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walkingsaltshaker  asked:

The members (+ V & Saeran) discovering MC had a child/children? Or their reactions of MC admitting she wanted children? (You don't have to do both, either one would be nice. I just didn't want to send 2 asks.)

Doing the first one because it is!! Super cute! (I work in a toy store so I LOVE KIDS lmao.)


  • Your hands are shaking from your nerves when you finally work up the nerve to type up the text. Her name is Iseul. She’s two, and her dad left me just before she was born.
  • His reply was near instantaneous. Can I see a picture?
  • You turned to your daughter and put on a grin. Say cheese, honey!
  • “Heez!” She reached out to you, her little chubby fingers fanned out, and you snapped a picture of her face, of her red cheeks and big, broad smile. The little smiley face in the caption when you sent it to Yoosung felt like a lie.
  • You told him that you understood if it was a deal breaker, seriously you did. Even if you did date, you didn’t expect him to become her father. You got it, you got it, you understood, he was young and you’d -
  • You can’t even finish your string of messages before you get one back from him. She’s precious, just like you, and I’m not going to let you struggle raising her alone.
  • Yoosung’s desire to grow up and become a man increases twofold. It isn’t that he’s really excited about a kid - honestly, he’d never thought of it - but he’s so, so determined to support you that he’s willing to give fatherhood a go.
  • Despite his determination, it’s a bit… rough at first. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing and he often panics about little things. 
  • (am I feeding her enough? Am I feeding her right? why is she crying DID I BREAK SOMETHING OH NO HELP)
  • she’s chewing on the keyboard wire omg no stop
  • “oh shit i’m in the middle of a LOLOL match and she’s cry ing fuck”
  • (you come home one day and yoosung is in the fetal position because drew ALL over the apartment walls and he doesn’t KNOW WHAT TO DO)
  • After learning the ropes though he is great at being a dad. He’s just this big huge kid paling around with your kid and it makes your heart melt. Sometimes he’ll sit her on his lap and she’ll watch him play LOLOL. (at first it annoys him when she presses keys and paws at the screen but eventually he chills out and thinks it’s adorable)
  • He’s so proud of her. He never once thinks of her as being anything but his child, and he brags about her SO MUCH to his guild. (sometimes he’ll turn on voice and let them say hi to her)
  • (she always babbles back)
  • (they love her protect ur daughter 2k16)


  • You have a daughter?
  • Can he see her?
  • Oh god she’s the cutest he loves her already. Wait, that’s not weird, is it? He’s not weirding you out?
  • Great - first time he meets her, he brings her hair clips and buys her ice cream and dotes on her like the happiest new father imaginable.
  • Zen doesn’t hold back on either his love for you or your child. He is so happy to be a dad. He’s always taking photos of her, taking photos of you, taking photos of BOTH of you and just… grinning. He has a family.
  • He has a family.
  • like seriously this is Zen
  • When he finds out her father left you he is S T E A M E D. He wants to hunt him down and give him hell but respects you when you say you just… want that period of your life to be over now. It’s done.
  • He’s here.
  • He does puppet shows for her. He acts for her. He does all the funny voices for the bedtime stories and takes her to amusement parks when she’s old enough.
  • Daddy loves playing dress up with his little princess
  • (When Isuel starts imitating daddy while he’s performing he M E L T S.) 
  • If the media says an goddamn thing about u and your PERFECT DAUGHTER he will cut someone
  • (seriously he has like a million photos of her in his wallet his coworkers are sick of it)


  • She is understandably nervous when she learns you have a kid, and you tell her it won’t affect her relationship with you. You’ve been doing the single mother thing for two years now, you can manage it.
  • She’s not really expecting to get attached, only thinking of your child as something akin to taxes or a loan you’re paying off. She cares about it because it puts a burden on you, and she’ll help put when she can, but there’s no maternal affection there…
  • …Until, both by bit - your daughter, worms her way into Jaehee’s heart.
  • It’s the little things at first. The way she grins when she finishes a puzzle, the way she wiggles and dances to the music Jaehee plays while she’s working… and the way she sits right in front of the television whenever Zen is on screen. it’s just cute.
  • (seriously she touches Zen’s face and Jaehee LOVES IT)
  • Jaehee thought of children much like cats - messy and just… a burden - but watching the way the two of you smile at each other when you’re holding her… she’s just…
  • She’s filled with love - for you, for her, and she can feel that love that she’d forgotten, of a parent who deeply cares for their child.
  • (One day she offers Jaehee a cookie and says ‘mama have cookie!’ and JAEHEE ALMOST STARTS CRYING AHHH)
  • Jaehee learns how to make really killer hot chocolate for her since she’s too young to drink coffee, and the way she wipes the whipped cream mustache off your daughter’s face is just… precious…..

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Coming Down

Matt Murdock x Reader

Request: One-shot with matt murdock about the song coming down of halsey
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, graphic depictions of violence, injuries mention
2,872 words

Notes: Coming Down most known as Matt Murdock’s official song, omg. I don’t think I did justice to the nice relation this song has with Matt, tho. :/ I changed russians for italians because…I like the russians way too much. lmao ANYWAY, it’s not my best but I hope you guys enjoy it! <3 Thanks for the request, dear nonnie. :’) Ps.: Italic parts are flashbacks!

Not even once in your life you thought you’d end up like this. 

Not even once before Matt and not even once with Matt and his heightened senses. 

You first met him somewhere between your last years of college, when you were taking the same classes of international law that he did. 

He kind of had a reputation around the corridors, the hero kid from Hell’s Kitchen who saved an old man but got blind in the way, so you already knew who he was. 

A blind, top of the list student with parted shaggy brown hair, very very nice lips, a horrendous sunglasses and Foggy Nelson’s pal tended to stand off in the middle of those hopeless guys with middle aged ways of thinking. 

But that didn’t mean the both of you were friends or even talked at all. 

Until the day you met him in the most unpredictable of the places: the church.

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“Remembering This” - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1215

Warnings: Embarrassing parents, fluff :)

Plot: Sometimes the best things in life are the moments you don’t expect to happen… like meeting a cute boy in the rain under a yellow umbrella.

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This imagine is kind of based off of Ted and Tracy from How I Met Your Mother! I was watching the episode where Ted meets Tracy (the mom) for the first time and I was inspired to write an imagine based off of it. Whale, I hope y’all enjoy!!


Tony Stark was, yet again, throwing another party in the Avengers tower. Although your parents worked as scientists in the tower, they had never attended a single party that Tony had hosted. Tonight, your parents decided to get out of the little hole in the wall (aka your apartment) and live a little.

“Come on, hun. You know what the kids say, “YOLO!” Your mother beamed, throwing a fist in the air while presenting the cheesiest smile you had ever seen.

“Alright, why not,” your father began, “It’s going to be so light!”

“Oh my god…” You sunk deep into your chair, wiping your eyes as you shook your head. “I can’t believe you guys are my parents.”

“You should come with us! You would love it, (Y/n)!” Your mother exclaimed, sitting down in the seat next to you, resting her head on your shoulder. “It’s amazing, and even though we don’t know Tony that well, we are sure he’ll love you!”

“Oh, he’ll definitely love her,” your father kissed you on your forehead, “maybe Stark would even offer you a job? Who knows-”

“Omg! And our baby could work with us-”

“WOAH,” you jumped out of the seat, “Slow ya roll. I’m not looking for a job right now, and if I go to the party tonight, will you stop smothering me?”

They both grinned and pulled you into the biggest, tightest hug you had ever received.

“We love you so much, sweet pea.”

“I love you guys too. But… I can’t breathe.”


The Avengers tower was beautiful. It was easy to tell that this was a private party since there were no paparazzi and glamorous limousines swarming the area. Walking into the elevator, you felt a little overdressed. But when the elevator doors opened at the top floor and revealed a flock of well-dressed adults, that feeling quickly disappeared. Your parents bought you a beautiful, sapphire blue dress that was cut right below your knees. Your hair was tied up into a messy bun, you wore very little makeup and topped it off with a cherry colored lipstick. Everyone tends to wear heels or ballet flats to a “fancy schmancy” gathering like this, but you went with your exclusive, limited edition charcoal converse.

“So classy,” Your mom commented with a hint of sarcasm, acknowledging your outfit.

“What?” you asked, glancing down at yourself, “I think I look decent.”

“You look beautiful, (Y/n),” your dad added. “I just wish you would’ve chosen different shoes. You have plenty, but you still stick to the same plain, black converse- oh, hello there Tony!”

You laughed at your father, who you considered to be just like Doug from Up (he tends to get distracted really easy). Suddenly feeling someone’s presence behind you, you slowly turned around only to meet eyes with the Tony Stark.

“Hello there, Mr. and Mr.s (Y/l/n)! Thanks for stopping by. And you must be (Y/n),” Tony greeted, holding out his hand for you to shake.

“Wow. You are- you're… you’re Tony friggin Stark,” you babbled, struggling to find the right words to say. “Uh, yeah. I’m (Y/n), their awkward daughter who can’t seem to English and talks about herself in the third person when she’s nervous- oh my god, I am still talking,” you laughed nervously, looking down at the floor in embarrassment. You had always looked up to Tony Stark as a child, but you never thought you would ever meet him. Now, here you were, standing three feet away from him and you were babbling like an idiot.

