mad and sad….But, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try once.” You whispered to yourself as you waited for V to come home.
“I’m ho- Mmf!”
V’s greeting was cut off by the impact of you jumping onto him. You threw your arms around his waist and looked up at him with puppy eyes.
“V! I…deleted! Lost!”
“Calm down _____. What happened? Tell me slowly.”
His soft gentle and sweet voice almost made you forgot about your goal.
“I…I was playing with your camera earlier…an-and I accidentally deleted all your data. I’m so sorry V!! They’re all your precious photo.”
Tears threatened to fall from the corner of your eyes. You thought V would raised his voice and scold you. You thought he would get mad and push you away. But his action left you speechless and surprised. At first, V went quiet for a moment, but soon his voice rang in your ears as his arms hugged your small body to his chest.
“It’s ok ____. I can always take new photos and make new memories, right? It’s not like I’d forget all memories with everyone just because I lost some old photos. They’re precious but you are to me too. So, how about I start again, and this time, with you?”
Oh no. That wasn’t fair! You didn’t prepare for that at all! V was too sweet to you. He was so so gentle and he treated you like a fragile princess. You almost cried from feeling guilty about pranking him and felt envy of the others RFA members. You tightened your arms around his waist and buried your face in his chest.
“I’m sorry V.”
“That was a joke. Nothing was deleted.”
And you explained to him why you pulled that prank. V only smiled and he felt love for you grew even stronger at your adorable prank that originally came from the thought of getting closer to him.


Aaaahh~  I finished it! Yay~
I think it’s not exact as original request asked for but….I tried. /sobs/ Please forgive if there’s any mistake and stuff. Hope you enjoyed it and please feel free to come fangirl with me about MM. I’m currently deep in this hell….there’s just no escape. LOL!!

Sexy Photos // 4/4 preference


Idk how to explain this one, but basically photos of you end up online? I quite like this one ;)


ding! You have 200 new twitter mentions.

200! The notification flashed up on your phone screen. You were in the middle of icing cupcakes when your phone started rapidly alerting you. Hearing a familiar chuckle coming from the couch, you glace over at your boyfriend with an arched brow. You only ever got this many twitter notifications when he mentioned you in a tweet. Suddenly becoming suspicious, you pick you your phone, and open up twitter.

@michaelskitten: omfg is that @Y/T/N?! @Calum5SOS

@kewtykat: I’m so jealous of @Calum5SOS right now. @Y/T/N is hot!

@thatshellamint: oooooooh @Calum5SOS!!! Does @Y/T/N know? haha xD

Oh god. Last time you got mentions like this, Calum had tweeted about your shopping trip to Victoria’s Secret. You click on his username, preparing yourself for the worst. 

@Calum5SOS: Baking had me like ;)

You widen your eyes as the photo appears on your phone screen. 

“CALUM THOMAS HOOD! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!?” You yelled to your smirking boyfriend.

“What? You were looking sexy, so I took the opportunity,” he shrugs, replying casually. “Anyway, you’re basically asking for it, you know.”

“Oh yeah?” You were sitting on the arm of the couch now, looking down at Calum with the beginning of a grin forming on your lips.

“You’re baking in your underwear, (Y/N), what did you expect me to do.”

“Well I may have been expecting other things, but… It seems that you never caught my drift,” you crawl onto Calum. You position yourself so that you’re straddling him, and you can feel the beginning of his hardness. “But I do have to admit, I look pretty hot.”

He rested one hand on you hip while the other traced along your thighs. “You do.”


“Cuddles!” Calum jumped on the couch.

“Argh,” you groaned, your eyes still shut. It was early in the morning and you were snuggled beside your boyfriend Luke. The both of you had been asleep until Calum decided to jump on you.

“Go away Cal,” Luke mumbled into your hair, one of his arms laying over you protectively.

“But you guys look so cute. Hang on,” Cal’s fumbling around cause you to open you eyes and look up to see what he was doing.

