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Bad news, Link. It looks like I got hit pretty good back there… I think… I think I need to get back to the Flight Range. I just hope that… I can make it back… You head down to Medoh.


“All the better, then! Just think of marrying me as your punishment!” 

“I’m not as big a fool as you! I… I wouldn’t… think of that as punishment.”

[SUMMARY: Kendra is in the line up, pregnant (in the same situation Maggie was in, regarding her pregnancy.) Negan teases her a bit, making jokes, unaware of her brutal story.]

This is the unfinished story I’ve written, not sure where to go with it. You can send in ideas for it if you’d like.


Negan and Kendra.

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Can we just acknowledge the fact that both Emma and Hook were following their statements long before they actually made them?

I mean, I agree with the things they both were saying, but what they said felt a lot like, “well, weren’t you already doing that???”

I sometimes feel that both of them are so insecure about themselves that they are late to come to a conclusion that was already there all along. It’s the TL confirmation all over again, they were so surprised that they were true love, while the test itself showed them how they were ALWAYS proven to be such whenever they placed the other person’s life above their own. In 5x11 I didn’t like that Hook said “being the man I want to be” because I felt that he was already that man. I didn’t like in 6x10 that Emma suddenly realized that she makes her own fate when she spent more than 28 years doing just that, fighting against all odds to be an incredible person despite her childhood experiences.  

I just wish both of them would come to the point in which they know how valuable they are without having something from the outside making them suddenly see the truth.