“She’s a talker,” Tony chuckled as you gently shook his hand, “Lovely to meet you, (Y/n). Well, I’ve got some boring people over there waiting to talk to me about… well, something.”

You laughed. He seemed so nonchalant about everything, and he was humorous.

“Lovely to meet you too, Mr. Stark!” You raised your voice as he strode off to a small group of people. He turned around and gave a smirk, along with a salute.

Tonight was going to be interesting.


As the clock struck 11:30 pm, you started to feel a bit lonely. Tony and your parents were the only people you knew there and they were busy. As you watched your parents slow dance, you glanced across the room and met eyes with a boy who looked your age. You flashed a smile and the boy stared in awe, which made you blush. He began to walk towards you, but Tony quickly pulled him aside and before you knew it: the boy was gone.

You told your parents you were leaving and made your way out of the tower. Rain poured outside, and you quickly grabbed your yellow umbrella and exited the building. The streets of New York were covered in puddles, which made your walk to the bus stop a little more fun. Every now and then you would jump in the gigantic puddles, water splashing onto your dress and spreading onto the sidewalk. Keeping ahold of your umbrella, you continued to mess around with the pools of water until you reached the bus stop.

Ten minutes went by, waiting under your yellow umbrella, blocked from the cold downpour that covered your surroundings. The rain and the city made you feel calm, like the world around you was carefree and all your troubles had left the earth. But a tap on your shoulder startled you and woke you from your thoughts.

“Excuse me!” The boy smiled nervously, running his hands through his wet, ruffled hair.


“Were you at the party in the Avenger’s tower?”

“Yeah! Yeah, I was. Here, come under,” you said, placing the umbrella over his head. He chuckled and moved closed, thanking you in the process.

“I’m (Y/n), by the way,” you continued.

“I’m-I’m Peter. Parker, Peter Parker.”

“Nice to meet you,” you both said in sync, which made the two of you laugh.

“So, why were you at the party? If you don’t mind me asking?”

“My parents work as scientists at the tower, and they insisted I come,” you replied with a chuckle. Peter smiled, he could not get over how beautiful you looked. “What about you?”

“You could say I’m an intern… of sorts,” Peter stumbled over his words and nervously rubbed the back of his neck. You gave him a confused look and laughed once again.

Peter had charmed you with his alluring, warm chocolate eyes, and his adorably awkward personality. You felt your heart skip a beat every time he smiled, and your breath was taken away once he spoke. Sadly, the bus came around the corner and ruined the moment you two were sharing.  

“Well, that’s my ride,” you joked, gesturing to the bus as it slowly pulled up to the curb.

“Oh,” Peter sighed, his eyes focused on the floor. “Will I see you again?”

You smirked, “Definitely.” You quickly took out a pen from your bag, along with your bus money, and wrote your number on Peter’s arm. “Call me?”

Peter nodded as you capped the pen. Once you finished, you shoved the pen back in your bag and stepped onto the bus.

“Definitely,” Peter whispered, watching the bus slowly drive away.


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Too Soon?

Request: Hello! Could you do a oneshot where Rick likes you but won’t say because he feels like it’s not the time with the death of Beth and Tyreese, but he sees you playing with Judith in Alexandria and he sees how much of a mother you are and tells you?

Pairing: Rick Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 2710

Theme Song: Hello My Old Heart by The Oh Hellos

WARNINGS: Swearing, Small angst

Originally posted by rickgrymess

A/N: MY FIRST RICK GRIMES ONESHOT. omg I’m slightly nervous… Let me know what y’all think. A ginormous thank you to @thewritterdead for being my beta reader! It means so much, love you! 

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anonymous asked:

The GOM inviting their girlfriend to spend the night over at their place (for a chaste, romantic evening, no lewd intentions), but she assumes that they want to get intimate and is really self-conscious and nervous the entire time. So how would the GOM react when they catch on~?

omg this is actually really cute and sounds like something i would do because i’m an awkward noodle. thank you so much for the request you cutie. have a nice day (^v^)/

Kuroko: The bluenette had invited you over to his house many times before and you always went. But this time was different. This time he was asking you to spend the night and that kind of got you nervous. Of course you said yes, you loved him but…. You were still a little antsy. 

After school you met up with him, giving him a welcoming hug. He returned the hug gratefully, “Are you ready for tonight?” At his question you swore you felt his hand slip a little lower down your back than usual. You shivered a little and Kuroko pulled away, looking into your eyes, “Is there something wrong?” 

You shook your head with a smile, “No, everything’s fine.” You swallowed hard, “Shall we go then?” He smiled in reply, taking your hand in his and starting towards his house. 

The evening went by smoothly. He made you some of those mean scrambled eggs he boasted about once for dinner and you made some sides to go along with it. The rest of the evening was spent watching movies and cuddling. Occasionally his hand would ghost down your back and to your hip. Sometimes he even kept going and his hand would lay on your thigh. Whenever he did that you would watch his hand closely. 

He noticed you were acting a little off right away and confronted you about it, “_____-san, are you sure everything’s alright?” 

You didn’t reply for a minute and Kuroko felt his gut sink a little. Where you not having a good time? 

Suddenly you blurted out, “I’m not ready Kuroko!” 

He was surprised at your sudden outburst, “Not ready for what?”

“This…” you started motioning to your body wildly and then to his, “Y’know! What you invited me here for in the first place.” You shrunk back at your own words, hugging your sides, “I”m just not ready.” 

The realization hit him like a brick wall - You thought he was initiating sex. He put his hands up defensively, remaining calm and smiling reassuringly, “I didn’t invite you over for what you’re thinking.” 

You looked up at him, confused. Then he gently pressed the palm of his hand against you cheek, “I invited you over for the night so that i could wake up next to your beautiful face.”  

Kise: He picked you up at your house, babbling on about all the things you two were going to do together and squeezing your hand, “First, we’re gonna build a fort and make popcorn and watch a whole bunch of movies! Or we could play some fun games I found first. Its up to you really! And then we’ll eat dinner together, It’ll be like we’re married! Then more movies and games and then we can go to bed! Y’know, they say two people only truly understand each other once they’ve shared the same bed.” You listened to his antics, nervously playing with your hair when he mentioned sharing the same bed and acting like a married couple. 

You ended up playing would you rather and truth or dare for a good three hours. He was good at it and it mostly consisted of really funny stuff or really gross stuff that you both laughed about. You started to feel like you might have nothing to worry about. 

After dinner you both decided to go straight to bed. You changed in the bathroom, avoiding showing any large amounts of skin to him. When you both climbed into bed he spooned you, pulling you as close as ever. Your breath hitched in your throat when he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you against him firmly. You could feel the slight bulge in his pants and that was when you lost it. 

You strangled out a high pitched cry, throwing yourself out of the bed and untangling yourself from the covers, standing away from the bed. 

“_____-cchi, what’s wrong? You love cuddling.” he asked earnestly, sitting up in the bed. 

You shook your head vigorously, “I can’t do this, I’m sorry Kise! I don’t even know how to put on a condom!” 

He raised his eyebrow, getting out of the bed and walking towards you, “Condom? _____-cchi, you’ve got it all wrong.”

You relaxed a little, “I do?… But what was all that talk about ‘two people getting to know each other by sharing the same bed’ stuff?” 

“Because they say that when two people dream together they stay together.” he said, “That’s all.” 

You suddenly felt very guilty and rubbed your arm awkwardly. Kise smiled at you, “Is that why you were acting weird all evening? Listen, we don’t ever have to do anything that you’re not comfortable with.” 

Midorima: When he invited you to stay the night you were shell shocked. Where he found the courage to ask you something like that was beyond you. Usually he had a hard enough time holding your hand without blushing until he passed out. It was rather bold of him to do this. 

Suddenly you remembered some things that Takao had said to him: “How’s the love life?” “How far have you gotten?” “Are you gonna make a move soon?” 

You bit your lip, realizing why he was inviting you over. But he has siblings doesn’t he? You took a shaky breath at the thought of engaging in activities such as those when his family is there too. 

At dinner you were jittery and Midorima seemed to notice. He asked you if you were feeling alright and you assured him that you were fine, “Don’t worry. I’m  fine. I’m just really impressed with how lovely your home is.”

Midorima raised an eyebrow at you and continued eating. After dinner the both of you headed off to his room to go to bed. When he closed the door, you swallowed your fear - or tried to. You knew he wanted this, but he would never be the one to initiate it. That meant you had do. 

You took a deep breath and grabbed his hand, leading him to the bed. He didn’t say a word, trying to figure out what you were doing. You pushed him down on to the bed, climbing over top of him and lunching for his neck. He let out a surprised gasp, grabbing on to your shoulders tightly. You reached down with a shaky hand to where his belt was, trying to undo it in the darkness of his room. 

Suddenly he pushed you off of him, whispering harshly, “What are you doing, nanodayo?” 

You gave him a confused look, “Isn’t this what you want?” 

“Of course not! We aren’t even married!” he hissed, buckling his belt again. You couldn’t help but laugh at your own stupidity. 

“What’s so funny?” he grumbled. 

“It’s just,” you said through laughter, trying to control it, “This whole time I was so worried that sex was the reason you invited me over. And it turns out I had nothing to worry about.” 

He huffed and ruffled your hair, “Go to bed, baka.” 

