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You are so cool man. Okay, I just got into investing as in I opened an account with bank of america merrill edge for retirement but haven't done anything else. I know I should like buy safe stocks and stuff, but I am so wary of researching this. like i just don't trust sources that i google or magazines (my dad was interested in stocks and lost a lot of money so I just can't trust him or those magazines). I see that you have set up different markets (target retirement, inflation protected), (1/2

(2/2) and other funds. How did you get started? Where did you research? Like books or things. Thank you for your time!

Aw, thank you Anon! So, this is a little bit of a narrative, buckle up. (There is a readmore below! Read more!) 

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Golden Ghosts (20/20)

Summary: After months of planning and preparation, the five kings finally embark on their quest to the Nether to retrieve Geoff’s soul. At the same time, worlds are beginning to collide as Midas sets about his mission to return from the End.

A developing relationship promises peace between the kingdoms - but when old fears return to haunt them, it threatens to set the kings in conflict with each other once again.

Part 1  Part 19  AO3


Ray stepped through the portal into the Plains with practiced ease. His stomach no longer lurched at the transition - he moved as easily as if he was stepping into another room rather than travelling thousands of kilometres into an instant.

He emerged into the throne room of the Plains castle just as Gavin arrived through the Wild portal opposite him. Their eyes met as they appeared at the same time, and they shared a smile.

“Hey,” Ray called out, “I wondered when you were gonna come. You know what Geoff wants us here for?”

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Title: Stutter

Author: Jen (placentaandllamas)

Artist: Oli (hotphansex)

Beta: MarieLou (marielou-for-you)

Word Count: 11k

Rating: PG (language)

Warnings: bullying/physical abuse, swearing/language

Summary: Dan has a stutter and he’s bullied at school for it making him seem cold and distant. Phil is a new student who is paired with Dan to learn his way around the school. Dan just wants to be left alone, but Phil is determined to make Dan’s life less of a living hell.

Author’s Notes: Seriously, MASSIVE thanks to Oli and MarieLou. Oli made the most incredible phanart ever–HE MADE A FREAKING GIF I JUST THOUGHT IT’D BE A PICTURE AND HE’S JUST LIKE ‘lol hope this is okay’. And MarieLou for going over the same crappy thing over and over again and again so that it’s beyond amazing and never once got tired of me :)

I also want to dedicate this to Chris, autumnlesterhowell’s friend who had a stutter and committed suicide due to the constant bullying. I wish his story could have ended like mine. 

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Injured and Afraid

For fedoracat This has been sitting in my folder for flippin ever and I’m tired of it just sitting there.

Characters: Danny Fenton, Randy Cunningham

Word Count: 2,032

Summary: Randy gets injured during a fight and wakes up in an unfamiliar room.

Danny stared at the masked ninja, concerned for the boy behind the mask’s safety. Both had taken quite a beating from the mechanical nightmare the ninja seemed to face on a daily basis. It didn’t help that Technus, Master of Technology, had taken over the robot. Danny knew the cuts and bruises he obtained would heal quickly, but for the ninja… From the sound of things, he was having trouble breathing. “You sure you’re okay?” Danny asked for the fifth time that night. His ghostly glow illuminated the dark alley way they had scurried into after blowing up the robot. It was hard to tell in this light and in the black suit the ninja was wearing if he was bleeding or not.
“Y-yeah.” he coughed. “I’ve had worst.”
Danny frowned at that statement. The kid was just trying to shake it off… make him less worried. He heard himself say it many times to his sister and friends. There had to be something he could do. He let gravity take over as his feet touched the ground. He couldn’t take this “Listen, 800 year old ninja or not, you need some help.”
The black clad ninja scoffed and waved his hand in the air, as if to shoo him away, “I’ll be fine.” He tried to laugh, but only caused himself more pain. He groaned and held his chest. Danny resisted the urge to grab the ninja and fly him off to the closest hospital. For one, he had no idea which way to go. Another thing was Danny was afraid he might hurt him. He had no way of knowing how much pain the guy was going through. He had to have a high pain tolerance considering the amount of times Robo-Technus threw him to the ground and surrounding buildings.
Danny’s eyes widened, as the ninja took a step back. A small amount of dark liquid had pooled where the ninja stood. That did it. “Listen, we really should get you-” Danny didn’t have a chance to finish his sentence before the ninja swayed and would’ve hit his head on the concrete had Danny not stopped his fall. Danny picked him up, careful to not cause any more damage as the ninja gave him a dazed glare. “You’re coming with me.” He stated before he began floating again.
“You’re wounded.” Danny pointed out, ignoring any attempt at protesting. He had to get him home quickly. The hospital would have to wait a moment. First they needed to stop the bleeding…

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Lying on his side as he is, Tsukishima has a perfect view of the digital clock on their nightstand. “It’s past 8:30 now,” he says.