 Calum had his phone out, and he looked like he was about to take a picture. “Say cheese!” Just as he snapped the picture, you covered your face with your arm, and Luke buried his face into your back, muttering swear words. “That’s so going on instagram,” you could hear the smirk in his voice as he walked away.

Seconds later both of your phones dinged, alerting you that @calumhood had taken a picture of you. You reached for you phone, which was conveniently beside you, to survey the damage.

Late night? @luke_is_a_penguin @Y/IG/N ;)

You chuckle as you read the photo’s caption, rolling over and handing your phone over so Luke could see.

A faint blush rose up Luke’s neck, telling you he had read it. “How does he always know?” He mumbled, brushing his thumb over your hipbone.

“How does he always know what, Lucas?” You arch a brow, running your fingers through his perfectly dishevelled hair. You knew exactly what he meant, but Luke always got uncomfortable talking about sex, and it was adorable to see him blushing like a little kid.

His already pink face reddened. “Uh… You know… Like-“ You cut him off by placing your lips lightly on his.


It’s late and you couldn’t sleep, so you opened your laptop and decided to scroll though tumblr. You felt like checking out the “5SOS” tag, and you were absentmindedly surfing until you saw a familiar picture. You scrolled back up, just to make sure you were imagining things. You weren’t.

“Ashton,” you nudged your sleeping boyfriend.

“Mmmm?” He mumbled, still obviously half asleep.

“Ash, this is urgent, please wake up,” you had a twinge of panic in your voice now as you hit him with your pillow.

Ashton finally sat up, rubbing his eyes. His voice was serious as he spoke. “Babe? What’s wrong?” You felt tears stinging in your eyes as you passed him the laptop. “Shit…”



Ashton and Y/N ;)

“Ash what are we going to do,” your breathing quickened and it felt like you were about to have an anxiety attack. This was a private photo. No one was meant to see it expect you and Ash. No one. “How did anyone even get it?”

“I don’t know (Y/N), I don’t know…” Ashton closed the laptop, and pulled you close to him, taking your hand in his and brushing circles across the back of your hand. “No one has proof this is us, ok? It’s going to be alright…”

You snuggled into his side, throwing an arm over his bare chest. “Promise?”

Ashton sighed ever so softly, and you knew deep down, that this would come back to haunt you. “Whatever happens, (Y/N), I’ll be right beside you. That, I can promise.”


“So Michael, we hear you’ve got a girlfriend?” The TV interviewer asks. The boys were in the middle of a big interview with MTV, and you were sitting off camera watching them. 

“Yeah, I do actually,” your boyfriend, Michael, caught your eye and grinned. “(Y/N) and I have been dating for, I think it’s two years now.“

“Two years? Wow! That’s a long time for a young couple like you two!”

“Well we’ve known each other since high school. She’s my best friend and I love her with all my heart. She’s been the one keeping me sane with all this newfound attention.” A smile grew on you lips as Michael spoke.

“So boys,” the interviewer turned to Calum, Ashton and Luke. “You’re all single. What’s it like when (Y/N)’s on tour with you all?

The boys shared a quick smirk between them before Calum took the microphone. “It’s quite loud. If you know what I mean.”

“Oh my fucking god,” you mutter to yourself, shaking your head. Calum looks over at you and you raise a single finger to him.

“I don’t think (Y/N)’s too happy you just said that,” Michael laughs, shaking his head at Calum.

“Well with what Calum said, that leads us perfectly to this. We found this picture, care to explain?” The interviewer shows a piece of paper to the boys, to which Michael throws his head back in laughter. Oh shit, you think.

“Holy shit!” Calum pats Michael on the back, while Luke shoots you an almost apologetic expression.

Mikey holds up the piece of paper to the camera. “So this is my incredibly sexy girlfriend, (Y/N), everyone!”

“We all still wonder how on earth he got a girlfriend, and how the hell (Y/N) puts up with him,” Ashton adds. “It’s a mystery.” 

You feel your face reddening as your eyes land on the picture. “Fuck me.” You bury your head in your hands.

“Later babe,” Mikey winks at you. You hadn’t realised you’d said that out loud.