Aomine: As soon as Aomine suggested you stay the night and put down his gravure  magazines, you knew what was coming. He wanted you alone in his bedroom so that he could finally take the relationship to the “next level”. You weren’t too keen on the idea, but you were a little reluctant to tell him that. 

So when you showed up to his house and all he did was order pizza instead of having a nice dinner your suspicions were confirmed. He finished his last piece of pizza, downing it with a drink of soda before asking, “Okay…. Craziest thing you ever did?” 

You laughed and told him a story about something stupid you did with a friend of yours. He laughed too and you relished in the sound of it. He always told you that you had a way of making him laugh when no one else could. At first you didn’t believe it, but sometimes you noticed him laughing at your jokes and no one else’s. 

Your thoughts were abruptly interrupted when Aomine spoke, “What do you say we head to bed?” 

You tripped over your words, “Y-Yeah, sure.” He got up and held his hand out. You reluctantly put your hand in his and he pulled you up out of the bean bag you were sitting in and led you off to his room. 

You were a nervous wreck. He threw himself on the bed, gesturing for you to follow suit. You walked over and he pulled you on to the bed with him, nuzzling his face into your neck. You tried to gulp back your fear and pulled him up to capture his lips in a kiss. His lips were soft as always and for a moment you felt secure. He deepened the kiss a little and you were out of your comfort zone again. Then again, you didn’t want to disappoint him. So you grabbed on to his lip with your teeth and he chuckled lowly. He pulled away momentarily and then dipped back down, grazing his tongue over your bottom lip. You hesitated for a moment so he bit your lip and you opened your mouth. His tongue brushed against yours and you let out a small yelp. 

He grinned at your reaction and worked his hands under your shirt. When you felt the fabric riding up on you, about to show him your chest, you stopped him. 

“Aomine wait!” you shouted, turning to your side and pulling your shirt back on all the way, “I can’t do this.” 

“Haah?” he mumbled, backing off and playfully flicking your forehead, “You started it, y’know.” 

You huffed, “Only because I thought you wanted it!” 

He eyed you up and down, “Believe me baby, I do want it. Be we don’t have to if you don’t want to.” 

You furrowed your eyebrows, “But isn’t that why you invited me to spend the night” 

He shook his head with a grin, “Nah, I just heard you’re good at cooking and was wondering if you could make me breakfast.” 

You pushed him off the bed and he landed with a thud, “Ahomine!” 

He climbed back on the bed, laughing and embracing you from behind, “And because I love you.” 

Murasakibara: “_____-chin should spend the night at my house.” he said, poking at your cheek. 

“You mean tonight?” you asked with a raided eyebrow. 

He nodded, stuffing his cheeks like a squirrel. You tapped your lip in thought and then shrugged, “Sure I don’t see why not.” 

Murasakibara giggled and grabbed you by the waist, “I’m gonna eat you up tonight, ____-chin.” His giggle was innocent, but his words weren’t. 

You wriggled out of his grip as he pouted like a child at having to let you go, “I have to go to my class now, Mura. I’ll see you after school.” He gave a small whine and let you go, kissing your cheek before watching trot off to you class and then heading to his own, meeting up with Himuro. 

His words wracked your brain all day. What the hell did he mean by ‘eat you up?’ Your hands were folded neatly in your lap as you tried to listen to the lesson. The gripped each other tightly, knuckled turning white when you realized what he meant. You blushed deeply, even more nervous now. Why did he have to word it that way? 

By the end of the day you were all worked up. The slightest things got to you and you were unbelievably jumpy. At dinner your palms were sweaty with anxiety. You two had never gone much farther than making out and now he was… Oh you hated thinking about it. 

He grabbed your hand and rested his head on your shoulder, “_____-chin, I’m sleepy.” 

You could hardly believe that you didn’t choke on your words, “Let’s go to bed then.” 

You both walked to his room, hand in hand. You could tell he was tired. He wasn’t even walking in a straight line. You chuckled at his silliness until you face the door. He walked right in and stopped near his bed, seeing that you were still waiting outside. 

“Come on ____-chin.” he whined. 

You sighed and stepped inside, walking over to the bed. He eyed you deviously, grabbing your wrists, “I’m gonna eat you up now~.” 

You gulped as he puled you on to the bed, holding your torso down. He lifted your shirt just high enough for your stomach to show and you already had your eyes closed, not wanting to see what happened next. 

He leaned down and pressed his lips to your stomach, suddenly giving you a raspberry. You screeched, laughing and trying to push the giant off of you as he blew more air on to your stomach. You finally wriggled out of his hold, laughing. 

You suddenly stopped laughing and turned to the smiling giant with your hands on your hips, “Is that what you meant by eating me up?” 

He nodded, “You’re so cute when you laugh.” 

You threw a pillow at him, “Mura, you scared the hell out of me!” 

Akashi: You were fiddling all day, tugging at your hair and pulling at your clothes nervously. Akashi had invited you over to his home for the night and he told you that he thought it would help push your relationship forward. 

Your hands shook whenever you went to hold his as he led you to the front door of his home. He noticed immediately and questioned you. His eyes showed nothing but concern but you felt like you were being interrogated. 

“Are you alright, love?” he asked, rubbing your shoulder. 

You nodded abruptly, picking at your nails and trying to avert your attention away from your boyfriend. You couldn’t bear the thought of sharing a bed with him, afraid that he wanted to push your relationship forward in the literal sense. You couldn’t help the anxiety you were feeling. 

He opened the door and led you in, showing you around. However throughout his tour you looked like you were taking a death march. He knew for sure that this next room would put you at ease, fully aware of why you were acting so jittery. 

He opened the door and smiled, forcing you to look at him, “This is your room.” 

Your eyes widened and you looked directly into his eyes, “My room?” 

He stepped inside and nodded, taking your hand gently. You let him this time, suddenly at ease, “This is where you will be sleeping. My room is just across the hall.” 

You turned to him, stuttering over your words, “But I thought-”

He grinned, “You thought what?” 

You looked down at your feet like a child that had just been scolded, “I thought you were going to…. you know…” 

He smiled at you, giving you a chaste kiss, “A woman and a man sharing a bed before marriage would be most improper, don’t you think love?” 

//i am so sorry this turned to shit by the end i am just so tired but my brain wouldn’t let me sleep until i got this posted. i may end up re writing it in the future. gomenasai ono

Not Today StevexReader

Originally posted by bestnatesmithever

Originally posted by skimmonsph

GIFs aren’t mine lol I wish tho 



Request (perf3ctporc3lin​): I just found your blog and your stories and omg your blogs perfect and you’re perfect! I was wondering if you could write a Stevexreader where the reader and Steve go on a mission and they both go different ways and they keep the reader hostage but as Steve goes the save her they shoot her but she lives in the end?

Words: 2387

Warnings: Lots of language and violence (like a looooot)

A/N: THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST! I hope you enjoy it, it was super fun to write! Reader’s power is that she can manipulate the time density of people around her to make their time move slower or faster while she remains at her own time in a protective bubble - i thought it was kinda cool!

“Are you nervous?” Steve asked you, concern etched in his face as he flew the Quinjet.

You tried to play it cool, your fingers tapping against your thigh. “No way, I’m totally excited…”

You knew that Steve was looking at you worriedly and you let your eyes travel along the skyline, admiring the way the clouds mixed together with golden sunlight. When it came to the physical battle you’d be fine, it was just the thought of killing people that made you nauseous.

He raised an eyebrow curiously, “Seriously Y/N, are you ok? You look really pale…”

“My powers are just acting up a little today. I tried to shower this morning and the water kept slowing down and it was really frustrating.” You babbled, biting your lip. “I’m normally fine with missions, I honestly don’t know what’s going on with me…”

Steve grabbed your hand, rubbing soothing circles against your skin. The two of you were close and he always knew just what to do to make you feel better - but today something felt off. Regardless of his supportive gesture, you still felt like something was wrong.

“Everything’s going to be fine.” He told you firmly, “We’re going to go in, do the job and get out. You just need to focus on staying at my side while doing your thing and then we get home in time for dinner.”

“You know what?” You grinned suggestively, “It’s taco Tuesday.”

“Exactly, no one wants to miss taco Tuesday. So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“Deal.” You laughed.

Though you were nervous, you pushed the feelings away as far as possible. If you and Steve were together then everything would turn out just fine. Hopefully.

You sat together, Steve piloting and his spare hand tightly gripping yours. Steve, being the adorable boy he is, tried to distract you by pointing out figures in the clouds that he thought were funny. But even Steve grew silent as you guys got closer and closer to the enemy building.

“We can go back.” He told you, turning to glance at you quickly.

“No.” You replied firmly, “No that’d be a waste. Everything’s going to be fine, just like you said - get in, kick ass and get home in time for tacos.”

He smiled, flipping controls and preparing to land the jet. The two of you geared up in silence; Steve doing his weird pre-battle prayer thing, while you were trying to bring your powers back into full focus. 

It would be awkward if you couldn’t include Steve in your time bubble - mostly because that would ruin the entire plan and get the both of you killed. Gripping your gun tightly, you focused on your little bubble and walked out of the jet, Steve following closely behind you. 

So far it was working.

You and Steve walked normally through the compound, the enemy guards moving so slowly it was like they were moving through honey. No one took any notice to the Avengers walking through their compound because in their eyes you were simply moving too fast.