“Five more minutes,” Hinata insists, pushing his face into Tsukishima’s chest. Tsukishima would pull back, but Kageyama is a warm, solid wall behind him, arm wrapped securely around his torso, holding him in place.

“You’ve been saying that for the past hour,” Tsukishima says instead. “We’re never going to have dinner at this rate.”

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Jack Gilinsky: Our Secret

Part 2:http://buttercupmendes.tumblr.com/post/119798325246/jack-gilinsky-our-secret-part-2


“Stoooop.” I yelled at Cameron smacking his hands away. He kept trying to take my phone. All the people I could’ve had as a brother and I got stuck with him. Don’t get me wrong I love Cameron to death but sometimes he’s so annoying you’d think he was the younger sibling. There are a lot of perks to being Cameron’s sister. Red carpets, gift cards to Aeropostale, but the best by far is Jack Gilinsky. Jack and I started out as a friends with benefits type thing and then five months ago he decided to ask me out. When Cameron first started Magcon he made it clear to me and the rest of the boys that I wasn’t allowed to date any of the boys except Hayes because he knows I would never date some four years younger than me. (Unlike some people we know. Sorry for the shade it just happened. I had to.😂)Cameron laughed as I dodged his hands. He grabbed me and I stretched my arm with my phone away from him but he still could grab it. He held it above my head because he knew he was way taller than me. I jumped to get my phone. He would dip it down and yank it back out of reach.                                                                                                              “Aww the baby can’t get her phone.” I hated when he called me that. He always calls me that when he teases me, even when we were little even though I’m only two years younger than him. Ugh I’m so done with this. I walked to the staircase. “Moooom Cameron took my phone!!!” I yelled.                                          “Cameron be nice to your sister! Give her her phone back!!!” I walked back to the kitchen sticking my hand out and Cameron placed my phone in hand.         “Told you you were a baby.” He said walking away. “By the way the boys will be here in 40 minutes.” I followed him as he walked out the kitchen.                    “Boys what boys! You have to tell me this stuff in advance.”                                “Just Jake Foushee, Nash, Taylor, Matt, Jack and Jack.” He said. I stopped in my tracks as he kept walking. “Don’t worry 40 minutes is enough time do your makeup and all your girly stuff.” He teased.                                                                                                                      “Jack Gilinsky is going to be here at my house to swim in less than 40 minutes and I’m still standing on the stairs.” I whispered. “Oh my Gosh. Jack Gilinsky is going to be here at my house to swim in less than 40 minutes and I’m still standing on the stairs.” I said realizing my time is minimal I got a towel and ran to the shower. I shaved and used body wash and lotion from Victoria’s Secret. Now was the hard part what to wear. I stood with two bikinis laying on the bed weighing the pros and cons. The red one brings out my undertones, but the pink one makes my ass look better. But the red one makes my cleavage look nice and the pink one has a higher neckline. Was Jack more or an ass guy or boob guy. Pink one it is. I put it on and braided the back off my hair and putting the rest into a bun. The door bell rang. I ran downstairs to get it. I put one hand on the side of the door trying my best to look hot like they do in the movies. I opened the door. It was just Matt Taylor, and Jake. My face dropped from a smile.                                                                                                                    “Nice to see you too.” Luke joked hugging me.                                                “Hey YN” Matt said.                                                                                          “How’s my favorite girl?” Taylor hugged me extra tight lifting me and shaking me. Taylor were always super close compared to the other boy except Cam obvi.                                                                                                                     "I’m great now that you’re here.“ I laughed Taylor could always put a smile on my face. He was the only other person who knew about me and Jack.          “Right here.” We both turned to see Cam.                                                         “Hey!” Him and Luke did a little bro hug and so do him and Matt.                      The boys were playing around in the pool.                                                           "Come on YN, come in the pool you’ve been laying there foreeever!” I heard Matt complain.                                                                                                      “I’ll go in later!” I called back.                                                                             "You said that an hour ago.“ Luke called.                                                               “It’s only been 10 minutes! I’ll be in thirty minutes tops! I’m almost done with my magazine!” I heard groans coming from the pool. I popped my earbuds in and by  continuedwith my Seventeen magazine. Even if I’m not 17 anymore I still order it. Ito listen to my music and read my magazine surprisingly no interruption. I felt a shadow over me. I looked up it was Nash.                                                        “What is the baby to good to swim.” Nash teased. Sometimes the other boys called me “the baby” to. It was so annoying. Even Hayes did sometimes it was ridiculous.                                                                                                           “Shut up I’m older than you.” I got up and hugged him. Him and the Jacks just got here.                                                                                                             "Be careful you might hurt the baby’s feelings.“ Johnson said coming over to hug me. Him and the other boys laughed.                                                         “Why are you guys so mean to me?’ I complained.                                          “You know we love you.” Jack G said. He hugged me. Our bodies pressed together like a perfect mold our skin touching (he was already shirtless) his hand low on my waist . My stomach was doing back flips right now. “Why are you so dry.” He said grinning his million dollar smile at me. “Don’t tell me you haven't gone in the water yet."                                                                            "Well-"                                                                                                               "Hasn’t been in all day G” Matt tuned in.                                                                  “That’s it get over here.” Before I could react he scooped me up and started walking towards the pull.                                                                                     "Jack Finnegan Gilinsky I swear if you throw me in this pool I will-“                      "You’ll what” He smirked throwing me in. I screamed closing my mouth before I fell below the surface. I felt the water next to me displaced. It was probably the other boys. I came up from the surface to see Jack next to me laughing so I splashed him. He splashed me back and soon as I knew it us and the rest of the boys were laughing and having a splash fight.                                            “Let’s play chicken!” Jake yelled. We all agreed.                                                   “I call YN!” Gilinsky yelled. The other boys broke out in no fairs and boos. They all wanted me because I’d be the lightest obviously. “Too bad I called her.” He bragged. It made me smile at the thought that he wanted me even if it was for some silly game. It ended up being me and G vs. Nash and Luke vs. Matt and Taylor. Me, Matt, and Nash were tops. Cameron and Jack J decided to start grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. Matt and I were battling our hands were together pushing against each other. I was losing but I haven’t given up yet. Then out of no where Nash pushed Matt from behind atching him off guard. Matt fell ontop me and we both fell in the water. We surface the water laughing . A few more rounds went by switching who was on top and bottom except for me an Gilinsky ofcourse. Gilinsky and I actually won a lot of the games.                     "Lunch is ready.” Cameron yelled. The boys rushed out the pool and water was being thrashed around. It looked like a shark scene from Jaws. I got out of the pool and wrapped my towel around me so I wouldn’t be cold. When I got there there weren’t any hamburgers left.                                                                     “Looking for this.” I turned around. It was jack and he had a hamburger made exactly I like it.                                                                                                   “Aww Jack you’re the sweetest.” I gave him a tight hug.                                      “Anything for you.” He whispered making me grin even bigger. We sat down next to eachother on the bench.                                                                        “Jack and I kicked ass at chicken.” I beamed.                                                        “I guess you can say we make a good team.” He chuckled. I noticed Cameron mad dogging Jack. Was he suspicious? Did he know? But how, Taylor wouldn’t do that.

