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He looked anxious, the shadows under his eyes more pronounced. Kit wanted to go across the table and put his arms around Ty the way he had the night before, on the roof. He felt intensely protective of the other boy, in a way that was strange and unnerving. He’d cared about people before, mostly his father, but he’d never wanted to protect them. He wanted to kill anyone who would try to hurt Ty. It was a very peculiar feeling.

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REQUEST: Hi!!! Can I request an imagine? Where Bucky’s wife ( the reader) tell him she’s pregnant and he panics about becoming a dad because he’s afraid he will hurt his wife and the baby so he acts all careful and protective of his wife and unborn child. Thanks!!!!! Love you imagines


For as long as you could remember, you wanted to be a mother. You would have dozens of baby dolls around your bedroom when you were a kid and you would play house. You would take care of the babies and imagine what it would be like to have your own one day.

When you found out that you were pregnant, you were so excited for what was to come. You couldn’t wait to tell the world that you were having a baby with the love of your life.

Bucky Barnes was your husband of almost two years. You had met through some mutual friends and had clicked right away. He was a charming man who had been through a lot in his life. He needed someone stable like you to be there on the days when it was hard. Bucky fell in love with you quickly. He loved the person that you were. He thought that you were the kindest person who he had ever met.

The two of you had talked about having children but didn’t really plan for it. Bucky had a dangerous job and he would often worry what would happen if the two of you started a family and something happened to him. He wanted to be there for you and your kids should you chose to have them.

“(Y/n), I’m home!” You heard the front door open and close. Bucky had been with Steve training since early that morning. It had gave you the perfect time window to go and get him a gift that would reveal your surprise.

You hurried and placed the last piece of tape on the wrapping paper, “I’m coming!”

Once the gift was done, you grabbed it and walked out of your bedroom. Bucky was standing in the living room when you walked in.

He smiled when he saw you and then noticed the gift in your hand, “What is that?”

You walked over to him and kissed him chastely, “It’s for you. Have a seat babe.”

Bucky sat on the couch and you sat next to him, “For me? It’s not my birthday. It’s not our anniversary. What’s this for?”

You handed him the gift, “Just open it.”

Bucky ripped through the wrapping and opened the white box that contained his gift. He picked up the shirt that was inside the box and read what it had on the front of it, “World’s Greatest Dad. But I’m not a—-”

He looked at you with wide eyes, “I’m going to be a dad?”

You nodded and smiled, “I’m pregnant, Buck. We are going to be parents!”

Bucky froze. You expected a different reaction from him and wondered what was going through his mind.

“Bucky? What’s the matter? Aren’t you happy? I mean, we’ve talked about kids and you seemed excited about it then–”

“What if I hurt him?” Bucky blurted out, placing the shirt on the coffee table and standing up. He started pacing a few feet away.

“Bucky, you aren’t going to hurt the baby.”

“What if I hurt you, (Y/n)?”

“You aren’t going to hurt me,” you stood up and walked towards him, “Bucky, everything is going to be fine.”

“How do you know that? How do you know that I won’t hurt you? Physically or mentally. How do you know?”

“What do you mean mentally Bucky?” You asked him confused.

Bucky’s anxious expressed softened on his face, “We both know that the job I have is unconventional and dangerous. I know you worry about me constantly and stress isn’t good for a baby. What if something happens to me and I leave you all alone? I don’t want that to happen.”

You cupped his cheeks with your hands, “Bucky Barnes, you are such a worry wart.”

“How come you aren’t as freaked out as I am?” He mumbled.

“Of course I’m nervous. I’ve never been a mom before. I know that we are going to make mistakes along the way but we are going to have each other. You know that I worry when you are off on missions but I always have faith that you’ll come back to me, Buck.”

Bucky pulled you closer to him and rested his chin on the top of your head as you wrapped your arms around his midsection.

“What if I’m not a good father?”

“You’re going to be the best dad there is. I know that you will be.” You smiled thinking about how amazing Bucky would be.

“I’m going to be a dad.” Bucky whispered. It was all starting to sink in for him.

“Yes you are.” You laughed.

“I’m going to be a dad!” He exclaimed scaring you.

Bucky let you go and he started bouncing around the room. “I’m going to be a dad! Where is my phone I need to call Steve!”

“That’s the first thing you want to do after I tell you that you’re going to be a dad?” You asked placing your hands on your hips.

Bucky froze in his spot, “Am I forgetting something?”

“I don’t know, maybe you should kiss your wife? The woman that is carrying your first born child.” You laughed.

Bucky walked towards you and kissed you softly. “Thank you for giving me the greatest gift.”

“Thank you for being the greatest husband.”

“I’m going to call Steve and the others while you sit down and put your feet up.” Bucky ordered.


“You are with child. You need to take it easy. No more stress for you and my baby boy.”

Bucky lead you to the couch and made you sit down.

“Babe, I’m not even showing yet. We still have a few months before I have to take it easy. And how do you know we are going to have a boy? It could be a little girl.”

“I am willing to bet that we are going to have a boy.” Bucky kissed the top of your head before going to the kitchen. “I’m going to make you some tea!”


That night, you woke up to Bucky talking. You knew that he wasn’t a sleep talker. You thought for a second that he might be on the phone but then you heard what he was saying.

“I know it’s going to be some time before we get to see you but I cannot wait. You’re going to be so loved by your mommy and me and all of your uncles and aunts.” Bucky was talking to your stomach. He hand one hand on your stomach and was rubbing it soothingly.

“I can’t wait to meet you and hold you in my arms. I’m nervous about being a dad but I’m going to be the greatest dad because I know your mommy is going to be an amazing mom.”

You felt Bucky kiss your stomach lightly before wrapping his arms around you and going to sleep.


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Got7 First Kiss

Remember this is solely my opinion. Also I don’t know why all the gifs are black and white it just ended up that way.

~Admin Kitty

Mark: He is the type of guy to suddenly express himself and I think that will show in the first kiss too. He would be thinking and thinking about it and just finally give in. He also isn’t afraid to show his affection no matter where you are.

Youngjae: He is the type to give his all whether or not you notice. With that kiss you will know exactly how he feels about you. He will probably take the lead in the kiss because he wants is to be the best kiss ever for the both of you. He will want to wipe away every kiss you had before out of your mind. 

Jackson: He is the type to kiss you in front of someone so the other person knows you are with him. He also would want to remind you how much you like him and how amazing he is. His kiss would make the rest of the world disappear and it would be just you and him just how he likes it.

JB: He is so chic and caring that is will show up in the kiss to. His fingers running through your hair soothingly. He would also give you space so if you want to stop the kiss at any moment you can and so you won’t feel like he is pressuring you to kiss him.

Jr: (ignore the fact the people in the gif are on a bed and…) He is the mysterious type but completely sensual/romantic so you wont know when he is going to kiss you until you feel his fingers glide along your skin to the back of you neck. He will be so gentle and giving just enough for you to crave him so the second kiss you would be the one to start it.

BamBam: He is so softhearted that he would work his way to the kiss. Maybe start with your forehead, then your cheek, your nose and finally your lips. It would be his way to make sure you wanted him to kiss you. He’s the type to put it all on himself so he would take things slowly so the first kiss would be a few dates in.

Yoogyeom: Like Mark he isn’t afraid to show his affection anywhere you two are at the time. I also think he is the type to use the opportunity to sneak the kiss if the mood felt right. With him being a dancing machine I think he would ballroom/slow dance with you to get to the right mood.