“This never ceases to freak me out.” Steve mumbled from behind you, looking around at the people your spell effected. “I don’t understand how you do it.”

You shot him a look over your shoulder, then turned back around, dodging someone with a gun. “This freaks you out, but Pietro doesn’t?”

“His is a personal thing, it only effects him! How you can do this to other people is weird…” He chuckled, looking around as we walked directly inside without anyone asking questions. “Wanda can get a little weird, sometimes I can actually feel her sifting through my brain and it feels uncomfortable.”

“You have to shield it,” You replied understandingly, “She can’t get into your mind if you don’t - “

You stopped both talking and walking abruptly. The people near you were picking up speed, and your eyes widened. “Fuck! They must have a magnetic field, it’s throwing me off! I won’t be able to hold it…”

You turned to Steve, not knowing what to do. 

His eyes hardened, “Head back to the jet! I’ll split off, find Dr. Wu and get the file.”

You narrowed your eyes and huffed indignantly. “That’s even assuming that the hostage and the file are in the same place! No! I know how to fight Rogers…”

He hesitated, eyeing a woman with a clipboard who was actually starting to move significantly. “Son of a bitch…I don’t like this…Ok, we have to split up then. Find whatever you can and meet back at the quinjet in 20 minutes.”

You nodded and as you turned to walk away Steve’s hand around your wrist pulled you back. With one arm around your waist and the other against your cheek, he pressed his lips against yours. You kissed him back just as lustfully, kneading your fingers through his hair and praying to every God out there that you would get the chance to kiss him again.

As he pulled away he placed his forehead against yours, “Please be careful.”

“I promise. Now go, before they speed up!” You urged, turning around and running in the opposite direction that you’d come in.

Your gun was still grasped tightly in your hand, finger on the trigger. You really didn’t want to kill anyone - not on taco Tuesday. 

You carefully broke into any door along the hallway that looked significant, checking everywhere for HYRDA symbols or Dr. Henry himself - the Korean bio-chemist who’d been kidnapped while he was at a convention in Paris.

“Dr. Wu?” You whispered inside a room that looked a lot like a library, feeling slightly stupid that you were talking to no one. When it was apparent that there was no one there you pressed forward.

“Hello Barbie.” A scratchy voice replied, a tall man with a gun stepping out of the shadows. 

You didn’t hesitate, your gun raised and you shot him in the head. Without a moment to even compose yourself, you keep going.

You found a small staircase towards the end of the hall and hesitated before making your way down the crumbling stone steps. The bottom was another poorly lit hallway, a couple large metal doors scattered down the way. After pushing through the first few it felt like it was time to give up.

You’d promised Steve that you wouldn’t take any longer than 20 minutes, and that time was about to run out. You decided to turn around and head back up the stairs when someone appeared at the top of the steps, kicking you backwards. As you flew down the steps your head smashed against the ground and the pain was so intense you were seeing stars.

You noted that the person was dressed in all black as they marched down the steps towards you. It was a man; a sick, deranged, smiling man who leaned down and wrapped his fingers around your neck. You clawed at his hand until it felt like your nails were being ripped off, trying to make him let go.

Steve was the last thing that flashed through your mind as your oxygen deprived brain lost consciousness.


Your skull felt like it was splitting in two and your wrist was throbbing, probably broken. A small whine escaped your lips as you opened your eyes, the dim light not hurting your head too much. “Ow.”

“You’re awake!” A man boomed, making you look up. It was the man in black, the one who took the time to push you down the stairs and then suffocate you. It was clear to you as you looked down, that you were sitting up on a chair, your hands and feet bound together.

It seemed like you were in a security room, footage of hallways and offices appearing on screens all around you. You watched Steve take on several people at once in one screen, kicking the soldier’s asses before moving on.

The man walked over and stood in front of you.

“Urgh,” You groaned spitting out the blood in your mouth in the direction of the man’s feet. “Listen pal, I don’t know if anyone ever told you how to treat a woman, but that is not how you sweep her off her feet…”

“So snappy for the one who’s all tied up.” He smirked, circling your chair. When you scoffed, he walked forward and grabbed your wrist. The scream that escaped your mouth sounded almost inhuman - yeah your wrist was definitely broken.

“Fuck!” You gasped, giving the man your worst possible glare. “That really hurt you asshat! Fuck you.”

He seemed happy with your reaction, “Sweetheart this is just the beginning. I’m going to make you beg for mercy until you’re pleading for death. And then I’ll keep you alive just long enough for the Star Spangled Man to witness your downfall. I imagine it’ll be hard to watch his girlfriend die right before his eyes.”

“We’re just friends.” You deadpanned, locking eyes with the man. 

He laughed and produced a remote control, pressing a button and turning his attention to one of the screens. On loop was the footage of you kissing Steve over and over again.

You refused to go down without a fight. “Are you only keeping me here because you have a weird fetish for watching other couples? Because you might want to reconsider - “

A shot rang through the room and a bullet ripped through the skin of your bicep. You screamed again, biting down on your lip as hard as you possibly could, more blood pouring into your mouth.

“Literally fuck you.” You gasped.

He laughed, stepping forward to caress your face in his hands. “You have no idea how much I want to kill you right now, you stupid little bitch. But I know the look on his face will be priceless; knowing that you were suffering right under the ground he was standing on, watching you die the second he walks through the door - I’m genuinely excited.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, your head injury and the loss of blood starting to effect you. The man wasn’t paying any attention to the monitors anymore since he was leaned over to talk to you. You spotted Steve getting closer and closer to the stairwell and you knew you only needed to stall for a little while longer.

“You’re one sick fuck, I’ll give you that.”

“Thank you, princess.”

“Ew.” You mumbled, trying to pull your face away him his grimy hands. “That’s perverted. Do you often call 20 year old women disgusting pet names?”

That one made him angry.

He pulled a small knife out of a sheath on his belt and stabbed it into your abdomen, making you scream out louder than before. He just left the rusty knife in the wound, not bothering to take it back. Even though the plan was to lead Steve towards you as quickly as possible - you had been hoping it would’ve been less painful than that.

You were gasping through the pain now, trying to focus on the one man in front of you, instead of the several outlines of him that your mind was trying to convince you were there too. 

“Go to hell.” You spat, “Fucking creep.”

He pulled back, smirking. “ We’ll see - ”

The sound of the door being kicked off it’s hinges cut him off. Steve and his shield beelined for your captor, a look of indescribable anger on his face.

Before he could reach the man in black, a shot rang out in the room.

Steve stumbled and you both looked down at your chest to see blood gushing down your ribcage and pooling in your lap. You looked up and met Steve’s eyes, watching the man you’d come to love completely lose his mind. Your consciousness was fleeting but you had to fight to stay awake.

Steve grabbed the man in black by the face, twisting his neck until he heard the satisfying crack under his fingers. The last thing you remember was Steve throwing the man’s dead body across the room before you lost consciousness completely for the second time in one day.


Beep. Beep. Beep.

“That’s really fucking annoying.” You whispered, wishing more than anything that the beeping would shut the fuck up. “Turn it off…”

There was laughter and - you were pretty sure - the sound of crying around you. You peaked open your eyes slowly, blinking rapidly past the white lights. 


You turned your head, a dull throbbing spreading through your skull. A blond with beautiful cheekbones was staring down at you with a hopeful smile and teary eyes. 

“Steve?” You grinned lopsidedly, the drugs making your brain fuzzy. “Steve look at you, you’re still gorgeous!”

The room erupted in a chorus of laughter and you giggled too, not really knowing why. You recognized the people around you - your team.

Wanda stepped forwards, her eyes brimmed red. “Y/N…I thought… Your mind - You stopped…” She sniffed and Vision stepped forwards to grab her hand supportively. “I couldn’t read your mind and then you died and I didn’t know…”

You sloppily rolled your eyes, letting out a very over exaggerated sigh. “You should stop looking in peoples brain-minds Sokovia. It makes Steve feel all icky and - “ You sat up abruptly, looking around the room in awe as Steve tried to gently push you back down on the bed.“ - You know what is so cool?” You answered yourself quickly before anyone else could, “Ducks!” You looked up at Steve, “Can we get a pet duck?”

“Uh…” His face was a mix of concerned and confused, “Why are you asking me?”

You sighed, laying back in bed and crossing your arms against your chest. “Fine, I see how it is Star Spangled jerk! First you kiss me and then I get tortured for you and now you won’t let me get a duck? You really know how to woo - “

He silenced you with a kiss, the room watching in surprise. He pulled away and smiled, pecking your cheek.

“That was a really nice way of telling me we can’t get a duck.” You giggled, laying back down, letting Steve intertwine your fingers as he sat beside you. 

“How about you get better,” Steve proposed sweetly, his eyes gazing into  yours. “Then we can talk about getting you a duck.”

Let’s play, “how many times did Jaiden use the word fuck”!

I probably haven’t loved something I’ve written from a literary perspective this much in a very, very long time. It feels nice to really like something I’ve written, wow!!

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CLF: Pas du Tout N

A/N: THE PENULTIMATE PART. HOLY CRAP. I will put up a song list with links to Youtube (I’m still working on getting a Spotify–with shitty WIFI, everything sucks) after the final part comes up. Thank yous will be listed on the final part as well. 

