i felt like making 2 for the last ones

Well,I don’t know how to use tumblr, but, I wanna tell you something.

Hi~! in first place, i don’t speak inglish, I’m trying to. 

(Plus, I wanted send you this before, but, my last count don’t work, so I erase that :’c ) 

Now, i’m nervious, heh, the thing is; The first time I saw your draws, I like them. I knew you art when you worked in the story about Peaper Jam and Fresh    (That then you do the first “Freshpeaper” :3 ) , then, i’m start to seach you, it be hard to me, Afternoon three days, finally, I found you tumblr, and I remember I was like: “Ohh no, its all in inglish! :’c “ that’s beacuse, before know you, the inglish was a rock in my shoes, and I hated xD even so, I read the stories, the things you’ll create 2 weeks afther and all before. And, slowly, i’m start to understend!! Even my mom was surpriced Hahah, you help me to like english too much, and that wasen’t all!! To understend better Jammy and Fresh histori , i’m start to order they, like “time line” and, well, thats be Soooo hard, at the same time I was arranging, you stand creating.                             In first place, I wanna just order that Story, but even if others don’t have sentence for me, they are cool too, and I think “Well, why not? i’m gonna order all her draws! cause their are amazing!” Aaaaand here comes my best Breaking-Brain-Ever, cause you have a lot crazy ideas! XD and that is great! but i’m didn’t know how to do them “time line”, again, i’m start to read all the asks of others, an then I understood beter, too beter.                                         I’m notice, one day, when I was end finally! that you draw a LOOOOT  of draws every day, that only makes me feel special, you work was soo ofthen, and then I felt you’re more than amazing, ¿awesome? I dont know, just Wooah.      Every day, start to be an habit visit you tumblr to order new draws, start to look more their faces, your own stile, you inpired me! For 2 years i had “Pain tool sai” in my computer, and  I nerver use to nothing, but, in dicember, of last year i’m start! and I like :3 making my own caracters, chibis, was soo cool.                I like a lot things of you do, more specifically, the faces and expressions you make, or you line art, and the design of your caracters, and others factors, you humor XD and how, “WOAHHH” is for me little things then others maybe don’t care  to much, like you know inglish, french, and well, the last was.. uh ¿arabian? Soo sorry, I dont remember too well (/-\) after you, I’m start to look others cool artists, like jakei and joku for example, but you’ll still my favorite artist, you do too much for me, and I want to say you THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! <3 afther this, maybe I can ask you  things like normal followers XD 

Yup, 2.222 pictures only yours :’D and couting, Love U~!  


i just had a dream i was joshu and was trying to perform a song at a school talent show but ive never heard that song before so i was like uuhhh..euuuaueh…uuaeeaaa & my coach looked like duke nukem going thru a midlife crisis just watching from the back of the stage smirking & nodding in approval and like 5 people in the audience gave me a pity applause and i got mad and the rest of my day consisted of attending a baseball game at my old middle school (emporio was there go figure)(the weather was overcast) and practicing ocean man on a ukulele and a guitar with like almost every string broken so i could make up for that performance THE NEXT DAY and that night i was at a mostly empty apartment with one light on making signs advertising it the signs were mint with pastel pink letters and i only remember it saying the name of an artist i listened 2 last night and the date “5/28″ but it was like gooey watercolor and melted so it became barely legible i felt incredibly defeated

i woke up so disoriented i thought i was on a different planet

Proud of it

Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: Seth Rollins has been single for a while. He can have one night stands without feeling guilty. He don’t want a woman in his life and of course, he don’t want to get marriage. And he was very proud of it. Until (Y/N) came to his life.

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How would any of our lovely boys and one gal be when they're drunk outta their minds?