We had lunch and then the boys decided to film a videos for their channels. They made me be in one so the teams were fair. This was the last one and it was going to be two parts one on Matt’s channel and one on Nash’s It was a trivia game split into teams and if you got a question wrong you had to get a substance smashed in your face (mustard, ketchup, whip cream etc.) It was Jack, Jack, Mathew, and Taylor on a team and Nash, Cameron, Jake, and me on the other. As the game continued My team was winning. Right now I was going against Jack Gilinsky again. The first time he won and decided to “be nice” and smash whip cream in my face.                                                                  "What’s the biggest state?“ Taylor asked.                                                       "Alaska.” I said.                                                                                                 “Texas, Alaska. Dammit.” He knew he was wrong.                                           “Yes!” I cheered jumping up.                                                                              “You gotta be nice. I hit you with whip cream. You have to be nice.” He repeated as I shook my head. I grabbed the mustard and put it on a plate. “Noooo. YN!” I countinued to poor the mustard on the plate. “That’s enough. That’s enough. You’re going to use the whole bottle!” He complained. I stopped.                         "Are you ready?“                                                                                                 "No."                                                                                                                   "Are you ready?” I giggled.                                                                              "No.“ He closed his eyes tight.                                                                                 "1, 2,3” I counted smashing the plate in his face. His reaction was priceless. He wiped his and tried to put it on me but I stood up just in time. He grabbed my arm and stood up pulling me by the waist by his other arm. He hugged me from behind rubbing his face on my shoulder , face and neck.                                  “Stooooop."                                                                                                      "Aww the baby wants you to stop.” I heard Cameron tease as everyone laughed. “If you would’ve stopped when I told you to there wouldn’t be this much mustard, would there.” Jack sassed me. We finished the video any my team won. The ultimate prize was to be able to tweet off of one of the opponents twitters I choose Tay’s. I ended up collaborating with Nash who had Matt. I tweeted “Just got matching ass tats with @thematthewespinosa” and Nash tweeted a picture of matching ass tattoos with Taylor tagged. The fans went crazy in the matter of minutes. Since it was really extreme we made them keep it for only an hour and then explain it was for a video. Right now everyone was taking showers. I took a shower shorter than I wanted because Matt and Jack G. were going to use mine. I got out the shower and I was now lotioning. There was a knock.                        "Come in.“ I raised my voice. It was Jack."Wait!” I yelled startling him. I put a towel infront of his. "Shuffle on this I don’t want all that,“ I motioned my hand all around to describe what was on Jack. "On my carpet and defiantly not on my rug, it’s new"                                                                                                           "Jesus lady you gave me a heart attack because of a rug."                               "It’s new.” He shuffled on the towel in my room closing the door.                         “I think you owe me a kiss for that." He leaned in but I stepped back watching him stumble. (Nothing got on the carpet thank goodness)                                     "I think you should take a shower first.” to the shower mumbling under his breath. “What was that?"                                                                              "Nothing.” He yelled back. I straightened up my room a little. I went on instagram and twitter. I replied to people and followed them.                         "Can I have that kiss now.“  Jack grinned sitting next to me on my bed and cupped one of his large hand around the side of my face. The other on the small of my back. He deepened the kiss pushing me gently so were now lying down. His hands roamed around my half naked body. He kissed down my jaw line to my neck.                                                                                                                "I missed you.” He mumbled into my neck kissing it.                                        "Jack be careful you’re gonna leave a hickie.“ I warned.                                       "I hate this keeping you a secret."  He kissed around my neck down to my breast. My breath hitched.  My back slightly arching. "I want to tell the whole world you are mine and I am yours."  He looked into my eyes. "YN I love you. No, I’m in love with you.” I looked back into his chocolate eyes. He was dead serious. I liked Jack but did I love him. We’d only been together 5 months.          