WARNINGS: A bombing, swearing, a sad, beat-up Tony who finally gets the forgiveness and the help he deserves, reunions



SONG: Make You Feel My Love by Adele

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#197: kisses

Mark: His arm slung was around you sloppily yet securely and you wished you could stay in them forever, but you knew that he had to go. You feel him tugging you closer to him, just enough so his mouth was next to your ear. “See you later,” he says, hearing a bit of his smile. Familiar, soft lips meet your cheek, and then him and his voice and his warm arm are gone, and he’s already halfway across the street, waving back at you.

Junior: There’s a bit of light from the bright moon outside peering through the sheer curtains on the windows — it’s just enough light to see him. His hair was a mess and his glasses were on the night stand on top of a book and his shirt was at the bottom of the bed and his eyes were looking into yours. “Go to sleep,” you whisper, even though it was just you two. He smiles, glancing down at your lips then back to your eyes. “Okay,” he says back quietly. “One more thing, though,” he says. And even with just a bit of light you can see his eyes glazing over, then closing slowly as his lips met yours.

JB: He knew it was you, even a crowd of people. You were coming closer, and closer, and with every step he could see the smile on your face growing. He cleared his throat. Had it only been a month? Somehow you looked even better than he remembered… And now he’s running because he couldn’t wait any more to be with you, and you’re running because you felt the same, and now you feel hands on your waist, and now there’s lips on yours and your hands are around his neck. And now he’s letting go, because he needs to see you. “God, I love you,” he breathes.

Jackson: The air is cold but he’s warm, and he’s hugging you so tight right now that you don’t think it’s possible to ever feel cold ever again… so that’s a bit better. Okay, a lot better. The tip of his nose is a little red and his cheeks and flushing pink, but he still holds you as you burry your face into his chest. “Why is the bus so late,” you mumble. You can feel him laughing, so you look up, scrunching up your face as he looks down at you. “It’s not even late,” he says, “You’re just impatient.” You raise your eyebrow, but he kisses them. His lips are still warm.

BamBam: Laughter fills the room as pictures spread across the bed. “You were a just okay baby,” you joke, and he nearly pushes you off the bed. “I was cute,” he protests, “You were just okay, too..” And now it’s your turn to push him off the bed (except this time he actually falls). Pouncing back onto the bed, he scowls at you jokingly as you raise your hands in defense. “This is why you have to be nice,” you say. “Whatever,” he says, laughing. You think he’s going to try and push you off again, but he doesn’t. Instead he grabs your head as you resist, laughing, and he kisses you over and over. “You were the cutest baby,” he says.

Youngjae: You weren’t supposed to be out, but you wanted to see him. The night was a little chilly, but you were warm because your heart was racing. His backpack slung over one shoulder as he leaned against the side of the wall of the convenience store he worked at and just got off of. “Hey,” you say, approaching him. His face lights up. “Hey,” he says. “Did you wait long?” you ask. “Not too long,” he says, but then he laughs, “Maybe a little.” He drop his backpack as he leans his in closer and closer toward yours, and now the wait was suddenly worth it.

Yugyeom: You could see him at the end of the hallway before you even got there. Hands were shoved into his pockets as he leaned against your locker, until he finally saw you coming. The tie was loose on his uniform, like it always was, and you couldn’t help yourself from straightening it for him as you got there. “There’s videos online to show you how to tie a tie properly, you know,” you joke. He scoffs, turning away from you but he can’t for long. “Maybe I just like it better when you fix it,” he says. “Whatever,” you say in a sing-song voice — “There.” He kisses your forehead, and you think that’s all, but now his hands are on your face and he kisses the lips he had been thinking about.

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SNOWED IN AU because let's be honest, there isn't nearly enough cold-weather fanfiction. Just imagine, kagehina cuddling to keep warm, and then kags is all "but none of that mattered, because he held the sun in his arms, and that's all the warmth he needed" omg <3

“I’m not going out there again.” Kageyama snapped as he walked inside, shaking off the snow and the slush that had gathered on his shoulders and at the front of his coat. It was snowing outside, snowing so much that Kageyama was sure they couldn’t go to the store for food that afternoon, so he got some now while Hinata was still in class.

He had thanked the heavens when walking to his shared dorm room from the nearby store, for placing his building so close to the shopping district. Hinata still had class until 2pm, but Kageyama had a day off. 

“Honey I’m hooome!” Hinata singsonged sarcastically from the door about an hour later. 

"It looks like hell out there.” The orange haired boy remarked, shedding his outdoor clothing as fast as he could so he could get warm again.

“What are we eating? I should go to the store before we get snowed in or something.” Hinata continued, padding down the small hall into the kitchen/living room area, looking around to see where Kageyama was. 

Much to Hinata’s surprise, Kageyama was at the stove, doing something

Hinata snuck up to him and right as he was about to scare Kageyama the taller boy turned around with a steely look. 

“I heard you come in, dumbass. Do you like alphabet soup?”

Hinata’s face fell for a moment as the surprise was ruined but perked up, looking into the pot Kageyama was stirring.

“Sounds good Kags!” Hinata beamed, nuzzling his face against the middle of Kageyama’s back, right between his shoulder blades. Kageyama tried to keep a straight face finishing the meal he was cooking, but as Hinata let go and went to set the table he could see from the hallway mirror he was blushing. He couldn’t help it, he loved it when Hinata initiated physical contact with him, and though the smaller boy was often too busy to notice Kageyama’s need for closeness sometimes, when he did notice it always seemed worth the wait.

The boys slurped down their soup quickly, Kageyama asking Hinata questions about his day as Hinata babbled while eating. They were done now and Hinata was looking out of the window.

“I don’t think we’re gonna get out of this house tonight.” The orange haired boy mused, turning his head and smirking at Kageyama.

Kageyama felt his face heat up and nodded. He wondered what Hinata had planned.

Much to Kageyama’s disappointment, Hinata’s plan was playing video games until the other got so mad they’d throw the controller at the wall. That took approximately half an hour. With nothing left to do Kageyama suggested a movie.

“I know you’ll end up sleeping through the ending and then in the morning we can go get pancakes at the pancake house.” Kageyama reasoned, Hinata agreeing as soon as he heard the words “pancake house”. It wasn’t long before they were on the couch, Hinata hugging a pillow as his eyes intently followed what was happening on-screen. 

Kageyama didn’t really concentrate on the movie, more expectant of when Hinata would fall asleep. He liked it when Hinata leaned on him, even slept with his head in Kageyama’s lap. Neither of them knew how to do this relationship thing, and often Hinata was too nervous to do something like that without it being an accident. They had kissed twice since they’d started dating, and though Kageyama felt no need to worry, anticipation always twisted in his gut when he saw Hinata.

Half an hour had passed and Kageyama had relaxed a bit, and Hinata’s eyes were already droopy. Kageyama felt like laughing really, how could the shorter boy fall asleep already?

Ten minutes later Hinata was leaning over to Kageyama already, sleepily mumbling something about setting his head in Kageyama’s lap. Kageyama agreed, putting his hand in Hinata’s hair once the smaller boy settled down.

“I like you a lot Hinata.” Kageyama said into the quiet, the movie playing at the smallest volume setting on the TV.

“Mmhm I like you too. Even though you’re grumpy in the mornings.” Hinata mumbled into Kageyama’s lap. Kageyama laughed a bit, trying to shake as little as possible so Hinata wouldn’t leave his current position.

Kageyama sat there for half an hour, softly running his hands through Hinata’s hair. The movie came to an end and Kageyama decided to carry Hinata to his bed, and go to sleep.

Carefully he lifted the smaller boy, still surprised at how much he weighed despite his seemingly small size. Mostly muscle, Kageyama figured. They had played volleyball together in high school so he knew Hinata’s athletic abilities. 

He set Hinata down on his bed and went to brush his teeth and change into his pyjamas. He came back to find Hinata, not on his own bed, but on Kageyama’s. Seemingly back asleep Kageyama didn’t want to disturb Hinata any longer so he just decided to go sleep in Hinata’s bed.

“You’re supposed to sleep here too, dummy.” Hinata whispered sleepily as Kageyama was tucking himself in Hinata’s bed. Kageyama stopped in his tracks. Had he heard right?

“Here, now.” Hinata whispered commandingly, flopping back down on Kageyama’s bed. 

Kageyama shifted, got up, and walked over to his bed. He wasn’t sure how this was going to work. Comparing their size, he really should be the one to be the big spoon, he thought. It was nearly impossible to climb on the other side of Hinata without falling down. He decided to settled down and then ask Hinata to roll over top of him to switch places.

“Can you roll over?” Kageyama asked now, settled next to Hinata, their thighs almost touching. 

“Nuh-uh. I’m the big spoon Kags.” Hinata said defiantly. Kageyama muttered something about stubbornness under his breath but settled onto his side anyway. Fine, if this was how Hinata wanted it he could get it like this.

Kageyama wasn’t expecting Hinata to come any closer, so he jolted when he felt the smaller boy close the distance between them, his chest hitting Kageyama’s back, one arm coming over to rest on Kageyama’s waist, in the hollow right under his ribs. He was about to say something but was interrupted when Hinata pressed a kiss against his neck. He shivered involuntarily, a warm heat settling at the bottom of his stomach. This wasn’t so bad. He knew he’d laugh at being the smaller spoon in the morning, but right now it felt kinda nice to be in Hinata’s arms.