Author’s note: I’m not gonna lie, I’m still laughing at Seven’s 


  • such a lightweight omg
  • gets SUPER SUPER clingy
  • Mopes around the entire time
  • He was eating goldfish and he dropped one
  • Cried for 20 minutes
  • Tried to have a funeral
  • For a cracker


  • He holds his alcohol pretty well
  • Like the best out of the RFA
  • But when he does get REALLY drunk
  • He’s a HUGE flirt wow what a  surprise
  • The thing is, since he has to drink so much alcohol to get to that stage
  • He’ll flirt with anything
  • Actually, once he flirted with a bar stool that he named Barbara
  • “Zen, we’re not taking that home! It’s property of the bar!”
  • “B-but I have to seal the deal, if you know what I mean.”
  • “Zen, put the stool down.”
  • “Oookkkaayyyy… I love you, Barbara.”
  • You grabbed his ear and dragged him away
  • nOT before Seven took a picture of him kissing “Barbara” goodnight though ;)


  • “Jaehee… you did…”
  • “Oh… you’re right, ha!”
  • She laughs at everything
  • Even Seven’s lame jokes and when she eggs him on it makes it worse
  • She called Jumin once and yelled at him for treating her like a slave
  • The next day at work he gave her 2 extra vacation days
  • “Why are you being so nice to me?”
  • “Do you… not remember last night?”
  • “Oh god, did we? I’m so sorry. It didn’t mean anything, I don’t even like guys-”
  • “NO! I mean, you called me and told me how you felt about being my assistant…”
  • “…Oh…”


  • Wine mom
  • He refuses to admit he’s drunk
  • He’ll fill his glass up with wine and set it down
  • And then forget where it’s at and fill a new one up the next morning he’s always so confused to why there are a bunch of full wine glasses around his house
  • Oh
  • And when he is drunk
  • He ALWAYS tries to dress up Elly
  • Sometimes you have to stop him bc you can SEE the pain in that cat’s face
  • “Jumin, I think that’s enough…”
  • “Buttttttt, her hat doesn’t match her shirt, anddddd the shoes clash with her pants!”
  • “Let’s go to bed, you can fix it in the morning.”
  • You’ve taken a picture of every outfit he’s put Elly in and sent it to Seven
  • at some point the two of you are going to make a collage and give it to him


  • He tries to talk about how deep everything is
  • Once, he stared at his hand for half an hour
  • And then looked at you and said
  • “Life is fleeting.”
  • And then passed out
Humans are weird: The Abandoned Base

*Quick note before I start. This story is part of a series I’m calling The Lost Colonies. I’m not currently sure how many I’m going to do or what rate I’ll be able to put them out but I’ve currently got 5 more planned. You can read the first 2 here and here though if you’d like. Also I’ve gone back and tagged the Previous entries, as well as this one with the tag #The Lost Colonies to make them easier to find.*

A bead of sweat dripped down Kiara’s forehead as she hauled the last of the containers of equipment into a weathered shed. Even though the gravity on Steadfast was lighter than her homeworld it had still been a long day of preparations for what the colonists called “The Tides” and her back was aching. It felt good, reminded her of her childhood. It had been a long time since her days scouting beyond the Thaw and though she loved exploring the universe and finding hidden pockets of humanity it wasn’t often that she had a good reason to get her hands dirty.

Kiara looked around for the colonist she was helping and found her tying large heavy knots to some sturdy looking rings sunk deep in the ground around the house. “Jun! I finished loading the crates. What’s next?” A moment later the device on Kiara’s hip perked up and translated Galactic Basic into the old Earth dialect that these colonists still spoke. It was supposedly a form of pre-unification Mandarin, albeit with several hundred years of taxonomical drift.

“Did you remember to tie them down spacer?” The elderly woman asked as she went back to her knots. “Yes I did. Everything’s stowed properly for the Tide.” Jun simply grunted and Kiara was sure that she would find an excuse to check on her work before the day was done. “Well trace the cables on the house to the anchors in the fields, just make sure I got them all secured.”

