i felt like i was in church choir


Every single black church I’ve ever gone to drove me further away from religion. I remember one Sunday service, while I was attending this big well known church, the pastor just decided to blurt out that “We all know homosexuality is a SIN” really loudly. And people clapped and it had NOTHING to do with his so called message. He just felt like shaming someone in the name of his “beliefs” that day. This idiot has openly gay congregation members who pay his bills, he has people of all kinds of sexuality in his choir, service groups, etc. I am hetero sexual and this offended me because it was so unnecessary and stupid. There were children in the congregation too. If i had a child, I would never want them to be somewhere where they felt shamed rightfully in the name of some god, all because of their primal sexual functioning? I knew I would never go there again and I never have.