Really any closeness with Hinata was amazing. The small boy was like a sun, radiating happiness all around him and Kageyama didn’t really know what he would do without Hinata. 

Soon he heard Hinata snoring and decided to fall asleep as well. The tension seeped out of his body as Hinata’s breath came in small puffs against the back of his neck. Their feet were tangled, Kageyama realized. He hoped they could do this every night from now on. 

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I am a proud Ateneo fan.


It was like standing in the middle of the loud, crazy crowd, not knowing what to do first: jump for joy, scream, or cry.

I couldn’t even remember what I did first. Or if I did it altogether. All I remember was that all the time, right at the first throw of the ball on the first set until its last hit on the floor at that 25th mark on the fourth set, I was praying.

I wasn’t actually praying for the Lady Eagles to win. All I ever prayed for was for them to give a good fight. That may there be no injuries on both camps, and that may He bless the players with their A-games on that do-or-die match. 

I just trusted His will, for I know that He would only give the win to the team that has the biggest and the most deserving hearts. 

I came to the Big Dome, setting the expectations of my family. They are Ateneo fans too, but not as ‘fangirl’ as me. They watch the games on TV but rarely watch live. They know the players but not as well as I do. They know the Ateneo Lady Eagles as a team but they don’t know their story.

How they’re too young and less experienced as a team, and how they have been struggling, losing some of the keep players last season.

So I thought they might get disappointed if ever the Lady Eagles lose.

I kept setting their minds, telling them it would really be okay for me if the girls lose. They got Game 1, what more could I ask for? But my tita, from time to time, told me, “Nakaya nga nila ‘yong una eh. Kaya nila ‘yan.”

I just smiled whenever she said that, and I was like, “Parang mas mababaliw ako kapag pumasok ang Ateneo sa finals!”

Well, not that I really didn’t believe they’d win, but it was easier to think that they would lose against NU because it was what everybody believed. It’s going to be NU and DLSU in the finals, plus the fact that they were twice beaten by NU in the eliminations. I knew they’ve got the skills, the talent, the unity and the hardwork. I knew they can make it but I recognized, too, that it’s not going to be easy. 

I wasn’t ‘not believing’ but I was just trying not to expect. 

I tried to be a matured fan so I set modest expectations in mind.

So, imagine my delight when they got the first set. I was literally jumping, screaming while praying and taking pictures and whatever. I didn’t even mind the cameras rolling (although I saw myself in one of the replays, looking crazy, jumping for joy).

Who even cared about being seen on TV? The #BigBlueCrowd was too happy, excited and overwhelmed. What with the eleven-drum set by the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion (kudos to them, by the way), the #BigBlueCrowd literally dominated the Big Dome and made a thundering noise whenever the Lady Eagles get a point. 

There was a debate going on in my mind. It was like being torn between “OMG kaya nga nila! Shocks, grabe, nakuha nila first set! Woohoo!“ and that "Noooo, huwag ka munang umasa. Isang set pa lang ‘yan, kumalma ka, utang na loob.’ thoughts. 

And then my tita said, “Sabi ko sa’yo kaya nila eh.”

But apparently, the second set was a total meltdown, and while the crowd tried to be as noisy and as lively as it was during the first set, it really hurt to see the score. 

And there was fear, too, because that time, NU was already getting their game. There was this, "Shet. Ito na ang NU. Gising na.

The next two sets didn’t really give all of us the chance to sit back and relax. It’s a tight ball game, without any team leading big enough to be complacent. 

But seriously, the next two sets were the loudest. 

The screams, the chants, the drums. The boos. The cheers and the jeers. Everything was there. At one point I thought the floor was literally shaking. I didn’t mind, though. It was a tough match and the Lady Eagles were fighting. Fighting real hard. 

You can just imagine how the Big Dome erupted when they snatched the third set. 

That time, I was screaming "Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Mamy Mary,” hoping they would hear me from heaven. 

Tita, kakalma ako. Kakalma talaga ako. Naka-dalawang sets na sila, OMG! Kakalma talaga ako!” 

But I didn’t. I was too happy and the crowd was too noisy to even calm. The sea of blue was celebrating. I even saw some, exchanging high fives, hugging each other. 

The #BigBlueCrowd felt they were already winners. Why not? Their favorite team - young, struggling, doubted and counted out - had just won two sets in its second attempt to snatch the finals ticket from the Number 2 team. 

The fourth set was a more relaxed one. At the back of my mind, I really wanted to believe we’d be getting this last set but the thought of the Lady Eagles going to the finals really gave me goosebumps, so I chose to set it aside and enjoy the game, one point at a time. I was really praying they’d finish it, though I knew that Lady Bulldogs wouldn’t give it up that easy. I knew, as competitive as they are, they would want to take revenge. 

They were as hungry as any Top 2 team in any league would be to get to the finals. But I guess their hunger wasn’t that bad enough.

The Araneta Coliseum just erupted with that Valdez hit that ended the match.

I cried. And I knew thousands of those in the Big Dome and those that were in front of their television sets and cellphones were crying too. 

Crying out of happiness.

Crying out of pride.

As Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower puts it, “In that moment, I swear, we were infinite.”

True enough, victory is sweeter when you least expect it.

And then I saw big smiles and heard hearty laughs as we went out of the court. Those in blue, men and women, young and old, hugging each other, as they celebrated like they were the players that won the game, exchanged stories at how they were nervous and excited and how they screamed their hearts out. And how they were still feeling surreal right at that moment. 

That scenario was a delight to the eyes and music to the ears. 


I am a proud fan, just like thousands of those rooting for the blue and white, who were once again convinced that we were never wrong in choosing who to support.

The Lady Eagles are brave fighters who never give up. 

They are the warriors that struggled, worked hard, and succeeded.

It is the team that most people doubted, hated, mocked, and was counted out.

And yes, it is the team that remains unassuming, focused, and hardworking:

It is the young Ateneo Women’s Volleyball Team, right there at the Finals.

Finals, baby. Finals.

I remembered I kept praying to God that He may let the team with the biggest and most deserving hearts win the bid to the finals.

Thank You, Lord.

You never fail.

The Lady Eagles, indeed, have the biggest and strongest of hearts.

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My experience meeting Jared Padalecki - Asylum 14

So as y’all should know I mwent to Asylum 14 this weekend just gone. You might also know that Jared means a hell of a lot to me. Last May I met him at Asylum 12, but I completely let myself down and barely spoke to him - I didn’t even say hello when I came into the photo op!

Anyway. Asylum 14.

My first photo op of the con was with Jared and I was crazy nervous. I’d just joined the queue for Misha’s autograph but checked my phone and found that my group had been called for Jared’s photo. Hence I ran to join that queue instead. 

The queue was long and so there was a long time spent watching photos being taken which was really nice. There were funny poses, Jared goofing around and a few children got photos, all of which Jared was great with. His interaction with the kids made me melt he was so lovely.

Eventually I was near the front of the queue. Nerves were getting the beter of me but I was like, its okay, there are two more people ahead of me, I have time. Until those two people went into together. So I was next. Cue panicking.

My turn came and I forced myself to say something, I wasn’t having a repeat of last year. So I walked up to Jared and told him “I’ve kept on fighting for this hug.” Sounds dramatic, but since finding out Jared was coming back to Asylum, the thought of getting a hug from him was one of the only things keeping me going. Instantly Jared pulls me into the closest, tightest hug and says “thank god.” It meant so much to me because it was so genuine, so honest and I truly believed that he was relieved and proud of me for keeping on fighting. I’d heard so many stories about how Jared makes you feel important and valued, how amazing Jared is with everyone but my low-self-esteemed self never believed that would happen to me, whether because I was too shy to say anything, whether the queue was being so rushed that Jared wouldn’t have the chance or whether I just didn’t come across as that special, I don’t know. But I did feel important to Jared and it meant everything. I was scared I was going to lose it right there and then.

I could barely breathe he was hugging me so tight. After the photo was taken he looked me in the eye and said “you keep fighting”. I can’t remember if I answered or not, but I remember exactly how he said “keep fighting” and I keep replaying it in my head over and over. I was so close to crying by that point but I kept it together and thanked him. As I walked to get my bags Jared then said he loved my cosplay (I was dressed as LARP Charlie), but I’m pretty sure I didn’t even look back to thank him, which I feel rude for. I just needed to escape and cry. I ended up hiding in the toilets and crying my eyes out for about five or ten minutes.

[for those wondering no I’m not a giant, Mr Padalecki knelt down a bit for the photo]

Then I had my autograph with him later on and got my photo op with him from A12 signed. I was so nervous as I was giving him my #AlwaysKeepFighting book, and I was going to thank him for everything. 

The moment that Jared said hey I started to thank him and oh my god I babbled. I talked so fast and did miss things I wanted to say out because I was panicking so much about having enough time. I was like “I just want to thank you so much for evrything (Jared did thank me back but for the life of me I can’t remember what for) you’ve helped me through so much and I started university last year and Ive been freaking out about that so bad and you’ve helped me so much.” or something like that. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d been like babes..stop talking. But he didn’t, he just listened, I’m sure he’s used to people being nervous and babbling. I’m slightly disappointed in myself but my pride that I actually spoke to him and thanked him does overshadow that. Then I got the book out. The shock on his face is something I remember well. A few friends were halfway down the queue and saw his reaction too. He looked properly taken aback. I explained the book, that it was people from all over the world telling him their stories and thanking him for the #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign. He flicked through it and kept saying wow, and told me it was really awesome and cool. Then he raised his hand as if to high five me but the moment my hand touched his he held onto my hand for a few seconds, I can’t remember how I reacted but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d just grinned like an idiot. He was so touched and flattered and I don’t remember what happened in the next like ten seconds but I remember thanking him several times before leaving and he thanked me back. (Then I realised I’d forgotten to get Jensen’s autograph and had to go back inside, congrats, me.)