Kiara shrugged and took off a jog around the edges of the complex. There were 8 lines attached to winches built into the porch surrounding the circular house. The whole effect would have looked like spokes on a bike wheel from above. Sure enough as she reached each anchor Kiara found the knots tied so well she couldn’t have tightened them if she wanted to. Kiara finished the 2 kilometer jog back at where Jun had been previously only to see her double checking Kiara’s work in the shed. “Good work spacer. You’re done here, go check on Hai and see if he needs any help in the kitchen.”

Kiara smiled to herself and took off to the house to find Jun’s husband. Kiara found him stirring a large stockpot in the kitchen with a basket of freshly baked rolls on the table. Hai was friendlier than Jun but rarely spoke at all. “Greetings Hai, Jun sent me in to see if you needed help.” Hai simply kept stirring as the translator worked. “No, you can rest if you’d like. Help yourself to some bread.” Kiara picked up a roll and spent a long moment simply smelling the heady aroma of yeast and herbs. That was one of the major perks of a primarily agricultural world like this one: wheat meant bread.

Jun came in from the field carrying one of the black, meter tall, egg shaped stones that dotted the hillside to the East and Hai gave her an affectionate peck on the cheek. It was the only time Kiara had seen her blush. Jun set the egg down on the table and grabbed a large, flat tool from near the sink. Sliding the sharpened edge of the tool into a crack in the side of the stone Jun twisted and the stone split open along the perimeter to reveal that it was in fact a large mollusk. As Hai went to work transforming the near meter of mollusk into some wonderful smelling soup Jun washed her hands and sat down at the table across from Kiara.

“So, you said you wanted to interview me spacer?” Kiara straightened up, set the translator on the table, pulled her datapad out of her bag and hurriedly swallowed the last of her roll. “Yes, sorry, let’s start over. I’m Kiara Williams and I’m a special liaison for the Galactic Republic. We’ve been traveling the galaxy learning more about the human colonies and outposts that were lost when EarthGov fell. We’ve made it our goal to re-establish contact with as many of them as we can and to find ways to reintegrate them into galactic society if they wish to rejoin us or to simply learn more about them if they don’t wish to rejoin.”

Jun picked up a roll and thoughtfully chewed as she listened to the translator. Kiara continued. “We understand that this planet is a former EarthGov military outpost that was kept off of most official records. I just want to assure you that we’re not here because of the military, I just want to learn more about you and your culture.” Jun gave a short laugh as she heard that. “Well if you did want the military then you came a few hundred years too late. When the war was over they left us here to rot. That was a long time ago sure, but your ancestors being slaves that got thrown away isn’t exactly something you forget.”

Kiara decided that telling Jun that there was never a war, that EarthGov simply fell apart from the inside was a talk that could wait for another day. “I know how hard that is. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve come across a number of similar stories of EarthGov’s crimes. I came from a lost colony myself. We can talk later about what, if anything the galactic council can do for you, but first I’d like to learn a bit more about your culture if that’s OK?”

Jun nodded as Hai slid a bowls of soup in front of the women before sitting down himself. “Well let’s start with the obvious questions. We’re several kilometers in land but the hills are covered in giant mollusks and your home is apparently built to float, exactly how does that work?” Jun laughed into her soup. “I thought spacers were supposed to know everything about science. It’s the moons, we’ve got 3 of them and they have enough mass to make the tides a bit bigger than you’ve probably seen, especially when they align like they’re doing right now. Only happens a few times a year but when it does it can get this old place up over those hills if we don’t anchor it in place. When they don’t align we usually don’t get tides high enough to even reach us.”

Kiara gratefully sopped up the last of her meal with a third roll “I saw some houses out closer to the shore on my way in. Are they temporary? Where do the rest of the colonists live?” Jun sat back with a cold glass of some brown liquor as Hai kissed her on the cheek again before going out to the porch. “We call the people on the shore ‘Drifters’ because they just let their houses drift along with the tides when they roll in and steer them as needed. Sometimes they get swept out to sea but they usually keep a kayak or 2 to tow them back into shore if they need to. Decent folk, sometimes we hire them to help with the harvest if the blackshells, mollusks as you called them, get a good meal from the tide. We usually sell most of the harvest to high grounders who live further in land and up mountains where even the big tides can’t reach.”

