i felt like rotating it

March 20 run - 8.1 miles. Funny how Garmin rounds up the mileage. Actual mileage was 8.15. This one was pretty quick again. Wasn’t trying, but it was one of those nights where the pace just came to me. This is a loop with a good hill in the middle of it. Thinking about making Mondays hill days. Would be a nice thing to have in the training rotation. Felt like spring out there. I know it’s going to get colder later this week, but good to be wearing shorts.


Look at the window,
feel your head spin,
spray yourself down,
walk inside.

I was looking at her,
and I felt my chest spin,
I could feel every star in the universe,
I could feel my heart beating
in my throat.

Walk upstairs,
get under the covers,
“do you need anything?”

“kill yourself,”

No one said tripping was fun,
but I couldn’t stop thinking about you.

I felt galaxies at my finger tips,
but it felt more like touching your skin,
I watch the sun rotate,
and I watched your eyes in the darkness.

Nothing makes sense now,
it doesn’t need to,
all I know is that I wanted you last night, but you left me months ago.

Somewhere deep inside,
I still haven’t let you go,
and that untapped part comes alive
as the chemicals flood my mind.
—  tripping (s.s)