The next day I got my J2 op which I was so nervous about. Anything involving Jared made me nervous anyway but then add Jensen to the mix and I was even more terrified. Jensen AND Jared, Sam AND Dean both looking at me at the same time?! WHAT?! This was originally meant to be done on Saturday but as Jeffrey sadly had to leave it was moved to Sunday so they could get the J3 ops done. This relieved me as if I’d had the J2 that day, I’d have had nothing involving meeting Jared on Sunday and that’d make me sad. So anyhoo. 

I was freaking out the whole time in the queue and was going between “awww”ing at cute photo ops/photo ops involving kids (they’re seriously cute with kids), saying “Omg they’re so beautiful” for like the 500th time, giggling at Jared’s perfect timing at smiling in photo ops (he wouldn’t smile until like the second the photo took) and thinking oh shit that’s going to be me soon. About halfway down the queue I thought of a funny pose to do: Me and Jared be like YAY WE’RE TWINSIES (I was dressed as Sam) while Jensen looks 500% done like “there are two of them nooooo”. I was all for doing that. Until I got close to the front of the queue. Then the nerves REALLY kicked in. I was shaking and so nervous, despite having already met both of them the day before. It got to my turn and I was saying “i’m scared, I’m scared” over and over which they probably heard me. Instantly I just went straight to Jared and hugged him. Jared is my safe place when I’m scared or feel down. I can watch Sam or gag reels or panel videos that feature Jared and feel safe and calm. Not often I can literally go to my “safe place” and hug him when I’m scared. So I definitely felt a lot calmer and safer though I felt a bit bad as I pretty much blanked Jensen (its okay he got a hug in his single photo later), but Jensen hugged us both. As I went to leave Jared said “I love your shirt!”, as I was wearing his Always Keep Fighting one (he was wearing the Squirrel&Moose one!). I got courage out of nowhere and suddenly said “thanks, I wonder where I got it from?” to which Jared laughed and was like “I know, right?!” So I left the room shaking, close to fainting (lack of food all weekend&omg I just hugged J2), and strangely proud that I had just sassed Jared Padalecki himself.

[yup, I look like a hobbit]

Later I had the Coffee Lounge with Jared that I did a post about. I didn’t say anything so we didn’t really interact, except he laughed at me one time :P 

So yeah, amazing amazing experience meeting Jared this time around. He is a total sweetheart and I’m so grateful to look up to someone who is having such a positive impact on not only my life, but many many others. He truly made me feel special and important and I’ve made a huge list in my scrapbook to help me when I feel unimportant, anxious or generally low, most of which is reminding me of things that happened when meeting Jared. 

Thanks for reading, and #AlwaysKeepFighting <3


ok so I decided to make a post about my day at avcon and meeting jennifer today because I’m still just so dazzled (yes dazzled) about the whole thing. literal star eyes. DAZZLED.

anyway, my boyfriend and I tried to get there for the first signing, but the line to even get into the convention centre was out of the door and around the building. literally like 300 people long I’m not even joking… and that was for tickets that were pre-purchased (which we had)!!! so we had to stick around until 12 for photos, which is when I got the first photo! I was so nervous standing in line and when it was my turn she gave me a giant smile and said “hii how are doing?” and I said “hellohow’sitgoingit’ssonicetomeetyou” (yes it ended up as one word because she was so beautiful and nice and TANNED OMG SO TANNED and then I walked up to her and kind of stood next to her to get the photo because they were moving us along really quickly and I didn’t want anyone else to miss out on their photo so I went to put my arm around her because I was nervous and have no idea what I’m doing and she laughed and asked what my name was and I told her (it’s ellen) and then she laughed and we went to have the photo and we took a couple (they take 2 so they can get the best one) and then I said thank you and it was so nice to meet you and then I blurted out YOUR GORGEOUS because honestly my brain has no chill and she laughed and was like “aw so are you!!” and then I said thank you like another five times and walked out to meet up with my boyfriend and grinned like an absolute idiot but it was GREAT.

then her panel was at 3, and it went for about 40mins; people asked questions and she answered them and there were a few things that she said that made me laugh/think/smile which were: 

1. someone asked her if there were any voice actors that she wished she could work with or if there were any that she was jealous of, and she said that firstly, she doesn’t allow jealousy of other people’s success into her life because she believes that people should be celebrated and their successes should be honoured because there’s enough praise and good things to go around for everyone. I was like WOAH that was DEEP and I totally felt it on a spiritual level.

2. someone asked what her favourite romance was for the mass effect series. she said garrus. we all cheered. she said that when she was recording the goodbye scene, she got really choked up and so did the voice actor director. she also said that mordin is one of her favourite characters in the me series!

3. someone asked what strange things she does to be able to get in the zone for voice acting, and she said one of the weird things that she does is make notes of the sounds that she makes when she injures herself; eg she went rock-climbing and fell and all she could think about was the noise she made when she hit the ground, and she said that she likes to file those noises away for later voice acting references!

after the panel, it was autograph time! I speedwalked back downstairs to try and get at the front of the line (no dice because there were already about 40 people there… seriously how did you guys get there so fast I was on FIRE). still, the line moved pretty quickly and I got to meet her again! the person in front of me (who was totally adorable and I regret not chatting to them in the line but I was too shy) - gave her a picture of krem to sign and I didn’t mean to listen to their personal conversation (but I had been called up to stand at the table right next to them so I couldn’t avoid it - I’m so sorry if that person was any of you and you felt awkward!) but from what I gathered they were talking to jennifer about their personal experiences being a trans person and jennifer looked so moved and I was moved and then it was my turn and I gave her my action figure to sign (second pic). she greeted me by NAME. by NAME. I almost fainted… I don’t think my own mother remembers my name sometimes… anyway I babbled again and she was so sweet and she signed it and I said thank you so much for femshep and she grinned and said you’re so welcome and then I left feeling like I was walking on a giant, fluffy cloud of amazingness. 

THEN I get home and see that she faved a tweet I made with the first picture of us (third picture). I yelled so loud in excitement that I scared my brother who was sitting at the dinner table eating his dinner and he almost choked. which was unintended, honestly. 

so now I’m home and relaxing and I am SO happy. despite the lines and heinous amount of time spent waiting in packed spaces, I had a really great day. I wish that there was more time to speak with her, but I’m SO grateful for the time that I got to spend with her and honestly, she was so much more than I expected (and I was expecting A LOT because I’ve heard from many of you that she’s amazing and I had no doubt at all that she would be but woooow she was just SO NICE).

tl;dr jennifer hale is a beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure.

Block B Showcase in NY – Fanaccount

You should read this fanaccount if you want to know why I screamed at my bias (Zico), how I confused Jaehyo and what P.O thinks of my fashion sense XD


Taeil and I are awkward

Seriously I have nothing to say except his voice is really impressive and I was genuinely happy to see him and screamed like a madman whenever he came close to my section >< We said absolutely nothing at the fansigning or high-touch and I feel bad about it because I could feel he was looking at me right in the eyes and expected us to have an interaction. It’s alright Taeil: we are awkward but we’ll work on it okay? XD

P.O is the sweetest guy ever

During the show, P.O wouldn’t stop licking his lips or even just sticking the tip out randomly, which was extremely distracting and totally inappropriate XD His voice is soooo cool <3 and he made my night when they did NalinA and he made this little “broken-wrists” move he always does, which looks NOTHING like what the others are doing but it’s simply hilarious and amazing :P

At the fansigning, as I failed to talk with Jaehyo and Taeil, I got to P.O and told myself it was time to say something. But the maknae beat me to it. He looked me straight in the eyes and started to babble in English about my outfit. He said something along the lines of: “Nice dress… flowers… pretty dress”. Indeed, I was wearing a dress full of daisies. I was really happy about what he said because I bought the dress especially for the concert so I said “Thank you” and maybe I slipped a little “I love you” in there too, to which he said “I love you too”. So cute ^^

Later I learned that he complemented a lot of girls on their dresses but he’s still sweet for saying that and actually looking at my dress and noticing the flowers on it. Honestly, I thought he was going to ask for my hand in marriage, because that’s just the type of nice person he is: every girl is beautiful to him and you feel very special when he talks to you <3

Kyung is adorable

Nothing much to say except he makes the most adorable little faces during the group choreographies!!! <3 Plus at the fansigning he would just STARE AT YOUR FUCKING SOUL with his eyes, which is really weird and magical. By that time P.O had unfrozen me so I was able to talk to him. I told him he was very cute, because I know sometimes he gets picked on for being “ugly” and he looked so much better in person (especially with that new blond hair <3) that I wanted him to know how cute he is. He seemed really happy to hear that, saying a genuine “Thank you” with an appreciative expression for my taste in men, as if FINALLY someone had noticed how beautiful he was XD

Sexy U-Kwon is sexy

He was my first bias in Block B and he lived up to the expectation. That kid is GOR-GE-OUS!!! He is as stunning in real life as he is in pictures and MVs, it’s quite breath-taking. He dances like a god too, and does sexy waves and UGH he’s hot.