“Exactly how high can the big tides go?” Jun got up from her chair and led Kiara to the porch. Somehow the tide had come in over dinner without her even noticing. In the fading light of dusk Kiara could see the tops of the hills nearly a hundred meters under water. “We must be 500 meters up!” “It’ll get up to 700 before the night is out.” Hai tightened a winch nearby pulling the shed which was floating nearby a little closer to the main house before sitting on a swinging bench chair to watch the sunset. Jun joined Hai on the bench and guestured to Kiara to take a nearby seat.

“So you’ve asked your questions spacer, and I don’t care much about your republic. I’ve been on this planet all my life and I don’t intend to leave. You’ll probably find some Drifters looking for places to drift and there’s probably some high grounders who’d be interested in leaving too, but not me or my Hai. What about you though? What’s your plan?”

“I’m not exactly sure what you mean Jun. I’m just doing my job and trying to learn about people who got lost out in the stars.” Jun shifted in her seat and leaned back into Hai “Well I’m not lost spacer, I know where I’m at even if where I’m at drifts from time to time. Do you have a home out there in the stars? How about someone to come home to?”

Kiara shook her head. “I spend most of my time travelling the stars, the closest I have to a home is my ship, but that’s really all I need.” Jun and Hai shared a look. “Just because you drift doesn’t mean you can’t find someone to drift with you, or someone you can always drift back to. That’s how I met my Hai after all.” Kiara smiled at the thought and got up from her chair to go back in the house leaving Hai and Jun to watch the sunset in peace.

Kiara opened up her commlink back to her ship in orbit and opened a channel to one of her contacts on the galactic council. A familiar Turic face filled her screen. “Ah Kiara, it’s nice to hear from you. Is everything is going well on MX-103?” “Yes Kit’cha, everything’s fine, this interview just took longer than expected but I should be back at the station in a few standard cycles.” “That is good to hear Kiara, I’m sure Corporal Jett will be glad to hear -” “JEANNE MADE CORPORAL!?” Kit’cha’s face fell slightly “I forgot we were keeping that a surprise.”

Kiara laughed to herself and took a deep breath. “Say, Kit’cha, I was wondering…” Kiara grinned fighting down an unfamiliar nervousness in the pit of her stomach. “when I get back, would you like to get some dinner? Just the two of us?” Kit’cha seemed caught off guard at first. “I’ve learned a lot about humans since I was assigned to the lost colony division 12 sols ago and I’ve learned a lot about their customs. Correct me if I’m wrong, but given the context would this be what humans call a ‘date’?” Kiara didn’t say anything but simply nodded, feeling her cheeks flush with color. “I would greatly enjoy that Kiara Williams.”


Today Mob felt extremely stressed at school.

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Hey, I've been looking through a lot of writing advice blogs for the last month or so, and most (if not all) of them give advice on writing novels and such but I'm looking for advice on writing webcomics. Do you have any tips on webcomic writing?

Hello, thank you for sending a message.

I’m not super experienced in webcomics, I’ve tried a few times, but never really found myself in that area. Yet, I’ve leaned a few things. Instead of giving tips on webcomics, I’ll tell you everything I did wrong while trying.

My first comic I did in college with a friend of mine. We were just having fun. Actually, I did it for her birthday, and she drew a sequel for my birthday. We never published. At the time, I had no idea how to comic… so I just started drawing. Worst mistake ever. I didn’t have defined characters and a defined plot. When I reached the third page, I realized that I had nothing to tell. I threw it all away and restarted from an outline. 