“Get the fuck off my sister!”

AN: I’m suppost to write a script for Spanish but instead I wrote this. Just a reminder I take request about any one. XO

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Hi I love your writing so so much and I love this blog a bunch, just wanted to let you know that <3 could I also request a lucaya fic/one shot where Lucas stays home sick (with a bad cold/flu or something) from school and Riley doesn't visit him after school because germs so maya decides to show up at his house to take care of him since his mom's out of town. Also can it be pre-dating lucaya? Like they both have feelings for one another but haven't done anything to initiate it yet? Thanks xx

I really liked this story, it was a lot of fun to write. I don’t usually write sick fics, but I’m proud of how this turned out. Here’s a link to the poem referenced at the end of the story.

“Where’s Ranger Rick?” Maya asked, arm draped over the edge of Lucas’ empty desk. At the sound of Lucas’ name, Riley perked up, just then noticing his absence.

“Yeah, Dad, where is he?” Riley asked, expectantly. Mr. Matthews was shuffling his notes - he actually prepared for these little life lessons? - and without looking up, he answered the girls.

“He went home sick. Didn’t look too good either.” Maya sat up straighter, sliding her arm off his desk and back onto her own, her eyebrows furrowed.

“But he was fine at lunch.”

“Guess not.” Maya glanced at Riley, but she was scribbling something in her notebook, a frown playing at her lips. Maya leaned over.

“His parents are out of town, though, right?” She whispered. Riley pursed her lips and nodded, an idea flickering and dying in her eyes.

“I can’t get sick. We’re going to Uncle Shawn’s this weekend.” But then, who would take care of Lucas? Knowing him, he probably could barely function on his own when he was healthy, let alone sick. Mr. Matthews started to ramble on about the Black Plague and while he usually was the only teacher who was able to capture her attention, today she couldn’t focus. She just kept thinking about Lucas. How sick was her? Did he have a fever or the flu or both?

As the day dragged on, Maya couldn’t keep Lucas off the brain, which made her shoot Riley a few guilty glances, because she knew – she knew – she wasn’t supposed to like him.

But Riley couldn’t get sick, and Farkle wouldn’t even think to go and Zay has dance class every Wednesday and he’s sooner die than miss a lesson. So, when Maya took the subway home with Riley that day, she went a couple stops further after grabbing stuff from her apartment.

She finally made her way to the doorstep of Lucas’ house after walking three blocks - it was in a seriously inconvenient place - and she just managed to ring the doorbell without the pot and the box she brought toppling it over.

After almost a minute, the door swung open. Lucas stood there a minute, cocooned in a plush, grey blanket, looking like death itself.

