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(A/N: I am so sorry for your loss, nony. :( I hope you like this and I hope that it helps, even just a little.)

It hurt. Every breath you took turned into a jagged sob, stinging around the lump in your throat. Every beat of your heart seemed to make your chest ache as you trembled, wrapping your arms around yourself in a vain attempt to keep it together. Your muscles felt sore from exhaustion, though the only thing you’d done was cry. Every fibre of your being was in pain.

Beside you your phone lay face up, the screen displaying your favourite picture, one from a much happier time and a moment you would never forget. Your dog was gone and  now memories were all that you had left.

You sniffled, wishing the pain away as you heard a soft knock at your door before it creaked open.

“Y/N?” Sam’s voice called out to you gently as you heard him enter the room.

Looking over at him with tears streaming down from your eyes, Sam immediately knew what had happened and he came over to you, pulling you up into his arms as he hugged you tightly.

“I’m so sorry” Sam whispered, holding you close to his chest as a new wave of sobs burbled from your chest.

“They’re gone” you whimpered, the words tearing open a fresh wound as it was the first time you’d said them aloud.

“I know, I know” Sam comforted, holding the back of your head to his as his other hand absently ran over your back.

He held you close and let you cry, being that immovable rock that you needed for support without even saying a word. Your eyes spilling more tears than you could have thought possible until they felt gritty and dry and your sobs turned to short hiccups.

“It hurts, Sam” you mumbled against his chest, digging your fingers into the fabric of his shirt as you silently pleaded for him to not leave you, though you knew deep down he never would.

“I know, Y/N. They were a great dog, and you should let the memories you have with them bring a smile to your face, not make you sad” he soothed, holding your shoulders so he could pull back and look down at you.

The kindness and warmth in his features helped to calm your remaining gasps for air as your breathing returned to a steady pace, and your heart rate slowed enough that your chest no longer hurt.

You knew it would be awhile before the very thought of them no longer hurt, but with a great friend like Sam at your side, reminding you to think of the good times, that it would definitely make it a lot easier.

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Today I went outside and I went for a walk and I crossed the bridge and jumped on it so is makes the clang sound that makes me happy so I crossed it again and again jumping on it over and over. Then I went to the park and no one was there so I could swing on the swing for hours whilst whistling. The air on my ears felt super good and swinging is like stimming and it was all good and I am happy. Sorry for the rambles I just wanted to share. Mockingjay

Oh, and the end theme returns! Lovely.

This episode was alright, but a little frustrating. It’s one of those things where you know things are gonna work out in the end, and the problem is clear and present, and the only issue in the way of getting things resolved is a character’s stubbornness or stupidity or some form of miscommunication. I did enjoy Steven’s song, and I really enjoyed the short song at the end.

If anything, this episode definitely reinforces what I said about Connie in my character analysis - she defines so much of herself by her relationship with Steven, and if they were to end their relationship, she’d be lost. I do hope she’s able to come more into her own, maybe make a couple more friends, and not let her life revolve around their friendship.

I’m gonna give this one a 7/10, I think. Again, it was okay, but nothing spectacular for me; it had its moments. Felt more like a tack-on to the end of season 1 rather than a season opener, but eh.

Next up is “Joy Ride,” which will hopefully not take me as long to get to as this one did.

See ya then! ~

Breaking the trance, the elevator opened wide, the brown tiles shining bright in cream lights. The place sickly silent. I took unsure steps checking the number on the door twice just to make sure I get this one right.

Finally on far left, the door read 207. The metallic handle of the white door cold against my trembling hands. With few more deep breaths to fill my lungs, I opened it.

The place was still like it has always been. Calm and clean which made it borderline lonely. His eyes were trained on the screen, his undivided attention solely for the work on hand. That’s the thing I loved about him always, his focus. When he was focused on us, I felt like I owned the world. His eyes still didn’t notice me standing at the door, brown ones with hue of mystery in it. I took my time to eulogize his features, dishevelled hairs, tired eyes with a burden of dark under it, five o'clock shadow making him look older than time permitted, forehead creased and lips tightly held in concentration.

Sensing my presence, he lifted his eyes, calculative gaze cutting the calmness of air. The once present adoration for me long farewelled replacing it with the frigid regard. His schooled features reminiscing me about his exceptional selflessness towards me. It always felt as a privilege to be loved by someone who hated everyone. His fierce love had always attracted me to him. It reminded me how I mattered to someone. Naive as it seemed but for that moment it was all about forever.