Tip #1: Make an outline as detailed as you can before starting

My second comic I did for a contest (that I didn’t win). This time, I was smarter. I outlined. I defined all my characters. I listed all settings. I wrote an script to guide me. But, past my tenth page, I realized how much my art style had changed from page one. I started ultra detailed and soft. Page after page, it looked simpler and sharper. My main character changed too much in appearance. And I felt like punching myself.

Tip #2: Design your characters and settings before using them in a comic

In my third and last attempt I did for a project. I outlined. I designed my characters and settings. But I wasn’t 100% in love with the story. It wasn’t my favorite genre. It wasn’t my favorite art style. I lost passion midway and abandoned it.  

Tip #3: Draw what you love. Create what you love.

So, this is all basic tips, nothing fancy, but they sure are important!!! Hahahaha. I think the most important tip ever is… don’t give up, don’t abandon your comic. Sometimes, it get’s hard. Whenever you feel exhausted, just take a break. Give yourself frequent rewards. And be patient with every panel.  

Nowadays I just draw for fun (and for fanart). I don’t have a personal art blog, though. My art >>>


dear esther. the morning after i was washed ashore, salt in my ears, sand in my mouth and the waves always at my ankles, i felt as though everything had conspired to this one last shipwreck. i remembered nothing but water, stones in my belly and my shoes threatening to drag me under to where only the most listless of creatures swim.


I’ve always been a loner and my favorite bar is the quietest in town. The bartender is a miserable git with no time for anyone, one of the reasons I like the place. People leave you alone in there. I go about twice a week, on week-nights, when there are never more than six or seven customers inside.

I am an observant person, who likes to people-watch; there are a couple of other guys who visit that bar who are loners like me. Loners radiate an aura which tells other people to leave us be. Or perhaps people just don’t like me very much!

There’s a younger guy who lives near me; I often see him in the supermarket, we exchange a nod. His name is Barry, I don’t think he knows mine. We both refer to the other lone-wolf as “2-Shirts.”

2-Shirts doesn’t drink there often, but I’ve noticed he always behaves the same; he comes and goes so inconspicuously that you don’t see him until he is in his corner den, making one beer last all evening. He silently reads paperbacks, flipping the pages very occasionally; and whatever the weather, he always wears the exact same two shirts, one underneath buttoned up almost to his neck, the other mostly open. I suppose this is no stranger than wearing a thin sweater over a shirt.

2-Shirts always intrigued me, and from exchanging the odd word with Barry, I knew he felt the same. He was older, about forty, and perhaps because he literally did nothing except read and sip beer, never acknowledging anyone, he exuded a raw confidence, like he didn’t need to spell out that this was his domain.

I once asked if the bartender knew who 2-Shirts was; he replied “DUNNO,” and carried on watching his small TV.

One wild winter night, right before closing time, there was only Me, Barry and 2-Shirts in there; It would’ve been physically impossible to sit further apart. No-one had spoken all evening except to order drinks. In the bathroom pissing away my last beer, I decided to finally break the ice and say hi to 2-Shirts before leaving. What’s the worst that could happen?

But it seemed Barry had gotten the same notion in his head, as I found him sat at 2-Shirts’ table, laughing. 2-Shirts sounded witty, debonair, a man of the world. A little annoyed somehow, I left, hearing a howl of laughter from 2-Shirts as the door closed behind me.

I didn’t see 2-Shirts again for a good while, perhaps a year; when I asked the bartender if he’d left town, he replied “DUNNO” and carried on reading his newspaper.

But when 2-Shirts did return, on another freezing winter night with no other customers, I noticed something different about him. As well as wearing his habitual pair of shirts, underneath, barely visible below his neck, was a t-shirt, which brought Barry to mind. It struck me that I hadn’t seen Barry around for about a year, either.

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[1/6] hey i hope youre taking these but if not i dont mean to bug! ive been questioning for awhile & now i'm wondering if i am a lesbian as opposed to a trans man. i've had a couple of relationships here and there with boys and really, they just all made me feel horrible. i dated boys i didn't like because i felt validated that someone liked me or because my friends all had one, but it never lasted. i would hate them in the end and god... i couldn't even make eye contact with them.