So even if I was there to confess my love to Zico, I still insisted on telling him how beautiful he was. I said “You are really handsome” and then added “Handsome face” while motioning open-palm circles around my face, as if he was so dumb he couldn’t understand my simple English sentence. I’m really sorry U-Kwon >< I don’t think you’re stupid I just really wanted you to understand my point! XD So yeah he understood and said “Thank you” while looking down at the table and smiling slightly. The guy knows he is handsome but still acts humble about it: so cute! ^^

B-Bomb’s Ass is THE BOMB!

Let me just say that B-Bomb’s ass is BY FAR the most handsome ass in Block B! Hands down! (…his pants :P) UMUM But seriously the jacket of his suit seemed a little shorter than the others so we could see his ass very well whenever he moved slightly: it was magnificent!

So yeah is hair was all auburn with hints dark-orangy red. He looked like a beautiful fox with piercing eyes. He did a whole lot of fanservice and kept seducing the crowd like the sexy pabo he is :P BTW he had a lot more singing lines than I thought! Me and Steph just assumed everything was Taeil but no: B-Bomb actually sings in Block B songs. Omg! Plus he sings beautifully <3

At the fansigning he was second to last, right before Zico so I kinda froze in anticipation. I probably just said “Hi” and “Thank you”… or even nothing at all XD But he kept staring at my face with a look that said “Well… aren’t you going to say something to me?” which I didn’t >< but I’m pretty sure he said nothing too so we are even :P

I kinda screamed at Zico

This is the most important moment of the whole show so it’s super difficult to write >< Okay so Zico was last at the fansiging table and I felt relieved when I peeked and saw he wasn’t the first one. Yet, I still got really nervous in front of him and it didn’t help that when I was in front of him he was raging against his pen and trying to fix it or something, so he was paying no attention to me. My poster got to him and he started signing it, and there was a staff member next to him that was ready to give me the boot and make me move along as soon as he would be done.

But he still hadn’t looked at me and I was having none of that. Then I remembered I wanted to show him my nails with his name on it, so I stuck out my arms and placed my fingers in mid-air so he could see them. Then I said “ZICO!” with a louder tone to get his attention (Steph will tell you I screamed at him but that’s not exactly what happened okay >< but yes I did speak louder than usual because it was an emergency!) and added a (still very loud) “I LOVE YOU!” that sounded a bit desperate ^^’’

That’s when the magic happened: he answered me. Not with a ‘Thank you’ but with a sexy “I love you too.” The voice he used was so… damn masculine and sensual omg. I half expected him to add a ‘baby’ after it and it kinda reminded me of Elvis somehow >< So yeah after that I moved along and started walking away very slowly, I turned around to wait for my friend right behind me and we exited the lounge area.

With each step I realized what had happened and my eyes started watering. My breath was blocked in my throat and by the time we got out I was sobbing. Our other friend was waiting outside and she asked me what happened. It took me so many seconds to get control over my voice and explain (still sobbing so it was hard to understand me) that Zico said he loved me back. And then I continued to sob loudly and shake from all over XD

I know he didn’t meant it anymore then when P.O said it, but he’s my bias and I focused so much on the confession that I forgot he was alive and could answer me. It was a big shock! XD

External image

That time I confused Jaehyo

Ok so after the fansigning I was still shaking and felt really weak from my emotional breakdown but it was time for the high-touch. I realized the boys didn’t get to see the awesome Block B logo on my nails and I decided I would try to show them. (Steph warned me it was a bad idea but I didn’t listen so yeah ^^’)

Jaehyo was first again and was waiting for me with both of his palms up; ready for a double high-five. The thing is, I add my poster in one hand so I couldn’t do a double, plus I wanted him to see the logo on my thumb. I put out my closed fist, thumb towards him, but I’m not sure he saw the logo, or maybe he didn’t care.

He looked like a deer in headlights for a couple of seconds, probably thinking I wanted a fist-bump instead of a high-five. So I gave up on the idea of showing my nails and just gave him the damn h-5. Yet, he was still sad I didn’t go for the double one and that I just moved on to Taeil. I’m really sorry Jaehyo: I promise I’ll do better next time XD

The rest of the high-five was uneventful, as it went by tooooooo fast :( and P.O and Zico didn’t even look me in the eyes :(

External image


It’s so unreal to have met them. They used to only live on my computer as surreal 2D characters, and I must admit even now it’s hard to realize that they are real. I would say that the people that exist the most in my mind right now are P.O, Kyung and Zico. But it’s probably gonna fade away soon and they’ll stop existing again.

Anyhow, it was an AMAZING NIGHT and road-trip altogether! :) I didn’t think they were gonna dance that much, it really impressed me! I’m also really glad and surprised that they did all of my favorites songs (Wanna B, Nice Day, NalinA, Very Good) but still sad that they didn’t do Nillili Mambo. They are great performers; it was one of the best shows I’ve been to! ^^ I’ll cherish those memories forever <3

To the anon who asked if I thought Suga had been OOC in these chapters ...

Here’s a more detailed (slightly) response. 

First of all, as you used the word ‘these’ I’m assuming you’re not just referring to Chapter 175. So I’ll take it from the beginning of the Shiratorizawa game. (ch 151)

At the of the match, Suga shouts too much and gets reprimanded by the referee. 

Ah-ha, you might say. This isn’t like Suga. He’s the calm one isn’t he? The Kageyama handler, the one who gets Tanaka to stop picking fights, the sweet cinnamon roll who calms Daichi down when he’s getting steamed up about the ‘Tokyo Tower’. And he’s also the responsible boy who sighs with Yaku over their respective Captains nagging the others to eat more food.

All the above are character traits of Suga. They’re all admirable. But they’re not the whole picture. Suga is a guy who initially felt a huge sense of relief when Kageyama turned up because the pressure of his last match really weighed him down. He felt he was responsible. His tosses had not enabled Asahi to get past the blockers. Asahi stormed off because he blamed himself, and Suga couldn’t sort that out. He goes to see Asahi to try to persuade him to return. He’s the one who feels the loss most keenly (I’d argue more than Noya, but it’s a moot point) and he’s the one that WON’T THROW AWAY THE MOP.

(which gets mended- yay - and should have been included in the anime because this made me weep.)

So we know Suga feels pressured. We saw Daichi recognising this at the beginning of the second set against Seijou at Inter-Highs

And then after came off he let out a huge ‘PHEW!’ and told Yamaguchi he’d been pretty wound up. 

So … the fact that he acted quite shouty at the start of the match against Shiratorizawa isn’t OOC at all, especially when you take into account that all of them (bar Kageyama and Tsukishima) are losing their shit out of nerves.

Later in the game, he takes over from Tsukishima, but the gamble doesn’t pay off as it did against Seijou. He’s hugely annoyed by that because he wants to play. He wants to succeed. He wants Karasuno to WIN. His best option to get back on is if they get to a fifth set. So when Kags looks weary, Suga’s jumping around all over the place, because he knows this is his chance. And he has ACHED for this.

Okay, lets skip to the latest chapter, because I’m pretty sure that’s what you wanted me to talk about. Now, obviously the daisuga side of me (which is around 99% of my being, ngl) kind of flinched at the Kiyoko hand holding thing, especially with the different translations floating around, but I’m not going into that here, because the last thing the fandom needs is my opinion.

(What I will say is that you can spin that scene at least four different ways, no matter what the words and actions say, from Suga and Kiyoko secretly engaged and he’s just blurted it out, to Suga being incredibly nervous and babbling out a shedload of nonsense … so, yeah, ship what you want, just don’t crow about it - pun not intended - ha ha. Basically, in the words of Woody from Toy Story ‘PLAY NICE!’).

Suga is getting his chance NOW. This is the most important game of his entire life. It is CRUCIAL. But, he’s played fewer competitive games than Kageyama, who has improved dramatically since he came to Karasuno - a true genius. Whereas Suga’s improvement hasn’t been tested. We know his serves are good (not necessarily powerful, but he aims well) and his game sense is excellent. He builds team morale. He only has to smile and Karasuno do this

but he hasn’t had a chance to show his true mettle, his ‘strength as a senpai’ if you like. He’s learnt new things too in Tokyo, and now … OMG … now he’s going to get that chance. Wouldn’t you be scared?  He’s so nervous, terrified he’s going to mess up, and Kiyoko sees that. She knows her boys (I’m including Daichi and Asahi here) because she’s been with them from the start and has seen the heartache and hard work they’ve coped with. So, she reaches out, warms his hands up (which is something they expand on much better in Oofuri if you’ve read/seen that) and he is shocked out of his nerves for the match and gabbles out some gibberish (or possibly a serious marriage proposal). Let’s face it, we’d all be a wibbling wreck if Kiyoko merely looked our way, let alone touched our hands.

Okay, I’m going to get back to the original question, as this answer is spiralling out of control. My earlier answer was flippant, but it was my gut feeling. I don’t think Suga has been Out Of Character for the past few chapters. I believe there’s good evidence to back up all his actions and words, so I’m not going to slate Furudate for that. 

And to end this exceedingly long post, have my most favouritest picture of Suga from the last chapter.