To me, forever always varied from person to person. With some it lasted a moment, with others - a month, a year, a decade but with him it felt like if there was a future it was us. Naming the relation was like restricting the ways to love each other. Every vacuity of love was bridged. We never ran short of any relation as long as we held each other.

He motioned me to have a seat, opposite to his. I held the envelop in my hand, tightly. He scanned it, his eyes deep in thought and suddenly the envelop was no longer in my hands. With cold eyes he asked something I feared the most, “so is this your goodbye letter?” Goodbye, that wasn’t for us. I smiled and leaned back comfortably on the couch. With some people you never get a closure. They are too important to be left behind. “No, it’s a let’s start over letter.”

For a moment he was still, deep in thought. Our heart always takes a little longer than brains. That’s the reason that when we realize the truth, some door are already closed, some bags already packed and by the time the sun sets we are already a way too late. His face slowly eased into my favorite smile and in a moment I was again enveloped into that warm hug.

We weren’t falling out of love, it was still affection at its peak. We are just staying with each other when fate had all the plans to let us apart. There could never be a goodbye with some people. And may be that’s how forevers work

here they are, all the important pals! I felt like it can be hard sometimes to keep track of all my stories n characters that are whizzing about. I wanted to make a cute lil visual of all the most relevant ones…both bc its helpful for myself and others, and because ITS CUTE! >:V 

Most of you probably know Alliacea, tropical pals and tropical magic island world. if they’re brightly colored, got a lei on, or some other topical flower, yea its probably alliacea. 

Delta is the soft n dreamy one, with eyeless joe too. Its all about dreams, emotional abuse, and interpersonal relationships! 

Fiasco! is wild let me just say. Its about these three pals that are stationary in this world that changes and fluxes around them, like one minute, its a old european-kinda world, and then BAM its a neon cyber punk world. Fiasco! is about apocalypses, psychosis, and trauma! 

Plethora is a super sci fi, with hydrogen miners, space fish, n cool aliens! also philosophical math and cosmology! 

Das Leben is spooky ghosts and sad teens…all about bipolar, suicide, and you guess it, trauma! 

Jive is just desert pals in the desert being pals…its not really about anything deep. just happy adventures. 

Trenches are ether DnD exploits, or self-indulgent romance story about a bunch of monsters learning to LoOoOve ☆゚. * ・ 。゚

sorry for the kind of long post @-@ 

IM SO GLAD that like 80% of my coworkers agree that my boss is super unreasonable on certain things and im not just imagining it

it just makes me super insecure bc a lot of the things she’s unreasonable about are DESIGN, because it’s the one area of the business that she has the least knowledge about, but she’s TOTALLY one of those people who THINKS she knows better than me because i’m 24 and she’s like 54(???) 

LIKE. you literally hired me because i know better than you do. you do the writing and strategy, i translate it into something that people will actually understand. that’s why you felt like you needed a designer. 

but yeah it’s good to know that my coworkers are on my side about this nonsense lol


“I love this park” gushed Camil as she felt the sunshine on her marble skin “Don’t you agree?”

“Sometimes there are too many kids running around” Replied Daria, still smiling “But apart from that, it’s perfect”

“Honestly, the thing that makes me the happiest is finally being with you! We’ve been so busy lately!”

Daria looked at the friend with an understanding gaze “Guys” she joked. “You’ve been busy with your secret love”

“Like you’re one to talk!” Chortled Camil in response “You’re like a dog chasing Joel, I bet you have fun, just the two of you”

I do, and I am! And I think after episode 5/6 is when I’ve been told I should do them, so expect them soon!

I noticed that! The title card for this episode in particular was gorgeous. And I love that they take the time to work out a new title card (aside from slapping the episode title on, of course).

Oh that makes a lot of sense. This episode really did feel like a continuation of season one, although Jailbreak felt much more like a finale. I guess this felt sort of like a wrap-up? Anyway, it probably felt a little weird to watch The Return and Jailbreak and then have a good minute or so segment in Full Disclosure that was nothing but flashbacks. 

And I haven’t had the chance to check out your playlists yet, but they are definitely on my list of things to do!


Well, knowing Amethyst, she either started out as the crocodile but soon got bored of it, or whenever someone showed up, she was napping and let them stroll right in. Something along those lines, I’m sure. Through her a nice slab of meat or a good handful of garbage and she’d escort you through the front door.


Thanks! I don’t think of myself as very witty, but I try. If someone laughs it’s worth it!

Hey! I know you guys are trying to get rid of me, but it’s not gonna be that easy. I’m like a particularly pesky itch - just when you think you’ve got me scratched, I come right back to ruin your life. 