[2/6] i chalked my nervousness & lack of interest up to my shyness and anxiety but really… i’ve started to reconsider. the last relationship i was in was a year ago, he tried to kiss me but i couldn’t bring myself to do it. i just laughed and looked away. it would get to the point where i’d avoid him every chance i got, and in the end i hated him. (for other reasons, but nonetheless a pattern)

[3/6] i’ve come to realize that i never had an urge to kiss any boy i was with outside of feeling like it was necessary or that i wanted to have my first kiss. the only person i ever wanted to kiss was one of my friends. i had to have been in love with her but i repressed it as we got older. she didn’t like me back (but she would flirt with me) so eventually i got over it and now i really don’t care.  

[4/6] but it just really messes me up, i feel as if i could find a man that i love and that i can be with but every man i’ve ever been with i really haven’t liked. and if that friend is any indication then i just don’t know. i feel like a disgusting predator every time i look at a girl in a way more than a friend or if i feel attracted to her in more than a “i wanna hold your hand!” Kind of a way 

 [5/6] another one of my big issues was just… i can’t picture myself with a man as a girl since every time i’ve been with one it’s terrible, so i thought “maybe if i am a man i can be with one.” i also can’t imagine myself as a girl with a girl. it’s just a matter of fitting into heteronormanitive (sp?) roles & i’m so lost when i can’t be the Submissive One because those roles are so ingrained in me.

[6/6] anyways thanks for listening to my crisis, do you have any good tools for overcoming what’s going on? part of me just keeps telling me to admit it but… i don’t really know if i am a lesbian. thank you, y'all are so helpful!!!

i think it might be useful to message the people who offered to talk to questioning trans boys/lesbians! try people from both sides of the fence and it’s likely someone’s experience with resonate with you

From The Rooftop (Jimin)


side note: i will NOT be doing a part 2 for this even if someone requests it. i poured my heart and soul into this drabble and it’d be wayy too hard to write a part 2, especially because i have other requests i need to work on, so please be understanding!

Genre: such drama, much fluff

Word count: 3616 (it’s a long one guys)

Rating: A for Jimin’s an Asshole

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This is an art I somehow found time to do. Usually, I’m not a fan art type but so many things have been inspiring me to get my bum back in gear.

Yes, I’ve always been an artist but when I joined tumblr, I was pregnant with my first child and my husband was out at sea. When my husband came back and son old enough to self play… I got pregnant with baby 2! ^^;; which, I have to say, was a rough pregnancy.

So, I had my little girl last May and I can’t believe she’ll be 1 year old soon… So bittersweet… But at least, I’ll have more time to arts! Lol don’t get me wrong, I did so other art projects like crocheting baby toys, clothes, making Pokemon mobile out of perler beads, paintings, etc, but I felt no one would give two shits for that so I just pretended I’ve been dead XD buuuuuut hopefully I’ll do more of these sort of arts… They won’t be that great cause I can only do it on my phone but hey, better than nothing right?

This is a fanart of my favorite Mystic Messenger character Jumin (papi-Ju-ju) Han. 8D I might color it…. Depends on motivation.lol

Also, if you share this, please credit me and not remove my real name on the art piece. Thanks and have a great day.

BTS Reaction To...

Y/N singing in her mother tongue


Jin wouldn’t have a clue what you were saying but he would still sway along to the sound of your voice. After all this isn’t the first time you started singing in your mother tongue in front of him.

“Jagiya your voice is beautiful, though not as beautiful as me.”


I think Yoongi would be kinda excited to hear you singing in your mother tongue. He would be very interested in how the words flow and carry rhythm. If there was a particular word he liked the sound of he might stop you and ask you what it meant so he could see if he could work it into a rap.