After it was clear he wasn’t going to say anything, Maya tried to break the silence. “I brought soup,” she offered. Lucas furrowed his eyebrows like he was trying to concentrate on something.

“You’ll get sick,” he managed, finally.

“Nah,” she grinned. “I’ve got an immune system of steel.” He drew in a hesitant breath, like he wanted to argue but he seemed to exhausted to put up much of a struggle, so he let her come in, collapsing onto his couch as soon as she set the things she’d brought down. Maya had only been to his house once before, when they had their muffin project the year before. It still felt sorta familiar. It had that same oaky smell that she was so taken by the first time around.

She stepped into his kitchen and called out, “Can I use a bowl?” He grunted, and Maya assumed that meant yes. She poured some soup out for him, careful not to spill and steadily carried the dish, brimming to the top with broth, out to him.

“I trust I don’t have to feed it to you?” He laughed at that, as he reluctantly pulled himself into a sitting position. He took a sip as Maya slid into the armchair a couple feet away from the sofa Lucas laid upon.

“You made this?” He asked, notes of impression in his voice.

“Actually, I ran to Topanga’s. I can’t cook anything besides Kraft mac and cheese,” and after a beat, “ So what’s wrong with ya, Huckleberry? You dying or what?”

“You know when you sleep wrong and your neck is all sore the next day?” Maya pursed her lips and nodded. “Well, my entire body feels like that.”

“You got a fever?”

“99.5” Maya frowned.

“Well, that’s not too bad. I brought some ibuprofen in case you didn’t have any.”

“Thanks,” he said, grabbing the bottle and downing two pills. There was a beat of silence as Lucas looked at her. He opened his mouth but no sound came out, and he just barely shook his head, like he was deciding against something. But Maya was paying attention and - though she hated to admit it - she could read him pretty well.


“Nothing, it’s just - um - why isn’t Riley here?” Maya’s face didn’t so much as twitch, but her heart clambered up into her throat, and she made sure to swallow it back down before she spoke again.

“Sorry, Ranger Rick. I guess you’re stuck with me, instead,” she said, forcing her voice to sound casual.

“No!” Lucas said, frantically backpedaling. “It’s not that. I just didn’t think you’d want to come on your own.”

“Oh,” Maya said, a bit puzzled. “Well, I know what it’s like when you’re really sick and there’s no one there to take care of you.”

Lucas looked down at his hands and Maya, uncomfortable at his sudden silence, tried to change the topic.

“So, wanna watch a movie?” She asked, grabbing the three DVD’s she had brought. Lucas reached inside the box, too, grabbing a thick book and studying the cover.

“I didn’t know you were into poetry, Maya.” She blushed a little at that, unsure whether it was a compliment.

“I’m not, really,” she said, taking the book in her hands and running her finger down the worn spine. “This is my Billy Collins collection. I don’t know, a lot of the other poems I read sort of, um, went over my head. But Riley showed me this poet and I can understand it, and it’s still meaningful.” She paused. “I just brought it in case you had a headache and you wanted to read instead.”

Maya dismissed the odd gleam in his eyes as she spoke, because it was Riley he liked and not her. If there was anything different about the way he was looking at her, then it was just her imagination.

“Um, what movies did you bring?” He asked, after a long silence.

“Right, uh, I brought ‘Hercules,’ ‘Rent,’ and ‘An Affair to Remember.’ We don’t really have the largest collection, so I brought what I thought would work.” Lucas smiled, warmly.

“‘Hercules’ is my favorite Disney movie, but I’ve seen it about ten times, so what about that last one?” He said, grabbing ‘An Affair to Remember.’

“It’s a romance,” Maya warned.

“So?” Lucas said, raising his eyebrows. Maya popped the movie in, and she soon found herself caught up in the story, and though she’d already seen it, the climax tore at her.

The saddest love stories have to be the ones of bad timing, she thought, grimly.

When the movie finished, Maya clicked off the TV and turned to Lucas, eager to see his reaction, only to find him lightly snoring. Maya chuckled as she cleared away the mess she made. She grabbed a pen, so she could leave him a note, but she didn’t have anything to write on. So, Maya flipped to a random page in her Billy Collins collection and pulled out a random poem. She scrawled out a note at the bottom.

Soup’s in the fridge. Feel better, huckleberry.


Had she known the poem was titled, “Love,” she would have given her left arm to pick any other. But had also known the look on Lucas’ face as he read it, she wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

part one
this is not edited so sorry for my mistakes, i’ll come back and fix any later :) 

“That’s weird,” Dean said as he and Benny came upon the small building in their area of town as the ‘meeting hall’. It wasn’t very big, but it was able to fit all fifty of them inside, so “big decisions” could be made. “Did you know we were having a meeting today?” 