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Part one: Is it okay if I like gush about the boy I think I might love?? Like gosh the way he makes me feel when I'm with him is unlike anything I've ever felt before? He's constantly been on my mind for at least a week and I'm so confused and scared that he's going to hurt me like the rest but he seems so!! different. He's such a dork and he does things sometimes just bc they make me smile and laugh, he's so gentle with me and let's me always know that "he's here and it's alright" whenever I

Part two: get nervous around him and I don’t understand how he’s making me fall for him so fast?? I could listen to him talk forever, his lips are so soft and he gives literally the best hugs ever? He’s so nice to hold hands with, I feel so at peace when I’m with him? I have no idea what is going on and I’m so scared of feeling as strongly as I do about him but I’m also excited!!

this is so cute and so SWEET and im so happy for u and ur hand holding and ur cute n sweet dorky boy !!!!! keep me updated on how things are going if u could :)))) 

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so ok, not to sound like a giant creep but i've always felt like i had the strength to just lurk harry blogs (ya know, read and enjoy the excitement of this fandom through other people's comments and photos), but uh, i can't anymore. this kid has WRECKED me in 4 days and all he's done is throw a couple dates out and upload a profile picture. JE-SUS.

There’s no safe way to do this.

I was in it for the music that I finally gave a listen to. I never thought I’d get here. But here I am. 

I’ve tried leaving 5 times. 

I’ll make it one day. I’ll save myself.

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hi!!!! I love Youngjae so much that I am now wanting to do whatever he does. like his hair, I want to cut my hair like his. and also his earrings. I'm now thinking to add piercings on my ears like the ones he has. he's like my role model now. everything he do is causing a very big impact on me. I love him so much. btw my question is, have you ever felt pissed when a fan continuously ask u to promote this and that? XD bcs your blog is famous so fans might ask for your help to promote their accs

Hi dear, 

I’m sure Youngjae is happy you make him as a role model. I think Youngjae is a good role model to be followed. There other things too that I learned from Youngjae  (◕‿◕) 

Hmm pissed of at them? Not really especially if it’s related to GOT7 like voting then I’ll be happy to share and promote but others like personal blogs I personally think that I didn’t really a good job at promoting their accounts. I hope they can forgive me for that.  (◕‿◕)

i know this girl who’s a freshman in high school and she’s touring colleges over spring break because her mom wants her to know exactly where she wants to go so that she can take the right classes and do the right stuff in high school to get into her goal school and honestly? that shit makes me so sad. if she decides on a school and bases her high school career around one college and then doesn’t get in she’s gonna feel like her life is over… and even if she does get in it’s unlikely that the school could possibly live up to her expectations after 4 years of working towards it in high school. idk like i’m not quite 17 now and my feelings about myself and what i want to do with my life are so incredibly different than how i felt when i was 14 (and some of y'all who have known me or at least followed me since then can attest to that) and i’m sure i’ll feel totally different again in another 2-3 years and that’s how people grow and it’s ok and it makes me sad when parents/teachers/other adults try to tell kids or young adults that they should know what they want to do with their lives or spend their entire teenagehood working toward some educational or professional goal that will probably fall through anyway

I have no close friends anymore and I think it’s mostly my fault but also with Andrew he stopped acting the way he did when I told him I didn’t want to like date him and that made me really fucking sad and I’ve been trying to text him and he will reply for a little bit then slowly stop and it just makes me sad bc he was one of the few I actually felt was gonna be part of my PACK and I’m. Just really lonely now

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1. morning rituals:
 shower, breakfast, getting dressed.

2. biggest fear: Heights

3. cloudy or sunny: Both are absolutely fine

4. a band you didn’t like at first but grew on you: I think, The Killers are one.

5. song stuck in your head: Ich tu dir weh or Mutter by Rammstein.

6. unrealistic dream: Being an NBA player hahaha

7. dream superpower: invisibility, invincibility, teleportation

8. any regrets? a few. not telling Debbiee how I felt is one.

9. superstitious?: Depends.

10. something that makes you feel alive: Hiking, travelling, getting lost. Having a good conversation to a point where endorphins kick in.

11. favourite genre of film: pretty much all except horror

12. favourite movie: a lottt

13. favourite season: Summer, or fall

14. favourite colour: blue, green

15. favourite foods: shushis, vegan pies(like dessert pies) lasagna, omelets.

16. worst habit: feeling like I’m being inadequate to the point where I close myself up. that’s one.