“Can you sing that word again for me Y/N?… Yeah that one. What does it mean?”


This ray of sunshine would start dancing along to what ever you sang no matter what language. It would probably be his favourite thing to do and he would use aegyo to try and convince to sing more often.

“Come on Jagi, I wanna hear another song from your country.”


Mister “I teach myself languages” over here would use it as an opportunity to convince you to teach him your mother tongue. Not only would he be able to enjoy your singing but he’d be learning too.

“This song is quite catchy, can you tell me what each verse means?”


Chimchim would love hearing you sing in your mother tongue. Wouldn’t have a clue what you were saying but he would love it none the less. He might even use it as a bragging opportunity when he’s with his hyungs.

“My Jagi is bilingual! Daebak! Listen to her singing *Starts playing recording on his phone*”


Tae would immediately start dancing to your singing while trying to join in but would end up mumbling most of the words. The fact that you were singing in your mother tongue would excite him greatly and I can’t imagine him being still at all.

“*mumble mumble mumble mumble* YA! *continues mumbling*”

We’ve all done this come on


Kookie would sing along with you but not in the same way as Tae would. Kookie would focus on harmonising vocals so 1) it would compliment your voice and 2) so he could join in with out embarrassing himself. However, if he’s heard you sing a certain song enough times to remember most of the lyrics he will try to upstage you. He’s a competitive little shit after all.

“I was definitely better than you this time Y/N, I’m the Golden Maknae after all.”

I actually spent a day or two thinking about this one since my last one felt off. I hope you guys liked it.

Feel free to send in a request 

I did not make any of these gifs nor do I claim credit for them.


Way to early but have a lot of creamy white discharge in abundance idk what to make of it..it could be a sign or I may be crazy which I am idk

Also I’m sick again 😷every time one of the kids he works with gets sick he gets sick (my husband works with kids) & he was sick for like 2 days “dying of a cold” yea
& now I’m sick I felt guilty about taking theraflu last night but so congested could barely breath I had too

Some advice from a girl whose dad made her go running in the morning since she was 8 and has been going to the gym since she was 10

 Ok guys, I know that with New Year’s Resolutions there are going to be a lot of people who want to start going to the gym regularly.

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! GO YOU!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

Here’s some advice that I wish I’d known sooner concerning that.

1.LOVE THE BODY YOU HAVE! Lots of people go to the gym to change their bodies. That’s totally fine, I do the same thing. The important part is loving the body you have right now, because otherwise self-improvement turns into self-destruction.

2. DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER GYM-GOERS! This is something everybody does, but it’s really harmful, especially because if you try to do an exercise that you’ve never done, YOU WILL GET HURT. I don’t care if Beefy McMusclepants does deadlifts that make the floor shake. The only thing that matters is if YOU did a workout that YOU felt was productive.

3. Going off the last one EFFECTIVE DOESN’T ALWAYS = MURDEROUS. If you’re like me and you find a perverse joy in working yourself until you collapse, fine (but don’t do it all the time, more on that later), but that doesn’t mean you did anything that’s towards your goal. Sometimes the best thing is going at a low and steady pace, ESPECIALLY if it’s your first time working out.

4. TAKE A BREAK. Everybody does this. Professionals do this. If you work the same muscle group all the time, YOU WILL GET INJURED.

5. HAVE A PATTERN. Get yourself a schedule, but one that works FOR YOU. You’re doing this FOR YOURSELF, your body is individual, your needs are individual, your schedule is individual. Set up something regular that fits whatever those needs are. 

6. ACCEPT THAT LIFE HAPPENS. Even if your schedule is flawless, something will happen. You’ll get sick, or busy, or hurt or whatever, and you won’t go. THIS IS OKAY. The only thing that matters here is whether or not you get back on the metaphorical horse. 