Benny shook his head. “Nope. C’mon.” 

Nodding, Dean followed Benny up to the building, where they let themselves inside, and everyone turned around to face them, growing suspiciously quiet. Dean frowned. “It your birthday Benny?” he asked, only half kidding. 

“No. Yours?” 

“Nope.” He crossed his arms over his chest, staring the faction down. “Alright, what’s up?” 

“Uh… Well…” Ash began, but Ruby stood up to cut him off. 

“We want to make an alliance with the Knights, but we can only do that if we give something to Cain to appease him,” she said. “And that something is you.”

Dean blinked. “Whoa- whoa- wait a minute… Me? Why me?” 

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His Soul’s Keeper

Underlying every truth Dean had thought he found in life there was always some knowledge that escaped him. Spending hours pondering what life was, what the substance of a human’s existence was, he found himself unable to quite grasp the simple answer on the tip of his tongue. Like any teenager he spent his years depressed over the thought that there was nothing to a human’s soul but chemical reactions, that when the brain and body stopped functioning so did the soul. Growing into his twenties there was a hope instilled in him that maybe he would find his purpose beyond simply being an animal roaming the earth.

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So we finally made it to September! My last carefree summer is almost over and I’ll be starting my senior year of high school soon (but we’re also steadily heading towards the release of a lot of great games so there’s something to look forward to)

I hit 1,000 lovely followers this afternoon. Which is so amazing I can’t even express it. I’ve had so much fun here over the past few months and I’ll never stop thanking tumblr’s video game community for being so great and diverse! I haven’t felt bored or uninterested for a single moment around all of you fantastic people!

some special shoutouts:

to the sweetest, most incredible waifu, tohzukis! skye ilysm, you’re always there for me no matter how much of an idiot i act like and i really hope i’ve been worth your time and dedication

to illesthoon, tsukiyaamashuu, isaacsalpha & scamdal, the amazing nerds who’ve stuck with me for almost three years now

to ladykestrels, the keeper of the Divergent fandom, without whom I’d probably have no idea what’s going on in those YA fandoms I’ve almost abandoned (also you should all go and read her stuff bc i s2g if she doesn’t get published in the near future i will plot against every single publishing house around)

to augustne, sainchaw, delsinsbutt, nolannorths, & nchuandzel, a.k.a. the members of the most rad skype group ever

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Would you mind sharing a lil more about your experiences with ghosts? I'm intrigued! It's always something I've wanted to experience, but so far I haven't.

I have a lot of strange experiences with spirits. Since I was 9, I’ve been seeing this little girl in my house. On my birthday I got a Ouija board so of course all of us little girls ran into the bathroom and played with it. I didn’t know it was a portal then, and I’m really lucky we didn’t bring in a nasty spirit! I’ve always been in touch with the other side, at least in a small way. I’d never sleep in my room because it didn’t feel right in there. It felt really heavy (turns out my room is the only room in the whole house with the original floors). So I would always sleep in my sisters room, and then when I got older I ended up sleeping downstairs on the couch. But I remember laying in my sisters room and every night looking out in the hall and seeing this foggy ghost girl, but it was always quick. I’d look out and she’d run into my room. One night I was laying facing the room and I heard someone whisper “there she is” and I opened my eyes and saw this face in front of me, then it went away. Another night a friend was sleeping over and we were all in my sisters room. It was 3 in the morning (the dead hour) and they were both asleep. The doors kept blowing open earlier in the day so we put a bunch of things in front of it so it’d stay shut and all of the sudden started shaking really aggressively and there was a horrible groaning. It went on for a few minutes and then it just stopped. A few years later, I was in high school and my sister got me a bunch of bouncy balls. I was going to sleep one night and they all just started bouncing all over my room. I could hear them but I was too afraid to turn around and look. I woke up the next morning and couldn’t find them. When I came home from school, they were in a circle under my bed. Whenever I’d be on the phone with a bad boyfriend, this little ghost would come on the line and say something to them in a strange voice and I would never hear it, but they would. Or she’d make the connection all fuzzy. One time I was coming down the steps and we could all hear another pair of footsteps behind me. Lights would be turned off or turned on, the vacuum once started without being plugged in, things will be moved or fixed. Another boyfriend was chasing me around the house and he thought he followed me into the bathroom but actually followed a ghost (lol). Some nights I’d be laying in my bed and I’d feel this weird feeling start at my toes and go up my whole body but I wouldn’t let it go up to my head because I didn’t know what would happen. I’d feel hands on me and they wouldn’t be there. Friends have experienced this too. I’ve had SO many interactions with this particular ghost. Some psychics have come over (friends, not paid ones so they’re legit) and most of them wouldn’t even go in my room because the energy was too strong. One women was sooooo in touch with the other side that she knew the story and was able to talk to the girl. For a long time I thought I was just seeing things and feeling things and hearing things but I was giving her a tour of the house and she just goes “There’s a little girl by your window” and I was like “I KNOW!!” so then it all started to come together. The people who had our house before us redid some of the walls and found a shoe in one. In the late 1800s when people would pass away, they’d put something of theirs in the house to keep them grounded. So this little girl had a twin who fell in the well in front of our house and died, that’s her shoe. The girl who is stuck in my house died of old age and came back as the age she was when her sister died. There’s some more about her grandma living down the street and her father and so on, but anyways she can see the well from my bedroom window. So she’s waiting for her. When my sister and I were younger we’d see a man walking to our door but we never heard a knock. There has been some more recent stuff too but it doesn’t have much to do with her. For a long time I tried to help her move along but I didn’t really know how. I don’t know if she’s still here or not. But my friend died a few years ago and our whole family would hear knocks on the back door and the windows for weeks after he passed. He’s visited me in dreams too. I love dreams because they link our disconnected world to everything that isn’t here and that’s amazing. This summer I was in Colorado and I kept accidentally laughing like him and it started to freak me out - I was wondering if it was because something was going to happen and he was warning me. Two nights later we made it to a cabin, and I’m laying on the couch not sleeping at all. I felt really uncomfortable. I felt and somewhat saw this huge spirit go through the entire house. The next day we found out my grandpa died around when that spirit went through. When we made it to my aunts house, my moms phone started calling her dad. So there’s some of the stuff, certainly not all!