17. how many countries have you been to?: eight so far, and counting :)

I want to tag @bvnnyfilth @bootyofdarkness @sadtrashqueen @minhyriath @ollis-beard @into-the-cosmic-sea … if you want to, no pressure :)

it’s kind of sad that i had two really bad and disappointing experiences with therapists… like my first one treated me as a child and i felt that she didn’t take me seriously (i mean i was a child at that point, i was 16 i think, but she still made me feel bad) and then my second one just didn’t help me at all and actually made me feel like i was faking my whole anxiety thing, because for some reason she said i ‘didn’t have real anxiety’ because i didn’t ‘suffer majorly from it every single day of my life’ (which was also why i couldn’t do the sessions with her with insurance so i had to pay her like 100 euros an hour) and eventually we had to stop because i felt like i didn’t make any progress with her while wasting my parents’ money, while she was like ‘if you’re not willing to make those steps then i cannot help you anymore’ while the reason i couldn’t make the steps she wanted was BECAUSE I HAVE ANXIETY


I really wanted to make this sequel, I’m sorry if it’s bad, I don’t write fanfic, only once but it was a long time ago. I’m sorry if there are also typing errors, I’m typing on my phone, but I will go over to check if there are any mistakes. Thank you @firehedgehog for giving me permission to make a sequel. (Warning some of this might be depressing in the beginning)

…. Nothingness was all Goth could feel as he drifted away in the void….. Suddenly that nothingness faded and he started to feel, what felt like a light feeling(?) It felt nice and calm, like as if he was in a place where no one could bother him or make him stressed. But all he could see was nothing but darkness, but yet it felt bright. He didn’t know what was going on and was this supposed to happen when he entered into the void?

Goth suddenly couldn’t help but cry. He felt his tears go down his cheekbones as he continued to drift through the void. He couldn’t understand what he was feeling, he felt depressed and sad, but yet felt calm and relaxed. He didn’t even know if it was really dark or if his eyes were closed and just couldn’t open them for some reason. He also felt numb and couldn’t even move or do anything, all he could do was cry.

Suddenly he felt something or someone embrace him. They were trying to say something, but for some Goth couldn’t hear the words they were saying, it all just sounded like buzzing at first. They started to sound more clear as time went by, he could only hear some of the words. “Please…st-….-ith….me..,” He just didn’t know what was going on, but his vision started to become more clear, as he started to open his eyes slowly. They just looked like a blur of colors to him.

As his vision started to become more clear, he could see another skeleton, not just any other skeleton, it was Palette. Goth could see him crying and hugging him and trying to talk to him. He was finally able to hear what Palette was saying to him. “Please don’t leave, stay with me.. please,” Palette said while sobbing. It was hard and kind of hurt his throat, but he tried his best to talk to Palette and let him know he’s ok and get his attention.

“Palette…,” Goth managed to get out. Palette looked down at Goth, shocked and started crying even more than he was before, but they were happy tears, knowing Goth was ok, the person he cared for, his best friend, but he felt something more than just being friends, he was in love with him, but was too scared to tell, he was scared that it would ruin their friendship. Palette pulled Goth into a hug and started crying into his shoulder. Goth couldn’t help but cry too realizing his mistake and couldn’t stop crying as he hugged Palette back. Both Palette and Goth pulled away from their hug, both still crying, but not as much as before.

As they both looked into each others eyes, Goth couldn’t help but blush as Palette smiled and continued to stare into his eyes. Goth was a blushing mess as Palette came closer to him, as they were only inches away from each other. Palette couldn’t help but blush too, he still had feelings for him, he knew what he was about to do, the thought of telling him was always in his mind, he was going to tell him that before this all happened. Palette started to cry again remembering almost losing the love of his life, Goth was a little shocked and tried to comfort Palette. As Goth was about to say and do something he was interrupted by Palette saying the words he has been wanting to say to him for a long time.

“I-I LOVE Y-YOU!!!,” Palette yelled tears not stopping as he threw himself at Goth and kissed him. Goth was surprised by all of this and couldn’t stop blushing, but kissed back as his own tears started to fall as well. Both of their tears fell at the same time and took the form of a heart as they both fell to the ground.

“I love you too”

I’m sorry if this was bad, and tbh I didn’t know I was gonna make it this long, I actually just thought of new things as I continued to write lol XD, but I still hope you guys like it (Yup I’m still bad at writing fanfic XD)

Original story by @firehedgehog

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Palette belongs to @angexci


[SEVENTEEN] - kings of Performance;