7. DIFFERENT EXERCIZES DO DIFFERENT THINGS. If your goal is to get skinny, intense weight lifting won’t do that. If your goal is to get ripped, being on the treadmill all the time won’t do that. Learn what does what, and it’ll make you realize that the people in the gym are doing their own stuff, and you’ll feel more confident. 

8. WORK OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS. It’s fun to do stuff together, and they’ll keep you motivated GUARANTEED. 

9. ASK SENIOR GYM GOERS WHAT THEY’RE DOING. If they’re not busy at the moment, don’t be afraid to ask someone what exercise they’re doing for what purpose. Chances are, they’ll be happy to help. 

10. ENJOY WORKING OUT. I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t like what you’re doing, you’ll stop. Find something else that suits your needs. For example; my dad can do nothing but weights for hours on end, but I think that’s really boring, so I do more cardio-oriented and movement stuff. FIND YOUR BALANCE.

11. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Learn the signs that today will be a kickass day or a slow one. What areas are tired and which need work. Are you close to getting hurt? Are you too tired or hungry? Understand these signs and accept them, they’ll help in the long run. 

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!


Rules: Tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better.

tagged by myself. most of the answers are the same as the ones I wrote for my main blog but I felt like making some YGO specific answers

Nickname: Mimi

Sign: Aries

Height: 5′2

Last Thing You Googled: “XXX Xander Cage” because I couldn’t remember the full name of the movie below

Favorite music artist: EXO, TVXQ, SHINee, Jessica, Oh My Girl, WJSN, Super Junior and Flower

Song stuck in my head: Run This - EXO

Last movie you watched: technically it was Cinderella, but I’ll say XXX Return of Xander Cage because it wasn’t my idea to watch Cinderella, the 3 year old I look after is obsessed with that movie.

What are you wearing right now: a green shirt and fuzzy lounge pants with zebra stripes

What do you post: all things Yu-Gi-Oh!

Why did you choose your URL: well my main blog’s URL is galaxy–supernova, so I put rainbow in front of that because rainbows always make me think of spiritshipping (and honestly there was a missed opportunity with that name because it could have been rainbowshipping and I would have been the happiest person alive TT)

Do you have any other blogs: I do indeed! there’s my main blog, a few with urls that i’m saving, one for the albums I scan, and one for Hirata Rina

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: N/A never had a past relationship. But past friendships have taught me that sometimes you end up having nothing in common with people you once depended on and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Favorite Color: Any shade of blue, and I also really like green but like…forest green.

Average Hours Of Sleep: 9 bc I need my beauty rest

Lucky Number: 16? 17?

Favorite characters: HERE WE GO Y’ALL. Judai, Johan, Yuri, Yuya, Masumi, Serena, Vector, Yuma, Astral, Aki, Yusei, Atem, Yugi, and Joey. And does abridged Shun count? Because he is an absolute gift

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: at the moment 3–a sheet, a heated blanket, and a quilt. This is making me miss my bed and I literally just got up an hour ago TT

Dream Job: Writing fanfiction all day because I won the lottery and devote my life to rewriting the shows I love to do the characters JUSTICE (i’m looking at u Arc-V)

I tag @manadarkmagiciangirl @umbrellanest @playerjassy16 @testycanadian @97hyuu @darkzorua100 @icefoxlover01 @meru-chan12 @oddeyesyuya @ispeakhalflies @xionchan and I’ve run out of people I can think of off the top of my head but if you want to do this just say I tagged you!

i did the other questions last night but young @sophranius added more
1) i guess id like to play more dark mod or t2 FMs, and i would play more arma 3 if there were decent servers without the expansion i dont have. ive gone off rainbow six only because the community has gotten a lot worse. i also wouldve liked to have “finished” gw2, but the one time i played with other people in a party, i felt like i was making it less fun for them

2) lmao ive never kept any friends after highschool, i think im the one who dealbreaks

3) i’ve got a good amount now although I’ve been somewhat interested in birds over the past year. before that i thought they were like fish where you just kept them in a cage, but they’re much more personable than i thought.