Preference #4: He Surprises You
  • Harry: He had to cancel last minute, and yeah, it kinda stung. But he had legitimate reasons. And the band always comes first, because they were there first.// "Okay Harry, I'll call tomorrow morning. I love you too." You placed your phone in your purse and headed out. Upon arriving at the house the party was at, you checked your phone one last time. 'talk to you in a bit sunshine xx' was sent from Harry. A smile resinated on your face as you walked in. The house was already crowded, but you noticed that there was a particular ball of people upstairs. As you walked up the first two steps, your eyes averted towards your feet as to not trip. The party lulled and whispers arose as you ascended the stairs, enough so to get your gaze upwards. And there he was, a crisp suit on and hands in his pockets. "Hello my sunshine." He smiled brightly and hurriedly met you halfway down. He carried you down the rest of the stairs as the crowd cheered and whistled. You held him tightly, afraid that if you let go, he'd be gone. "I had to come back to you, it was too dark."
  • Niall: He's always been the quiet type when it comes to hate. He's confident and he can handle criticisms.// "Niall, I'm going to the store. I'll be back in an hour." You shouted, grabbing your purse off the counter. Upon your arrival home, the house was silent. You set your bags down and called out for Niall. There was no definite answer, other than whimpers being cared through the massive hallways. You started checking through every room, starting downstairs. The whimpers and sniffles proceeded to get louder as you slowly made your way down the upstairs hallway. "Ni?" You mumbled just loud enough so that anyone in the room could hear you. The sounds stopped, then heavy sniffles arose again as if he was trying to clean himself up. You opened the door hesitantly, to find Niall sitting in the middle of your bed with his computer in his lap. He was viciously wiping at his eyes, desperate to not show weakness. "Ni? What's going on?" You jumped towards the bed and flung yourself around him as to not give him time to close the twitter window. His hands stayed covering his beautiful blue eyes as yours scanned down lists upon lists of pure words of hatred. Promptly closing the laptop and throwing it on the opposite end of the bed, you wrapped your arms around him as he cried into your shoulder. "Ni, Niall, why would you do that to yourself?" Niall looked you straight in the eyes as he answered. "Because I always see you cry over hate, and I've always tried to ignore it. I wanted to know how awful you feel when you read that stuff because I don't want you to feel alone. I will never leave you alone and I will never let you read that stuff ever again. I love you."
  • Zayn: He's 'the fun dad'. He doesn't enforce any rules and it makes you feel like your son hates you but feels the opposite about Zayn. You're sick of it.// "Alexander Javadd Malik you get your butt upstairs, brush your teeth, and get in bed! It's nearly midnight and you have school tomorrow!" You flung the dishrag over your shoulder and blew a piece of hair out of your face. Alex stopped and glared at you, crossing his arms. Zayn hesitantly snuck up behind your nine-year-old son and scooped him up. "Raaaaaaa c'mon buddy, race you upstairs!" Alex's mood quickly changed to a fit of giggles as Zayn chased after him. Leaning against the counter, you placed your head in your hands and tried to think about where you went wrong. You had the dream home and the night in shining armor and the bouncing baby, so why did you feel so alone? "Hey, why don't we go take a shower and go to sleep love?" Zayn attempted to cradle you in his arms, but you inched away. Throwing the towel on the counter and rushing upstairs, only shouting behind you 'I'm going to bed.'... You awoke to the sound of silence, strange compared to the sound of your alarm clock you were supposed to hear. You immediately checked the clock and realized that you were late dropping Alexander off at school and pounced out of bed, stopping to follow the egg and bacon smell. You found Zayn in the kitchen over the stove. "Morning sleepyhead." Zayn said cheerily. "Where's Alex?" You asked. "At school, all taken care of. Things should start to look up now, okay?" He moved the hot pan onto a cool part of the stove and walked over to you, cupping your face with his hands. "I know that it hasn't been the greatest for a long time, but I'm gonna make it better. I love you too much to let you go, and I promise to be better."
  • Liam: He's always quiet and sweet, especially when it comes to being in bed.// "Did I hurt you?" He asked with sincerity etched into his face. "No Liam, it was lovely." You kissed his soft lips once before he rolled off of you. Your first instinct was to cuddle up into his side and it took everything in you to fight it. Rolling over onto your opposite side, he seemed to get a bit flustered. "C'mere love." He pulled on your arm lightly to get you to move. "No, I wanna lay this way tonight Li." You smiled to yourself, knowing he wouldn't be able to see you. He hesitantly curled around you, obviously feeling weird because you never cuddled like this after sex... One week. An entire week of new things just trying to get some passion out of Liam, and yet nothing. You pulled out a bottle of wine and poured yourself a glass. "Cheers to too safe sex." You mumbled to yourself. "Pullin out the good stuff without me I see." Liam whispered in your ear, arms snaking around your waist and pulling you close to him. "Oh, sorry Li. I didn't know you liked wine." He nuzzled his nose against your neck and replied with "'s okay." You pulled away from his arms and swallowed the entire glass in one take. "Babe, are you okay?" Liam asked, his eyebrows furrowing up so adorably. "Yeah, I'm fine. Everything is fucking fine." You angrily placed down your glass, huffing and closing your eyes. "Seriously, whats wrong?" Liam tried to hold your hands but you kept pulling them away. "Li, Liam stop. Liam, stop trying to hold my hand. Fucking stop!" Liam just kept the same confused look that melted your inside but also made you want to leave him. "You're too safe! I'm sorry, I probably sound ridiculous right now. You're like a teddy bear, and sometimes I just need someone to shove me against a wall and fuck me until I can't walk!" You felt your face flush. "I-I'm sorry. I'm gonna go take a nap." You rushed upstairs and closed the door behind you, jumping into bed and pulling the covers up... The next day, work was the same thing, but coming home wasn't. When you began shouting for Liam, he didn't meet you at the door. "Liam?" You were suddenly pressed against the door, bags dropping to the floor. "Shut up. By the time I count to ten, you better be in bed in nothing but your panties. One..."
  • Louis: You don't think he's ever been serious in his entire life. But that's one of the main reasons you like him, he won't ever grow up. You just wish he'd be serious once in a while.// His silliness is one of the things that made you fall for him in the first place. He was charming and funny and confident, all the things you wanted in a man. Louis just didn't understand when to quit sometimes. Whether it was spilling something on purpose or poking fun at you, it was starting to get on your nerves. "I get it, Louis!" His chuckled died down slowly, his smile only fading a little. "What's wrong, love?" He tried to playful wrap you up, his arms going to your waist. "I'm just playin', you know that." You shook your head and smiled angrily. "Yeah, I know. You're always 'just playing'." You pushed your hair back and stared up at the ceiling. Louis hand so cautiously caressed your cheek so that you were looking at him. "Hey, I didn't know it hurt you so much. I'm sorry, I'll stop if you want me to." He looked so concerned, almost fearful. "Well, I mean, just tone it down a little, Lou, okay?" He shook his head slightly and you wrapped your arms around his shoulders. "I'm sorry, I just didn't know." You shushed him and leaned back to kiss his cheek. "Why are you so scared?" You asked, the confusion now switching to you. "I just, We haven't been dating that long, and I like you, a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. I don't want to lose you." You kissed him hard at that, not needing anymore from him. Because it just so turns out that despite the jokes, you like him a lot too.